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Master's Cunt - Part One
Master <>

Master's Cunt <>

Summary: This story, co-authored by Master as well as by Master’s Cunt is the beginning of a fictional re-enactment of a fantasy one-week encounter between two Second Life avatar characters who regularly re-enact their master-slave relationship online. In the story, Laruen or Master’s Cunt is twenty-one years old and Master is twenty-seven.

Gurl: used to describe feminine or homosexual males … - Urban Dictionary

* * * * * * * * * *

What Alfred Kinsey knew and understood in the 1950’s and many still don’t realize to this very day is that sexuality is not black and white. It is instead a palate of infinite shades of gray. Borrowing line theorem from the world of trigonometry, Kinsey knew that there was an infinite number of points on an infinitely long line of human sexual behaviors employing those shades. In fact there is one point on that line that represents every person who would ever exist in this life and no two ever exactly alike.

* * * * * * * * * *

Chapter One

From the day I could first remember seeing the shapes of naked boy buttocks in a public swimming pool or school gymnasium locker room, I knew that I liked them and that I did not like female buttock shapes. I liked penises, testicles and boy ass, not boobs, vaginas and to my eye misshapen female ass and yet it wasn’t that simple either.

One day when I was ten, I caught sight of a boy and girl, each about twelve or so together cavorting alone in the far corner of the large public park my parents had brought me. They were deep into the bushes way out of the sight of adults.

I had followed them there suspecting something was up. I looked at the girl first and felt no emotion whatsoever, not an inkling. Then I looked at the boy, actually just as the two attempted an awkward kiss of their lips. Watching him engage in the innocent act did excite me.

When the two then stripped themselves naked of clothing turning innocent into the forbidden did I get further excited and though I concentrated mostly all on the boy’s nudity, I did “sneak” a peek at the girl. Oddly enough, the naked “she” was not a total turnoff.

Then I watched as his penis got hard and then saw her hand touching it furtively at first and then she grasped his hardness altogether. Now I could feel my own hardness. I heard a noise and startled, I ran from my observation post never to see them again. That night in bed alone, I touched myself thinking just of the boy’s body, not the girl’s save her hand on his penis.

My first actual physical sexual encounter with another boy was when I was twelve in the bathroom toilet stall of a public swimming pool. A boy of about thirteen started to romp and play with me in the pool. My mom was sitting in the shade enough away from the pool and did not notice me follow the boy into the locker room after he asked, “Want to try something fun?” as his only come-on.

I nodded and followed him into the toilet and urinal room where he sequestered us behind a closed toilet stall. He said nothing, just lowered my swim trunks, got on his knees and proceeded to suck my already half-hard penis into his mouth. I made no protestation whatsoever and felt extremely excited.

I recalled putting my hands on his head and imagining myself yelling at him to suck me off. I did not do that of course, but he did bring me to orgasm and ate all of my stuff. Later on in bed that night, I did emote my control of him in a kind of whispered hiss, “Suck my dick you cocksucking faggot.” That was my first ejaculation and orgasm while actually focusing on a real past event involving me, recalling the boy who had sucked me off that day at the pool.

Fast forward to my age of fifteen and a new single mom neighbor with a young son down the block. Mrs. Casey needed a babysitter for her somewhat immature thirteen-year-old son Ryan, by my eye a cutie twink-boy who if I had anything to say about it should be gay.

He likely was not; but neither did I turn down Mrs. Casey’s offer to babysit Ryan on Friday and Saturday nights while she took on an extra weekend job as a late night waitress in a bar and grill across town. Her instructions to me that very first night still rings through my mind like a hot blowing zephyr,

“Now Matt, if Ryan here refuses to obey you, you have my permission to use this on his bare behind and give him a good hard spanking,” and handed me a hairbrush.

I had harbored some spanking fantasies for a bit over a year, mostly over watching two younger boys playing around one day, this time on a playground off to the side; the bigger one wrestling the other across his knees and spanking his upturned covered ass, both of them laughing and giggling. I had been jerking off to that thought off and on for months as it really worked for me.

