Master and the Mate


Deep Diver
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David L

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Chapter 38

Sent to the Brig

That night after they showered together, and as they lay side by side, Kyle asked Ryan, "So how did you know I'd cheated on you?"

"I didn't, you just told me now, though!" Ryan answered. "But you really didn't cheat on me. Although we have talked about marriage when we visited Mark's school, you never promised me that you would be faithful to me and I, even though I would like to now, have never promised to be exclusive with you."

"You see, Kyle babe, before you came into my life I was already in love with someone without realizing it. Honestly, if Edwin came back to me now, I know I would choose to stay with you and the boys, but I don't know if I could resist being with him again sexually. Is this making any sense to you?"

Kyle nodded his head, relieved that Ryan wasn't making a big scene about his infidelity, and also enthralled with the way Ryan continued to share intimately with him.

"To be truthful, I did notice something was different and I was worried about you. I sensed that something had changed between us. You no longer had that certain sparkle in your eye."

"Ryan, I was so stupid. I was blinded by that nurse's physical beauty, but as soon as we had sex, I only had one feeling and that was the fear of losing you." Kyle said guiltily and sadly.

Ryan got out of bed and got his handcuffs and cuffed Kyle's wrists to the headboard of their bed.

"Now what are you doing?" Kyle asked somewhat unnerved at being cuffed so soon after confessing his infidelity to Ryan.

"I'm just making sure that I never lose you." Ryan affirmed.

Kyle laughed, but then his anxieties rose another peg. How could Ryan possible ensure that Kyle would never fail him again? Unless he had something really radical planned. Kyle began sweating, anticipating what Ryan might do to him. Ryan then raised Kyle's legs and put ankle restraints on him and tied his legs so that he was again bent in two with his ass completely vulnerable. Ryan, in spite of his colostomy, got on his knees behind Kyle's back and buttocks and began moving his nose up and down Kyle's ass crack.

Kyle had no idea whether Ryan was teasing him with pleasure before torturing him or if his goal was to pleasure him. One thing was for sure, the sensations that Ryan was giving Kyle certainly were sexually stimulating. Once Kyle had fallen into a light trance enjoying the feelings that Ryan was applying between his ass cheeks, Ryan turned up his efforts a notch and began licking him.

Kyle opened his eyes wide, shocked by the new and unexpected stimulation that Ryan was now administering to him. The feel of Ryan's wet, warm, snake-like tongue was intoxicating. Kyle moaned as he delighted in the pleasures that Ryan was forcing on him. More and more Ryan was concentrating on the lips of Kyle's ass-hole. Kyle's anal muscles began to quiver and as Ryan's tongue began to penetrate inside Kyle's anus, he came. His cum shot onto his own face in squirt after squirt of ropes of his hot man-juice. Kyle's body pulled against his bonds, but he was bound securely and had to remain in the same position until the aftershocks of his orgasm abated.

Ryan left the room with Kyle bound in the same uncomfortable position. It seemed a long time to Kyle as he felt his cum drying on his face and neck. When he thought he would have to scream and get the boys to untie him, Ryan came back into the room and went back to the same kneeling position behind his buttocks.

"Please, Ryan, I don't think I can take any more so soon."

"Did I ask you how much you think you can take? It really doesn't matter what you think. I am the master and you are the slave. You will just have to accept what I do to you." Ryan said almost sadistically.

Ryan then began to finger-fuck his lover's anal canal. First he used one lubricated digit and then two fingers crossed as he had done before. Then he began using his fingers to explore Kyle's innards. When he found Kyle's prostate gland he began to stimulate it deliberately and repeatedly.

In spite of himself, Kyle was soon sporting a full-blown erection. Ryan worked Kyle's ass-hole with his hand and used his mouth, lips and tongue around Kyle's exposed testicles, working almost all of his genital nerves and notch by notch directed his prey toward the inevitable plateau. But just as Kyle began to tense and show signs that he was nearing the edge, Ryan would stop stimulating him and flick Kyle's cock or pinch his ass, thus deflating his engorged meat and lessening his sexual excitement.

"Oh, please, let me come. I need release; please, please Ry you're giving me blue balls."

But Ryan ignored his cries and continued to keep him on a yo-yo of sexual bliss and sexual frustration. On the fourth round, Ryan banged his finger briskly several times into Kyle's prostate gland and forced his sexual explosion. Again Kyle emptied himself onto his own face while Ryan continued his onslaught until Kyle was pleading for him not to touch him. Ryan maintained him for as long as possible, balanced as if on a high wire. Pleasure and pain were both experienced one after the other as Ryan worked on his captive alternating him between the two extremes.

"Ry, please, let me now pleasure you." Kyle begged.

Ryan however ignored the pleas of his first mate and again departed the room for a brief respite. He was gone for what Kyle thought felt like twenty minutes, but returned in a flash. Kyle feared that Ryan would soon be stimulating him again and his fears were not in vain. This time Ryan brought with him a penis pump and after applying the sealant placed it over Kyle's penis.

