Lord Byron 03 - Back to school.

John Courtney


When Byron returned to school he made no secret of his sexuality. He oozed new confidence and even returned to his previous participation in sports. Mr Chadwick was delighted to have his best midfielder back on the team. Mr. Venables didn't have class with Byron but continually tried to counsel him on his sexuality every time he met him.

Byron played the queen for the class and the rest of the boys really enjoyed his humour. He had a black chess queen on his desk as a mascot. While his sexuality and his overt camping offended solid characters like Mr. Venables, most of the school just enjoyed his hyperactivity. A few parents complained and the principal asked Byron to tone his act down a bit. He did so, for a while anyway! At weekends he continued to spend a lot of time with Brian and his friends. The act in school was easy to control as his libido was more than satisfied by his weekend activities. Byron also enjoyed the sports at school again as the dressing rooms were provided a source of major interest for him but he didn't want to lose the principal's respect so he behaved in an absolutely perfect way when he was there.

Every Friday he stayed with Brian and his friends. There were four in particular that used to visit most Saturdays -- Andrew, Graham, Michael and Peter. Saturday afternoon would always become a wild orgy of uninhibited group sex with Byron as the centrepiece. Each of the men gave Byron some "pocket-money" each week. They were at pains to explain that it wasn't payment for the sex! None of the men wanted to treat him as a rent-boy although their interest in his was purely sexual so there was no way around the fact that the money was payment for the sex. But the same money allowed Byron to tell his parents that he was working part-time as a night porter in a small hotel. His parents never realised that Byron was spending his weekends fucking. He had fifty pounds each Sunday evening when he arrived home and they had no evidence to doubt his story.

Byron also joined a soccer team that Brian, Andrew and Graham played for at weekends. He was by far the youngest on the team. It was Saturday, the tenth of October when the event with Billy Ross took place. Billy Ross was a twenty-one year old defender on the team and was a big-mouthed slob. He wasn't very fit but he was built like a brick shithouse so he defended well. (If you don't follow soccer, the main purpose of a defender is to defend -- he has to stop the forward who tries to score goals!)

Billy was a homophobe!

The Saturday in question, after the game -- which they lost 2 nil as usual -- Byron, Brian, Andrew and Graham dallied on in the changing rooms after the others had left. Byron had suggested that he would like to have sex in a public place and the changing rooms provided the best opportunity. When the rest of the team was gone, Brian bent over to take his first public shagging. Andrew and Graham watched with excitement as Byron lined up behind their mate.

The door opened and Billy walked in.

"What the fuck is going on?"

Byron froze and the others looked in Billy's direction.

"You lot are fucking sick!" Billy screamed as he collected his forgotten shoe and stormed out.

"That's blown our cover!" Graham said desolately.

"Don't worry about him," said Andrew trying to make the best of an embarrassing situation, "nobody likes him and he won't be believed!"

But Billy Ross was to be worried about!

When Byron turned up for school on Monday morning he was summoned by the principal, Mr. Bromley wanted Byron to become a junior prefect. This meant that Byron would be rewarded for toning down the camp act that had upset the principal who secretly enjoyed Byron's camp humour. Byron was delighted with the honour and gladly accepted the responsibility. His duties as junior prefect were to supervise the canteen on Tuesdays and Thursdays and to supervise first form study on a Monday evening. These were duties that the senior prefects normally undertook and Byron knew that. The junior prefects were generally asked to supervise chess and sports clubs -- but Mr. Bromley knew better than to leave Byron supervising the under fourteen soccer team in after school matches.

As Byron left the principal's office with his new prefect badge on his blazer he met Craig Ross and Peter Hamilton. It was then that he realised the danger of Billy Ross -- Billy was Craig's older brother.

"Hey nigger!" Craig taunted, "my brother says you're into kinky stuff and that you're nothing but a fucking black pervert!"

Byron tired to walk past them and ignore the remarks. Peter turned and thrust his arse back at him, pushing Byron backwards with the thrust.

"Would you get off spanking me faggy?" he sneered.

Byron blushed and suddenly Craig grabbed him by the throat. He thrust him back against the wall and snarled at him.

"So old Bromley made you a fucking prefect, did he?" he said through gritted teeth, "so what job did he get the big, black, fucking fairy to do? Sucking the little juniors off after they piss is it?"

"Fuck off Ross!" Byron snarled.

"Maybe he made you dean of discipline for the little boys then did he? Let you fucking spank the nice little boys is it?"

"I bet he'd love to suck your fucking hole more than he'd love to spank it!" Peter added.

"Yeah faggy! Would you like to lick me out?" Craig asked.

"Fuck off!" Byron shouted.

"No faggy! I won't fuck off! My brother told me what you do at weekends and I'll tell the whole school and Bromley will have to sack you, you sad, sick, fucking bastard!"

"Fuck you!" Byron snapped, "you're fucking brother just wants to take it up his own fucking arse, that's his problem!"