“Yes Mrs. Casey,” I said taking the brush thinking that Ryan must be horrified at the thought that a boy only two years his senior now had corporal punishment privileges over him. He looked concerned, but not horrified.

Ryan did everything I told him that first night including going to bed without a fuss, worse luck. I went home that night about 1AM the next morning after Mrs. Casey returned disappointed that Ryan had not given me a reason to use the brush on his bared ass.

The next night was quite different by a long country mile. I made my appearance Saturday afternoon about 4PM.

When Mrs. Casey opened the front door, there stood Ryan behind her, red faced, wearing what I thought was a pink oversized woman’s blouse of some kind as well as sporting lip-stick somewhat smeared on his lips.

He stood there with obvious chagrin I was sure knowing that now his mom was not the only person to see him dressed as he was, his hands covering his genitals and otherwise naked from the waist down. His femboy appearance caused my dick to stir and not a little.

“Come in Matt,” Mrs. Casey said with great frustration looking ready to leave for work, “As you can see, this young man has been very naughty getting into my things,” and handed me the hairbrush, “Would you mind cleaning him up and then punishing him for me, Matt?”

“Please mommy, no!” Ryan protested with his forehead wrinkled with worry and concern. His pleading voice stimulated my dick into full hardness now.

I thought it best if I gave this serious offer of control and domination over a cute twink-boy some considered thought before I agreed. I did, for about three seconds,

“No mam. I would be glad to help,” I said with purposed pursed lips giving Ryan a long leer, one that made his eyes widen, “You will do as you are told by Matt young man, I have to go!” as she grabbed her purse and fled the scene closing the door with a short slam.

“Well, you are in big trouble mister,” I said smacking the business end of the brush on my free palm, my cock well past hardness and headed for pre-cum status.

Ryan looked at the brush and then up at me, “Are you going to spank me?” he asked. A strange question actually as it was plain that I was, but Ryan’s hand had now moved from covering his genitals to rubbing on his bare behind thus fully and voluntarily exposing his now very hard cock to me causing mine to throb just a tad more.

It was then that I wondered if Ryan had actually engineered this whole thing including the timing, “Like to dress up in girls clothes do you?” I asked.

He nodded, “I know it’s very naughty of me,” head down, but he didn’t seem all that upset. It was so cute actually, his confession matching his obvious delight in displaying his humiliation in front of me, “Let me guess. You’ve been doing this for a while now and you get off on it,” I accused.

Ryan shrugged his silent answer, I needed no further explanation, “Turn around, I want to see your naked butt,” I said determined to get everything I wanted out of this kid.

He did and my cock started to beg me for release, his perfect bubble butt jutting back to my hungry eyes, “So where’s the panties?” I asked. He whirled about, “I’ll go get them,” and I nodded.

Ryan rushed his nearly four inch shorter stature than me off down the hallway and came back wearing what appeared to be properly sized pink girl’s panties, his small pricklet of a hard penis stiffly encased inside.  Once again, he had obviously hidden these from his mom,

“Very good, now you are going to be punished,” I said and walked away down the hallway to his bedroom, Ryan following me and closing the bedroom door,

“You know there’s going to be more going on here than just your spanking,” I said to test where his head was at, “You gonna make me suck you? And fuck me?” he replied obviously having thought all of this through long before.

I nodded, “Sounds like you know what you’re doing,” I replied starting to get myself naked in front of him. He nodded, “For a couple years, always older boys near to where we lived before, will you spank me wearing my panties?” he asked. I nodded, “Yes,” and walking over to his bed sat down, “Over my knee naughty girl,” I smiled at him, his glee at me calling him a girl obviously very satisfying for him.

Ryan grinned back at me and flew across my knee and pushed up his panty covered bottom. I could feel his erection hump my knee. He was really enjoying this moment as was I. Ryan did not quite enjoy it as much however after I started to paddle his panty covered ass with the brush and even less so when I slid the panties down and bunched them up onto his upper thighs.

I got him easily to tears paddling is naked rear, but he did not try and get away in fact managed to sob with a smile after I stopped and gave his red ass a good rub-down including fingering his tight little cunt hole. His hips shot up into my hand and he moaned and I knew what I wanted to do next and did.

