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"You know, Ryan took us to Mass last night!" Mark said proudly.

"Oh, really? I'm so glad for you Mark. I hope you keep going." Teresa said.

"I sure am! I'm going to be a priest!" Mark said and Teresa gulped from the shock as a tear formed in her eye.


Master and The Mate -- by Deepdiver

Chapter 25

Jolly Rogering

Mark made and served coffee while Kyle put the doughnuts on a tray. Ryan was frying up some bacon and eggs so that everyone could have a nice breakfast while they waited for Bill, Anthony, Kyle's dad (Chris) and Bill's parents (Richard and Mary) to arrive on board.

* * *

Anthony arrived at the Mon Cheri and jumped on board searching for Bill. He quickly found him, out cold in his cabin. Anthony just tried the door and found it open; he could tell that Bill was naked under the sheet, so he quickly stripped off his own clothes and slipped into bed with his new boyfriend, spooning him. His hand was running up and down Bill's arm and leg. Anthony's cock swelled against Bill's buttocks as he felt his hot, smooth, body. Anthony kissed the nape of Bill's neck.

"Sure wish I could wake up every morning like this." Bill said with his dry mouth.

Anthony hugged his friend and put his hand over Bill's pec and delighted in the feel of their naked bodies pressing against one another. Then Bill turned toward Anthony and they looked each other in the eye before kissing. Bill's passion was growing and soon he was on top of Anthony rubbing their bodies and kissing frantically. Finally they broke their kiss and Bill reached over to his night table for a packet containing a condom and tossed it to Anthony while he applied some KY gel to himself.

Anthony repositioned himself between Bill's legs and inexpertly began trying to penetrate him. Unfortunately most of his knowledge about men fucking one another came from porno films and both he and Bill were fast becoming frustrated. Finally Anthony gave up and they just tried to masturbate one another, but the mechanics of the sex they'd attempted had dissipated the thrill and they had lost the passion of the moment. Both were apologizing profusely and both were somewhat perturbed, but at the same time so happy to find someone to whom they felt such a strong mutual attraction.

"Look, I promise to ask Kyle how we can make this work without practical difficulties." Bill said.

"Maybe we should just ask if we can watch him and Ryan do it?" Anthony said and they both exploded into laughter as they headed into the head to shower together.

* * *

Sitting around the outdoor upper deck, everyone was enjoying their morning coffee and the feel of the morning's crisp sunshine.

Mary turned to Ryan and said, "You must be very proud that Mark wants to become a priest?"

Ryan literally choked, splattering the coffee in his mouth all over himself.

"He what?" Ryan said, cleaning himself with a napkin.

"Oh, sorry, you didn't know? He said so as we came aboard. He said that you took him to Mass last night and now he wants to be a priest." Mary insisted.

"That's just probably a child's infatuation. The whole thing was impressive but..." Kyle said, discounting Mary's words.

Just then Mark came out with some OJ, offering some to everyone. From down on the dockside a voice called.

"Ahoy mates! Permission to come aboard?" Chris yelled.

Kyle jumped up and went to welcome his dad aboard.

"Permission to come aboard, 'grandpa'," Kyle said.

"Hey, how's my grandson, Son?" Chris said.

"Oh Mark? He's hanging in there. But the reason I called you 'grandpa' is that Ry and I are thinking of adopting another son."

"Already? Is the honeymoon over so soon?" Chris teased; then he came up the back stairway and greeted the others. When Chris extended his hand to Ryan he was heard saying:


"Congratulations?" Ryan asked, surprised, and unthinkingly raising the tone of his voice.

"Kyle just told me that you are going to adopt another boy?" Chris said as Kyle flashed his 'wfs'."

Ryan looked over at Kyle, smirked at him, and said, "Yes, we're considering taking in a younger brother for Mark."

"That's wonderful news! Hey, Dominic, how have you been?"

"Not so bad Chris; have some of Mark's coffee, it's as good as you can get in my restaurant." Dominic said smiling at Mark. "Hey where did Anthony disappear to? He's holding everything up."

"Here I am, Uncle Dom." Anthony said, as he and Bill climbed the stairs.

"OK, Mate. Let's hoist anchor!" Ryan said to Kyle kidding him ... Kyle started towards the anchor when he realized that they were moored and he had to go ashore to undo the ropes as Ryan went to the helm and started up the engine.

Half an hour later they were anchored off an underwater shoal and everyone had a line over the side. Periodically, someone would pull up a weak fish or a small bass and pass it over to Dominic who was cleaning them and tossing them into the ice chest. Lunch was sure to be a special treat.

Ryan was showing Mark how to use the reel and cast his line without snagging anyone else.

"Ryan, what was the Mass all about last night?" Mark inquired.

Ryan began choosing his words very carefully. He realized that Mark's questions went beyond simple curiosity. Mark was on a spiritual quest and was deeply touched by the last evening's experience.

"I mean at the beginning, the priest said that the Mass was being offered for someone. What did he mean?" Mark clarified his interest.

"Well, Mark, we Catholics believe that the mass is the bringing into the present moment the sacrifice that Christ offered on the Cross for our sins."

"You mean like a dramatization?"

"Yes and no, it is a dramatization, but it so much more than that. You see, Jesus is God, so when he gave up his life for us it was a sacrifice of infinite value. Therefore he paid the price of all sins of all men for all time. So each day, the priest, celebrates the mystery of the Mass and Jesus is offered today again. He is not sacrificed again, but he is offered every day so that we can join him each day and be part of his sacrifice. We offer ourselves with him." Ryan tried explaining but could also see almost everything he could say set off more questions in Mark's head. "Are you getting any of this?" Ryan asked.

