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Master and The Mate -- by Deepdiver

Chapter 30


Ryan was sitting at his desk in his private office. The phone rang and since Susan – his receptionist/secretary – was on her lunch break, he answered.

"Ryan, hello, its me, Mary."

"Hi Mary, how are you?" Ryan responded.

"All is well; Richard and I want to invite you and the boys, well and the whole gang over to our house for Thanksgiving dinner." Mary said.

"Mary, that would be so nice, I'm sure we would love to come, but can you handle so many?" Ryan said.

"Well, our place isn't so big, but we can set up extra tables and I am sure everyone will fit comfortably. We want all of you and Dominic and Teresa as well." Mary insisted.

"Mary thank you so much, I'm sure Mark and Manny will love being together as a family." Ryan said accepting Mary's invitation. Ryan was just about ready to go out for a quick bite to eat when his cell phone rang. He recognized the number as his home phone.

"Ry, this is Kyle. I'm on my way to Manny's school. It seems that he's been misbehaving, can you meet me there?"

"Kyle, look I have a client in a few minutes and was just going to grab a bite to eat. Can you handle it on your own?"

"Well, I'd rather you accompany me, but I guess I can deal with the situation on my own."

"OK, let me know how it goes. Kyle, I know you can handle this, just remember, it's a learning situation, don't fight it, use it to teach." Ryan said encouragingly.

"OK, Ry. I love you."

"Me too." Ryan answered ambivalently.

Kyle kept repeating to himself. 'Whatever the problem is, I can use it to teach Manny. I won't fight it, I'll use it.'

When he got to the school he went directly to the office. The school secretary ushered him into the Principal's office. Sr. Mary Rose sat sternly across the desk and with her penetrating eyes directed Kyle to have a seat.

"Mr. Loud? That is your last name?" She said disparagingly.

"No, but you can call me Kyle." he answered, feeling guilty already, but liking the sound of being called Mr. Loud.

"I'm sorry, its not policy for us to use first names with parents." The good sister responded.

"Well then, call me Darling. Kyle Darling." He said biting his lip.

All of a sudden Sr. Rose burst out laughing. "You almost had me there, Darling!"

"Thank you, dear Sister." Kyle said and flashed her his 'wfs.' Which had the effect of taking all the starch out of her wimple.

"OK, seriously, Mr. Darling" (she snorted), "I'm afraid your little boy is using too many adult words with his teachers. I don't know what kind of example you set for him at home, but we cannot tolerate these obscene words. The other children are liable to use them at home and we will soon have all the parents complaining."

"Sister Rose, I have no idea of what words you are referring to. I can assure you that neither Ryan or I use any off-colour words at home."

"Well, in my experience, children are like parrots and repeat what they hear their parents saying," Sr. Rose said.

"Can you give me an example of some of the words he uses?" Kyle asked.

"Well, he used the 'f' word, he told one teacher to go to 'h.' He told one student to kiss his buttocks. You get my drift?"

"Sister, I can assure you that he has not heard those words in our home, but you are aware that we had just taken him in as a foster child?"

"Well, of course, I saw the paperwork." Sr. Rose said smugly.

"Did you know that his parents were drug dealers? And that his mother is dying of AIDS at this moment in the state hospital under arrest?"

"Oh my God, I had no idea, the poor child!" said the nun as she felt her own name was wilting.

"Sister, we had not heard him say any of those words, but I assure you that Ryan and I will discuss this tonight and see how we can deal with this problem as quickly as possible."

"OK, Darling" (stopping to smile), "I mean Kyle, I'll give you a week, but we have to nip this in the bud before the other children begin to imitate him."

"What do you do when he uses a bad word?" Kyle asked.

"Up to now, a time out, but if he gets fresh with the teacher we have to send him to Fr. Mike's office."

"Sister, I'll call you tomorrow." Kyle affirmed.

"Very well Darling, have a good morning." Sister Rose stood as she giggled to herself; not having called anyone that since her sweet sixteen party.

On his way home, Kyle called Ryan and explained the problem to him.

"I hope you understand that there is no way that Manny can unlearn those words. He probably observed his mom and dad use them during moments of stress. He is merely aping them. Those words have no particular meaning to him. What we need to do is simply substitute more acceptable expressions. I suggest we don't make a big deal of this but rather reward him for learning alternate expressions." Ryan explained.

"But how?" Kyle asked bewildered.

"Well, we have to model for him expressions that he can use when his anxiety levels are high and just trust him to begin to imitate us and when he does, reward him. Otherwise, we will be empowering him by communicating to him that his expressions really disturb others." Ryan explained.

"I think I understand, but how soon will this work, they really want this problem solved at the school." Kyle said.

"Well, we just need to show him what we want him to say, so start thinking of some healthy ways to express your anxiety and frustrations. We can also ask Mark and his friends to help us out on this one." Ryan suggested.

When Mark arrived home from school, Kyle explained the problem to him.

"It's not my fault. I don't swear and neither do Pete or Joe." Mark said defensively.

"Mark, I know that! I am not accusing you or your friends, Ry and I are asking for your help. We need to model acceptable expressions and when he follows our example, make a big deal about it, so that he learns to substitute. If he uses bad language, Ry says we need to ignore it completely as if it had no meaning. Do you understand?"

