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Master's Cunt - Part Two
Master <>

Master's Cunt <>

Chapter Four

Driving home from the airport after Lauren give me that hot hummer I allowed small talk to dominate the next few long moments before I launched the next surprise on my boi. Meeting somebody on Skype is quite personal and it had been fun for Lauren and I.

Meeting in person for the first time is, however, a totally different and expanded experience. I now was already really into it and by the look on her face my boi was as well.

My hand slipped over to her bare thigh and I squeezed it. She giggled and blushed a little actually and that was hilarious because there had been no blushing whatsoever when she had sucked my dick speeding down the interstate. I was not sure what that said about her or us, I just went with it,

“You still hard?” I asked not doubting that she was. She nodded and grinned and then because she was still not wearing panties, I felt under her short shorts. I found her balls and squeezed them. She gasped, “Master!” and then I kind of roughly jerked her small penis or boy-clit as she liked to call it not yet detecting any pre-cum, pussy or cunt-juice, other favorite expressions.

I gained another sighing expression of pleasure from her as she closed her eyes, her left hand flying over to clamp down on my trouser leg and her whole body stiffening and arching up in a moment of obvious pleasure before settling back down.

I let go and she whimpered and slid over and nuzzled her head on my arm, both of her hands finding places to rest on my body, “Thank you my Master.”

I smiled and hugged her a little closer and she moaned softly again, “Cunt (her favorite nick-name), reach into the back seat and get the white envelope back there,” to launch the next surprise.

She did and I prefaced the revelation, “Remember those fun little SL skits when I would fill your cunt with ginger juice to punish or torture you for Master’s pleasure?” and she playfully groaned, “Yes my Master,” and I was sure that she could recall how she would emote the pain and non-sexual discomfort it would cause at least initially.

We had Skyped a conversation about the use of ginger months before. I had always been very careful about not having my gurl do anything over Skype that had too much potential for harm or even too much pain unless I was there in person with her to supervise.

I would have dearly loved to have ordered her use ginger into her rectum over Skype, but did not as I considered how she might react being alone and all. Inserting peeled ginger root into the subbie’s rectum is most often called figging and is considered to be a very exotic form of punitive control and rectal torture over a submissive, male or female.

“Open and read what is inside the envelop now,” and she opened, unfolded the printed out short, but apparent real life account that I had recently found on the net and which had given me the idea I was about to unfold. This is what she read:

I don’t remember what exactly it was that I was doing, but I know he had to leave at some point to go to work. I was doing something that he considered “misbehaving” and he told me that if he had to take me out to the parking lot to punish me, then he would have to punish me again, at a later date, for making him late for work.

Needless to say I didn’t stop what I was doing so he had to punish me. He took me out to my car, we got in the back seat where he made me get over his lap and he spanked me bare bottomed right there in the parking lot. It hurt, but it was exactly what I had been looking for.

We said our goodbyes and agreed to get together again within the next couple weeks. We continued to talk on the phone and discussed what we wanted to do the next time we got together.

Looking back I was very naive and stupid because I agreed to stay the night with him at a hotel for him to “punish me properly.” He had told me that not only was he going to spank me, but he was also going to take my temperature rectally, use ginger root on my bottom, and give me an enema.

I was nervous and scared, but more than excited. He had me pick up the enema equipment and ginger root as part of my punishment. I was to tell the cashier what the enema was for to humiliate myself. The poor girl didn’t even know what an enema was and when I told her, her response was, “well at least you know what you’re looking for.” It was awful!

February 18, 2013,  The DD Side of Things – The ins and outs of my journey with my husband into our Domestic Discipline Lifestyle

I watched the otherwise bland expression on Cunt’s face turn to surprise and her jaw dropped as she read. Before she could say a thing I said, “We’re going to a store I know near to my place. We are buying ginger root together and a rectal thermometer. I already have the enema set at home,” and paused and enjoyed her eyes grow wide before I continued,

“You are going to explain to the check-out guy without him asking you why YOU have need of such things. Then you ARE going to get a spanking in the back of this car after we are done, right in the store’s parking lot,” and gleefully watched her face sport a deep blush of red, the corners of her mouth curling up, “Yes my Master!”

