Lord Byron 08 - A saga beginning with Chris.

John Courtney


The next afternoon, Chris approached Byron on the corridor and asked him if he might speak with him. Byron agreed and the two went into the senior common room for a chat.

"Byron," Chris blurted, "I'm queer!"

"I know!" Byron replied.

"What?" Chris exclaimed in shock, "what do you mean that you know?"

"I noticed you were getting off on the spanking yesterday!"

"It was a bit noticeable," Chris admitted with a blush.

Byron reached over and put his hand on Chris' shoulder, "how old are you?"

"I'm still fifteen!" Chris said softly.

"Well Chris," there are laws in this country and you have to wait another six years before you will be allowed to do anything!"

"But, you're not ..."

Byron cut him off -- "Listen Chris, the law is clear that you have to be twenty-one before you can get involved in queer sex. That's because that ugly old man in London, Margaret Thatcher, doesn't like faggots!"

"But Byron, you're only eighteen aren't you?"

"Yes, but I am extra careful that anything I do is out of the sight of the law! Words of advice Chris, if you're going to do anything, do it very, very, very privately!"

"I'd like to do a repeat performance of yesterday!" Chris suggested.

Byron smiled, he knew that he was getting into a risky area here, he stopped for a minute but then threw caution to the wind -- "I'll see you, same time, same place, after school!"

Chris smiled.

"So what are you into then?" Byron asked as the two boys wandered slowly over towards the changing rooms.

"What do you mean?" Chris asked innocently.

"Well, when your tossing yourself off, what do you think about?"

"Simon mostly!"

"He is kind of cute isn't he?"

"Cute? He's fucking beautiful!" Chris said as he thought about his friend. He could feel his dick hardening at the thought of the lad as they walked.

"And what do you do together in your fantasies?" Byron asked.

Strangely enough, the normally shy Chris wasn't at all embarrassed as he spoke. He felt that he was safe telling his dirty secrets to Byron.

"My favourite fantasy is set in Simon's bedroom. He's lying on the bed stroking his dick!"

"Have you ever seen his dick?" Byron asked.

"A few times, he's circumcised!"

"Really?" Byron asked, "That's a bit unusual!"

"It looks great," Chris continued.

By now they had reached the door of the dressing room and Chris could feel his knees quivering a bit, he continued his story as Byron opened the door.

"He's lying on the bed with his legs bent and spread, I'm standing at the end of the bed..."

They walked inside and Byron closed the door.

"... he snaps his fingers and order me over to lick his shaft but he doesn't get me to suck it..."

"Why not?" Byron said as he reached towards the boy's belt and began to open it.

"I don't know!" Chris admitted, "I suppose I think that licking a dick is better than sucking it!"

"You have a lot to learn!" said Byron as he slid the trousers off Chris' hips and turned the boy around.

"Does he ever spank you?" he asked as he gently caressed Chris' arse with his hand.

"Never! But last night when I was wanking I thought about spanking him!" Brian answered.

Byron took Chris' stiff dick in his hand and led him over to one of the benches.

"You've got a nice dick for a white boy!" he remarked, "Most of you lot have only a little pork sausage down there!"

Chris blushed. "Thanks!" he muttered as Byron pulled him over his knee and rubbed his arse.

"Tell me more!"

"After the licking I sit on his dick and he fucks me all night!"

"That's a disgusting fantasy to have about a friend!"

SLAP! Byron landed a firm whack on the boy's arse. Chris moaned as the palm of Byron's hand punished his tender slim arse.

SLAP! He could feel his dick straining and leaking against Byron's thigh.

SLAP! He was beginning to realise that he was enjoying the spanking

SLAP! But the slaps were beginning to sting now! SLAP!

As Byron continued to spank Chris' arse, the boy raised his hips to meet each slap as it landed. Each time Byron spanked him he was forced down and his dick rubbed against the slightly rough grey fabric of Byron's school trousers. Byron spanked and slapped as the boy thrust his hips back and forth over Byron's thigh, until suddenly, he shot a load all over Byron's trouser leg.

Byron felt the warn liquid seeping through the fabric and stopped spanking.

"On your knees and clean up your mess!" he ordered sharply.

Chris stumbled to the floor and looked up at Byron for clarification of what the assistant head-boy was asking for.

"Come on lad, suck up that mess you made now!" Byron could see that Chris was a bit disgusted at the prospect of eating his own sperm.

"Please Byron? Can't I just wipe it up with a cloth?"


Chris knelt down and moved his face towards the white glob on Byron's thigh. He reached out quickly with his tongue and decided that scooping it up and swallowing in one go would be easier. It was and he survived without gagging.

When Byron's trousers were clean, Chris stood and Byron smiled at him. In the darkness of the room Chris couldn't see this, in fact, he didn't know what might happen next.

"Kneel down Chris!" Byron instructed, "You have to learn the truth about licking and sucking!"