"Please, Ry, I can't take more stimulation so soon. Please no more!" Kyle begged.

"Just say that I have reached the limits of your love and I will stop." Ryan taunted his victim. "If you want to end our relationship now, just say so. But if you want to be with me beyond today, you will obey me." Ryan insisted.

"I can't take any more; I've reached my limit, but I will continue if that's what it takes to keep you!" Kyle said tensed and nervous.

Ryan smiled, knowing that one more orgasm would be all that was needed to enslave this boy for the rest of his life. Ryan was intent on bringing him up one more notch and thus ensuring that Kyle would never be able to find another capable of giving him such intense sexual pleasure. Ryan pumped the penis pump, removing all the air from inside the cylinder and helping Kyle's erection to become fully engorged. Kyle's cock was hurting from the biggest expansion of his gland that he had ever known. Ryan undid the cuffs, and had Kyle assume the doggie position and entered him slowly. Once he was completely joined to him he ordered him to lay flat on the bed.

Ryan was now pumping Kyle's ass cheeks slowly while licking and kissing his neck and shoulders. Kyle's ass was hurting but he soon found that if he moved his buttocks up to meet Ryan's thrusts, the pleasure soon masked his discomfort. Ryan imagined himself riding a wild steed as he straddled Kyle's extraordinarily beautiful body. Kyle felt like his body was being ripped in two as Ryan's penis expanded within him.

Soon they found the same pace, a pace that Ryan gradually increased as he felt Kyle's anal muscles relax more and more. They were soon at full gallop and rushing toward the precipice. Kyle's engorged penis was caught between his own smooth body and the silk sheets of the bed. As their rhythm reached a crescendo he began to feel his testicles preparing to launch. They both went over the edge together and as Ryan emptied his love into Kyle's bowels, Kyle, unable to believe it, shot three more wads of his boy cum between the bed and his thigh.

When Ryan finally rolled off Kyle's back, Kyle was quickly all over Ryan, kissing his face with his own cum-smeared visage. Ryan tasted his first mate's dried semen mixed with their drooling saliva. He knew now that he had broken this young stallion and that Kyle would never be able to be satisfied by any man who did not make his pleasure their ultimate and only goal.

Kyle could not help but mentally compare the passive and almost total lack of involvement that he had experienced with Glen with the total dedication of Ryan to Kyle's ultimate satisfaction. Kyle knew now that he could never live happily without Ryan and the intense pleasures that only he could expertly bestow on his humbled slave. Both men slept in such a deep sleep that it was only after much effort that Mark and Manny could rouse them the next day. They were almost late arriving at the university to enroll Kyle in his first semester.

* * *

The next day Ryan had an appointment with his surgeon. The staples were removed by the nurse and the doctor examined Ryan's rectum with a digital probe.

"Its all looking very well. Soon we can remove the colostomy. We've got the pathology reports back; during the surgery I removed the fat surrounding your colon and we found four nodes of your glandular system. There are twelve in total, but we only found four. We like to find eight and if the eight are clear then we are pretty certain that there was no spreading of the cancer. However, with only four, although they are clean, its not enough to be sure that there was no spreading. So I am recommending that you continue chemotherapy for another eight weeks." The surgeon informed Ryan.

Ryan felt his heart sink. He wasn't expecting to have to undergo more chemo, but he had tolerated it very well compared to some other patients and there was no need for additional radiotherapy. Also the idea of having the bag hanging from his side removed, soon animated him.

At home that evening he broke the good news at the dinner table and everyone celebrated by raising their glasses to him and applauding.

"At least we will no longer have a useless ass in the house!" Kyle jested and everyone snickered, even Ryan. As Kyle and Ryan washed the dishes together, Ryan explained the details and the need for more preventive chemotherapy. Kyle listened very carefully, but was so elated knowing that Ryan was cancer-free that he failed to see that Ryan was in fact somewhat depressed at having to continue therapy after another round of surgery.

* * *

Ryan awoke from the second round of surgery expecting pretty much the same reactions, but found they were far less painful. He did, however, feel equally weak from the anesthesia. 'Damn' he thought, 'when are these medical doctors going to catch up and learn to use hypnosis? They are so far back in the dark ages on that score.' He knew that there were enough studies that showed that when hypnosis was used in combination with anesthesia, less than half was needed to get the patient under, hospital stays were reduced by fifty percent and there was far less blood loss. Unfortunately, the doctors hadn't figured out how to make more money using hypnosis and patients suffer far more than necessary. Ryan didn't like the pain he suffered in his butt from all the Demerol shots he was given before his first surgery so he had made a special request for hypnotherapy which was ignored and this time he was given morphine. While he was feeling no pain, when he tried to sit up in bed, he vomited violently which trigged a great deal of pain. Ryan asked for the morphine to be disconnected from his IV as soon as the doctor made his rounds.

The very next day a male nurse came in and told Ryan to get out of bed and to follow him to the shower. Ryan was taken aback " after his last surgery his first bath was done in bed. Reluctantly he made his way slowly to the shower in the bathroom. The male nurse pulled back the curtain and began to remove the bandage from where the colostomy had been removed. Once the bandage was off, the nurse began pulling a long gauze out of Ryan's open side. As Ryan watched, he felt himself feeling faint.

