Lord Byron 07 - Sixth Form.

John Courtney

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When Byron returned after a summer of highly charged sexual activity, he found himself chosen as assistant head-boy. Bromley would have gladly made him head-boy but Venables and other members of the staff objected too strongly to the proposition.

Byron continued to show an active interest in soccer and regularly went with Mr. Chadwick on sporting outings. There were two boys on the soccer team that particularly liked to tease Byron, one of them was a strong fair-haired lad who played in defence, his name was Chris Watts. The other, Simon McLeod, was a tall wiry youth with dark hair and at six foot two was a superb forward. After every match they would goad Byron about the mistakes they had made.

"Hey Byron! Did you see the way I missed that shot just before half time? I suppose I should be spanked for that!"

The two would break into laughter; occasionally they would thrust their young bottoms back at Byron as they walked into the changing rooms. The rest of the team thought it was hilarious, Byron thought it was inviting but he knew better than to try anything.

That is, until the day in November when Byron caught Simon and Chris smoking in the senior toilets.

Byron was on toilet supervision. This was a duty that all the prefects hated, Byron included! He walked into the senior toilets and was greeted by howls of derision.

"Hey queeny!" one of the seniors at the urinal shouted as he turned and exposed his dripping dick to Byron, "want to suck this baby?"

"You couldn't use `that' as a toothpick!" Byron answered quickly pointing scornfully at the lad's dick.

The other boys in the toilet laughed as the flasher blushed. He joined in the laughter but it was obvious that his pride was hurt and he found Byron's comment a bit hurtful. He quickly closed his flies and left the toilets with the others.

As Byron turned to leave he smelt fresh smoke. He walked over to the cubicle door and pounded on it.

"You know the rules, put the cigarette out and get out of there!"

He was greeted with silence other than a shuffling. Byron knew that there was more than one person in the cubicle and the silence told him they were juniors. The juniors normally smoked in the senior toilets because they were less likely to get caught there.

"Okay boys!" Byron sighed, "I know you're in there so put the cigarettes out and get out, I'll close my eyes and count to ten so you can escape without me seeing who you are!"

Byron began to count slowly, when he reached eight he realised that the boys inside were not going to come out. He went into the adjoining cubicle and stood on the bowl to look over the partition. When he saw who was there he realised why they wouldn't come out. It was Simon and Chris and both of them were looking at the closed door and never saw Byron looking in at them from behind.

"Well, well, well!" said Byron and the two boys turned with a start and looked up at him. "If it isn't the two greatest sportsmen in the school!"

"Please Byron," Simon stuttered, "please don't tell Chadwick!"

"Mister Chadwick!" Byron corrected.

"Sorry! Mister Chadwick!" Simon said immediately.

"Mister Chadwick won't be your problem!" Byron pointed out, "Old Bromley takes a very fucking dim view on smoking!"

"Old Mister Bromley!" Chris corrected with a cheeky grin.

"Don't you get fresh with me my lad!" Byron snarled, "You're in enough trouble as it is!"

"I suppose you'll take care of our punishment yourself!" Chris chirped cheekily as he rubbed his palm over his own arse.

"What? Spank you?" Byron asked with a smile.

"Fuck off Chris!" Simon protested, "There's no way I'm letting him spank me!"

"Would you prefer an expulsion or a suspension?" Chris replied.

Simon realised that a suspension would have meant a hiding at home as well, he quickly weighed up the balance and shut up his protestations.

"So then Byron," Chris asked, "are you going to take care of this yourself?"

"Much as I know you'd love me to whip your arse Chris," Byron replied calmly, "it's sadly not an option! Off we go to Mr. Bromley now boys and no slacking!"

Chris looked at Byron, without the smirk on his face now.

"Please Byron!" he begged, "Can you not take care of this yourself?"

Byron realised that the fear in the boy's voice was prompted by fear of his parents' reaction to a suspension. He smiled, and his better judgement gave way.

"Okay then!" he agreed, "Meet me at the changing rooms in the outer fields after study this evening!"

He was glad that he had copied the key last year at last it was going to serve some purpose.

