Master and the Mate

Deep Diver

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Chapter 48
Shark bite

When Mark and Manny arrived home, neither Kyle nor Ryan were home yet. As Mark changed out of his school clothes, Manny wandered into Ryan and Kyle's room to see if he could find the source of the Indian drum music. It didn't take him long to find the collection of DVD's and he grabbed one and took it to his and Mark's room.

"Look what I found." Manny said.

"Where did you get that?" Mark asked as Manny put it into their PC and found and selected a program to play the DVD. As soon as Mark heard the drums, he realized that Manny had filched it from their Dads' room. They began watching it and at first it seemed very inoffensive, but then they came to the scene where Swift Mountain Lion is caring for his feverish captive, Howling Wolf.

They both noticed the sensuality of the scene and watched with their eyes glued to the monitor as the brave explored the beautiful body of his sick captive. Both boys shifted uneasily in their seats as they tried to hide their erections from each other. Finally, Mark who was feeling himself getting way too excited, told Manny to take the DVD back before they got caught. Manny wanted to continue watching as it had stimulated his curiosity, but realized that Kyle would be home shortly and so he ejected the DVD and took it back to Ryan and Kyle's room. He had no sooner stepped back into the hall than he heard the front door shut as Kyle came in.

Once Mark had finished dressing he was soon on his bike heading over to Wendy's house. When Mark arrived, Wendy lost no time in using the pretext of showing Mark her family's home, to get him into her room. He was shocked by the drastic difference between his and Manny's room and that of Wendy. Manny and he shared a desk and a PC, but Wendy had both a PC on a desk and a dresser with a large mirror surrounded with light bulbs. The room was wall-papered on two walls with designs of flowers and upturned umbrellas. There was a huge poster of Justin Timberlake and another of Mario López both in very sexy posses.

Wendy put a cloth over the lamp on her desk, which dimmed the lights in the room. Mark stared at her as she walked seductively over to him and kissed him on the lip. Mark stood rooted to the spot, unable to move (except for that part of him that has a mind of its own). Wendy took his hand and placed it on the outside of her clothes over her right breast. Mark squeezed it and was fascinated by the sensations, he began kissing Wendy's neck and upper chest, wanting to kiss her as far down as she would let him: he soon found that Wendy had few limits and even fewer inhibitions. They were soon sitting on the edge of the bed and pulling at one another's clothes until both were naked and delighting in exploring each other's unclothed youthful bodies.

Mark had been excited by the scene in the Indian Summer DVD, but now he was totally ecstatic as he explored this perfectly-proportioned young lady's body.

"Damn, I don't have a condom." Mark said, as they were both moving closer to coitus.

"It doesn't matter. I'm on the pill!" Wendy said, anxious to finally experience that which many of her girl friends were claiming to be worth losing " their virginity.

Mark was taken aback that she was taking the pill, but was far too excited and anxious not to continue, especially with the open invitation that most young heterosexual male's can only dream about. Mark was trying to be gentle with Wendy, but it was necessary to push rather vigorously to break her hymen and so he found himself pushing hard to move fully inside her. Within minutes Wendy found the pain was too much and she began moaning very loudly as he finally rammed his swollen penis into her. He exploded, as she was just beginning to experience the pleasure of being ridden. Mark worked at pleasing her, but already the guilt feelings were beginning to plague his conscience and these thoughts sabotaged his sexual prowess before he could fully satisfy Wendy. Realizing that he was unable to continue, he took a quick shower alone and returned home. [Author's note: sorry for the above gross and deeply offensive description of heterosexual intercourse, but some of you were doubting Mark's sexual identity and I thought I should make clear his preferences. Not to mention the fact that many of you only keep reading for the gratuitous sex! NB: an editor was hurt during the creation of this chapter: there may be a long delay before the next one!]

* * *

As Ryan and Kyle had agreed the evening before, this night (a Friday night), the boys were going out to a flick with Bill and Tony so Ryan and Kyle could play, down in the basement. As soon as the boys were out and the door closed, Ryan gave Kyle his orders.

"You have two minutes to get downstairs into our play room and wait for me standing at attention." Ryan said.

"Aye, aye, sir!" Kyle said enthusiastically.

Kyle was down the stairs in a flash, while Ryan made sure all the doors were closed and properly secured. Then Ryan very slowly went down stairs to provoke Kyle's anticipation. Once down and into the play room Ryan walked around Kyle as if inspecting his prey.

"So you are in need of some discipline, I see." Ryan said and then continued, "Get that shirt off your hide now!"

Kyle undid the buttons very slowly as Ryan stared at him, enjoying the slow revelation of Kyle's hot skin. Ryan delighted in observing the smoothness of Kyle's torso, his wide shoulders and thin waist. Once Kyle's shirt was off, Ryan moved close to his lover and wrapped his arms around him and floated his hands up and down Kyle's back. Kyle's skin felt like hot velvet and Ryan noticed how Kyle trembled in his embrace.

Then Ryan undid Kyle's belt buckle and lowered his zipper, the whole time staring into Kyle's sexy hazel eyes. Ryan walked around Kyle letting his pants move down his legs slowly: like the melted wax of a candle his pants dribbled down his downy legs. He directed Kyle to an examination table which was position in an upright position so that once on the table, Kyle was actually still standing and wearing only a leopard-skin jockstrap.

