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Jesse: The Nebraska Rancher's Son - Part Ten


PJ Franklin

Character summary to date:  Jesse McKensie is twenty-five years old, Randy Wolcott, twenty-four. Clark Wooley, Uncle Nathan's stepson, is nearly thirty years old, married to Miriam, their son Donny is two, one more on the way. Tommy King is Jesse's age, so is his wife Juliann. Randy's godson, T.R. (Thomas Randy King) is  seven years old and C.J. (Clarence Jesse King) is two. Chase Morgan is seventeen.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Now you STAY in bed Wolcott or I'll beat your ass black and blue!" Jesse had scolded me that early morning. I had tried to get up for work as usual, but a bad case of sore throat with tonsillitis was putting me down. Rather, Jesse was putting me down. I didn't want to stay in bed when there was work to be done, that was for wimps and I was no wimp.

Alicia was standing right there with him or I might have risked the ass beating,

"I'm gonna call Doc Beaumont. I think you gotta fever and I think you need a shot of penicillin and maybe get them nasty things taken out with surgery!"

"Surgery? Nooooo!" came bursting out of mine and Jesse's vocal cords simultaneously.

I was twenty-four years old but still hated doctors and needles worse than anything and nobody but Jesse McKensie was getting anywhere near to my bare backside if I had any say. Jesse told me how especially painful that thick white penicillin stuff was to get shot in your rump muscle and as far as surgery? Might as well tell me that I was gonna get castrated!

"I swear! Sometimes you two are the worst excuses for trying to act like roughnecks all day long!" Alicia said with not a little exasperation.

Just then another voice joined the fray, Chase Morgan's and quite unexpectedly,

"I already had my tonsils taken out and I had to take penicillin shots too. Piece of cake!"  he grinned with great and suspicious satisfaction handing to Alicia what looked to me like a rectal thermometer!

I was about to accuse Chase of telling a big fib about surgery and shots being easy when Alicia started to come over to the bed shaking down the thermometer. I was only wearing my pajama bottoms, but laying on my tummy. I never slipped my hands onto my bottom and turned over onto my back so fast in my life,

"You stay away from me with that thing!" I said with the last vestiges of my normal voice, my sore throat pretty much making me near totally hoarse.

Jesse rolled his eyes knowing that I would never let "Mom," as we sometimes called sis, take my temperature from the bum-side,

Jesse took the hateful thing from Alicia's hand and sat down at my bedside,

"Here, I'll do it. Scoot over my knee Randy," Jesse commanded.

And do what, let Alicia and Chase see me get my butt-hole invaded by that little glass dick? I felt my face blush worse than any high temperature could cause.

"No!" I complained, followed by "OUCH!" when Jesse's hand landed a firm spank that my thin cotton PJ bottoms had no chance of muffling.

"Alicia!" Jesse glared at her. Alicia shook her head,

"Good grief, you'd think this was some kind of cowboy kindergarten. OK, I'll leave the room, but don't go trying to fool me about the temperature, I know it's right around one-hundred one!"

"Oh please sis, everyone knows you can't tell what the temperature is just with the back of your hand!" Jesse countered on behalf of men everywhere as Alicia exited.

"Over my knee partner!" Jesse said patting the location.

I sighed and did as I was told pretty much ignoring Chase who lingered in the doorway. He took a look down the hallway and made sure Alicia was out of earshot,

"I lied because Ms. McKensie was here. You just stay as far away from them shots and surgery Mr. Wolcott, they both hurt like hell, the surgery for days after!"

I could only smile a little as my throat was throbbing, but appreciated Chase's confession as I slid over Jesse's knee and relaxed.

The cooler room air hit my bared bottom as Jesse slipped my PJ bottoms off and they fell to my ankles. Despite my illness and throat pain, my penis instantly erected causing me to hump Jesse's knee a little until I remembered that a much younger man, Chase, was standing near-by watching the scene.

Even then, I didn't really mind. Chase had worked his way into our lives and hearts over the several months that had passed since he first arrived. Jesse and I had unsuccessfully tried to keep Chase at arm's length as far as treating him equally with the other ranch hands, but by now most of them were very transient, no longer permanent live-ins.

Chase was not transient, he was becoming family to all of us. Alicia confided to Jesse and I not long after that barn whipping that we had given Chase that he thought of us as fathers, uncles or even big brothers, anything other than just a temporary employer.

