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"Just a minute." Ryan said as he got off of Kyle wanting to get a robe and cover Kyle with a sheet before opening the door, but Mark didn't wait and so he glimpsed Kyle naked and cuffed to the bed and Ryan naked as he fumbled for his robe.

"Mark! I said, just a minute." Ryan said somewhat upset.

"Dads, I'm sorry, but Manny is burning up." Mark informed his two blushing fathers.

Master and The Mate

by Deepdiver

Chapter 31 -

As soon as Ryan could get on his underwear and robe and undo Kyle's cuffs, he was in the boy's room with his palm on Manny's head.

"I want my mom. Please take me to my mom." Manny kept repeating. While holding on to a Superman action figure which his mom had given him.

As soon as he felt the boys head, Ryan knew that this was no ordinary fever. He pulled the boy into his arm and asked Mark to cover him with the blanket from the bed. They were both on the way out when Kyle arrived.

"You had better get dressed and meet us at the car. Grab my pants too!" Ryan said to Kyle.

Mark got dressed as fast as he could and within minutes they were all on the way to the emergency room of the nearest hospital, Elizabeth Seton. Once the triage nurse took Manny temperature and vital signs, she told Kyle to carry Manny into the emergency room himself, while Ryan took care of the admission procedure.

Kyle returned to the waiting area and sat with Mark.

"Is he going to be ok? Mark asked preoccupied.

"Sure Mark, this looks like a really good and well equipped hospital." Kyle answered.

Shortly afterward, Ryan joined them. "Want to go with me to the chapel and say a prayer for our son?"

The other two immediately joined Ryan as he walked in the direction that a sign in the passageway indicated.. Once in the small church like room, Mark noticed the stain glass window depicting Sr. Elizabeth Ann Seton.

After each had been praying in silence for about ten minutes, Mark spoke.

"Who was Seton?" he said looking up at the stain glass window.

"She was the first north American woman who was canonized a saint. Originally a member of the Anglican Church, see converted to Catholicism because she wanted to receive communion everyday. She founded a group of women who teach in schools, run hospitals like this one and take care of orphaned children." Ryan explained.

As Ryan spoke an elderly nun came into the chapel, went to the tabernacle and took out a large cup filled with white wafers, took one into a smaller box and returned the rest to the tabernacle.

"She is one of Elizabeth Seton's followers, she how she is dressed the same with a pioneer bonnet. That is called their habit and it identifies them, they never change their style of clothing as a sign that they reject the ways of a material world such as styles and fads." Ryan explained.

"Excuse me. Did you know her?" Mark asked innocently and pointing at the window in the center of the front wall of the chapel.

The sister had a very wrinkled face, but brightened with a wonderful smile, that made her look much younger, in response to Mark's question. Everyone noticed the odor of plain clean soap about her.

"Why yes, young man. She was like a mother to me, so kind and loving. She always made me feel so safe and loved as a very young girl. Later, when I entered the convent, she treated me like her favorite sister and taught me how to help others feel loved and safe. She was a remarkable women." The old nun said nostalgically as she left to take a dying patient the viaticum, the last communion.

"Sister, my brother is very sick, will you say a prayer for him to Sr. Elizabeth? Mark called after her. She turned and said, I all ready have," as she swished out the door.

"How could she have known about Manny? Mark wondered.

When they returned to the waiting room the nurse told them that they could see Manny. When the found his cubicle, he was connected to an IV. They could hear the old nun in the next cubicle.

"And the woman who had suffered bleeding for 12 years reached out and touched the border of Jesus' tunic. Jesus stopped and turned around. Who touched me? Peter said, "Everyone. Lord, is trying to touch you. But Jesus answered, ' No, I felt the power going from me.' The woman, full of fear, said 'it was I, Lord.' He said, 'your faith has saved you. Sin no more.'"

The all listened attentively to her words. Then they heard her say, "The Body of Christ." And a very frail voice said, "Amen." After awhile someone else in that cubicle began to cry.

Then the doctor came in. "Who is Manny's father? I know that you aren't," he said looking at Mark."

"We are" both Kyle and Ryan answered together.

The doctor looked confused for a second. He had thought that Ryan was the grandfather or that Kyle was a older brother. It never crossed his mind to have two fathers standing before him.

Well, your son, Manny, has the measles. We are going to keep him here until the IV finishes, about another 45 minutes. We've already given him some mediation through the IV and will give you a prescription that you will need to fill at a farmacy. Then just give him some St. Joseph's aspirin every four hours and monitor his fever. If it doesn't break within 24 hours, then bring him to your own doctor or back here. But he should be fine. Just keep him on plenty of liquids and keep others away from him." said the intern

The doctor no sooner finished talking when Kyle began to vomit. A half hour later too he was in a bed in a nearby cubicle also on an IV. It was almost six am when they were finally able to leave the hospital with

both Kyle and Manny sleeping in the back seat. Ryan, feeling even more like a dad. Mark reflecting on the evening events continued to hear the old nun's voice ringing in his ear, "Body of Christ."

Ryan and Mark were two versions of Florence Nightingale as they nursed their wards back to health. Ryan had moved into Mark and Manny's room so the two convalescents could use his and Kyle's room as an infirmary. Mary was over every day with a fresh batch of homemade chicken soup insisting that everyone got better before thanksgiving.

