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Jesse: The Nebraska Rancher's Son - Part Sixteen
PJ Franklin <>


Character summary to date:  Jesse McKensie is twenty-five years old, Randy Wolcott, twenty-four. Clark Wooley, Uncle Nathan's stepson, is nearly thirty years old, married to Miriam, their son Donny is two, one more on the way. Tommy King is Jesse's age, so is his wife Juliann. Randy's godson, T.R. (Thomas Randy King II) is seven years old and C.J. (Clarence Jesse King) is two. Chase Morgan is seventeen as is Zane Miller.

From Chapter 14:

Sleep was welcomed quickly that night after showering. Jesse spooned me closely that night but we didn't talk any more before sleep. Over the next few days and weeks Chase remained true to his word and seemed not to pine any longer over the loss of Reid Harwood.

Chase also seemed more, how do I put it, closer, more like family and it made me want something I never thought I could imagine. I wanted Jesse and I to adopt Chase Morgan. I wanted to be a dad with Jesse for him, but I kept the thoughts to myself for fear of jumping the gun out of pure sentimentality much less lack of real information on the subject.

Ma and Pa McKensie used to get "notions" over things. I had my own notion that something good was coming down the pike for Jesse and I concerning family things and I hoped it might include Chase. One thing was for sure, life in Nebraska with Jesse had its ups and downs, but would never disappoint me and I could hardly wait to find out what would happen next!

Now, Chapter 16 …

It all started with Zane "Red" Miller. Zane arrived onto our property and into our lives sitting besides Georgina in her truck just as Chase Morgan had not that long ago. Zane was seventeen, just two days older than Chase.

We had been expecting Georgina in from Omaha that day, but not Zane. Neither was Zane expecting to meet us. Georgina had apparently tricked Zane into coming with her to help her load up the truck bed with some hand-me-downs that Alicia had been accumulating for a couple of years. They were bound for charity in Omaha. Hell, Georgina didn't need any help loading anything from anyone.

As Chase helped sis bring out the goods, Zane stood cautiously by the truck bed. I was standing with Jesse at the time talking to Georgina as she talked in hushed tones telling us about Zane. What she didn't need to explain was that his nickname was Red because, well, he had flaming red hair. He was a bit taller than Chase, a bit beefier and unlike some boys like that, he was a good looking kid to be sure.

After that, what she told us about him made me cringe. Zane was a farm boy from Minnesota. There are a lot of fine men from that state, but one of them was not Zane's stepfather. His father had died in a tractor accident when Zane was seven. His mother tried to make a go of their farm on her own, but failing that had to marry herself to a man that really didn't take all that well to children.

Whereas the man seemed to be OK with Zane's sisters, he did not take well to Zane. By the way Zane told Georgina, the man found the excuse he needed to kick the boy off the farm. He caught Zane and another boy naked together in their barn. Shotgun in hand, the man shooed the other boy off the farm and then proceeded to give Zane a hard whipping in the barn. That should have solved the man's anger, but Zane could not please the man after that no matter what he did.

A few weeks later the step-father pretty much made up the next tale of Zane having "perverted" sex with some other boy and then forced Zane off the farm against his mother's tearful pleas. Zane bounced from place to place for a while landing in Georgina's care in Omaha after a short stint on the streets of Omaha.

Georgina tried with all her might to get Zane back to his mother in Minnesota and nearly did until she found out that the woman was killed in some kind of mysterious accident involving gunplay at a bar. That sent Zane into a massive tailspin and he ran away from Georgina's to live on the streets again, but his attempt didn't last long and he returned to Georgina's tail between his legs feeling very defeated.

As Chase helped Alicia bring out the donations, he would take a long look at Zane and Zane would give him just a little smirk. I kept my eye on it, but after about four trips I lost track and on the last pass, I heard an annoyed voice, not Chase's,

"What are you looking at anyway?" the young male voice directed to Chase.

"This is my home and I'll look at who I want, when I want," Chase did reply with his own annoyance.

Everyone stopped and looked at Zane whereas I was so focused on Chase and the fact that he said "home" that I momentarily lost track of the big picture.

"That's all done. Now how about we relax a little. Chase honey, why don't you take Zane here and show him the place," Alicia suggested trying to defuse the somewhat tense situation with niceties.

"Now you behave Zane," Georgina instructed much more directly. Zane's little scowl at Chase softened considerably, "Yes mam," he said a bit begrudgingly.

Chase looked at me, then at Jesse and then back at me. Jesse had given Chase a nondescript shrug which kind of pissed me off as then I had to be the bad guy and gave Chase my best parental scowl (half of which really belonged to Jesse). It was one of those "just one more word" scowls threatening a sure trip to the barn where a hay bale and razor strop awaited.

Chase wisely relented, sighed and then motioned for Zane to follow. I didn't like the energy between the two but allowed that it was sufficient for the time being and instead followed Jesse into the house for some of Alicia's delicious ice tea and a word with my man.

"What the hell was that?" was the first thing I said to Jesse with impressionable ears out of range.

"What? I didn't say a thing," Jesse said with a most infuriating smirk including his tongue peeking out the corner of his sexy mouth.

"You know what I'm talking about, letting me be the bad guy," I said sipping at the wonderful beverage as Alicia just stood there enjoying the moment.

"Baby, you were very sexy. Just one look and Chase knew his ass was on the line and he backed off of daddy's scowl," Jesse looked at Alicia who gave a little giggle.

