Twenty Two Years
From The Book Molested


This story deals with another side of society. Those accused and incarcerated for crimes they did not commit.While this may have an adverse effect on your personal thinking it is true. These things do happen, even in a perfect society.This story does deal with homosexual activities, most often involving minors. If such a story offends you I will ask you now to please turn the page and go elsewhere. This story does deal with brutality. It is part of the system set up to correct the inerrant amongst us.

I don't believe that there is much stroking material for those readers so inclined. This is a major change from my usual style of writing and I ask that you give me your honest feedback.I have many such stories as this and, like this story, they are absolutely true.Only the names, dates, and places have been changed so that the individuals involved can have an honest chance at getting their lives back together.

The book Molested is not in print. This book contains many stories such as this one. I am with holding submission of the bood depending on your input to this type of story.

If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut.
If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

This story is copyrighted, ©2006. It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.

      Twenty two years. Twenty two mother fucking years. For what? The thirty foot tall gates clattered and creaked as they began their long trip across the old iron rail set in the ancient concrete road bed. The chain that tugged against the, now seventy year old gate, rattled and squealed as it strained against the weight of the mammoth steel contraption.
      A single figure passed through the opening before him as the gate stopped and began its trek back to its original position. Standing with slightly slumped shoulders the figure of a man moved to the second gate in the sally port set up. The first gate clanged to a shuddering halt as a shrieking alarm pierced the early morning quietness. A chain link gate in the massive solid steel structure of the outer gate was opened. The guards in the towers at either side of the sally port had their rifles aimed square at the heart of the wisp of man as he made his way through the final barrier to the outside world. He walked toward the highway five hundred yards down the road where a bright red car sat waiting.

      The old fifties model ambulance pulled off of the highway and under the cover of heavy foliage it stopped. The steel span of the bridge that crossed the swift moving waters of this small tributary of the mighty river downstream hid any activities below as two men in white lab coats climbed from the rusted, worn white painted vehicle. The large red cross on the side was faded and rust streaks from the ancient emblem ran down the side of the once proud center piece of the local hospital's motor pool fleet.
      What the hell did old Doctor Jamieson need with a whole gallon of AB- negative human blood? It was in an unauthorized container and had been frozen for only who knew how long. It had to be disposed of, discreetly. The two men in their oh so white coats set about removing the container from the now obsolete vehicle. As they pulled the top from the container it slipped from their grasp and tumbled over the three foot bank to the shore of the stream below. On impact the lid burst free and one gallon of human blood spattered in every direction. The impact with the ground sent blood spatters onto the surrounding terrain and shrubbery literally spattering every thing with in a seven foot radius. A large glob of maybe two quarts of still frozen blood lay to the edge of the blood soaked scene.
      The smaller figure, a college student doing night work at the hospital to earn his tuition, jumped down the embankment away from the carnage. He rushed in and retrieved the container and its lid. He passed them to his colleague, then accepted the older man's hand and was helped up the embankment and into the back of the vehicle. He removed his blood soaked gum soled shoes and his hospital green scrub pants. Putting on clean pants and fresh shoes from the rack of supplies he moved through the ambulance to take his seat up front as the pair made their way back onto the road and out of the area.

