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Chapter 37

The Devil's Triangle

Ryan's surgeon wanted to make sure that his tumor did not extend beyond his inner colon and ordered a sonagram. He gave Ryan an appointment to meet him in the sonagram clinic at St. Vincent's Hospital the following day. Kyle dropped Ryan off for his appointment and then left with the excuse of doing some shopping. Ryan waited several hours for his turn.

* * *

Kyle, meanwhile, met with Glen who had the day off. The plan had been to pick Glen up at his apartment and go shopping together, but when Kyle arrived, Glen wasn't ready and invited him in to wait. Kyle waited in the living room of Glen's studio apartment.

"'Kyle, how do you think this looks on me?" Glen called from his bedroom.

Kyle walked over to the door and was surprised to see Glen posing in a leopard-skin jock strap.

"Do you think I would make a good Tarzan?" Glen asked, flirting with Kyle.

Kyle was awed by the man's beauty. His body was perfect with no visible blemish. His muscles were toned without distracting from his overall lines. Glen's hair decorated and accentuated his developed chest. His skin looked so smooth and seemed to have a creamy texture. His smile was so sexy. Kyle could not resist Glen's magnetism and moved toward him and embraced him in a passionate kiss. Kyle did not know where to touch this Adonis first. Glen noticed that Kyle was trembling as his hands floated over his silky skin. Kyle massaged his muscles feeling their firmness.

"So you work out? God you are beautiful!" Kyle said, enthralled by his explorations of Glen's supple body.

Glen allowed Kyle to explore him. He delighted in Kyle's worship of his physicality. Glen passively received all of Kyle's ministrations. Kyle was now down on his knees as he toyed with Glen's bulging penis through the material of his jock strap while his hands massaged his perfectly rounded and hairless ass cheeks. Kyle used his teeth to free Glen's now huge cock from its captivity. He observed the cock head of his perfectly straight man-pole. It resembled a soldier's helmet which gave him the impression that it was perched on the end of Glen's penis. Kyle delighted in seeing the darker veins against the backdrop of the pinkish flesh and grabbed hold of it. The sensation of touching his penis was marvellous. It was both hard and stiff and yet velvety and pliable. Kyle could not resist licking the cock head and tasting the now visible droplets of Glen's precum.

* * *

Finally the secretary called Ryan's name and he was ushered into a small examination room and told to put on a blue paper gown. Ryan felt so vulnerable, but not ashamed. He thought it odd that he had to remove more than his shirt. He had undergone the procedure years earlier when he'd had a small stone in his urinary tract and it was a rather simple affair. After about a ten minute wait, his surgeon appeared and greeted him, but then went out of the examination room and a woman came in and directed Ryan to get up on the examination table and lay on his side. She then moved a machine on wheels toward him and took a long tube and put a condom on it.

"I thought you were going to do a sonagram?" Ryan protested, thinking that there had been some mistake.

"That is exactly what I am about to do, but it is an internal procedure. Just try to relax." She said as she penetrated Ryan's anus with the wand connected to strange wires which in turn ran into the large machine which was now next to his examination table.

Precisely at that same moment, Kyle was penetrating Glen's anus with his fully swollen cock. It was clear that Glen was no virgin as he easily accommodated Kyle's slow entrance.

The doctor noticed that Ryan was not accustomed to anal penetration as his anus resisted her instrument. Ryan thought it was ironic that he had never had sex with a woman and now in this, his most intimate experience, it was a female who was penetrating him and not his lover. The doctor was extra careful, because she could see Ryan's hemorrhoid and didn't want to irritate it. Unfortunately as she filled the condom with water to expand Ryan's colon, she would lose the visual of the tumor. This necessitated repeating the procedure several times. In went the water and then back out again. Ryan just laughed to himself as he endured the discomfort and wished it could have been Kyle pushing in and out of his entrails.

Kyle however was pushing at that moment into Glen's ass. Both were now sweating profusely. Kyle was now at full gallop and he skewered Glen's ass and pumped in and out of him until his testicles emptied themselves into the condom he was wearing. Glen's body squirmed below him as he was pleasured by Kyle's onslaught.

Finally, the doctor was able to coordinate her wand and the amount of water she pumped into Ryan's butt-hole and not lose visual contact with his small tumor and managed to take several 'pictures' for his surgeon to study. Ryan thought that the procedure would never end.

"I'm afraid I can't account for all of the condoms. So when you defecate, don't be surprised if a condom is ejected." The doctor explained very unceremoniously as she handed him a roll of toilet paper to use to clean off the excess lubricant from his butt-hole.

Kyle found himself in Glen's shower feeling ashamed of his infidelity and trying to wash away the filth of his feelings of guilt. While he was drying himself off, his cellphone rang. It was Ryan telling him that he was ready whenever Kyle could get back to the hospital. Kyle said goodbye to Glen who was lanquidly showering himself.

"See ya around." Glen called back.