I blushed, hard, "You best be careful or you'll be the one naked over a bale with daddy on the other end of the strop!"

Still sporting a smug smile, Jesse reached down and grabbed at his package, "Hey cowboy, don't threaten me with a good time."

Alicia barely had time to cover her mouth against a gleeful howl. I slid over, slipped my arm around Jesse's shoulder. He cringed a little as I kind of man-handled him a little and hissed into his ear, "I outta just take you out there, tan your hide and then fuck your hot beat ass."

He whispered back, "And I'd deserve it to be sure," in a sexy conciliatory tone that kind of turned me on.

It wasn't but a few minutes later however that I just felt something odd and went to the kitchen door, opened it and just about then I heard some shouting and scuffling coming from the barn. I took off running Jesse close behind and we reached the doorway just in time to hear, "Take it back asshole!" from Zane.

"Fuck you! I'll say it if I like, you're a good for nuthin' Ginger-boy!" Chase retorted.

"What's going on here?" I said sternly and about then Georgina joined us.

"He called me a Ginger, I hate that! Make him take it back!" Zane complained. I looked at Chase who looked plenty sheepish,

"Did you say that Chase?" I pointedly asked the boy. Chase looked down, "Yes sir Mr. Wolcott, I did, but he called me names too," and glared at Zane.

"Just what did you say young man?" Georgina asked Zane. Zane's feet shuffled, "Nuthin'"

"Zane! You will tell Mr. Wolcott what you said to Chase, right now," Georgina demanded.

"He called me a faggot farmer!" Chase burst out. Zane said nothing in defense.

"Zane, why did you say that honey? You of all people!" Georgina asked frustratedly.

"I told him about Reid. I thought he would be OK with it and all," Chase complained kicking at the hardpan dirt under his boot.

"Zane Miller. I am ashamed of you!" Georgina chastised the boy. Zane's face blushed really hard just then which combined with his red hair and pale complexion was quite spectacular and in my eye, very handsome.

"Yea, he needs a good whippin'," Chase then said. Zane looked up, his face getting angry, "You just try it, asshole!" and made a move towards Chase.

"That is enough!" Jesse stepped between, "I cannot believe this, boys your age. Chase, you just keep your trap shut," Jesse warned the boy and then looked at Zane,

"Son, I'm only going to ask you once to apologize to Chase," and then turned to Chase, "You too bucko, apologize."

"I'm sorry," Chase said begrudgingly. "I'm sorry too," Zane said with just the same tone and attitude.

"Zane, I would suggest strongly that you sit down with Chase and have a very good heart-to-heart. The both of you have much more in common than not!" Georgina said hands on hips to the boys.

Jesse looked at me and I nodded, "That goes for you too, Chase," Jesse added.

"No time, got to go back with Ms. Coleman," Zane said sheepishly, Chase looking hopeful of the same disposition.

"Well you can stay Zane, no point in you going back if Georgina doesn't need you," Alicia said with her usual strategic manipulations.

"I think he's going to stay even if he doesn't want to," Georgina glared a little at Zane.

"There, it's all settled then. Zane can bunk with Chase … "

"Noo!" both boys said simultaneously, both blushing, Chase's new, Zane's deepening if it were possible.

I sighed and put on my game face, "It seems to me that if you boys can't learn to get along the easy way, I'd be happy to help you do it the hard way, especially you Chase. You needing another spanking over my knee?"

Zane's face lit up and he grinned at Chase, "You get spankings?"

Chase looked at me trying to appear wounded, his handsome face marred by a big lumpy furrowed forehead. He kicked at the dirt again, hands in his back pockets. He knew he had to honestly respond, "Yea, I do, but only after I get a very hard whipping!" he huffed at Zane defensively. I chuckled to myself at the "only" part.

Zane appeared to back off. Apparently all of this talk about spankings and whippings made him feel wisely cautionary,

"Look, I know I got red hair. If I could I'd make it black or brown or anything but red, but I can't. You can call me Red if you like, lots of guys do, just not that other word, please."

Chase appeared mollified, "I guess if your ugly ass is going to stay, best make up a bed for you in the house … in my room," Chase offered crossing his arms trying not to look too conciliatory.

"That's better," I said affixing Chase with my eyes feeling very parental and having to suppress the very strong urge to say "son" at the end, just another sign pointing in the direction of legally adding Chase to our family.

At any rate, Zane gave Georgina a very nice hug, a kiss and said something private to her. She kissed Zane's cheek, patted his rump and then departed. Funny, she threw a big duffle full of Zane's things out of the truck just before she burned rubber peeling out of the yard. She had planned this whole thing from the get-go!

After we watched Georgina drive off, the boys disappeared into the house. I noticed that it was Chase who picked up Zane's duffle. Jesse then hugged me from behind, his big strong arms surrounding me, "Now, about my poor behavior … " was all he said. A big knowing grin spread out on my face,

"Oh, you're going to be dealt with all right … later, after supper," I said with a great deal of satisfaction. Just then I felt the bulge in Jesse's Wrangler's up against my ass. I quickly changed places with him just then and pressed my bulge into his hot ass as was more proper.

* * * * * * * * * *

The boys seemed to get along just fine the rest of the day until supper, but most of the end of it was spent with Jesse and I getting more ranch work done. Zane seemed amicable to hard work which pleased me a lot as he could fit in easily to our routines.