Ryan quickly tied Kyle to the table at three points: over his chest, his thighs and his ankles. He also cuffed his hands to the table. Then he held up in front of Kyle's eyes, an instrument that looked like a small garden rake, but was in actuality an electrical probe. Ryan moved the rake toward Kyle's right nipple and the current arced. Kyle's whole body jerked as the light stimulation traveled through all the nerves of his body. Ryan repeated this on his left nipple.

"Oh, God, Ry that is so hot!" Kyle exclaimed.

Ryan then experimented with moving the rake towards Kyle's navel and noticed all his abdominal muscles twitching. Then Ryan moved towards Kyle's genitals.

"On no, not there! I'm too sensitive!" Kyle protested. "Please Ry, not there, I won't be able to take it and I'll cum too soon."

But this only excited Ryan more, as he loved the feeling of power he felt over his lover/victim. Ryan skipped the genital area and teased Kyle's feet. If Kyle had not been strapped down he would have jumped clear across the room.

"I love it when you take control of me. I feel so much more like yours." Kyle said. "When you dominate me, I feel so safe and protected."

Kyle immensely enjoyed romantic sex with Ryan, but there was something very special about these games that they played now and then. For some reason, during these play sessions, the feelings were always more intense. Perhaps it was because he was asked to put all his trust in Ryan who often bound and gagged him. Then again, perhaps it was the tortures to which Ryan would submit him; but they never seemed to go beyond a certain invisible limit. Kyle thought that it had to do with loving someone so deeply that you were willing to even let them administer pain which somehow was always transformed into pleasure.

Ryan was now kissing Kyle passionately while at the same time surprising him with little stings from the electrical probe. They were both nearing the edge when the phone rang.

"I'd better get that, it could be the boys." Ryan said as he left Kyle panting on the table to which he was still bound.

"Damn, Ry, don't stop now!" Kyle cried out, feeling forlorn as his master departed their special room. His thoughts floated toward the boys and how he had found a DVD out of the case in their room. The boys had been watching his and Ry's porn; he would have to be more careful. He was aware that they were at risk of losing the boys if it came out that they were being exposed to pornography " and worse still, gay porn!

* * *

"Hello. Ryan, Kyle, Mark and Manny's residence," Ryan answered the phone.

"Ry. This is Edwin. I need to see you." Said the voice of an old friend and lover.

Ryan was breathless. His mind began to swirl. How many nights had he been unable to sleep, waiting for this moment and now it had occured and he was terrified.

"Where are you?" Ryan asked.

"Near by. Can we meet at the Pirate's Cove?" Edwin asked.

"Now?" Ryan asked, perplexed.

"Ry, I really need to see you." Edwin said, almost pleading.

Ryan went into a tailspin; he was all flustered. What about Kyle and the boys? What did Edwin want? Did he want to have sex? Did he want to get back together? What would he tell Kyle? So many questions flitted through his mind, leaving him dazed.

"Edwin, I'll be there in fifteen minutes." he finally replied.

"Thanks, Ry, I'll be waiting." Edwin said, relieved.

'Now what do I tell Kyle? I can't lie to him.' Ryan thought as he struggled with this dilemma. He undoubtedly loved Kyle, but he also had a very special place in his heart for Edwin. He remembered Fr. Matt's interview and the question: "Which do I love more?" Damn how could I ever choose between them? All these thoughts were going through his head as he headed back down to the play room. He thought of Christ saying that he who loves mother or father, brother, son or daughter more than me, is not worthy of me. All of a sudden those words took on a whole new depth of meaning for Ryan. He realized that he was often very smug about that question; taking for granted his love of Christ. God was to be first, but he never had seen it as such a clear cut dilemma before this night. How could he possibly choose between them?

When he walked back into the 'dungeon' Kyle could see worry etched on his face and knew that something was wrong.

"What's the matter?" Kyle asked, worried that there was something seriously wrong.

"Kyle, this is hard for me to say," Ryan said while undoing the bonds and cuffs restraining him, "That was my old boyfriend, I mean former lover, he needs to talk to me." Ryan confessed.

"So, you're going to see him?" Kyle asked straight out.

"I want to see what he wants to talk about, but I don't want to jeopardize our relationship and our family." Ryan said.

"Ry, you love me and I love you and we both love our sons. Go to your friend. I have no fear of losing you." Kyle avowed.

Ryan was somewhat surprised by Kyle's reaction, but then he realized that Kyle was very much his own person and kissed him. Kyle for his part perceived that Ryan was more excited about seeing his old friend than he was about sharing that kiss.

"He's waiting for me at a gay bar not far from the marina. Do you want to come with me?" Ryan asked hesitatingly.

"No Ry, I think you'll be more comfortable without me there. You go ahead. You need to see him. I know you still love him." Kyle stated matter of factly.

"How could you know that?" Ryan asked out of curiosity.

"Ry, I've read what you wrote in your story on the Internet and I see how your face glows whenever you talk about him." Kyle explained.

"You're not jealous? You really don't mind if I go to talk with him?" Ryan pushed the envelope.

"Ry, we aren't married. You haven't sworn fidelity to me, nor I to you. Of course I feel some anxiety, but I just hope that you will always love me as deeply and faithfully as you love him." Kyle said sincerely.

Ryan left the house amazed at Kyle's reaction and feeling very proud of his maturity and stability. But he also felt guilty that the phone call had elicited so many of his strong yearnings to be together with Edwin.

To be continued...

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