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Jesse: The Nebraska Rancher's Son - Part Twelve


PJ Franklin <>

Character summary to date:  Jesse McKensie is twenty-five years old, Randy Wolcott, twenty-four. Clark Wooley, Uncle Nathan's stepson, is nearly thirty years old, married to Miriam, their son Donny is two, one more on the way. Tommy King is Jesse's age, so is his wife Juliann. Randy's godson, T.R. (Thomas Randy King) is seven years old and C.J. (Clarence Jesse King) is two. Chase Morgan and Reid Harwood are both seventeen.

* * * * * * * * * *

My eyes fluttered open from sleep and I groaned by habit alone knowing it was about four in the morning and still plenty dark out. At first I thought that it was time to get up and start ranch chores back home. Then I remembered that Jesse and I were on vacation in Montana! Halleluiah!

I remembered sitting together with Jesse downstairs the night before in front of the wonderful fire with Bob and must have fallen asleep. I couldn't recall coming up to bed, but I had done that before back home, Jesse making sure that I always got safely up to bed me still mostly asleep.

I sighed. Jesse was spooning me and seemed still asleep, so I smiled and snuggled my naked body back into his. The bedcovers were already half off of us, Jesse's right arm lazily thrown over my side so I gently pressed my palm into his hand, kissed the back of it and then clutched it closely to the side of my face,

"I love you so much baby," I whispered aloud relishing the thought of another rare vacation day spending all of it with the love of my life.

Just then, Jesse stirred and shifted himself. I knew he was awake when his hand started to slowly rub my face and he pressed his nakedness into my back, his cock stirring to at least half hard in my butt-crack.

I softly moaned and pressed my butt cheeks together to tease his cock to fully hard. Then I heard a deep throaty warning,

"You keep that up cowboy and I'll breed your hot little ass right this minute!" and pushed his advantage further, pressing me mostly onto my tummy, his strong thighs and legs surrounding mine and his hands capturing my wrists.

I moaned and slowly humped his hard pole up and down through my ass crack also humping the bedding below me with my hardness.

"You think you're the boss of my ass?" I teased him with a slight giggle, grinning ear to ear.

"Damn right I am!" he replied and got up on his elbow, leaned down and kissed my face.

"I think my ass owns your cock. You can't help but get hard and want to fuck my hot ass, so who owns who?" I said still grinning. I could just feel the wheels turning between his ears for a long moment.

"Sassy boy hey? I think you need to be put in your place!"

I expected Jesse to make a move to maybe give me a couple spanks and prepared to playfully resist when suddenly he flipped himself over entirely to his other side, his back to me and said nothing.

"I thought you were going to put me in my place," I said turning over onto my other side toward him.

"I am. Now shush up, snuggle up to me and get some more sleep, I'll take care of your sassy attitude later!"

I could not help but do as I was told. Our equality as partners in life as well as in work or even in the bedroom could never hide the fact that I still loved it when he took charge of things his own way just as he was now.

I said nothing as I snuggled myself into him, threw my arm over his side this time and he grabbed my hand and kissed it gently still saying nothing. I didn't think I had any sleep left in me as my hard cock was having a difficult time calming down but I was wrong and drifted off back to sleep.

* * * * * * * * * *

When I opened my eyes again, there was light out and Jesse was gone from the bed!

I hurriedly slipped on nothing but an old pair of sweat pants commando style and excitedly rushed downstairs. Bob met me at the base of the stairs holding a coffee cup and grinning ear to ear,

"Mornin' Randy!"

"Mornin' Bob, seen Jesse?"

"Oh he was up a bit ago. Told me to tell you that when you're awake to get out to the red barn pronto!"

"Oh? What for?" I grinned back at him already knowing "what for."

"Said you would ask that and said to just do it!" he replied.

I asked no more questions. I just hauled ass to the outdoors still bare-chested and barefoot. The air was calm but not too cold and the high Montana blue sky clear of clouds. I stopped just short of the closed barn door, hands on hips,

"Jesse?! You in there?!" I yelled.

Nothing. I grinned to myself, "Jesse?! You say something or I'm going back to the house, you hear?!"