Alicia prepared and we ate a wonderful supper of pan-fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, but my favorite was the green beans in bacon grease and bits. Zane ate and ate and ate to make you think Georgina had starved him. If there was anything wrong with the boy, it certainly was not his appetite. This pleased Alicia to no end as Chase could get kind of picky with food sometimes.

"Chase, you and Zane clear the table and do the dishes," Alicia said in a matronly tone and then she looked at Jesse and I, "So what are you boys up to the rest of the evening?"

Jesse looked at me with a half-hearted, "please don't embarrass me in front of the boys" look which just egged me on,

"Well, a certain mister and I have business in the barn," I said with pursed lips.

"What kind of business?" Chase asked as he and Zane were already clearing the table.

"Never you mind, just do your chores," Jesse shot back to Chase.

Chase grinned knowingly and then he and Zane whispered to each other. Zane grinned big at Jesse and that made Jesse blush who wisely said nothing more. That gave me more rope,

"March mister!" I pointed to the kitchen door and then looked at the boys, "You two want to be next?"

"No sir Mr. Wolcott!" they both barked simultaneously and then got busy without further comment.

I got outside into the darkness with Jesse and wondered if I had gone too far back in the kitchen. Instead, as we walked side-by-side towards the barn, Jesse slid his arm around my shoulders firmly and kissed my near cheek softly, "I don't know what's gotten into you lately, but I like it!"

That made me relax and I quipped, "More like what is going to get into you, now get your ass to the barn pronto, you know what to do," I said and stopped walking.

Jesse only glanced at me once and took off. I got to watch the back of his sexy Wranglers before he finally disappeared behind the barn door. I stopped for a long moment, sighed and turned to look at the back-lit kitchen door also wondering what had gotten into me lately, but I knew, deep down I knew I wanted to have a family with a son … or two.

I continued to walk to the barn door pretty much knowing what to expect, opened it, passed through and immediately closed it and almost startled. There stood my man right inside the door, buck naked, I mean nothing, no boots, no socks and no hat. He stood there, Pa's old razor strop draped respectfully across his upturned palms. He held it out to me like an offering,

"Please Randy, could I have a good hard whipping?" and the look on his face was so, well, it was so boyish, so innocent, and more like those first heady days together when we were just teens even younger than Chase and Zane.

I got a big lump in my throat and that despite looking down and seeing that he was so turned on just as I now was. I took the strop from his palms, his arms dropped to his sides and the look on his face remained patient with a kind of respectful need that made me feel so vulnerable with him just then.

I folded the strop off into one hand, stepped forward and then reaching out, firmly fisted his hard cock right at its base, "You are going to be spanked first, over my knee. Then I am going to tan your tail Jesse, tan it good," I said with an ever-deepening growl.

I could feel the tension triple on the spot. I said nothing more, turned him and kind of marched him forward towards the hay bales that he had prepared. On the way, I saw that he had very neatly folded up his clothing on yet a third bale, his socks folded up and sitting on top of his cowboy boots. Jesse's hat lay nicely on top of his folded clothes. The whole scene was perfect. He was perfect.

We didn't stop until we reached the bale. I sat and in one motion pulled him over my lead knee. I let him settle in a bit, his hot upturned ass straddling right at the end of my knee. His feet were firmly planted on the dirt barn floor, but on the balls so he could elevate himself if desired.

I pawed at his ass cheeks, spreading them and leered down at his hot man pucker. It was going to be hard to resist tongue-fucking him right there on the spot, but something was missing and I knew what it was. Jesse's butt cheeks were not the thoroughly crimson color that they needed to be for that kind of action.

I did however tease him and firmly rimmed his pucker with my fingertip. He moaned, shuddered a little and I could feel his erection grind a little into my Wrangler covered knee, "What do you need McKensie?" I asked him.

"A good hard spanking from you, Wolcott," he solemnly replied and then pooched his buttocks up a little higher and at just the right angle.

I shuddered a little as I pressed the palm of my spanking hand into his ass cheeks. I could feel a little accepting backpressure and then I raised my hand up and started a hard and rapid spanking carefully watching his face as it blended the offered pain and pleasure. After the first thirty or so Jesse's hands flew back palms up just like a little boy might to protect his fanny from further sting.

I smiled and quickly gathered his wrists up to the small of his back, locking my fingers with his. He looked up at me, a small smile. I returned the expression and then started back to spanking him all up and down his hot, beautiful ass.

I spanked hard and fast once again and continued until I saw in his face the hint that it was just a little too much and then stopped, "That's enough warm-up, get up," and I helped him to standing. His cock like mine was passively erect and not to be acknowledged just then.

I picked up the strop and Jesse went to the other bale, set up for whipping and lay himself over the edge of it, grabbing the far side with his hands, ankles pressed together. The redness of his spanking made his ass cheeks look like two large red apples, his long strong legs angled down, toes touching the barn floor.

I took up position to his side. Nobody said a word, didn't need to. I wound up and set to work, giving my man lick after husky lick from the top of his cheeks down to where cheek meets thigh and even a little below.

Jesse gave me honest loud yelps and howls for my effort, but not once did Jesse move though his legs writhed, and his reddening butt cheeks quivered, clenched and squirmed. His face was red and pained, but I made sure that the cuts were spaced far enough apart in time so that he felt that hint of pleasure that made such an ordeal worth the taking.

