Master and the Mate
By: Deep Diver
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David L

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Chapter 61

I can understand you more than you think, Kyle. You see, even before Edwin, there was another love in my life.” Ryan revealed.

You mean there is still someone else with whom I share your love?” Kyle asked.

Another that I love, yes, I suppose so, but no, you don't have to share me with him. You see, Kyle, Bobby, that's his name, was an undergraduate student to whom I had given some academic advice. He was a very bright student, but had some complicated health issues. We had a friendly, but purely professional relationship. After he graduated I didn't hear from him for several years. About four years later, he joined our faculty. One evening he dropped by my place to see how I was doing.

At that time I had a small fresh water aquarium and we sat on the floor chatting and looking at my collection of fish. Suddenly, I noticed how the light from the reflector of the tank hit his face and I became awed by his beauty. He hadn't aged a bit and his face was so beautiful. He had long dark eyelashes and a very clearly defined profile. His teeth were so white and he had an infectious smile, not quite as nice as your own, but very striking. I was so struck by the beauty of his profile that I insisted on taking his picture! I wonder where its gone to now? It must be here among my things.

Anyway, that meeting changed me. During that night, I decided to try to seduce him. A couple of days later he invited me to his apartment for dinner. I was very surprised by the gourmet dinner he prepared and by a huge salt water aquarium he had set up.

After dinner, I offered to give him a back massage. So we spread a towel on his living room floor and he stripped off his shirt and pants and laid face down on the towel. I lubricated my hands and worked on his very smooth cinnamon-colored skin. Later I did his feet and his legs which were covered with soft, dark, hairs. Then boldly, I pulled down his underwear and massaged his ass cheeks. He put up no resistance and I slowly worked my hands between his legs until I was stimulating both his perineum and testicles.

At that point he said that he thought we would both be more comfortable in his bed and we moved into his bedroom. There I got naked and we made love. I loved touching his thin, beautifully proportioned, body. He trembled in my arms and confessed that he had always been attracted to me. After we both had an orgasm, I was on my side and looking at his poor stomach. He had had so much surgery that it looked pretty much like some one had put a permanent diagram for playing tic-tac-toe on him. He amazed me the way he had no psychological complex or hang up about it. Bobby made no attempt to hide or disguise his scars. I made a special effort to kiss each square claiming to have won the game by joining three boxes with my lips. His skin quivered.

After that night we often met secretly to share intimacies. Unfortunately, Bobby was looking for a life partner. Recognizing that my position in the university would not allow for such a relationship, he began visiting the bars in the hopes of finding someone. It used to hurt a bit, knowing that after I would visit him, he would slip out to a bar known for its older clientele.

Eventually he found someone with whom it seemed he could develop a relationship. Once, before they moved in together, his friend arrived unexpectedly at his apartment while we were having sex on the living room floor. You should have seen me scurry to get my clothes on. Later I found that I had my underwear on backwards.” Ryan said, laughing hard.

Later he moved into his friend's apartment and we stopped seeing each other sexually. They bought a car together and began sharing their life, when suddenly this friend, who was a political activist, involved in gay issues, became seriously ill. The man never recovered and he died suddenly. His family took everything and threatened to expose Bobby if he took any legal action against them. For months, he was heartbroken and literally thrown out on the street. We often chatted on the phone or met to have dinner.

A couple of months before you and I met, we had spoken by phone and made plans to meet and update each other. That meeting never occurred. Between that phone call and my meeting you, I received a phone call from a mutual friend who told me that Bobby had been hospitalized due to a very strong cold and died suddenly from complications. I received word of his death, about an hour before he was to be buried. It was physically impossible for me to get to his funeral and no one ever knew how close we were. I was inconsolable and had no one with whom I could share my grief. I was too much in the closet and there was no way I could explain my feelings without describing how close we had grown over the years.” Ryan said, now crying onto Kyle's shoulder.

So you see Kyle, I know, even if you go off with another, I can still love you. Like my love for Bobby, my love for you will be eternal."

Now it was Kyle's turn to cry. “Ryan, I don't ever want to lose you. I will never leave you. You are the air I breathe, you are my sustenance; only you can satisfy my yearnings. You are my warm cup of tea on a cold muggy day; you are my cool spring water when the heat of the day scorches. I still don't know why I was attracted to Rick when I only want your love.” Kyle said.

We are all attracted to beauty. After all, all that is lovely is only a reflection of its creator. We are drawn to beautiful men because we see in each a glimpse of God and God is irresistible!” Ryan said, bringing Kyle's shameful experience up to a higher spiritual plane.

But Ryan, I came close to ruining everything.” Kyle asserted guiltily.

No you didn't, Kyle. My love for you is unconditional. I never said I would leave you if you were to have sex with someone else. I only ask that if you do that you practice safe sex.” Ryan said, consoling Kyle. “I just hope that if you find someone that you really think is worthy of your love, you might also share such a fine friendship with me and the boys.” Ryan added.

They were still embracing when the phone rang. It was Alex calling to let them know that he was all right, but he wouldn't tell them were he was. Both Ryan and Kyle were relieved to know that nothing bad had happened. Ryan offered to help the boy and made him promise to keep in touch. Neither Ryan nor Alex would ever suspected the direction that Alex's life would eventually take.

Alex himself was en route to Los Angeles thinking that his destiny was to be counted among movie stars. But that destiny, as it would turn out was not in his stars, but it would take him several frustrating months in order to discover that.

To be continued.

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