      Fourteen year old Gary Ferris was missing. No one had seen hide nor hair of him since Thursday afternoon when he had been beaten up on the school grounds by sixteen year old Marcus Beard. Several kids told the police that Gary was a faggot. The kid had the moniker, Gary the Fairy. He was a notorious queer and was known to enjoy sucking the dick of any boy, anywhere, at anytime.
      Marcus had encountered the fruit cake in a hall way near the drama classes, a dark and seldom used hallway that led to the shop areas and the south practice fields where the girls teams worked out. The handful of people who had witnessed the encounter between the two boys told of Gary approaching Marcus and offering the older boy sexual services. Marcus, a tough kid but not really a bully, hated faggots. He beat Gary pretty badly. He was heard to say, "If I see you near me, cocksucker, I will kill you," as he stalked away.
      No sign of the Ferris kid for over twenty four hours brought out a huge search party to scour the area between the school and the Ferris family home. Saturday morning one hundred volunteers spread out on foot to cover the three miles of mostly wooded country road to the new sub-division that lay beyond the Tiger Line creek. The creek was known to flood at the least of the area's rain storms so no one wanted to build near its indefinite banks.
      Two Sheriff's deputies came up on the bridge over Tiger Line creek and called for the boys from the lab. They had come up on a crime scene. The crime lab had their best forensics people on the scene. Yards of dirt were dug up and placed in large plastic bags. Leaves were collected with data showing from where they had been collected. Branches and vines had been categorized leaving the entire area denuded and looking nothing like it had the week before.
      Pictures of the small footprint in the blood were taken. Then plaster casts were lifted. Divers were brought in to search the shallow creek for over six miles, where it joined into the much larger and swifter river. From the amount of blood and the spatter area the criminologists were absolutely certain that they were dealing with a dismemberment type killing. Blood had run for some length of time from one central point, possibly where the decapitated corpse had bled out. The sheriff had the entire search party on the alert for body parts, which would be much harder to find.
      Saturday afternoon Marcus Beard was seen at the neighborhood park near his home. He was with a group of boys from his highschool playing basketball on one of the courts there. The Sheriff had several of his deputies surround the court and move in so the desperate youngster could not flee. Marcus was not to breathe free air again for twenty two years.
      Almost six months went by as the state prepared its case against the now seventeen year old Marcus Beard for the brutal murder of Gary Ferris. No body or any physical evidence could be produced. No weapon was found. No bloody clothes were found in the Beard household. The state was absolutely sure that the blood belonged to the missing teenage boy. He was of the rarer blood type of AB-.
      Gary's parents were at every hearing that had been held. Bail was not allowed in the case. Marcus was never seen without handcuffs affixed to his waist by chains and shackled by chains around his ankles. The boy swore of his innocence and had been repeatedly beaten for his efforts. The Sheriff had no idea how the small boy was getting bruised. He assumed that the boy must not be getting along well with the other inmates of his county jail where Marcus was housed along with the adults.
      Marcus had endured multiple rapes of his virgin ass. He was cute, young, and blond. Never was it just a quick fuck but five, six, even more men would participate. He knew for a fact that two of his jailers had used his ass. Oh sure, they had removed their uniforms but you can't remove your face. What good the knowledge did the boy he didn't know. No one believed anything he had to say. His own father had turned his back on his son and refused to visit him. His mother wrote at irregular intervals but her letters were more condemning than uplifting. In his reply's to his mother he tried to assure her that he did know Jesus and Jesus knew he was innocent. That only seemed to lengthen the time before another letter would come from her. She told him repeatedly that until he confessed his sin there would be no forgiveness for him.
      A month before the trial began a large man was put in the cell with Marcus. Marcus was sharp enough to listen to the man when he was told to service him and the other inmates would leave him alone. It was his good fortune that Marcus's new husband liked oral sex. Had he shoved his monstrous meat up the youngster's rectum Marcus was quite sure that he would never walk again.
      The trial..., excuse me while I wretch. This was no trial, it was a lynching. I'll start again. The trial began six months to the day after Marcus had left Gary Ferris a bleeding pile of meat on the floor in the hallway of their highschool. Six boys and two girls each told an almost identical story of how brutal and unnecessary the beating had been. The witnesses had been well scripted as they each told of identical blows and identical sounds of those blows connecting with the flesh of the defenseless victim. The jury, as a whole, stared with venomous eyes at the young defendant now a shadow of his former self from a massive weight loss.
      The states evidence was solely based on the blood found by the creek and the testimony of school children. Marcus was well known as a queer hater throughout the school. The one witness that Marcus had begged his attorney to call was Michael Chambers, Marcus's long time boyfriend. Marc and Mike had been sexually involved since the two were eleven year old sixth graders. Mike feared to be outed in open court and the defense team felt that it would have been a lame attempt with no good coming of it. In fact they had pointed out to Marcus that Michael would be harmed in the community by coming forth.
      On November twenty third, nineteen and seventy eight, seventeen year old Marcus Beard was sentenced to death in the gas chamber for the first degree, premeditated murder, and brutal dismemberment of Gary Ferris, a minor. The Ferris family had stood before the court demanding the maximum sentence that the court could deal out. Their young son was murdered and disposed of, only God knows where. He was denied the chance to grow up and have a life of his own by a bigot who, without care or compassion had taken him away from his family and loved ones. They were being denied closure by the steadfast silence of their son's murder.
      Marcus was locked into a solitary cell on death row at the state prison where he remained until March of nineteen ninety five when the governor of the state commuted his sentence to life without the possibility of parole. The governor sited the fact that Marcus was sixteen years old at the time of the crime and under the laws of the state a minor. He would not execute a minor for any reason. However, due to the heinousness of the crime he did not want this person back on the streets of his state at any time for any reason.
      Marcus was moved from his dark basement cell into a brand new unit where he was locked in a six by seven foot room twenty three hours a day. He was allowed one hour out of his cell each day for a shower and/or exercise. He took all of his meals in his cell. He had not had but one visitor in the years he had been locked away. Mike, his precious Mike came to see him at least once a month. Mike seemed to be smiling more and he appeared very happy each time he visited. This hurt Marcus. He only got to see his former lover through a two inch thick sheet of glass and they talked through a telephone handset. He was not nor could he ever be happy again and he was considering asking Mike to stay away. It was just getting too much for him.
      He did have a little to be happy for in that he was in a brand new building with lights and no vermin to nibble on his toes at night. He really enjoyed going into the twenty by thirty foot exercise yard and looking up past the twenty five foot high walls on each side through the chain link roof that secured him inside if he should somehow manage to scale the walls. But he could see blue skies. He so wanted to see the sun but blue skies were so beautiful to him.

