This is my first attempt at writing adult erotica. Feedback and suggestions for future in installments are welcome.

DISCLAIMER: This story contains graphic depictions of adult males having sex. The story also contains depictions of mild BDSM. If you find this kind of content disturbing or you are under 21 years of age please do not read it. This story is fiction. While the author may use some character traits of himself and people he knows, any similarity to other people in real life is coincidental.

It was a warm Friday afternoon in September. David was in his final class of the day, his English class. He was excited. The weekend was finally upon him. He was looking forward to two days off, even though he had some homework for the following week to finish.

David was in his favorite class. His instructor, Professor Adam Lang, was easy on the eyes. Most of the class was oblivious to David and Professor Lang's 5-month love affair.

Professor Lang's affair with David had started in April during David's sophomore year. David was now taking his second class with Professor Lang. Professor Lang could not help but love his smartest and sexiest student.

Throughout the class, David could not help but admire his 35-year-old lover's gorgeous body. Professor Lang was about 6 foot 2. He had beautiful dark brown hair in a flattop style. His eyes were midnight blue with well-kept eyebrows. His olive skin had few blemishes. His body was toned and muscular. He was indeed David's type.

As class ended, Professor Lang motioned David to his desk. "Meet me at my house at 5:00," he said with a seductive grin.

"I'll be there," David replied with a similar smirk.

David walked to his car after class was dismissed. He knew what his hot, older lover had in store for him. David had been itching all week to be at his mercy. David was quite a playful young man with many sexual fantasies and fetishes. With Adam, he could finally turn his fantasies into reality.

David arrived at his apartment around 3:15. He decided to take a quick shower so that he would be nice and clean when he arrived at Adam's place. He was extremely horny. His 7-inch cock was already throbbing and leaking pre-cum. His nipples were erect and quite sensitive to the touch. As he scrubbed his hot body, he kept thinking of his impending rendezvous. It seemed like an eternity since he had received his lover's touch.

David finally finished his shower around 3:45. He decided to don his black wife beater and his sexy denim cut-off shorts. He decided not to wear underwear, because he wanted his lover to have easy access to his beautiful cock and cute bubble butt.

David left his apartment around 4:00. He decided it was time to buy a present for Adam at the local erotica shop. It was only a 5-minute drive to the shop. David knew what his lover liked, and he knew exactly what he wanted to purchase.

David arrived at the shop and went straight for the S&M section. There he found some leather restraints and a blindfold. Once again, his cock was hard just thinking of what he was going to be doing with his incredibly sexy lover later in the evening.

David arrived at Adam's house 10 minutes early. He knocked on his lover's door. Adam opened the door, and all he was wearing was a sexy apron. David was delighted to see his lover dressed this way. They immediately embraced and started kissing passionately. David reached around and grabbed his lover's sexy ass as Adam simultaneously started licking David's neck. In their passionate make-out session, the two lovers had forgotten that they were still standing in the doorway as a nosy neighbor was watching the scene unfold.

Adam became aware of his neighbor's shocked expression from across the street. "We should get inside before the entire neighborhood sees us," he said to David as he led him by the hand into his beautifully restored Victorian home and closed the door.

"I don't mind giving those prudes a show," David remarked with a devilish grin.

"I'm the one who's supposed to be corrupting you," Adam replied with a chuckle.

Adam led David into the living room. The aroma of Cornish hens filled the air along with the smell of the roasted potatoes. "Dinner is almost ready, baby," Adam said to David with his adoring smile.

"Honey, it smells wonderful. I can't wait for you to feed me every single bite," David replied to David, again with his adorable, yet mischievous grin.

With that, David scurried to the kitchen to finish the enticing meal he was preparing for his horny, young hunk. He knew most of David's naughty fetishes, and being fed every delectable bite of his food was enough to send him into a feverish sexual frenzy.

Adam called David into the dining room. He had already prepared the plates with the Cornish hens and David's favorite, roasted potatoes. They sat next to each other at the table. Adam stripped a piece of meat from David's Cornish hen and teased him with it. He held his hand over David's salivating mouth, rubbed the meat right under his nose, and then rubbed it on his cheek and finally his neck. He then removed his hand from David's mouth and fed the delicious piece of meat to his eager young lover. David slowly devoured the chicken while looking into his lover's eyes with passion and desire. Then, he put Adam's finger into his mouth and sucked the juice off it. This seductive game continued as Adam and David fed each other every last bite of their wonderful dinner, occasionally pausing to kiss and taste each other's food in their mouths.

After they finished the main course, Adam said, "Let's go to the bedroom. I have a surprise for you." David grabbed the gift bag, and Adam led him to the back of the house to Adam's recently remodeled bedroom.