We also found out that he was dropping by to visit Georgina Coleman, the church lady who had taken Chase into her home during his time of need, once a month and was giving her some of his hard-earned wage so that she could keep on affording to help others.

"I plan on it Chase," I said in a bare whisper as Jesse's hand firmly settled and spanned onto my bare cheeks as he slipped the glass rod into my bottom hole. Despite my illness, I still enjoyed the submissive feeling I always got when perched over my lover's knee.

Jesse's free hand came to my forehead, "Sure does feel like you're burning up some partner" and I had to reluctantly agree.

After the mandatory two minutes, Jesse slipped the device out and read the thin mercury line. He blew a low whistle,

"Wow, she was right. One-hundred one, right on the money. Take this back to Alicia, Chase, and let her gloat all she wants."

"Yes sir Mr. McKensie," Chase said and took the glass rod, closing the door behind him.

I was quite comfortable just as I was, if not entirely energetic anymore. Jesse's hand was smoothly petting my backside and my willie came back to life so I pampered myself by humping Jesse's knee a little.

"I swear you could be half dead yourself and your dick would still want to fuck something," Jesse said.

I managed a weak, throaty chuckle, "You bet I would," and just kept doing it since we were now alone.

"Oh all right," Jesse said with fake exasperation and without invitation his hand slipped under my hips and grasped my hard dick. Oh it felt good, but I also knew that if he got me off I'd likely be done in for a few hours if not more.

I moved my arm and hand to reciprocate what felt like some empathy on Jesse's part and he caught it, "Nope! Not this time Wolcott. You're to just lay still and enjoy," so I did, suppressing a giggly temptation to tell Jesse how good a nursemaid he was.

Jesse's talented middle finger then found and penetrated my butt-hole, so much better than that thin glass rod and he started to finger-fuck me. I could just tell that I'd have one shot at this, so I better make it a good one and did. He pumped and I humped and in no time, I was moaning loud and drenching his fist with my stuff.

I was instantly exhausted and weakly climbed off Jesse's knee and curled up under the top sheet of the bed. Alicia would mind me the rest of the morning and afternoon as Jesse, Chase and the other hands took care of the ranch.

I would awaken in the late afternoon from yet another nap for a dose of medicine to fight fever and the sight of Doc Beaumont at my bedside. Sure enough, my bare butt was eventually bared to Doc's awfully long syringe needle. I don't know why, but that shot of penicillin felt so much worse then even a good lick with Pa's old leather strap, but I got it over with soon enough and the penicillin did do a good job in just about two days.

About six weeks later, the "worst" did happen, I got my tonsils taken out in a hospital in Omaha. At my age, it was awful painful to beat the band for about three days, two of which I spent in the hospital afterwards.

It was two more days at home in bed again before it was finally all over. I'd rather have got my ass strapped black and blue and force fucked a couple times than do all that again. Thankfully, if the job is done right, the damn things don't grow back.

Doc Beaumont made sure they didn't; but there were two important silver linings to the dark cloud of illness and my surgery. Chase and I got to know each other a lot more on account of his faithful visits to the hospital while Jesse took care of the ranch and the second thing came in the form of a plain paper flyer that Chase brought in one day during a visit. That little flyer would add change to our lives for years into our futures.

In fact, it was just the day before I got to finally go home that Chase sat by me in my room. I was ravenous for food and drink by then and was gobbling down some not-so-tasty soft hospital food and really missing Alicia's four-star country cooking.

"Hey Mr. Wolcott, what do you think about this? Every hear of this … gay rodeo?" and handed me the flyer as I tried to eat a rather tasteless Salisbury steak on my plate.

Let's be honest, Jesse and I lived in pretty good isolation and were not all that well versed on the less violent language of city-style homosexuals. Oh, we bantered around the word "queer" and finally learned what "bent" means and all and who wasn't familiar with the bad words folks used like "faggot."

But to read the phrase "gay rodeo" in print on the flyer struck me real oddly at first.

"Gay rodeo, Chase?" I said, obviously looking a bit disoriented as to what it really meant.

"Well sure Mr. Wolcott. There's lots of homosexual cowboys liking rodeo, just like you, me and Mr. McKensie; only we been doing rodeo with all the other straight fellas like in Burwell or Omaha. This here is just for guys like us!"

