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Jesse: The Nebraska Rancher's Son - Part Eleven


PJ Franklin <>

Character summary to date:  Jesse McKensie is twenty-five years old, Randy Wolcott, twenty-four. Clark Wooley, Uncle Nathan's stepson, is nearly thirty years old, married to Miriam, their son Donny is two, one more on the way. Tommy King is Jesse's age, so is his wife Juliann. Randy's godson, T.R. (Thomas Randy King) is seven years old and C.J. (Clarence Jesse King) is two. Chase Morgan and Reid Harwood are both seventeen.

* * * * * * * * * *

The color brochure was pretty inviting looking,

"Big Bob's Big Sky Bed and Breakfast. I never heard of a place with a name like that. What do you do there?" I asked, innocently I might add.

"I reckon the 'bed' part is 'cause they got beds there to sleep in and that 'breakfast' part is 'cause they serve you chow in the morning," Jesse's sarcastic voice replied, him with a straight face.

Reid and Chase were standing in the kitchen with me, Jesse and Alicia, all of us drinking some of Alicia's life-saving morning java before work and the mood was a bit tense. The fact of the matter is, you can't live and work with anybody under foot day and night for the better part of nearly ten years and no matter how much he is indeed the love of your entire life and not eventually have off days and even bad days with him.

I looked up from the brochure and felt a sour face coming on,

"Well, ain't you God's gift to the travel industry. Maybe ought to send you there so this Big Bob can kick your ass!" I replied.

Sometimes you just get on a bad roll that way whether you don't want to or not and a bad day can easily stretch into a bad week or in our case, a couple more than that! A guy just gets under another guy's skin and vice versa and there's nothing much more to it save that when the mole hills of life turn into mountains, it's time to do something about it.

"What you two need is some quality vacation time off together away from this place," Alicia said to Jesse and I just the other day.

"That's bull … what I need is for him to stop bellyaching about the other night down at the bar," Jesse had said to me with Alicia standing right there.

It wasn't anything, not really. We both looked at other men, the good-looking ones that is and on our best nights out together we did it together. But sometimes it was a solitary venture and when eyes wander like that, feelings can sometimes get hurt.

"Well maybe I'll send you to Big Bob instead, whip some sense into your smart ass!" Jesse yapped at me.

"Ah come on guys, you're both making out like this is a big deal or something," Chase stuck his nose in.

"Shut up Chase!" Jesse and I said at the very same time causing Reid to feel a little offended,

"Now there ain't no call to be getting on my boy like that!"

"How about you zip it cowboy! You ain't got no experience to be opening up your pie hole!" Jesse shot back at Reid.

"How about all of you shut the fuck up!" Alicia finally piped in with a rare use of curse-words, glares for each of us. We all did as she said and coffee cups were all brought to our lips.

I sipped at my cream and sugared brew and sighed, feeling equal measures of frustration and guilt. The guilt part was a bad habit of mine making me feel like Jesse would be better off without me. Yes, I know, that's a load of bull-crap; but sometimes, old habits die very hard.

I started for the kitchen back door, wanting to be alone just then and got about as far as my hand on the door-knob,

"And where do you think you're going young man?" Alicia said behind my back.

My emotions instantly welled up. All I could hear was Ma McKensie just then, pulling me back.

"Just want to be alone for a bit, that's all, " I said hiding my quivering chin from Reid and Chase for shame and from Jesse for spite.

"More like to sulk, let him go sis, he's being a pain in the ass right now anyway," Jesse said. I hated it when he was right.

I opened the door, turned my head and glared at Jesse, "Fuck you Jesse" and slammed the door as I self-righteously strode out into the yard by myself.

I didn't get very far before I stopped walking. The air was cold, crisp and still, it was barely sun-up and usually the best part of the day. If you don't feel good at that hour, then you're in for a long, hard day.

But what I noticed that being alone, even just that far from the man I loved was self-defeating. I felt like a fool and had embarrassed myself in front of Reid and Chase to boot. I wanted to go back, I did, but that was another bad habit of mine, running.

So I ran or rather walked and not down the road towards the highway as I had so very long ago, but to the far side of the barn and sat down with my back to the tall old wooden wall and looked out over the back field my arms wrapped around myself on account of the remaining morning chill.