"What have you brought this time you naughty boy?" Adam enquired looking at the gift bag with desire.

"Take a look for yourself, Daddy!" David exclaimed as Adam greedily snatched the bag.

The look on Adam's face turned into a dirty smirk as he saw the new leather restraints and the blindfold from the bag. He had already wanted to add these items to his ever-growing collection of kinky toys. His plan now had a new plot twist.

He then pulled David closer to him by the neck and started kissing him. Adam then started rubbing his young stud's apple bottom and his lower back. He crouched down, started licking David's nipples through his shirt, and noticed they were already ready hard.

Adam then peeled David's shirt over his head. David's body was already dripping with sweat. He continued caressing David's hard nipples with his tongue and rubbing his sweet ass. Adam decided to unbutton David's shorts. As he noticed David's already hard and dripping young cock, he said, "This monster is going to need some attention, but he'll have to wait, because I want to torment you."

Adam forced his young lover onto his bed. He got on top of him, restraining his wrists and started licking David's sweaty neck. David let out a moan of pleasure, as he loved being dominated and having his neck licked by his experienced and attentive daddy.

"Now it's time for your surprise, sweetheart, "Adam said in his seductive voice with his cheeky smile.

Adam wrapped the restraints around the bedpost and shackled David's wrists. Then Adam put the blindfold over David's hungry eyes and told him, "These goodies will make my plan even sweater."

Helpless and blind, David was unaware of what was about to happen to his horny, young body. The room became silent, because Adam was being extra quiet so that David could not hear his movements. Suddenly, David gasped as he felt something cold and wet rubbing his erect nipples and hard abs. Adam rubbed the ice all over David's torso and worked his way down to David's already quivering legs. David moaned as the ice was between his sexy, inner thigh. The ice was quickly removed as Adam picked up a fresh piece of ice and aimed directly towards David's balls. The young man yelped as the ice touched his aching scrotum.

"It's okay, sweety," Adam said as he removed the ice from poor young David's nut sack. "I'll warm dry you off and warm your sweet body."

Adam picked up the towel from his bedside table and started wiping the cold water from David's shivering body. Sensually rubbing young David's body with the towel, Adam lovingly eased his sweetheart's discomfort.

Adam poured some massage oil on his hands and started to rub it gently on David's neck. Working downward, he traced his oily hands over David's chest. His hungry mouth soon joined in with his loving hands as he kissed and licked David's body. As Adam's tongue was tracing David's right nipple, his hands were still rubbing oil all over David's toned abdomen.

Slowly but surely, Adam's oily hands finally reached David's right leg. Adam focused all of his attention to David's thigh, liberally rubbing the oil all over them. Then, he started massaging David's balls with his marvelous hands, causing him to moan with pleasure at every gentle stroke. Finally, Adam started rubbing oil up and down David's throbbing 7-inch uncut cock with his right hand as he continued rubbing David's neatly trimmed balls with the left. Adam kept stroking his horny young slave's dripping cock and gently massaging his massive balls, and he noticed his lover's groans and breaths becoming louder and louder. Sensing David's impending explosion, Adam tightly squeezed his cockhead until he finally relaxed.

"I won't let you cum yet," Adam chuckled as he went to the small refrigerator to fetch the nicely chilled chocolate mousse.

Adam then put his finger into the delicious confection and teased David's lips with the decadent dessert. As David licked his lips, Adam put his finger into David's mouth and allowed him to lick up every drop of chocolate. David moaned with delight as he continued to lick his daddy's finger. Adam decided it was time to strip off his clothes, allowing his massive 8-inch cock to be freed from the confines of his boxers. He then put the head of his dick into the chocolate mousse and rubbed more of the confection onto the upper part of his shaft. He then stood on the bed, knelt down over his still blindfolded and restrained lover's mouth, and instructed him to open it. Adam slowly inserted his dick into the young cocksucker's sexy mouth, allowing him to start licking the delightful chocolate concoction off the head of his massive cock. Both of them moaned as Adam started fucking David's mouth with his chocolaty prick.

"Free me so that I may thoroughly suck your hot cock," David demanded.

Adam removed the blindfold from his young lovers beautiful green eyes. He gently rubbed David's cheek and lovingly kissed him on the mouth. Adam remembered that his hot lover's hands were still restrained, so he freed his soft wrists from their confinement. He then went back to kissing David's sweet lips as he gently stroked his soft, medium brown hair.

Soon Adam helped David off the bed, David got on his knees. David rubbed Adam's ass as he concurrently teased Adam's massive mushroom tip with his tongue. Adam instinctively grabbed David by the hair as he started pumping his 8-inch rod into his mouth. David removed his hands from his lover's ass and started stroking the base of his member with both hands as he feverishly sucked the rest of Adam's cock with his hungry, wet mouth.

