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My Eighteenth Year: Babysitting The Parsons Boys
PJ Franklin <>


My shame was heavy and burdensome, but well earned. I was just eighteen and at the top of my game. A well-respected senior at Grantland High School, I was a straight-A student, accomplished athlete and Vice President of our student body, but nobody is perfect.

I stood, head down in front of Dad's study desk, my ears burning,

"What were you guys thinking, especially you Jon!? " Dad huffed in frustration and he was right. Teenagers and alcohol are always a mixture for a potential bad outcome.

For one thing, I was forbidden alcohol in any form until I was twenty-one. I had partaken at a peer's request now and again, but only in private at the other guy's house and never in a compromising situation. Dad never found out and didn't need to know about those times in my opinion.

I felt the worst for my buddy Kevin, however. He had been cited for drunk driving that night and the last I knew, he was not going to be sitting either in his impounded car or on his butt very comfortably for a good long time.

He had driven us across town with the crazy notion of crashing a rival high school's Saturday night party. I was swimming in a beer-induced haze when we got out of the car and we were immediately challenged to a fight by three same-aged Lincoln High School studs, also drunk.

One of the bigger Lincoln High braggarts pushed me hard and then I pushed back, hard. He took a swing at me with his fist and missed. I swung but I did not miss and he went down like a pile of rocks! The alcohol gave me a very satisfying and very false sense of pride as I glared down at his shock expression.

Needless to say, things got out of hand, a melee ensued and the cops were called. Naturally, my Dad found out and although I was absolved of any wrong doing in the law's eyes, in my Dad's I was in big-ass trouble!

"I wasn't thinking Dad, I'm sorry," I quietly said uncomfortably shuffling my feet and staring at the thick brown belt already laying on his desk top.

"Yes, you are going to be sorry Jon. I am most disappointed that you let Kevin drive in that state and even if you could not stop him, you should NOT have been in the car with him, much less picking a fight with the Lincoln High boys!"

"Dad, we did not start the fight, we just … " and Dad's hand flew up. That meant to keep my yap shut and I did, besides there was no point. I was in the wrong with the alcohol alone despite the rest and that was that.

"I was a kid once too Jon, but you know the rules. Cross the line, pay the fine," he stood up holding the belt.

I moved to the side of his desk, undid my belt and fly, unbuttoned my jeans and shucked them and my boxers down to my ankles. I then stretched myself the full length of Dad's desk and held on for dear life to the other edge.

I had been spanked and hairbrushed at various stages of growing up, always fairly, always painfully, but never without love. I adored my Dad, worshipped him even.

He was a great Dad and spent tons of time living vicariously with me whether I was on a football field, a wrestling mat, basketball court or baseball diamond. I had friends with fathers who spent more time at our house then at theirs and we all knew why; Dad treated them as he did me, with respect and always made sure to say an encouraging thing or tease them as he did me.

I closed my eyes and felt the whoosh just before the first lick came and then it struck like a bolt of lightening! Then the second and then the third and that belt worked its way methodically starting at the crown of my ass down to my sit spot and then back up again with machine precision and rapidity.

Three such passes doesn't sound like a lot, but by the time he finished, there was a good-sized puddle of tears on the desk below my face. I had gritted my teeth so hard that my jaw was aching and I was beginning to get a headache and might even crack a tooth. That was nothing compared to my ass, it felt like dad's leather had turned into an industrial sized blowtorch!

"OK, that's done," he said. I finally could breath and I slowly reversed course, stood up in place, bent over and very gently pulled up my boxers and jeans. I didn't zip myself back into place as I was too sore.

I wiped my face, sighed and turned and walked to Dad. He looked shaken, even a little pale. I chastised myself for having put him through this ordeal, but he was just doing his job, being the best Dad he could. I walked up to him and being just a little taller than Dad, I bear hugged him and into myself.

I felt a little choked up, but said nothing and neither did he, no words were needed. Once punished, it was over, no grounding and usually no lecture, even on this occasion. I went into my room, closed the door and then leaned back onto the closed door.

I shoved my jeans and underwear down to my knees and then fisting my swelling cock, went at it with a fury. Masturbation after spankings and whippings had become a habit for several years now and on that occasion, I got myself off twice, easily, the relief of having taken my punishment like a man working like no other aphrodisiac I would ever think to find then or since.

* * * * * * * * * *

At many American high schools in those days, athletes who participated in high school sanctioned sports events were excused from regular P.E. class. Ours was an exception. It was the opinion of the P.E. faculty that there should be minimal participation of the school's talented athletes with the non-talented boys for the benefit of both.

To tell you the truth, it was an ego-boosting thing for a lot of us jocks. I didn't care one way or the other. It was the rules and besides, I had a body worth seeing naked and didn't mind being admired by my peers or the younger boys in the locker room and showers.

