Master and the Mate

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Dave L., ed.

Chapter 59

Divers Aweigh!

The next day, Kyle had a full schedule in the morning and planned to spend the afternoon studying in the Library at the University for his Licensing exam. He had planned to meet Ryan for lunch, but the psyche department head called a meeting of the faculty during the lunch hour so Kyle decided to grab a quick bite at the University cafeteria where one could get a nice, freshly-made, grilled hamburger. Many of the fraternities would gather round particular tables. Kyle was intrigued by the whole fraternity culture and observed how they were treating their pledges.

Suddenly a young man, carrying a tray, asked Kyle if he could share his table. Since the cafeteria was quite crowded, Kyle made him welcome. At first they made small talk about the fraternities and how they used their pledges as waiters.

"My name is Rich Wiley." Kyle's table companion said eventually.

"Glad to meet you, I'm Kyle Darling." Kyle responded.

"Did you say, Kyle, darling or Kyle Darling?" Rich said with a broad grin.

"That's darling to you!" Kyle said, with an even broader smile which had the effect of causing Rich's heart to skip a beat and then race forward.

"Has anyone ever told you that you have a beautiful smile?" Rich asked, trying to give Kyle a compliment as well as an indirect message.

"As a matter of fact, my lover tells me that often. He calls it my 'wfs'." Kyle answered, trying to let his new acquaintance know that he was taken.

Rich frowned as he couldn't decipher 'wfs'.

Kyle could see he was puzzled by the acronym and decided to help him out: "My World Famous Smile!" Kyle explained.

"So you have a lover, but I don't see any ring on your finger, so I have to suppose that you aren't in a committed relationship." Rich said, hoping to find a chink in Kyle's defenses.

"Actually, no formal commitment like marriage or anything, but on many other levels very committed." Kyle avowed.

"So you guys are exclusive?" Rich pushed on.

"No, we aren't exclusive, but I never do anything with anyone without him being there." Kyle continued.

"So your partner is a guy? What about him, does he do anything with other guys?" Rich enquired.

"Not that I know of, but then, you would really have to ask him, wouldn't you?" Kyle said, beginning to feel uncomfortable with the direction the conversation was taking.

"So you wouldn't consider coming back with me to my apartment?" Rich said, flirting, and he wrote down his email address on a piece of paper and passed it over to Kyle.

Kyle began to pay closer attention to the young man's features and admired his clean-shaven smooth skin with a nearly flawless complexion. He eyed the small fine hairs on his arms and hands. His face which had neither mustache or beard had a clear five o'clock style look about it which served to accentuate his fine facial features. It dawned on Kyle that this kid could easily be a model for CQ magazine. Kyle began to wonder what the rest of his body looked like. The young man blushed as he realized that Kyle was checking him out.

"Do you play any instruments? I play the recorder, a small inexpensive flute." Rich said to fight off his feelings of embarrassment.

"No, but I have always wished I could learn to read music and learn to play something." Kyle said.

"So why don't you let me teach you to play the recorder?" Rich asked. "Its a great instrument to learn on and you can take it anywhere. It fits right in your pocket."

"That would be cool and such a nice surprise for my partner." Kyle said.

"Why don't you come with me now? I just live a couple of blocks from campus and if you like the instrument we can go buy you one for less than ten dollars in a music store nearby my apartment." Rich insisted.

* * *

Back at the University, Ryan was attending the faculty meeting where the retirement of one of the oldest professors was the only agenda item. Since the man was also an avid musician the group decided to give him a new violin which had been specially ordered. Dr. Joseph had made the arrangements, but was unable to pick it up from the music shop – Ryan volunteered to stop at the music store as it was on his way home.

* * *

Kyle and Rich arrived at Rich's apartment, which was the typical rat-trap that was all a student could afford who didn't want to pay the higher dorm fees. The living room was small and sparsely decorated and Kyle realized that his host spent much more on his wardrobe than he did on home decorating. In front of a straight-back chair stood the music stand. Rich pointed at the chair, inviting his guest to sit and handed Kyle his recorder.

"Take it in your left hand and put your thumb here over this hole on the underside." Rich instructed Kyle and took his hands and placed Kyle's fingers over their respective holes.

"Yes, the index finger of your left hand goes over this, the higher up hole." Then starting with his right hand he showed him where to place his fingers starting from his pinkie, "over 'doh'," he said. Then he touched each of Kyle's fingers on his right hand starting with his pinkie and moved towards his thumb saying, "Re, mi, fa."

Kyle felt electrical impulses running up his hand and arm as Rich toyed with each of his fingers. Kyle's eyes closed slightly as he enjoyed the stimulation and subtle seduction that Rich was masterfully executing.

