Master and the Mate

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Chapter 53

Far Flung Fling

As Ryan and Kyle headed for the cathedral, Ryan saw a man walking on the street dressed in the traditional garb of a mariachi and he suddenly recalled a trip he'd made to Mexico.

About five years before Ryan had met Kyle, his brother was still alive and although Ryan lived alone, his occasional meetings with Edwin were more than satisfying. There was of course the constant nagging that he wanted to spend more time with Edwin, but since both were committed to their work, the opportunities were all too few and less frequent than both would have desired.

At a departmental meeting of the Department of Human Behavior at the University, the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences told the assembled faculty that there was to be a convention of psychologists of all America to be held in Ciudad, Mexico. He announced that the policy of the university was to rotate the faculty members according to tenure and then according to seniority. Therefore it was Dr. Hawthorn's turn to represent the school. Hawthorn, however, was due for some minor surgery and had to decline the offer and the next in line was Dr Loud. Since Ryan had no other pressing engagements he was to make his arrangements and plan to spend the week in Mexico City.

Ryan left New York's LaGuardia Airport for Miami International and there boarded the Aereo Mexicano flight for the Mexico City, arriving on Sunday evening. Once he'd cleared customs, which were no hassle at all, he found a taxi which took him to his hotel; which he found far from first class, but both clean and respectable. Monday and Tuesday was spent at the convention center where he was shuffled from one conference hall to another in an attempt to attend as many presentations as possible. The experience was like doing a quick degree where each course only lasted between an hour or two. The investigations were most enlightening especially on one done on homosexuals living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The investigators told the participants that they compared three groups of homosexuals who where all given a workshop on the sensual use of condoms. The first group participated in a workshop that lasted two hours. The second group were given a four hour workshop, while the last group had been given six hours. The study then measured over time which of the three groups continued to use condoms over the longest period.

The results found by the team of investigators was that there was no significant difference based on the length of the workshop attended. Members of all three groups abandoned the use of condoms within months. A lively discussion therefore ensued as to the interpretation of the results.

The main speaker concluded that it would seem prevention programs aimed at the aids pandemic – based on safe sex practices involving condoms – were ingenuous and a waste of available funds. Some participants questioned the weaknesses of the investigation and insisted that there must have been errors in the methodology. Others commented on the hopelessness rampant in the gay community. Finally Ryan added his opinion.

"It seems to me that the results of this study must lead us to question our assumptions. As long as sexual pleasure is held as the highest of values than anything that lessens the intensity of the sexual experience will be seen as a negative. Condoms interrupt the passion of sexual encounters and trying to sexualize the process of donning a condom will not function if the result is that the act becomes less passionate. Secondly, and more importantly, it seems to me, is that the separation of a loving relationship from the sexual act automatically reduces the satisfaction that can be achieved sexually. Therefore a necessary element of prevention, must be to promote sex with only those we love. In other words, no love, no sex." Ryan exhorted the participants.

Another psychologist responded to Ryan: "You are therefore proposing abstinence outside of committed relationships!"

"I suppose I am … but for sure, distributing condoms will only lead to more promiscuity and it lulls people into a false sense of security until they realize that it impedes their quest for the intense sex. We must understand that the goal of sex is not pleasure, it is only a side product, the real goal is to grow in love," Ryan said and everyone in the group laughed nervously.

"That seems like a capitulation to the religious right!" intervened another professor.

"Well, the Church has survived many a plague in the past, perhaps their wisdom is based on experience." Ryan reacted. "We all agree with the campaigns to prevent drinking and driving. We expect chauffeurs to act responsibly and with self-control; but when it comes to sex, we capitulate as you say, and say that we cannot expect young people to control their urges. It does seem to me that we are sending out a mixed message. On one hand we say that you are expected to control yourself and on the other we put a condom in their hand and say, we know you can't control yourself. So which is it? Any effective prevention program must be based on reality. Either the human person can or they cannot be expected to be responsible and exercise self-control. Perhaps it is too much to expect celibacy from our youth, but is it too much to ask them to be monogamous?"

The debate raged beyond the time allotted and the hundred and fifty participants arrived late to the luncheon. That afternoon was reserved for meetings of the various societies within the association and the opportunity for some sightseeing for those not inclined to attend the meetings. Ryan opted for a visit to the shrine of the Guadalupe, which was clear on the other side of the city. There were several buses waiting for those who wished to visit the most important religious sanctuary in Mexico and all of America.

Ryan was surprised to learn on the way that the sanctuary consisted of three Churches. The guide explained over the PA system on the bus. He spoke first in Spanish, the language of the majority of the participants and then in English.