"I think so, but will it work?" Mark said.

"Ryan thinks so and we both know that it is very rare that Ry is wrong on these things." Kyle said. "Can you explain all this to Pete and Joe? We really need as many others to help us on this."

"Sure thing." Mark replied. "But can I ask you a question?"

"You just did!" Kyle said then realized that he had just aped Ryan.

"If you think Ryan is so right all the time, how come you don't believe in God?" Mark said challenging Kyle.

"Who said I don't believe in God? I believe in God." Kyle declared.

"Yeah, but you don't belong to any Church or anything." Mark observed.

"Well, I don't have to belong to any Church to believe in God." Kyle said.

"So what is different about you from some one who does not believe in God? Does your belief make any difference in the way you live?" Mark questioned Kyle.

Kyle was stumped. "I have to think about that one." He said honestly.

"So why don't you come with me, Pete and Joe to the classes we take on Thursday nights?"

"Oh I think I'm a bit old for that." Kyle said, not really wanting to go.

"No you aren't. There are some people older than you taking the class with us." Mark said.

"I'll think about it, OK?" Kyle said, trying not to disappoint Mark.

"Well, you've got about two weeks to decide, because there is no class this week because of Thanksgiving." Mark replied.

* * *

That night in bed, Kyle shared his day with Ryan. Ryan felt bad that he was missing out on so much by not having been there, but at least now he could experience it all vicariously through Kyle's descriptions.

"Kyle, did you ever think of writing this all down? You have a gift for making me feel as if I were there observing the events of the day." Ryan said.

"You mean like putting them up on the Nifty archives or on" Kyle jested.

"Well, yeah, maybe not tickie just yet, but you could start out on Nifty and see what kind of feedback you get." Ryan suggested, "but you held me awed with the way you describe things."

Kyle accepted Ryan's complement, but thought that he really wouldn't be able to do it, he had such poor penmanship and his spelling and written grammar were always atrocious. [It sounds like he takes after my Author! –Ed.] Ryan then leaned over and kissed Kyle on his temple.

"I know exactly what you are thinking. You are thinking you can't. You are thinking about all your limitations. Kyle you are so intelligent and thoughtful, caring and pay such close attention to detail in so many ways and even you once told me that you are a quick learner. Just stop telling yourself that you can't and try and if it doesn't come out perfect, then better it and if you need help that is no shame. Even I see a shrink! That reminds me I haven't seen Joe Liebermann, my psychologist since I met you." Ryan confessed.

"You see a shrink?" Kyle asked surprised.

"Yes, even I have issues. I need supervision on how I handle some of my clients. I'm still grieving the loss of my brother, and I can sure use some good advice about how to avoid losing you, not to mention the boys." Ryan affirmed.

Ryan then got out his handcuffs and cuffed Kyle's wrists to the headboard of the bed. Once his arms were secured, he pulled off the bed covers and then pulled down Kyle's underpants, and stared at his naked body (a body that any model would be glad to have).

He then tied his ankles to each corner of the bed. He moved his lips along Kyle's leg moving from his ankles up towards his genitals then kneeling over the younger man, he rubbed his own genitals over Kyle's growing penis. Then he moved higher up Kyle's body, kissing his belly, then his nipples and mouth. Ryan then positioned himself kneeling over his torso. Then with one finger he moved it slowly over Kyle's sensual lips. As he did this, Kyle kissed his finger.

Ryan then pushed his digit into Kyle's mouth and ran it along his pearly teeth, massaging the gums as Kyle moaned in ecstasy at the newly discovered stimulus. When Kyle unconsciously eased the tension in his jaw, Ryan slipped the finger beyond his reach. He explored below Kyle's tongue and then massaged his tongue following with his upper mouth. Now Kyle had his mouth fully open and receptive to his master who was now claiming ownership of his orifice.

Ryan continued to stimulate him with his oral caresses. Sometimes, Kyle almost gagged as Ryan laid claim to this new region of exploration. When Ryan was sure that there was absolutely no more resistance in the boy he slid down and raised his legs up onto his shoulders. As Ryan then pushed forward, Kyle's ass-hole came into view. Ryan spat into his rosebud and then used his wet digit to massage his sphincter muscle. He was now laying claim to the other entrance to Kyle's love canal. Both entrances to the mystery of Kyle's heart were now under Ryan's total control. He penetrated Kyle with his penis and aimed for his prostate gland. When his aim hit the target, his prize bull, now pinned on his sceptre began bucking as the pangs of pleasure traversed his being.

"Ryan, Oh Ryan, you have no idea of how much I love you and what you are doing to me." Kyle said.

"I'm only trying to be one with you, to get inside you and to own you and have you as mine forever." Ryan said as he merged into a shared and mutual love with Kyle.

Knock, Knock.

Ryan and Kyle stiffened and unstiffened at the same time.

"Just a minute." Ryan said as he got off of Kyle wanting to get a robe and cover Kyle with a sheet before opening the door, but Mark didn't wait and so he glimpsed Kyle naked and cuffed to the bed and Ryan naked as he fumbled for his robe.

"Mark! I said just a minute." Ryan said, somewhat upset.

"Dads, I'm sorry, but Manny is burning up." Mark informed his two blushing fathers.


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