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Jesse: The Nebraska Rancher's Son - Part 15
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Character summary to date:  Jesse McKensie is twenty-five years old, Randy Wolcott, twenty-four. Clark Wooley, Uncle Nathan's stepson, is nearly thirty years old, married to Miriam, their son Donny is two, one more on the way. Tommy King is Jesse's age, so is his wife Juliann. Randy's godson, T.R. (Thomas Randy King II) is seven years old and C.J. (Clarence Jesse King) is two. Chase Morgan is seventeen.

Author Note: Part fifteen has been co-authored by PJ Franklin and Sidekick from Sidekick's original idea dedicated to the series.

For a couple of years now, Jesse and I would host a poker game on most Saturday nights throughout the year in our bunkhouse with us, Clark and Tommy and maybe a few other boys here and there. Their wives, Juliann and Miriam, kind of encouraged it as well, Juliann told me as much. Jesse and I always thought that was on account that at the least their menfolk were not out Saturday nights carousing in some back alley Burwell bar and card game, loose oversexed female floozies hanging around tempting their menfolk to immoral activities.

We would make sure the boys just slept off the alcohol safe and sound at our place and for the most part, it was sort of flattering. Jesse and I were kind of protecting Clark and Tommy from marital infidelity. Pretty noble, right? Only, after awhile for me it became just a little annoying. You see, some nights, it would just be me and Jesse and only Tommy or only Clark and when just three of us got piss drunk together, my mind would start to wander and so would my eye.

Tommy and Juliann King obviously had a special place in both Jesse and my hearts; but because T.R. was my godson, I kind of felt something a little different especially for Tommy on my own. Clark was OK looking, I have no complaints, but Tommy, now he had always been an especially good looker to my eye and on those nights with just the three of us, had it not been for Jesse being there and godson T.R. on my mind, I swear to God I would have been a total drunken slut to get into Tommy's pants.

Well, one night it somehow turned out to be just me and Tommy drinking and not playing cards. I don't remember where or why Jesse was not there. Tommy and I just drunk beer after beer after beer and when you do that, you gotta pee. Well, we ended up elbow-to-elbow shit-faced drunk in back of the bunkhouse watering God's earth with a gallon of pee each.

Yes, I looked at Tommy's dick and he grinned, "You want some of that, don't you Randy," he said to me grinning like a damn devil. Even though I was three-sheets-to-the-wind, a huge image of T.R. came to my mind,

"If it weren't for Jesse and especially my godson Tommy, I'd beg you for it," I admitted and started back for inside the bunkhouse in an angry huff, Tommy close behind.

"Randy, I'm so sorry. That was cruel and uncalled for," and he put his arm around me and kissed my temple,

"We're family, always will be. I love you Randy, I do, forgive me?" he asked. I got all teary eyed, "Sure I do Tommy, besides Jesse, you're my next best friend." He hugged on me, "Good, I'm glad."

Tommy passed out that night on that couch, his head leaning into my chest. I let him do that for a long time, my cock hard as a rock. Yes, I had thoughts, but no temptation to really do anything.

Well, not long after something changed with Tommy. Ordinarily we all were sober before the card game and got safely drunk indoors. Tommy started showing up half drunk, driving his trunk a little nuts into our yard and sometimes just kind of falling out of the cab. Jesse and I tried to talk to him to see if something was wrong, maybe between him and Juliann. He denied any problems and in effect told us to mind our own business.

This went on for a few weeks in a row until one night he rolled onto the ranch and plowed right into the corner of the bunkhouse, bringing the truck to an abrupt halt. This time he staggered out of the truck, a bottle of Jack in his fist, took a couple swigs more and then passed out, right on the ground. Worse, he had T.R. with him that night.

Naturally, a great commotion followed. Alicia ran out into the yard, Chase close behind. We didn't yet allow Chase in on the card games and drinking on account of his age but he had found some safe and good friends of which we approved in Burwell that he spent most Saturday nights with. He just happened to be home that night.

"Alicia, take T.R. to the house for a bit and call Juliann. We'll take care of Tommy," Jesse said as he took control.

"Well someone had better read him the riot act, or I will. He could have killed himself and T.R.," Alicia was understandably very upset.