You'd be surprised (or maybe not) the secret idol worship in a high school locker room when one of us studly athletic types pranced around naked, our heavy junk hanging low while theirs hung small, high and shrunken. I always managed to catch two or three younger guys staring and once in awhile, hands covering up what looked to be partial arousal.

The next day, Monday, in the boy's lockers after my whipping, I was no less proud. The one advantage of one of Dad's whippings were the lasting telltale marks about my ass and hips and on this occasion, the reason that I had the marks was something that a teenage boy could easily boast, but I didn't have to say a word.

That morning's P.E. class period was a mix of sophomores, juniors and a few of us seniors. We were dressing down for class when I heard from my right,

"Hey Armstrong! I heard you guys kicked Lincoln high butt the other night! Henderson said you decked a guy, one punch!"

I grinned with pride as I stripped off to dress down to my kit. Soon, all eyes were on me and my naked marked ass including sixteen-year-old Jacob Parsons. Jacob lived across the street with his family, Dad Lee, Mom Arlene, twelve-year-old John and ten-year-old Charlie.

If you think my Dad was tough, Lee Parsons was, in my opinion, a bit overcooked as well as kind of strange. Those boys of his got away with nothing. I had two sisters who hung around with my Mom, so usually it was me alone or me and Dad hanging around the Parsons males across the street.

On numerous occasions over the years, Lee would get pissed off at one or more of his sons for something that seemed trivial to me (and to Dad later when we would talk) and then he would not hesitate to lower the boom and spank them on the spot in front of Dad and I or just me when Dad was not with me.

As Jacob was his first-born, Lee was especially tough on him gaining my empathy for Jacob over the years. At any rate, when I would later finally be back home alone in the shower or my bedroom, I would beat myself off, but only when I got to see older son Jacob get a spanking.

"Yea, but my Dad and I did not see eye to eye about that. He busted my ass but good!!" and I proudly turned so that all could see the results.

The catcalls rang out as well as assorted whoops and hollers as I made a mockery of it all for a few glorious moments before I slipped on my jock and P.E. shorts totally unperturbed. Jacob Parsons was standing only a few feet away and as usual appeared especially mesmerized.

When I caught his eye, he quickly looked away, but I was not fooled and took it for what it was, a kind of jock worship and certainly didn't think any less of him for it after the way I had taken advantage of watching his spankings over the years.

We hit the gym, did the required boring callisthenic warm-ups that morning and then hit the wrestling mats. I was one of the school's top wrestlers in my class and clearly in my element as Coach had me tutor a few of the much less talented boys on a mat way off to the side.

Jacob was among the three that morning and looked terribly nervous as he waited for his turn. I had peeled off my T-shirt as it was getting pretty warm in the large room, but it didn't hurt to have yet another chance to show off my glistening six-pack abs. and sculpted pecs, I had worked hard enough for them after all!

I did my thing with the first two boys as Jacob watched, thoroughly enjoying the experience. I loved wrestling and never tired of how wrestling with another guy is so damn skin-to-skin intimate in a way no other sport really is.

Then it was Jacob's turn. He barely looked me in the eye before he flopped down to his hands and knees as instructed, me kneeling at his side and then I instructed how to protect himself from that position. Wrestler's hands go everywhere on a guy's body during a bout, no surprise there. When I gave the signal, Jacob started to defend and my hand and forearm ended up nestled into his crotch, no big deal right?

Well, on the second go around, I felt something very hard and longish pressing up against my wrist, poor Jacob had popped a boner and in his somewhat too small jock pouch and shorts was a sure ticket to instant public humiliation. As our backs were to the other two boys and the gymnasium in general I caught his eye.

Jacob was terrified. It was one of those wordless I-know-that-you-know what is happening to me moments that I will never forget. I had to act fast and did. I leaned over,

"Sorry, Jacob," and then carefully but decisively wrenched up hard on his shoulder joint. He jumped up yelling and holding it,

"My shoulder! My shoulder!" and I jumped up next to him,

"Oh sorry Parsons! My bad!" and marshaled him half running the both of us over to coach,

"Sorry Coach! I got a little carried away, I'll take him to the training room and ice pack the shoulder, don't worry I have everything under control!"

"Good, good, I'll check it later!" he dismissively waved us off.

I marched Jacob fast out of the gym, nobody including coach, having a clue as to the real reason I had retreated with him and took him down the outside corridor towards the lockers before I slowed down and got us behind the closed training room door.

"I am SO sorry Jon! Please don't be angry with me! I swear to God it had nothing to do with you, I don't know what happened, it will never happen again, I swear! " Jacob stammered as if he had been caught robbing a bank!