I waited, but not long before a figure stood at my side and then sat down next to me. I swallowed hard and said nothing, neither did he. He slipped his arm between my neck and wall on its way to my far shoulder and proffered the color brochure onto his knee,

"Says here they got horses and stuff already, lots of hiking and fishing. You ever been to Montana?"

I looked at him finally, at Jesse's beautiful face. He hadn't really changed much in our ten years together. I noticed his skin was a tad bit blemished now. Lots of extreme weather will do that, but to me it just made him all the more handsome.

I took the brochure from his knee,

"How could I, you robbed the cradle before I had a chance to do much of anything."

I saw him grin out of the corner of my eye as I read about what the small dude ranch had to offer a couple of old wizened cowboys like Jesse and me.

"We ain't got no choice. Sis already booked us a week there. Says she and the boys can do just fine. Tommy and Clark will look in and all."

I relaxed and lay my head on his shoulder as his fingers massaged my temple. It felt good for him to do that.

* * * * * * * * * *

Nestled at the base of the Bitterroot Mountains of Mineral County at the far west side of Montana, St. Regis is a far piece from our ranch in Nebraska, two days hard drive even without a horse trailer to slow us down. Jesse and I both drove the truck like maniacs and with the help of good in-state and interstate highways; we made it as far as Sheridan, Wyoming before finding a motel for the first night.

We were too dead tired of driving to do much other than find the closest greasy spoon diner to eat, hit the sack for a good night's sleep and then get up to drive the balance to Big Bob's the next morning, but what a balance it was. I was used to the flats of Nebraska by now and somehow pictures just don't do the lush pine filled mountains and region called Montana any justice at all.

Just a very short distance from our destination I turned to Jesse,

"You ever want to live any place other than Burwell?"

"You mean here?" Jesse replied reading my mind.

"Yea, this place gives you goosebumps!" I replied.

"It is pretty good looking at that," and just about then we spied the small sign for the driveway into Big Bob's.

Bob's had a main guest house, a big bunk house for groups and the usual big red barn and stable with a couple of large corrals. Forested mountains surrounded us, all within horseback distance by the looks of it. We got out of the truck and a tall older man approached,

"Welcome cowboys! You must be Randy and Jesse out of Nebraska! … say, haven't I seen you two somewhere else before?"

Jesse squinted, "Reno … gay rodeo, the … Blue Bronco Bar!" and then I remembered as well. It had been a few long months since our last sojourn to our favorite family activity with Reid and Chase.

We had indeed met a very large, but jovial soul of nearly sixty years named Bob Pladgett at the gay cowboy bar one night in Reno, Nevada. Just like everyone else at the gay rodeo in Reno, Bob was there simply trying his best to find suitable western style fun and not have to worry about what the rest of the world thought of men loving other men.

"That's right! A guy like me won't soon be forgetting a couple of good lookin' boys like yourselves, well, let me show you around a bit or would you like to unpack first? Your room is just this way!"

It wasn't like anyone was in a hurry, so we got the big tour. The barn was huge, larger than ours back home and well cared for. Bob had day hands come in during off-season when guests weren't around to help out with maintenance.

Nothing seemed unusual until he showed us the barn's newish tack room, a kind of indoor woodshed-like addition built onto the older parts of the ancient building. It had lots of aromatic leather saddles and such, but then in one corner I spied an old saw horse and leaning up against it, about half a dozen wood switches, but the looks of them, hazel wood.

Come to think of it, I had seen a number of hazel trees along side the road leading into Bob's place as well a small grove nearby the barn. That was not all, two well oiled whipping straps hung still on the wall in back of the saw horse.

I got goosebumps looking at the straps and switches and not from thinking about living in Montana, either. Jesse and I were plenty young compared to Bob, but the prior reliable fires of passionate love-making had kind of left us as of late. I could not remember my last good spanking or whipping at Jesse's hand, for hot foreplay that is, one of the hallmarks of our teen and early twenties together.

"Oh sorry. I usually put those things away when the season gets rolling. Even my gay guests tend not to understand why I keep them out," Bob explained, his face looking sad.