"I know," I replied, "but I think I have an idea. We'll get Tommy to the barn. Alicia, get your digital camera and a bottle of catsup and then you and T.R. meet us back here."

Me, Jesse and Chase took Tommy to the barn and laid him across a couple of bales and then left him with Chase while we put my plan into motion.

It took Tommy three hours to come around fully, us feeding him a half a pot of black coffee and some sandwiches to try and soak up the alcohol. Then it was time for the McKensie Family Actors to put on their performance.

"Damn it all anyway, I'm sorry about all this. Did I damage anything? I heard a big bang," Tommy said holding his head, "I usually can hold my liquor better than this."

"Yea, well, save your apologies for your son," and with that Jesse threw the picture printout that we had conjured at Tommy and then Jeese stomped out of the barn. Tommy took one look at the bloody (with catsup) body of his son and burst into uncontrollable tears,

"What did I do? OH MY GOD! MY BOY! MY PRESCIOUS SON!" he screamed and sobbed and I let him.

"Do you love T.R., Tommy, do you?" I barked sternly at him.

"More than anything is this world! More than myself … is he? … did I? … did I kill him?" and the look on Tommy's face made me wince, it was as genuine as when he visited Pa at the funeral home years before.

"No, he's all right. Not a scratch on him. What you see there is just catsup," and I picked up the picture and held it up again, "Think of the pain you could have caused him Tommy. Do you want to see that kid in a casket like you seen Pa? Just think on it, Juliann crying her eyes out for days and half the country cussin' you out, me included," I said getting a little teary eyed myself having to recall how all of that felt when we lost our loved ones to tragedy.

Tommy gave me an earnest look of shock and started to cry again, hysterically, no other sound in that barn for a good minute until he stopped.

"Why are you playing at being the town drunk, Tommy?" I demanded after he calmed down.

"I … I … the farm isn't making a profit anymore. How am I going to take care of ma' family? I've … I don't know what to do, maybe they'd be better off if that old coyote had a gotten me when we were camping."

Now in usual circumstances, the story of how Tommy nearly got ambushed by some ol' crazy coyote while out camping could give us all belly-aches until we threw up. Now it wasn't very funny at all.

"That's pure bullshit, why didn't you tell us Tommy? Here we are practically kin and all," I chided him.

"Pure pride I guess. I couldn't ask you fellas for money or stuff, besides what could you and Jesse really do?"

"Well what the fuck Tommy, we'd all sit down and figure her out. You got two great sons and a beautiful loving wife. That's all that counts in life, everything else is just icin' on the cake."

Jesse sighed, "Juliann, she deserves the best. I love her so much. Wish I could build her a new house, give her jewels and fancy clothes and all."

"Tommy, being a good husband doesn't mean any of that, besides she's an ol' farm girl and wouldn't know what to do with all that fancy stuff," I replied.

"I wouldn't blame her if she kicked me out over this fuckin' mess," Tommy said with a sad face.

I squatted right next to Tommy and put my hand softly on his shoulder, "She loves you as much as you love her. I believe she'll be just fine IF you clean up your act."

Tommy's face totally changed just then. It became calm and determined, just like the strong man we've always known. He looked at me square in the eye,

"Wolcott, I deserve a whippin' from you for being so stupid and stubborn."

"Well, you've come to the right place for that; but it's not up to me to punish you for being an asshole, or being drunk. However, you should take a whippin' for wreckin' our bunkhouse," I grinned thinking he was teasing me.

"I'm as serious as a horny bull Randy. I'll take whatever punishment you think I deserve."

"That right?" I asked to give him way out.

"Yup, it is. Whip some sense back into me Randy, I deserve it," and it didn't sound to me like he was fooling around.

"Okay, then. One bare ass whippin' comin' up! You can come on in Jesse!," I hollered.

Jesse walked into the barn with T.R., "Daddy!" he yelled and ran to his father's open arms. Tommy took him into a tight bear hug.

"Son, son, I'm so sorry. I could have hurt you so bad," Tommy said holding his youngin' out and looked at him head to toe.

"I'm all right Daddy, not a scratch. Aunt Alicia gave me milk and cookies. They was good! Then we talked with mommy on the phone. Uncle Randy will drive us home."

