The Bully


This may well be the worst story you have ever read. While there may be some homosexual sex in the story, that is not the crux of this tale
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          I met Jack at my favorite café. He is a young man but hardened well beyond his years. I generally eat breakfast there and one soon gets familiar with the regulars. It is uncommon for a youngster like Jack to associate with someone as old as myself but he was always friendly and always nodded a good morning. I recognized his look, he was a yard bird. Anyone who has been inside can spot one in a New York second. Prison takes a lot out of a man and leaves a hollow shell.
          One particular morning I arrived a little later than I usually do, a car accident blocked traffic for an hour. I arrived at Bea's Dinner and found the place packed. Jack raised his coffee cup to me and offered the only vacant seat in the house, the one across from him in his booth. I joined him as Goldie slid a cup of hot coffee in front of me. "The usual, sweety?" I nodded, hey I have eaten breakfast here for nine years and she was here before that, she knows me-- two eggs, over medium, hash browns, scattered and brown, with one biscuit and their famous sausage gravy. I offered my thanks to Jack for the seat.
          Jack had a, more than usual, hang dog look on his face. "Hey, what's wrong man? Can I help?"
          "Aw I got told to move out of my apartment. They found out that I'm registered."
          Shit, that fucking sucks. I had to come right out with it, "You finish your time or you still on parole?"
          He looked at me with eyes of fire as he slammed his coffee cup on the table. "What do you know?"
          "I see a brother. I did time. I see the look in your eyes. We have it in common."
          He sat there and shook. Goldie came with a rag and wiped up the table and refilled our cups.
          "I can listen if you need an ear. If you need a place to crash I can help you there."
          "I sexually assaulted a seventeen year old boy then I tortured and murdered his faggot ass."
          I sat there trying to maintain as blank of a face as I could muster. I could feel his pain. He was not a killer. I wanted to know what happened but I had to keep quiet. He would tell me what he wanted.
          "What did you do time for?" he asked.
          "I sucked the dick of a seventeen year old boy three weeks before his eighteenth birthday and I stuck my finger up his butt while I did it. They got me for oral sex with a minor and penetrating a minor. I served nine months of a twenty two month sentence."
          "Why so short?"
          "The DOC said what I did was no crime in their books. It was against state law but the kid was no kid. Besides that the DOC needed my bed for a real criminal. I got kicked loose with thirty days of parole. I've been out for ten years."
          "So you're,"
          "I have decided that I like sucking cock more than fucking girls. It's not the fucking I mind, it's the mind games women throw on me. If a guy gives me grief I just punch his lights out and go on. A woman, she sits and whines and cries and tries to lay a guilt trip on me then she screams at me and makes me miserable. I threw one bitch out and locked the door, she called the cops and told them that I beat her. They could find no marks on her and laughed in her face. The only break I ever had from those dudes. I made up my mind right there, no more women in my bed."
          "When was that?"
          "Nineteen ninety three."
          "You stuck with guys since then?"
          "One boy then prison. Now I'm registered so I won't tell."
          Jack relaxed a little. I ate my food and asked him where he was going to go. It was a very cold day with high winds and snow flurries. He looked outside and shuddered. "I don't know. You said...."
          "And I mean it. I have a nice place, small but nice. You are welcome. I won't molest you..."
          "Why not?" he didn't even let me finish what I was going to say.
          I laughed at him, "Well, if that's an invitation...."
          Jack had two duffle bags stashed outside. He tossed them in my car and we headed to my house. He looked at me, "I guess you'll need to know who is sharing your house. You may not want me around."
          "I only have one question for you, son," I felt comfortable calling him that because of our age difference, he looked to be in his late twenties, I'm in my sixties. "Do you have any restrictions in your release conditons about associating with felons or sex fiends?"
          "No, but I sure could use some time with a good hard cocked sex fiend." We both laughed
          He walked through the place and he voiced his approval. I pointed out the futon and the hide a bed sofa to him. I told him that it didn't offer much privacy but I would show as much respect to him as possible by staying away. He said, "Durn!" and snapped is fingers. I told him he could take a shower, he sniffed his arm pit and nodded at me. I handed him a towel and went to my bedroom. I hate wearing clothes in the house but I had a guest so I dug out some old cut off sweat pants and doffed everything else.
          I was watching the news on Fox when he came in with nothing on but a towel around his neck. His body was very young and very scared. His uncut cock was on the rise or just falling, I wasn't sure but it was a nice six plus semi. "Everything I have is nasty, where is a laundry?"
          I got up and opened the hall door to show a stack washer and dryer. He grinned at me and fondled my cock flopping around in my loose fitting cutoffs. "May I take liberties. I would like to show my appreciation."
          I looked him straight in the eye, "You don't have to show me anything. There are no strings attached here. I love the attention and I'll give you two hours to let go of my dick, though."
          "Then what?"
          "I hope to have hold of yours."
          "Anytime. Anytime."