Cunt’s pleasure at the announcement was of course predictable. She adored public displays of humiliation online many times, but what she did not yet know was that my little revelation in the car was not even close to what was about to really happen at that store.

She settled back into my arm with her head, but now her grip on my arm was tighter and her other hand landed in my groin and squeezed a little, “Are you leaking now?” I asked and she gave me a small giggle, “Yes my Master,” I was sure her mind aflame with what she thought she knew what was going to happen. I was so pleased that she was so obviously excited.

We got off the interstate at the downtown exit and I drove us to Walton’s Organic Foods. Cunt got out of the car playing it cool, but I could see the glint in her eye and hop in her step. I slapped her ass hard walking past her, “Get moving Cunt,” I smiled, “Yes my Master,” she grinned and hurried along.

Inside I turned her loose to find both items, but as she did I took off to another side of the store out of her sight and hearing to make “arrangements,” did my thing and then found her again. To her credit, the ginger root that she found in the store’s produce section were all nicely hefty and thick pieces and the rectal thermometer was the good old fashioned glass style and that even though true glass rectal thermometers are hard to find anymore.

Her facial expression was priceless, a mixture of dread and excitement and then I moved matters along on the fly by pulling her aside in a row of items to out of the sight of others and slipped my hands fore and aft under her short shorts. I fingered her anus in back and gave her balls a huge squeeze and then stroked what was her moist hard boy-clit in front, “Master!” she gasped with obvious surprise and pleasure raising up on her toes a little.

This was all unplanned and quite spontaneous, “Shame on you slut! A hard clit in the store, your pussy is wet. If I could I would put you over my knee now, right here and give you the spanking you deserve! Oh you are so going to get it in the car!” I hissed in a low growl with my stern Master’s voice.

“Yes my Master,” she instantly responded also in a quiet voice, but her body language and vocal tone, it was like, “Please, please, yes, spank me here in public, please my Master!”

I grabbed her arm like she was a naughty child and marched her quickly to just not any check stand in the front of the store. As I did, her tongue actually wagged a little out of the side of her mouth as if she was eating this up like a delightful chocolate sundae. She was trying to look upset, but failed and looked turned-on instead,

“Take that silly grin off your face Cunt,” I chastised her with a curt hiss, but even I was having a difficult time keeping a straight face. This was turning out way, way better than I could have hoped for and the best was yet to come.

There was a short waiting line in the check stand that I had specifically chosen. As we stood there I carefully and sternly whispered in her ear, “Don’t forget. I have that hairbrush in the car. You are getting the paddling of your life naked, across my knees in the back seat and I … mean … hard,” I hissed like an angry daddy.

She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip and snuggled her mouth near to my ear and whispered her reply, “Please, please, please yes my Master, I need a hard and thorough bare ass paddling in the car over your knees,” and I felt her shudder. I know I did a little.

All we did then before we got to the young male register checker was exchange knowing looks. Well, mine were looks whereas hers were leers, at me. She knew what I was packing in my trousers for what she thought would be further action that would have to wait until we got to my home later. She would be right of course, but also wrong.

We finally made it to the front of the line. I watched with glee as the checker took the items out of her hand carry basket and rang them up. I saw anxiety in her face, not a lot, but some. I nudged her as the checker would be asking for payment.

She looked at the checker’s nametag, Eric, “Excuse me Eric,” she said. Eric looked at him, “Yes mam?” he asked assuming Cunt was a real female for the moment. Cunt glanced at me, her anxiety climbing a bit and then cleared her throat, “It seems that I need to tell you why I have bought ginger root and a … a rectal thermometer.”

Eric looked at Cunt with a confused curiosity. I covered my mouth with my hand to help control bursting out laughing, “I see mam, well, OK, so, why did you buy ginger root and a rectal thermometer?”

It was then that all of us noticed two old ladies walk up in back of us. Cunt noticed and blushed like hell now even if she had not when it was just Eric and us, “Well, you see the ginger root is to … well …” and I was about to lose it but did not,

“… that is I have to take pieces of it and put it in my … you know … rectum,” the last word soft and quiet. Eric the checker looked at Cunt, “Excuse me mam? I didn’t hear that. Could you talk a little louder please?”

