Lord Byron 04 - Comfort with Brian.

John Courtney


When Byron was on the way to Brian's house he stopped off to copy the key. He was still sore but his injured pride was hurting him even more. He got to Brian's and called his mother on the telephone to say he was going to do a night shift in the hotel. His mother wasn't happy with that but Byron explained that the hotel was quiet and he could study during the night.

Just after seven o'clock Brian came home. He was surprised to find Byron there sewing the buttons back onto his school shirt.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

"You're late!" Byron snapped in reply.

"That's your fucking fault!" Brian replied.

"How is it my fault?"

"I had to give Joshua Maputo a suck off after work!"

"And how's that my fault?"

"Ever since the day you came into the bank to inspect me last July he has regularly blackmailed me into staying back after work to suck his dick!"

"Well!" said Byron with a tone on irritation in his voice, "when you were happily chewing on Joshua's dick I was being raped by Billy Ross's brother!"

"I never said I was happily chewing anything!" Brian snapped in reply, then he stopped "Raped?" he exclaimed realising that there was something wrong. Byron began to cry. Brian moved over to him and taking the teenager in his arms hugged him.

"What happened?"

"Billy's brother is in my form in school," Byron whinged, "Billy told him everything and then his friend and him beat me up behind the changing rooms and then Craig buggered me!"

Brian rocked the sobbing youth in his arms, "it's okay Byron!" he said in a soothing voice, "we'll get Billy back for what he did after practice on Wednesday!"

Byron looked up at him and sort of smiled, "really?"

"Yes! Really!"


"Never mind that just now, drop your pants and let's see if the fucking bastard did any damage back there."

Byron rose and opened his trousers, he turned around and Brian examined the hole.

"Am I okay?" Byron asked nervously.

Brian laughed, "Yeah you're fine! It'll be sore in the morning but you'll live!"

"It's fucking sore now you daft bollocks!" Byron snapped.

"Listen to the voice of experience," Brian continued, "it stings now and it will be sore in the morning!"

Brian went to the kitchen and returned with a towel and some warm water. He dabbed the sore flesh with the corner of the towel and cleaned the area up.

"The only damage will be to your pride!" he remarked.

"What does that mean?"

"Well, we are what we eat!" Brian continued.

Byron looked back at him with a confused look on his face.

"Don't look at me in that tone of voice Byron Ross!" Brian chided.

Byron stood -- "what the fuck are you on about, my name isn't fucking Ross!"

"It is now!" said Brian with a smile playing on the sides of his mouth, "you see, we are what we eat and we ingest food through the colon as well!"

"I don't know what you're getting at here Brian!"

"Simple, you have just assimilated some of Craig Ross's sperm into your body, that means part of you is made by Craig's sperm and if part of you is made by Craig's sperm then Craig is your father and you are his son, so your name is Byron Ross!"

"You talk such shit sometimes Brian!" Byron said realising that Brian was trying to goad him, "let's go to bed!"

"No way!" Brian relied, "I'm much too tired for that!"

"Beds are also for sleeping in," Byron remarked as he dragged Brian's arm.

The two walked to the bedroom with their arms around each other. They stripped off and then dressed in the silk boxers that they both liked to wear when they were together. Once they were in the bed Byron turned to Brian and asked -- "what are you going to do to Billy Ross?"

"I'll tell you about it tomorrow!"

They lay together in silence for a while. Byron rested his head on Brian's chest and the two lay still, comfortable in each other's assuring presence.

"Brian?" Byron asked, "Do you feel like this when I fuck you?"

"Sometimes!" Brian muttered in reply.

"Oh God! I never knew it could have this effect!"

"Relax Byron!" Brian said softly, "when I feel the pain then I just think of you and that makes me happy!"

"Do I hurt you?"

"Not as much as in the beginning!"

"Would you like me to go easier on you?" Byron asked with some concern in his voice.

"Well my young master, may I have permission to speak please?"


"Well master, your are rather large down there and it can hurt a bit. But as you get more experience at fucking you have become less of a pain in the arse than you were. By now I am used to what you give and I enjoy it immensely."

