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Jesse: The Nebraska Rancher's Son - Part Fourteen
PJ Franklin <>


Character summary to date:  Jesse McKensie is twenty-five years old, Randy Wolcott, twenty-four. Clark Wooley, Uncle Nathan's stepson, is nearly thirty years old, married to Miriam, their son Donny is two, one more on the way. Tommy King is Jesse's age, so is his wife Juliann. Randy's godson, T.R. (Thomas Randy King) is seven years old and C.J. (Clarence Jesse King) is two. Chase Morgan is seventeen.

Author Note: I just wanted to pause to thank all of the readers who have shown both past and recent support for this wonderful story series. Sustaining it has been a passion of mine and shall remain so!

* * * * * * * * * *

Things seemed to go from bad to worse the next morning before Jesse and I even had a chance to get back on the road to Nebraska from Bob's in Montana. Alicia called us back. I took the call,

"Hold onto your britches Randy, Chase took off last night in the truck and didn't come home. He just couldn't settle down about Reid even after you talked to him."

That scamp! I pursed my lips so hard that Jesse looked concerned as he stood by.

"Well, do you know where he got off to, maybe Georgina's in Omaha?"

"I already called her Randy, he's not there."

"I swear to God, this is worse than being a parent. That kid ought to know better than to take off like that. Didn't he tell you anything before he left?"

"Not a word," Alicia sighed, "And I told him to stay put to wait for you fellas. I told him y'all were coming home just to help him!" Alicia said with a goodly amount of earned frustration.

I shared a quick glare at Jesse and glared into the phone as well, "I am gonna tan his hide!"

Jesse's eyes got big and so did his grin. I tempered my glare to Jesse with a big ol' smirk as Alicia replied,

"I won't stop ya, that's for sure. Well, you boys get on the road. I'll keep an eye out. Give me a call when you land in Sheridan for the night."

"Yea, that's a plan. Want to talk to Jesse?"

"Naw, he's just my brother," her voice smiled and that made me chuckle.

I offered the phone to Jesse, but he waved me off.

"OK, talk soon, love you sis!" and that was the end of the call.

"What he do now?" Jesse sidled up and hugged me from behind, real close! I felt his hardness pressing onto my Wranglers. I wagged my tongue and pushed my ass back into him,

"What got you all excited?" as if I didn't know, turned and pulled his forehead to mine as I reached down to squeeze on his bulging front side.

"Made me wish I was Chase, you threatening to whip his sorry ass and all," Jesse's sweet breath wafting over my face.

"Oh you don't want to be Chase! I'm serious! He's gone and took off after Reid in the truck and didn't bother to tell Alicia or nothin'! It's not fair!"

Jesse wrapped his strong arms about me as I turned my head to the side and sulked into his shoulder,

"Know what I think?" he asked.

"What," I said flatly, not looking quite as forward to going home as I had a few moments before.

"I think you'd made a damn good father."

My mouth dropped open and I pushed back to look him in the eye but couldn't think of anything to say. What's the word? I was "incredulous."

"I'm serious!" he smiled.

I stood there silent. I had to admit that as much as I would be with, love and adore Jesse the rest of my life, that not getting to be a parent had been in the back of my mind for quite a while.

"Yea, that's not gonna happen unless one of us figures out a way to get pregnant!"

"Don't have to get pregnant. I talked to some of the guests here, a few of them adopted kids and are real happy with it," Jesse informed me.

"Adopt? They let fellas like us adopt?" I asked.

"Yea, they do. I thought about it sometimes, beings we can't have natural kids and all. There's lots of little cowpokes in foster care that need a family."

Just the way Jesse said it, I knew it was something that he had been thinking of as well.

"Jesus, you are serious, aren't you!" I cocked my head a little sideways.

"As serious as the butt blistering that YOU are gonna give Chase when we get home!"

"What do you mean me? Am I the bad guy now?" I asked very curious for his answer.

"I been watching you Randy, real close sometimes. It's like … like you have a way with Chase and all."

"Me? Some way that is. He goes and takes off without asking me or anyone!"

"He's not matured yet. He needs guidance, especially because he's in love and all. No, I mean you try and help him like a father would. I think you'd be a great daddy!"

"Well, what about you?" I asked through my flattered blush.

"Sure, I'd like to raise up couple youngin's. So let's start thinking about it, maybe look into it when we get back."

I hugged Jesse hard to myself one last time. His hardness had disappeared, "Play your cards right cowboy and I'll make you 'raise up' when we get into a room in Sheridan tonight."