          I started the washer filling. He took the hint. He drug his bags over and grabbed a hand full of dirty clothes and started to dump them in the water. I closed the lid. I took his clothes and sorted them by color and whites, jeans from shirts, etc. He opened the other bag and added to each pile. I picked up all of the whites and shoved them in the machine. I poured bleach in the dispenser and put softener in its cup then closed the lid. I took hold of his cock and led him to my bed.
          He had a lot of pent up anxiety which I set about trying to relieve. Talk about ECB* this boy had a ton of excess build up in his cum factories. I got three nice loads from him before I let him take me over the top. He was really enjoying just nursing me and I was really in no hurry to cum. At my age once a day and I am done.
          "I'm sorry I took so long to get you off. You have no idea how much I need that cock of yours. I love long, thick dicks. I would like to have that in me all fucking day long." To my surprise I was still pretty much on the hard side, a lot harder than I had been in several months.
          "Son, you can give me a slow suck like that anytime you want. I don't want to force you to do anything but I really needed what we just did."
          "Would you fuck me?"
          "I'll do my best. Tell me what you like."
          "Long and all day long. I know this may sound strange but I have not laid with anyone in almost six years. I got fucked nearly everyday in there, but I was usually standing against a wall getting it from behind. I want to lay with a man, no fucking kids with quick triggers, a man that knows how to love."
          He rolled to his back. I told him I only had lotion for lube. He told me that he had been doing it dry for the last forty three months, then he looked at me again and told me that he had never had a monster like my cock up in him. He was drooling as he squeezed my cock I bent over and kissed him. He pulled me down on top of himself and returned the kiss with so much passion that I was swept away. His hands moved everywhere he could reach as he gave me total pleasure.
          He spread his legs and let me fall between them as he continued to lave my tonsil scars. His tongue was much longer than any I had ever had in my mouth. I was not used to having anyone as old as him in my bed. I had never had sex with anyone out of his teens. I had no idea how old this man was. His body yelled boy but his face was hard and drawn. Prison ages a man, quickly so I didn't know. I was just enjoying what I had in my arms.
          What I had was a hairless torso of very youthful and pliable skin. A slight growth of pit hair and a full but youthful pubic bush. His balls held a smattering of light colored hair. His legs were only lightly dusted with the same dirty blonde hair as he had on his head while his pubic and pit hair took on a lite brown color. He had, what appeared to be scars from knife cuts. There were several ragged scars like one would get in a serious fist fight. I could see this hunk fighting for his chastity against some seriously horny dudes.
          I loved sucking on his sweet cock. It was around six and a half inches long and of decent thickness. He had a partial circumcision which allowed for enough skin to slide over his glans but not completely hide it unless pulled forward. His balls were full and plump and begged for a good tongue bath. I decided what I would do. I would lube his pucker with natural lube.
          I slid down his body, kissing my way down his five foot eight, skinny frame. He was a moaner. He filled my ears with his melodic sounds as I took all the pleasures I could find on my way to my goal. I took a long time to work his fine boy cock over, just bringing him to the edge of release then I moved on. I took his balls into my mouth. First one at a time then I took them both I determined that his cock was of a size that I could probably get his entire package in my mouth but I would hold off on that idea for now. I could sense the urgency in his body for a good fucking and believe it or not, I felt like I could make my body give him what he needed and wanted.
          "Uh, in case you're wondering, I have been tested, negative. There's a lot of AIDS inside. I had blood tests every three months. As soon as I got out I went to a free clinic to be tested. I was pronounced clean three weeks ago and I haven't had butt sex in four months before my test. The last two guys to do me were regulars, if you know what I mean. They didn't do too many guys, they just took care of the Chomos for the brother hood."
          I cringed at his innuendo. The brotherhood, an acronym for the white supremists that run most of the yards in this state's prison system. They can be brutal, especially to child molesters which they refer to as Chomos. I was very fortunate not to fall afoul of this group, in fact, I fell under their protection but that is another story. I knew from what I had seen how brutal they could be if they suspected anyone of being a Chomo. Now I had one of their victims in my bed begging for my sexual attention and I was up to the task before me, or under me, as it were.
          "Are you a child molester?"
          "I was convicted for the sexual assault and murder of a minor."
          "So, you don't look like Chester, are you a chomo?"
          "No. Fuck me first then I'll tell you." I was up for that.
          I pushed his legs back to his chest and buried my face in his Y. He had never been rimmed. His moans and cries of pleasure sparked me on. His hole was by no means virgin. He opened like a garage door beckoning me in. I pushed my finger in his ass and nearly had my nose broken as he violently arched his back. I moved up to take his leaking cock in my mouth and put my lips against his pubic base. Two more fingers were working his pleading hole as he flooded my mouth with the largest load of sweet boy milk I had yet received. I was amazed at how sweet his delicious nectar was. At his age I expected more of a mature, more acid taste. I have been with eighteen and nineteen year old boys and always found their cum to burn my throat. This boy still had the innocense of youth in his cum.