"Jacob! Cool down, it's no big deal. It's wrestling, it happens!" well, no it doesn't happen (often enough for me), but he didn't have to know that!

His face dropped, "My shoulder is OK. It did hurt a lot for just a few seconds, but it saved my ass, thanks, Jon."

I looked down, his cock certainly had not survived the little crisis and was back to its limp state.

"OK, well, just stay here a little while, lie down on the table or something before you go back to the gym so coach thinks we did something."

He nodded, "Thanks again Jon, you're great."

I left the room shaking my head feeling sorry for him, no kid any age should have to be embarrassed over a stupid boner. I walked back towards the lockers and then hit the head to pee. I took my time and really didn't want to go back into the main gym, so I stood at the entrance for a while.

Coach caught my eye and came jogging over, "So, how's Parsons shoulder? Maybe I should check and see if he needs the school nurse?"

"Oh! No Coach, it's fine. I have him in there lying down with an ice pack. Trust me, don't bother, I'll take care of it!"

Coach grinned, "Armstrong, you should think about going into teaching, be a P.E. coach, you're a natural!" and he slapped me on the back and bounded back into the gym. That was a close call!

I looked down the hall. Jacob had not come out yet. I sensed trouble. I bounded back down to the training room, opened the door and there was Jacob Parsons laying back on the training table masturbating himself!

"Jon!!" he shot up to standing off the table as I rushed in, closed and locked the door, "Parsons!! What the hell are you doing?"

"Oh fuck, I'm dead!" he squeaked as I stood there, red faced. I was more than pissed,

"Coach or anyone else could have walked in on you Jacob!!"

"I know, I know I'm sorry!" he said in a voice more suited to his younger brother John or even Charlie, his head way down, but his cock still way up!

"I should take you to Coach and show him what an idiot you are! Five maybe TEN paddle swats in front of the whole class Jacob!! That's what he would have done!"

"Yessir, I know," he said very meekly.

"Get rid of that boner!" I barked at him.

"I can't Jon, it's too hard!"

"Ice!" I shouted and rushed to the little training room frig with the ice packs. I fetched two out,

"Get on the table, on your back, now!" and he moved fast. I slapped on the pack, kind of hard.

"OUUU!" he grimaced.

"Serves you right Jacob! Damn you! I should paddle your ass myself! Now you stay here and get that boner GONE!"

"YESSIR!" he yelped, the ice already having its way Jacob's unruly penis.

Well, it turned out fine. Coach did finally check on Jacob, but ice pack in hand, he or nobody else but him and I would know what really had happened that morning.

* * * * * * * * * *

Time passed, about two weeks worth. I had not seen Jacob other than in P.E. class for a while, he seemed to otherwise be avoiding me, but I understood why. It was yet another Monday AM P.E class and I strode in as usual and planted my feet in front of my locker.

The other guys started to stream in and the place filled up with the usual clatter and chatter. In walked Jacob, but he had a terrible look on his face. I didn't think anything of it until he stared to undress, kind of slowly, looking like he hoped everyone else would dress into kit and get the hell out of the lockers ahead of him.

That did not happen of course and then he shucked off his jeans, his head markedly down. I looked, no I stared. He was wearing his younger brother's super-hero underoos! I knew, I had seen Charlie wear them! Jacob was almost literally wedgied into them, they were too small for his rather profound bubble type of butt.

"What the hell Parsons? You some kind of pervert?" one boy yelled.

"Fuck!" I hissed to myself. He must have gotten himself into big trouble with his Dad and lost the "privilege" of wearing his own boxers. It would be just like Lee Parsons to do that to him!

"Hey look, little Jacob got his hiney spanked! Daddy make you wear those for punishment you pathetic dweeb?" another boy taunted all too accurately, Jacob's ass was still pretty marked and the place roared with derisive laughter. I turned, it was a junior, Phillip Yates.

On his best days, Yates was an asshole who always managed to dodge the bullet, Coach always off somewhere else, just like now. Let's just say that he walked around me most days when I was not in the mood for his crap.

Poor Jacob, at that point he would do anything to get the roos off, get into kit and fly into the safe confines of the gymnasium to limit his horrid humiliation. In the process of trying to get them off, he tripped backwards and tumbled down to the floor initiating another round of jeers and peer-pressured guffaws.

"Parsons you make me sick. God, somebody needs to teach you a lesson!" Yates threatened.

I had already quickly went to Jacob's side, helped him up and upon hearing Yates' bullshit, turned and jumped in front of him. I pushed him hard back onto the steel lockers,

"No! It's you asshole that needs the lesson!" turned him face to the lockers and since he had obliged me by being naked of his street clothes, I started to spank him in front of everyone, hard solid smacks on his otherwise nice ass.

"NO! Please! Armstrong, I'm sorry!" he wailed as I got him twenty whacks before I sensed Coach was near.

