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Master and The Mate -- by Deepdiver

Chapter 29

Navel Academy

Ryan and Kyle arrived at Mark's school and went straight to the guidance office as the school psychologist had instructed. Neither was particularly interested in meeting again with the headmaster. The secretary of the guidance office received them.

"Please walk this way." She said without introducing herself. Kyle walked directly behind her swinging his hips; aping her feminine walk in a Marx Brothers style-joke. Ryan had to bite his lip in order not to laugh; it was especially funny because it was so out of character for Kyle.

When they arrived at the classroom, the secretary opened the door and ushered them inside, and they found themselves standing behind the students.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are fortunate to have with us today, Dr. Ryan Loud and his lover, Kyle. They are a gay couple and have come here today not with the intention of corrupting our morals but to help us better understand the homosexual experience which we have been studying this last week. Dr. Loud and Kyle you have the floor." said the instructor.

Ryan and Kyle moved to the front of the classroom and sat on two chairs placed together for them.

"Anyone have any questions?" The instructor asked the class.

A dark-haired girl, dressed neatly and modestly, raised her hand. She was seated in the third row.

"How did you meet?"

"I applied for a job on Ryan's yacht." Kyle answered.

"How did you know you were both gay?" Asked a boy in the third seat of the sixth row. His body was that of a budding athlete.

"We didn't. But from the first moment I saw him, I hoped he was." Ryan said.

"It never entered my mind. Soon after working with Ryan I began to see what a good man he was and slowly fell in love with him. Then he seduced me." Kyle said accusingly.

"Now just wait until he smiles and you tell me who seduced who?" Ryan joked and everyone laughed as Kyle turned red and then smiled and everyone saw Ryan's point.

A girl in the fifth seat of the fourth row, somewhat plump, but with a very pretty face and dimples when she smiled, asked "Do you think that gays should be allowed to get married and if so what should be done to make it legal?"

"Marriage is a right. Therefore the government does not have the authority to prevent anyone who is not already married from exercising his or her right with whomever or wherever they chose as long as that person is also free to exercise their right." Ryan said.

"Governments have the authority to make laws that order marriages, etc. but not to take away someone's right." Kyle added. "Rights cannot be denied by governments without a very serious and grave reason and then only for as long as the grave situation lasts. Being gay is life-long and therefore is not a temporary situation."

Another student, a tall male, sitting with his lanky legs extended far into the aisle asked, "What do you say to those who say that gay marriage is an attack on the sanctity of the family?"

"Firstly I would say that the real threat to the sanctity of the family is heterosexual divorce not gay marriage. The Bible condemns adultery, but many Christian churches actively bless second and third marriages. How can the state encouraging gay people to opt for a stable family life be seen as an attack on marriage? I don't follow their logic." Ryan said.

"What makes marriage holy is not the sanction of the government, but the purity of the love and the willingness of the couple to pledge fidelity, respect and abiding love. Why is society so threatened by two people loving one another or making a contract to love 'til death?" Kyle added.

Another boy, this time somewhat pudgy and short asked, "Do you think gays should be allowed to adopt kids?"

"Investigations show that statistically most gay couples that have adopted have raised their kids to be healthy heterosexuals. So the prejudice against gays adopting is just that, a pre-judgement not based on the facts. So yes, I think they should be allowed to adopt if they meet the other requirements such as ability to provide a stable home, financial capability, etc." Ryan stated.

"The vast majority of gay people have heterosexual parents!" Kyle pointed out.

"I think that many in our society confuse paedophilia with homosexuality. However, most perpetrators of child abuse are heterosexuals and married. People automatically think that homosexuals are also paedophiles, but this is only an urban myth, very often deliberately perpetuated by those who are motivated by homophobia and hate." Ryan explained.

"What is homophobia?" asked a tall girl in the first seat of the front row. Her freckled face made her especially cute.