Ryan’s moans got a lot louder when I dared to lean over, opened my mouth and tongued his anus on the outside. When I pushed my tongue inside, he vocalized, “Matt! Fuck me please!” and I sat back up.

I was not at all sure I really wanted to fuck him, but I did push him down to the floor, “Get on your knees and suck my dick you little cocksucker,” I got verbally aggressive.

Ryan did not seem to mind my harsh voice and did as he was told, he sucked. I was so sensitive by then that I let his oral action get me off and I happily sprayed his mouth with my stuff. I let Ryan jerk himself off in front of me after that and then I let him sit in my lap and I cuddled him closely for a while after, neither of us saying a thing.

For the next several months Ryan and I would re-enact that first moment in various forms. I never did fuck him, but it sure was fun spanking him and then making him suck me off.

Unfortunately our little secret sissy boy sexcapades would not last. Mrs. Casey had simply rented the house on a month-to-month basis and three months later, they were both gone and never to be seen again. Sad really.

* * * * * * * * * *

Chapter Two

Modern “liberated” university fraternities are nowhere close to what they used to be. Gone are the days of asshole junior and senior actives lording it over their freshman pledges and first year actives making them participate in blatantly homoerotic hazing rituals with paddles and big brother, little brother spankings.

Oh yes, there are always going to be the boys who seem offended by giving any appearance to be anything but a “I’m not gay” for sure straight guy on the prowl; but nonetheless always ready to dip his dick into any orifice offered, male or female. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I did have to pay my dues however. Rush week was full of harmless verbal humiliations, but times had indeed changed. I held my gay thunder totally inside for a few weeks after that until one night my so-called big brother Robbie Hutchison practically begged me to suck him off, he had such blue balls.

“What, you think I’m gay?” I asked as I lay on my bed after we had retired to our room. It was of course meant to be quite sarcastic and rhetorical, but knowing Robbie he probably would not get it and he didn’t, “Aren’t you? I’m sorry. I just thought,” but I quickly just let it pass and hopped out of my bed and headed for his bed,

“All you had to do was politely ask Robbie. I’ve had my eye on your prize since Rush, now just lie there like a good straight boy and take your medicine,” I said knowing for sure that even he knew that he was not in control and I was. And by the look on his face after I finished him off, he didn’t give a shit who was in control.

After the ice was broken with Robbie that night, the word kind of got around. I was not stupid. I really didn’t want to have any sex with a girl. I had tried it once and gee-whiz, I just could not get into the whole licking girl-clit thing nor dipping my tongue into that gapping thing that hetero boys seem to enjoy. Combined with the fact that my brothers never seemed to be able to get enough girl pussy, nor I enough of boy parts, well, we all discreetly worked it out to mutual benefit.

In short, I got my way with what I wanted from their hot boy butts and for my part I kept them happy as well. I got to spank me some hot straight boy ass. I’m talking bare ass paddling and bare butt over-the-knee spanking humiliations given by me to them in exchange for my legendary boy-pleasing skills to keep their penises pleased from time to time.

Oh, it was all hush-hush and believe me, I needed to be as stoned as they all were to really get into it; but having said that, we had some mostly secretive stoner sex parties that I would wish that I could duplicate for years to come. And then came Mindy Carlson, Mike Carlson’s other persona.

It was during our junior collegiate year that Mindy showed up at one of our legendary pot-driven orgies. My brothers hooted and hollered as Mindy showed up at the front door wearing a pink polo, pink short shorts and even pink striped sneakers with the classic white Nike swoosh,

“I heard there was some hot, hunky frat men who need … some entertainment perhaps?” and that was all that was required for Mindy to get entrance.

When by slowly stripping, it was revealed that Mindy was really Mike, oh that really got my brothers excited. I stared at Mindy becoming Mike and instantly remembered little Ryan and avowed that this bitch in front of me would not escape getting fucked by me if at all possible.

It turns out that everyone stuck their hard dongs in both of Mike’s ends, oral and anal. He moaned and begged for it and when it was my turn, I made sure to call him a “her” and that really got her into it.

