Master and the Mate

By: Deep Diver

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Editor: David L

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Chapter 32


The boys were exhausted and went straight up to their room after greeting Jerry. Ryan showed him into the living-room after checking to make sure his holster was empty.

"Don't worry. I left it under lock and key in my car. I'm not supposed to leave it anywhere, but after that incident last time, I'm not taking any chances." The officer stated firmly.

"Can I get you something to drink? Perhaps a nice Black Russian?" Kyle said.

"Just a beer if you have one," Jerry answered.

Kyle went to the kitchen to fetch the brew while Ryan mixed a couple of BR's at the wet bar.

"So, to what do we owe the honor of your visit?" Ryan asked.

"Oh I was just driving through the neighborhood and thought I would drop in." Jerry said coyly.

"Jerry, have you eaten?" Ryan said suspiciously.

"Oh yeah, I had some soup and a sandwich earlier at Denny's. Really, I'm OK." Jerry insisted.

Kyle brought in the beer and poured it into a tall glass and handed it to Jerry and Ryan handed the drink he was preparing to Kyle. The three toasted Thanksgiving.

"Kyle, are you up for a therapy session?" Ryan teased.

"Therapy, now?" Kyle reacted confusedly.

"Yes, this so-called officer of the law needs therapy. He has broken the rules of the department and left his sidearm outside, he lied to me about having Thanksgiving dinner and he told me he was just passing by when in fact he came here to see us. Now don't you think he should be disciplined for that?" Ryan said.

Kyle smiled seeing exactly where Ryan was headed.

"No, you guys have me all wrong." Jerry protested.

"I have only one question for you - do you want to have some real Thanksgiving dinner before you're punished or after?" Ryan said in all seriousness.

Kyle opened the door leading to the basement and motioned the forlorn official to lead the way. Jerry obeyed. Ryan went and locked the front door; not wanting to be surprised by other possible visitors. At the bottom of the stairs, Jerry stopped and stood at attention waiting for orders. Kyle began to prepare him for treatment. However, Ryan got an idea and called Lieutenant Dome and asked him for the phone number of the official that had helped Mark. At first Dome was hesitant, but when Ryan told him it was to help a fellow officer he conceded and gave him the number: Ryan quickly rang it.

"Hello" the undercover agent answered, not recognizing the number on his cell phone.

"Good evening, I am Ryan Loud, the father of Mark, the boy you helped rescue. We have an officer here at our home, in very bad need of some discipline..." Ryan said, explaining the situation to this officer who he did not know.

"I'll be there in twenty minutes. I'll use the name 'Divemaster'." He said.

"We will have him ready and waiting for you." Ryan said with glee.

Ryan then went downstairs and helped get the young officer tied down to a wooden table. Kyle already had him blindfolded and he was soon stripped naked. Kyle then slipped a hose nozzle between his thighs and into his rectum. The officer grunted, but since Kyle had lubricated the hose which was designed for anal penetration it moved easily inside the quivering lips of his ass-hole.

Ryan put the patches of a TENS machine on either side of his left nipple and slowly increased the current. Both observed as the pectoral muscle reacted to the electrical stimulation.

"You have been a naughty boy. Haven't you, Jerry?" Ryan said and smiled at Kyle.

"Yes, sir, I deserve to be punished." Jerry said, and began moaning as his cock began to engorge. Ryan kissed Kyle. Then he licked Jerry's penis making his whole body spasm. Then Ryan and Kyle kissed again, more passionately, they broke the kiss and Kyle licked Jerry's balls. Again, Jerry's whole body jerked in anticipation of more pleasure. Between stimulations, Jerry had no idea of what Kyle and Ryan were doing, but their passionate kissing alternating with stimulating Jerry was highly erotic and both were fully aroused.

Kyle moved the patches over to Jerry's other nipple while Ryan went upstairs to wait for the 'Divemaster'. Within minutes a car pulled up in front of the house and the undercover agent got out dressed in a wet suit. He carried a very small scuba emergency tank that divers sometimes carry on their weight belt. Ryan said nothing but merely pointed the way to the cellar door. After 'Divemaster' descended, Kyle came up, leaving the two policemen to their own devices.