I backed off and Yates whirled around holding his red butt just as Coach appeared between the locker rows.

"What's going on here? What was that I just heard?" He scowled.

"Nothing sir!" I said.

"Yates?" he glared at Phillip.

"Nothing coach!"

"Get into the gym, all of you now!!" and we scampered and there was not one peep about Jacob's underoos or marked up ass later in the showers or lockers.

* * * * * * * * * *

Several more weeks passed and I didn't see any of the Parsons boys much less Jacob, but then again I had been super-busy too. It was Friday after school and I was looking forward to a nice weekend with my buddies. There was even talk about a senior-centered road trip to the beach headed out that evening. That would rock!

I was outside washing Dad's car for him, but let's not go overboard here, he was paying me to do it. I was humming a tune as I worked, twenty bucks was a lot back then. I turned and behind me I saw Mr. Parsons walking across the street towards me.

I lowered the hose,

"Hi Mr. P!" I greeted him.

"Hey Jon, how much you charge for a wash?" he chuckled.

"Well, Dad paid me twenty for this job!"

"OH! Out of my league for a car wash, but say, might a twenty buy you sitting my boys tonight?

I had babysat before here and there, but never the Parsons boys, especially that I thought Jacob really was too old for that kind of thing. I sensed trouble and should never turn down easy money, but there was the road trip to consider.

"Maybe, I would of thought Jacob was old enough to sit Charlie and John."

Mr. Parsons pursed his lips,

"I've been meaning to talk to you and Mark (my Dad) about him. I don't know what's gotten into him lately. He's been extremely moody and mouthy as well as childish! I even caught him swearing at Arlene a short while back and grounded him. Jesus, I even took his favorite boxers away and made him wear Charlie's underoos. If he wants to act like a little boy, he may as well dress like one!"

I rolled my eyes, but Lee did not notice. Clearly father and son were frustrated together,

"Would you like me to talk to him Mr. Parsons?" I offered rationalizing that in the battle of cash versus beach, money would win out each and every time.

Lee's face brightened up considerably, "That would be great Jon! I think Jacob looks up to you, he'll listen to you, talk some sense into him somehow for me please Jon? I don't care what it takes. I want him to be happy and grow up for God's sake! I swear that boy needs some toughening up!"

I knew what Jacob needed and it was not toughening up, but said nothing.

"What time shall I come over?"

"Arlene and I will need to leave the house about six, thanks again Jon. Boy, I wish Jacob were more like you," and he bounded off back across the street. I sure did appreciate my own Dad a lot more just then.

Six rolled around and I bounded over to the Parsons house in my runners dressed down to a nice polo shirt and cutoffs over my boxers. The boys had already had dinner and the Parsons were ready to roll and stood with me in the front room with the boys.

Charlie and John hovered around me, animatedly giggling and already begging me to play with them. I guessed that I was going to be their private jungle gym but wondered why they didn't do the same with Jacob who should have served nicely.

Jacob stood way off to the side alone, looking a bit moody or guilty or something, I could well guess for what knowing Lee Parsons.

"Charlie and John's bedtimes are 9:30 … " Lee started.

"Ah Dad! Can't we stay up later? It's not a school night!" Charlie complained on the spot, John not having to say a thing on account of his very aggressive little brother.

"No you may not! Jon, both Charlie and John are on very thin ice. They were allowed to stay up later than usual last night because of school projects and I caught them reading comics instead! They both got spanked and if they so much as blink the wrong way tonight, spank them again! You do know how to spank a boy, Jon?"

I shrugged, "Well, yes Mr. Parsons, that's no problem," I replied and watched Jacob's body language just then. He looked so sheepish that I expected Little Bo Peep to come around the corner any second!

"Good! Lower the boom if you have too. Jacob has a punishment belt and a spanking hairbrush in his top dresser drawer. Don't hesitate to use the brush on Charlie and John if you need and speaking of Jacob, he's in hot water yet again, show him Jacob!"

"Please Dad, not in front of Charlie and John!" Jacob complained, I thought a bit too defiantly.

"Young man! If it weren't for the fact that your mother and I are already late, I would send you to your room and put that belt to good use right now, but that will have to wait now!"

Sufficiently bludgeoned, Jacob turned and lowered his loose soccer shorts about halfway and sure enough, there were the half-wedgied underoos. Charlie and John looked to smirk at their big brother's humiliation, but caught my stern eye and backed off completely.

"I said, show him mister, that means completely down!" Lee barked, reached over and pulled them the rest of the way,

"I swear … I should just … " and I saw and felt the deep frustrations and the makings of a disaster quickly growing for Jacob. I had to take strong measures!