"Would you like me to slip you a length now?"

"Yes please!"

"I thought you said you were too tired?"

"I'm not that tired anymore!"

Byron laughed as they untangled and knelt on the bed. Brian slid his boxers off completely and Byron pulled his massive dick though the slit of his own. Brian adapted to the usual routine and bent forward to lick and suck Byron to full hardness. When Byron was standing straight, Brian lay flat on his back and looked up at his young lover.

"Please fuck me!" he whimpered.

"Keep begging! I love it when you beg!"

"Please Byron, please stick your dick up me arse! I want to be fucked by you ..."

"Okay then!" Byron laughed, "but remember, you asked for it!"

"I don't mind the pain if you don't mind the shit!"

"That's what Craig said!" Byron remarked as he greased Brian's hole.

"It's a cliche!"

Byron got up and stood by the bed. He pulled Brian to the edge and lifted his legs into the air. Byron bent forward so that his dick prodded Brian's hole. With a slow, long push, Byron began to insert his dick into Brian's greasy arse. Brian felt the wide, black club slowly sliding up his rectum. Each inch seemed to split him open even more. The Black Cobra was about half way in. He smiled as he watched Brian endure the obvious pain. Then, with one thrust, he shoved all the way in. Brian and Byron screamed at the same time.

"Fuck me that hurts!" Byron exclaimed with a pained grimace on his face.

"What do you mean it hurts? It's not you that's just had a telegraph pole stuck up your arse!"

"My fucking arse hurts! My hole stings!" Byron protested, "as soon as I thrust forward I felt the pain of this afternoon again!"

Byron stayed still, his dick held tightly by Brian's hole. He didn't move. He couldn't move. Byron moved his hand down to Brian's horn. He gently fondled the stiff rod. Brian began to moan loudly. Byron wrapped his fingers around the stiff organ and squeezed it.

"You white boys have small dicks but they sure hurt!" he remarked as his hand slid along Brian's pole.

"Some black boys have huge dicks but you don't hear us moaning!" Brian replied.

"That's because you white boys have big arseholes!"

"And you black boys are big arseholes!"

Byron pulled roughly and pounded Brian's rod, Brian put his knees in the air and enjoyed the sensation of Byron's hand wanking him off. Byron pulled and jerked and after a few minutes Brian began to shoot. Squirts of cum shot up onto his chest and face. Brian's hard rod flexed in Byron's hand as a surge of cum dribbled down over his fist. Brian moaned. Byron continued to pump gently. After ten minutes of wanking, Brian was done.

"How's your hole?" Brian asked.

"Better!" said Byron as he returned his attention to fucking Brian's rump. He grabbed his calves, raised his legs high into the air, and splayed him. He pushed his dick against the familiar arse in front of him. Brian's hole pulsed as Byron began to slide around inside. Brian began to moan loudly. His hole closed tightly around the invading knob. He arched his back and Byron's muscles tightened as he forced his way higher up and into Brian's hole.

Brian groaned as Byron slowly poked him. His recently emptied balls dangled loosely just above Byron's invading tool. Byron humped his rod against the dangling balls. Brian's rectum tightened as Byron pushed in. Eventually, Byron's balls were pressed against Brian's arse. He grimaced as Byron grinned. And then the two of them moaned with pleasure.

"Does this make me your Daddy now?" Byron asked.

"What?" Brian replied in surprise.

"Am I your Daddy?"

"No! You're my pilot!"

"Your pilot?"

"Yeah -- I'm your cockpit!"

Byron laughed as he lay on top of his lover and began to slowly slide his big black dick in and out of Brian's hole.

"You are what you eat!" Byron remarked, "so who's the daddy now?"

"You're too young to be my Daddy!"

"But you're made with my sperm!"

"Yeah! Gallons of the stuff have gone into me since we met!"

"So I'm the Daddy and you're the boy!"

"Okay then!" Brian said with a smile from ear to ear, "fuck my arse then Daddy!"

"It will be my pleasure boy!"