Ryan led the way to the sofa and Kyle followed him and they sat and began caressing one another.

"Did you point out the condoms to 'Divemaster'?" Ryan asked.

"He's called 'Divemaster'? Oh. Hahahaha." Kyle couldn't contain his laughter. "Ryan, you're really something! I love you."

"Me too, but ten times more." Ryan repeated his teasing joke and kissed Kyle deeply in the mouth.

* * *

The following Thursday morning, Kyle and Ryan arrived at 7 a.m. at the specialist's office for Ryan's colonoscopy. Ryan was called into the prep room at 3:30 p.m. and offered a sedative which he refused saying he would just prefer to use self-hypnosis. Ryan waited almost 15 minutes, before he came back out of the trance and asked the doctor how much longer he had to wait for the procedure to begin.

"Oh, I was waiting for you to fall asleep." The doctor said.

"In that case, just begin, I go into a trance in less than 30 seconds." Ryan explained.

The doctor had him lay on his side watching a TV monitor and it was the first time he saw his own buttocks from three inches away and then felt the pressure as the lubricated tube entered his rectum. Ryan went into a very relaxed state. He had given himself a suggestion to interpret all discomfort as pleasure and he relaxed more and more as the scope worked its way through his entrails. The doctor made comments to his assistant and Ryan felt air fill his intestine, and then air being sucked out. Sometimes the doctor squirted water to clean bits and pieces of faeces he found lodged in the crevices. Finally the doctor reached the portal to the small intestine and began retreating.

* * *

Kyle was suffering, sitting alone in the waiting room. Most of the other patients were elderly and he felt very much like a cockroach in a hen house. He began fearing the results. Kyle had no idea of what he would do without Ryan. How could he raise the two boys alone? If Ryan were to die of cancer, how could he cope. As he entertained more and more negative thoughts his anxiety began to rise and he was nearing the threshold of a full-blown panic attack. His heart began beating faster. Kyle's palms were wet with sweat and his breathing quickened. Then his thoughts began to turn to his bodily reactions. He felt his heart beating faster and began to think it was a heart attack...

At the end of the exam, Ryan spent a few minutes on the toilet waiting for the gases to subside. Once he felt somewhat normal, he dressed and left the bathroom and went into the doctor's study.

"Well, Dr. Loud, we found a polyp. Its cancerous and just a bit too large for me to remove now. You are going to need to see a surgeon. I can recommend one to you if you wish. He is the best and you may need the best because the tumour is located near your anus which may have to be sacrificed." Ryan's blood ran cold, but he showed no emotion. He felt no fear, but wondered how this might affect Kyle, the boys and his work. The doctor immediately called the surgeon who would not be able to see Ryan for a month. But he suggested that Ryan begin chemotherapy as soon as possible to reduce the tumour as much as possible and to prevent spreading. Again the doctor had his assistant call the clinic to set up an appointment with an oncologist.

When Ryan came out of the doctor's office, Kyle was in a terrible state. In the car, Ryan could see something was bothering him.

"Kyle are you all right? You look worse than me and I had a ten foot tube shoved up my ass. Did they say something to you?"

"What do you mean? Why would they say something to me?" Kyle asked now even more worried.

"Kyle, I have a tumour. Its small and the doctor believes its still in the early stages."

Kyle jammed on the brakes and pulled the car over and hugged Ryan and began to cry.

I don't want to lose you," he said.

"Kyle, you just gave me the best medicine that there is. Now relax. Its a small tumour. It is operable and the treatments available are very effective." Ryan said, trying to console Kyle. "I have an appointment with an oncologist for next week but I need a blood test, X-rays, and a CT scan to take to him. We can do the blood test right now since I haven't eaten yet today."

Ryan began to reorganize himself and to plan his steps one by one. Kyle felt like he was losing his mind, but managed to drive Ryan and stay with him through endless hours in waiting rooms thinking about the tumour which was growing by the minute within his lover.