On the way back to the hospital, Kyle felt more and more depressed. He couldn't help compare sex with Glen and with Ryan. Ryan was not even in the same league in terms of beauty. But when he and Ryan had sex together there was a meeting of souls as well as bodies. With Glen, there wasn't even a meeting of bodies. There was a passivity about Glen that was hard for Kyle to describe. Glen had no interest in Kyle's body, whereas there was a mutual fascination between his own and Ryan's bodies. Glen enjoyed being worshipped by Kyle, but only used Kyle for his own pleasure whereas Ryan was always making sure that Kyle's pleasure was at least as intense as his own, if not more so. Kyle began thinking of Glen as diabolical. Glen seduced Kyle with no concern for his love for Ryan. Glen cared nothing whatsoever how this would impact on Ryan and Kyle's family life. Kyle began to feel intensely guilty.

When Ryan got into the car in front of the hospital he noticed immediately that Kyle's hair was still damp. He also had the aroma of a different soap than the one he had during the ride to the hospital.

"How did it go?" Kyle asked.

"I feel like I have been violated!" Ryan said and noticed that Kyle did a double take.

"Why would you say that?" Kyle asked guiltily, feeling like his infidelity was written on his face.

"Kyle, I thought you said you were going shopping? Did you have a work out?" Ryan asked.

"Oh yeah, I did. After I left you I decided I needed to exercise." Kyle lied to Ryan for the very first time and as he realized that fact began to fall into a deep funk.

* * *

A few days later, in bed together, Ryan confronted Kyle.

"For several days now, you haven't been yourself. You are moping around the house and even when we have sex together, something is wrong and I can tell. I'm not asking you to tell me what is going on, but I can tell something is bothering you. Maybe its my cancer, I don't know, but you are growing apart from me." Ryan said as Kyle tried to interrupt.

"Please let me finish without interrupting me. Kyle, I love you and always want you in my life. But I know that I am asking too much. I am thankful for all that you have given to me. If you had not loved me, I would never have taken responsibility for Mark and Manny. So I will always be grateful to you for our family. But I want you to know that you don't have to stay with me because of them. I would hope you will always remain close to them. They have accepted us both as their dads and I hope you will not betray them. But I understand if you have moved beyond me."

"Ry, I still love you. Its not you." Kyle said.

Ryan was relieved that Kyle did not want out of their relationship. But the spark between them was no longer aglow. Ryan suspected that Kyle was turned off by the fact that he had cancer.

* * *

At the Saturday evening Mass, the priest called Ryan up to the front after the profession of faith. Ryan asked Kyle, Mark and Manny to accompany him. They had no idea of what was going on but walked to the altar next to Ryan.

"My brothers and sisters, our brother in faith will be undergoing surgery on Monday morning. He has requested our prayers for his recovery. I feel especially honored by having the privilege of administering the Sacrament of the Sick and invite you all to pray for our brother's speedy recovery and the forgiveness of his sins. I want you all to know that these two boys standing besides Ryan are his foster sons who I am sure would be his adopted sons were it not for the legal complications. I have often spoken on the subject of foster care to you all, but very few of you have heeded my message while these two men have responded twice-fold. So please pray with ardor along with me that God guide the hand of the surgeon."

The priest then annointed Ryan with the oils blessed by the bishop and the entire clergy during Holy Week and Ryan felt fortified by having placed himself in God's hands. He also prayed for Kyle and the boys that if it were to be that he did not survive the surgery that they would be under His protection.

The day before checking into the hospital he went in to do the pre-admision. The house doctor had to examine him to clear him for surgery. Ryan was surprised to find another female doctor.

"I am going to be touching your glands, please try to relax. Most people are not used to being explored and can become very tense." The doctor said in a soothing way.

"Since I have been diagnosed, you are the first doctor to even mention my feelings." Ryan observed.

She was very gentle and calming and took her time with Ryan. Ryan felt soothed and shared his anxieties with her. She explained that she, too, had been through practically the same surgery and let him know that she understood what he was saying. Ryan liked this doctor. He felt her attention to him as a whole person was more healing than all the rest who had only had time for his body and pretty much ignored the needs of his mind. He said a prayer of thanks to God for sending him this angel to comfort him as his anxieties rose as the surgery neared.

The next day, Ryan checked into the hospital for his surgery. Kyle and the boys waited outside the operating room for the doctor for several hours. It had been necessary to contract a second surgeon since they were planning to remove a large section of Ryan's colon. One surgeon would work from the inside of his abdomen while the other worked through the anus to reconnect him.

After three hours, the doctor came through the double doors and said, "Everything is fine. We checked all of his internal organs and there is no spreading, he lost almost no blood. You will see him as soon as he comes out of recovery."

About an hour later, Ryan woke as they wheeled him down to his room. When they transferred him into his bed, he screamed with the shock of the pain. He felt like he had been impacted by a Mack truck. He found that if he laid still and didn't beathe deeply the pain soon subsided. Seeing Kyle and the boys was a profound comfort to him. The chaplain visited and gave Ryan communion. Kyle and the boys observed and knew that because this spiritual food meant so much to Ryan it would give him a special boost.