I finally stopped, tossed the strop to the side and wiped my sweaty brow with the back of my hand satisfied that I had him right where I wanted him. I gazed down at my handiwork, Jesse's ass a beautiful mass of dark red swollen welts, too dense even to see the crisscrossed pattern. The redness extended downward a good four inches onto the top of his thighs, just right.

Then I looked at Jesse's upper body. His chest heaved up and down against the prickly bale, his eyes still closed and his face red and sweaty, the expression already passing from edgy pain to a look of satisfaction and pleasure.

I smiled, stripped off my long-sleeved work shirt as well as the wife-beater underneath to my naked glistening chest, "Now get your knees up on the bale, keep your head down and spread those thighs McKensie," I instructed with a stern edge.

"Yessir," Jesse's voice quiet and breathy as he obeyed.

I kneeled in back of him, grasping his hips and pulled him down a few inches so that his twitchy pucker was right at my mouth level. I dove in, licking and lapping his pucker. Jesse's ass slowly writhed and responded with a little backpressure urging me to tongue fuck him, so I did. Jesse moaned as I move my tongue in and out, shamelessly slobbering saliva down the inside of his thighs as I did.

"Oh Jesus Wolcott, spank me some more, please!" his voice needy. It was what I was thinking about doing anyway.

I stood up and then sat down on the edge of the hay bale and manipulated Jesse's body so that his ass perched up high over my out-turned left thigh leaving my free right leg to cross over onto the back of his knees.

"Please Randy, a good old-fashioned hard spanking like we used to do," and that triggered so many memories of when we were teenagers and used to spank the living daylights out of each other just for a turn-on.

I pleasured myself first however, spread his red, swollen cheeks with my fingers and then leaned over and lapped at his pucker once more. Jesse moaned and writhed his cheeks up against my face and then I sat up, smiled, raised my hand and started to spank him, hard.

He reacted quickly with a few loud yelps, his hands flying back. I caught his wrists as before, moving them to the small of his back and held them fast with my left hand . He looked back at me with a worried expression, "You sorry you asked for a spanking?" I asked him pretending to be unconcerned.

He nodded, "Yes sir, I'm sorry. I kind of forgot how painful a spanking is after a good hard whipping."

I seldom saw Jesse like this. He was not faking his boyish reticence and that just turned me on something fierce. As I looked at him just then I used my spanking hand and kind of meanly grabbed at Jesse's sore rump, gathering up the swollen flesh into my fingertips, pinching it gently at first and then more roughly.

He grimaced, "Please don't spank me Randy!" but his ass betrayed his words and worried voice as it pushed up higher.

"Are you my bad boy?" I asked him, but now I changed my tact and shamelessly teased his pucker with my fingertip. His eyes closed and he tried to fight a look of pleasure, but failed miserably.

"Yes I'm your bad boy," he said haltingly as my fingertip penetrated his hole. His ass wiggled up, wanting more of my finger inside of him.

"And what happens when my boy is bad?" I asked him allowing for more finger to penetrate so that I could reach that special G-spot place just in front of Jesse's prostate gland.

"He … um … gets spanked," Jesse said distractedly and then moaned as I unmercifully teased the spot just right.

I swooped my finger out and firmed my grip on his wrists, "That's right, you get spanked," and then I started to spank him, hard and fast.

It was damn hard to make Jesse cry or squeal with pain of nearly any kind, but I was getting him close this time. He bravely kept his pained ass cheeks up high for me, but he did kick his feet some and started to howl against the pain. I stopped the hard slaps just in time and he caught himself.

His eyes had been squeezed shut, concentrating; now they opened and his face broke out in a daring smirk,

"You're a mean ol' bastard, you know that?"

I grinned, he had never called me a bastard, I rather liked it, "I do," I replied and then raised my hand up high as if I was going to beat his ass some more,

"No, no more please!" he relented. I held my hand up, "Why not? You said I was a bastard," and then gave him five more spanks. He grimaced,

"I'm sorry! OK, you're not a bastard!"

"Yes I am," I said, "OK, you are then," he said and then we smiled at each other and I snaked my finger back up his bum hole.

"Fuck me you bastard," he said eyes closed enjoying my penetration.

"Stand up with me," I said and pulled him to his feet, me hugging him from behind, "Come on, get your spanked ass up to the hay loft," I said to utilize a space we seldom used for quite a while.

Jesse scurried up the ladder, me right behind. Jesse placed the old saddle blankets over a fluffy wide swath of loose hay as I stripped naked. It was hot up there, humid too but it just made me want him all the more. Jesse turned and showed me his beaten ass. It was red, dark in places, swollen too and turned me on. His prick was hard, so was mine naturally.

"Get down on all fours," I instructed. He did. I kneeled behind him with no more temptation to lick his hole. I wanted to fuck. I slapped my hands onto his flanks and lined him up,

"Fuck me," he said again, head down on the blanket. I pressed my cock into my man about halfway slowly and then just jammed it in the rest of the way. He grunted a little and then pushed back and I was off to the races with him. I pounded his ass hard, doggy style.

I didn't bother to fist his cock, I just pounded and beat his asshole with my hard rod without stopping until I felt my sap rise, "Here it comes!" I announced and then gave him a few more thrusts before I growled loud and long, my balls emptying inside of Jesse.