"Mr. Parsons! You and your lovely wife should get going. I'll take care of Jacob sir. If you want, I can punish him for you and believe me, after I get through with him, he'll be a very sorry boy," I blurted.

It was crazy. What father would allow another boy hardly a few years older to punish his son? Jacob's eyes widened and I watched a little battle of wills between father and son before Lee answered,

"Oh that would be great! You're a life-saver Jon! Jacob? You will do just as Jon orders, I don't care if you are not sitting for a week, understand me?" Lee came back pretty quickly.

"But … " Jacob said very weakly. Lee glared at his son, "Yes Dad, " Jacob finally said quietly.

We watched Les and Arlene leave the house, get in the car and then back out of the driveway. I turned to the boys determined to put a little joy back into the evening despite having already committed Jacob to part of it being very painful,

"So guys, what shall we do?" I faked a cheesy grin.

"Let's play games!" Charlie squealed, entirely clueless to the last moments of stress in the room.

"I want to read comics in my room until my stupid bedtime," John said glumly and far more realistically.

"Yea, whatever," John said shuffling his feet, glancing up and down at me.

I let John sulk off to his bedroom and as Charlie gathered up what must be every damn board game that had ever been invented by Milton Bradley, Hasbro and Parker Brothers combined, I debated the merits of taking Jacob to his room and getting it over for him or putting it off until later.

"I want to play Life! Let's play Life!" Charlie quickly decided and I just went with it.

Life was fun to play and as Jacob seemed OK, we next went on to a game called Shoots And Ladders. Next was Hungry Hippos. Ever play that? It actually is hilarious. John even snuck back into the room and joined in at that point.

Charlie was next lobbying hard for Candyland. Even I wanted to weasel out of that one, but instead I promised Charlie that we would end up with Candyland just before bedtime if we all could first play my favorite board game, Sorry.

As we played I especially monitored Jacob's mood, but he seemed just fine. I even caught him looking at me from time to time. In my mind's fantasies I had him looking forward to his punishment later on that night which would evolve into erotic jock worship and wherever that could lead. I had to keep a lid on of course, not wishing unwanted external evidence of my thoughts.

Sorry is a very fun and unpredictable game. One moment you are flying high and about to get all of your colored markers into your final safe zone to win the game and then ka-boom, you're smack-dab in last place!

Jacob and Charlie were neck and neck, both near to winning while John and I were hopelessly out-matched; but then, just as Jacob was about to win the game, Charlie drew the right card, sending one of Jacob's pieces back to square one. He yelled, "SORRY!" just as you're supposed to, but then added,

"Just like later when you're gonna get a big whipping from Jon. You'll be sorry then, I hope he lets me watch!" he smirked at his big brother, even sticking out his tongue! Jacob's face melted on the spot!

I had been ten once, but if I had said what Charlie just did in front of my Dad? Well, I did not hesitate.

"Charlie Parsons, that was mean and downright wrong. Jacob! Go get me the hairbrush please!"

"NOOOO! Please I'm sorry, it was on accident!" Charlie jumped up holding his seat as John's and Jacob's eyes got big. Jacob even hesitated.

"Jacob?!" I barked.

"Yes SIR!" he replied and took off.

"YOU! Get to your room and get in your PJs and back here in two minutes or I swear Charlie, I'll spank you first with my hand and then use the brush!" I bluffed.

"OK! OK! OK!" and he took off like a shot!

"John, help me clean up these games," and John flew around the table and room I was sure just glad to be the last boy standing from getting a butt whacking!

Jacob returned first and handed me the brush and helped the clean up the last few game boxes just as Charlie returned. He had been crying of course, but that moved me not. After the games were all put away, I sat on the couch while John and Jacob sat on the carpet in front of us, I had Charlie standing between my knees,

"Apologize to Jacob young man!" I instructed. He sobbed, turned and looked at his big brother,

"I'm sorry Jacob, I won't do it again," but before Jacob could respond, he twirled right around holding his PJ bottoms, betraying his real concern,

"Please Jon! Please don't paddle me!"

I sighed and pointed the brush at him, "YOU are a scamp and a very naughty one! You are getting a big bare bottom paddling!" I bluffed.

He burst out bawling on the spot. I looked at Jacob and John and knowingly winked at them over Charlie's head. Jacob was looking up at me intently but also then gave me an odd smile.

"PJ's down!" I said sternly to Charlie.

"Noooo! Please not on the bare!" he wailed.

"Yes, or I'll do it for you!" I warned and then he scurried and bared his own bottom sobbing loudly.

I lifted him up and laid his cute little bare bottom across my knees. At that point, I noticed Jacob drew up his knees to his chin. I had my fantasies why he would do that. Brush in hand, I started to lightly paddle Charlie's soft rear.