Waiting for the CT scan was the longest wait. As they sat Ryan spoke.

"Kyle, I want you to go back to school. Will you do that for me and the boys?" Ryan pleaded.

Kyle just nodded his head in agreement. He would now be willing to do anything that Ryan asked him, but he also recognized that Ryan was asking it for his own good.

"So what will you study?" Ryan asked.

"Definitely psychology!" Kyle said leary of Ryan's reaction.

"Kyle! That is such wonderful news. I am so proud of you. What kind of psychologist would you like to be?" Ryan explored further.

"A counseling psychologist just like you." Kyle said with clarity of thought.

"My God, we could become co-therapists!" Ryan said with authentic joy. But Kyle thought he was only saying that to cheer him up. Kyle was still under the impression that a diagnosis of cancer meant a prognosis of some very bad times again and then an untimely death.

"Kyle, I have an idea. Let's stop at the dog pound on the way home and adopt a dog for the boys."

Again Kyle nodded in agreement thinking that it was a stupendous idea, but at the same time thinking that Ryan was looking for a way to soften the blow of the bad news for Mark and Manny.

"Ry are you sure this would be a good time to have an animal around the house?"

"Kyle, to be honest it is for me. I have read that dogs can be very comforting to those in chemotherapy."

"Chemotherapy! Ry - you need chemo too?" Kyle said going deeper into a state of shock.

"Oh, sorry Kyle, its to prepare me for the surgery, it will help keep the tumour from growing or spreading. Just relax, and I might as well tell you, there will also be radiotherapy. They found using all three treatments gives the highest recovery rate." Ryan explained.

"So you have a chance to beat this?" Kyle asked almost feeling totally defeated.

"Kyle, I am going to beat this. I was lucky that my hemorrhoid acted up and they found this in time. I will be fine. Trust me. I feel great!" Ryan said. "But let's not tell the boys just yet. I need time to figure out how to tell them. And maybe it would be a better idea to have them pick out a dog, let's wait until they can go with us. OK?

"Sure Ry, just let me know when you're ready." Kyle answered leaving it unclear if he was referring to the dog or to telling the boys about Ryan's tumour.

* * *

That evening Ryan entered the room at Mark's school to continue the counselling sessions. Roger's mother was back, accompanied by her pastor as well as the regulars.

"Before we begin the session tonight, I have something to tell you all. Today I was diagnosed as having a small cancerous tumour in my colon."

Everyone reacted with shock except for Roger's mother.

"It's a punishment from God for your perverted life!" She pronounced.

"Well, perhaps I am being punished because my love is not all it should be. However, it is at a very early stage and treatable. The only reason I am telling you is that I may be forced to miss some of our sessions. If that should be the case, I will have you all phoned ahead of time if you would please take my card and call my secretary with your numbers."

Next Jack Crawford's father spoke. "On behalf of our group, Dr. Loud, please count on our prayers for your complete recovery and know that you can count on us if there is anything you need."

Thank you, Mr. Crawford, I deeply appreciate that."

"Dr. Loud, please put yourself in Jesus' hands he will cure you if you have faith," said Pastor Hasselworth.

"I assure you I have, and even before this have returned to my Church, and am taking communion." Ryan said.

"How can you dare to receive communion when you live that disgusting life-style that the Bible condemns." Roger's mother protested.

"I'm sorry if I offend you. But in my Church we understand that the Body of Christ is medicine for the sick."

"That's what you are! Sick!" She said challenging Ryan.

"I admit my love is imperfect. But I can swear on the Bible that my love has grown every single day of my life. I don't think Jesus expects more of me nor does he fixate on what I lack, but on my growth."

Everyone noticed how Ryan never responded directly to Roger's mother's barbs. They too noticed who was filled with love and who was emptied by hate.

