Lord Byron 05 - Next morning.

John Courtney


Byron woke early and dressed for school. He had none of his homework done when he left Brian sleeping and went straight to school. His first stop was the changing rooms where he placed the caretaker's key on the table and closed the door behind him. He went straight from there to the main building.

"Honest Mr. Bromley," he heard Charlie the caretaker explain to the principal, "it was right there on the bench in my place yesterday afternoon and then it just disappeared!"

"A key cannot simply disappear," Bromley said with a touch of irritation in his voice, "was there anybody in the room?"

"I can't remember Mr Bromley," the old man replied.

Byron seized the opportunity. He walked up to the principal and smiled. "Mr. Bromley sir!"

"Yes Byron what is it? Can't you see I'm busy?"

"Yes Mr. Bromley, but I think I can help, I saw Peter Hamilton coming out of Mr. Brown's room yesterday!"

Mr Bromley smiled, "Thank you Byron! I knew it was a good idea to make you prefect. Well done boy!"

After assembly, Bromley called Peter Hamilton and asked him about the key. Peter denied any knowledge at first but Bromley wasn't easy to give the slip to. Eventually Peter admitted that he might have picked up the key by mistake.

"And where is the key now?" Bromley asked in an irritated tone.

"It might be in my blazer pocket sir!"

"Go get it!"

Peter left the principal's office and went straight to the cloakroom where he had hung his blazer. He knew that the key wasn't there. He met Byron on the corridor.

"Hey Byron!" he called out hoping that he might have the key, but Byron walked away.

"Byron please!" he begged, "I'm sorry about what happened yesterday!"

Byron turned, "I don't fucking care if you're sorry or not, I hate you, you're a fucking pig, you've no friends because you're a total fucking arsehole and I do not wish to speak to you!"

"Byron, please! Have you the key of the changing rooms?"


"Please Byron, I'm in big shit with Bromley, he knows I took the key and now he wants it back. Did you see where I put it?"

Byron put his face against Peter's and snarled viciously -- "of course I saw where you fucking put it! How could I not see it when my face is pressed to the table with your fucking mate buggering me!"

"Where is it then?" Peter asked enthusiastically hoping that Byron had it in his pocket.

"On the same fucking table that you left it on!"

Peter's heart sank. He returned to the principal's office where Bromley was talking to three of the teachers -- among them was Mr. Venables.

"I'm sorry sir!" Peter began, "I can't find it just now but I'll try again at break time!"

"Fine!" Bromley replied without looking at the lad.

"Hold on a moment there for a minute young Hamilton!" Venables interjected as the boy was walking away, "what were you and the Ross boy doing over at the playing fields after school yesterday?"

Peter froze in his tracks as the principal folded his big arms.

"Hamilton! Where is the key?" he asked tapping his foot.

Peter Hamilton was normally a bright enough chap to invent a story, now more than ever he needed to come up with a good one.

"Sorry sir, me and Craig..."

"Craig and I!" Venables corrected.

"Yes sir, Craig and I had a small falling out yesterday so we fought it out in the changing room. The key is on the table there still, I left it there by mistake."

It was a credible excuse but Peter knew he had to get in contact with Craig before the school did to synchronise the story.

"Where is Craig Ross now?" Bromley asked.

"He's not in today sir!"

"Is that because you injured him?"

"No sir! He won the scrap!"

"Go to class boy, I will contact your parents later. Fighting in school brings instant suspension for both participants regardless of who started it, and the matter of stealing the key could turn out to be quite serious as well!"

"Yes sir!" Peter bowed his head.

"Hamilton!" the boy turned, "it's just as well that you eventually told the truth about what happened. You might have found yourself looking for a new school otherwise!"

"Yes sir, thank you sir!"

Word spread rapidly about Peter Hamilton and Craig Ross getting three weeks suspension. Byron smiled; he had accomplished the first stage of getting back at his tormentors. When he got home that evening he rang Brian and told him what had happened. Brian laughed.

"The gods smile on Byron again!" Brian said.

"Yeah! I am a lucky little bastard!"

"Are you coming over this evening?"

"No, I'll see you tomorrow at football."

"And the depilatory?"

"Tomorrow -- perhaps!"

"See you Black Babe!"

"Beauty!" Byron corrected him.

"See you tomorrow Beauty!"

"See you tomorrow!"

In his room that evening Byron had plenty of time to reflect and think about what had happened. He wasn't that upset about the rape. To tell the truth he had almost liked having a dick shoved up his bum! His only regret was that it wasn't Brian's! It was amazing the way that the key had sorted out his problem. 'It was the proverbial key to the problem!' he mused as he lay on his bed daydreaming.

It was getting late and he was tired so he stood to remove his clothes and get ready for bed. As he unfastened his belt he thought about how life was going for him and how much he was enjoying himself. But there was something wrong! Byron had gone on a lunatic crusade to exact revenge for something that happened a century before his father was born and had found himself in the most satisfying sexual relationship any young queer could want! He ran his hands along the strap of leather that he had intended to use on Brian and thought about how much more fun life was without hurting his lover. It was ironic that while he was out to avenge himself for something that never happened to him directly and he found he was in love. At least Byron thought it was love! And then on the other hand when one of his schoolmates buggered him he plotted against him and found that there were other systems to punish the wayward youth than ones that needed his efforts.

"Maybe things right themselves in their own way!" he hummed as he crawled under the covers.

He lay there caressing his dick and clenching his hole. It still hurt a bit but the hurt was somehow exciting! It was strange how life turned! Two people had gone out of their way to hurt him; first there was John Keegan and he found himself expelled. Then there was Craig Ross and he had lost his only friend and was in serious trouble in school. Yes the sun was shining on George Lord! For all his misfortune, imagined or real, he had a boyfriend, a great sex-life and a prefect's badge! There was somebody looking out for him and this guardian was good at his job.

"From here on," he promised, "I'll get on with the sex and leave justice to my guardian angel!"