The lord of war


I was a young american soldier, when, one night, during a patrol, I took a wrong way and was separated from other guys. I suddenly felt a shock, at the back of my head, and felt, unconscious. When I awaked, I find myself in a tiny room, lying on the floor, hands and ankles tied together, my pants and underpants slided down to my ankles, my cock, balls and butt in the air. Then 4 afghan soldiers entered. They began to play with the naked parts of my body, appreciating particularly, my firm round white butt. One of them had some olive oil and began massaging my hole, then insert one, then two fingers. Then they began succesively screwing my ass. Fortunately, I’ve already being fucked by american pals, with larger cocks. So I accepted that quite willingly, even having some pleasure during their fucking.

At night, they gave me some food and drink, then fucked me again. The next two days, they did’nt come. A young boy, of about ten was giving me food and drink. He usually stayed with me a moment, looking at the naked parts of my body. Once, he tried to stroke me a bit, but, as I was not reacting, he went backside  to stretch my cheeks to have a good view of my asshole. Then he played a little, insering a thin finger in my hole. The next morning, the 4 guys came back, give me food and fucked me again. Then I was taken to the back of an old car. We drove a long time through the mountains, to a large house belonging to a  lord of war . What I did’nt know was that, in this country, those men had sexual slaves, and I had been sold to him to become one of them.

I was undressed, given a shower and then a short djellaba. So short that, in the front side, everyone could see the tip of my cock, and, in the back side, the lower part of my bum. Then I was called to my new master, wearing my djellaba. I stood in front of him, amongst a dozen of young boys, seating on the floor besides me. Without having my djellaba off, the lord had his hands between my thighs and began to fiddle during a long time with my sexual parts, in the front and in the back, of course. The boys seated on the floor, had a good view of what the master was doing me and were looking aroused. Then the master told me I was free to go anywhere in the house and gardens, but not to leave, because we were in a desert province, in the mountains, where I would quickly died with thirst. And he told me that I’ll have to meet him in his bedroom every night at 9 p.m. The first night, he fucked me, and I enjyoed it because he had a tiny cock. Some other nights, he called one or two guards, or boys, to watch at them screwing me. I loved especially the boys : small cocks, and fucking quickly done.

One aftrenoon, he finds himself in front of me, in a hall. He called a guard to hold me, on my back, my knees under my chin, my hole well exposed. The master kneeled himself to introduce his cock. Soon, some boys arrived to look at the show. Once finished, he let one boy screw me, then had the other boys maintain me, so the guard could have his own pleasure. Another afternoon , when I was walking in the garden, two guards had me laying on my belly on a bench, and each of them gave me a good fuck.

One day, some american soldiers came to meet our master. I was locked down with the boys in the underground, ans we had sexual intercourse throughout the afternoon. When we went back upstairs, I was told our master was having friends tonight. I was quickly attached on a table, by my ankles and wrists, legs wide open. And everyone could fondle my ass, finger my hole, and screw me

And then one day, I saw, unwillingly, a tiny, small, young , blond american soldier wearing one of this short djellaba. I thougt he should have a tiny hole our master would apreciate a lot. And indeed, next evening, I was given so alcohol, I felt asleep. I waked up, leaning besides the wall of my previous barracks. The soldier who found me was one of my best pals. He had me have a shower , gave me a uniform and food, and I told him the whole story, not forgetting telling him I’ve been fucked so many times, that now, I was liking that a lot. He went and talked to the captain. And my new job would only be letting others guys fuck me, without any underpants, under my pants, to give them easier access to my ass. And I was fucked many times, most of the times in front of guys watching. And only during the day. I had my nights to rest.

Then, it was time for me to go back to America. The captain gave me a letter to a friend of him, having a gay bar in the suburbs of  Frisco. The guy here wanted first to  inspect  me ( that means he had me pants down and fucked me in his office ). He agreeded I would be a bartender, wearing only tiny underwear, letting my bum in the air. And of course every customer was allowed to touch me or get a tip of a finger in my hole. And every night, at 1 a. m., I stood on my fourth on a table, and after having paid the boss, everyone could fuck me .

Years passed by, and one day, the boss find a new bartender, a tiny blond guy in his eighteen, but looking only 15. I became a partner of the boss. Everyone loved the little kid. We slept in the same room, and fucked ourselves sometimes. But, when he was asleep in my bed, I took him in my arms, and pressed his body against mine, like I would do with a younger brother