Finally Roger spoke. "Mother! Please stop it. I know what you are doing. You are trying to manipulate me by condemning Ryan, you are telling me that you reject me because I am also gay. This man has saved lives; you have lost your own marriage, your husband and your son. This man has adopted two sons and you have rejected all my friends. Ryan teaches us how to tolerate our diversity, you teach us to hate what is different. Ryan acts out of love even of us who attacked his son and you accuse him of being perverted. Ryan speaks words of conflict resolution and communication, words of love, you spew forth the venom of divisiveness and act out of a self-righteousness that belies that your Church only uses the Bible, but doesn't teach its true meaning. Ryan, can I go with you to your church on Sunday?"

Roger's mother again walked out of the meeting as everyone else applauded Roger. Even Pastor Hasselworth was applauding until he realized that one of his sheep had just decided to move over to greener pastures.

* * *

While Ryan was meeting with this therapy group, Kyle had gone with Mark, Pete and Joe to their religious education class. The catechist was talking about Jesus feeding five thousand men with five loaves and two fishes. He asked if anyone understood the meaning of the numbers. No one replied, so he explained that the biblical number for perfection is the number seven thus five loaves and two fishes added together to a sign of Jesus' perfection. He pointed out that the signs of the event were more important than the event itself. On one level Jesus fulfilled a prophecy, a sign of the coming of the Messiah. The poor would be filled! There were twelve baskets of left overs.

Kyle said, "he must have done the miracle on Thanksgiving day!" And everyone laughed.

"You are more right than you realize. What is your name?"

"Kyle Darling. Not Kyle, Darling!" laughter erupted again. Well, Darling, you are very welcome and I hope you will continue to keep us on our toes with your fine sense of humour. Jesus also had a very finely tuned sense of humour and so in that you are like him."

Kyle suddenly had tears flowing down his cheeks as he recalled the earlier events in the day. It now dawned on him how much Ryan was going to need his sense of humour. He thus made a solemn promise to himself to do all in his power to keep Ryan's spirits high and without realizing it, became that much more like Jesus.

"Getting back to my explanation. Jesus fulfilled a prophecy, but he also created another. The feeding of the five thousand is a sign of the celestial feast awaiting us all in glory. He was also giving a pre-sign of the Mass, the means that God uses to transport us to His Glory. Like a queen bee which goes through a metamorphosis because of the distinct diet it receives from the rest of the worker bees, called royal jelly instead of honey. Her body develops fully while the other female bees don't develop their reproductive organs. We, by eating the food that God provides, allow God to transform us from within into being capacited for eternal life."

"What's me-ta-mor-fo-sis?" Joe asked.

"It's a complete change of who we are. Like a silk worm becoming a butterfly, that is a metamorphosis." The catechist explained.

"The fish represents Jesus. In Greek the word for fish is IchThUS its pronounced Ikthus. Its an anagram meaning Jesus Christ, the son of God and Saviour. So Jesus gave the people bread and fish or bread and Jesus Christ, the son of God and Saviour and that is exactly the food we receive at every Mass. We receive bread and the risen body of Jesus. In this chapter these same people ask Jesus what is the work that God wants them to do. He says the work the God wants us to do is to believe the one he sent. Jesus than says he is the real bread from heaven and then goes on to say that his body is real food and his blood is real drink and we don't eat his body and blood than we have no life - the life that is eternal. Guess what the people did?"

"They believed him," said Mark.

"No, just the opposite, they said the work of believing Jesus was too hard so they left. Only a small group stayed with him. That group was composed of his twelve apostles and with them he found his Church which even today teaches exactly what he said, while other groups all say that he did not give us his real body to eat ... they say they are saved, but they do not do the work of believing the one God sent."

Kyle listened attentively to what the catechist had said. Later that night he read chapter six of John's gospel and found it to say just what was said in class. He wondered about Ryan receiving the communion at Mass, he wondered about Mark's innocent faith. He couldn't see it all clearly, but he was groping for something to help him deal with this latest challenge to his sanity. Then Kyle prayed hard for Ryan and begged the Lord to heal him and went so far as to offer his own life in exchange.

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