Lord Byron 06 -- Billy Blackmailed!

John Courtney


After the bank closed on Wednesday, Byron met up with Brian to go to football. Brian had a bag with him other than the normal one. He explained his plan to Byron as they waited for Andrew and Graham. At first he objected to the plan but Brian pressed him and he agreed just as Andrew drove up.

Just before practice Andrew prevailed on the coach to make Byron and Billy put up the posts and nets.

"They have always got out of doing it!" he whined.

The coach agreed that every member of the team had to pull his weight and sent the two off to assemble the posts.

As Byron and Billy walked across the field to set up the first post Billy began to snarl at the young man.

"Hey nigger!" he said through clenched teeth, "you got my little brother suspended from school!"

Byron ignored the remarks.

"I'll get you for this!" Billy continued, "your fucking black arse is mine boy and I'll make you cry. Craig tells me you cry when you're taking it up the arse, is that true?"

Byron said nothing.

"Well, the good news for me is that we have to take these down after the game so it will be just you and me in the changing rooms honey when the others hit the pub! That is unless Brian baby and your other faggot friends have to stay and watch you dress!"

Byron continued to hold his counsel.

During the training session there was no visible sign of animosity between Billy and Byron. Brian cried off training claiming he had pulled a hamstring. After training was ended the others went off to change and Billy started to tease Byron as they dissembled the posts.

"Very soon now nigger boy and you're going to be getting this big salami riding up your queer little arse!" he sneered.

They had to work at Billy's pace, which was slow, and Byron had no way of speeding up the work. He knew that Billy was taking his time so that the others would be out of the dressing rooms when they arrived in to change. His scheme worked!

When Billy and Byron reached the dressing rooms there were only two of the team still there and they were almost dressed. The coach asked Billy to make sure that he pulled the door tightly when they were finished and he left. Billy watched as the coach drove off and noticed that Andrew's car was gone as well.

As soon as the two were gone Byron reached into his gym-bag and fiddled with something. He looked up and Billy was standing naked before him.

"Okay black boy get that fucking arse of yours over here now!" Billy ordered.

"Please Billy!" Byron pleaded pretending to be afraid of the ungainly man before him, "please don't do this to me, I'm still only seventeen!"

"I don't give a fuck what age you are you owe me and I'm going to fuck your little black arse you limp-wristed black bollocks!"

"Please just let me shower and go home, I don't want to do this!" Byron whinged.

"Okay!" said Billy, "go and shower! I think I'd prefer to fuck a clean arse than a fucking sweaty one!"

But as Byron moved as if to go towards the showers Billy grabbed him by the arm, spun him around and slammed him down onto the low bench in the middle of the room. Byron continued to cry and protest as the slob mounted him from behind and began jabbing at his hole with his dick. It took a few minutes before Billy finally managed to get his dick inside the black youth's bum. Byron was crying and objecting but Billy just kept on shouting abuse at him.

When Billy started to slide in and out Brian crept back into the room and grabbed Byron's gym bag. He withdrew the large black object that was hidden in it -- his video camera.

"What the fuck is going on here?" Billy roared as he disengaged from Byron's arse.

But by the time he had reached where Brian was standing, Andrew had taken the camera from Brian, Graham had blocked Billy's escape. The slob was left standing naked as Andrew drove off with the camera.

"Oi! Billy boy!" Byron called out, "looks like you've got some problems to deal with here!"

Billy looked around with a rage and fear building in his heavy face.

"Come over here and sit on my dick!" Byron cooed invitingly as he beckoned to the slob to join him.

Billy charged at him with his fists but Byron jumped out of his way and Billy went crashing into the shower partition.

"What do you think that the Greater Manchester Police will think of the video?" Brian asked Byron.

"I suppose they'll find it interesting, after all it's not everyday that a paedophile is caught having sex with an unwilling minor on video!"

Billy froze; they had him by the short and curlies!

"Bend over Billy!" Byron taunted, "This is going to be a rough ride!"

Billy knew he had no option, he tried to beg but Byron wasn't having any of it. Finally they all prevailed on him, with a few slaps and minor force, to bend over. Byron greased the Black Cobra and then mercilessly rammed in it to the hilt in a single violent stroke.

Billy almost passed out with the shock. His arms buckled and he landed with a thud on the bench. Byron's dick slipped out of his arse as he fell forward but the wily black youth was straight back in on target in seconds and Billy was howling as Byron fucked him roughly. As he pounded the slob's arse Byron looked up at Brian and smiled.

"You haven't by any chance got any depilatory with you have you Brian?" he asked with a smile.

"Coincidentally I do!" Brian said as he handed Byron the two large tubes of Immac that he had brought with him.

"Why don't you and Graham spread it on him now?"

"That sounds like a good idea!"