      Twenty one year old Michael Chambers wanted more than anything to get into forensic science. He didn't really have the desire for medical training but it was going to be necessary. He went to the medical school of his campus and talked to a professor there. He told of his desires and asked what classes he would need to take. He was a junior but had not declared a major. He was fearful that he was going to have to extend his undergraduate studies which would not set well with his father. The professor pointed out a young student doing a lab experiment and suggested that they talk.
      Michael approached the student and introduced himself to the most beautiful man that ever drew breath on the face of the earth. Thomas Brandon was swept away by the breath of fresh air that was shaking his hand. The two young men had an instant connection. Michael told his new friend the reason of his visit. To his amazement this was the exact field that Thomas was studying. Thomas was now in his forth year graduate work. He had done his internship in the ER of the trauma center at the university hospital but that was not quite the direction he saw his life going.
      As Tom and Mike talked it became apparent that the two had an identical goal in mind. During that meeting they teamed up and Tom began to mentor Mike. The two young men connected on a personal level and after only a few weeks they moved in together, sharing knowledge and a bed.
      Mike took his full time lover home with him for the Christmas holidays, in nineteen eighty seven. As the two lovers drove along the quite country road they came up on a bridge. The old bullet hole riddled sign at the end of the bridge read Tiger Line Creek. Tom began to chuckle. Mike wanted to know what was so funny. "Oh, about eight, nine years ago I was working in a small county hospital. I was eighteen and fresh out of highschool as I took this part time job to give me walking around money during my freshman college days.
      "Anyway, this old doctor, they said he was mad, had a gallon metal container of whole human blood in a freezer in his lab. The old boy was being looked at by the phsycs. Everybody thought that he had gone over the wall. This one doctor that I worked with came and got me. He wanted to get rid of the blood so that no one would find it and use it against the old man. That bridge back there is where we dumped it." Mike had pulled the car over and was shaking like a leaf.
      Carefully he drove the remaining distance to his house where he made Tom tell the story again, in fine detail, to him and his parents. Mike's mother gasped and threw her hand to her mouth. Mike's dad stared in disbelief before he grabbed the phone and called his attorney.
      A house full of people gathered that evening. There were two reporters from the local newspaper and a tv reporter. The Chambers' family attorney. A representative from the county attorney's office and several other people that might be able to help. Tom told his story with as much detail as he could and fielded a mountain of questions late into the night.
      It is said that the wheels of justice grind slow but if you happen to be the innocent victim imprisoned for a crime that you did not commit time never seems to advance at all. Mike was on to something. Something so big that heads were going to roll. He wanted so much to share his knowledge with his first love, Marc. Mike loved the man with all of his heart. He loved Tom but somehow it was a different love.
      One thing he loved about Tom was the mans tenacity. He had made a mistake and he knew at once that his mistake had ruined the life of an innocent boy. He was relentless in his drive and determination to put an end to the false imprisonment of Mike's boyfriend from long ago. He had no idea what it would do to his relationship. He had never had a lover before and he could not imagine life without Mike in it. Tom had been so closeted when Mike burst into his life that he was overwhelmed by the feeling he felt after his first encounter with the boy, now man.
      He knew Mike two days when they were out on the town together and back in his dorm room together and in his bed together. He had seen another guy's hard cock for the first time that night and to top it off he had sucked it. He had begged Mike to put his beautiful seven inch extension of flesh up inside of his ass and he never wanted to let it leave him again. He knew he had to help the man he loved but at the same time it was tearing his heart out.
      Tom was making inroads in the quickly growing field of forensic science. The field was expanding rapidly and in directions never thought of before. It took all of the power and leverage of the university and a powerful group of attorneys to get the state and the local prosecutor to turn over a sample of the blood evidence in the Ferris murder case. A new science was on the horizon and he wanted to know all about it and use it to prove to people that he was telling the truth about where the blood actually came from.
      Tom had been able to get the doctor that had driven the ambulance that night to sign a sworn affidavit. The one major block was convincing the old doctor that the statute of limitations had long since passed and he could not be prosecuted for dumping a toxic substance. Those things were done in the seventies and even into the eighties but not today.
      Finally, after years of wrangling in the courts and thousands of dollars spent he had a sample of the blood. DNA testing was now a proven science. He had to get samples of DNA from the Ferris family. That was a whole new ball game. That family was not going to cooperate in any way that would set the murderer of their son free. Tom was breathing a little easier. The governor had commuted Marcus Beard's sentence to life. He had been moved to a better place. He still had a lot of work to do to prove the man innocent but he felt good knowing that Marc's suffering had been lessened.
      On October first of nineteen ninety eight an overwhelming decision by the state's supreme court overturned the appellate court's reversal of the lower state's superior court to secure DNA samples of the Ferris family. A search warrant was served and personal items belonging to the young Gary Ferris were submitted for examination.
      The DNA samples taken from the Ferris household proved conclusively that the blood from the alleged crime scene was not a match in any area. Briefs were filed. The governor was petitioned. Writs were submitted. A new trial could not be obtained.
      Mike could hardly contain himself as he joyously met with his former lover Thanksgiving day of nineteen ninety eight. He told Marc everything that he had been doing and the results right up to that day. For the first time in twenty years Mike saw a glimmer of hope in those tired, scared eyes. He wanted so much to hold Marc in his moment of joy. He wanted to assure this tired old man of thirty seven, that looked like he was seventy seven, that he would not quit. He left Marc with hope in his heart for the first time since he was a boy.
      The faster things came together for the young forensic scientists the slower the machine moved. Then on September first of two thousand bells rang and whistles blew. The bottom fell out of the state's case and the governor ordered the immediate release of Marcus Beard and a full pardon was issued to him.
      A nondescript government computer in some small office in a far away town had matched DNA samples labeled Gary Ferris from a murder case to one Gary Ferris aka Gary Travis. Mr. Travis was located in prison in Oregon for sexually molesting a string of young teenage boys over a several year period. He had been in prison under his mother's maiden name since nineteen eighty seven. A reporter was dispatched to Oregon to learn the whole story of where Gary had been for twenty two years.