Kyle followed the chaplain out of the room. "Father can I speak with you? I need to confess myself."

"Sure, there is a private lounge over there, follow me."

Once inside, Kyle explained that he had not been practicing his faith since he was baptized and then explained how he had betrayed his love for Ryan. The priest listened very intently and then counseled his penitent. "If Ryan asks you if you cheated on him, you must not lie. However, I strongly reccommend that you never tell him of your betrayal. You are feeling guilty because you know what you did both contradicts your love for that man and jeopardized your future together. These guilt feelings are therefore appropriate, but you must not look for relief from them by passing the burden to Ryan. You should bear this cross alone and offer the pain it causes you for the salvation of your family. You will be tempted to think that being honest with Ryan about your past will somehow make it better. That is misguided. Carry the burden and use it to fend off future temptations. You can redeem your sin by learning from it and by learning that in spite of how strong our love may be, we are all very weak and we need the Lord's strength in order to remain faithful to one another."

Kyle set up a hospital bed in the guest room where it would be easier to care for Ryan. Ryan had no further complications and was released on Friday. His scar ran from above his navel down to his pubic hair. He also had a colostomy to give time for the reconnection of his intestine and his anus to heal. Ryan became depressed knowing that all this just served to make him all that much more unattractive. He was pleasantly surprised when he emptied his colostomy bag that there was no odor or foul smells. Cleaning the portal was rather uncomfortable, but he insisted on doing it himself and never let Kyle actually see his intestine which was now connected to his abdomen. Kyle no longer appeared down, but that special spark had not returned either.

Days became weeks and Ryan and Kyle were still sleeping in separate beds. Their kisses had become the typical pecks on the cheek all to common in post-honeymoon relations. Ryan knew that something had to change or they would wind up breaking up as soon as Kyle could leave without feeling guilty.

That night the boys were over Peter's house celebrating his birthday. Ryan very cautiusly went down into the basement. After preparing carefully he called to Kyle.

"What are you doing down here? You could have hurt yourself." Kyle protested as he came into the play room and saw Ryan with his face covered with a Zorro-type mask.

"Kyle, you have been bad and need to be disciplined. Drop your pants and accept your punishment."

Kyle wondered how Ryan had found out. He had a strong urge to flee. Kyle feared what kind of torture Ryan had concocted while lying in bed for so long.

"I said drop your pants." Ryan repeated.

Kyle dropped to his knees at Ryan's feet and wrapped his arms around his legs. "Please forgive me. I never meant to betray you."

Ryan was getting turned on and began to enjoy how Kyle was getting into this fantasy he was acting out. Ryan used his leg to push his victim down and put his foot on his neck.

"I am the Master of this house. I, not you, I forgive or punish as I will. You are the slave and you will do as I say!"

Kyle began to tremble. He had never seen Ryan so intensely enraged. He opened his belt buckle, and the snap of his pants. Then Ryan lifted his foot so that he could move and lower his pants. Ryan then lowered his own pants and sat on a wooden chair and indicated that Kyle was to lay across his lap.

Ryan grasped Kyle's flacid penis between his thighs to hold his victim in place. Then he rubbed his nice ass globes and lovingly caressed them.

"To whom do these belong?" Ryan stated more than asked.

"To you, Sir." Kyle answered fearing the consequences of his declaration.

"Yes, they are mine, all mine, to do with as I please." Ryan said as he grasped them firmly.

Suddenly Kyle felt the shocking sting of a swat with a ping pong paddle. 'Ouch!" He gasped.

"Tell me that you love me and ask for another, slave!" Ryan teased.

"I love you, sir, please may I have another?" Kyle said, obeying his Master.

Swat! The paddle fell harder on the other cheek.

"Ouch, Owww!" Kyle protested.

Ryan waited.

"Sir ... May I please have another?" Kyle said and the paddle fell even harder as Kyle's penis also became fuller.

Ryan continued to paddle Kyle's butt which was now bright red. The intensity of the game grew to the point that it was no longer a game. After the last swat, Kyle was crying profusely. Ryan thought it was time to shift into another gear. But Kyle called to his captain and asked to go ahead full steam.

"Ryan, I have never loved anyone nor will I ever love anyone as much as I love you. Please, sir, please give me another."

Ryan raised his hand high with the intention of swatting Kyle's bottom as hard as his waning strength would allow. Both of them had their cocks fully engorged. Ryan paused, trying to analyse the situation, trying to comprehend why this game had become suddenly so real.

"Please sir, if you love me and if your really forgive me, please give me another!" Kyle begged.

Ryan brought the paddle down five times in quick succession and then exhausted, stopped and began to cry as well. "Of course I love you Kyle and of course I forgive you. I will always forgive you and the only reason I am not paddling you more, is that I have no strength left." Kyle, crying, extricated himself from Ryan's lap and pulled Ryan up into his arms and they both kissed passionately.

Simultaneously, as they kissed, they cried and they came.

"Ryan I never want to be with anyone else but you."

"Kyle, I don't deserve your love; it is the most precious thing that I have."

To be continued...

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