"Then let's get the hell out of this place!" he grinned.

* * * * * * * * * *

The long drive back to the motel in Sheridan, Wyoming was made a lot shorter by us talking about family stuff and not about Alicia or all of our other kinfolk. It was about us and how we already were a family, me and Jesse, but that to be a really complete family, we needed others to join us all legal and everything.

"Are we sure we want a family?" Jesse whispered to me as we both stood in the parking lot of the diner next to our motel in Sheridan later that night kind of gawking at a family of six, two parents and four screaming kids from about three years to ten by the looks of it. The mom was screaming at the dad who was screaming at the kids, three of whom started to cry and carry on like it was the end of the world.

"Sure, just make sure they ain't no more than about two of 'em and no younger than say, nineteen!" I giggled back.

We quickly turned to fast walk back to our motel room on account that Jesse started to giggle and then we both laughed out loud, the frustrated father glaring over to us,

"Just git! It's none of your damn business!"

"I guess I'm really beginning to appreciate how good Pa was with us all," Jesse said with a great sigh a short while later in the room. I sat next to him on the bed,

"Your Pa was the greatest man I ever knew," I said getting a little misty eyed.

"And he would have taken a belt to your backside if he heard you say 'your' instead of 'my' mister man," and hugged me from the side.

I nodded, "I forget sometimes, seems so long ago. I miss him."

"Me too, but he never was one for carrying on, so what was that about you getting me to raise up when we got here?"

I grinned and felt my little cowpoke start to thicken when the motel phone rang. I picked it up,


"Randy! Thank God!" Alicia's voice blurted and I closed my eyes and whispered to Jesse, "It's Alicia and I sense trouble!" and then listened.

"Chase caused an accident in Omaha! He found Reid with some guy and they tried to drive off and Chase, he ran into 'em with the truck to stop 'em! Oh Jesus GOD! He's all right, they all are. The truck is a bit worse for wear but otherwise OK … "

I flushed and not from embarrassment, "WHERE IS HE?" I interrupted just short of screaming jumping bolt upright to standing.

There was a momentary fumbling over the phone line and then I heard a very guarded and chagrinned voice, "It's me Mr. Wolcott, Chase."

I sighed, "Are you OK? Did you get hurt or need to see a doctor Chase?"

"No sir. I'm just fine, so is them other guys. I'm so sorry. I wrecked the truck and all … "

"I don't care about the damn truck Chase!" I interrupted, "I care that you ran off against Alicia's wishes and could have got hurt or hurt somebody else with that stupid stunt!!"

"Yessir," he said quietly.

"You know what's going to happen when Jesse and I get home?" I asked.

"Yes sir, I'm gonna get a really big whipping in the barn."

"That's right. You don't think you deserve it?" I asked.

"No sir. I deserve it. You and Mr. McKensie have treated me real good. I had no right to run off, I just got all caught up in Reid and all. I'm sorry."

"You'll be plenty sorry all right. Chase, you're grounded. Don't even think of leaving the ranch for anything."

"Yes sir," he responded.

I handed the phone to Jesse, "He wrecked the truck in Omaha crashing into Reid and his friend's car."

"What the hell were you thinking boy?" Jesse lit into Chase.

"Hmm, that's right, you weren't, but you will once Mr. Wolcott beats your ass into the day after tomorrow! Now you get and give the phone to Alicia."

Jesse smiled as he talked to his sis for a short while before he hung up,

"Good God!" Jesse shook his head.

"Sure you want to adopt kids?" I smirked at him.

"Sure! I'll treat 'em and you beat 'em!" he grinned. I pushed Jesse back onto the bed top and piled on top of him,

"Oh gee thanks! You get to be the good daddy and I get to be the asshole ol' man!" I grinned down at him.

"Well, you DO have a pretty nice asshole!" and flipped me off to the side.

"The way you're behavin' you ain't gonna get near it either!" I teased him.

"Me? I didn't go to Omaha behavin' like a jilted lover," he answered.

I looked at him, at his eyes, deeply, "You still foolish enough to love me?" and hugged him close.

"I'd be foolish to lie about how much I do love you Randy" and he drew me into a long kiss during which I got back on top of him. My pecker was good and swollen now and crossing over his hardness.

When the kiss parted I looked down at him, "I really don't want to give Chase a whipping just because he couldn't stand being away from Reid. I'd rather whip on Reid."

"I thought they were pretty close, but guess not. That don't gave Chase cause to run off and do what he did. We have to let Reid go, so does Chase. He could have hurt himself and those other fellas."