"All phobias are fears that stifle a person's ability to live a well-adjusted life. Homophobia can be either a fear that you yourself are gay or that someone else close to you is gay and wants to seduce or rape you. Very often gays who suffer from homophobia are the most violent against other gays as a way of fighting off their gay feelings." Ryan expounded.

"When I was younger, I used to avoid some guys, because I thought that they were gay and I was afraid that others would think I was gay too if they saw us hanging out. I think that is a kind of homophobia too." Kyle added.

One timid-looking boy asked, "are you two planning to get married if it becomes legal?"

Ryan looked at Kyle and Kyle held Ryan's gaze. "I would marry Ryan in a flash if he asked me to marry him." Kyle said after a long pause. "But he hasn't asked me … yet."

"Kyle and I love one another deeply. We have not discussed marriage since it is not possible as yet in this state. But if it becomes legalized, I think we will be one of the first couples to apply for the marriage license." Ryan said, professing his intentions before the youthful witnesses.

"I've heard that you have a yacht. Why don't you just go out twelve miles into international waters and then as captain of the ship you could marry one another." said a guy with a typical teen acne problem on his face.

"To be honest, I'd never thought about that, but there would still be a problem with it being recognized in states that do not accept same sex marriages." Ryan answered.

A girl with pigtails asked, "What can you do to get same sex marriage legalized?"

"Well, I suppose it will take changing public opinion and that is in part why we are here today." Ryan said.

"My own feeling is that gays themselves have to mature. At present 'gay pride' I think has to some extent helped gays to become more visible, but unfortunately some few extremists have at the same time fed people's phobias with their outlandish displays. I personally think it would do far better for hundreds of gays to march in business suits or their work uniforms so that society could see us as already ordinary members of the fabric of society itself." Kyle said.

The instructor then called for any last questions before the session ended. He thanked both Kyle and Ryan for sharing with the class and expressed his hope that the students would appreciate having met two very balanced members of the gay community.

Kyle and Ryan drove home in silence as each contemplated the questions that the students had asked. Each wondered if he was doing enough for gay liberation and each also wondered about what the other had said about marriage. Ryan put his hand out and took Kyle's hand in his own. They had hand sex all the way home and felt very close to one another. Kyle never realized how sensual and how comforting just holding the hand of his lover could be. It was as if their whole bodies were entwined sexually as their hands explored one another with loving caresses. Suddenly Ryan pinched Kyle's hand.

"Ouch! Why did you do that?" Kyle said.

"To remind you that you belong to me!" Ryan declared.

Kyle responded with his 'wfs' and felt so happy that Ryan had said that on his own with no prompting. Today was like a perfect day on a calm sea and he hoped it wasn't the calm before the storm.

* * *

Roger's mother had been meeting with her lawyer. Her marriage was disintegrating and neither her husband nor her son had maintained any communication with her. She believed that Ryan was responsible for turning them against her. Now at home she dedicated her free time to calling the other parents to warn them of Ryan's and Mark's negative influence in the school. She also targeted the members of the board of directors and the headmaster to persuade them that it was in the best interest of the school to oust these 'perverts.'

She came home rather upset from her visit with the lawyer. He had tried to explain to her that she had very little evidence that would convince a judge that Ryan had in fact done anything that could be construed as an assault on her marriage. She, however, interpreted this to mean that the assault was just that much more insidious in that it was so subtle.

Then she began a new salvo of attacks by calling social services and making claims that Ryan was perverting Mark and demanding an investigation into his care of the boy. Social Services had no choice but to launch an investigation.

* * *

Ryan and Kyle went to the preliminary hearing accompanied by Ryan's lawyer. Roger's mother's lawyer presented the legal separation between her and her husband as well as the dates of the therapy sessions that they had attended as evidence.