"The Sanctuary is built on top of an old Aztec temple which was built on top of a lake. Over time, the weight of the basilica has caused it to gradually sink below street level. Modern engineering has prevented further sinking, but before that was available it was decided to build a second basilica that can seat 2,000 comfortably. The image of the Virgin of Guadalupe is on full view to anyone, anywhere in the new basilica and can be seen high above the main altar off to the right. There is no paint on the image, which is etched on the cloak of an Indian by the name of Juan Diego. The image is actually the gospel written in Aztec symbols, that is, it is a hieroglyphic, except instead of stone, it is engraved on Juan Diego's serape. There were almost no recorded baptisms in Mexico after years of evangelization until the appearance of the image. Since its appearance, they had to build a third Church that is dedicated exclusively to baptisms. The descendants of the Aztecs look at the image and understand from the symbols that Mary is a pregnant virgin and that her son Jesus replaces the Aztec god of the sun. Mary herself is supported by the moon, which was the goddess of their religion. I might point out to you that recently an ophthalmologist was allowed to examine the eyes and he found that they have capillaries, small veins invisible to the naked eye, that weren't even known existed at the time of the appearance of the image. Also, reflected in the eye is a reflection of the Bishop's office where it was first opened with such detail that one can make out the sandal of an Indian that was present.

The stars decorating her dress also correspond to the positions of the stars over Mexico City on the night that it first appeared. Since the Aztec culture was aware of the celestial bodies, this as well as the facial features, are significant to them."

When the bus let the pilgrims off in front of the main gates, Ryan was impressed by the number of people crossing the huge courtyard on their knees in front of the two basilicas. Ryan entered and was awe-struck by the immensity, beauty and simplicity of the temple. Mass was being celebrated and now ending. As it ended the faithful walked toward the image and passed behind the main altar to have a closer look. Behind them the huge church was soon refilled and another Mass began. Ryan later learned that one Mass followed another from dawn to dusk. Ryan participated in the liturgy as he contemplated the fate of so many homosexuals who were denied a proper Christian education of the doctrines and of Christian ethics because they were made to feel so unwelcomed by many Christians. He prayed to the Virgin, asking her to intercede before her Son on behalf of these outcasts from society many of whom he had the opportunity to counsel.

After the Mass was over he too approached the image, held in awe by its simplicity. He was surprised to find a moving sidewalk behind the altar, which kept anyone from pausing too long, but at the same time allowed one to stand still and gaze upon the Holy Scriptures written in Aztec. Ryan understood that the image represented a divine intervention to correct the inadequate means used by the Spanish missionaries who erred when they attempted to explain the faith verbally to a people who understood that men's words are to be mistrusted because they can easily take things out of context or over emphasize one truth to the detriment of another. No one could remove any one symbol from the image which contained the essential gospel message that Jesus, God's son, became one of us in all but sin and that he was as much an Aztec as He was part of any other people. Ryan prayed that God would send a similar "image" for all gay men proclaiming that they too belong to Jesus as do all people.

That night, through an announcement Ryan found in a gay magazine, he found the address of a public bath and had a taxi take him from his hotel to a corner near the baths. He later found that the address was not far from the governmental headquarters called the Zocalo.

Ryan checked his valuables and went up to the second floor where he was assigned a small changing room to leave his clothes and given a towel. From there he went down a long hall with other changing rooms on either side, all painted white and entered the shower room. Down both sides of the room were individual showers. In the center was a built-in cement table where one older man was receiving a massage from another who seemed to be a professional. Ryan entered one shower stall; there were no curtain fronts and everyone was naked. Stepping into the stall he had to step onto a metal lever that turned on the water automatically. Ryan soaped up his body with a bottle of Soft Soap that he had brought from home. Then he began surveying the rest of the room. There were a number of older men – some showering and others now drying off. One man looked about thirty-five years of age and instructed Ryan on how to adjust the temperature of the water, but there was something in his attitude that put Ryan off. There was also a younger man further down the line of showers. He was rather attractive, but Ryan just figured that if he were gay, the thirty-five-year-old was in much better shape than himself.

After Ryan finished his shower he went down toward one of the two steam rooms. He entered the first and found himself practically alone, and after less than a minute realized that the room was far too hot and he came out sporting a full sweat. So he headed back to the same shower stall. The same man was still receiving a massage, but now several others were also helping to massage him.

After Ryan stepped out of the shower, the masseuse asked him if he were interested in a massage as well. Ryan, not being familiar with the place was on his guard and asked how much it would cost. After he calculated the difference in currency it only came to about seven US dollars.

"I would love a massage, but I checked my wallet downstairs." Ryan said and was glad that the masseur understood him.

"Its OK, you pay me when you are ready to leave, no problem." The masseur replied.

While Ryan waited for his turn he went into the second steam room. The thirty-five-year-old was sitting facing the door. There was an older man stretched out on the floor and the younger man was seated across the room. Ryan sat near the door and began to relax as the nice steam penetrated his pores. This room was not as hot as the first he'd visited. Once in a while the others stood under a shower-head and cooled themselves down by dousing themselves – Ryan followed their example. One by one the others left except the young man.

When Ryan came out, he again showered and then the table was free for his massage.

"Please, I have a bad back, please be gentle with me and I don't want anyone else helping you." Ryan said to the masseur.