I really almost lost it yet again, but still didn’t. Cunt sighed and but glanced at me and I think saw a little of my suppressed joy. Her expression now was something between a knowing smirk as well as determination as I would expect of her. At any rate, she turned and said more loudly the same thing. Eric stood there and shook his head with a rather half-disgusted look that almost made me pee my pants,

“Your rectum?” he said loud enough for the old ladies to hear. I glanced at them and they looked really confused, “Um, yes, um, sir,” Cunt said with a bit of probably unexpected distress, “But why?” he asked looking more annoyed.

Cunt blinked and looked at me. Now I did start to look a tad guilty I think, but she turned and huffed, “Because, this man, is my … my Master and he intends to use it to punish me,” and boy did Cunt seem truly chagrinned, humiliated as was intended. I had no doubt her pussy juices would start to flow like a river soon.

I looked at the old ladies behind us and they looked a tad annoyed to say the least at what they were hearing much less the seemingly unnecessary delay in getting their groceries through the checking line, “Punish you? Why?” he asked then.

Now Cunt looked a bit frustrated, “Because. That is what Master’s do!” she blurted in a loud whisper.

“Have you done something to warrant punishment?” he then asked loudly and by then the old ladies were huffing and sighing. Eric then got on his little white phone, “Henry, could you come to station three, please?” Eric the checker said over the store intercom, “One moment mam,” Eric smiled in a kind of annoyed manner and crossed his arms.

Cunt kept looking at me and then at Eric, but the dawn had not quite hit. Henry was there a few moments later, “Thank you Henry, take over please,” and Eric grabbed up Cunt’s items and said, “Follow me mam,” he said. She looked at me and I waved her on. He stopped in the mostly abandoned store bakery,

“Now mam, are you being punished? Why is that?” he asked and now Cunt put her hands on her hips and looked at me and then at Eric and then back to me. It was like a light turned on, I could see it on her face. Her mouth wiggled and then she looked at Eric,

“Yes sir, my Master caught me with a hard-on and a wet boi-pussy in your store aisle sir and my Master threatened to punish me here in the store with a spanking.”

The look on Eric’s face was priceless, “You two know each other,” Cunt said and looked at me, “Busted,” I said and then it was like she completely changed, “I’m so sorry sir, Mister Eric, it won’t happen again,” she said with the most darling child-like tone knowing that it was a part of my week of surprises for her.

I looked at Eric, “We’re not going to let her get away with just that, are we Eric the store checker?” with my best smirky grin.

“No, I should say not. You need proper a spanking right now young lady,” Eric said with his handsome voice, “Follow me!” he said and turned.

As we walked, my Cunt turned to me, “Are we going to really do this my Master?” keeping in role and I nodded, “Yes,” and she bit her bottom lip, “Oh my Master!” and looked oh so pleased.

Eric was around my age and of course was also a very good friend of mine, and naturally, my co-conspirator in all of this secretive erotic play concerning my boi. He was gay and we had slept together now and again; but the last time had been quite a while ago.

Eric led us to a small office in the back of the store. We three got behind the closed door, “Strip, Cunt,” I told Cunt from the get go. She did not hesitate, “Yes my Master!” she said with true verve and was naked in seconds, her little cock hard as a rock and yes, a little drippy at the tip.

“You are going to be spanked over my knee first and then Eric’s. And you will still get a spanking in the back of my car Cunt,” I said, “Yes my Master!” again her enthusiastic response, “Turn for Eric, show him your hot ass,” I told her and she did,

“Nice, very nice,” Eric said, “Care to fuck her pussy after you spank her Eric?” I asked. I could see the look on Cunt’s face silently begging, “Say yes, please, please say yes Mister Eric!” and of course he grinned, “My pleasure,” and I heard a distinct whimper of controlled excitement escape her lips.

This would be our very first formal in-person spanking encounter between Cunt and myself not counting the short spanks in the airport bathroom. I wanted to enjoy it to the max and I think she did too.