I read the flyer. It was advertising a new "gay" rodeo event in Dallas, Texas of all places, the last place on Earth I would have thought to allow homosexuals to congregate.

"This some kind of joke Chase?" I asked as I spooned up a small heap of washed out canned corn and feeling pretty cautious about something I'd never heard of before.

"Well, I don't think so sir; but just imagine it. A young guy like me, looking for a beau like you have Mr. Wolcott. There's no chance here in Nebraska. I figure if this thing is real, maybe I could meet somebody, a queer young cowboy like me. Fall in love and all, just like you and Mr. McKensie."

I sat back in my chair and about choked on my mouthful of food, kind of stunned by what Chase had just said. I looked at him, then away from him, feeling a bit ashamed and instantly realized how real and rare my relationship with Jesse really was and especially in a place like Nebraska. I had taken it for granted. Chase certainly did not!

I instantly recalled the two times in the past several months that Jesse and I caught Chase staring at us from around a corner on the ranch somewhere, Jesse and I kissing or outright necking, thinking nobody was watching. I never took his feelings into consideration. I lost what little appetite remained for hospital food just then.

I picked up the flyer and read it as if it could be true, "Tell you what Chase. If this is real, this needs some looking into. I'll give it to Alicia, she'll know what to do!"

Well, Alicia sure did know what to do and as the saying goes, the rest is history; but that history is well worth the telling, believe you me!

* * * * * * * * * *

Three months and nearly 800 miles drive to the south over three days and two nights later …

I could not believe it even though I was doing it, right out in the open in a 7500 seat arena (indoors no less) in Dallas-fucking-Texas, holding hands with Jesse as we paraded around the infield in a giant oval with all the other gay cowboy rodeo participants.

The stands were filled with cheering folks and I could hardly look at Jesse for the tears running down from my eyes from the overwhelming emotion. His eyes were as red and wet as mine and that was before we spotted Alicia in the stands close to the animal pens screaming her head off and waving a pretty good sized rainbow colored flag to boot.

"Go Randy! Go Jesse! Go Chase! GAY PRIDE!"

Bear in mind, Jesse and I were proud of each other and of who we were and all, but never knew about "Gay Pride" in a group sense. We kind of knew there were others like us, but to say so out loud in front of thousands like Alicia had just yelled and she wasn't the only one by far, was something entirely new.

I looked at Jesse and hesitated, but he didn't. He gave a war whoop, "YEEEAA!" and we looked back at Chase who looked awestruck. We motioned him forward and the three of us held hands until the parade stopped for the color guard and flags and singing of the National Anthem.

It had been a whirlwind 24 hours, that was for sure. We had caravanned our two long trailers with our calf-roping ponies and living quarters, Alicia and Chase in one, Jesse and I in the other. We kind of took our time having left the ranch to Tommy King and Clark Wooley.

Quite frankly, only Chase and Alicia were entirely convinced that this gay rodeo stuff was real. I wasn't and I knew Jesse wasn't, but deep, deep down, we both wanted it to be real, we did! Well, we got to Dallas, Texas in one piece alright and went to the Fair Park Coliseum, Jesse and I convinced that if fifty gay cowboys showed up, it would be a miracle.

Fifty? As we drove into the parking area for our trailers, the place was teeming, hundreds, no thousands just like us. Jesse and I got out of the truck and gawked for a full five minutes, not believing that all these men and women were gay, just like us. In fact, it took Jesse walking up to a small group walking by and asked them right out, "Are you guys gay?"

"Well of course! This must be your first time," the older gentlemen winked at Jesse.

Jesse, Chase and I proceeded to enter ourselves in as many events as our skills and horses would allow, but it was damn hard to concentrate on rodeo when you're surrounded by all kinds of guys just like us from young like Chase to older men into their seventies and eighties. It just went on from there. I didn't sleep well at all that first night, I was too excited to even concentrate on sex, neither was Jesse!

The thing that really took us by surprise over the next few days (even though it shouldn't have) was the skill these men had. Many of them could compete at the highest level of American rodeo if it weren't for the fact that they didn't care to hide their sexuality any longer and only competed in the gay rodeos around the country.

