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Jesse: The Nebraska Rancher's Son - Part Thirteen


PJ Franklin <>

Character summary to date:  Jesse McKensie is twenty-five years old, Randy Wolcott, twenty-four. Clark Wooley, Uncle Nathan's stepson, is nearly thirty years old, married to Miriam, their son Donny is two, one more on the way. Tommy King is Jesse's age, so is his wife Juliann. Randy's godson, T.R. (Thomas Randy King) is seven years old and C.J. (Clarence Jesse King) is two. Chase Morgan and Reid Harwood are both seventeen.

* * * * * * * * * *

From Chapter Twelve:

We got behind the closed door and I don't know what came over me, but I kind of roughly pressed Jesse up against the door and my hand felt down over the front his jeans. It was bulging like a bull's just like mine!

"All that talking to Larry about us spanking got me all worked up!" and I pressed my mouth over Jesse's and he wrapped his arms tightly around me and we kissed deeply for a long moment.

"Me too!" Jesse said finally parting the kiss and panting a bit for air.

Then I twirled Jesse around, his face to the door, twisted his arm firmly up onto his back and then pressed my body into his, my hard-on into the center of his ass,

"I think it's time for me to get real physical with you cowboy!" I said real commanding.

"Oh yea? Like how?" Jesse said kind of breathlessly and expectant.

"A good lickin' and a good screwin' will suit me just fine!" I said and humped myself into Jesse's ass for emphasis and clarification.

"But everyone in the house might hear us!" Jesse replied with his mouth as his ass pressed back into my cock seemingly in agreement with my plan.

"Good, I want them too. If they think we're rude, then that means they're jealous!" I replied surprising even myself.

"Randy Wolcott! I don't know what's gotten into you, but I like it!" Jesse replied.

"Good thing!" I said, twirled my man back around, stepped back a little and pushed him down to his knees in front of me,

"Suck my dick, now!" I harshly whispered grinning ear to ear ...


And now, Chapter Thirteen:

"Yes sir Mr. Wolcott!" Jesse grinned up at me, his hands reaching up to free the hardened pole from my Wranglers.

I suddenly got a frisky idea, kind of racy maybe ...

"Wait," I said and made Jesse stand up. Then I opened the door,

"Get out into the hallway and back on your knees Jesse."

Should have seen the look on his face, "What? Out there? Somebody might ... " I interrupted and tugged him forward by his ear.

Somebody indeed. We both knew Larry and Dale were in the room just across the hallway from us.

"Shut up and just do it. It's not like anyone cares," I said sounding a bit like I was trying to convince myself more than Jesse. Jesse shrugged and did it without any complaint.

A moment later I had my back to Larry and Dale's door and a pounding heart wondering (hoping?) if the door might open.

Jesse didn't miss a beat suckling on my shaft, making me me moan with pleasure, closer and closer to coming and a decision rapidly approaching. Did I want him to suck me off right there, in the hallway? I certainly didn't want to spank or fuck him there or did I?

"You're a bad boy, sucking on cock out here in the open. I should spank your butt right here!" I chided a bit loudly just for the mischievous thrill as I ran the fingers of both hands through his longish thick hair.

"I dare you!" he egged me on with just a brief pause and then went back down on me.

I blew out my cheeks, glanced back disappointedly at the closed door. I leaned over and down a little and swatted Jesse on his Jeans,

"Bad boy!" I said a bit louder landing four good swats and then stood up again. Jesse paused,

"Harder! More!" and then went back to sucking my cock.

"You wish!" I replied grinning down.

Finally the door behind me clicked open. I looked back, a pair of wide eyes stared through the crack. Jesse stopped sucking on me and craned his neck around and looked at the eyes,

"Hey, wanna come out and watch me suck Randy's dick?"

I bit my lip to prevent laughing out loud. The pair of eyes got wider and then a voice seemed to come from behind them,

"Larry, what's going on out there?"

"Nothing! Nothing Dale!" and the door slammed shut.

I looked down at Jesse and started to crack up. We had caught some fun attention and now I wanted more. I reached my hand down,

"Come on, let's go to Bob's barn!" and helping Jesse up, pulled up my Wranglers and we went running down the stairs giggling like we were fifteen and sixteen again.