I pulled out, sat back a moment and he just staying in place looking at me, just waiting. I took my hand, turned him to his back and then launched my mouth onto his prick and started to give him head. His hands gently cradled my head and he just breathed deeply until I got him to the edge and pushed him over, "Jesus yesssss!" he shouted as his cum flooded my mouth.

* * * * * * * * * *

Time passed. The boys got along, seemed to be very friendly with each other, but Jesse and I could only conjecture if there was more going on between them. We didn't ask. One thing was for sure, my feeling about being a parent for Chase spread to the same about Zane. Jesse and I would talk about it at night, he felt the same way, but we said nothing to the boys.

It finally fell upon me to make a run to Omaha on business. I decided it was a good idea to take Zane with me, just to talk, get more acquainted one-on-one sort of thing that is not easy to do back at the ranch. He seemed eager enough to go.

On the way, we did talk. He opened up about his childhood in Minnesota and about his mother and difficult times with his stepfather. He even told me how much he appreciated being asked to stay with us and commented the he liked Chase and considered him a good friend. I did not press anything else and he did not volunteer anything extra. He slept a great deal of the balance of the three and a half hour trip after that.

When we got to Omaha I trusted him with the truck and to meet me back at the building downtown that I was doing business, about two hours hence. I was not worried about him in the least.

About 90 minutes later I was just done with my business ahead of time and up on the tenth floor of the building when the receptionist handed me the phone, "It's for you Mr. Wolcott," that was odd.

I took the receiver, "Hello, this is Wolcott."

"Mr. Wolcott, this is Sergeant Young down at the Omaha Police Department. Are you responsible for Zane Miller?"

I about had a heart attack, "Is he all right?! What's going on officer!?"

"Seems your young man here was busted for trying to buy marijuana from an undercover cop."

All during the taxi ride to the police precinct I was fantasizing punishing Zane Miller in ways that I would never tell Jesse, never mind Zane. By the time I got there, I was so fucking angry with Zane that I could spit razor sharp nails.

As a very sorry looking seventeen-year-old red-headed boy sat head down and hands in his lap in his chair, the officer in charge explained his offense to me. It was simple really. Zane had become bored and apparently emulating past behavior, took the truck to a very familiar seedy part of Omaha and tried to buy some weed from the undercover cop.

Before I confronted Zane, I called Jesse and told him what had happened. He was just as upset as I was. We both suspected Chase was in on the deal, so Jesse got Chase and confronted him. Chase quickly confessed that he and Zane had planned it together.

"I'm so hacked, I could beat both their asses black and blue!" Jesse huffed over the phone.

"Me too, but look Jesse, I'm going to lecture Zane here and tell him that he and Chase are going to be punished as soon as we I get home."

"Sounds good to me, drive safe, love you Randy," and I said the same and hung up the phone.

The police were willing to give Zane a simple citation that would be wiped off of his record as long as he stayed away from any other reports within the next 2 years. I was happy with that, and Zane fell all over himself thanking the officer.

"Outside," I glared at Zane and he followed me to where the truck had been temporarily impounded, his head down and his hands planted into his back pockets.

There was nobody else around, "I know you're very angry with me Mr. Wolcott, but could I ask you something please?"

"Go ahead," I said with pursed lips, suspicious. If he thought that he was going to mollify my thunder, he had another thing coming.

"Are you going to give me back to Georgina because of this?"

He may have not mollified anything, but he did temporarily disarm me, "Do you want to go back with Georgina?"

His face, already distressed, furrowed up further, "No sir! I'd rather be punished hard then go back. I like being with you and Mr. McKensie and Chase."

I sighed, "Get in the truck, Zane," and we got in.

"Zane, you're a part of our family now, but you're still a boy yet and you have to obey rules and stay out of trouble. When you don't, you'll be punished and punished hard. Right now, you and Chase are in big trouble and you're both facing punishment when we get home."

"Yes sir, I figured that," he responded calmly. I didn't further comment, didn't need to, but during the three and a half hour drive back to Burwell and our ranch, we did talk. I told Zane about my life in California and how I met Jesse and he shared with me more about his young life.

As we pulled into the yard he asked me, "Am I going to get a spanking Mr. Wolcott?"

"A lot more than that Zane," I replied feeling a little badly for him. He winced a little, "Yes sir."

Jesse and Chase were out to meet us by the truck pretty quickly. To his credit, Chase immediately sidled up next to Zane and looked at me pretty chagrinned, "Sorry to have to put you and Mr. McKensie through all this," Zane agreed, "Yea," and they both looked appropriately humble.

I went to Jesse, hugged and pecked his cheek and then looked at the boys,  "You two get into the house and wait, stay downstairs," I instructed and we watched them leave.

"So, what do you think?" I asked Jesse. He shrugged, "I think I know what Pa would have done to us if he had caught us trying to buy weed, much less from a cop."

I sighed, "Yea, pretty much. So barn whippings? Spankings? Hairbrush? What do you think? After all, they're not really our kin."

Jesse looked at me, a strange look I'd never quite seen on him before, "Yet … "

I shivered a little. I liked his tone and inference, "Well, maybe this is a test for them as well as us."

"Randy, do you want to tell them sooner than later that we want to adopt the both of them?"

My mouth flew open. I know we had been talking some concerning Chase, but not Zane and yet it fit. Still, I loved hearing my man be the one to make the suggestion,

"You mean now?" I asked, wondering if he and I were on the same wavelength.