"So, could I get the priest to offer a Mass for my mom and dad?" Mark asked sincerely.

Suddenly Ryan began to understand Mark's line of questioning. "Yes, Mark, anybody can ask the priest to offer a Mass for anyone. If you want we can go and arrange for it tomorrow after you come home from school."

"And will that help them get into heaven?" Mark said.

"Mark, every Mass helps everybody at all times. The Eucharist, which means 'thanksgiving' was given to the apostles by Jesus at the Last Supper as the means they are to use to make communion with him a possibility for everyone. At every Mass the priest and the congregation pray with Jesus for the salvation of the whole world. That is what God wants and we join in Jesus' prayer to the Father that His will be done. When you join in the prayer, your parents know that you are praying for them; and I believe that makes their experience of heaven just that much more perfect, knowing that they raised a loving son, who thinks enough of them to remember them in prayer and especially at the Eucharist which is the perfect prayer because it is the whole Church, which we believe is Jesus' body offering itself to the Father on behalf of all humanity."

"Wow, that's so deep! Do you pray for your parents?" Mark asked.

"Yes, I do, and I ask for a Mass to be said for them every year on the anniversary of their death. I'm sure that in eternity they see my gesture of love and yours will too." Ryan said.

"Ryan, can we go to Mass again?" Mark asked with the innocence of a small child.

"We can go every Sunday, if you like." Ryan asserted.

Everyone had a great day fishing and enjoying how Dominic prepared their catch on the BBQ. When it was time to head back into port, most were sorry to see the day come to a close. That night Kyle and Ryan decided to sleep aboard the Gardie. Mark was in his cabin playing one of the electronic games he had been given while in the hospital. Both Kyle and Bill's parents had gone; and Bill and Anthony were going to spend the night together on the Mon Cheri but stayed till last to enjoy a night cap before leaving.

"Kyle, Ryan; can we ask you a question?" Bill enquired.

"I believe you just did! And without asking permission! So, I suppose you can ask another." Ryan jested.

"Well, Anthony and I, wanted to try anal sex, but we found it very difficult and painful." Bill said.

"Did you massage the anus with lubricant before you tried to enter?" Ryan asked.

"Massage the anus?" Bill and Anthony asked together and both Ryan and Kyle laughed.

"Oh my God, you didn't attempt penetration without relaxing the sphincter first?" Ryan said smiling, "Why they allow children to play adult games, I will never know!"

"OK you two let's go down to my cabin." All four marched down and once inside Ryan put a sign on the door, DO NOT DISTURB. They all laughed, but Mark was so into his game he hadn't even noticed they'd gone.

"OK you two, strip and get down on your knees on my bed." Ryan ordered. Kyle went and got the KY gel and they both began to massage the two star-crossed lovers. Ryan worked on Bill's butt and Kyle worked on Anthony's hairy ass.

"Don't worry we're not going to fuck you two, we just want the two of you to know how to do this correctly." Twenty minutes later, Bill and Anthony were begging Ryan and Kyle to penetrate them. Ryan reached over to his dresser and pulled out a dildo and handed it to Kyle. Kyle smiled and teased Anthony's butt hole with it. When Ryan touched Bill's anus with another he'd pulled out of the drawer, Bill thought it was Ryan's cock.

As Ryan and Kyle took turns pushing in and pulling out, they resembled a weather vane propelled by the wind with a toy gizmo mounted on top. Both Bill and Anthony had moved closer so that they were joined in a lip lock and their horniness began to intensify thanks to the attentions given by Ryan and Kyle.

"OK, guys, I think that this demonstration has achieved its purpose. Now get your asses off my bed and my ship!" Ryan said as if he were Captain Bligh.

"Come on maties. Get yer pants up and move it along." Kyle said imitating Smitty, Captain Hook's first mate.

Everyone was all laughs and smiles. As they left Ryan's cabin, Mark opened his cabin door just in time to see the parade of happy faces.

"I can't leave you kids unattended for one minute without someone slipping his hand into someone else's pants!" Mark joked and more laughs were heard.

Bill and Anthony left immediately so they could experiment further with the information that they'd gleaned from Ryan and Kyle's impromptu sex class. That night Ryan and Kyle played the roles of loving father as they slept with Mark between them. Ryan was awakened several times by Mark's spasms and moans as nightmares were still part of his dream world. Ryan just hugged him tightly and would kiss his forehead. He thought it strange that Kyle did not wake too. However, it was Kyle who thought it was strange that Ryan did not awaken the times that he was the one comforting Mark and kissing the nape of his neck.

The next afternoon, when Mark arrived home from school. Ryan drove him down to the parish house. They were taken directly into the priest's small office and made the arrangements for a Mass to be said for Mark's parents.

"I'm going to be a priest too." Mark said, matter-of-factly to the curate.

"Young man, that's great news, we certainly can use some healthy young men. We are all now doing the work of two and sometimes three priests." The priest of about Kyle's age said. "So son, why don't you start by becoming an altar server?"

"Can I? But I don't know how?" Mark said.

"Sure you can, who's your catechism teacher?" The priest asked.

"I don't take catechism in school. It's not a Catholic school." Mark said disappointed.

"That's no problem. Can you just come around to the parish school on Thursday evening at 6 p.m. and we can enrol you." The priest said happily.

"Can I go, Dad" Mark asked Ryan.

"You sure can." Ryan said, pleased as Mark put his arms around him and thanked him so profusely, the priest took note.

"I think that counts as a small miracle. Most kids say, 'do I have to'?" The priest commented.

Mark, found that comment strange and didn't know what to make of it. He was already wondering how he could convince Peter, his best friend, and Joe Green, his new found friend at school to come as well.

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