"I know," I replied and dipped my head down and sucked on Jesse's mouth with mine, our tongues getting all riled up with each other. Then after a nice few long moments,

"Hey, why is it me that's gonna whip his ass anyway? What about you? He's just as much your responsibility!"

"I just want to watch!" he giggled.

I bit my lower lip and then smirked at him, "Watch huh … I outta just whip on YOUR ass!"

"Mmm, sounds sexy!" he grinned back up at me.

Needless to say, that little comment started a whirlwind of clothes flying off right and left, forward and back. I ended up with the thick leather belt out of my Wrangler's doubled up in my fist and Jesse's hot bare butt perched high up over my knee on the bed.

I gave him one hard lick! WHAP! His hand flew back to protect his beautiful round ass, "OUCH!"

I intertwined my fingers into his and pushed his hand back up to the small of his back,

"You're a bad boy," I growled.

"I know," he replied and that gained him three hard licks more. I watched his face. It drew up into a grimace quickly followed by a smile and he looked at me, "More please!"

"Oh you'll get more, after I get what I want," and kissed both of his red ass cheeks and then nuzzled my lips down onto his tight pucker and kissed it.

Jesse moaned loudly, "Hmmm, more pleassseeee" and he got more as did my tongue, pressing inward, tongue-fucking my lover,

"OhhhJezus!" he moaned and pushed himself gently upwards and assisted my efforts.

After a few more long moments of oral enjoyment, I came up for air and raised my belt, "I need practice!" and then gave him ten hard licks in a row. Jesse's face grew pink as his butt wiggled, writhed and turned a bright crimson. I tossed the belt to the side and started to lightly spank his welted ass, letting a finger brush up against his twitchy pucker.

"Don't stop!" he said curtly. I could see the need on his face and pressed my advantage into him, one finger wet with spit. He moaned and growled, eyes closed his hands grabbing two fists full of bedcovers as I stretched his hole with two fingers.

"You better get ready to fuck me Randy, I need to be fucked!" he hissed. I bit my bottom lip and finger fucked him slowly just a little more, moving my fingers in and out and he started to whimper. I knew he was ready.

Silently, I pulled myself from under him and stretching him out on the bed, mounted him from on top, sliding my hard cock up and down his deep ass cleft as I cuddled him close to me,

"I am gonna screw your brains out Jesse," I whispered.

"Yes please," he barely said as I felt his ass wiggle around and skillfully, his hole found my cock-tip. I didn't spare him, I pushed in hard!

Jesse's face drew up into a look of painful ecstasy as he body tensed, "JESUSFUCK!"

I stopped and let him settle and then slowly began to move my hardness in and out of my lover's insides, his ass and pelvis getting into quick rhythm with my humping. I held Jesse close to me and moved my mouth to his, we started to suck face again, hard and I started to really butt-fuck Jesse with all the rapid energy and verve that we had as teenagers until I could not hold it any longer.

I growled hard and emptied my balls deep up into the boy that I loved so much! We were hot, sweaty and grinning at the finish and then I turned him over and blew him, sucked his hot white juices right out of his dick.

We slid out of the bed and went to take a nice steamy hot shower together and talked a little more about Chase and about how it might work to have the real responsibility of being parents. The idea was really gaining favor with both of us. We returned to bed and Jesse slid in back of me and held me close, spooning me. Just before I shut my eyes for sleep I heard, "I love you Randy." I whispered back the same, "I love you Jesse."

* * * * * * * * * *

It was great to finally pull into the yard, home at last! T.R., my seven-year-old godson was the first at the door to greet me, his father, Tommy King, grinning ear to ear a short ways away. T.R. jumped up into my arms,

"I thought you were never comin' home again uncle Randy!" T.R. grinned and kissed me on the cheek. I kissed him back and carried him towards his Dad,

"Course I was coming back kiddo! You been behavin' yourself?" I said and let him back down to the ground just as we reached Tommy.

"Mostly I guess," T.R. said and looked a little chagrined. I looked at Tommy who smirked at his son,

"Mostly? You mean hardly boy!" Tommy said and ruffled T.R.'s mop of hair.

"What did you do now?" I teased T.R.

"Nuthin'" he shuffled his feet, then hugged his father's leg to himself and hid his face.

"Tell uncle what you did boy or do I have to put you over me knee again?" Tommy lightly threatened.

T.R. jumped back, his little hands waving back to protect his little seat,

"No Daddy No! OK … I gotted myself all full of mud head to toe and made Mama's new clean floor a filthy mess!" and looked up at his Dad.

