This story contains adult themes, incest, sex with teenager and slavery. Do not read if it is illegal or if you are not into it. Any comments please send to This is a self-contained story, so likely no continuation. Thanks.

Master Aries

The Night Before

Tomorrow is the day. Tomorrow will be Aries' 16th birthday. It is also the day where he will be tested. Tomorrow will decide, if I, Aries' nanny and his mother will become his slave or he will become our slave. Let me explain.

We belong to the once fearsome and strong Abaridian race. Our men were skillful fighters, big, strong and intelligent. We, the women were by default their slaves, serving them, pleasing them, caring for their young, tending to their every needs. In return, they protected us, fed us and disciplined us. Our race ruled most of the land. That was till the Zodians attacked us 50 years ago. They killed most of our men who fought to their last breath to protect us. When it was clear that we were losing the battle, a few of the less skilled men were tasked to take the rest of the women, children and the Master's family into hiding. The Master's family is like the royal family. Since the war, our people have been hiding in the desert wasteland. Fortunately for us, we found an underground cave system with a river running through it. In the last 50 years, we have been living there, initially ruled by Mistress Diana, former slave to the master, then now Mistress Cleo, Aries' mother.

However, unlike the times when we were the slaves to our men, Mistress Diana declared all male as slaves until there come a time that a male born into the Mistress family was able to proof himself worthy of leading our race back to its former glory. The royal male were tested on their 16th birthday, where they will fight their nanny and the Mistress. If they can defeat both and make them their slaves, he will take over as the Master, and all males born hence forth will be free.

My slave husband, Aries' uncle, son of Mistress Diana, lost to my mother. Also his nanny. He was striped naked, whipped and sodomised with the Mighty Phallus, a wooden carving of the phallus of our former Master. Every women owns a Mighty Phallus that we use on our slave husband as well as on ourselves. For that was how Aries was conceived. I was using the Mighty Phallus on slave ron, in order for him to be hard enough to ejaculate into Mistress Cleo.

When Aries was born, I became his nanny until he was 10. I was strict with him. Whipped and chained him when needed, like all slaves. When he reached the age of 10, he was escorted by Lady Warrior Jane, my sister, out into a secret land, where he was to be trained by a Zodian warrior. Why he was willing to train Aries and where he was trained was unknown to us. It was a secret that only Mistress Cleo and Jane knows.

After 6 years, I will finally be seeing Aries again. My little Aries. He was not really small when he left 6 years ago. We all had hopes for him, for we could see he had the potential and was different from the other males in the colony. At 10 years old he was almost reaching my breast, his body was developing under my training and his penis was already able to harden up to a considerable size when he was with me.

As I was getting wet thinking of him, I felt the Mighty Phallus being pushed into my anus.

"You thinking of Aries?" Mistress Cleo said behind me. I was on all fours, on her bed, in her chamber.

"You do know that if he proves himself to be worthy, we will be his slave, and he might not allow us to lay together again." Mistress Cleo was pushing the Might Phallus in and out of my anus in strong but slow thrust.

" ooohhhhh ... " I was only able to moan out as I felt her hands on my cunt. Rubbing and fingering me.

"But if he proves to be unworthy, it will be a reunion between Jane, you and me."

"oooohhhh ... yessss ... I do miss Jane."

The Next Morning

Mistress Cleo and myself were dressed in our warrior cloths. Armour and weapons. Awaiting for the return of Aries for his test. When he walked through the cave opening, into the royal hall, Mistress Cleo and I gasped. For we have not seen a male as superior and as masculine as the man standing before us. Walking behind him was a naked girl, collared with a chain running from her collar to his hands. Her naked body had many red whip marks. Freshly beaten, decorating her body. It was obvious that she was beaten to be displayed. When he stopped a few meters before us, his handsome features was obviously that of Aries. Yes, he was my Aries. He had grown into a masculine male specimen. He was taller than me by almost a foot. His bear chest was wide, strong and hard. He was not wearing any armour, but just a loin cloth, sandals and carried a sword.

"How are you Joy? You look as beautiful as I remember you to be."

I was speechless. It was then that I realise the once fearsome Lady Warrior Jane was kneeling naked next to Aries, head bowed, never once did she raised her head to look at us.

"You do remember your sister jane don't you? You and cleo must have missed her. Don't worry, after I reclaim my rightful place as Master of the Abaridian, I will let all three of you serve me as my slave wives. Now, let's not delay this any further."