I looked at Jesse and he at I. I detected the same "left-out" feelings in his face and eyes,

"Don't be putting those away on our account," I said, "Mind if we ask why you keep them?"

Bob sighed and looked at them, "Long story. Let's just say that they are more a … a memorial than useful now-a-days."

Memorial. I didn't like the sounds of that, but had to know, "Memorial?" I asked.

Bob folded his arms,

"I don't like to bother others about it. I had a lover, a much younger man a few years back, Philip. He … he got angry with me one day, left me and went to California. He got AIDS … he came back to me … I did my best to take care of him … he died … all of them died, still do."

I cringed and saw Jesse do the same. Bob continued,

"I'm sorry, what I meant to say is that Philip was fond of a good spanking and whipping once in awhile. Made him really horny and me with him. He taught me how to enjoy such things, but since he died, I never really cared for doing it. Philip was special that way."

Hearing about Bob's loss of Philip made me feel exceedingly guilty and I could tell Jesse felt the same. Bob took us to the main house then and showed us our room. It was really nice and being upstairs, quite private. We unpacked and meandered about the property after that and until dinner time, neither of us in much of a mood to hike or get on horseback until the next day, maybe fish early in the morning.

Bob was a fantastic cook, even by our high standards and since it was just the three of us, the after dinner conversation flowed easy. Bob told us about his adventures over his life, some of them sad like Philip, others so funny that Jesse and I had tears.

"Enough about me, tell me about you young bucks!" he grinned.

We did and took turns including our sad moments when Ma and Pa died so sudden, but also about the good times and how we met and such, Chase and Reid included.

"And what brought you boys out here in the first place, vacation from the hustle and bustle?" Bob asked.

We could have said anything and kept it to ourselves, but Bob had this effect on Jesse and me too, unintended of course. You just wanted to open up to Bob like you would to a father. God knows we both missed Pa.

"Well, let's just say that we've been at each other's throats for a bit now. Sis thought we could use some time without the business of running the ranch and such," Jesse said kind of quiet-like. I nodded,

"Pretty much," and felt kind of embarrassed for having to admit given Bob's sad past with Philip and all.

"Happens all the time. You boys just use your time here to get back to your roots, OK? You just tell me if there's anything at all I can do to help."

I didn't say what was on my mind just then, but I had not put those straps and switches out of my mind since seeing them in the barn's tack room. I wanted to say something to Jesse, really bad, but the words had become hard to get out and even that felt bad. How had we let things get this far?

* * * * * * * * * *

We slept in the same bed that night, but nothing happened between us. The next morning we got up early and went fishing with Bob and made a good catch of things, enough in fact to provide for the dinner table that evening.

It was fun, more like old times, but it didn't seem to last. Later on that day, Jesse seemed distant and distracted. I took that to mean that he needed some time to himself so feeling kind of down about it and without telling Jesse, I rounded up Bob to help me choose a horse to saddle up and wandered about a few miles from the property.

I actually was out for a few hours longer than I realized, but who cared? It was my vacation too, was it not? I thought it was no big deal and as I finally meandered back onto Bob's place there was Bob and Jesse standing there waiting for me.

"Where the hell have you been Wolcott?" Jesse said looking pretty upset. His tone made me feel defensive right off the bat.

"Just out riding, so? Bob knows I saddled up!"

"Yea, he knows. But you didn't tell me, maybe I wanted to go with you? You could have got lost or hurt or something!"

Ordinarily, Jesse's little tirade would have seemed caring or at least protective. Right then, I was not in the mood. I had spent the entire time riding and ruminating over our relationship, that maybe it was over and I was too damn naïve or needy to see the truth. It was a horrible feeling.

"Oh really? Do you even give a good god damn?!" I said dismounting and started to lead the horse back to the barn with an instant sense of wrong-doing. I had no cause to accuse Jesse of those awful things and knew it.

Suddenly, he was in my face pointing,

"Do I care?! Good God Randy! How can you say that!?… I don't have to listen to this bullshit!" and then ran to the main guest house, leaving me in his dust.

I felt awful, devastated and stupid standing there holding the reins to the horse. Bob came up to me,

"Why don't you give me the horse Randy, go find him. While you were gone, he and I talked. He feels badly about how things have been between you boys."