"Your radiator is busted," Jesse added to T.R.'s comment.

"Son, your Daddy has acted like a bad boy. You know what happens to bad boys?"

T.R.'s little brow furrowed and his little hands rubbed on his own backside, "Yes sir. They get a bare butt spanking!"

"That's right. I've asked Uncle Randy and Uncle Jesse to give me a whupping to teach me not to drive drunk, and especially not to hurt you."

"I'm not hurted Daddy, see?" T.R. said and looked himself over.

"But you could have been when I wrecked the truck. Daddy shouldn't have been driving drunk honey."

"Are you OK with that?" Jesse then squatted down and asked T.R.

T.R. got this thoughtful look and sighed, "Yes sir. Bad boys need to be taught what they did wrong."

"That's right. Your dad has asked us to whip him. Now when men get spanked they get a harder spankin' than little boys. We will spank your Daddy like a man, like our Pa spanked us," Jesse explained.

"Uh, OK," T.R. said looking kind of anxious.

"Now you go on over and sit on that bale of hay and watch. It's gonna look like we're being mean to your Daddy. We are gonna whup him real hard. Just remember that we love your dad. He's our best friend. That's why we care enough to whup up on him," I explained to T.R.

"OK Uncle Randy," T.R. said trustingly.

"Strip off necked and get over that bale," Jesse ordered looking over at Tommy.

Tommy stripped off buck naked. I was a bit surprised that he didn't turn away from him son, but it occurred to me later that a boy that age needs to see his dad, to know his dad is a man.

I took the strap down from the wall and distracted T.R. by showing it to him and telling him about Pa. While I was doing that, Jesse bent over Tommy and put a chunk of leather between his teeth, "Just so you keep honor with your son," Jesse said softly.

We had talked it out earlier. While we both felt that T.R. should witness his dad's punishment, we didn't want Tommy to lose his dignity and shame himself in front of T.R.

"Thanks bro," Tommy said taking the leather.

I spoke out the rules so T.R. would know what to expect, no cussin', no trying to move out of the way. Crying and yelling are all right. Then I started out with ten hard strokes of the strap to Tommy's naked upturned ass cheeks, a nice muscular ass too. My Wranglers were getting tight watching those ass muscles clench up with each blow and he was feeling it all right. His face was getting red and he was biting down on the leather chunk like he might bite it in half and though he was not crying, he was getting sweaty in the face.

I gave him five more and after a short break finished up with another five. By now, Tommy seemed to look like he might be finished,

"You learned your lesson, Tommy?" I asked.

He panted a bit, "No! More please, and harder yet!" he insisted to my great surprise.

I looked over at T.R. He looked OK and kinda cute with a pouty face in empathy with his father. Jesse shrugged and nodded his approval. I looked at Tommy's ass. It didn't look any worse off than Jesse's or mine when we got strapped good and hard.

"OK, buddy. Jesse … " After I gave the strap to Jesse, I went and sat down beside T.R., "How you holding up cowboy?"

"He's not crying or anything Uncle Randy," T.R. said in awe of his father.

"Your dad's one hell of a man, T.R," and Jesse started to give Tommy more licks. T.R. winced a bit with each stroke this time. I put my arm around him and hugged him, "He can take it."

Jesse gave Tommy ten hard licks, rested and then two sets of five. Tommy had received a total of forty licks with our thick leather strap.

"Yep, he's one hell of a man, " I told T.R., myself in awe of how much whipping Tommy could actually take, "I was bawlin' my eyes out the first time Pa set the strap to my ass."

"You learned your lesson?" Jesse asked again.

Tommy was breathing so hard, his face red and sweaty and with a quivering voice, barely holding back sobs looked at me,

"Randy, are you my best friend?" Tommy asked.

"You know I am Tommy," I said pretty solid.

"Then give me five more, hard as you can!" Tommy said with resolve.

Me and Jesse changed places, "You sure bud? You're looking pretty tore up. You've already taken more than Pa ever gave us."

"Five more, as hard as you can Randy," he repeated with conviction.

Well, what can a man do when his best buddy asks for a favor. I laid the leather to that fine ass of his, as hard as I could muster. You could hear the licks echo through the barn.

