The Bully
Part 2


This may well be the worst story you have ever read. While there may be some homosexual sex in the story, that is not the crux of this tale
This is an absolutely true story, as related to this author by the main character himself. I will try at all costs to keep the true identity of all the characters in this tale as generic as possible and under no circumstances will I ever divulge the names or actual locations of any principal involved.
I do stress with the most serious resolve that I possess:

Do Not Read if you are under age or cannot handle

Serious Crimes Against Nature

This story is copyrighted©, 20032007
It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.

Hi, my name is Tim. Dad is down, big time this time. He is recovering but he is worried about you, his faithful readers. TRAVELER will not have new chapters until he gets well enough to work but in the meantime he wants to give you something to keep your spirits up. (hehehehe) Sipirits up, yeah, sure. I know what you will keep up. (hehehe)
We are dusting off many of his old stories that are just laying around on his hard drive(r). He has taught me how to convert them to post on-line for your reading, and stroking, pleasure.
We hope that you enjoy these stories and Carl will be back shortly.

AUTHORS NOTE: To make this story flow a little better I will tell it in the third person from Jack's point of view but .
That way I don't have to keep up with the quotation marks and other punctuation that so destroy a story when used incorrectly.

From Part 1
          "Would you tell me your story?"
          "Do you really want to hear it?"
          "Very much. No, I'm not being perverse, I just want to know more about you. Like how old are you, where do you come from, what makes you tick? Just the little stuff that bonds friends together. You see, a friend is someone who knows all about you and likes you anyway."
          He kissed me and cuddled closer.
Now for Part 2:

          Jack is twenty one. He has a kid brother that he loves more than life itself. Actually, he has two brothers but it was the youngest that was the reason of his incarceration. The three boys lived with their widowed father. Their mother died when John was an infant and Jack had pretty much raised him from the cradle. John, was, at the time of the problem, thirteen and cute as a bug--Jack's description. Jack was having sex with both of his brothers but little John was his favorite. John loved to suck dick as much as Jack did and the two of them were going down on each other every night. John had wanted to try anal. Jack is not all that big and saw no problem with it. He and John had been going at each other for about two weeks when the middle brother, Jake, walked in on them.
          Now Jake liked to get fucked. He wasn't to heavy in the cock sucking department. In fact Jack told me that Jake never cumed when he would suck him. He told me that he sucked Jake for two hours one day. He jacked the boy off, anything he could do. He wanted to eat his brother's cum but he couldn't get the boy off. Then Jack discovered that Jake would become a cum fountain when he had a dick up his ass.
          Jake found his two brothers fucking and he wanted to be fucked. Jack was glad to oblige and he discovered how to get Jake off. He was excited. John was only thirteen and his little four inch cock wasn't any butt stretcher but Jack got Jake to let his younger sibling fuck him while Jack satisfied his craving for a serious tonsil massage. He got Jake into a sixty nine position while John got up behind and fucked Jake with all of the power he had in his little body. Jake cumed like a fountain. This position became the favorite of the three brothers for the next few weeks.
          Jake had a fuck buddy that he had been messing with since he was twelve. The buddy was seventeen, the same age as Jack. In fact Jack knew the kid as a bully and a bastard. Jack showed me the little finger of his left hand, the bully had cut the end off of it with a pair of scissors when the two of them were in the third grade. The bully was threatening everybody with his scissors as they waited for the bus, he cut a first graders pinky off and Jack came in to rescue the boy but became a victim himself. He hated the fuck out of the guy and over the years they had fought several times.
          The bully liked to pick on little guys. At the time this happened he was six feet tall and weighed two hundred and sixty two pounds. He was a fat, ugly, pimple faced slob, according to Jack. Jake told his brother, Jack, that the bully had a ten inch dick that was extremely thick. Jack later learned that the bully only had a seven inch dick but to a twelve year old it had to appear huge.
          The bully started fucking, the then fifteen year old, Jake when the boy was only twelve. This made the hair raise on the back of Jack's neck. Jake told him that he was down by the old creek that ran through the woods in the spring time. He was alone when the bully, then fourteen, came down to the water. The boy opened his Levis and let them drop, exposing his naked ass and big dick. To twelve year old Jake it was the biggest thing he had ever seen. The bully pissed in the water and Jake just stood and stared. He was infatuated with the huge cock before him. He had seen Jack. They were brothers, they saw each other all of the time but he had never seen Jack hard at that time.
          The bully was the same age as Jack but his dick was much bigger and when it got hard it was huge. He could not remove is eyes from the monster. "Come here, kid. You can touch it if I can see your's." Jake dropped trou in a second as he wrapped his hand around the hot throbbing meat. The bully got on his knees and sucked Jake's dick. Jake had never experienced anything so wonderful in his life. He was humping the older boy like he knew what he was doing when suddenly he had his first boy orgasm. The bully never let go of his cock. It was then that Jake realized that the boy had his finger up his butt hole.
          The bully stood up and told Jake he could do him if he wanted. Jake got on his knees and tried to suck the cock but he didn't do it well and he really didn't like it a whole lot. The bully asked if Jake had liked having his finger in his butt. Jake nodded. He had loved it and wanted it up there again. He was placed on his hands and knees as he felt the older boy spit on his ass hole then the pain, like he never had before, split him wide open. He screamed as his mouth was covered by the kid's huge hands.
          He felt the big cock as it was shoved all the way up in his ass but the kid just stayed still. After a few minutes Jake started to feel good. He relaxed his body. This was a sign to the bully to begin his assault with renewed vigor. He began to fuck the tiny butt hole of his latest victim. He had several boys in the neighborhood trained to pull their pants down and bend over when he came around. The kid began to fuck in and out of Jake's screaming ass hole. Jake was screaming out, but now they were screams of pleasure as he was begging his assailant to go faster and harder. He was obliged. He got his first fucking that day and he got it at least three or four times a week for the next three years. Jake was only a few months shy of his fourteenth birthday when he had his first wet cum. The bully was fucking him on his back for the first time and he covered his belly with white, hot, ball batter.
          Jack wanted to kill the bully but Jake told him that if he touched him he would tell his dad what he had seen him do with John. Jack loved John with all of his heart. He didn't care what would happen to him but he didn't want John to get into trouble so he stayed away. He stayed away for three weeks. Three weeks of mental torment as he thought about what that son of a bitch was doing to his brother and the other boys in the neighborhood. Jack had taken it on himself to watch the bully and he found four youngsters that were being used by the behemoth on a regular basis. Jack even talked to the boys and they all told the same story of beatings and rape with threats of severe violence, against them and their families if they told what was going on.
          The end came one afternoon as Jack heard John screaming his name. He ran from the house toward the old detached wooden garage. He kicked open the door to find John on the ground with his pants around his ankles and the bully over him trying to shove his cock into the thirteen year old's butt. Jack grabbed something and swung, connecting with the bully's head. Blood spattered across the room as Jack was on him, pounding him with his fists. By that time Jake was in the foray pounding away at the bully as he screamed and cursed the overgrown ogre of the neighborhood.
          Their screams and cries had alerted the neighbors to the scene. The garage doors were opened and the world saw the carnage within. Jack had split the bully's head wide open and the combined blows of his and Jake's fists had literally knocked the bully's brains out. Somewhere during the melee Jack had cut the bully's cock off and shoved it up the boy's butt. Both brothers were arrested for first degree murder.