We learned that gay rodeo was by then about ten years old having started in Nevada and spread to unlikely places like Colorado, Wyoming and Texas. It was in California as well, a place one might think more likely. At any rate, to be in Texas at a gay event seemed entirely miraculous to us guys from a fairly closeted state like Nebraska.

We did meet several older male couples from Nebraska, more near to Omaha and a few female couples as well, nice folk all and we exchanged addresses and promises to meet up in the weeks and months ahead. Alicia was having a great time as well, especially pointing out to Chase who she thought "might be a good catch" for him.

Well, Chase Morgan didn't need a whole lot of encouragement or help from "Mom" whatsoever. There were not a lot of guys Chase's age, but those who were tended to be plenty handsome or "Hot!" as me and Jesse would observe.

Jesse and I had our own trailer and had planned to kind of keep it to ourselves. We could hold hands and kiss in public during the day and then slither back to our trailer after a fairly lusty night of beer chugging at a local "gay cowboy bar" called the Blue Bull, our first gay bar experience for sure.

Hot sex was the plan, that was certain, but sometimes plans get changed unexpectedly. We had trusted Chase to Alicia's care, but he got off by himself which was no problem until just about midnight, we discovered our young protégé in the presence of a young jet-black haired bull rider by the name of Reid Harwood.

Reid was from close to Des Moines, Iowa and just about three months older than Chase, but a lot more experienced. Alcohol flowed freely in the evening after the rodeo events to those who were old enough to obtain it, but Reid and Chase had no problem getting their mitts and mouths on a goodly amount of brew that night.

Jesse and I were just about to get our own private party started inside the trailer when we heard muffled laughter and noises just outside. Jesse poked his head out the door and said loudly enough,

"What the fuck?!" and then I had to look, of course.

There was our Chase on his knees in front of this cute young man and about to unloose the boy's hard dick from his Wranglers for some impromptu fun. The boy was holding both of their still half bottles of beer and grinning ear to ear down at Chase, also grinning ear to ear.

Jesse's unplanned shout brought Chase up to standing and the boy stumbled back some and up against our trailer,

"Oh shit! I'm sorry, we didn't … I mean I didn't mean to disturb … "

Just about then, we noticed that we were not the only onlookers. Alicia had already poked her head out from our other adjacent trailer and said about the same time as Jesse,

"Well, what do we have here!?"

"Oh God!" Chase said looking fairly humiliated at his three adult benefactors.

"Seems Chase caught him a good one, hey Sis?" Jesse grinned.

"Sis??" the young stranger said with some alarm.

Alicia ignored the boy's chagrin and strongly hinted,

"Randy, Jesse, how about you bunk up with me tonight if it's not too much bother?"

Yes, I wanted to fuck around with Jesse and him with me, but Chase needed our trailer much worse than we did.

"Good idea, but first, what's your name cowboy?" Jesse asked a very nervous young man.

"Reid Harwood sir. You must be Mr. Wolcott or Mr. McKensie," the young man said very reverently and Chase quickly added,

"I told Reid about you all. He lives with his uncle, but he had to come to this rodeo on his own on account his uncle disapproves."

"Well, Reid is welcome as long as you and he get along then, right Randy?" Jesse asked me.

I smiled, "Take our trailer Chase, you and Reid and have a good time, OK?"

Smiles of gratitude crossed both boys' faces, but especially Reid's,

"Mighty good of you men. Not often I've run into so many that don't threaten or cuss a guy out just because he wants to love another man."

Once again, the blessing of having a truly accepting and loving family struck me as something I had been taking for granted.

After Jesse and I fetched our gear for the night from the trailer, Reid and Chase then bid us goodnight and closed the door behind them. I sighed and followed Jesse up into the other trailer with Alicia not either of us sorry to simply enjoy a quiet evening with Sis, what little there was left of it.

We had to laugh however and feel good for Chase. Before sleep finally took the three of us away, that other trailer was literally rocking and rolling with young lust, the kind that goes on for hours into the wee hours of the morning.

* * * * * * * * * *

So, was Reid Harwood "the one?" Everyone thought so, especially Chase. He and Reid seemed to hit it off from the get-go. Reid ended up coming home with us from Dallas after that wonderful weekend of discovery and fun.

We all thought it would last, Reid and Chase together that is until about a week later. A fight broke out between Reid and Chase in the middle of the night.