"Didn't the doctor explain to you that they don't close the opening?" The male nurse asked, observing Ryan's shocked state. "Oh, I'm so sorry, but don't worry, we have found that it closes a lot better on its own. You just have to keep it clean."

Ryan was more affected by seeing the bloody gauze being pulled from his side as if it was some cheap magic trick. Once he realized that he was not bleeding and reassured that it would heal on its own, his anxiety levels began to lower. Also the feeling of the warm shower was so comforting as it contrasted with the very cold air conditioning so typical of hospitals.

The best part of the hospital stay were the visits Mark and Manny made. Ryan never realized how much strength he drew from the two as they sat by his side. Both were progressing well in their studies and Manny's vocabulary had improved greatly although an occasional word escaped him when he was excited.

* * *

Within days the doctor sent Ryan home to finish his recuperation. For the first few days Manny and Mark were all over him, making sure he had all he needed, but it didn't take him as long this time to shuck off the affects of the anesthesia as it had the first time. However, with the gaping hole in his side, Ryan did not seek out intimacy with Kyle other than their occasional caresses throughout the day.

Kyle began complaining about how much he had to read for school; and his anxiety levels and his irritability with the boys was noticable. Ryan called him to sit by him and told him that he needed to get a hold of himself. Once Ryan got Kyle into a relaxed state he encouraged him to go into a trance. Once in the trance Ryan suggested various study helps.

"Kyle, repeat to yourself that you are an intelligent man. Then tell yourself that you enjoy learning and that you will learn today's lesson quickly so that you can explain it to others and show them just how intelligent you are. Repeat that always before you begin to study. Give yourself positive vibes so that your mind clears and you can pay attention to your studies." Ryan continued. "Kyle do not read every word. Just read the first line of each paragraph. If you don't understand it then read the next line. If you understand the thought of the paragraph go on to the next one. You can always go back if you need to."

Kyle followed Ryan's advice. Each time he would hit the books he would first relax himself and then give himself some positive feedback about how much he enjoyed learning. After each study period, Ryan would ask him what he found of interest in his studies. This would often lead to a very stimulating and intellectual conversation. Sometimes Mark would also participate and found their sessions not only fun but he also felt closer to Kyle and Ryan. Manny wasn't ready for such intellectual sharings but would come in and sit next to Kyle or Ryan who would caress him or rub his back or neck as they shared. When Kyle got his results from his first partial exam he couldn't believe how well he'd done. He rushed home like an excited school boy and proudly showed his work to Ryan.

"See. I knew all along that you were highly intelligent and gifted. You only need to believe in yourself as much as I do!" Ryan said, celebrating Kyle's triumph.

* * *

One day, while relaxing, Kyle went on line and was reading the story that Ryan was writing on the Internet. It was fascinating to see the spin that Ryan put on the events of their lives, now that Ryan had more time to write while he recuperated.

"Hey Ryan, you made a mistake in chapter seven of your story."

"Can't be! My editor friend would never let something get by him. He's amazingly competent." Ryan avowed.

"Who is he anyway?" Kyle asked.

"You know sometimes when you study late and you hear me chatting on Skype? Well nine out of ten times, I am conferring with my editor. No need to be jealous of him. He's down under in Australia!"

"Sometimes when I hear you two, it sounds like he is your lover." Kyle said teasing Ryan.

"Hard to be the lover of someone you've never met; but I must admit, he is so intelligent and fun to chat with, it is a highlight of my day." Ryan said with his face aglow.

"I thought that I was the highlight of your day?" Kyle said, pretending to be in a huff.

"I have many highlights in my day, Kyle, but you are the light itself that gives meaning to all the other special moments." Ryan said and then kissed Kyle on the lips and looked him in the eye. Suddenly Ryan realized that the gleam was back in Kyle's eyes as he smiled and flashed Ryan one of his 'wfs'.

"Ry, I've been taking the Religious Education course with Mark and his friends, but I don't understand how our wild sex, our love and religious convictions can work?"

"Kyle, I don't have the answer to that question either. But I do know that suffering and pain are not alien to the Christian message. I also know that it is impossible to love and not suffer. Its as if the other side of the coin of love is suffering. The instant I choose to love you, I begin to suffer from at least being separated from you. The more I am willing to suffer for you the more I love you" Ryan said and continued, "the more I love you the more I want to be with you for all eternity. Faith opens us to the possibility of eternal life. The faith message is about love of God, but I can only learn how to love him by loving those around me. It seems to me that true spirituality is the attempt to integrate our love and our faith at the cost of suffering. Does this make any sense to you?"

"Ry, you lost me somewhere. But I know that every time I have suffered in this relationship, at the end of the process, my love for you deepened and I felt more loved by you." Kyle answered.

"Perhaps love is the willingness to suffer with or for someone?" Ryan asked hypothetically.

To be continued...

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