Byron continued his gentle sliding in and out of Brian's arse. It was the gentlest sex they had ever had and Brian was in second heaven with the gentle feeling that Byron's familiar dick was causing in his rectum. It took forty minutes before Byron came inside his lover. The two men were sweating as they pressed together and kissed.

"Who is Joshua?" Byron asked.

"I told you before he's the security man at the bank!"

"And are you having sex with him?"

"I have to suck him off because he's blackmailing me!"

"That's word spells trouble for you my lad!"

"Why?" Brian protested.

Brian nuzzled up to his lover's chest and said softly, "first of all you're in trouble for having sex with a man other than me. And you're also in trouble for referring to one of the master race as a black-male. I won't have my lad using racist language!"

"You're acting unreasonably! That's not fair!"

"Also I want you to confess to me about all the different men you've let fuck you!"

"Where do you want me to begin?"

"Start with Johnny!"

"How do you know about Johnny?"

"I saw him on the video that you made the first day I stayed here!"

Brian began to tell the story; "Johnny had a tough life. He came from a good home but had got into trouble with his family when he got kicked out of school!"

"Why was he kicked out?" Byron asked. This story looked like it might be interesting.

"I don't know he would never say!" Brian replied, "but he was kicked out and he regularly slept on the streets. I was helping out at one of the night shelters and he often came by. He didn't like the shelters because he was too young to stay there and he didn't want to go into a boy's home because he thought they were too intrusive!"


"Yeah you know! Social workers and the like! Always asking questions and trying to tell you what to do?"

"So he's not really your nephew then?" Byron asked.

"Fuck no! He called me Uncle Brian because when he was on the streets some nights he would come over here and ask me to let him stay!"

"And you did?"

"What did you see on the video?"

Byron was aware that he had asked an obvious question. Brian continued with the story.

"He would always arrive here dirty and in bad need of a shower. He would have been in the same clothes for days before arriving here. His feet were always a mess and stank after a few days of confinement in his runners. When he arrived I would send him for a shower and then feed him. After that I would make up a bed for him and give him some creams to put on his feet."

"So how did that lead to sex?" Byron asked.

"One night Johnny arrived at three in the morning and was sitting on an armchair. His feet were particularly bad that night! They were all cut up and sickly white. It had been raining for days and his feet hadn't been dry in three or four days!"


"Ugh is right!" Brian agreed, "I was in bed when he arrived and still wearing boxers when I let him in. after he washed I thought it better to do something with his feet. So I got a bottle of Baby Oil and placed his foot on my thigh as I squatted before him to put something on his feet that would stop them from decomposing at the end of his legs!"

"Go on!" the story was really beginning to catch Byron's imagination.

"As I was massaging his feet Johnny pushed his right foot between my legs and started to run his toe up and down the crack of my arse!"

"Bet you liked that?" Byron laughed.

"I did but I also asked him to stop!"

"Shock me! But he didn't!"


"What an unexpected ending!"

"Well naturally I got quite excited by his attention..."

"... and you sprung a horn!" Byron interjected.

"So what more is there to tell you then?" Brian asked.

"Did you put up much resistance?"

Brian just laughed at this last comment as they lay side by side in the bed.

"No!" he admitted, "I didn't!"

"I'm glad he's not your nephew!"

"I suppose so! After all he makes enough demands on my time when he comes around and if he was related to me he'd fairly take me for a ride!"

"I like taking you for a ride!" Byron added quickly.

"Yeah! You're my black stallion and I love when we ride out together!"

"Squat down on me, I want to stick the Black Cobra up your arse again!"

Brian rose and knelt with his knees on either side of Byron's slim waist and lowered himself slowly onto the youth's rigid stick. He began to sing the theme tune from Black Beauty as he lowerd himself onto the shaft.

"Hey hairy hole!" Byron whispered as he smiled up at his boyfriend, "On your way home from work tomorrow get some depilatory cream for down there!"

"But Byron, what about the football team?"

"Fuck the football team!"

"And how much trouble would I be in with you if I fucked the entire team?"

Byron laughed, "time to ride again boy!"