Tears started to well up and I handed him the reins, quietly saying, "Thank you Bob."

I walked to the house, my stomach filled with dread. I walked up to our room and opening the door, saw Jesse stretched out on our bed. He got up to sitting and looked at me. His face was red and wet. He had been crying.

"Do you hate me?" I quietly blurted. It was not quite the right thing to have said. I didn't think Jesse hated me, more like I hated myself and how I was feeling.

"I missed you. I wanted to talk to you, work things out. When you weren't there, I thought you had decided you didn't like me anymore."

This was too much. I felt like a useless fuck up and tears started to run down my face. I felt helpless and couldn't move.

Jesse did. He got up, wiped his face and I kind of backed away as he came up to me, took my hand,

"Come on! This has gone on long enough!"

His voice was strong and determined and his grip on my hand hard. I was grateful and said nothing, quickly stepping behind and down the stairs with him and to the outdoors. There was Bob, walking back towards us. Jesse went right up to him, me still in tow,

"Bob, we need you right now please!"

"Oh?" he said looking a little surprised and we followed Jesse into Bob's big red barn and did not stop until we had walked through the tack room door and right up to the sawhorse with the switches still standing up against the horse's old worn cross-beam, the oiled leather straps above.

Jesse faced me, the palms of both hands came up and gently caressed my face, his eyes soft and wet, "I love you more than my own life Randy, but we've been off track for months! We forgot where we came from, how to love each other and make love to each other," then he looked at Bob,

"Please, Bob. You know how to use these switches and straps, Randy and I are both bad, misbehaved cowboys. We've neglected each other and let too many days pass without keeping each other's precious needs taken care of."

Then Jesse hugged me and I him, the hardest hug I had from him in weeks,

"I'm sorry that I rode off Jesse. I didn't mean to worry you. I've been heartsick over us and just couldn't find the way back for thinking over it all," I confessed and we looked at Bob.

Bob's face was solemnly moved by emotion, "I'll do anything you boys ask of me, it would be an honor."

Jesse stepped back, "Then we both get a whipping, me, a switching. Randy can choose which ever he thinks he needs, right partner?"

I nodded, "Yes … I need a good old fashion ass whipping with one of those fine straps please."

"You boys best prepare then," Bob said quietly.

I stepped to the side, Jesse was already stripping off naked and I did the same. I have to say that my dick  finally and easily got really hard and I had not even felt like masturbating for days now. I had no idea what Jesse had or had not done with himself we were so out of step.

I stood admiring his beautiful body, still sinewy strong as he pulled out the saw horse, carefully handing the switches to Bob.

"You're gonna straddle sideways over the beam and hold on tight Jesse."

"Yes sir, Bob," Jesse said with a firm pout of determination. I squatted down in front of the horse so that I could see his face, not really interested in how his ass would look until later maybe.

Bob approached, practice swiped the air with a wicked cut making a sound that only a nicely cut switch can make and then went to work. Bob knew what he was doing from the get go, landing hard cuts across Jesse's beautiful ass, one after the other.

I watched Jesse's reddening face, his wincing eyes and grimacing lips, all of it honest.

"It hurts Randy! And I deserve all of it!" he said as Bob swished that wicked switch about one cut every five seconds or so to about a count of twenty, then he stopped and said,

"You ready for the real truth of it Jesse? A hard and fast finish, no mercy!"

Jesse nodded, "I am Bob, give it to me good!"

My heart was pounding. I knew how painful a switch could be and was proud of my man for wanting it!

Bob then gave Jesse a longish series of rapid hard cuts that filled my ears with a continuous buzz of licks and finally Jesse's pleas,

"Oh please stop Bob, it hurts too much!!!" and tears were running down Jesse's face, but he never took his eyes off of me nor did mine leave looking at his.

My jaw was slack and my mind focused as it used to be, with fascination and empathy for how Jesse looked and a deep abiding respect for how effective a good hard whipping could be. And yes, my dick was leaky with pre-cum just like it used to be.

When Bob finished, Jesse just stayed down, weeping and sobbing some,

"Tha .. .thank you Bob! That feels mighty painful right about now!"