Graham and Brian approached the slob and began to spread the foul smelling substance on his groin, in his armpits and over his legs and arms. Byron pulled out to allow them access to the hairy arse -- Billy was crying, he hadn't expected this at all.

When ample amounts of the cream were deposited on all hairy regions of the slob's body, Byron moved in front and presented his filthy dick for licking.

"It's your shit on it!" he said, "now you clean it up!"

Billy pursed his lips, closed his eyes and resolutely refused to comply with the instruction. Byron took the Immac and spread some on his finger, he reached over towards Billy's left eyebrow and Billy immediately apologised.

"I'm sorry Byron, I will lick your dick if you want me to!"

Byron smiled and presented his dick to Billy's tongue. Billy gingerly flicked the head of the long black shaft with the tip of his tongue. Immediately he recoiled in disgust. He wanted to get sick, he was in agony and his tongue tasted of a mixture of his arse residue and Byron's sweat and cum.

"Now suck it fatso!" Byron ordered as he pressed his knob against Billy's lips.

Bill's mouth opened reluctantly and the top three inches went in. It was then that Billy made a fatal mistake. He bit down on the invading organ and Byron howled. A worse roar emanated from Billy as Brian's boot landed smack on the back of his balls echoing Byron's roar. As he roared Byron escaped and stumbled back onto a seat to examine his shaft. It was bleeding!

"Okay, that's it!" Byron snapped, "Lads fuck his brains out!"

Billy was writhing in agony from the kick at his balls too much to resist Brian moving behind him. Brian picked up Billy's shirt and wiped the crack of his arse clean with it. The depilatory had done its job and every hair in Bill's crack was deposited in a glob of smelly cream on his shirt. Brian ran his finger along the smooth valley.

"Nice!" he said as he slammed his dick up the man's chubby bum.

Billy cried like a baby as Brian fucked him and cried even more when Graham took his turn. Meanwhile Byron dressed and when the two boys were finished they zipped up and ordered Billy into the showers. As he washed away the cream and the feelings of degradation that they had heaped on him, he noticed that all his body hair was gathering around the plughole. When he left the shower there wasn't a single hair left on his body below the neck. Brian took a photograph as he emerges hairless and dripping and they left the naked slob sitting blubbering on the bench in the changing rooms.

"And don't forget to pull the door tightly behind you!" Byron sang as they left.

When they got back to Brian's place Andrew had the video ready. It wasn't the best but it clearly showed the back of Billy Ross pounding the butt of a roaring non-consenting young man!

"You've had both Ross boys now!" Brian teased his lover.

"Fuck off!"

"It will keep him out to our way from now on!" Andrew whooped (he didn't like Billy Ross anyway!)

But Billy never returned to the team and the lads never saw him again after that day!

"No loss!" said Brian, "he was a crap footballer anyway!"

For the rest of the term, Byron remained a bit aloof in school. When Craig and Peter returned to the class after their suspension, they avoided Byron at all costs. They made friends again but were never as close as they had been before the incident behind the sheds. These bullies were bereft of their leader John Keegan -- they would never become a domineering force in the school again.

The photograph of Billy Ross became the front piece on the opening page of a new photo-album in Brian's flat. Before he had placed anything in the book he had the words `The Complete Works of Lord Byron' professionally embossed on the spine and placed it on the shelf beside his other collections of photographs. The rest of the album was a collection of Byron with Brian and his different friends. One of Brian's friends was a professional photographer -- James Cody was his name -- and he took some magnificent portrait shots of Byron. James included one photo-shoot of Byron like you would find in a magazine. These were dedicated to Brian and he looked through them regularly. By Christmas volume two was in preparation.

Byron introduced Brian to his parents at New Year. At first Carlyle and Chrissie were not too happy as they thought that Brian was too old for their son. They were somewhat reluctant to meet him because it was the point that they could not accept. Culturally and religiously they had a great distaste for homosexuality. In many ways they had hoped it was just a phase that their son was going through but when a boyfriend appeared it seemed more dreadful and final. But when Byron told them that he thought that Brian made an excellent wife they modified their stance a little and agreed to meet him. Somehow or other they accepted that Byron was not being made a victim of the older man when they heard this comment although neither of them imagined the graphics of the situation. They understood that Byron was calling the shots in this relationship, so, although they weren't totally happy, they accepted Brian as a sort of son-in-law.

Brian was charming at dinner in the Lords' house and by the time it was time to go home Chrissie had decided that she liked him. Carlyle wasn't so quickly converted but grudgingly admitted that the chap was okay.

At school, Byron heard many whispered remarks as he walked past the boys on the corridor. Rumours and stories about his sexual activities were spread throughout the juniors who whispered and giggled when they saw him. Sometimes this annoyed Byron, but he got as far as the summer holidays without losing his temper or doing anything sexual in school.