          As he worked to calm his harried body I had gotten to my knees. I pushed my cock in his ass with no preliminaries. I know what prison fucking can be. While I was fortunate that I had never been in on the act I had witnessed several assaults during my tenure.
          I had it right with Jack, he wanted it hard and fast. I fucked him with as much energy as I could muster. I was in no way going to cum anytime soon. I know from experience that I can masturbate for two hours or more and not get off. Old age has some benefits, I suppose. I had already had a good cum today and another was just not about to happen too soon.
          The down side of old age is stamina. I found fatigue overtaking me after thirty minutes of steady plowing. I began to breathe very heavy and the sweat was running off of my body like a river. Jack pulled me into a hot kiss as he ran his hands over me. "Roll with me." He said. I locked my arms behind him and we rolled as one. I was now on bottom and my cock had not left his grabbing ass hole. He stretched his full length out on top of me and locked our lips together, our bodies melded as one. He used our combined sweat as a lube between us and slid his body back and forth on top of me.
          I felt his cock rubbing against my lower belly as he kept up the fantastic feeling of his rectal muscles massaging my turgid main member. His body tensed and his rectum spasmed as his seed sped from his spewing cock onto our combined bodies. Still he kept his pace and continued to glide back and forth never letting my cock loose one drop of its trapped erection giving blood. Another twenty minutes of our mating I felt a rise in my toes begin that old familiar feeling that I have lived for. Addiction, yeah, probably so. If this high could be achieved in any other way it would not be as good. The high of orgasm while united with another warm body is the only high I have ever experienced or desire. And I find a male body to be much more intense and satisfying.
          Suddenly I was sure that I was going to cum again, twice in one day, his ass spasmed around my cock. He was drenching us with more of his sweet juice as his rectal muscles twisted and contorted around me making me let go of the best release that I have had in the memorial past. I was ejaculating so much from my body that I felt as if I were pissing. A steady flow of semen was pulsing from my body as my head spun and my breath actually stopped.
          I came to with Jack's lips pressed against mine. He was blowing air into my lungs. I had actually stopped breathing. I had often heard of oxygen depletion enhancing ones sexual experience. I was enhanced. I slipped my blood pressure cuff on and pushed the start button. Jack looked at me with horror on his face. "Just curious," I grinned at him. Two hundred and twenty one over one hundred and ten and pulse rate of one hundred and sixty. My eyes got wide.
          I lay back and breathed deep as I felt my heart pound in my chest. Slowly I felt normalcy return to me. Jack was on one elbow looking into my eyes. I pushed the button and let the cuff inflate again. This time my blood pressure was one nineteen over sixty one with a pulse rate of ninety nine. I smiled at him and removed the cuff. "I like to see how much of a cardio workout I get when I get off a particularly good one. That is the best work out I ever had."
          "Have you tried exercise? It gives a good cardio vascular work out."
          "But it's not near the fun." I grinned at him.
          He lay down with his head in my arm joint and we slept. An hour later I got up to pee. He stirred as I arose. He entered the bathroom as I exited. I put his whites in the dryer and loaded his shirts and light weight colored clothes to the wash.
          We both got back on the bed and lay together. We had formed a bond and though it was only just past noon we wanted to lay in bed together. "I have never had sex like I have had today. It was so much more than sex. I felt a real passion. I'm not sophisticated enough to know if it was love but it felt like it. If love is anything like what I feel right now I want it for the rest of my life." His tears were running down my arm pits. ewwww, what a gross feeling, but I wasn't about to break the spell as I lay there and pet him and stroked his hair like I would a puppy.
          "I have had some mean mother fuckers take a go at my ass but your cock is by far the biggest I have ever had in me. One guy claimed to have a ten inch cock but when he got up in me I knew he was a fucking liar. He had a skinny eight."
          "I don't like to brag. I have what my grandfather told me was the Choctaw curse. I have nine and a half inches when hard. At one time I could get over ten inches if I was really on a bone but that was ten, twelve years ago now. My grandfather told me he had ten inches and I know for a fact that three of my cousins were that big, or better. The four of us used to jack off when we were boys so we watched each other grow up. Yeah, I sucked them but only when there were two of us alone. Two of them liked to suck also, so growing up was fun for us."
          "Man, you're not bragging. I can see it and I can tell you for sure, I felt it. I think you did go over ten when I was on top there at the end. I felt it grow. It also stretched me. I probably will have a hard time holding my shit for a few days.
          "Sometimes five or six guys would line up and use me. My ass hole wouldn't shut for days. The shit just oozed out all the time."
          "Would you tell me your story?"
          "Do you really want to hear it?"
          "Very much. No, I'm not being perverse, I just want to know more about you. Like how old are you, where do you come from, what makes you tick? Just the little stuff that bonds friends together. You see, a friend is someone who knows all about you and likes you anyway."
          He kissed me and cuddled closer.
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