"The rest of it T.R.!" Tommy wagged his finger.

"I done it twice. Mama gots me a warnin' the first time but I didn't pay no attention … Daddy spanked me."

"I'll bet he did!" I grinned but then my stomach instantly ached a little as I then saw Chase shuffling his feet standing way over by himself, head down, hands firmly planted in the back pockets of his tight fitting Wranglers. T.R. took notice,

"Uncle, are you gonna give Chase a hard whippin'? He said you were!"

Then I saw the old truck that Chase had used for his ill-fated run to Omaha to track down Reid. It looked a bit mangled in the left front bumper and wheel well. Apparently T.R.'s curiosity had gotten the better of him as usual and asked Chase about it. Apparently Chase had been very honest about the consequences of his actions. Good for him!

"Well, if he said it, then it's true T.R." I said and caught Chase looking our direction for a moment.

Jesse, Alicia and Juliann wandered over to us,

"Good to be home sis," I sighed, hugging and kissing Alicia first, then Juliann as well.

"Honey, we best get home and all. I think the folks here need a little space," Juliann offered up to Tommy.

"Yea, it's best," Tommy pursed his lips and glanced at Chase before he looked at me, "That boy had us all worried for a while," implying just by the look on his face what he would do to him if he were his son.

"Thanks for helping out Tommy," I offered my hand to shake, but Tommy brushed that aside and hugged me instead, "Anytime Randy, anytime!"

"I don't wanna go!" T.R. complained.

"Then how about we leave you here and mama and I will eat all of that chocolate ice cream by ourselves?" Tommy tempted his son.

"No! I want some!" T.R. pouted and Juliann took his little hand into hers,

"Then let's get boy!" she grinned.

Juliann and Tommy both made a point of going over to say good-bye to Chase, even hugging him. Tommy looked to say something to Chase, I couldn't hear what, but Chase animatedly agreed with whatever it was and then the Kings got into their truck and took off.

"I'll leave you boys to it then," Alicia said and walked back to the house. Chase walked over to Jesse and I. My heart started to beat faster and harder as he approached and looked up, hands at his sides.

I took a step forward and hugged Chase without much thinking about it,

"I sure am glad you're not hurt young man," and kind of winced to myself. I was sounding all father-like, more like an older man would.

"I'm sorry I worried you sir, I shouldn't have gone, I just couldn't help myself" he said hugging me back surprisingly hard.

"Sort of like T.R?" Jesse teased him and then he and Chase hugged.

"Yea, 'fraid so!" Chase said with a worried brow and then looked down to the ground again,

"Thing is … when a guy gets it in his head to love another guy and all, it's not easy to see him … " and then Chase had to stop and bit his lower lip.

My heart ached for Chase just then. I could just feel his disappointment and could not imagine losing Jesse to another fella. I sighed and looked at Jesse, saying nothing. Jesse shrugged.

"Well did you at least get to talk to him?" I asked.

"Yea, I did. He said he didn't want to be tied down and all," Chase said with a glimmer of anger.

"That can happen Chase," Jesse advised.

"Didn't happen to you and Mr. Wolcott here!" Chase said adding a little resentment to his tone.

"Chase, we got lucky, real lucky. That don't happen often!" Jesse replied a bit helplessly.

Chase sighed, "I guess not … " and looked up at me, "Best we get to the barn and get it over with."

I nodded, "Best," I said and motioned him in the general direction of his destination.

Jesse and I followed behind Chase. I felt a little ashamed watching the back of Chase's Wranglers wiggling all full of his pretty nice behind that I was gonna be laying the strop to shortly.

"How about you give him ten and I'll give him ten and a good hard spanking after?" I suggested quietly to Jesse. Jesse nodded in agreement.

I was really proud of Chase. He marched himself over to the hay bales, stacked them proper and stripped off completely naked. Jesse plucked the razor strop from it's home and we went over to Chase.

Chase took one look at the strop and his face drew up, "Wish I didn't go to Omaha!" turned and put himself over the bales. I nodded to Jesse to go first. Jesse set his feet just right to Chase's side,

"Ten hard licks boy, then Mr. Wolcott will do the same and then give you the spankin' of your young life, understand?"

"Yesssirr Mr. McKensie" Chase said, his voice betraying his great regret.

My Wranglers were already getting too small, so was Jesse's as he wound up and gave Chase the first couple of licks with the old wide brown leather right across the center of his upturned bared cheeks.