The fight was short. I fought him with every bit of strength that I had. But he was faster, stronger and also more skilful. He easily deflected all my attacks and barely tried to use much of his strength. Before I even realise it, he displaced my sword from my hand, captured my right hand and twisted it behind me. Using his sword, he cut away my amour, holding me captured, naked, with my back to him. However, I was not defeated, for I was still struggling and trying to kick him with my leg. But all my fight soon stopped when I realise that he was pushing his manhood into my anus. It felt like it was even bigger than the Mighty Phallus.

"Yes, you feel it don't you? My manhood is bigger and mightier than the Mighty Phallus. For when I reclaim my place as Master, my manhood will become the new Mighty Phallus, one that will be endured by all female Abaridians. You will submit yourself to me, like your sister jane." With that he thrust his Mighty Phallus into me, making me scream out in pain like never before.

He then push me onto all four, facing Mistress Cleo, as he proceeded to fuck me mercilessly.

"AHHH ... AHHHH ... please please pleasesssss ... ARIES ... MERCY ... PLEASSSSSS"

But mercy was something that was removed from Aries since a young age. For you do not become a fearsome warrior by being merciful. He was taught that at a young age, when he beg for mercy as I whipped him. And he learned his lesson well. For he allowed me to beg, but continued to thrust his mighty phallus into me mercilessly. Until he cum inside me, filling me with his hot, thick and potent seed. I could feel him erupted like a volcano, spurting his lava inside me. At the same time, I felt myself reach the greatest orgasm I had ever felt. Spent, defeated, naked, and filled with his seed, I lay spawned on the floor before Mistress Cleo. I felt Aries withdraw from me, leaving a void.

"Mother, it is your turn."

Mistress Cleo lasted not much longer than me. Before long, Aries had reclaimed his throne as the rightful Master of the Abaridians after he too filled his mother with his potent seed up her anus. As laid down by Mistress Diana, all males henceforth born will be free and to be served by the female slaves. The existing male slaves were considered unsuitable to be warriors and will remain slaves.

Kneeling naked, collared and filled with his seed, cleo, jane and me were defeated, but somehow, we were happy. Happy that the Abaridian finally has a Master, and one worthy enough to lead the growth of our race. Hopefully back to its former glory. We also felt relaxed, like a great burden were removed from us, and we were able to be our true self for it felt natural kneeling naked before a masculine Master like Aries.

Aries had us follow him to cleo's chamber. Once in there, he had slave ron, his father chain cleo, jane and myself to the walls of the chamber. Next he proceeded to whip cleo and myself until we were decorated with the same red welts that was on jane's body.

"Slave ron, you will have the honour of sharing my bed tonight."

Slave ron drop his whip, turn and faced Master Aries, kneeled and crawled over to him. Master Aries was sitting on the bed, naked, as slave ron crawled to his feet and started kissing it like a grateful slave.

"Yes, you are unworthy to be an Abaridian warrior and will serve better as being my bitch like the three of them. Tonight they will hear you scream like they had in the hall. But in addition to that, they will hear you moan and beg for my Mighty Phallus. I want you to make them wet with envy, that you are the one who get to share my bed on this night."

"I am so honoured, Master, and I will be your willing bitch. I will serve you with all my heart, soul and body."

"Yes, you will. And you will beg me to castrate you tomorrow. So that you can better serve me. Now, no more delay. Get my Mighty Phallus hard, and be ready to be my bitch."

As Master Aries promised, slave ron screamed as hard as we had when he was first speared mercilessly. Master Aries fucked him hard, I thought even harder then he did to cleo and me. I guess he wanted to show us that he was a Master even to other males. He also showed us his the power of his manhood, for soon, slave ron was pleading Master Aries not to stop. Master Aries fucked him the whole night. Occasionally, taking a break and whipping us. He made sure that slave ron cum so many times that he was having dry orgasm. Master Aries himself cum almost 5 times inside slave ron. Each time filling him with more seed. Cleo, jane and myself were were wet with desire, moaning and begging Master Aries to let us serve him instead.

In the days that followed, Master Aries filled and breed all four of us. Some times, one at a time while they other three are chained to the walls of the chamber. Some times he allowed us to entertain him by using a Mighty Phallus made from his manhood image on ourselves. Occasionally, he enjoyed seeing cleo fuck us and slave ron before he would savagely fuck her. Soon, all three of us started to be pregnant with his child. Cleo and myself gave birth to sons whom he trained. Jane gave birth to a daughter, and she will grow up to serve the man like us.