The setting was of course exceptionally exciting in the back office of a local business. This was not to mention with, for Cunt’s purposes, a stranger out of nowhere so to speak, Eric, my friend. Just then, the thought of Eric’s presence popped yet two more new ideas into my lustful manipulative scheming. I stored them away in my mind for safekeeping.

The act in Eric’s office would be more or less punitive even if it was kind of provoked by me, it did not matter. I pulled out the chair from the small desk. I sat. I looked up at her,

“Over my knee young lady!” I said instead of boy or even boi. “Yes my Master,” Cunt said not so much with excitement as with a solemn quiet voice that seemed edgy with lust. Her boy-clit screamed, “spank me please!” on the other hand and my cock was raging hard and looking over, so was Eric’s.

I guided Cunt across my knees. A moan escaped her mouth, loud enough to fill the small space. I felt her grind her hard boy-clit into my right thigh before I re-centered her hot, hot clearly boy-ass shape to the center. I blew out my cheeks as Cunt cuddled herself into my trouser-caged erection wishing now that Eric was also naked.

I smoothed my palm from the base of her neck, slowly down her back and spine to her butt and then squeezed each cheek twice. Cunt whimpered, hard, and then seemingly involuntarily arched her back, elevating her hot ass and exposing her sweet and presently tight cunt, her boi-pussy hole.

I salivated. I so wanted to delay the spanking and ravage her hole with my tongue. I just stared at it and then at Eric whose eyes were also fixed on that darkish, pink delight. Our eyes met, Eric’s and mine. I made a decision, an eye-popping decision I thought for my Cunt’s sake.

“Eric, my friend. It’s time to just do it. Strip off naked, Eric, if you want. Then you should eat out this cunt, tongue fuck this boi-pussy as she lies here so compliantly over my knees. Then as I spank her, you should shove that hot seven inches of man cock into her cock holder, her mouth and face fuck her. Dump a load or better yet, use her for a piss toilet.”

Cunt’s head twirled around, her face and especially her eyes wide, mouth gaped, “Please, please Mister Eric, please do everything my Master said, please eat my pussy and piss in my mouth and make me your toilet and … oh God!” she whimpered up at me like a whipped bitch and loud enough for Eric to hear.

Our ears, Cunt’s and mine were greeted with a very lustful, “Oh shit yes!” and Eric’s work clothes flew off of his body and he was on his knees in front of us in a flash. Eric used his fingers and spread Cunt’s buttock cheeks wide, “Oh my Master,” Cunt’s voice warbled with need as then Eric plunged in, her ass disappearing from my view as my hot gay friend Eric’s head blocked my view and started to eat out her boi-pussy.

I managed to wrap my arm about Cunt’s slender waist and gathered up her hard and tip-wet boy-clit and little boi-balls in my big fist. I grinned as I stared to pressurize my catch. Cunt was already moaning and writhing, pushing her needy little boi-ass up a little into Eric’s face, “Master!” she squealed as I cranked down the pressure on her clit and testicles.

Eric’s head popped up, “Delicious, you should do it Matt, I want to see you eat out your Cunt’s pussy,” he encouraged me, provoking a fast head turn. I looked at my Cunt’s face. It was like it felt so good what was happening to her that she looked pained and as if she was going to weep, but if she did it would be tears of unbridled joy. Who could blame her?

“Yes, I think I will,” I winked at her, “Oh my Master! Yes please, I beg you, please!” and then I took my turn, licking and lapping my wet tongue over my gurl’s cunt-hole and then probed and penetrated into that sweet delicious cunt tunnel that was tailor made for this moment of hard lust and humiliation.

Eric took the initiative and had already moved to position his erection at my Cunt’s mouth. I sat up and nodded, “Face fuck this bitch, use her!” I grinned and he did not have to be asked twice. I tarried a longer time pussy fucking my cunt with my tongue and then replaced it with one and then two dry fingers, delaying her spanking, but what did it matter if I did?

Cunt could obviously care less quite preoccupied now at both ends. Her muffled loudly moaning and gagging with each of Eric’s deep throat cunt-throat penetrations as well as whole body writhing was driving both Eric and I crazy with enjoyment.