The licks flew down pretty hard even by Jesse's standards and Chase's head already threw back, teeth gritted, eyes squeezed shut. By the seventh lick, Chase was yelping, his legs were writhing as was his red welted backside and a few tears were falling by the tenth lick.

Nobody said a word as Jesse handed the strop to me. My stomach was fully tensed and I was already sweating and I hadn't hardly moved a muscle. All I heard was heavy breathing from the three of us.

I stood there, the strop hanging limply at my side and Chase turned his head to look at me, his face worried for the pain that was not hardly over yet; but just then, his face softened, resigned and he barely nodded at me and then looked the other way.

I took a deep breath, drew back the strop and swung through. The sound echoed through the barn, leather striking flesh.

"Ouuuuu!" Chase yelped and his ass clenched down hard for a moment before relaxing.

I continued, one lick after the other and Chase, bless his soul, tried his best to remain stoic, but his loud yelps and shallow sobs still broke through as I gave him the last few licks to ten.

I handed the strop to Jesse, "You took that pretty darn good Chase," I praised him, wiping my brow of perspiration.

"Mighty good!" Jesse added.

"Do I have to have a spanking still Mr. Wolcott?" he asked politely.

I fully understood. Any kind of a hand spanking after a good whipping is especially painful,

"Yes Chase, you do … stand up please," I asked and extended my hand.

He took it and stood up and looked around at but did not touch his throbbing red bottom cheeks. I pushed the top bale off and sat down on the edge of the remaining one,

"Over my knee Chase," I told him patting the tip of my knee. He straddled himself down and over, bottom high and thighs spread wide as was proper. The space in my Wrangler's got all the smaller and I looked up at Jesse, he was squirming a bit himself.

I looked down and could see his boy hole and kind of stared at it a long moment and then caught Jesse's eye who smirked me a look that said "cut that out!"

"Put your hands back Chase," I finally said and he did. I secured his wrists to the small of his back.

"I reckon this spanking is for you not listening to Alicia and worrying her a whole lot! Now get your butt up higher!" I insisted.

"Yes sir, sorry sir Mr. Wolcott," Chase obeyed and pushed his ass up just right.

I started to spank him and not lightly nor slow either. Hard and fast,

"You are a good handsome cowboy!" I preached as I wailed on his butt cheeks with my palm.

"You deserve a faithful boy!" and spanked his sit spots back and forth.

"OUUUUU PLEASE SIR!" he wailed but did not move or fight me.

"But running into folks with a truck is NOT the way to get one!" and I peppered the crowns of his upturned tail as red as I could until he loudly wailed,

"OK OK! I'm SO SORRY SIR! PLLEEEEESSEEE!" and I paused and looked at Jesse who looked solemnly at me and nodded his approval. I let go of Chase's wrists as well.

"Am I done? Please sir?" he said sobbing and pleading with his red eyes staying still.

"I can't really say that I care about Reid or that other fella, but I … WE love you Chase! If you got hurt bad without cause like that, it would hurt Jesse and me more than you know!" I said as stern as I had ever said anything to anyone!

"No one ever said that to me before," he said and sobbed, his face serious and honest.

I could not go on, "Get up!" I said and helped him up and Chase Morgan instantly hugged me close, his head in my shoulder. I started to tear up. Jesse came over and hugged us as well.

Chase started to cry, harder now, "I wish … I wish one of you was my real father … " and as he sobbed a bit more I looked at Jesse recalling all of our recent family talk.

"Both of us would be proud Chase," and he stopped his carrying on and wiped his face.

"You get dressed and up to the house, clean up and help sis with supper," Jesse told him.

"Yes sir, thank you Mr. McKensie, Mr. Wolcott, all that won't happen again, I promise" and we watched Chase get dressed and walk out of the barn.

I sat back down on the hay bale, Jesse sat and put his arm around me,

"How do you feel?"

"Wore out."

"Well, you've been a busy man, whoppin' on me last night and now Chase."

I buried my head into Jesse's shoulder, feeling a little vulnerable.

"It's hard work being a good lover and even a better daddy," he said warmly.

"I ain't anyone's daddy."

"I kind of think Chase thinks you are."

"Then you are too," I said kind of flatly.

Jesse caressed my head into the crook of his neck, his hand snaking down to the front of my Wrangler's. They were plenty spacious by then. He squeezed down on me firmly. It felt real good and I let a soft moan escape my throat and cuddled closer into him.

"Hmmm, when was the last time I took you in hand?" Jesse said with a tease in his voice.

That question made me smile, "Last week."