"Yea, now. If they're family now and have made a commitment to us including Zane and have to abide by the rules and accept the punishment for breaking the rules, I think it's only fair if we offer them both the rewards as well as the cost."

The corner of my mouth curled up, "Makes good sense to me partner, so shall we?" and I gestured towards the house.

"Beauty before brains," he smiled, gave me a kiss on my temple and feeling him pat my rump, I did lead the way into the house.

The boys were sitting together on the couch in the front room, side-by-side like brothers. This to me was a sure sign that we were on the right track, Jesse and I. The scene also made me think of old times with Pa sitting in the chair just over there by the lamp, even the time I got a spanking from him in this room so very long ago.

My stomach was way up into my chest now. The boys stood up together, they had already removed their hats as was proper indoors.

Jesse nodded to me. Damn, was I going to be able to keep it together and not get all mushy? I looked at Chase, then at Zane and then kept my focus on both,

"I … I don't think I need to remind you boys, Jesse and I, we love you both. You too Zane. Like I told you in the truck, you're a part of this family and subject to obey the rules. I certainly hope you already know that for yourself Chase."

"Yes sir," Chase said quietly and I looked at Zane, "Yes sir Mr. Wolcott, I … I wish I was even more a part of your family," and then he looked down, I was sure that he felt unusually vulnerable just then.

Well, some things are just meant to be and as I glanced confidently at Jesse, I knew this was one of them,

"Very well. Mr. McKensie and I, we figure that it's not fair to you boys to accept our authority and now our judgment and punishment about this pot thing without receiving the benefits of family as well … so, … " I had to stop just then and gather myself,

"So, if you boys are both willing, Mr. McKensie and I, well, we'd like to offer to legally adopt both of you as our sons."

I got it out, but I kind of choked right after. My chest was heaving and I could tell my eyes got a little red. I glanced at Jesse, his eyes were certainly a bit pink.

Chase looked at Zane, their hands had been in the backs of their jean pockets, both came flying out to their sides, fists nervously clenching.

"Well, I reckon … I'd like that a whole lot," Chase said fighting back his emotions. Zane stood there a moment, his chin quivering just a little, "That means you'd both be our fathers, our Pa, dad," Zane said in succession.

"Well of course that's what it means you dumb farmer! We'd be brothers too!" Chase looked at Zane, not much better in control of himself.

"Ain't never had a brother before, especially not a piss ant one like you!" Zane said back to him.

Jesse came over to me, put his arm around me, "I guess that means yes?" he asked the boys.

"Yea it does!" Chase said and immediately come over to us, as did Zane, "Damn right it does!"

We all hugged, hard if for just a brief moment before the boys stepped back. I took a deep breath, wiped my face,

"That was the hard part, well, you know what I mean. You boys know you've done wrong. You're both old enough to get your butts into the barn, strip down. You're both getting a razor stropping and then spankings."

"Yes sir," they said together, I thought with an extra bit of energy and started to the hallway. Then Chase stopped, Zane with him. Chase whispered something in Zane's ear, Zane whispered an answer, Chase with a final reply.

Zane spoke, "Would you and Mr. McKensie mind, Mr. Wolcott, if Chase and I started to call you Pa or dad or father, straight way? Don't wait for the legal papers and all?"

I had to admire Zane's confidence. I doubt I would have been able to ask such a thing given the circumstances. Sure made me feel good. I looked at Jesse. He smiled ear-to-ear,

"If you boys don't mind that we call you both as our sons."

The boys smiled, "Sounds good to us," Zane said for the both of them and then looked at Chase,

"This pot thing was all your bad idea in the first place!"

"The hell it was! You're the one who brought it up!" Chase replied as they quickly left the room and headed down the hallway already acting like blood brothers.

"Holy Jesus, I thought I would faint," I told Jesse. He hugged me close, "Me too," and I could feel my Wranglers start to bulge against his.

"Kiss me daddy," Jesse grinned, so I did and then broke the kiss, "Just remember. When they're good, they're my sons. When they're bad, they're yours!"

That gained me a swat on my jeans, a nice stinger too! "That reminds me, after all this with the boys is over, I'm gonna need some attention," I confessed and that made my Wranglers bulge all the more.

Jesse reached down and squeezed on my expansion, "Oh, you're gonna get it good, real good," and then we heard footsteps in the hallway, and Alicia appeared. She was crying,

"The boys told me! Oh Lordy, Ma and Pa would have been so proud of you two!" and rushed up to us, kissed our cheeks and then stepped back, "Well, it's about time you two settled down."

"What do you mean sis? We've been together for ages now."

"What I mean is. You're going to be daddies. You should be … you should be married or something!"

"Married? Ain't no such thing Alicia," Jesse replied.

"Oh, you know what I mean. Two men, two women have a ceremony or something, a spiritual thing. They do it all the time in the big cities. You could make it the four of you, a family thing."

I looked at Jesse, "I've heard of it," Jesse smiled, "OK, I'll do it!"

"Me too!" I said and we hugged and Alicia hugged with us, "Oh my! There's so much to plan! I'll call Georgina right away!" and then Alicia kind of floated out of the room on cloud nine.

"Married?" I looked Jesse.

He looked at me, "In times passed, I'd of just laughed at such a notion … truth is, Ma and Pa would have approved," and that got to Jesse, me too.

I hugged him, gently, "I love you. If we could really marry, I would in a heart beat."