The judge called her to the stand and asked her to identify herself and then interviewed her. When she was asked to describe how the therapy sessions had affected her relationship with her husband and son, she began to cry and act the roll of the helpless, abandoned, wife. However, when the judge asked her what Ryan had done to hurt her marriage, her hatred of him emerged and she forgot the roll she had chosen and spat out accusations without being able to connect a causal relationship between Ryan's interventions and the difficulties in her marriage. The judge was far more experienced in human relations to be able to accept that a marriage could be broken with only two therapy sessions. He also knew enough psychology to know that this could not possibly be the cause of her son's homosexuality.

After a short interview with Ryan in which he was asked to present his license as well as other credentials, the Judge dismissed the case summarily and lectured the lawyer for presenting such a frivolous case.

Roger's mother however, was undaunted by the Judge's decision and just interpreted it as just more evidence of men's incompetence. She became more adamant in her resolve to have her revenge. The judge thanked Ryan for his presence and apologized on behalf of the legal system for the waste of his professional time. He ordered the plaintiff to pay the court costs and those of Ryan's defense.

Roger's mother blurted out that if the judge had been a woman, things would have been different and the judge slammed her with a contempt of court citation and ordered her held for one day in the city jail. She had to be removed physically from the hearing-room.

* * *

Ryan and Kyle had no sooner arrived home with the expectation of taking it easy in the sauna that had been installed in the basement when the social worker rang their door bell. Kyle answered.

"Hello, I am Mrs. Knotsworth, a social worker. I have come to investigate a complaint with regard to your ward, Mark Benning. May I come in, please?

"By all means." Kyle responded. "We have just gotten home from court. The same lady accused Dr. Loud of making her son a homosexual and breaking up her marriage, but the case was dismissed." Kyle explained.

Knotsworth raised her eyebrow. Her caseload was quite heavy and she did not appreciate wild goose chases eating up her precious time. She explained that she had already seen Mark at school and talked with the headmaster.

"I will be frank with you, Dr. Loud, the headmaster had very few things to say, but they weren't flattering. He is not pleased that one of his students is the ward of a homosexual couple. However, I found Mark to be very positive about his experience of living with you. Seeing your home and now meeting with you, I'd say that in spite of the loss of his parents, Mark is very lucky to be here. I was also very surprised to hear that you have taken in a second boy. May I ask you who arranged that?" Ryan gave Knotsworth the name of his former student and her phone number. Then they showed her the boy's room as they were coming down the stairs, Manny walked in the door, threw his book bag down and yelled.

"Fuck it."

"Manny, you sound upset. Is something bothering you?" Ryan asked.

"Yeah, that damn nun was all over me today and gave me three time-outs." Manny said disgruntledly.

"Manny, I would like to present you with Mrs. Knotsworth a social worker." Kyle said doing the introductions.

Manny went over to her and extended his hand, "Hi, I'm Emmanuel, but you can call me Manny."

"I am very pleased to meet you Manny. I have a son about your age, where do you go to school?" She asked.

"Down the street at Resurrection," he answered.

"My son goes there too. Do you know Bobby Knotsworth?" Mrs. Knotsworth asked.

" Oh yeah, he's my pana." Manny said.

"Pana?" asked Kyle.

"Best friend," Manny answered, shaking his head, thinking Kyle was so out of it and running up the stairs to change his school uniform.

"I'm afraid we haven't had enough time to break him of his foul mouth." Ryan apologized.

"Don't worry about it. I noticed how you ignored it and figured you were already applying behavior modification. I'm satisfied that this complaint was just some malcontent trying to stir up problems for you. However, just to be on the up and up, I will be dropping in occasionally, I hope you don't mind." Said Knotsworth as she headed for the door.

"My God, if we hadn't discussed Manny earlier, I would have pounced on him." Kyle said. "Ry you are incredible. You always seem to know just what to do."

Kyle and Ry kissed as Manny was coming down the stairs.

"Oh shit, you guys doing that gushy stuff again!" He said, passing by on his way to the kitchen and a snack.


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