He fairly screamed and threw his hands back. I caught them, rolled my eyes and continued to pepper his cheeks from side to side making sure it hurt, but not too much. He fought me just a little but then just gave in. His bawling seemed sincere and I made sure his bottom was a bright red and then I stopped the paddling.

I stood Charlie up and hugged him and he even crawled up into my lap and hugged me,

"I really am … <sob> … Sorry Jon, I'm sorry Jacob! I was mean, I won't do it again, I promise!" and then jumped off of my lap and went over and hugged Jacob.

"It's OK Charlie, we all make mistakes," Jacob lovingly hugged his little brother.

I made a big show of taking Charlie to his room to tuck him in. He wanted me to promise him that I would not tell his Dad what he had done. Knowing Lee, I saw no reason to put Charlie in double jeopardy and agreed. I kissed the boy good-night and closed the door.

I passed by John's room. As the door was partially open, I poked my head in. John was already in PJs and sitting on his bed, a comic book in hand,

"Hey, don't stay up too late reading, OK?" and winked at him.

John smiled, "I won't! Hey Jon?"


"You're cool, thanks for babysitting us!"

I smiled, nodded and closed the door pretty pleased with myself as I walked down the hallway. Now I had to deal with Jacob. He was still in the front room sitting on the couch and when he saw me, he stood. I walked up to him,

"Your turn mister! To your bedroom!" I said and swatted his ass, "MARCH!" which propelled him forward a bit and one hand covered his bottom as he moved into the hallway.

I entered his room and shutting the door, went over and stood by Jacob who was sitting on the edge of his bed.

"I guess I'm supposed to talk to you and stuff," he said a tiny bit defensively, so I called any potential bluff.

"I did promise your Dad I would offer Jacob or we can forget all that and you can take your punishment, your choice Jacob." He thought a moment before answering,

"Do you think I'm weird?"

"No Jacob, you're normal, just like me," I half smiled at the unintended irony.

"No way. You're popular. You don't have to wear underoos in P.E., you don't pop wood while you are wrestling," he said bitterly.

"How do you know?" I asked. He looked at me, "You're just saying that."

Well, it was time. Jacob needed to know he was not alone,

"The next thing you're gonna tell me is that I don't jack off after dad spanks or whips my ass or after I know that some other guy with a great ass got a spanking!"

Jacob's foot started to nervously tap the floor, "You're just saying that to make me feel good," looking up and down at me and at the floor.

"Oh yea? Jacob, in a few moments, I am going to be giving you a good hard whipping. My cock is getting hard just thinking about it. I am going to enjoy seeing your ass turn red and baring any complications, I am going to find myself a private place later and jack off over it!"

His foot stopped tapping and he looked, no stared at me for evidence. I gave it to him, all right. Hands on hips I jutted out my hips, my tent pretty damn hot if you ask me,

"Is this what you are looking for Jacob? Huh? I said you and I are a lot alike Jacob. Read it and weep Parsons!"

He stared, "Wow"

"Stand up!" I ordered.

"Rather not," he said with a strange little smile and instead drew his knees up. I grabbed his arm and made him stand up, "Stand up!!"  He did. He looked down at his tent and then looked up at me for reassurance.

"Nice! Very nice Jacob!"

"Thanks!" he finally smiled.

"Is this at least a part of why you've been so moody and at odds with your Dad?"

"Maybe," he replied.

"I think it is. Just accept it and yourself. Getting a bone wrestling or after a spanking or looking at a boy is no big deal, it's you. I happen to like you as you are Jacob, just like I like me as I am, OK?"

"Yea," he finally smiled.

"Good, get your belt, you are getting a good hard whipping because you have been a bad boy,"

"Yes sir!" he said with a little gusto. He went to his dresser and got the belt, but then went to his closet and rummaged around a bit. He plucked a paddle from its hiding place!

"What is that?"

"A paddle!" He grinned.

"I can see that! Where did you get it? Does your Dad know you have it?"

"No way! I got it from Mr. Benson's office," and handed it to me. Mr. Benson was our high school Vice Principal and in charge of discipline.

"How did you get it?"

"Remember that false fire alarm a few months ago?"

"Yes!" I grinned.

"I happen to be in his office for punishment swats. I got 'em and just then the alarm goes off. He takes off! He had about five of these things laying around in his office. I took that one and nobody even noticed!"

I chuckled, "Good job! Only, now I'm gonna have to use it."

He blushed, "I know. I … I want you to use it, just like coach does."

"Oh! Locker room fantasies have we?" I grinned.

"Maybe!" he grinned back.

"Strip, down to your … "

"Underoos!" He smirked. Jacob did so and the small garment was stretched to the limit, especially that his hard-on was taking up any possible extra slack.

"OK mister, bend over and grab your ankles three hard swats first, just like in P.E.!"