Craig went red with rage when he heard this. His temples bulged and his veins stood in stark relief against his white neck.

"That's it fag! You're fucking claimed! I'll fucking see you behind the outfield changing rooms after school."

He released his painful grasp on Byron's throat and headed off with Peter up the corridor.

Byron spent the rest of the day in fear and panic. Billy Ross may have been a slob but his little brother was agile, fast and strong. Byron knew that he couldn't win this fight but he also knew that he had to face it. After school he headed over to the back of the changing rooms as instructed to face his fate. He watched through the class window as the two boys walked across the playing fields. Venables came up behind him.

"Stop daydreaming boy, get your bag and go home!" he said. As he spoke he looked out and saw the two boys crossing the field. "Where are those two boys going?" he asked.

"That's Ross and Hamilton, they're taking a short cut home!" Byron replied.

Venables left and when he was gone from sight Byron followed the others to face his fate. When he got there he was relieved to find that only Peter and Craig were waiting for him. Byron wasn't surprised that there wasn't anybody else present: neither of these two blokes was liked by anybody else in the school.

"Well if it isn't the sugar plum fucking fairy!" Peter exclaimed when he saw Byron come around the corner of the changing rooms.

"Oh hi Byron!" Craig lisped in a mocking tone as he rubbed his dick through his grey flannel trousers,

"It must be a whole new scene for you to be meeting the boys behind the shed for something other than a blow job!"

Byron was filled with a mixture of fear, rage and total hatred. "Let's get this over with!" he said as he removed his dark blazer.

"Oh he's stripping off for action!" Peter cooed as he pulled his flies up and down. Then he changed tactic, leaving his flies closed he snarled, "I think you got the wrong fucking idea here faggy! We're hear to beat you to a fucking pulp not to make fucking love to your thick nigger arse!"

The two boys lunged at Byron, but Byron was ready for them and landed his fist straight into Peter's balls as the youth charged into him. Peter fell back squealing in agony and rolled on the ground clasping his groin.

"I'll fucking get you for that!" he roared as Craig landed a hard thump into Byron's belly that winded him.

Byron relied with a well-aimed thump in the jaw but Craig hit back into Byron's stomach again, with more force this time. Byron bent double and Craig grabbed him by the ears. His physical strength was more than Byron could resist as Craig threw him roughly to the ground and then hopped on top of him. He pinned him to the ground and began to pummel him with hard thumps. Byron was in agony but wouldn't give in.

Peter, seeing that Byron was restrained, got up and walked behind where Craig had the boy pinned and landed a sharp kick into Byron's groin. Byron screamed, he knew he was beaten and as the second kick landed he howled; "Okay I submit!"

"So fucking soon?" Craig sneered, "I'm not fucking finished with you yet!"

"I submitted, you won, that's it!" Byron protested. But his protests were of no avail.

"I think we should take him inside and finish this off!" Peter said retrieving the key of the changing rooms from his blazer pocket.

"Where the fuck did you get that key from?" Craig asked.

"It was on the bench in Charlie Brown's workshop!" Peter said with a smile.

Craig grinned as he pulled Byron into a standing position by the collar of his white school shirt. A few of the buttons popped off as the hapless youth was dragged into the changing rooms.

"Okay nigger, we're going to fucking punish you for what you said about my brother!" Craig grinned as they entered.

"Yeah!" Peter added brandishing a cricket bat, "we're going to fucking pound your arse with this!"

"Bend over black-boy!"

Byron wanted to cry but he covered his tears as best he could. He knew that he had no way out of this situation and that he would have to take the punishment. He bent over the wooden table that stood in the middle of the floor. Peter landed a heavy stroke of the bat across his flannel-covered arse.

WHACK! Byron howled.

WHACK! Another hard slap landed.

"I think we should get him bare-arsed for this!" Craig suggested.

Peter held the bat aloft as Craig moved behind the bent-over Byron. He stood directly behind him and reached around his waist to open Byron's school trousers. As he opened his flies Craig grabbed a hold of Byron's dick through his underpants -- it was soft, unlike his own which was starting to get hard and leak a bit inside his own trousers. He took the opened trousers at the hips and roughly yanked them, and the underpants, down to Byron's knees in a single jerk. He admired the shiny black globes in front of his face but quickly stood again behind his captive.

Craig was straight. He had never had a fantasy about being with another bloke and the stiffening dick caused him to blush a bit. He didn't want Peter to see his predicament so he leaned forward and pressed his groin against Byron's naked arse. Peter looked at his friend in total bemusement as Craig froze with his hardening dick pressing through his trousers and into the cleft of Byron's arse. Byron was aware of the growth in his valley but was unsure of what was happening. Nobody spoke!

"Are you fucking that nigger's arse Craig or are you waiting to take the slaps on his behalf?" Peter asked impatiently.

Craig blushed and Peter read the response with horror.