Nothing again. I wasn't fooling Jesse and knew it.

"Randy!" I heard my name from behind me and just then a calf-rope flew down over my head and in a second of time I was captured, my arms secure to my sides!

"Hey!" I yelped and managed to turn to see Jesse fully dressed, Wranglers, boots, button-down shirt, the works.

"Hay is for horses! Look what I got me, a hottie! I think I'm gonna take him somewheres and work his fine ass over!" took up all the slack and started to try to haul me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

I was a bit shorter than Jesse in height and in the years that had passed since my meeting him had not made much of a change for weight, but still was a little skeptical,

"Jesse! I'm too told for this!" I said mostly to egg him on.

"The hell you are! You're just as much a boy now as you were when we first met!" and then manfully slung me over his shoulder.

"Put me down you big bully!" I screeched at him barely able not to laugh, secretly grateful that he still thought of me as a boy and had not hesitated to manhandle me. Then I felt a hard spank on my backside,

"Shush up boy! You're in no position to complain and besides, there isn't anyone to rescue you! You're mine!" and he opened the barn door and carried me inside to a set of hay bales that he had obviously prior arranged.

Jesse set me down on my feet just a moment before he sat down on the edge of the bale, loosened the rope and shucked down my sweat pants. Out bobbed my very hard cock in front of him.

"Well what do we have here? Sausage for breakfast?" he quipped and the next thing I knew, Jesse had slid my hard pole nearly full length into his mouth and I had to steady myself by putting both hands on his shoulders as Jesse thoroughly sucked me just short of unloading my balls in to his mouth.

"Not yet for you! You're not getting' off light sassy boy!" as two hard spanks stung my bottom cheeks just after his mouth popped off of my cock and I found myself hauled across his lap, me momentarily dangling in mid-air.

I steadied myself and started to hump my bare front side into the denim covering his thigh and moaned with the shear pleasure of it. Save the afternoon before, Jesse and I hadn't been this playful in a long time! Another hard spank landed on my bare buns,

"Now you stop that humping me like a dirty little boy unless you want a good hard whippin'!"

I giggled and did it again, "Fine, but I ain't gonna stop!"

Five more stinging spanks landed keeping my dick rock hard, but so was his given the denim bulge pressing into my side.

"That's what I thought. You're nuthin' but a horny little slut. Guess I'm gonna have to give you a good whippin' with this leather to get your day started!"

My head swung around just in time to see the blur of a dark brown leathery length give me a good hard lick, followed by two more. It stung like the devil and made my legs jump, but true to form, my naked ass lurched up and since my legs were not bound, my thighs splayed a bit.

"Look at you! You're askin' for it boy! You better get that ass down or I'm gonna tan it good!"

"You're nuthin' but a dirty old man!" I replied and jutted my backside even a little higher for him.

Then Jesse lit up the spot where my thigh meets my ass with three good swipes and then went after the center of my bottom cheeks with five more!

"Ouuuu! OK! OK!" I said, but then humped his thigh hard a couple times enjoying each effort.

"OK what? OK stop? Or OK, beat my ass another ten hard licks, which is it horny-boy?"

I grinned "Ten more licks!"

"Say please!"

"Please may I have ten more licks!" I smiled and got my ass all perked up and ready for him.

"Ten more it is," he said and then dished out ten hard fiery licks of leather all over the back of my thighs and my ass. Oh boy did it sting! But my dick was already oozing a pretty large wet spot on Jesse's Wranglers.

"Hmm, yes. That's more like it. Look at that pretty ass, best damn ass in the whole West and so nice and red now!" and then I felt Jesse's fingers part my stinging butt cheeks apart and his hot moist breath in my butt crack. His tongue started to slurp and lap at my backdoor one hand caressing my face, the other hand firmly fisting my erection all the while I was still jack-knifed across Jesse's knees. It had felt like forever since we made any kind of love in the morning, much less this and I wanted more!

I started to hump up against the hard bulge in Jesse's Wranglers. He came up for air,

"Something there you want you handsome hunk?"

"Don't let me go, just make me suck that fine dick of yours!" I asked.