I wanted Eric and I to just double duty her until eternity at this point as I had not planned things to quite come down this way. Yes, they were turning out way better!

I sat up and drove my duo dry fingers all the way to my knuckles, sweeping past her boi-gland as well as giving it a nice hard poke on the way each time my fingers pistonned in and out. I watched Eric and got into sync with his thrusts. Each time Eric drove his massive hot monster deeply down into her gullet, his pubes slamming into her face, I knuckle-pounded my end of her to the hilt.

“Ummph! Arrrggg, Ummmph! Cough,” Cunt was making sounds I had never heard from her on Skype of course, sounds that was making me want to ass-rape her and skip everything else as Eric’s mouth pounded her into oblivion at the other end.

The fun and hot thing was that now Cunt got into the sync as her throat gurgled and spit drooled out the side of her luscious lips like a gasket had broken somewhere. Each time I thrust to the knuckle, she bounced up her hips to help, “That’s it cunt, obey your Master!” Eric scowled at her and that just made my Cunt’s muffled moans and plaintive whimpers all the louder.

“Fucking going to pussy punch her!” I said next. Cunt’s muffled plea for same was obvious as were the words, “Yes! Yes!” somehow came through like a tortured ventriloquist. I punched her, punched her pussy hard and when I finally added a third dry finger, her muffled scream of pain and pleasure made Eric and I high-five!

At the proper moment, I nodded to Eric to stop. He swooped out of her and stood up and I pulled out of her and let her lay there, all of us in a sex stink of sweat and effort. Cunt’s body heaved pulling in air, her body limp and I was smoothing and rubbing gently over her lower back, buttocks and upper thighs.

Eric gently held her head, running his fingers through her sweat-matted locks of blonde hair. We said nothing, Eric and I. I was curious what she would say next. I looked down, she was staring at the floor, blinking I thought gathering her thoughts.

“Thank you Mister Eric, thank you my Master, that was … it’s … Oh fuck … unbelievable,” her voice tones distinctly admiring and grateful for what she just experienced, “You’re beautiful, you know that Cunt?” and that was Eric, “Oh thank you Mister Eric!” she said and smiled and then looked back up at me. I but nodded, “You know what’s next,” and that was all I had to say.

“Spank me my Master! A hard spanking please. You too Mister Eric, please, a hard butt tanning from the men in this room,” and that gave me an idea, “Up you come Cunt, you’re going to get two men’s hands on your ass at the same time and we are going to put fire on your hot little bitch ass,” and I helped her up.

“Hold on, I have something here somewhere,” Eric said as I now hugged my Cunt into my body. She hugged and kissed my face, I hugged and pecked her face all over as well and then Eric proffered two short cane-like wooden rods each about twenty inches long and a good and lethal quarter-inch diameter, essentially short old-fashioned switches. Cunt did not see them yet, “Oh, oh Cunt, you are about to get double-caned,” I said with a big smile.

Cunt’s face quickly twirled around to see the weapons and she whimpered, “Master!” and then looked at me. I know she wanted to say “please no Master” if just for theatrical effect; but I actually thought that she knew that this was not Skype and certainly not an avatar caning. This was going to be painful.

I pushed Cunt away from me, “Stand,” and she did. Eric came over, both of our erections up tall. Eric cleared the desk and then we sat hip-to-hip with just enough space between us to hobble up our beautiful victim between us; but before we did.

I held my hand up for Cunt to just stand and be quiet and then I locked Eric’s lips up with mine and we kissed with tongue. I saw Cunt’s face out of the corner of my eye. She held up a hand to her face and was softly giggling. The kiss stopped and I pointed my cane at her as did Eric,

“BEG to be punished Cunt, beg to be caned!” I scowled. Cunt straightened up her slumping posture, “Please my Master! Please Mister Eric, punish my ass! Punish my pussy! Punish my little boi clit and balls!” and I nodded very pleased that she had added to the menu and that gave me the next idea.

I whispered my idea in Eric’s ear and he smiled and nodded and stood up, “Hug me Cunt,” I waved her over and Cunt bounced over and into my arms wrapping her arms tightly around my neck and shoulder sneaking in a kiss on my temple as she did,

“Hold on tight Cunt, don’t let go,” I said and her hug tightened and I was treated to a soft giggle and moan. I then slipped both of my hands down her front.