We made our way in the dark to the barn, but Jesse didn't notice that I left the barn and tack room doors partially open. I got Jesse into Bob's tack room, the tangy aroma of old leather tickling my nostrils just right and we started by making out, kissing and fondling each other as clothing was dropped and flung in random directions.

After a short while, I ran my hands down to my man's naked ass cheeks and gave them both a couple of hard spanks,

"Go get me some leather," I ordered Jesse. He wordlessly scurried and a leather strap landed in my outstretched palm a few moments later.

"Get your ass over that saddle, boy, now!" I barked referring to the room's centered saddle stand snapping the leather in my palm for effect.

He flopped across the valley between the horn and base, his head disappearing over the side; but better yet, his heels popped up to tip-toes and elevated his hot butt, just begging me for a good tanning!

I had to pause and admire the sight before me: sinewy muscle streaming from ankle to knee, long taut hamstrings riding up to a pair of cheeks that now barely concealed a deeply clefted screw-hole. Saliva started to slop inside my mouth.

I stepped to Jesse's side sorely tempted to chuck the strap and drop to my knees to give into my oral appetites for the duration but settled on compromise,

"Damn you got a hot fuck hole!" I hissed, leaned way over and lightly teased Jesse's pucker with a few wet licks.

"Ah Jesus, more Randy please!" he begged me.

I enthusiastically dived in sliding my wet muscle completely inside of him to the hilt only for my ears to fill with a loud begrudging whimper. I pulled back and grimaced. I had forgotten about my two days growth of prickly facial stubble,

"Sorry baby," I whispered sincerely and stood up and readied my leather strap.

Unperturbed, Jesse wiggled his ass at me, "No worries partner, show me what you got!"

I did, five firm cuts of the strap putting some instant red in Jesse's bottom cheeks. I paused and pawed at his butt with my free hand. He moaned and wiggled.

I gave him five more stripes, more moaning and now he humped himself over the hard leather saddle and all I could do was grin down at him admiring Jesse's lean rancher's son body as much now as when I had first met him.

"You ready for me to give you a good cornholing?" I said rimming his hole with my finger tip.

"Anything you want, just do it!" Jesse panted.

I was turned to the side and just then I saw some movement out the corner of my eye from the cracked open tack room door. I made sure not to react in any way but had a strong notion that a certain somebody had followed us. I grinned to myself,

"Beg me for it, beg to get fucked!" and I laid on some light spanks up and down Jesse's butt with the palm of my hand.

"Fuck me Randy! Hard, fuck that ass of mine!" he urged me rather loudly.

"You sure?" I asked and grabbed another couple handfuls of hot cowboys ass and slapped both cheeks again.

"Yes dammit! Fuck that red ass!" he urged me again.

"If you say so!" I smiled ignoring our hidden visitor and then started to tease his twitchy hole with the head of my randy dick.

Jesse's ass wiggled and he elevated his pelvis to egg me on which it did and I would have reamed his hot ass out right then and there had there not been an unexpected ruckus in back of us ...

"Larry! What the hell are you doing!?" came in through the doorway.

Jesse bolted up, I turned and we ended up together at the doorway and looked around its corner.

There was a very embarrassed Larry, buck naked, his hard cock in his fist! Dale stood there fully clothed, hands on hips, his face a bit ... distressed or was it amused?  They saw us staring at them.

Larry's head swung one way towards us and then to Dale. He was beet red in the face,

"Um ... nothin' Dale!"

"Nothing my ass. I saw you looking in that door and beating off! You call that nothing?"

Dale's expression was trying not to grin. It made me start to quietly giggle,  Jesse too!

"I was spying on them Dale. It was hot. I didn't mean to hurt anyone," Larry said looking down forlornly at his rock hard cock and then back up at Dale.

"No harm done for sure Dale," Jesse said. I nodded, "What were we doing that you liked Larry?" I asked.

"Yea, what was it baby?" Dale asked and came up to Larry, his hand softly on Larry's shoulder.