"Get up when you can Jesse, you did yourself and Randy proud," Bob praised.

Jesse finally stood and arched his back, his finger-tips gingerly feeling the ridged welts. He lifted his leg over the horse's cross-beam and showed me his ass. Holy mackerel, it was one mass of beautiful welts, but it was not for me to touch just then.

It was my turn. I plucked off one of the nicely oiled straps from its hook on the wall and handed it to Bob. I straddled the horse, bent over and gripped the end as best I could.

Jesse knelt in front of me, his ass too painful to allow the contact of squatting, his eyes well above my gaze. He still wanted to be close somehow, so he scooted forward and cradled my head in his hands,

"Be brave cowboy, just like you were when Pa used to give us whippings long ago."

Him referencing those early years like that about made me lose it, I was already on such tender hooks, but Bob's attentions soon had my mind focusing on why I was naked and bent over.

I had quite forgotten how painful a skillful whipping with a well-oiled leather strap can be. Maybe my ass had grown a bit soft over time, but that strap felt like a ton of wasps stinging and torturing my cheeks with it's fiery licks, one after the other!

I cut loose and just started to bawl, the pain forcing months of frustration from my eyes,

"I'm sorry Jesse! I so love you! I hate feeling so apart from you lately!" I sobbed loudly, my ass throbbing, but my mind feeling very clear as a good whipping is prone to make me do.

Bob stopped, "You had enough cowboy?"

I got my breath, I could have gone on, but I had other ideas,

"Good for now Bob, thank you, but I think I need to finish this in a different way."

"Good then. You both make me feel so good, you taking care of each other like this, it's grand to see! I'll leave you both to it!" and Bob left the tack room.

Jesse helped me to standing and we hugged, his dick very hard, mine getting there very quickly.

"I need you to finish it Jesse, a good hard spanking over your knee … that is if you love me."

His intended chuckle was interrupted by a single sob, "Love you? I'll show you how much I love you Randy Wolcott … but only if you show me as well, OK?"

I nodded, we gathered up clothing and found our way up into the upper hay lofts, a favorite location from the past. We finally grinned and felt each other's punished bottoms and then spread clothing for us to sit on.

I sat first; I wanted Jesse to spank me last. It was not easy sitting on my punished ass, but I took the discomfort as a part of our commitment to each other. Jesse lowered himself across my lap and I could only admire his humility and beautiful body chiding myself for months of useless deprivation of such simple pleasures. I softly rubbed his wonderful and hot round (and very red) ass cheeks,

"Do you need a good hard spanking Jesse McKensie?" I asked him.

"Yes I do Randy Wolcott, please show me you love me, spank me hard!"

And I did. I wore my hand out on his ass for about two long minutes! Jesse whimpered, wiggled and kicked a little but kept his ass pointed up just right! He looked back at me when I stopped, panting from the effort,

"I feel lots better, do you?" he sobbed just a bit.

I nodded, "Yes, I do. Do you want more?" I asked him.

"Only if you want to give me more Randy. I just want you to feel like you're the most important person in my life."

I waited for guilt to well up, but when it didn't, I knew I was satisfied,

"You've already done that Jesse, I don't need to do more," and I helped him up. His cheeks were deeply scarlet and very swollen now, but it was my turn.

Jesse yelped as he sat, "Ouch! Damn this is like more punishment," and we finally smiled together.

I lay myself over his lap feeling so natural and even calm, recalling some of our early teen play times together in the hay loft back home.

His hand rubbed over my ass and it just made me kind of purr for a moment.

"Randy, do you need a good hard spanking?" Jesse's voice asked only it was kind of soft and very loving.

"Yes Jesse, I do, very hard and please … let me just be like a long time ago, don't stop until you break me, OK?

"OK," he said and then shifted me about. I put my hands squarely on the hay strewn wooden floor as his hand then rose up off of my bum.

Jesse then spanked me, hard and fast and quickly took me way back in my mind to those first days and weeks of our budding teen relationship with Ma and Pa and the girls. The pain built, my tears flowed and my mouth finally called out,

"Please Jesse!! Ouuuuuu! Please stop!!"

"Not yet Randy, not yet, you're not done yet!"