"Me too. Come on, we got sons to discipline and then there's a dad that needs some attention from another dad," he said. I grinned. I liked the idea of that a whole lot!

* * * * * * * * * *

As Jesse and I walked into the barn, closing the door behind us, we could see Chase and Zane standing by the hay bale set up for their punishment. Naturally, the first thing we noticed was that their penises were fully erect, by the looks of it, proudly so. They didn't seem upset or try to hide anything.

I figured the two had been fooling around together, but never asked, nor had they said a thing. Now I figured it was a done deal. I looked at Jesse, his eyes were just as tasked as mine. Oh well, maybe it was going to be a family habit, time would tell.

All of their clothes were properly folded and Pa's old razor strop lay on the corner of the bale all ready. I sighed. What a way to start out a relationship with a son or two, whip their tails for having conspired to solicit marijuana from an undercover cop in Omaha. Oh well, I figured that there are lots of stranger things in the world.

We bid the boys to go over the bales hip-to-hip. The sight of it was spectacular to say the least. Old habits never die and my groin was screaming at me for what I saw. Jesse's too, but that was who were are. I took up the strop,

"No cursing, just take your medicine like the … like the sons we know you are," I said and felt a thrill for having said the word.

"Yes Pa," Chase said it first, "Yes dad," Zane said the other word for the first time as if he had been saying it for years.

Then I swung the strop. It cracked as intended across the center of Chase's behind and then I struck again, licking Zane's beautiful bottom. I kept it up one pair and then the other but some of the licks struck both boys. It didn't matter as long as four bottom cheeks were getting the point of all this.

The boys were soon up on their elbows, but the licks were fiery to the tender bottoms of our young bucks and soon they were down on their heads and chests, arms crossed supporting each other and both of them yelping and then howling, but nobody tried to move or get away.

I had given them both a good twenty licks and then handed the strop to Jesse, "Twenty more each," he told them.

"Yes Pa!" Zane said sounding pretty pained, "Yes sir!" Chase followed with equal regret.

It was not easy just watching Jesse give our boys those licks. My mind wandered and it was me that Jesse was whipping, me that was yelping and howling, but as our sons started to sob a little at the last few licks, I came back to reality as Jesse stopped,

"OK now, get up you two," and the boys stood, looking pretty sorry for themselves and rightly so. Their cocks were soft now as expected.

"Please don't spank us daddy," Chase then said to me, but also looked at Jesse. I didn't know what to think about his using the word "daddy" only that if he felt like it, I certainly would not object and most definitely empathized.

"Sorry son, but you know the rule," I replied and he nodded, "Yessir," for the both of them.

It didn't matter how it started, Jesse and I would spank both boys. I took Chase over my knee first, and right next to us, Jesse took Zane. Spanking a boy's whipped tail is sort of like adding hot water to a sunburn, it was quickly painful.

I spanked Chase hard and fast up and down his red fanny, "Ouuuu, please daddy! No more!" he wailed just like he was ten years old.

"Please Pa, please stop, oh God it hurts!" Zane complained as Jesse's hand rose and fell like a machine. Once again, I had to concentrate and not put myself in Zane's place.

Spanked by one dad, we had the boys change places. They did not hesitate or complain. Zane flopped over my knee and put his bottom high up for his spanking and Chase did the same with Jesse.

We spanked the boys again, just not very long and soon enough it was over. The boys finally could stand in front of us, renewed and they looked it, "Thank you sir, no more weed, ever again," Chase said respectfully, "Me either," Zane added, neither boy aroused at that point.

We hugged the boys and then bid them to get dressed, and get into the house and upstairs. They were grounded at least until supper. At least they had each other and would work out any pent up feelings between them and in my mind I certainly hoped that was what might happen anyway.

I sat down on the bale, Jesse too, "So, what now cowboy?" he put his arm across my shoulders.

"After supper, I need to rest. It's been kind of heady and emotional," I replied.

"Good idea, but for the record, offering the boys adoption before their punishment was a good idea."

"I liked Alicia's idea as well," I said.

"Me too," Jesse replied.

* * * * * * * * * *

The happiest person at supper that night was Alicia of course. She cooked up a storm "to celebrate." Zane and Chase sat on pillows. Alicia put them there. They really didn't have to sit on them, but the boys took her ribbing with good humor.

I had time to think as well as to look forward to my evening later with Jesse. I was not above putting myself in the boys' place, a good stropping, a good spanking, but had no real idea what Jesse would actually do. At times like this, he was in charge of the whole thing. Waiting for it put me on a nice edge however.

"So what are you men up to for the rest of the night?" Alicia innocently asked Jesse and I.

I looked at Jesse. He got this twinkle in his eye. I had to switch to a glare that said, "don't you dare say a thing with these boys in the room."

"Oh, Randy and I got business in the barn," he said. I pursed my lips.

"What kind of business father of mine?" Chase asked a little sarcastically looking at me.

"Mind your own business, son of mine" I said to Chase a tad defensively.

"They're gonna mess around in the barn Chase, don't be nosy," Zane said with some confident cheek.

"Who said anything about messing around?" I challenged Zane feeling like I was losing control of the situation.

"Randy, just get to the barn like we agreed, OK?" Jesse said.

I gave him and the others a little scowl and stood up, "Fine. At least I don't have to do dishes," I huffed a little mainly for show and then made my exit out the kitchen door.