"You got it cowboy, all yours!" and Jesse eased me down off of his lap to between his knees and on my own knees. I watched Jesse pull his hard dick out the fly of his Wranglers. It looked super delicious to me, the tip already leaking.

I leaned down and about gagged myself engulfing his hard tool clear down until my face was almost literally slamming into the denim around his penis again and again!

"Oh God yes Randy! Suck that dick!" Jesse urged me, his hands now gently caressing my head, his fingers running through my hair. I was gulping and slurping up and down on his thick shaft, the taste of it both familiar and yet still exotic.

"Jesus Randy that feels damn good!"

And then something changed inside of me and I couldn't help myself, I needed his dick so much that I started to whimper. The more and harder I sucked his dick, the more my voice whimpered.

I almost felt that if I stopped or slowed down that I would wake up from a dream and Jesse wouldn't be there. I had no idea where the feelings were coming from, but Jesse took note.

"Whoa! Hold on there baby, are you OK?" and he gently eased me back and slipped down to the dirt on his knees in front of me and hugged us both together so closely that it nearly took my breath away.

My throat got a big lump in it, "I don't know what happened, I just … "

"Shhhhh, you don't need to explain baby," he said huskily while I vainly tried to put in words what I was really feeling.

Jesse brought our faces together all scratchy with his stubble rubbing a little over mine. Then he moved his lips over to mine and we kissed, a long hard deep one and I tasted him mouth to mouth and relished the reliable familiarity of his scent and his tender caring.

Jesse's hands moved down to my ass and his fingertips dug into my tingly butt cheeks,

"I almost got you up with me but then I wanted to make good on my threat and surprise you, hoped you would like it."

I weakly smiled and hugged him close to me,

"You did surprise me. I did like it, I always like it when you put me over your knee and stuff, but … " and just that quickly, my gut seized up some and the feelings clarified some,

" … but you stopped doin' it quite a while back and I figured maybe you were tired of it … maybe tired of me," and that last part made my eyes mist. I had not realized that I could still feel vulnerable like that.

Suddenly, his hands firmly grabbed both of my shoulders and pushed me back a little. His face got a little red and his voice a little stern,

"I know we been having a few problems, but what would make you say something like that Randy? Me tired of you? Are you nuts? I outta beat your ass black and blue for worrying over that!"

Then Jesse stood up, helped me to standing and then I steadied him while he shucked off his Wranglers and took off his shirt. He was as naked as I was now. He sighed and hugged me close again,

"Sometimes I think you're tired of me too. You might just take off and go back to California or find some other cowboy to love."

My chin started to quiver. I never suspected he might feel the same as me. I slid my hands down to his hot round muscular ass and spanked it as hard as I could! SMACK!

"There ain't but one cowboy I care about and love Jesse and that's you! So get that silly thought out of your head or I'll be the one giving out a beating!"

"Maybe you should … I miss it from you just as much as you miss it from me."

"Fine and I'll do it even if Chase and Reid are right there watching too!" I said and meant it too!

"Fine! I don't give a damn what they see us do!"

"Fine! Then I'll beat your ass and then fuck your brains out in front of them!" I grinned.

He laughed, "Probably send them both running back to Omaha!"

"Or back to their own room to fuck!" I laughed with Jesse.

His face grew serious, "I reckon it's just human nature to have times of doubt. I talked to a couple guys at the rodeo last time. They had lovers and such and it's not easy and not always smooth running when two guys get together and all. There's lots who don't like it when guys do that."

Jesse and I had never really sat down and talked about past struggles or confrontations about same-sex things as we had experienced like that one time long ago in Burwell with Tommy King when Ma and Pa were still alive. Now Tommy was as much family as anyone and outright said he loved us being together and all.

"I don't care about what others think. Let 'em think what they want and maybe I will go back to California some day, but only if you're there at my side Jesse. I can't live without you," I said and felt very deep down.

Jesse pulled me so tightly into himself that our crisscrossing hard-ons kind of hurt, but I didn't care. His hands were roughly pawing at my red butt cheeks and mine at his strong muscular mounds. Our mouths were pressed together tightly and our tongues rubbing and slurping inside of each other's mouths.