"Noo!" I said and my hands flew back. I always did that and he knew it and caught them. It only made me feel all that more close to him just then. My pelvis angled up my ass higher and I waited.

He spanked me a second round and my butt was crying out for him to stop and I took to just plain bawling my eyes out and finally went totally limp. He stopped and rubbed,

"There, that's my loving good man, taking his whipping and spanking that makes me so proud of him,"

He leaned over and I turned my head and we kissed, finally, and the kiss went on for a bit and I crawled off of his lap in such a way as to not break that kiss.

He stood and I with him, the moment transformed from pain, tears and punishment to that special feeling you get when your mind is cleansed of fear and guilt and only love and peace remain.

That hayloft now seemed like two hundred degrees, it was so hot and our skin was wet with sweat, our hair mussed and matted with hay particles as well, but there would be no stopping what followed. I dropped to my knees and started to suck on his dick.

Jesse may have let me, but was too anxious to share it with me and we quickly arranged a quad of hay bails and managed to cover up most of the harsh surface with our clothes and then lay together in a very tight sixty-nine, me on the bottom.

It had seemed ages since we had last shared our bodies like this, our tongues lapping and drooling about and inside each other's buttholes, rimming with loud slurps and then sucking each other's cocks in the same position for a very long while.

But there was more to share and we changed positions, laying together hugging our wet and sloppy chests into each other, kissing, sucking each other's mouths.

"Me first, then you do me," I whispered.

He grinned, "OK," and he turned his back to me twisting his neck far around. My lips met his still just as my cock-head found his back door.

Our slippery sweaty bodies provided the lubricant and I slipped my hard cock into his butthole and pushed in, rather hard. He gasped a bit but that did not deter either of us,

"Fuck me Randy, fuck my ass good!" he urged me.

I did. I pumped and fucked and we rutted on top of those hale bales and it all seemed so natural and good and yes, fun and when I shot my load, I about screamed how much I loved him just then.

There was but a brief pause and he got in back of me, both of us still on our sides and he wrapped his arms around me like he used to. My ass found his hard dick-head and guided him to my back door,

"Now fuck me like you used to way back, Jesse, like a bull fucks a cow, hard and sudden like!" I said, not really wanting it easy.

"Fuck yea," Jesse whispered and I felt his hug turn into a bondage, him capturing me for himself and his strong legs parted my thighs and he put his dick-head right at my hole's entrance, I helped him to line it up.

I felt his hot breath and closed my eyes. Just then, I felt his dick enter me, force me open and the pain welled like an explosion. His hand slipped over my mouth. I yelled into it and froze, my body wracked with that awful exotic torment for just a moment.

It calmed relatively quickly but having taken my breath away, I was limp and then he pushed in harder,

"Jesse!!!" I yelled but he started to pump himself inside of me, "Yes, I know," he said and then he started to fuck me and in earnest. I then got into rhythm with him,

"Yes, yes! Fuck me cowboy, breed me Jesse!" I said with a silly grin on my face, my arms and hands clinging onto his.

"Take it cowboy!!" he hissed into my ear and then shot his load, far up into my body. I could feel it, I could feel him so far inside of me that it felt like we were the same person for a short while.

* * * * * * * * * *

That night, after a long hot shower and wonderful dinner made of the fish that we all had caught that morning, Jesse and I cuddled up half naked on a settee in front of the guest house fireplace, Bob sitting in his big overstuffed chair not unlike Pa used to in our downstairs back home.

Bob strummed on his guitar, humming old western tunes, sometimes singing a few lyrics. Jesse nuzzled my ear and whispered,

"I love you Randy. I enjoyed spanking you and making love to you again, everything we did."

I smiled, "I did too. I don't want it to stop. I want to it be like when we first met again."

He sighed, "You remember that time in back of Pa's truck coming back from the airport when I wasn't asleep and lay my head on your shoulder just to feel close to you?"

"Yea, just in case I wasn't going to fall in love with you," I remembered with a wide grin.

Then he lay his head onto my shoulder, his eyes closed just as he had those many years before in the back of the truck. I hugged him, kissed the top of his head and then looked at the dancing flames in the fireplace a long moment before I closed my eyes as well.

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