Chase had caught Reid having sex with one of our transient ranch hands, in and of itself nothing to be concerned about save that Chase took great offence, thinking he and Reid were going to be monogamous together like Jesse and me.

I'll never forget the scene, Chase was besides himself and in tears holding an ice pack to his right eye from the punch Reid had landed and Reid doing the same to his left eye from one of Chase's haymakers.

"You said you loved me Reid, you lied!" Chase accused.

"Yea, I said that! But I never promised anything else. Jezuz Chase, I'm only seventeen, just like you! I don't want to settle down yet!" Reid returned.

Flustered, Chase yelled back, "I don't love you anymore, get the hell out of here Harwood, you're not welcome anymore!" and ran into the house.

Little sleep was had by anyone that night and the next morning, Alicia drove Reid Harwood to Omaha to stay with Georgina Coleman so he could decide what he wanted to do next. Needless to say, Chase Morgan acted disappointed, but not defeated,

"Just wasn't meant to be, that's all … " but Jesse and I could tell that he was heartbroken deeper down. So the story of Reid and Chase ends there, right? … Wrong!

Hardly a week later, Alicia got a call from law enforcement in Omaha about one Reid Harwood from Des Moines, Iowa wondering if we would take responsibility after his release from jail.  Jail?  What on earth had happened?

That morning, Jesse, Chase and I learned that Alicia had dropped off Reid at Georgina's in Omaha having trusted Reid with a goodly amount of cash money to give to her to help with Reid's room and board. Alicia left thinking it was all settled.

Reid met Georgina all right and stayed with her for a single night, but the money never changed hands and Reid left Georgina's place and proceeded to spend all of the money that Alicia had given him on female hookers and booze.

When the Omaha police finally arrested Reid for solicitation, he was nearly drunk to unconsciousness and was quoted as shouting before he passed out,

"I ain't no fag, I ain't no fucking FAGGOT!" words that Chase Morgan especially took great offence,

"Just leave him there to ROT IN HELL! Serves him right!" was Chase's opinion, one that Alicia, Jesse and I could easily understand; but life is seldom that cut and dry.

People, especially boys and girls who are trying to live in a world not exactly accepting of who they are, make mistakes, some of them costly; but that doesn't mean they don't deserve a second chance.

Reid's family in Iowa were contacted and outright rejected him coming back home. That put Reid in a very delicate situation that none of us, save Chase that is, could tolerate.

Believe me, the long trip to Omaha to bring back Reid Harwood to live with us for at least the time being was one of the most stressful and tense of all of our lives. We took Chase with us, we had to. He was an important part of our family and had to be included no matter that he was very angry and totally against Reid Harwood's return.

The policeman in charge put Reid in a room alone and took the three of us inside of it to hash out the details. Reid looked awful, dirty and haggard from a night in a jail cell but that did not deter Chase Morgan who immediately lit into Reid with an unforgettable tirade,

"Well, look at you, the high and mighty straight boy Reid Harwood. So you aren't a faggot? Well, I am Reid. I'm gay, no matter that you think you're not, but that doesn't matter,"  Chase said with more calm than any of us ever expected.

"What matters is what you are and you ARE a fucking thief! You stole money from my family Reid, money entrusted to you for a lady that does more good for assholes like you than anyone in the State of Nebraska … you ought to be horse-whipped Reid Harwood. If I had my say and I probably won't, I'd have Mr. Wolcott and Mr. McKensie take you into their barn and give you the ass whipping of your sorry life and make you pay back DOUBLE to what you stole!"

Chase stopped there, shaking like a leaf and looked at Alicia, Jesse and I,

"That's all I got to say. Bring him home if you like, I don't have to have anything to do with him," and then slumped down into a chair looking away from Reid as the rest of us did look at him. Reid spoke,

"I'm … I'm deeply ashamed and humiliated. Reid is right. I'm a good for nothing thief. I stole money from the same good people who took me in and trusted me. I broke the heart of a cowboy who … who … I really do love. I do love you Chase Morgan!! … I just got afraid."

Chase didn't move or reply, but Jesse did reply,

"Unless you're afraid to ask forgiveness and accept the consequences of your actions Reid, you're welcome to come home with us. You can work as a regular hand and you will pay back the money you stole. Because you're not really family, Mr. Wolcott and I won't hold you to the worst of it however, but Reid is correct. If you were, you'd not be sitting down for several days after the bare butt whipping that you'd surely get once we return."