The longer the party lasted the more my brothers did the same. Now the obviously male body of Mike was just Mindy to everyone and she looked to be in heaven, coming two or three times that night through only by her own self-efforts.

Our stoner parties where not all that frequent and after Mindy’s second appearance, we would not have a chance to have another one until very near to the end of my junior year. Mindy did show up, but this time it was quite different as there were real girls at the party.

That was when in the middle of the chaos, I, Robbie and two other boys who really liked the whole he-she thing sequestered Mindy in an upstairs bedroom. Oh she was on that night and we all including Mindy had stoned up pretty hard.

Things might be described as getting “out of hand” but nobody that night thought so as Mindy was roughly handled by all of us at the same time. Mindy crawled like an animal around to each of us, begging to be used. We all spanked her with our hands and then the paddle came out. Mindy did not demure from it.

Mindy took her licks howling in pain as her ass was turned beyond crimson to bruised. She sucked cock after cock. We even had the audacity to get her into the upstairs bathroom and she took her piss onto her body and even drank some of it.

Robbie, my prior sheltered straight boy room mate came out of his closet and dumped a load of piss into Mike’s rectum. Talk about dick explosions. The other two boys watching jerked themselves off and sprayed their combined loads onto Mindy’s face, her tongue jutting out to catch as much as she could.

Then it was my turn. To mine and Mindy’s delight, my piss went directly down Mindy’s gullet and then I could not control myself and followed my piss with my cum. Mindy came spontaneously as she lay in heaven at the bottom of that shower moaning like the well used slut that she obviously wanted to be.

Nothing good ever seems to last, however. My junior collegiate year ended and Mindy-Mike disappeared from our lives forever. I would return for my senior frat year in college and it  would end with relatively normality, nothing as remotely sexually exciting that year as it had the prior year.

* * * * * * * * * *

Chapter Three

Graduating from college, I used my native computer and natural entrepreneur abilities and made a ton of money in the dot-com world. You’d think that would automatically translate into success with my attempts at gay relationships. Wrong.

What followed after college was a series of failed attempts at serious relationships and one brush with near same-sex marriage that crashed on our wedding day when I caught my would-be husband in a room audaciously right next door to our suite getting fucked by my best man. Worst day of my life.

From that point forward, at the old gay age of twenty-six I gave up relationships, employed simple one-night stands as well as went to the net, to cyber-sex and found the huge online avatar driven world of SL which stands for Second Life ( That is when I met Lauren.

I was online one day playing one of the thousands of available SL adult rated sims, this one called AdventuresTwink, just a gay themed cyber area for our computer generated avatars to strut about, cruise for sex or just talk online. My avatar was a hunky gay blonde bomb of a sexually top guy, just a bit bigger than the usual gay twink avatars and called Matt Silverblade. Matt was my real first name, but nobody uses their real last real names on SL for obvious reasons.

Nobody knew who anyone really was of course. It was all fake, at least to the eye; but you learn that even on SL that each fake avatar harbors behind it some real human personal wishes, ones that maybe could never come true, but nonetheless. Many like myself, however,  were there just for the sexual outlet for the most part.

I was doing nothing and about to sign off when I spied someone I had not seen before. The avatar was pure twink-boy, just my type but dressed scantily in girl’s clothing. The avatar name was GB, short for girlyboylauren. I approached GB and started to flirt. Flirting is easy and you can hook-up quickly or just as quickly ignore the other, no harm done.

I flirted and GB flirted back and the next thing I knew we were deep under the SL ground having wild cyber-sex together in my favorite environment, an SL BDSM dungeon. The dungeon sported all kinds of sex animated software machines called furnitures that animated our avatars into quite nice-to-see sexual positions and activities of all kinds.

We could pretend that we were having real sex when all it was, was a shared type-written fantasy role play from our keyboards. Some folk actually use live voice just like on Skype; but I did not and neither did GB who wanted to be called gurl or boi instead of girl or boy.

I preferred boi at least at the first and that’s what I would call him-her. As we both quickly discovered that we both enjoyed the world of BDSM, she would call me Master, a moniker that I liked as it put me clearly on top and something she enjoyed as well.