"I don't know. All of it I guess. We don't ever do anything much anymore Dale," Larry said softly.

Jesse and I were still being modest and hiding our nakedness behind the corner of the tack room store, Jesse's chin resting on my shoulder, his arm hugging me close as Dale tenderly embraced his naked young partner,

"I've asked you repeatedly Larry, but you've resisted me."

Larry's head dropped a little, "Yea, you have. Guess I was wrong about all that."

"That makes Larry a bad boy!" I said and got a soft elbow in the ribs for my saucy comment.

"But a good boy if you tell Dale what you do want now Larry," Jesse followed up.

Larry got a shy smile, "I think that's up to you Dale. Randy is right. I feel like a bad boy, maybe you spank me a little first and then see where it goes?"

You should have seen Dale's face light up, "Anything Larry!" and landed a couple firm spanks on Larry's white ass.

"Oh yea, spank that hot butt," I whispered so only Jesse could hear.

Then I felt a light sting on my right ear, Jesse was nibbling and then he whispered to me,

"Come on, let's play and let them be."

I nodded my agreement saying,

"See you cowboys later," in Larry and Dale's direction before I pulled the tack room door tightly shut, turned and hugged my cowboy lover tightly into my body,

"Let's see, where were we?" I said running my hands down to his hot pinkened ass cheeks.

"You are about to breed my butt I believe!" Jesse replied.

"Yes, I believe I was, now get your ass up where I can give it a proper finish!"

Jesse moved quickly to the end of the saddle stand this time, bent forward and kind of hugged his chest into the saddle. His feet were squarely flat to the slatted wooden flooring and widely spread. Talk about begging for it.

"Oh I am going to ass-bang you into tomorrow!" I said, getting red in the face I was so horny and moved behind him, my hard dick hungrily twitching up and down.

I grasped Jesse's narrow hips with my hands, I mean really grabbed him like a man greedy to get his dirty mitts on something that his gut had ached to high heaven like for decades.

My teeth bit down on my lower lip and I growled. I did. I growled like I was hell bent, and I was,

"You better hold on boy! I am gonna give your butt a thorough POUNDING" and I did. I slid my rock hard spear straight into Jesse, no loving warm up or warning even.

To his credit, Jesse white knuckled that first part. He yelled, didn't speak, just yelled. I on the other hand howled. I howled like those coyotes that inhabit the Nebraskan foothills back home and went to slamming my pelvis hard into Jesse's.

I piston-thrust myself in and out of Jesse like a steam locomotive trying to climb a steep track, growling and hissing, Jesse moaning, groaning and even had him mumbling something unintelligible to himself.

I had no idea how long it all lasted save that the small tack room's temperature soared and we both got drenched in a sweat dripping mess, the parched old wood flooring soaking up spots of it here and there around me, Jesse's dripping onto saddle leather beneath him in dark spots.

Did I come? Yea, I did, but not Jesse. I was panting for air and felt like I had conquered something, but I had no idea what.

"Holy shit 'n cow pies Randy. Ought to get you all riled up more often!" Jesse grinned up as I helped him to standing.

I softly rubbed his face also grinning,

"I love you so much, damn I love you," and out of sheer gratitude, I got on my knees in front of him, put his half hard dick in my mouth and started to suck him off. No way I was letting him out of that sexed up humid old room without satisfaction.

And by the sounds of it, my loud gulps and Jesse's own grunts of pleasure, I did a good job. I swallowed all of the Nebraskan love-nectar given me by his big bull balls and smacked my lips at the end before I stood.

We hugged and slopped small kisses and one long mouthy tongue-entwined mouth munch before we finally called it quits.

"Seems we got all of that one partner," Jesse said with a cocky cowboy's confidence like he just won a ribbon at the rodeo.

I nodded, sniffed the air around us and looked at our filthy bodies, "That and then some, come on we need to clean up."

"Go back to the room?" Jesse said.

"Horse shower is just next door," I grinned. "That's cold water," he replied.

"You sound like a sniffling little pansy city boy, grab our clothes and just do as you're told!" and I confidently strode out of the tack room and stepped up onto the cement flooring area of the barn that is used to wash and groom the horses.