"That's right. Suck my fat cock like a good little bitch," Adam moaned as he enjoyed his awesome blowjob.

Adam's moans became louder and his breathing increasingly labored. David knew Adam was going to cum any second. Following Adam's earlier example, he removed the massive cock from his hot mouth and tightly held it at the base of the cockhead, preventing Adam from cumming all over his face.

"Did you really think I'd allow you to cum? You still haven't fucked my hungry ass, daddy," David said with a coy grin as he licked his lips and stared into Adam's piercing eyes.

David stood up to kiss Adam's juicy lips as he ran his fingers through his hair. Adam started rubbing David's ass while they continued kissing passionately. Adam slowly moved David towards the bed and gently sat his young lover back onto it.

David laid his back onto the bed with his legs over the side of the bed. Adam knelt down and lifted David's shoulders over his back, exposing his tight ass. Adam took more oil and gently applied it to David's waiting man pussy. Adam started teasing the outer ring of his young lover's tiny hole. Taking in the essence of David's pucker and the sweat beneath his balls, Adam stuck his tongue deeper inside tight hole. David was moaning with pleasure as his hot teacher continued licking his sweet asshole.

Adam then lubed his index and middle finger with oil. As he continued to lick the outer ring of David's pucker, Adam slowly inserted his finger into David's hungry hole. Adam continued licking and fingering David's ass as David grabbed the top of his head and played with his hair. Adam removed his index finger from David's horny ass and slowly inserted both oily fingers, causing his young lover to moan with pleasure. Gradually, Adam increased the pace, finger fucking David's asshole with increasing intensity as his moans became louder and his body began to convulse with pleasure.

Adam's huge cock was dripping with pre-cum as he vigorously finger fucked David's hole. He could take it no longer. He started applying Astroglide™ onto his huge throbbing cock, starting at the base and working his way to the tip. Adam then applied the lube to David's rectum, as he knew the oil would not be enough.

Adam started rubbing his engorged manhood around the outside of David's waiting hole. Adam pressed the head of his fat cock against the David's tight sphincter. David's hole had not been touched in a week, so it was tighter than usual. David squealed as the head of the hard cock pressed against his tight ass. Finally, David relaxed his muscles enough for Adam to push the head of his dick into David's tight hole. David was no in pain as the hard penis slowly entered his young, hot body.

"I know it hurts, baby. I'm being as gentle as possible," Adam said to David and added a tender smile to his beautiful face.

David could not reply to Adam's statement since all he could do is yelp as the huge cock went deeper and deeper into his tight hole. He gripped Adam's strong yet soft right hand as the mammoth member finally bottomed out in his tight rectum. Adam left his cock still deep inside David as he tried to get used to having the massive cock deep inside his ass once again. Slowly and gently, Adam started moving his cock in and out of David's ass as David's discomfort continued. As the muscles in David's tight hole loosened, Adam was able to increase the speed of his meat missile. David was enjoying the increasing vigor of the huge cock slamming in and out of his wonderful fuck hole.

"Adam, I want you to fuck me doggy style," David said, even though he was out of breath.

"I'll do whatever you want me to do, baby," Adam replied.

Adam pulled his cock out of David's hot ass. David got on his hands and knees in the middle of the bed. Adam followed his young lover's lead and got behind him. It was much easier for Adam to slip his cock back into David's ass since the muscles were looser and Adam's pre-cum had made it much slicker.

"Fuck me harder, baby," David commanded.

Adam was already close to cumming as he heard David's command. He started fucking his hot man's ass, pumping harder each time. David's moans became even louder as the massive fuck rod slammed harder and harder in and out of his hungry hole. David could feel his eruption building, and he knew David was about to cum as well.

David could not hold out any longer. He started shooting a massive load all over the sheets. Seven jets of hot cum shot out of his 7-inch cock. David's muscles tightening around Adam's cock during his massive orgasm was enough to make Adam have his own orgasm. Shot after shot of hot man butter went deep inside David's ass. Adam kept slowly fucking David until his cock softened and fell out the wet hole.

The two lovers then kissed passionately, running their fingers through each other's sweat-filled hair. "I don't want you to go, but my wife will be here any minute," Adam warned.

"I wish I could stay all night," David cried.

"I know sweety. I cannot let my pregnant wife see you. She'd be devastated." Adam said with a frown.

With that, David dressed and left in a hurry without even saying "goodbye." He cried as he slammed the door and scurried to his car.

David should have been more understanding of Adam's predicament. Though his situation was different, he too had another lover waiting for him at home.