Lauren already had avatar friends that represented certain relationships that she desired including a daddy and older and younger brothers. She had several masters, but none who were there very often and I became that for GB, her regular and usual Master and she my boi or gurl. We played and flourished for months, revealing little bits about each other’s real persona from time-to-time.

The online simulated sex was phenomenal between Matt and GB. I usually directed the action which almost always involved my favorite fetish, corporal punishment spankings and whippings as well as her favorite things such as a well used mouth and butt hole, her gurl cunt which she would always want to be stretched “open wide” by any means I chose.

GB delighted in fisting to get herself finished off, something I doubt I would ever do for real; but online, all is possible, so we did fisting utilizing one of several genius eye-pleasing animation machines.

More sooner than later, I collared GB and named her Master’s Cunt, the label proudly worn by her on her hot-pink colored collar. I would fist my Cunt at the end of almost every sex session and she would cry and beg and squeal with delight and then cum, cyber-ejaculate if you will always making the session feel real and satisfying.

At first nobody ever would ask the other real person if they really did cum because you could never really know and neither did one care. Then finally even that ice thawed a bit.

Yes, I had jacked off and cum during many of our sessions and told Cunt that it was so and she told me the same. She even told me that during our sessions that she skillfully used a real dildo into her real rectum and jacked off.

I marveled at her ability to do that as well as keep up with our type-written role play with well timed responses. We still could never really prove that we really did do the things that we wrote that we did with each other; but still, what did it really matter?

It would remain harmlessly unproven until one day I suggested that we do some Skype and really talk and really see each other for real and in real time. Such steps are fraught with danger. One could be instantly turned off either by voice or see that one or both parties had grossly misrepresented their ages or looks.

In our case, my Cunt was indeed who he and she said she was, twink-boy cute with girlish features and a fantastic round pert ass that she delighted in wiggling in my face on screen. That was not to mention an adorable little cock that instantly hardened before my eyes when she saw me, a pretty good looking tallish muscular by now twenty-seven year old man. I was a bit hairy and with my own quick-to-action libido.

When Lauren saw my eight inch erect monster for the first time, she just stared at it whimpering, “Oh I want that so badly inside of me!” and I wanted that ass of his, hers, whatever gender as it no longer mattered, I wanted it.

For weeks on end, we would do our thing on SL with our avatars and using Skype look at each other for real. I would gawk in amazement for the umpteenth time as Lauren would use that big well-lubed dildo of hers, insert it into her rectum upon her Master’s, my command and then bounce up and down on it even as my Matt Silverblade avatar was fisting my slave boi-gurl avatar GB on my computer screen.

I would watch my Cunt jack off and she would watch me jack my big eight incher off and I would spray my camera with cum and she would scream her rapture with great delight at it all. All this camera action did was to make us both want to meet in person, for actual real, face-to-real face real. So we made it happen.

Oh, we promised each other that nobody was in love, not real love, just a ton of lust. And nobody was going to uproot and re-locate and all that sort of classic internet nonsense that you can read about. Yes, the tens of thousands if not more mostly horrid disappointments, failures and crimes committed between very well intended, but nonetheless very ignorant adults. Neither of us wanted any of that drama.

This was to be a well planned though intentionally also spontaneous one week one-on-one sex fest, exploring our shared fetishes in person. It was really just to be an extension of our online and face time master and slave routines, again, no strings attached.

For days before our face-to-face meeting Lauren would beg me for some details of my planned sexual activities with her. I gave her little other than promising that she would most definitely get her number one wish fulfilled that we could not do over Skype and that was to be fisted by her Master until she ejaculated. I would in turn also get to do that which I most desired and spank her bare ass by any means I wished and really hard and long, something you just cannot do solo over Skype.

Other than that, I had planned a few surprises for Lauren, and then out of the blue a major surprise came my way that I could not believe would work into my week with my gurl. In any case, I had carefully scoped out the international airport that Lauren would fly into my city.