Jesse parted the kiss and his hands came up and clutched on either side of my head,

"You are as cute now as you were the first day I set eyes on you at the airport. Damn I love you!" and then kissed me long and hard again.

When we parted again, I needed more of him inside of me,

"Come on gorgeous, I want to ride that hard pony of yours!" and took my lover by the hand and helped him to lay down on the hay bales on top of our clothes to prevent hay prickles.

I got on top of him, straddling up on my knees above his hard cock and then grabbing the stiff shaft, aimed it at my butthole, spread my thighs and started to move down on it.

"Oh fuck yea! Oh yes, ride that pony cowboy!" and Jesse moved his pelvis upward.

"Take me Jesse, just fuck me hard!" I insisted and his hands went right to my hips and then he thrust upwards, hard!

"AHH!" I yelped, it hurt just a moment and then I started to ride him like you do when you ride a mechanical bull in a western style bar.

Jesse's hips swayed and thrust up, I swung my arms free in the air like when you ride a really high roller coaster, "Ride 'em cowboy!" I shouted.

Jesse then grabbed my cock and pumped me hard all the while bucking and swaying side to side.

"Here it comes cowboy!" Jesse shouted out the obvious and started to groan and grunt and just about then I shot my load as well,

"Whaaaaahoooooo!" and spattered his tummy, chin, face and even some on the hay bale just as Jesse was filling me up!

I collapsed down onto his chest into a long kiss, both of us already drenched in a day's worth of sweat from the effort and it was still early morning.

* * * * * * * * * *

We left the barn, me feeling giddy with happiness and him grinning ear to ear. We were holding hands, we had seldom been able to do that outside of our own property or at the gay rodeos we had attended.

We showered and shaved and after we dressed and got downstairs, Bob had a wonderful breakfast all plated out for us and told us to get out to the barn with him and he would help us saddle up horses for a long day of riding and hiking on the Bitterroot mountain trails around his property.

It was wonderful. We rode for miles up and down the winding paths enjoying the scenery, stopped and took a nap under a huge tree, then rode some more and then stopped and ate up the sumptuous boxed up lunch that he had prepared for us.

We got back to Bob's place after a good seven hours of riding out and about. Several same-sex couples, two older ladies and a younger-older gentlemen pair had checked into rooms in our absence and we met them at dinner that night, good folks all.

Naturally, Jesse and I took an interest in the men. Dale was 42 and his lover, Larry, 22. They hailed from down in Arizona. They invited us to take a long evening walk and we did.

"How long you gents been together?" Larry asked politely.

I didn't hesitate. I guess I was proud of how long Jesse and I had been in each other's arms,

"Eight years or is it nine?" I grinned at Jesse.

"Something like that," Jesse grinned at me and winked back at Larry.

"Wow! This is just about our first year!" Larry boasted, leaned over and kissed Dale on the cheek.

"Oh I remember our first year together, it was something!" I laughed.

"You can say that again, worth every moment, too," Jesse added, leaned over and kissed my cheek as well as taking my hand into his as we continued to walk.

"Oh, we've had our moments as well," Dale then added with a slight caution and when I looked at Larry's expression in the darkness, I swear I could still see him blush,

"Oh, come on Dad, hasn't been that bad has it?"

Jesse and I looked at each other confused at the use of "Dad."

"Oh, sorry, we've been mistaken for father and son so many times, I just started to call Dale, Dad," Larry explained.

"Well, sometimes you need a Dad more than you need a Dale," Dale said and gave Larry a solid spank over his jeans.

"Ouch! That hurts!" Larry said. I didn't think it was that hard of a smack, but Larry's hand did fly back and rub the spot pretty quickly and he looked a bit perturbed.

"Is it kind of difficult, you and Larry being so far apart in age?" Jesse then asked Dale after glancing a look at Larry.

"Oh, not really, though sometimes he acts more like fifteen than twenty-two, don't you baby," Dale said and draped his arm across Larry's shoulders kind of more like a Dad with a son than two equals lovers.