My left hand gripped her hard boi-clit and balls up together and I vice-gripped them, then I did my best with three spit wet fingers to form a make-shift odd fist and I nodded at Eric as I gripped her junk very tight and drove my semi-fist up as high and hard as I could, “Push down Cunt, take my fist,” I said knowing it really was not a formal fisting and she would think the same.

She gasped, “Master!” and impaling herself uttered the most sexy whimper and loud moan. Her hug not only tightened, but her fingertips dug into my upper back, almost painfully. I nodded to Eric and my eyes-widened as I saw him grip not one of the canes but both! Shit! Eric had just made a two-cane birching flogger!

“Hold on Cunt, you are about to be severely caned!” and she squeaked, “Yes my master!” and her whole body tightened around me.

Eric then swiped firm cane licks rapidly up and down Cunt’s ass, lightly at first but it did not take long for Cunt to hug me to death as the cuts got slower and harder, “Masssteeerrrrr!” she started to cry, no bawl like a baby with loud sobs after about ten especially very hard cuts, not to mention that I was now crushing her clit and balls in my fist.

Cunt’s body was jerking about doubtlessly trying to get away from the searing real pain of caning and the clit-ball torture, but she never tried to get away from me nor did she beg for it to stop. I let go of her clit and balls and then held up my hand to Eric who instantly stopped, “Is it over, already?” she asked with a small plaintive warbling and sobbing voice, I really think disappointed!

Eric, God bless him, came over and hugged Cunt from the other side making her the middle of a man sandwich. He looked a little worried actually as if he had gone too far, “Was it too much?” he asked us.

“Oh no! Mister Eric, no! It was wonderful!” she reassured him without my help which kind of blew me a little away actually, “It hurt, but my Master demands me to take my punishment, thank you Mister Eric,” and then she looked at me, “Are you going to cane me my Master?” and I checked her ass. Those duo canes had made a mess of her butt and it surely made my dick want to fuck her.

“No, I am going to spank you to with my hand instead while Eric holds you, works your clit and balls and then you will be fucked by both of us at both ends, lots of cum for my good Cunt,” I told her, “Thank you my Master,” she smiled gratefully.

Eric looked quite handsome hugging my Cunt to his naked body and she looked excited, “Oh!” she squeaked as I knew that Eric was now fingering her pussy and squeezing her clit and balls in his fist.

I stepped to the side and then hand spanked my gurl, hard, “Good gurl!” I said as my hand flew up and down her already ravaged cane-flogged butt; but I don’t think she really heard me as her head was thrown back, eyes squeezed shut and her face in a kind of heavenly agony,

“Misssterrr Ericcc!” she wailed and he was grinning ear-to-ear. I stopped the spanking but she wailed on. I nodded with approval to Eric to keep it up and he did another few long moments of clit and ball torture before letting go.

Cunt relaxed, drenched in sweat. We all were by now, “Ohh,” Cunt sighed, “Time to fill her up,” I said.

Eric but pushed her back and then down to his erection and filled her mouth. I sidled up to Cunt’s bent over and properly deep red and even now bruising ass, slapped her flank, spit on my dick a little and then as Erick pushed up, I pushed in.

Loud “umphs” and muffled assorted other sounds of pain and pleasure came from my gurl as Eric deep throated her and I pussy pounded my boi, “Can you piss Eric?” I suddenly remembered, “Sure thing,” he said and this bought us a delighted muffled begging whimper.

“Do it,” I said and for the next minute or two, all we heard were loud gulps of swallowing piss. I did not piss in her pussy this time as I had did not wish to sully the office floor which would only increase the stench that I was sure was already pretty heavy.

“I need to cum!” I said and I felt her body slam into mine as I was now pounding here with rabid force. I roared and my balls emptied into her quite out of my control actually, I was so pent up from the moment we walked into the store in the first place.

“Me too!” Eric yelped and more loud gulps of semen gulping pleasure came from my Cunt’s throat.