"Aw fuck off Craig!" he pleaded with his only friend, "you're not fucking bent as well! Please Craig, get away from his fucking arse! Please mate! Don't do this, please don't be a fucking queer!"

Byron grinned inwardly. Craig's dick was at full mast in his crack and he was too embarrassed to move back and let Peter see the tent in his trousers.

"Of course I'm not fucking bent!" he snapped unconvincingly at his friend, "but I think I'd like to shaft this nigger to show him who's the boss!"

"You're fucking sick!" Peter snapped, dropping the cricket bat and grabbing his blazer. "Find yourself another fucking friend you fucking bender you!" And he stormed out of the changing room.

"No Peter! Wait!" Craig called as his friend stormed off.

Byron was enjoying himself now but his enjoyment was short lived.

"I'm going to finish what John Keegan started last year!" he snapped as he thrust his hips back and fumbled to open his flies. He held Byron's neck tightly against the table with his strong arm and Byron couldn't move. After an unusual amount of fumbling, Craig Ross released his six-inch erection over the elastic of his underpants. The waistband pressed uncomfortably against the base of his dick as he tried to point the knob at Byron's clenched virgin hole. He was beginning to regret that he hadn't dropped his bags completely, the waistband kept pushing his erection higher than Byron's hole and he was having difficulty keeping the struggling youth in place beneath him.

Craig leaned forward to imprison Byron beneath his bulk. He was much bigger than Byron except in the dick department, and easily held the struggling youth in place beneath his weight.

"Beg me to fuck you black-boy!" Craig ordered as he pulled his hips back and struggled to open his own trousers at the same time.

"No fucking way!" Byron screamed as he struggled against Craig's mass, "I don't take it up the arse!"

"All you benders take it up the fucking arse!" Craig panted as he managed to slide his own trousers down over his hips and release the painful hold that his underpants had on his dick.

"I never take it up the arse!" Byron whined and panted as he continued to struggle.

"Well, in that case, I am fucking privileged to be the man to change that situation!" Craig replied as he slid down Byron's back a bit and managed to jab his dick at the clenched hole.

"A man is it?" Byron sneered, "A man with a puny fucking dick is a boy!"

Craig blushed and his face reddened with a mixture of blush and anger again as it had earlier. He knew down deep that Byron outranked him in the size department. He had felt his dick only a few minutes earlier and was impressed by the size. In fact it was the size and the feel of Byron's dick that had started his own erection.

"Man enough to fuck your stupid fucking arse!" he snarled and jabbed again at the tight hole.

Craig pushed the head of his dick at Byron's rump again and, with a sharp jab, buried two inches inside him. Byron screamed in pain as the dry rod forced its way into his resisting hole.

"Use some grease!" Byron pleaded.

"No fucking way! This isn't for your pleasure faggy! Now beg me to fuck you!" instructed Craig.

Craig pulled out completely. The tight hole had pulled his foreskin back painfully and his dick was sore. He had never fucked an arse before and now he understood the jokes about Vaseline that the other boys made in class.

Byron thought that Craig had given up -- he sighed, let out a deep breath and closed his eyes. But his eyes shot open again when Craig plunged inside him for a second time.

"Only resting!" said Craig as he plunged back in. "I don't mind the shit if you don't mind the pain!"

Byron howled as Craig's dick rammed straight through his dry sphincter and caused a painful burning sensation in his arse. Craig began to thrust in and out of Byron's sore arse with short rough thrusts.

Byron continued to howl as the rough fucking continued. Craig was thrusting with relentless speed and power now. Byron was still grimacing in pain. In and out the dry dick slid pulling Byron's ring painfully with each withdrawal. He clenched his eyes closed and felt a tear well up in the corner. He hated this. He hated Craig Ross, he hated taking it up the arse -- Byron felt humiliated.

After about ten minutes of relentless fucking Craig shuddered and shot his seed into Byron's tortured arse, then he pulled out with a plop and wiped his dick clean on Byron's buttock. He pulled on his trousers back up and as he stuffed his dick in he noticed it was bleeding a little under the knob, "You hurt my dick!" he said to Byron with a tone of disgust in his voice.

"Your dick!" cried Byron, "what about my arse?"

"What about your fucking arse? I couldn't give a shite about your fucking arse!" Craig said as he walked to the door, "See you around fairy!"

Byron slumped on the table and began to cry. He felt humiliated, used and angry. He had lost his virginity to the biggest prick in the school -- metaphorically as Craig wasn't that well endowed at all -- he decided to go over and stay with Brian that evening. Standing slowly he felt pain in his arse, he reached back with a finger and touched the sore flesh. When he brought his finger around to look at it he nearly got sick, a mixture of blood and spunk! He wiped his fingers in disgust on the table -- then he saw the key! Peter, in his haste had never taken the key with him. Byron picked it up and smiled, this could be a valuable asset for the future.