          Jake was fifteen and was tried as a minor for manslaughter. Jack was tried as an adult and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole for second degree murder and sexual mutilation. It was proven in court that Jack had a vendetta against the bully. He had been talking to other victims in the neighborhood, his own brother being one of them. It was therefore a clear case of premeditated, first degree murder, according to the prosecutor. The jury didn't buy that but didn't buy the defense notion of rage and temporary insanity at seeing his brother being raped and yelling for help from the one person he trusted.
          The prosecutor liked to talk and he had said too much during the lengthy trial. He let his alligator mouth overload his humming bird ass. He had not brought charges against a seventeen year old minor in a legal manner. The state court of appeals was not pleased with the facts of the trial and overturned the verdict. They recommended sanctions against the prosecutor and District Attorney's office. Then they went one step further, they recommended that Jack not be retried as an adult. They recognized a brother's love for his sibling and his response as an adolescent means to rescue his brother The court adjudicated the case as a juvenile indiscretion and overturned the charges with prejudice. Thus precluding any further action be taken in this crime.
          Now, after five months in county jail awaiting his trial and then forty months in the Department Of Correction's custody, Jack found himself free. The state's attorney general was reviewing the case but was willing to let Jack walk free while they studied it, an unusual scenario but one with which Jack was happy. He had never known life outside of structure, his parents home or prison. He was a free man, with a sword hanging over his head. He had been on the streets for less than a month and except for regular visits to a parole officer he had no contact with the law. He was not on parole the state just wanted to know where he was while the lawyers did their voodoo with his future.
          Jack's dad had disowned him. It came out in the trial that Jack and Jake were having homosexual sex with their youngest brother, John. Jake was just under the wire as far as being prosecuted. He was only two years older than John and the testimony stated that sex with the youngster did not occur until John was in fact thirteen. Still a felony in this state, it was overlooked.
          For Jack however, the state only excluded charges of sexual molestation because of a clear cut murder case against the older boy. Jack and Jake were on their way to prison but their father made himself heard when in court he told his son that he was not welcome in his home and he was never to come near John, ever. Jack still loved his little brother more than anything in his life and he hurt with the knowledge that he could not see the boy.
          I asked for and received permission to contact Jake and John and find out how they were doing and how they felt. I set out to locate Jake first. Jake had spent three years, until his eighteenth birthday, in a juvenile detention center then was transferred to an adult facility to serve his sentence until he was twenty one. He was currently serving his sentence on a yard for sexual deviates west of Phoenix.
          I found John just as he arrived at work at a pizza parlor. He had been there for two years. I told him who I was and that I was in contact with Jack. He broke down and began to cry. He wanted to see his brothers so much. Their father had died on John's eighteenth birthday, the previous week. This day was his fist day back to work since the funeral. He told his boss that he couldn't handle work yet. The boss was understanding and told the boy to take all of the time he needed, he assured him that his job would still be there.
          We put John's bike in the back of my car but he asked me to take him home before going to see Jack. He wanted to tell me his story and hear about his brother. We arrived at his house. It was dark and solemn. He had not had the ambition to do anything since his father's sudden death. His father had a heart attack and died in front of the tv. John had come into the living room about two thirty in the morning. The tv was still playing and it was disturbing his sleep. He figured his father had fallen asleep, as usual, and went to put the man to bed. He found his father dead. According to the police the man had been dead about four or five hours. John had gone to bed around nine or nine thirty so his father had died just shortly thereafter.
          John had no idea of where either of his brothers were. He thought that they were both in prison. His dad had been notified of Jack's release but he had not told John. The father still hated the two boys for molesting his son and did not want to have anything to do with them. John had to make all of the decisions on his own. He had his father cremated. His desire was to flush the old man down the toilet. He never liked him but had stayed at home to keep peace. The old man was a bigot. Racist and homophobic were descriptive nouns John used in describing the man to me.
          John wanted to know all about his brothers. I told him about Jake first. He was not surprised. John told me that Jake was hurt that he should even be charged in the death. Jake told the court that he was trying to fight Jack off in an attempt to help his boyfriend. That hurt him more than the rest of the testimony. The court branded him as a sexual deviant predator. He was forced to register and was not to come any contact with John for the rest of his life. The father had told John that if either of the brothers ever contacted him that they would be locked up in a hospital for sick perverts until they were dust in the wind.
          John looked at me with mischief in his eye. He wanted to know if I had had sex with Jack. I told him that I would not lie to him. I told him yes I had but that I would not go into detail. I don't kiss and tell. He wanted to know all about how Jack had developed and what he looked like. I could tell that he was as much in love with his brother as his brother was in love with him. I told him that I would tell him no more. If he wanted to know anything he would have to get up off of his ass and go get in my car and I would take him over to where Jack was. Then I found out what was really going on in the boys mind. He was sure that if he were to meet Jack that Jack would end up in a prison hospital for life. He had seen the news stories about how the state was incarcerating predatory sex offenders, even after their court ordered sentence had been served. The state was not even concerned about taking these people back to court to have a judge sentence them to life in a hospital, they were just doing it.