Finally, on thanksgiving day they well all feeling better although washed out. No one was without appetite. Dominic brought over homemade manicotti for an appetizer and also provided the dessert at the insistence of Mark. Mary put together a traditional Thanksgiving Turkey that awed Manny who's only experience of Thanksgiving was dinner out at Denny's. Mark was feeling lonely for his parents this being his first Thanksgiving without them. Bill and Tony were more reserved having already sown their wild oats before coming over to Bill's house. Kyle noticed that Tony was sitting uncomfortably in his chair.

Tony had swung by the Marina to pick him up. But as usual Bill was still in bed. Tony let himself aboard and found the door leading inside had been left unlocked. When he opened Bill's cabin, Bill was not to be found. He went in thinking to knock on the door of the head, but as soon as he stepped into the cabin, Bill jumped on him from behind. They began wrestling and laughing and making all kinds of wild threats. Finally Tony was able to pin Bill down and with his knees on the floor next to Bill's flanks began kissing him madly.

Shirt, pants and underwear were thrown in all directions as they ground their bodies into one another. When Tony put his tongue into Bill's mouth the first time he was surprised when Bill began to suck on it. His blood ran into his tongue.

"Damn, that was hot." Tony said.

"Slow down, now just relax." Bill said as he explored Tony's mouth with his tongue very gently and very slowly. The sensation was driving Tony wild with desire.

"Man, I am so horny!" Tony said, as Bill put a condom on his cock, teasing it, and stimulating him so as not to loose the thrill of the moment. Then Tony rode Bill like a wild bronco that needed breaking. Bill bucked him. He jerked his body in every direction as Tony tried to stay inside him and find his stride. Finally, Tony began to stride the beast and they began the tango of tempos and synchronized themselves in a way that could only end with the defeat of both contenders. The dance worked toward its climax and they both screamed so loud, the people on the dock all looked around to see who was in need of help.

"You love my butt? Tony asked Bill.

"Sure do!" Bill answered enthusiastically.

"Then kiss my Italian ass!" Tony teased.

Bill pretended to bend to kiss Tony's ass cheeks, but when he was close enough he sank his teeth in deep enough to leave an imprint.

"Ouch!" Damn that hurt!" Tony said.

"So? Now you are branded. You will always be mine!" Bill said as they kissed.

- o o O o o -

When everyone had arrived. Ryan suggested the Dominic, the most recent immigrant to the United States, say the prayer. Dominic thanked the Lord for the all the gifts that they had each received especially the gifts of friendship and family. He asked the Lord's blessing on Mary and Richard's home, on his own restaurant and especially for the newest members of their extended family, Mark and Manny.

Everyone laughed when the drum stick was put on Manny's plate.

"I can't eat all of that fucker!" Manny said.

Ryan and Kyle followed the plan and ignored the comment.

Mary looked at both of them and then at Manny with a frown on her face. She was all set to interfere when Ryan cut her off.

"Manny, you used a bad word and hurt Aunt Mary and Aunt Teresa. They are ladies and ladies do not like to hear a man use bad words."

Manny looked up at Mary and then at Teresa and then at Ryan, wondering what he had said wrong.

Mary I think Manny is a bit overwhelmed by the size of that leg. Do you think we could give him something smaller?"

"Yea, I'm overwhelmed." Manny said following Ryan's lead and everyone began to laugh.

From then on, during the dinner everyone was overwhelmed about the yams, the masked potatoes, everything was overwhelming.

"Dad, what does overwhelmed mean anyway?" Manny said.

"Bill whispered to Tony, "it means fucked."

Mark, who overheard them, sprayed the cranberry juice, he was drinking, out through his teeth and nose.

"Oh, Mark, be more careful." Kyle corrected him, not knowing what Bill had said.

"It means that you are in a state of utter shock." Ryan explained.

Mary began clearing dishes and served the several desserts that she had prepared as well as the cannolis that Dominic had brought along.

Kyle took one bite of the apple pie that Mary served and a rush of memories of his own mom's pie flooded his memory. Kyle's dad, shook his head and said, "Mary this pie is so good, just like my mom used to make!" Suddenly Kyle remembered his long deceased grandparents and begin to feel very nostalgic. Dominic was all compliments for the meal and Mary's was so happy to receive his praises. Richard enjoyed seeing the house so full of people. After dinner he took Manny and Mark down to the basement and showed them a train set that had belonged to Bill, which he had set up for the occasion. Manny and Mark were fascinated for about fifteen minutes before they became bored with the endless circles the train made and were soon playing with their electronic games. Richard however, continued to fantasize about having grandchildren over and them running down to the basement to play with Bill's trains.

Ryan was stuffed. When he came out of the bathroom he didn't look relieved. Kyle approached him indirectly. When he was near enough to speak without being heard he whispered in Ryan's ear.

"What's wrong? You look flushed."

"I'm fine, its just that my hemorrhoid is acting up and I feel a slight itch and there were a few drops of blood in the toilet water." Ryan said, "nothing to worry about."

"I think maybe Bill has a problem with hemorrhoids as well. I noticed he was having a hard time getting comfortable in his chair."

Kyle suddenly realized why Ryan would not be eager for anal sex. He loved the feeling of Ryan inside him and had wondered why Ryan wouldn't enjoy being penetrated as well. Things were falling into place.

On the way home, Kyle got Ryan to agree to see his doctor to make sure there was nothing more serious. The boys felt contented in the back seat but fell fast asleep for the short drive home. When the got home, they found officer Jerome Clark who was just getting into his car. Ryan went to greet him as Manny and Mark helped Kyle carry all the "care packages" that Mary had sent back with them.

"Happy Thanksgiving, Good to see you, come on in out of the cold."

"Happy Turkey day to you too." Said the officer.

- o o O o o -

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