When study ended at six o'clock, the November sky was already as dark as if it had been midnight. Under the cover of darkness Byron was certain that none of the teachers would see the boys going over to the changing rooms. He was right, they didn't! When he got there he found the two third formers waiting for him. Chris was bright and cheerful but Simon was a bit apprehensive.

"Okay! Let's get this over with!" Byron said feigning authority as he unlocked the door.

Simon reached to turn on the lights but Byron quickly pulled his hand down before he reached the switch.

"Don't be fucking daft!" he snapped, "do you want everybody over here to find out what's happening?"

"But it's dark in here!" Simon protested.

"And damp!" Chris added as he sniffed the musty smell of old sweat and cold air that the room exuded.

"Shut up the whining!" Byron ordered and bend over the bench, "which of you is going first?"

"He is!" they replied in unison.

"Okay Simon it is then!" Byron declared as he dragged the youth by the arm and bent him over the table.

Byron rubbed his hand over the grey flannel of Simon's school trousers. He felt aroused by the feel. He knew what he was doing was wrong but wanted to go ahead with it anyway. If he was rumbled he knew he could get expelled but this was worth the risk.

"That's a nice hard bum for spanking!" he remarked, "What is it to be ten on the bare or twenty with the trousers on?"

Simon was mortified by the impending punishment. Years ago, his father had often put him across his knee, but the last time he got spanked was when he was about nine years of age. He couldn't believe that six years on he was facing this again!

"Twenty with the trousers!" he declared nervously, being quite sure that he wasn't dropping them in the cold of the changing room.

Byron was disappointed. He had hoped to spank the naked flesh of this young man's arse, but he was to be denied that pleasure. He raised his hand and landed it with a loud slap on the seat of the boy's trousers. WHACK! Simon flinched and roared.

"Keep quiet you silly twat!" Byron snapped, "If you scream, shout or flinch the spank doesn't count!" WHACK! "Now take it like a man! WHACK!

Simon closed his eyes tightly and gritted his teeth as the next slap landed WHACK!

Byron looked over at where Chris was standing in the dark room. He could see that the boy was standing with his hands in his pockets rubbing his shaft inside his trousers. Watching his friend getting a spanking was exciting him.

After the twenty swats Simon stood and Byron offered him his hand. They shook hands politely.

"I'm sorry for smoking sir!" Simon said bravely holding back his tears. His arse was sore in a way that he wasn't familiar with. He was embarrassed by his punishment and decided he would have serious words with his friend for suggesting that Byron would do this to him. He wiped his nose on his sleeve as Byron called Chris over and ordered him to assume the position.

"Now young Chris!" he remarked, "what is it to be ten on the bare or twenty with the trousers?"

"Ten on the bare!" Chris replied immediately.

Byron was impressed by the speed of his reply.

"Okay then you eager little man! Drop the trousers and bend over!"

As Chris opened his trousers Byron noticed from the shadows that the young man had a major erection. Byron smiled inwardly, he knew that Chris was sure that his predicament wouldn't have been noticeable in the dark room but Byron had good eyesight and was looking out for the horn anyway!

As Simon stood back, Byron leaned over Chris and whispered in his ear, "I see you're enjoying this!" and he grabbed a furtive squeeze of the youth's dick.

Chris blushed, but even Byron couldn't see this in the dark room.

WHACK! The first slap landed on the quivering young buttocks. Chris took a quick intake of breath through his gritted teeth. Byron was disappointed that he couldn't see the reddening flesh. Chris was taller than him and his arse was higher in the air than Byron would have wished. Byron could feel a slight amount of heat rising from the lad's buttocks!

When he had finished receiving his ten strokes, Chris stood and pulled his trousers up quickly. He had difficulty masking his erection as he fumbled to stuff it inside his trousers. He shook hands with Byron, apologised for smoking and left the shed with his friend. As Byron locked the door he began to think about how much he had enjoyed the spanking. It wasn't like the flogging he had given Brian the first day they met. This was just a mild bit of fun.

"I wonder would Brian like me to spank him?" he mused as he slipped the key into his pocket, threw his bag over his shoulder and wandered off home through the dark evening.