I gave the hose to Jesse and he thoroughly enjoyed my yelps and second thought pleas for mercy. That water was not only cold, it was ice cold! No matter. I got my turn on him too. I felt like a million bucks walking hand in hand with him back to Bob's main house a short while later, feeling clean and satisfied.

As we walked upstairs and back to our room, Larry and Dale's room door opened. There stood Larry and Dale, half naked from the waist up, Dale smiling but Larry had a shit-eating grin on his face,

"Seems I underestimated the value of a well worn out back-side," then he turned and flashed down his shorts for us to see his still red cheeks, but just for a few seconds.

"We haven't screwed around like this for months, maybe longer, thanks for the inspiration boys," Dale nodded appreciatively.

"Double from me. See you gents later," Larry said and then as they closed the door, we could see them hug and kiss before it closed.

Jesse took me by my hand into our room and we changed into our bed clothes and robes to go back downstairs for a snack before bedtime. A short time later I was in bed naked, with my naked partner, him spooning me closely as I nodded off.

* * * * * * * * * *

A few other guests had arrived that day to Bob's Big Sky Bed and Breakfast, in fact quite a few. I had liked it best when it was just Bob and us, but that sort of scant business doesn't get the bills paid at a place like his.

No matter. It was fun meeting other men and women of our kindred spirit and there were couples from a long ways away, even two ladies from Europe somewhere.

It kind of felt like it was time to go back home and we would have waited out a few more days in Montana, but we got a phone call that night from a worried Alicia. It seems that Reid was up to his old tricks some and he and Chase had a big blow up.

I took the phone call as Jesse stood close by and talked to Chase the next morning. It seems that some old horny friend of Reid's had found him, lured him into Burwell and Chase caught him and Reid making out in the guy's truck.

Talk about broken hearted and angry,

"Get him back for me Mr. Wolcott. Get him back and give him an ass beating in the barn and make him behave!" Chase blurted to me over the phone and then burst into tears.

"It'll be OK Chase. I know he loves you," I tried to reason.

"Then why did he run off with him??" Chase sobbed.

"He ran off? Where, to Omaha again?" I asked, kind of shocked, kind of not.

"Yes! Been gone a full day and night and not called me or nothing!" Chase whined through his tears.

I sighed, "Calm down Chase. We'll work it out. Jesse and I will be home in a couple days," I said making eye contact with Jesse and he nodded his agreement that we should head on home a little earlier than planned.

"I want him here with me NOW! Make him come home NOW!" Chase got a little overwrought.

"Chase, you calm down. There's no use to getting carried away with this!" I said with a raised voice trying shock him out of his emotion.

"Don't tell me to calm down. He's a shit-head. I don't even want him anymore!" Chase kind of yelled at me.

"That's enough young man! You had better apologize to me right now or when I get home, I will put your lily white bare backside over my knee and leather some sense into you with my belt!"

Just then, Jesse slid his arm around me and whispered in my ear,

"You're turning me on!"

I tried unsuccessfully to suppress a big smile and gave Jesse a soft elbow nonetheless for his sexy interruption. Chase did calm,

"I'm ... I'm sorry sir ... it's just that ... "

"It will be OK Chase. Give the phone to Alicia please," I interrupted with no need to let Chase carry on any further.

"Yes sir Mr. Wolcott. I'll do as you say, " Chase said calmly with a final sniff.

The conversation ended. The die was cast. Jesse and I had a wonderful time at Bob's, the best ever, but we both missed our own Nebraskan home and ranch.

In the long run, Chase's problem with Reid was nothing that should have made us head home, but in the short run, Jesse and I had a strong sense of responsibility for Chase and understood his heartache.

In any case, I was secretly pleased to be headed home. I had felt a measure of homesickness in the past as a boy in California, even after just a few days away from home and my parents.

This was different. I had no more feelings for California other than it harbored my past and I had kinfolk there.

I was genuinely homesick for Nebraska and my life with Jesse there, Alicia too and our friends and now Chase Morgan. Yes, I was ready to pack up and go home.

Copyright PJ Franklin November 6, 2011

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