"That don't count," he said and squeezed my hardness again.

"Good," I said.

"Come on, let's get cleaned up and to supper and then you're gonna get tended to!

I was grinning ear to ear as Jesse stood and held out his hand. I took it and we held hands walking back to the house …

* * * * * * * * * *

Everyone good-naturedly teased Chase as he squirmed around on his chair seat at supper for obvious reasons, but he surprised us all,

"While I was cleaning up and tending to my sore butt, I decided if Reid Harwood wants to be with another fella, then I wish them both good luck. I'm a fine lookin' boy and some day I'll find me a beau worth having just like you fellas. Until then, I'm just gonna work hard and see what happens!"

"That's mighty mature sounding Chase, just make sure you follow through now, hear?" Alicia said sounding a whole lot like both Ma and Pa used to!

"Yes Mam!" Chase said and I glanced at Jesse who looked as pleased and relieved as I did.

Supper concluded, Chase then offered to clean up the kitchen with Alicia alone, but Jesse and I joined in as well. It just felt good to be home and with folks we loved and cared about. The table cleared, we four launched into doing the dishes,

"Ouch! That hurts!" I yelped for the second time as Jesse towel-snapped his wet dish cloth at just below my left butt cheek, the most tender possible place and made perfect contact as usual. I rubbed at it and gave him my best pout.

"If you think that hurts, you just wait!" Jesse smiled and that make me blush.

"Sounds like somebody is gonna get it good later," Chase said with a wide grin.

I blushed harder now, "You just never mind, Chase!"

"Now don't you go raggin' on Chase. He took his whippin' mighty well. Besides, don't hurt you none to be a little humble," Jesse teased me.

"See how he treats me Chase? Randy do this, Randy do that!" I teased back.

"I don't see you hurtin' much for it hun," Alicia teased at me with a womanly smirk.

"Well, I guess you told me!" I teased back at Alicia.

"Wish I could watch," Chase then said. That stopped all activity for a moment.

"Maybe you should!" Jesse replied.

"Hell no!" I protested while at the same time, the very idea of Chase watching Jesse and me play around did sound really hot.

"Hell no? Hmm, sounds like somebody is afraid to be seen on the other side of the situation," Jesse challenged. I decided to play along,

"How would you like it if while I was whoppin' on you last night, Chase was sitting there enjoying the sights?"

"This is way too much information for ME! I am going to do some sewing!" and Alicia swooped out of the kitchen and out of sight for the evening. We all watched her leave.

"But that's different!" Jesse argued, Chase looking really pleased with our little conversation.

"Different? How do you figure?" I asked.

"Just is, that's all!" Jesse replied making Chase grin all the more.

"And what are you grinning at?" I asked Chase, watching Jesse out the corner of my eye.

"Never mind him! I think you need a trip to the barn!" Jesse threatened me. I could no longer hold back, my little cowpoke started to assert himself and affect my thinking.

"You and who's Army??" I protested, albeit with a purpose.

"Oh, I reckon Chase here would help me if I but asked him, right Chase?"

"I always do what I'm told!" Chase boasted.

I looked at Chase, then at Jesse and just before I bolted for the kitchen door to the yard,

"Screw the both of you! You're gonna have to catch me first!" and I took off running out the door about as excited feeling as I had been for a while.

I headed through the cold air and under the dark clear star-filled Nebraska sky for the horse stalls and little used tack room. It was awful musty in there and pretty much not worth not getting caught in there; but I soon heard voices approaching,

"You best just get out here Mr. Wolcott! Mr. McKensie says you're in for it if you don't!" Chase yelled.

I moaned a bit and pawed at my bulge. I knew he was gonna let Chase watch me get a lickin' and felt real guilty for wanting him to watch. I stood up in the darkness of the small stuffy room and then boldly walked out into the dimly lit corridor. I turned and faced Chase,

"Now you get back to the house Chase, ain't nobody gonna see me get my can blistered but Jesse!" and just then, I felt the calving rope loop over and cinch my arms to my sides in an instant from behind. I had been righteously duped!

"You don't have any more say boy!" Jesse said with evil intent as he took up the slack of the rope and was at my side a short moment later.

"No way! Now Chase, you listen to me and get to the house, now" I said weakly, but I was already giggling.

"Sorry Mr. Wolcott, but Mr. McKensie says I already get to watch!"

"Damn you McKensie! Now get this rope off of me!" I protested even weaker.

"Sorry partner!" and then he hauled me up over his shoulder!! I had not been so manhandled by Jesse for a very long spell!