Well, that was that for then. Reid agreed to terms and was released into our custody, no charges really filed by the Omaha police. The trip home to the ranch was only slightly less tense than the trip to Omaha. We had Chase sleep in the house that night to make sure nothing more happened between them that night in the regular bunkhouse.

Reid was warned to not be found soliciting sex from anyone without permission, especially from the other male ranch hands until his debt was paid and his next life destination decided.

Chase treated Reid Harwood as an equal over the next several days, no more or less, but it was easy to see that having Reid around was tough for Chase. Chase really did love Reid and by the looks of it, Reid felt the same; so it was no surprise when shortly after, two young cowboys approached Jesse and I after supper one evening.

"Mr. Wolcott, Mr. McKensie, I done a lot of thinking and heart-searching since you took me back in. The fact is, I have no family back in Iowa anymore. You men have taught me how a real man ought to be and act and Chase here has taught me what real love is, " and Reid's chin started to quiver a little as he looked at Chase,

"We talked it over and patched things up to start over. But the deal is, I want a family too and I'll do anything to get it. Chase here says that I need to ask to be punished like you said I needed and I agree and ask you to take me into your lives if you can still see your way."

Chase then leaned over and planted a quick kiss on Reid's temple and Reid blushed ten shades. There was no need to ask Chase what he thought.

"I wasn't kidding Reid, Mr. Wolcott and I are going to thoroughly roast your backside and it ain't going to be pretty or feel good," Jesse cautioned.

Reid swallowed hard, "Chase told me what it was like. I figure I owe you and Mr. Wolcott and Ms. McKensie that and plenty more if you think I need it."

"What about me? What if I think you need a good spankin' on that hot ass of yours from time to time?" Chase grinned and teased, but in doing so took Reid's hand in his.

Reid grinned back at Chase, "Then I guess I'll just have to do it!"

So the die was cast and we went right to it. Chase took Reid to the barn ahead of Jesse and I and we took our time walking to the barn behind them. I looked down at Jesse's groin and like mine, he was fully turned on with anticipation.

When we walked into the barn, there was Chase, standing up tall with his arms folded next to a buck naked Reid Harwood. Chase's Wranglers showed plenty evidence of arousal, Reid's exposed penis did not. He looked plenty worried however and the furrows in his brow deepened when he saw Jesse approaching with Pa's old leather razor strop, oiled up and ready to go!

"You'll get fifteen licks each from Mr.Wolcott and I, Reid. After that, you are going over Chase's knee and he is going to wear out his hand on your whipped tail!"

"I am?!" Reid replied looking plenty surprised, but quickly got with the program, "Yea, I am and I'm looking forward to it!"

"Yesssirrs" Reid said with appropriate humility, his feet picking up and setting down from a jolt of uncomfortable energy.

Just as Jesse before me and I before Chase, Reid Harwood was made to lay buck naked over a prickly, dry bale of hay and hold on for dear life. Sleeves rolled up and the strap handle in hand, Jesse gave his licks first.

Jesse spared no power and by ten licks, tears were rolling down Reid's cheeks and his face twisted up in pain, his small yelps starting to turn into louder howls even before it was my turn. I watched Chase and his face expressed everything from reluctant satisfaction to honest empathy, but he never lost his arousal either.

As for me, I was sorry that Reid had to hurt and feel a lot of pain, but he had earned his hot red ass without question and having been on both ends of it myself, I did not feel one bit of guilt for enjoying the sounds and sights of a good barn ass whipping. Neither would I ever consider myself above the need of it as long as I remained Jesse's partner in life.

We offered, but Reid manfully declined a few minutes rest between Jesse's strapping licks and mine. His actual words were,

"Maybe if my Pa and Uncle had taken the time to tan my hide once in awhile rather than just tell me to fuck off, I wouldn't have been so tempted to screw up."

I did feel a bit of guilt for not wanting to let Reid off the hook and take it easy on him when I swung the strap across his already welted behind; but he would heal, even after Chase had his turn. One thing was for certain, there should be a lot less temptation to stray from good behavior when you knew that doing so was going to cost you a couple layers of precious backside skin.