After those five, Tommy spat out the leather and said, "That's all. I've learned my lesson," his face covered with just a few tears and some snot. Jesse gave him a rag to wipe his face and pocketed the leather gag while I got T.R.

"Well buddy, I guess your new nickname is Hard-Ass, Jesse said as T.R. ran over and climbed up beside his dad, "My Dad's TOUGH! He didn't yell or cry once!" T.R. blurted out proudly.

Tommy winked at me as he ruffled his son's head, "Thanks Randy but Juliann already beat you to that nickname long ago."

"Let's leave Tommy so he can get dressed, "Jesse said and looked at Tommy, "Come on out in your own time cowboy," knowing that he would want some time alone with his son and would not be inclined to fool around like me and Jesse might do.

Jesse and I drove the Kings back home to Juliann who had been on pins and needles and on the phone with Alicia off and on all evening. Alicia had let her in on our little trick and the discipline we administered to her husband. We found out later that when she took a look at his beaten butt, Tommy insisted that she spank him too, but she wouldn't say whether that's what really happened or not. Needless to say, it tickled the hell out of both of us that he said it at all.

We didn't get home until very late that night and when we did, Chase was still up waiting for us, it was not a school night after all. He had been sitting on a bale by himself in the barn as quiet as a church mouse watching the whole drama unfold including Tommy's whipping.

"So, what did you think about all that?" I asked him.

He looked at me, then at Jesse and then back at the barely lit house as if anyone else could hear us that far from the truck,

"Truth is, I admire Tommy a lot to do that in front of his son. Made me feel funny though," Chase said kind of sheepish.

I smiled and looked at Jesse who asked, "How so, if you care to talk about it Chase?"

He shrugged, "I don't know. Kinda … well … I mostly don't miss my own Pa, except tonight looking at T.R. and Mr. King together, especially at the end."

I blew out my cheeks. I would never say a thing in front of Chase, but at that moment, if I could be Chase's father, I would have jumped at the chance to have had a fine son like him and knew Jesse would feel that same.

"Well, things often happen for a purpose Chase. One never knows what the future has," Jesse said and I felt his wheels turning just like mine were right then.

"Guess I'll turn in. Thanks for including me Mr. Wolcott, Mr. McKensie. You men sleep well," he said and he turned and walked back into the house leaving me with a big ol' lump in my throat.

"Just goes to prove. Nuthin' and I mean nuthin' is more important than having a family that loves you. That there boy makes my heart ache," Jesse said.

"Mine too," I said and took Jesse's hand into mine and we walked together back into the house and upstairs to our bedroom.

I was tuckered out, but I think mostly emotionally as I watched Jesse start to peel his clothes off. I was going to and stopped and watched him instead reveal his awesome body. Before long, he was butt ass naked and I was still fully clothed. He looked at me,

"What's your problem Wolcott? I ain't gonna sleep with you with your clothes on you know," he said kind of snotty.

I folded my arms and looked at him, "Well look who's acting all high and mighty and if I might say, kind of hot as well," I grinned.

Jesse stood there hands on hips and I'm telling you, really hot at that moment,

"You want some of this? Huh? You got what it takes Wolcott?" he challenged me with a big ol' smirk on his handsome mug.

Ordinarily I would just crumble, strip off naked in two seconds flat, fly to his feet, get on my knees and start to suck in serious earnest of my usual goal to get his cock hard and rammed up my cattle shoot clean to the hilt. Instead, my eye caught sight my house slippers over by the bed. They were a pair of very old moccasins that Pa had given me years before and hating to give them up to aging, Alicia had the worn out soft soles replaced by good stout shoe leather. They would last forever now and stood as just one of some very personal items that I cherished from Pa.

I shrugged and sighed and walked over to him kind of slow, "Yea, I guess," I said and reached him.

"Bout time, now get down on your knees and suck my dick boy, you know you can't resist this fine piece of meat!" he said playfully haughty.

"That's not the meat I'm aiming to deal with!" I suddenly reached out and grabbed my man by his ear. Ever try not to have to follow another person that had a hard hold on your ear? Well, you can't help it. I dragged Jesse over to our bed and on the way bent over and grabbed up one of my leather reinforced moccasins into my fist and hauled his surprised ass over my knee.