"Put me down!!" I laughed and got a spank on my ass for my protest.

Chase laughed, "Oh I can't wait to see this!"

I could not answer, I was too afraid Jesse might drop me, but I should never have worried, that man of mine is freaking strong, thank God!

I got carried like a sack of potatoes all the long way around and back into the barn where we had punished Chase just hours before. Jesse then set me down on my feet and I looked up, there was the block and tackle above me!

"Oh no, not this! Come on Jesse! Chase, now you be a good boy and get back to the house!" I grinned, but by now they knew I was full of shit.

"Sorry Mr. Wolcott, but I need to get my rocks off before the evening is done," and he leaned back onto one of the barn's many large squared wooden pillars kind of posing and started to paw at his big front side bulge.

I stared at Chase, both chagrined and fascinated and then heard Jesse lowering the roped noose down from the top cross beam. I raised my wrists up together without thinking, kind of mesmerized.

I didn't even hardly notice that Jesse stepped to my side and stripped me of my long sleeved button down shirt and T-shirt underneath as Chase stole my eyes with his erotic tease. Then I felt Jesse put my wrists together and looped the noose around and firmed it up the slack the rope. I was now his captive.

"Looks hot Mr. Wolcott, looks like you enjoy it too!" Chase said as soon enough, Jesse had stripped me buck ass naked and my cock stood up begging for more!

Then Jesse stood in front of me and my eyes bulged! He was holding a switch!

"What do you think Chase, a good switchin' for Mr. Wolcott there?"

"No! Jesse, come on! That thing hurts!" I protested with my mouth, my dick already starting to leak a little and give me away a lot!

"Oh yes Mr. McKensie, looks to me like he wants it plenty!" Chase teased and then unzipped his Wranglers and put his hand inside the fly and started to rub on his hard meat! I could only sigh and moan at the sight and lost sight of Jesse walking around behind me. That got my attention!

I was helplessly strung up but that didn't mean I didn't crane my neck around just as Jesse started to flick that switch on my ass, not hard, just a little sting.

"You know you want me to give you a good beatin'!"  he said and I saw his Wranglers harboring a very hard cock.

"No I don't!" I replied.

"Oh yes you do, liar. You know what we do with liars around here," he said huskily and then came up to me and stuck his tongue into my mouth and the fingers of his free hand started to poke at my backdoor and not gently!

My chest was heaving for lust as he broke the kiss, "Well?"

"Liars get a good ass whippin'!" I admitted.

"That's right boy, now ask me for it!" he demanded.

I looked at Chase. That hot little fucker now had his naked hard cock clean out of his Wranglers that he had loosened and had pushed a little down his slender hips.

"Never mind him! Ask me for it!" and I felt a searing hot pain across my butt! I winced hard as the switch made its point.

"Please Jesse, please punish me!" I said quietly, my head down embarrassed. Another swift cut landed lower on my ass, I could feel the welt rise up,"OUCH!"

"Louder!" he demanded.

"PLEASE JESSE, please punish me!" I said feeling kind of small and needy, my dick pulsating for attention. I looked up and Chase winked at me, so did his hard cock as he was slowly fisting himself.

"That's better, now you're gonna get it!" he said and I closed my eyes.

Jesse started to give me cuts, hard and measured. The first three took my breath away and I felt my dick go limp. When he stopped after another two, I was cursing quietly to myself and then he up sidled to me, pawing at my sore ass, his finger rimming my pucker.

"Should I stop? You had enough hot man?" he whispered. I opened my eyes and wiggled my ass into his finger and he jammed it up inside of me! My eyes widened and I looked at Chase at the same time.

He licked his lips that little fucker! I had quite forgotten that he had spent time on the streets of Omaha likely teasing older men with his naughty wares.

"No sir, I need more!" I whispered back.

"LOUDER!" Jesse shouted.

"WHIP MY SORRY ASS!" I yelled towards Chase. He got an evil grin on his face,

"Tan his hide Mr. McKensie, he obviously needs it bad, real bad!"

"You are gonna get a blisterin' till you beg me to stop!" Jesse said with a hard edge.

My arms were starting to ache, but never mind them. The cuts came hard and furious and all I could do was concentrate on taking as many as I could! The pain built hard and fast, hot and mind-numbingly through I don't know how many of those damn cuts and finally,

"STOP! PLEASE STOP!" and Jesse stopped and quickly came to my side and I saw him toss the switch to the side.