He swallowed hard. I could see the excitement in his face. He bent over. I sidled up to him and reaching down wedgied the underoos into his ass crack.

"Oh God! My dick!" he hissed.

"Nevermind your dick. If you lose control and shoot a load, I'll just wait and then continue your punishment, OK?"

"OK!" he replied. I rubbed his ass with that nice paddle, back and forth, back and forth and then raised it high and paused. He squeezed his eyes shut and I swooped it down … CRACK!!

"Oh shit! That hurts!!" and his body bobbed and weaved.

"Number two!"  … CRACK!! … "FUCK!" and his head bobbed up and down.

"How's that bone of yours?" I asked.

"Softer!" he said. "OK, the last one!" … CRACKK!!

And he jumped up grabbing his throbbing behind with his palms, danced around in a circle a bit rubbing furiously and finally faced me with an ear-to-ear grin, "I did it!"

"You sure did and he seems to be making a fast comeback," I chuckled looking at the over-full roos.

"Yea! Now I get the belt?" He asked.

"That's correct. Get those underoos off Jacob," I said exchanging wood for leather. He obeyed.

"Over the end of the bed?" he asked. I nodded and he quickly presented me with a very hot red teen ass, up high and ready!

I wanted to relish this moment for as long as I could. I held the doubled up belt and stared down at Jacob's upturned bottom, my cock eager to explode. Then I proceeded to give Jacob lick after lick, up and down, just like my Dad had done to me!

Jacob tried like hell to be stoic, but soon his feet started to dance, his voice yelped and towards the end I pulled a few good sobs out of him. The big surprise for us both? His cock actually kept hard!

"Good job Jacob, I'm proud of you!" I said helping him up to standing. He grinned and hopped about for awhile rubbing his torched bottom, his cock wildly bounding about.

I handed him the belt and paddle and he put both away and then I looked at his erection and down at my tent,

"Ever beat off with another guy?" I asked.

"No, have you?"

"Sure, in summer camp, circle jerks. Come on, want to?" I offered.

He nodded enthusiastically, went to his dresser and tossed me a pair of his clean undies,

"Here, use these, I want you to!" he grinned as he grabbed up his underoos in his fist.

We stood but a few feet apart and masturbated. He would look at me and then down at his efforts, back at me and then when he was ready, he closed his eyes, tilted his head back and bit his lower lip,

"Oh God I've wanted to do this with you for a long timeeeee! …. " and then his body shuddered and trembled as he soaked the roos! I was close behind and soaked Jacob's clean tighty-whities for him!

My fantasy was that as we later sat on the couch together watching a movie, that he would give me some indication that he wanted to experiment a bit more with me, but that did not happen.

What did happen is that before he went back to get into bed before his parents returned, I got a big hug from a grateful boy,

"Thanks Jon. I liked talking to you. You made me feel good about myself."

"Anytime Jacob," I replied and watched him disappear down the hallway.

When Lee and Arlene Parsons returned later, I reported to them that I had punished Jacob and that Charlie and John had behaved. I took the twenty dollars for pay and went back home around midnight.

I hit the sheets that night and relived my few moments with Jacob in his bedroom, the whipping, his ass and our masturbation together. I admit, I kind of sullied the moment by letting it degenerate into a wild night of hot sex between me and Jacob Parsons, but what was the harm? Perhaps I would get another chance at spanking him. More babysitting maybe? Little did I know …

* * * * * * * * * *

My Dad and I seldom argued as I grew through my teen years, but there now seemed something different and unspoken since my graduation from high school. Maybe for him it was that I was leaving the nest soon, his son bound for college a long ways from home and would likely never live under his roof again. One would think that would please him.

Maybe for me it was that I was on the cusp of real adulthood, ready to be out on my own and capable of making my own decisions. You'd think he'd be happy about that as well!

It started out simple, "I'll get a job over at Codman's Warehous, Dad. The wages are good and I'll save up some for college."

"I think you should come down to the office and work for me. Warehouse work is dangerous. I know a lot of guys who get hurt over there."

I looked at myself, I was ripped, a physical stud!

"I'll be fine Dad, no offense, but I don't need to be seen working with my own Dad for a boss."

"What does that mean?" he shot back.

"It means … I'm fine on my own! I'm going away to college Dad, you gonna come with me and change my diapers there too?!"

Admittedly those were strong words spoken with frustration and keep in mind that we were out in the front yard doing some minor landscaping at the time. Out of nowhere at that moment Jacob Parsons came bounding across the street,

"Hey Jon! Hey Mr. Armstrong! Guess what! I got a job at Hal's Diner! I get to start this weekend!"

"Changing what? That's out of line, Jon!" Dad said ignoring Jacob, I think a bit embarrassed that Jacob had likely witnessed our little tiff.