      Gary walked into his house on that long ago Thursday afternoon. He was battered and bloody. He was confronted by his father who had received a phone call at work from his uncle, the sheriff, about his homosexual son. He took off of work early and had come home to get to the bottom of this. Gary was naked in his room as his father walked in. He saw the bruised and bloody boy standing before him and demanded to know what had happened. Gary told him that Marcus Beard had beat him up but he didn't know why. He told his father that Marcus was a bully and was always picking on him.
      Then his father asked about the reports of his son's sexual habits. He harangued the boy until he finally got a confession. His father then proceeded to anally assault Gary then forced Gary to preform oral sex on him. To add insult to injury he added injury to his insult by beating the kid within an inch of his life. He then ordered Gary out of his house and out of his life forever under the direct threat of death.
      Gary had a forty five year old friend on the other side of town. The friend had been Gary's lover for three years. He was one step ahead of the law as he had another youngster turn him into the police after a rousing bit of sex that entire afternoon. The kid had gotten away and the friend was leaving town. Gary begged the man to swing by and get him and they could go together.
      Gary then lived with the man for five more years when he was tossed out to be replaced by a younger boy. The old man was imprisoned at the same facility as Gary and they spoke daily. The new kid was on the runaway list and was spotted. When the police entered the house with a warrant for the boy they found him the bottom in a lover's embrace. The reporter interviewed the man on the condition of anonymity. He verified everything that Gary had told him. Gary had never known of his supposed death or of the trial and imprisonment of Marcus Beard. For that he was truly sorry. He would have come forth had he known.

      The solitary walker approached the red car. A single figure stepped from the vehicle and met the walker two hundred feet away. The pair embraced as only long time friends, reconnected can. A period of time elapsed which no one particularly noted the length of. The pair then turned to walk over to the car. Mike opened the door for his long lost love and introduced him to the man behind the wheel, Tom. In the back seat was a teenage boy, Tony. Mike slid into the back seat as Marc took a seat in the front, by the driver and shut the door. Quietly the car started and drove away.

      Wrongful imprisonment settlements. Brutality and sexual battery settlements from the two deputies. An overhaul of the county prosecutor's office and an undisclosed cash settlement put Marcus on a good start in life. The highschool students who had testified had saved their copies of the script that they had been forced by the two deputies and the prosecutor to memorize for delivery in court. Four of the jurors came forth with tales of coercion by the prosecution demanding a conviction. The state moved in and made the county pay through the nose.
      Marc moved in with Mike and Tom. Tom has a little brother, Tony, who just finished high school The boy's parents are quite elderly so Tom and Mike had taken the boy in during his junior year. Tony and Marc connected the moment they met. Marc considers himself damaged good. Tony considers him well trained. It is a happier home now with four men washing the walls with their laughter.
      An empty jail cell awaits its next victim but in this case, justice was served.

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