I was drenched in sweat and opened my eyes, my ass throbbing hard with pain and ache, swollen and beat up. His fingertips gently brushed over my swollen stripes. His other started to fist my limp cock,

"You hot fucker, you are turning me on so much! I want to fuck your brains out, fuck that hot red ass of yours!" he said quite loudly and then his finger speared my pucker to the hilt!

I gasped, "Oh Please YES!"

Jesse stepped in back of me and I heard him loosening his cock from his Wrangler's as I looked at Chase. His eyes were wide and now he was jacking himself with a serious pace, licking his lips and he nodded to me as if to say, "Do it!"

Then I felt Jesse's hands clutch onto my hips and his dickhead said a very brief, "Hello!" to my back door and then he drove it in, ALL the way without mercy.

"OHHHHFUCKKKKK!" I screamed at the top of my voice and started to pant for the pain, but looked down just in time to see Chase enveloped in his own ecstasy and then he started to pump juice out of his dickhead.

Jesse started to butt-fuck me, faster and faster and I got into it and the pain went away as Jesse pounded at me, furious like, angry like even!

"I LOVE YOU SO DAMN … MUCH!" he screamed and then his hips shoved hard into me, paused and did it again and I could feel his jiz flowing like a river inside of me, flooding me with his sperm!

There were only the sounds of three males panting for breath inside of that hot and humid barn for a few long moments. Jesse pulled out of me and hugged me from behind. My dick, the unsatisfied member of the group started to demand attention.

I looked at Chase, still posing up against the pillar and his eyes were riveted on my hard-on.

"You want him to suck you off?" Jesse whispered to me.

Oh how I did, "But we decided not to let others … "

"SHUSH UP! Do you or not?" Jesse said and kissed my cheek.

"Sure I do!" I whispered back, licking my own dry lips.

"Chase, if you want it, come get it!" Jesse offered to the boy.

"Fuck YES!" Chase said and practically tripped himself up scurrying over to in front of me and dropped to his knees in front of my achingly hard penis. He looked up at me,

"This is for all the good you've tried to do for me Mr. Wolcott," and I closed my eyes and turned my head to engage Jesse's face.

Jesse's mouth engaged mine, his tongue plunging inside of my mouth. I could feel Chase's hands all over my hips and flirting with my ass. He was moaning and whimpering as he licked my hard shaft and nuzzled my pubes with his face and then he surprised us both.

Jesse's head went around my side and without asking, he gently parted my sore butt cheeks with his fingers and then I felt his hot breath on my butthole! The next thing I knew, I felt his lips on my leaky hole, yes it was leaking a mixture of Jesse and me!

"That's it boy, eat out Mr. Wolcott, clean him up good now!" Jesse asked more than demanded.

Chase didn't have to be asked, he just did it. He penetrated lapped and sucked me clean dry. Oh what joy and I no longer felt guilty over it with Jesse standing right there occupying my mouth with his.

But after awhile, Chase parted company with my ass and came back around and finished me off, sucked my dick into a massive hard orgasm that made me have to break my kissing with Jesse and effortlessly swallowed all of my stuff down his willing gullet.

Jesse loosed my wrists down from the noose and rubbed on my sore arms and shoulders while Chase stood up, grinning ear to ear,

"Always wanted to do that," he said putting his clothes back to normal.

"Thank you Chase, that was mighty good!" I smiled at him.

"No, thank you fellas," he said solemnly, put his cowboy hat back on and tipped it with his fingers,

"Night Mr. McKensie, Mr. Wolcott!" and sped off looking pretty pleased with himself.

"What you let him so that for?" I asked Jesse as he helped me on with a few clothes just enough to get us into the house and upstairs to a nice long hot shower and bed.

"Cause he wanted to and you wanted to and it made all of us happy including me after the few days we've all had!"

* * * * * * * * * *

Sleep was welcomed quickly that night after showering. Jesse spooned me closely that night but we didn't talk any more before sleep. Over the next few days and weeks Chase remained true to his word and seemed not to pine any longer over the loss of Reid Harwood. He also seemed more, how do I put it, more close, more like family and it made me want something I never thought I could imagine. I wanted Jesse and I to adopt Chase Morgan. I wanted to be a dad with Jesse for him, but I kept the thoughts to myself for fear of jumping the gun out of pure sentimentality, much less lack of real information on the subject.

Ma and Pa McKensie used to get "notions" over things. I had my own notion that something good was coming down the pike for Jesse and I concerning family things and I hoped it might include Chase. One thing was for sure, life in Nebraska with Jesse had its ups and down, but would never disappoint me and I could hardly wait to find out what would happen next!

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