The airport authority had just finished a new major terminal add-on and it was as yet scantily used. Perfect. I had one other first surprise planned as well, engineered as a surprise only because I had insisted to book Lauren’s flight into my city.

The day finally arrived. I felt I was ready. My 29th floor condo loft was all set up. Lube was everywhere including the proverbial broom closet. I had supplies to assist our effort to fist. I remade my second bedroom into a make-shift play dungeon. I had an enema set-up ready to use in the bathroom. I was ready and went to the airport and scoped out the location that I needed to use for us one last time.

It was now game time, time to do it. I waited pensively by the TSA exit inside the bustling arrival terminal. I had instructed Lauren a few days before two things. One was to wear short shorts, but commando, without panties.

My Cunt didn’t question my instruction, only gave me one of her signature knowing giggles. The second was that we were to have no communication via smartphones on the day of her departure only if there was an emergency or delayed travel. She did not question that either and I only really did that just so that she could enjoy the surprise without feeling obligated to thank me until we met in person.

When I finally spied her walking briskly toward the TSA security exit with her rolling luggage, it was quite obvious that it was my gurl, was it not?

Here came this cute twink-boy body that I had come to so easily recognize, boyish-gurlish shag cut blonde hair, minimal make-up, purple polo shirt, purple short shorts that I trusted lacked panties as instructed and sneakers with cute half socks.

By the look on her face, she was already expressing her thanks for one of my major surprises. I had without telling her before hand changed her coach airplane ticket to first class. Grinning with red eyes she rushed into my arms,

“Matt! You shouldn’t have!” and we hugged. I pecked her cheek, “Did you enjoy it?” I asked rhetorically as who would not enjoy the first class service of most any major airline.

She nodded, “I was all like, what? I didn’t even notice until the flight attendant asked me to turn left into first class and not coach. It was wonderful, thank you!” and I took her hand, “Come on,” and we talked as we walked and I passed us right by the signs for baggage and right up again to the departure area of the building.

“This isn’t arrival,” Lauren commented, “No it is not,” I said looking all smug, “We’re not, are we?” she asked with a wide-eyed expression and I said, “Call me Master and you’ll do as you are told,” and she bit her lower lip, “Yes sir, Master,” she said with great excitement.

We rode the automated shuttle to the new terminal and departing it I took notice of the very scant number of people inside of the giant maw of steel and glass building. Good. I whisked us into the men’s room at the far end, the one I had planned and scoped out for weeks, nobody else about.

The bathroom was capacious and a little maze-like and empty of occupants, perfect. I rushed us inside of the far brand new stainless brushed steel cubicle and went into action, “Strip naked now Cunt!” I said with fervor. My gurl obeyed quickly, “On your knees! Suck Master’s cock!” I said and she dropped.

I was by now hard as a rock with excitement. It seemed risky to be doing what we were doing where we were doing it, but that was a part of the excitement. Cunt sucked in my erection and I took control of her head. I force fucked her mouth. Cunt gagged a few times but not badly, “Suck harder!” I said and she did looking up for approval for her technique.

Cunt was certainly no novice and she was already getting me to the edge, but I had one more surprise that though she had expressed interest, I had never said a word about it, “Now I am going piss in your mouth, get your head over the toilet bowl,” I said in a low growl and her face grinned as if I had just given her the keys to a bank vault to take what she wanted.

Cunt got ready and I pointed my piss slit at her gaping, tongue protruding mouth. I cut loose a stream of piss inside of her mouth. She started to swallow it and though some ran out of her mouth and down into the bowl, most of it she gulped, that is in between her moaning her pleasure quite loudly, one hand jerking on her erection very briskly.

I finally stopped the stream, “Stand up,” I said and she did, grinning and carefully wiping around her mouth, “Oh thank you Master! I love the taste of your piss,” and I turned her sideways and started to hand spank her cute little jutting bubble ass.

As I did I thought about little Ryan so many years before and all of the hot straight boy ass I had spanked during my fraternity years. This was so much better however.

Lauren put her hands on the wall in front, “Spank me Master! Please, spank me!” she begged and I did, but not terribly hard, not that time, “Now hands above the toilet. Master is going to fuck you,” and Lauren not only did that, she bent far over and presented me with a nicely pinked pair of buttocks centered by her boi pussy, so inviting.