I noticed that they were not holding hands as they walked and Larry had his hands stuffed in his jeans pockets and looked down at the ground as if embarrassed by Dale's comment.

"We've had our moments too, haven't we handsome?" Jesse turned his head and smiled at me.

"Oh hell yes, but it all works out," I smiled back and squeezed his hand harder.

"Mind me asking how you boys handle the rough spots?" Dale asked and Larry raised his head.

I grinned ear to ear at Jesse and he at I. Neither of us answered right away, but Jesse finally said,

"Well, to be honest, sometimes we don't handle things as good as we used to, but we're working on that, aren't we baby?" Jesse replied without being specific.

"Yes we are!" I agreed and Dale didn't press the point.

We had walked a long, lazy loop around Bob's property and ended up back at the main house.

"Time for us to get to bed, been a long day," Dale said looking at Larry.

"Mind if I stay up a bit, I'll be there in a short while," Larry replied. Dale nodded, smiled at Jesse and me,

"See you boys in the morning … don't be long baby," Dale said to Larry, turned and walked into the house.

Larry watched Dale disappear and then turned to us,

"I admire the way you men seem with each other. I love Dale, a lot, but sometimes he and I … well, sometimes I do kind of get anxious about things or I get on his nerves."

I sighed, "Sounds natural to me, Jesse and I have it out once in awhile."

"Don't mean to be impolite, but you didn't answer Dale's question about how you work it out and all."

Jesse's shoulders shrugged and he looked at me to answer.

"Well, talking helps, but sometimes you just have to get kind of physical with each other, at least that's our way with each other."

"Physical? Physical how?" Larry asked.

"Yea, well, it's not the usual maybe, but sometimes a good hard spanking helps," I grinned at Jesse and he at I. In fact just telling a stranger about our ways turned me on really fast!

"Sure does!" Jesse joined me.

We were standing hip to hip and I could feel my jeans get even tighter as his hand slipped down in back to my butt and gave it a really hard squeeze out of Larry's sight.

"A spanking? You mean you spank each other? But … that hurts!" Larry replied kind of looking at us like we were crazy.

"Sure it does. But so does love sometimes. Look, it's just our way Larry and you're not expected to understand it. You and Dale got to find your own ways," Jesse replied as my dick was throbbing like a sore thumb in my trousers.

Larry looked us and shrugged his shoulders, "Yea, you're probably right, but I don't see how spanking solves anything even if it is equal and all."

"Larry, it's not for most. Forget we talked about it, OK?" Jesse said and his hand came up over my shoulders, "Let's hit the sack cowboy, nite Larry."

"Nite Larry," I added.

"Nite Randy, Jesse," Larry said and we went into the house and up to our room.

We got behind the closed door and I don't know what came over me, but I kind of roughly pressed Jesse up against the door and my hand felt down over the front his jeans. It was bulging like a bull's just like mine!

"All that talking to Larry about us spanking got me all worked up!" and I pressed my mouth over Jesse's and he wrapped his arms tightly around me and we kissed deeply for a long moment.

"Me too!" Jesse said finally parting the kiss and panting a bit for air.

Then I twirled Jesse around, his face to the door, twisted his arm firmly up onto his back and then pressed my body into his, my hard-on into the center of his ass,

"I think it's time for me to get real physical with you cowboy!" I said real commanding.

"Oh yea? Like how?" Jesse said kind of breathlessly and expectant.

"A good lickin' and a good screwin' will suit me just fine!" I said and humped myself into Jesse's ass for emphasis and clarification.

"But everyone in the house might hear us!" Jesse replied with his mouth as his ass pressed back into my cock seemingly in agreement with my plan.

"Good, I want them too. If they think we're rude, then that means they're jealous!" I replied surprising even myself.

"Randy Wolcott! I don't know what's gotten into you, but I like it!" Jesse replied.

"Good thing!" I said, twirled my man back around, stepped back a little and pushed him down to his knees in front of me,

"Suck my dick, now!" I harshly whispered grinning ear to ear …

* * * * * * * * * *

And that's how the end to another wonderful day and evening at Big Bob's Big Sky Bed and Breakfast began!

© Copyright PJ Franklin August 3, 2011

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