          He didn't want to loose his brother, especially now that he found out that he was out of prison and free. I assured him that that wouldn't happen but for his peace of mind I told him that no one knew that Jack was at my house and no one would know that he was there either. I told them that this was one place that they could be safe to meet. That calmed the youngster down and we climbed in my car for the short ride to my home.
          I unlocked the door and stepped back to allow John to go in first. If I had wanted to keep their meeting secret that was the wrong thing to do. Jack looked up as John entered and screamed like a little girl. He fell all over himself trying to get out of the chair and across the room. The two boys met like speeding freight trains in a collision that had damage spread over three counties. Limbs and body parts flew in every direction as the two boys met, almost lips first. I quietly stepped around the carnage and headed to the kitchen to scrounge enough food for two hungry boys.
          I was busy pulling a frozen roast beef from the freezer when I was attacked by two exuberant boys. I never received so many kisses and gropes in such short order in my life. My pants were removed as my cock was displayed to the younger brother. A blow by blow description of my sexual prowess was making me blush. If ever I need a public relations spokesperson I know to hire Jack. John was busy sucking my cock to an erection so that he could see for himself the wonder of it all.
          Finally satisfied that he had been honestly informed of my dimensions I looked at John and asked when he was going to show his stuff in return. The boy was gracious enough to blush. I reached over and groped an unexpectedly large package of boy. I had spent a few hours with the eldest brother and expected a chip off of the old block in the younger sibling. Such was not the case.
          I went to my knees and carefully unwrapped the beautiful package of this young Adonis before me. Jack was cute, under his scared face and body. John was a living statue. Skin as soft as a babe, blemish free and a healthy pink color. He was even more blonde than his brother but they shared identical blue eyes. The dark blue kind that look like deep pools of clear water. The two boys looked like book ends. They were almost identical. I believe that if Jack had not had such a hard life for the past five years the boys could pass as twins. John was a little more buff from riding his bicycle daily but their bodies were a close mirror image of the other.
          John had a full blown erection awaiting me as I peeled away the layers of clothing. I did a long slide of his boxers down his hardened main mast, letting the elastic hold the very thick cock shaft against his young, firm body. No, the boys were not identical in every aspect. When the binding cloth slipped beneath the burgeoning cock it sprang upright to show itself off in all of its magnificent glory. Before me was a full eight inch boy cock with a full hood and a girth to match no other. I stretched my mouth to allow this wonderful delight inside. I had to let him push my mouth further open, I only hoped that my teeth didn't drag on the thick shaft.
          The boy had no staying power. He filled my mouth with as delicious a load as his brother had before him. I really wanted to suck that thick stick for a while. I only hoped that I would get a chance later. The joys of youth, John didn't go soft in the least. I reached inside a drawer behind him and pulled out a small steel tape measure. I wrapped it around the object of my desire and found an almost identical thickness to my own. John's cock was six and one quarter inches in girth with eight and three quarter inches in length, and the cherry on top...he was uncut.
          He took the tape from my hand and got down in front of me. I had him in length with an even ten inches, I was boned. I don't usually go the full length, especially in the last few years. I am lucky anymore to get seven with hours of self stimulation. John wanted a bout in bed. I offered to let the two of them catch up while I cooked dinner but I was told that they would wait. They both said that they owed me. I assured them that there was no debt between us. I told them that they had five years of catching up to do. I was informed that if they needed any lip from me that they could scrape it off of their zippers. I was dully chastised.
          I put the roast beef in the micro wave to thaw it out. I cook all day every once in a while and then vacuum seal the extra meals. When I need a meal in a hurry it is easy to defrost the complete dinner and serve it up. I had eight ears of corn in vacuum sealed bags. I had boiled potatoes with butter and seasoning sealed and frozen. I dropped the corn and the potatoes in a large pot of boiling water. The beef was thawed so I separated it from the gravy and slow heated it. I resealed the gravy and dropped the bag in with the vegies. I popped out a package of homemade hot bread into muffin tins and into the oven that went. Within twenty minutes we were sitting down to a full meal with salad and iced tea to boot.
          John was told that if he thought this meat was good he was in for a real treat when he got down to cases with my Y. Jack told his little brother about my penchant for back door dining. It was all the naked boy could do to sit still as lust filled his body. Yeah, Jack had already gotten us all into the uniform of the day, nude. I had gotten to watch the boys take the time to orally satisfy each other. They looked good together and I really didn't want to come between them. I was overwhelmed that they would consider including me in their love making after this many years. It was a honor to me.
          Yeah, the honor was all mine as we ended up in bed a few minutes after the dinner mess was cleaned up. I had my true fantasies come to a real life experience as I lay on my back with a huge cock fucking in and out of my throat while my own cock received the oral attention of one cute as hell youngster. These boys could easily pass for much younger teens. I love smooth bodied, hairless bodies rubbing themselves under my hands.
          Not only was my throat getting the fucking of a lifetime, my eyes were getting a sight that I loved to watch. It is very difficult to get two boys into bed at one time. I am always fearful of allowing any witnesses to my illegal activities so I don't get to live my fantasy very often. Here I was now, balls deep in the mouth of a true giant amongst men while he got his ass plowed, over and over again, by his equally sweet brother. I love watching that young, hard cock as it moves in and out of the tight pucker of my partner. I was getting a face full of ass juices as each plunge and draw moved copious amounts of the mucus from its regular place in the scheme of things. But the true joy of the exercise was to hear the two brothers moan as they renewed their favorite activities with one another.

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