"What the hell?!" he yelped in surprise.

"Gotcha cowboy!" I said with glee.

"Wow, you sure did, talk about hot," Jesse smiled and turned his head and winked at me.

Now Jesse I had a firm rule. If one or the other of us got the fair advantage, naked ass over the other's knee, it was the duty of the down man to take whatever it was that the top man had to give for as long as he wished. I had been on the bottom of that agreement many, many times in the recent past, but only a few times on top. Now it was my turn,

"And it's about to get a lot hotter. Now show me that fine hot ass of yours McKensie," I drooled.

"Yes sir Mr. Wolcott!" he grinned and stuck his ass up just right. My dick was already hard and now it was pissed-off hard as I gazed at my man's hot ass cheeks with the moccasin ready for battle in my right hand.

I ran my other hand over his skin, soft and yet a hardness of muscle that so turned me on. I pawed up and down and then teased his manhole with a firm finger-tip. He moaned and not softly,

"Oh Jesus hell, oh god, I'm a bad boy, I'm a bad little cowboy," he said wiggling his ass into my finger, all of it making my balls want to boil over right then and there.

"You sure are, now face the consequences," I said and started to lay on the shoe leather, one pop after another, large swaths of red skin coming up pretty damn fast.

I watched Jesse's face, he looked to be in hog heaven right square between the considerable pain of the hard leathery pops and the pleasure that it gave the both of us. His body was at first tense and resistant, even if his mind wasn't and then slowly he relaxed and I stopped. He didn't move a muscle,

"Learn your lesson bad boy?" I asked as my naughty finger just teased the living daylights out of his sweaty hole. I could feel his wheels turning. Yes or no, stop or more. Then I did something really cruel. I leaned over and licked on his hole, a really deep lick and even a small penetration.

"OH Jesus fuck, oh my lord, no, whip my ass Randy, give it to me good! Make me BEG for it to stop!" and his ass came right up again, all nicely red and even a little welted here and there.

"You sure? I'll do it!" I promised.

He looked back at me, "Truth is, I kinda had myself in Tommy's place tonight in the barn with you whuppin' on me, just not with Tommy and T.R. there, just you, me … and … " he blushed, "Chase."

I grinned. I was guilty of the same fantasy about Chase and had no place to judge, "You are a bad ass, I love it!" and then I tossed the shoe aside and went at him with my bare hand and as hard as I could.

I spanked my man, spanked him good and just about the time I would have to give up he yelped, "OK! OK! OK! I'm sorry baby! Boy you can spank hard!" and I stopped. His ass was pretty barbecued by then.

"Get up, get up now McKensie, I'm gonna finish this," I said panting.

He got up in one jump and helped me up, "God damn, I need it bad. I need it really bad honey, don't be gentle, please just plow yourself a road right up my tail, hurry!" he begged me and flew onto the bed belly down.

Ordinarily, I would take my time and undress to nakedness and enjoy a slow pace. Not tonight. I took one look at my man all set out on that bed top like a juicy side of  prime Nebraskan beef, ripe for the taking and all I had time to do was to pull my steeled pole out of my Wranglers leaving my boots on no less. I was on top of Jesse like white on rice, his legs splayed wide and ready for me. I didn't hesitate and plowed him straight away, plowed him to the hilt like a runting bull needing to breed or he might die. Jesse yelled and struggled a bit, but I used my weight and held him down, arms tight around his middle,my cock at the center of his captivity.

It really wasn't love-making at all. It was pure man on man sex, me taking what I wanted and what I wanted was him, hard and fast sorta like an eight second bull ride. I even had Jesse wincing plenty because of my bunched up Wrangler denim pounding and chaffing on his tenderized caboose. I even used my legs to pin his down. He had no choice in the matter nor wanted one,

"You got this comin' good you little cuss! Makin' me all HOT! Take it!!" I growled at him and just reamed him good, the look on his face like he was in heaven as finally I crowned,

"YEAA! YEAAA! Just! … Like! … THAT!" and then my whole body shuddered and my dick held its ground and slobbered white spit all inside of him until we both went limp, me on top of him panting and heaving.