Eric blew out his cheeks as I stepped back, panting, hands on hips. Eric gently helped Cunt up, “Mind if I blow her?” he asked me, “Absolutely,” and Cunt’s eyes got big as he got on his knees in front of her.

I think she thought I was just going to stand there. No way. I strode up, hugged her from behind and started a deep tongue kiss to her opened mouth and at the same time I jammed up three dry fingers high into her cunt, another informal make-shift fisting. I did pussy pound her though and keeping her mouth and tongue busy, it was hard not to chuckle as she kind of yelled muffled whimpers if there is such a thing.

I released the kiss just as I pounded her with my fingers just right and Eric pulled her off, “Massstterrrrrrr!” and now it was Eric doing some gulping of his own as I steadied my Cunt’s jerking spasms in a rapture that looked to be pretty massive.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Can we keep him?” Cunt asked me concerning Eric as we finally parted company with Eric for the day.

We had just cleaned up and deodorized the office and were leaving the store with the rectal thermometer and ginger root in hand, “That’s up to him,” I said. Eric grinned, “I’d love to see you again Cunt,” and she giggled, “Me as well Mister Eric,” and I said, “See you later champ,” as I slowly walked to our car, Cunt kind of limped and waddled.

We got to the car, “Oh, I still get a paddling with the brush in the back seat!” she gamely said. This was not a Second Life avatar simulation. It was not Skype. Cunt’s ass was really messed up with crisscrossing red-layered welts and not fake spank textures online.

My Cunt’s enthusiasm in the face of what I was sure was a throbbing painful set of hot buttocks nonetheless left me smiling, “Yes,” was all I said. Who was I to question her wants in this rare setting?

A few moments later, Cunt’s commando short shorts were at our feet and I was administering a sound though not severe across-the-lap spanking with my hand being careful not to hit skin that looked on the verge of breaking. I had ruled out the brush for now, too harsh on this just our first day together; but really, I wanted to give her the brushing of her young life inside my home in a more ritualistic way that I could not do in the back seat of my car.

Cunt was up on her elbows and looking back at me for my reactions, hers were amazing, “Thank you my Master! Oh it hurts! Thank you!” her pain and pleasure and vocal tones perfectly pitched. It turned me on so much that I finally had to say,

“Blow me Cunt! I can’t stand it, blow me!” and she did, up on all fours and head down she took my seed for what, the third time that day alone? I don’t know, I lost count and it didn’t matter.

On the way to my condo, my Cunt’s head was affectionately leaning on my shoulder, her hands clutching my arm and thigh, her eyes closed while I drove with two hands. Then she slumped a bit. She had fallen off to sleep. I was glad. She had so far what I was sure was a satisfying, but nonetheless very long day of travel and hard play and she had pleased me to no end and Eric as well. I was just as confident that she was well pleased herself.

“Sleep while you can Cunt, this train is just getting rolling,” I quietly smiled and releasing my right hand from the steering wheel hugged her to me, kissed the top of her head and made for my condo.

* * * * * * * * * *

I led a groggy, but now awake Cunt into my 29th floor condo, me towing her luggage. She looked around appreciative I was sure of its cost and opulence, “You take a nap, you need rest as does your ass,” and she smiled gently as I led her to my bedroom where we would sleep together for the week.

“Now strip,” I said gently and helped her, “Are you going to nap with me my Master?” she asked, “I’m not sure we’ll get any sleep if I do,” and that was the truth. She looked a little disappointed and then out of nowhere she brought out the hairbrush that I thought I had left in the car, “I was kind of hoping to still get the brush my Master,” she said in a most humble and adorable way holding it out to me. I was sure her ass was very, very sore still.

Cunt knew me probably better than I did myself. She knew I was a diehard spankophile and online especially made sure that she asked me for lots of hot, sexy spankings and hidings including some that she would emote as unpleasurable just to turn me on.

This was not online simulation. I took the brush, no way I was going to paddle her ass right now, that would be just mean. I guess I looked pretty reluctant. Cunt reached out and pulled me to the bed side and sat me down,

“I’m a bad gurl and need my Master’s discipline, brush discipline to tears, please my Master,” standing there like a naughty child her request leaving me slack jawed. I just sat there and she lay herself submissively across my knee and then hugged her torso hard into me wrapping her arms around me.