Before I stuck my hand into my trouser pocket around my thighs to get my small bottle of lube I grabbed her hips and leaning over started a deep, lustful rimming and rectal tongue fucking. She moaned, I moaned and slobbered my spit and penetrated her hole,

“Master! Oh God, that feels so fucking good!” she said a bit loudly carefully pushing her ass back to aid my efforts.

I didn’t mind that her voice was loud and enthusiastic. I didn’t care if somebody showed up. I kind of wanted somebody to though I knew it might make us stop. I licked, lapped, rimming and tongue fucking her cunt-hole a short while longer and then I stood and got my lube.

“Master!” she whimpered loudly as I used one lubed finger and then two and then three to finger fuck her cunt. This part was easier because Lauren was by now well used to her own anal penetration efforts, “Now you are going to be properly fucked,” I said and mounted her.

Lauren swiveled her head back to watch, her facial expression one of base lust, so needful that whimpers of it poured from her throat as she stared back up at me. I leered down at her as I pushed my hard cock right past her tight sphincter no matter that it might hurt and by her reaction it did, “Master!” her voice warbled a little and she gritted her teeth.

“Take my cock gurl,” I said and she nodded. Then we got into it and started to properly rut together in rhythm. I started to pound the tight pussy, “Make me gape Master!” she begged and it was then that I reached around to her genitals.

Her penis was hard and I grabbed her balls, “I am going to breed you and you are going cum, I demand it!” I said brusquely, “Yes Master!” she responded and then I squeezed her balls hard as I pounded her pussy, “MASTER!!” she whimpered very loudly as I crushed her nads, but noticed now that her hard dick was leaking pre-cum. Good.

I really wanted to piss inside of my gurl’s cunt, but the mess it might create in the small space of the government building felt a bit beyond what was needful right then. There would be plenty of that into the near future. Instead I concentrated on pounding pussy and crushing testicles.

“I’m going to cum!” I warned her as my pelvis was by now slamming into her slender waisted butt and I really cranked down on her balls, “Yes Master, me too, close, close!” her voice squeaked.

Finally, I slammed my dick to the hilt ramming my body into hers with a hard thump, “I’m cumming!” I said and then I fisted her pre-cum slicked erection and she rutted with me, semen flowing out of my cock and into her pussy, my hand drenching in her semen and both of us kind of out of it with eye-rolling orgasms for a long moment.

On our way out of the toilet stall together, we were met by the gaping stare of a small Asian man who looked at us as if he had just seen two ghosts. We laughed our asses off as we scurried away from the site of our first encounter and made our way to my car.

Once inside, we finally relaxed, “That was great,” I said, “Thank you Master, that was wonderful,” and sighed, “Oh, you’re not done yet,” I said with a wink, “Oh?” she said. I made our way out of the airport parking area and zoomed onto the interstate freeway, the trip into downtown and my condo a good thirty minutes away.

As soon as I had settled into the far left lane to guard against too much possible intrusion I looked at Lauren, “Suck my cock, now!” I demanded. Laruen did not question my request and skillfully keeping her seat-belt on, Lauren did just that. She leaned way over to my groin, unzipped my trousers and getting out my half-hard cock, went down on me.

I did not intend for my Cunt to suck me off for the second time in the car at 65 mph on the interstate, but that is what she did. She finished me off more easily than I might have guessed, me managing not to lose control of the vehicle and then she sat back up smacking her lips,

“I could do that all day long,” she sighed and I grinned as she kissed my cheek, “Thank you Master,” and then sat back,

“Oh you will be and a lot more,” I smugly smiled and then I heard a long sound come from her throat, one that when we would interact with only keyboards during our SL sessions, she would type, “Mmmmmmmmmmm.”

Story To Be Continued …

Feel free to contact Mattj Silverblade, Master or GB(girlyboylauren), Master’s Cunt by the emails shown at the story’s beginning. Better yet feel free to look either of us up on Second Life ( on GB’s fabulous gay sim, AdventuresTwink.

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