We stayed that way awhile and then I climbed off of him, turning Jesse over to his back as I climbed off the bed and stood and started to peel my messed up clothes off. I looked at him. His dick was yearnin' for some relief. Ordinarily I would oblige, but not tonight. I grinned down, no smirked at him,

"Beat that thing off for me, juice yourself up baby, show me what you got," I said as if I was just a bystander. Jesse grinned, but not like a smile, more like, "OK, I'll show you!" and he did. He put on a show, jerking that magnificent pecker of his off and just about the time I was finally naked, his body arched up and his ass came up off the bed and he emptied his own balls all the way onto his chest before flattening out again, blowing his cheeks out from the effort.

Now I smiled. Now I was satisfied and would show him how much. I pounced on him again, only this time I licked up his own cum off of his front side and then put my mouth on his and we kissed hard and shared that cum again. At the end of it, I rolled off of him and we lay there side by side. His nostrils flared a bit,

"Good god damn Wolcott, what got into you tonight?"

"Nothin', jus feelin' my oats, that's all," and pressed my forehead to his and breathed his aroma deep inside of me.

"Well, I like them oats … a lot!" he smiled and kind of nibbled on the tip of my nose and I finally rested my head on his chest.

"What you thinking about?" he asked me.

"Chase," I said.

"Hmm," Jesse said and ran his hands through my hair, "You'd make a fine daddy for a boy."

"You mean Chase?" I asked without thinking.

"I mean any boy, but now that you said it, Chase too."

"He's seventeen for God's sake."

"Don't matter. Every boy needs a Pa," Jesse said and then got a funny look on his face.

"I miss ours," I said a little sadly.

"Me too, but we got each other," and I turned and Jesse spooned me tightly to himself.

"Yes, we do," and I yawned, closed my eyes wondering what the future would bring.

* * * * * * * * * *

Chase Morgan lay in his bed on his back staring up at the ceiling. Sleep would not come easy that night, it was not coming easy any night lately. He tried to tell himself it was because he was alone now. Reid Harwood was out of his life and he was used to having a boy in bed to cuddle with; but Chase knew better. Chase knew the real reason. He was having nightmares again, the same ones he had just after his Pa kicked him out of the house and he landed on the streets alone before Georgina took him in.

The dream was always the same, Chase about ten years old, his Pa walking fast the other way, Chase trying to catch up to him, but his feet were stuck, like in thick mud,

"Pa stop! Wait for me! I'm stuck! Please Daddy, wait!" but his Pa never stopped, never waited, he would just disappear and then Chase would wake up sobbing, shaking and his heart aching. He had turned to sex early on to comfort himself, turned to the streets of Omaha and when Reid came along, he thought that was it, he was cured, but he wasn't and now it felt even worse.

Chase implicitly knew how to feel better. His thumb slipped up to his mouth like it used to when he was still even eight or nine years old and an image of Mr. Wolcott slipped into his mind and now he was sitting on Mr. Wolcott's lap and was being hugged and cuddled and Mr. Wolcott was humming a tune, something to soothe little Chase, make all the nightmares go away and finally Chase Morgan slipped off to sleep.

* * * * * * * * * *

The upside to all that had happened that Saturday night was that Jesse and I decided to take a break from having to get drunk every Saturday just to play cards, so we eliminated the alcohol part, at least for the time being. Clark was very supportive and now we could include Chase that is if he wanted to stay home with us instead of going to visit friends in town.

Uncle Nat drove in from Lincoln for a couple of days and sat down with Tommy King and went over his books. He found several large mistakes and they figured that the farm wasn't in as bad a shape as Tommy had thought. He gave Tommy some tips on how to better handle his books. Clark Wooley would end up spending about six months as ramrod for Tommy and got his operation turned around.

Jesse and I loaded Tommy some money as well. He was too proud to take it at first and then demanded that we charge interest. We went one better. We conspired with Juliann to bank the interest into a special account for T.R. and C.J., the beginning of college funds without Tommy yet knowing. Needless to say, all of this brought Tommy and T.R. closer together. T.R. was so proud of his dad. Two years later would see us throwing a house raising and built that new house for Juliann as well.

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