She straddled my knee splaying her tortured crimson and edge-bruised ass exposing her reddened and somewhat swollen pussy lips to my lustful view. Then she about made me cum right then and there as she got up on her tip-toes and then arched her already upturned ass into a deep, deep sexually provocative curve. Fuck!

“Please my Master! A hard sobbing brush tanning!” and my chest ached! I looked at her caned ass. OK, it was a little better than at the store, but not much!

I hoped she could not hear my muffled whimper of pleasure at what she was offering and how she was so submissively posturing. I slowly wrapped my arm about her and grasped her boi-clit and balls in my fist, “Oh yes my Master! Crush my little balls, punish them please!”

I rubbed the cool business end of the brush over her ass and welts. I said nothing, my heart pounding! “Master, it’s going to hurt bad!” her voice squeaked and she hugged herself into me harder. I lost it then, I started to paddle her with a purpose up and down and side-to-side trying to also master her clit and balls.

Cunt bawled and pleaded, “Masterrrrr! Please it hurts!” but I did not stop the torrid assault. She kicked hard but only from the knees down, her feet flying up and down that made me growl with hard sadistic pleasure. I paddled her thighs halfway down to her knees and now she helplessly sobbed hard long sobs and just cried her eyes out.

In my sadistic corporally driven need to punish her just for my pleasure, I had forgotten about my grip on her clit and balls and released my grip. I wanted something else, oddly enough for her.

I tossed the brush aside. I scooped her up into my arms and looked down at her red, wet and tear-stained face. She looked back at me with an erotic stare of helpless agony mixed with an obvious need for more of anything I could give her. I stood and planted my lips on hers and kissed her. She moaned. I moaned. I stopped the kiss, “You are such a good gurl. You should not nap before you get at least one good fisting until you cum.”

Good thing we both were pretty young adults and horny all the time as I had now lost count of the number of our combined emissions, but who cared about that, “Oh yes please my Master!” she squealed with a delight that delighted me.

I carried her in my arms to my makeshift dungeon. I sat her on her back on the massage table. I quickly marshaled my fisting supplies and went to work. Everything at the ready, I stripped naked.

I climbed up on the table with her, straddling her facing her feet, my ass over her head, “If I am going to pleasure your cunt with fisting, you are going to eat my ass,” and then I brought her legs up and back, her thighs widely splayed and she automatically wrapped them around me firmly about my torso.

I squatted, “Eat Master’s hole!” and lowered myself. I smiled as her tongue was already slobbering and licking. Yes! Then I went to work, greases and oils already on my hand and I worked it inside of my gurl.

Cunt squirmed and squealed, whimpered and moaned, licked and lapped like a hungry puppy as I pushed my wrist down very hard and directly into her slut hole. She screamed as I pulsed and pounded down into her again and again,

“Cum for me!” I shouted but she did not give my hole any pause and by now her tongue was probing my hole to my great pleasure.

“Cum for me!” I said louder yet again and then violently pounded my fist down into her gaping slut hole. I lifted up my ass at just the right time as she screamed, “MASTER!” as her rapture engulfed her being and about threw me off the table with an involuntary upwards arching of her body in doing so.

I held on and felt this huge torrent of boi-clit cum drench the front of my pubes, Cunt herself in some other space no doubt. I carefully climbed off, “Stay there,” I said and I think she heard me, but still was in cloud nine or wherever she was.

I got my cleaning supplies and gently cleaned myself off too tired to want to shower just then. I went over to the table. Her eyes were open, a little teary actually, “Thank you my Master,” her voice soft and affectionate. I cleaned her sullied body gently, lifted her off of the massage table and carried her to our bedroom.

I lay her down and me behind her spooning and cuddled her into me. She wiggled and nuzzled herself back into my body, her ass cheeks finding my now limp cock and her sore butt cheeks still grabbed at my cock meat and they cuddled together on their own down there.

“Sleep,” I whispered into her ear and kissed her temple, “yes my Master,” as she drifted off.

To Be Continued …

© Copyright PJ Franklin July 22, 2015

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