Chris obeyed as Byron opened his own trousers and released the Black Cobra. Chris couldn't see the shaft in the darkness of the room, but Byron took the lad's hand and rubbed it against the monster. Chris gasped, he had heard that Byron was well endowed, there were plenty of stories about his size going in the school, but he didn't realise that it could be as big as it felt.

He moved his head forward and gingerly licked the tip of the shaft. Chris had just tasted his first dick ever and his sloppy bloated dick began to stretch again with excitement. He placed one fist around the base of Byron's hard rod and began to lick at the crown, sticking his tongue in and out of the ridge below the knob. Byron leaned his head back and moaned.

"Now suck it!" Byron instructed.

Chris hesitated but Byron pulled his head over his shaft and the boy gulped and gagged as the long lance entered his mouth. He began to suck frantically.

"Watch for the teeth!" Byron said as Chris did his best to suck the monster without chewing it.

Needless to say, Chris' first efforts weren't great, but on the many subsequent visits that he made to the changing rooms with Byron, he learned how to suck dick. For the next three months Byron and Chris engaged in regular sessions in the changing rooms, nobody ever suspected anything and they were never discovered. Each session involved a spanking for Chris, a blowjob for Byron and, if the blowjob was good, Byron would pull the lad off as a reward.

After the fourth or fifth session Chris asked Byron to fuck him.

"Have you ever been fucked before?" Byron asked.

Chris shook his head. Byron looked at him. Chris was still very young and he didn't really want to fuck him.

"No! I won't do that to you!" Byron stated flatly.

"Is it because you think I'm too young? I'm nearly sixteen!" Chris blurted.

"It's nothing to do with your age!"

"Do you think I'm ugly or too skinny?"

Byron laughed, "of course you're ugly, you're white!"

Chris didn't see the humour in this and began to sob. Byron immediately reacted to his own stupidity.

"Look I'm sorry Chris, it isn't that at all, you're not ugly! In fact you're a fine looking chap and I'm very honoured by your invitation, but..."

"... but you don't like me and I'm only good for ...!"

"Shut up Chris!" Byron snapped, "you could at least let me finish!"

"Why should I? You don't like me!" Chris whined.

"Listen to me Chris! The reason I'm not going to fuck you is because first shot at your arse belongs to Simon McLeod!"

Chris looked at him quizzically, "then I'll never get shafted!" he protested.

"I wouldn't bet on that!" Byron replied.

"Simon isn't into that sort of thing!"

"Every bloke is into it! At least we are all willing to give it, not everybody likes to take it!"

"But Simon..."

"Trust me!" said Byron, patting Chris' arm. "Trust me!" and he walked away.

Byron found Simon McLeod sitting in the study hall. He pulled up a chair and sat beside the fair-haired youth. Although Byron hadn't paid that much attention to the boy before now he realised that Chris had picked an incredible fantasy for himself. Simon was quite muscular for his age and apart from his fair hair, straight white teeth and perfect complexion -- he was just plain beautiful.

"Simon?" he asked, "how much would you do to help a buddy out of a situation?"

Simon didn't look up; he was still embarrassed when he met Byron as the spanking had embarrassed him greatly.

"If it's you, not very much!"

"If it's not me?"

"It depends on who it is!"

"What about Chris Watts?"

"I'd do anything for Chris Watts, he's my mate!"


"Well within reason!"

"Do you know that we've been seeing each other since the day we were in the changing rooms?"

Simon looked up in disgust. "Fuck off pervert!" he snapped.

Byron looked down -- "well I'm sorry to interfere but Chris would love you to ..."

Simon stood up and began to walk away, "it's none of your fucking business!" he said as he moved towards the door.

"All I ask is that you talk to him!" Byron said simply as Simon looked back and glared.

Byron didn't know what happened next between the two lads, but about a week later Chris sat beside him in the canteen just as lunch ended with a smile from ear to ear.

"We've done it!" he cooed, "I'm not a virgin anymore!"

"How was it for you?" Byron asked knowing immediately that something had happened with Simon.

"Fuck Byron! I'm no expert, yet, but it was great!"

"Will you be seeing each other again?"

"Simon says it was a once off, but ..."

"Yeah, Simon says! You think it will happen again?"

Chris nodded like an excited child.

"Does that mean our sessions in the changing rooms are over?"

Chris looked down, "if Simon and me work out together I should really stop seeing you!"

They walked towards the canteen door and Byron went into the toilets for a piss. Simon was at the urinal.

"Congratulations!" Byron started.

"I told you before to mind your own fucking business!" Simon relied quietly.

"Fine!" said Byron as Chris walked in. He pulled up his flies and began for the door, "Just don't let me ever catch you two smoking again, look at the trouble you got into last time!"

As Byron closed the door, Simon reached into his pocket and offered his friend a cigarette. Chris laughed and took one -- "are you coming over to my place to study after school?" he asked.

"Why not!"