Then he did the same on his left hand and continued saying very sensually, "sol, la, siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!"

Both men were now breathing slowly and deeply, as Rich moved behind Kyle and placed his arms around his broad shoulders and told him to blow softly while indicating for him to lift his right pinkie. "You will now hear 're.' It is much easier to play than 'doh'."

Kyle played his first note on the recorder as Rich played Kyle for the first time. Then Rich indicated that he should raise his second finger and play 'mi'. As Kyle blew in the approximately 10 inch long recorder, Rich blew his warm breath down the back of Kyle's neck and then gently kissed it. Kyle felt his whole body relax and melt into Rich's kiss, savouring the attentions of the younger stud, who was effectively seducing him as a spider building its web with almost invisible strands of its silk.

[WARNING: Adults only – no prudish editors beyond this point – x-rated sex scene!] ED.: I venture to suggest that most editors are more grown up than this author – however, as I shall respect my friend's wishes [LOL], you may notice some deterioration in the quality of the story hereafter!

And silky was the touch of the handsome stud as he tried to make Kyle horny. Kyle was not accustomed to this kind of treatment. Ryan normally just told him to strip or put himself into a particular position, but here was this young man intent on stimulating Kyle's desire to be pleasured. Soon the recorder fell from Kyle's lap as the two moved their mouths closer and then began the sexual and slow exploration of each other's tongue and mouth. Rich slowly moved around until he was in front of Kyle and straddled his lap. The heat of their mid-sections fed into one another's animal desires as they tried to grind their loins into one another while not breaking the spell below which their kiss was held captive.

This sexual encounter was so different from all the others that Kyle had known. Rich was very clearly the more aggressive of the two, but there was neither captain or mate, no master or slave, just two very hot young stallions with noses flaring as their testosterone levels got the better of them. Kyle felt one of Rich's hands open one of the buttons on his shirt and slip underneath. His body jerked as their flesh again made full contact. Rich moved his hand around to Kyle's left nipple, which grew harder as it was stimulated. Kyle moved his hand to Rich's lower back and pulled his shirt-tail out of his pants so that he could move his hand up and explore his smooth lower back. Rich moaned loudly into their kiss as he felt Kyle's fingers graze his lower back hairs.

Finally after an unusually long time, Rich broke the kiss so he could pull off his shirt but as soon as it was up over his head, he was back kissing Kyle's neck and licking his ear. No one had ever put their wet tongue into Kyle's ear and he found the sensation shocking as he raised his shoulder to defend the sensitive nerves that he was discovering.

Their penises began to feel uncomfortable pressed between them and confined in their pants. Soon Rich was up and doing a striptease before the prey he hoped to seduce into his bed. Kyle watched in awe as he beheld this perfect specimen of manhood slowly revealing itself for his pleasure. Unconsciously, Kyle continued to unbutton his shirt.

* * *

Ryan had go back to the office to wait for Kyle in order for them to drive home together. He had no idea where Kyle was and instead of waiting for him he decided to drive over to the music store and pick up the violin and then to come back and wait for Kyle in his office.

* * *

As Kyle stood, the naked man in front of him grabbed at the top of his slacks and began to loosen his belt. They were both all a jitter with the excitement and the fear that something might happen to frustrate the fulfillment of their sexual urges. Rich led Kyle into his small bedroom and pushed him back onto his bed and fell upon him kissing him wildly, madly, deeply. They both frantically pawed and sucked and kissed each other everywhere they could reach. Then they became more sedate and concentrated their efforts on special erogenous zones, in turn becoming somewhat passive and then exchanging roles.

After a long while of mutual exploration, chills and excitements, Rich pulled away and lit a few candles and turned off the electric lights and then turned Kyle over slowly and began to prepare him to receive his latex covered gland which swelled to its full eight inch glory.

* * *

Back at the house, Alex and his friend had spent the morning sitting and talking on the Gardie over at the marina. Both Mark and Manny were at school. It was a beautiful sunny day, but painful. They both knew that it was unlikely that they would ever see each other again. When the cab came to take Jonathan to the Port Authority Bus Terminal, they embraced and each trembled as they tried to hold back their tears and be strong for one another. It was not until this moment that Alex realized how strongly he could feel for another person. Before coming to live with Ryan and Kyle, he would never allow himself to feel so close to anyone. He now found that in spite of how much the moment was hurting him inside, he had the strength to bear it and the love to want to. He had become vulnerable, but felt so much more human.

ED – So I lied, and read it all anyway; we Editors enjoy 'norty' bits as well!

To be continued.

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