"Its OK, just lay back and relax." Said the masseur.

Within minutes Ryan was in a total state of relaxation. When the masseur asked him to turn over, he noticed that the young man was in a shower stall directly in front of him and was ogling him.

When Ryan's massage was complete he went back into the steam room. The twenty-year-old was now sitting where the thirty-five-year-old had been sitting. He wore a towel around his waist and he was slim without being too thin and tall, had almost no hair on his chest, but his legs had a light dusting of hair. Ryan noticed that he had spread his legs and that his genitals were on full view. Ryan enjoyed the contrast between his pubic hair and his bare torso. Then the boy walked to the shower-head, removed the towel and cooled his lithe body down.

Suddenly the young man spoke to Ryan. "Are you visiting here?"

"Yes, I am. I am staying at a hotel not far from here." Ryan responded, not knowing why he offered more information than was requested. "That was a great massage he gave me. I give good massages too if you are interested."

"That would be great," the young man who was obviously bilingual said.

"We could go back to my hotel if you are interested?"

"Sure. I will meet you downstairs, outside." The young man said.

Neither wanted to be seen leaving with the other, so Ryan took a quick shower and then saw the masseur to tell him that he was leaving and that he would wait for him down at the registration desk in order to pay him for the massage. The masseur was in no rush and the boy walked past Ryan at the desk and continued outside. Once, Ryan had settled his bill, he went out and caught up to the young man and they hailed a cab that took them back to his hotel.

Once inside the room the young man became more tense and asked Ryan to close the drapes before they did anything. Ryan then embraced the boy who melted into his arms. Then Ryan pulled his shirt up over his head and began touching him all over with caresses and gentle kisses. Ryan went very slowly as he delighted in touching the smooth skin of the tall svelte hunk who was very submissive to Ryan's directions once the drapes had been pulled together. Ryan then undid the boy's belt and he stepped out of his jeans and Ryan explored his legs with his fingertips, palms and later his lips and finally his tongue. The boy was moaning with pleasure as Ryan caressed and explored every square inch of his hot body. Ryan licked his nipples, and then sucked on them before he nibbled on the small round nubs on the young man's nicely-defined chest. Then Ryan moved down to his navel and explored it with his tongue as the submissive youth spasmed with joy. Ryan took him to the bed and had him lay face down and began to massage his glutes through his underwear. Then he slowly lowered his jockeys first over one hairless globe then the other. Once his ass was fully revealed, Ryan used his fingertips to explore the deep ridge between his ass cheeks. When Ryan attempted to massage his rose bud, the boy objected and Ryan respected his limits and turned him on his side to begin unveiling his genitals. Slowly he lowered the elastic band, while teasing the skin over his hips with his tongue.

"Ooouu," moaned the young man, now caught up in Ryan's expert manuvers to excite him further. Slowly and delicately Ryan's tonguing him on his privates made the boy extremely horny. But Ryan knew if he allowed the young man to cum he would soon be gone, so once he was naked, Ryan mounted him and placed his own penis between the young light-skinned Mexican's velvety thighs and asked him to clamp them tight around it. Ryan then laid on top of the youth and began moving his hips as he imagined that he was with a true lover. However, it was when Ryan thought of him as his first mate on a ship and that he was forcing him to have sex, that he went into full erection resulting rather quickly in one of the most intense orgasms that Ryan remembers.

Ryan lay still on the man's boyish body, slowly caressing him with his hands and then moved down and masturbated the legal-aged kid first by stimulating him orally and then bringing him to full orgiastic pleasure with his fist. Once the boy's testicles were emptied he tried to push Ryan's hand off his cock, but Ryan refused to let him go, knowing that he could still pull a few more pleasure spasms from his submissive body.

When Ryan was satisfied, he began talking softly to the young man with the intention of encouraging him to go into a trance-like state: It didn't take all that much effort. Soon he was drifting off into a deeply-relaxed state and Ryan gave his body a full massage from head to toe, while speaking words to deepen his trance.

"As my hands move over your warm, smooth skin, you will feel more loved and appreciated for the good person you are … breathing deeply, you inhale fresh air which renovates every part of your body … as you exhale you feel the tensions, conflict, suffering of your past life floating out of you. My hands transmit my strength and goodness to you as your doubts and loneliness ebb out, allowing you to become new and refreshed, relaxed and full of new energies…"

Later, the very relaxed young Mexican asked to take a shower so as to remove the skin creams that Ryan had used to lubricate his hands while massaging his body. Once he'd finished his ablutions and was drying himself off he asked if he could see Ryan again the next day. This raised Ryan's spirits high, until he then asked for money to pay for the cab ride. Ryan of course paid for the cab and noticed that he didn't request more for the next day, which led Ryan to doubt that there would be another encounter the next day. Later Ryan found that the young man had left his soap dish and a bar of fragrant soap in the shower. He kept it as a memento, which served as a reminder of a dream-like encounter between himself and an angel.

To be continued...

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