I looked at Jacob, "Hey, that's great! I'll bet your Dad didn't ask you to work with him!"

"Huh?" Jacob looked confused.

"Jon Armstrong! You are acting too big for your britches young man! Get to my study, now!"

I don't know why I said it, but I did, "No! I'm grown up now Dad. No more whippings for me!"

"MARCH!!" he glared at me. Suddenly I realized what an ass I had been. Wow, and that fast too!

"Sorry Jacob, you shouldn't have had to hear all that, see you later."

"No! Jacob, if you are not busy, go with Jon. I think it's high time Jacob here sees the high and mighty fallen from grace!"

Jacob looked at me and at Dad a couple of times. I nodded, "It's OK Jacob. Dad is right," and motioned him into the house. We went into Dad's study.

"What happened?" Jacob asked.

"Oh, we got into a little argument. I want to do one thing, my Dad another. I got fresh-mouthed with him." And stared to undress and get ready for my belting.

Dad appeared soon after and as was our ritual, I bent forward across his long desk, Dad at my side with the belt in his fist. Jacob stood in back of me, right where I would have stood.

"I love you Jon and I know you're a college man now, but while you are still living under this roof, you will not talk to me as you did!"

"Yes sir, I'm sorry," I said quietly and then Dad went to work.

The belt licks tanned my ass good, up and down in Dad's usual pattern. I completely forgot about Jacob's presence as the lesson burned its way into my ass and mind, the puddle of tears below my eyes a testimony to both my pain and remorse.

"Good, it's done," Dad said. I got myself up and turned and then noticed Jacob. He was sitting in the couch nearby, his knees drawn up in a familiar way. Dad and I hugged and then Dad left,

"You may do whatever you want Jon, Jacob … and congratulations on your new job Jacob," and left, looking tired.

I sighed, "Hey, come to my bedroom,"

He nodded and followed and we got behind my closed door. I quickly saw why he had been sitting with his knees up, but by now, I was in great need of relief as well.

"Old times, huh?" Jacob said, staring at my tented boxers.

I nodded, "Yea, so, you got to see me taken down a few notches."

"No, I just got to see a great guy getting into trouble just like everyone else."

I leaned back against my door, I wanted to jack off so badly, "So, want to jack off together?"

He looked at me, "Jon, I've changed. I took your advice and decided to be myself," and started to walk towards me.

"I met this guy a month or so ago and we have a lot in common," and then he stopped in front of me and got on his knees,

"See, like myself, he likes boys and loves to suck cock. Guess what? So do I!" and my eyes bulged out as Jacob Parsons proceeded (without my doing anything) to pull down my cutoffs and boxers and taking my swollen member in his hand, looked up at me,

"Any objections?"

I nodded, "No! No! Go for it!" and he did. Oh boy did he! I had never had a blow job from anyone, much less Jacob Parsons and by the time he buried my longish hard pecker all the way to my pubes, I figured whoever this other guy was, I needed to thank later!

I required hardly any time at all to explode into the boy-across-the-street's mouth. He finished me off and I was still panting and trembling from both joy and surprise when he stood up and shucked off his trousers,

"Hey, I need to get off. Could you give me a spanking over your knee Jon? I've wanted one from you since that time you spanked me only I want to tell Cody about it later, is that OK?"

I nodded without saying a thing and he bounded over to my bed to wait for me, his erection bobbing happily up and down. I sat on the bed side and took him across my lap,

"You can do anything else you want Jon, anything!"

"You don't really mean anything," I said, getting very excited looking down at his hot naked ass and now especially what was between those wonderful full cheeks of his.

Jacob then reached back and spreading his cheeks far apart, pushed his ass way far up towards my head!

"Before Cody spanks me, he tells me that I am a bad boy and need to be spanked and to have my hole fucked with his tongue and later with his cock!"

I thought I was in a dream, a really hot one! Only it wasn't. I whimpered a quiet, "He's right," and moved my mouth closely to his pucker, incredulous that I was about to indulge myself with something I had fantasized for months about Jacob.

I closed my eyes and dove in! …

* * * * * * * * * *

I never did meet this Cody guy. He didn't exist. Jacob Parsons, bless his little soul, had made it all up on the spot. He had messed around with a few guys actually to get experience, but didn't want me to know that until later, so he just made up the Cody thing.

At any rate, he and I messed around off and on that summer. Guess what else? I went to work for my Dad. He was right. Codman's warehouse was not where I really wanted to work and I actually had a good time working for my Dad.

When August came that summer and then September, it was hard leaving home for college after all the growing up years at home. I loved my family and I adored my Dad, but it was time to get out on my own.

It was tough leaving Jacob behind as well, but somehow knew I had not seen the last of him. It was time to go to college and see what adventures lay ahead.

The End

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