Reid's face honestly showed the results of my handiwork, by now he was opening sobbing and kicking his feet with each strike, but you had to admire any boy or man who could hold his position like Reid did and do nothing to lessen his misery.

We helped Reid to his feet and he wiped his face of tears and snot glancing back at his punished backside. Chase looked down at Reid's thoroughly beaten behind then sheepishly slipped his hands into his Wrangler pockets,

"I reckon it would be OK to not spank him now, his ass looks plenty punished to me."

I looked at Jesse and Jesse at me. We would have agreed, but Reid quickly intervened,

"Not so fast partner. You just better do it now while you got the chance, 'cause one of these days it'll be my turn and I'm gonna enjoy giving your cute can a good hard shining!"

If there were any remaining doubts about Reid Harwood fitting in with his new family, they were quickly dispelled and so was Chase's reluctance. I would have loved to stay and watched them, so would have Jesse; but we were in a state of lust for each other by then and left the barn to the boys and practically ran to the house and up to our bedroom.

We had completely re-done Ma's and Pa's bedroom with a walk-in shower with two heads even before such things became commonplace. The bed was huge, a California king-size and the closets had plenty of storage. One side of the room had a long and high trophy case that contained many a memento of past rodeo victories, a couple of old refurbished saddles that had belonged to Pa McKensie and tons of pictures of family and such.

Our clothes flew off of our bodies in record time and we hugged our naked bodies together,

"I love you so much Jesse, it hurts!" I said in between two long luscious kisses.

"Not as much as Reid's butt hurts I reckon!" Jesse replied.

"I don't know about that partner!" I said feeling the urge to try and overpower my lover and make him my hot catch of the night, so I did!

We might both be approaching our mid-twenties, but our lovemaking still reminded me of the heady days of our teen years together. We still wrestled and romped as if trying to prove ourselves all over again and we almost always ended up on the floor, one or the other of us on top, the other content to be the bottom-boy for the night.

This turned to be my night and as I lay my full body on top of Jesse's on the carpeted floor, our erections pressing hardened flesh into each other as well.

"You ready to get your brains fucked out cowboy?!" I grinned down at him.

"Bring it on stud!" Jesse grinned back up at me.

I still could not believe how handsome a boy he had been the first time I set eyes on Jesse long before and grew ever more handsome in my eye the older he had become right up to the present moment. Jesse had a heart as strong as a lion's, but carried himself in a meek and humble manner. He could never be mean or petty, just a bit stubborn on occasion.

The truth was, I felt both lucky and blessed to be with him. I envied and idolized Jesse and tried to be more like him. All Jesse did was let me be myself, not always an easy task either.

I lowered myself to Jesse and we kissed, then I got up, grabbed his hand and pulled him to standing. I slapped my lover on his hot bare ass hard,

"Get in that shower cowboy!" and another spank propelled him forward.

The hot steamy and lush shower water was no impediment to love-making. We soaped and rinsed each other before I put my lover on my knees before my rigid cock and he went to work giving me a long oral pleasuring, not ignoring my need to feel his finger slowly snaking in and out of my butt-hole.

We got out of the shower and dried each other off, then I took Jesse to our bed and we spent the next long minutes curled up in a tight sixty-nine, our lips, mouths and tongues pleasuring each other's backdoors.

I turned my lover to his side then and entered him from behind, hugging him tightly to myself and then took my time with long steady strokes, his experienced butt muscles in rhythm with my strong hips adding even more pleasure to our efforts.

My mouth found his and we kissed and our tongues danced together as our connection down below did not lose one beat. I emptied my balls twice inside my lover that night and then I emptied Jesse's into my mouth twice as well. It was more than the usual for us, but I guess knowing that Reid and Chase seemed on the mend just energized our efforts.

* * * * * * * * * *

That night would not be Reid Hardwood's last barn whipping, just the only one he would ever get alone, Chase would see to that. The two boys became inseparable for better mostly, but when the worst came, they would take the blame and punishment together, but that's not important right now.

What is important was that finally, that old bedroom that Jesse and I had occupied upstairs for all of those first days, months and years of our relationship finally had new occupants, Reid and Chase. It made my heart glad with warm memories of my first days with Ma and Pa McKensie, God rest their precious souls, and made it feel as if a circle had finally been closed and a new one opened, the days ahead full of promise.

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