Once outside, I realized how childish I must have sounded indoors. Oh well, no harm done. I went to the barn and as soon as I got inside the doors, I relaxed. I walked under and looked up at the block and tackle hanging down from the long cross beam. Maybe Jesse was in charge, but I could do with a little extra excitement.

I lowered the ropes and tackle down. The more I handled it, the more I knew I wanted to be strung up and whipped standing up. I even looked at the razor strop, but wanted something else, something edgier even. A good switching came to my mind.

I looked around, I didn't see any old switches. Damn! I sighed. I didn't want to seem greedy or too directive, so I just shrugged and started to undress. I got naked, my cock standing up tall and ready to go. I wondered if I was going to shoot off a load during a whipping however Jesse did it. That would be nice if I did.

I fiddled some with the block and tackle and then realized that Jesse was not inside with me yet. What in the world could take so long to delay him? But neither was I in a hurry. I looked over at the old sawhorse that Jesse and I had used a couple times for switchings. We had fitted rope loops on it so that ankles and wrists could be restrained. That was really hot to do. I went over to it and straightened the two old saddle blankets that lay over the cross piece for padding.

I sighed, now I really did want a switching. Suddenly I heard the barn doors open. Finally, Jesse was on the way. I started to turn,

"Hey baby, I know you're in charge, but I think … " and as I turned, there was not just one man, but one man and two boys, our sons-to-be, Zane and Chase!

I just stood there fully exposed, my hard dick wagging with nervous anticipation as the three walked right up to me. I blinked,

"Jesse? What's going on?" I asked with nervous excitement, quickly looking at Chase and Zane quickly back and forth, their expressions both kind of smirky.

"I'm in charge, that's what's going on. These boys asked what was going and on if they could help. I told them and said yes. Didn't think you'd mind. So, looks like you want a good switching over the horse?"

I looked at Jesse. He looked plenty sheepish, so I knew he was just trying to have fun.

"My idea dad. Zane and I have been messing around with each other for quite a while. We know what you and dad Jesse do sometimes," Chase said.

"Yea, besides, you're pretty hot dad," Zane said staring at my hard cock.

I was so distracted with "hot dad" and "dad Jesse" which meant that I was "dad Randy," much less the implication that the boys had been thinking about us sexually. And just then Zane licked his lips and we made eye contact. Wow.

I shrugged, "OK."

"Good. You boys go cut switches, three of them, you know where Chase," Jesse said and handed him his penknife. The boys sped off.

"You sure this is a good idea and all? We're going to be their dads," I said if anything just to say it.

"Tell me that you don't think of those boys and get all riled up, just like this afternoon?"

"Well of course I do, but some things seem … well, you know … "

"Not proper?" Jesse answered for me.

"Well yea. Hell, I don't know! I just know I love them both and don't want anyone hurt!"

Jesse came up to me, "Nobody is going to get hurt, well, maybe your ass," and he kissed me, deep on the mouth. All I could do was moan. Jesse's mouth on mine, his hand slowly stroking my cock.

"What if they see us like this?" I said breaking the kiss. Second thoughts?

"What if they do? What if Zane or Chase or the both of them want to kiss you like I kiss you or even suck your cock or you theirs? We've already done stuff with Chase, remember?"

Yes, we had, "Just as long as the boys are good with it. I trust you and I trust them as well."

"Good," he said, now lets get you ready.

It all kind of felt like years ago when Jesse and I were teenagers and just starting to figure things out alone and with each other. I had my meltdowns and doubts, loss of faith too; but Pa and Jesse both gave me the room to grow and be myself. Looks like I needed to leave Zane and Chase (as well as myself once again) to grow some in their own ways and with Jesse and I. Still, things seemed to be moving so damn fast now a days.

Jesse kept me occupied, hugging, rubbing and such until the boys returned, Zane fisting the painful hickories. They had done a good job of stripping and smoothing the slender wooden rods.

I had never done anything like this with anyone but Jesse, certainly not with anyone proposed to be my sons. I got nervous, "You guys sure you want to do this?" I asked, my hands sliding over my groin a little.

"Ah, come on daddy, you lookin' so sexy and all," Zane gave me a hug and then gently but briefly fisted my cock! Oh the thrill! But then he started to push me to the horse. I gave in and stepped forward. Chase joined him,

"Yea sexy papa, come on, you know you want it," Chase joined in. I stepped further forward until my feet were parallel with the horse ropes and then the boys started to rope my ankles. I turned my head just in time to see Jesse swishing a switch through the air, "Perfect," he grinned.

"Bend over dad," Chase said and one boy each on my arms, they urged me forward. I had to admit, having our sons help me get into position was way hot!

I leaned over and they attached the ropes to my wrists. I was breathing deep, my hard dick rubbing up against the coarse woolen saddle blanket padding. The ropes in front still allowed my torso to be angled parallel to the floor with plenty of slack. My ass was in perfect position now, ready to be switched, punished, pleasured, however I took to it.

"You boys keep to the other side, now," Jesse instructed.

"You said I could do what I wanted first dad," Chase commented, "Me too!" Zane added.

"Oh yea, OK, get started, both of you," he said. What were Chase and Zane going to do?!

Suddenly, Chase was on his knees in back of me, his fingers prying apart my vulnerable ass cheeks. Zane was in front, unzipping his Wranglers, unsnapping the fastener and pushing his jeans and with them his shorts down off his ass to his hips. Out popped his beautiful hard cock right in front of my mouth.

About the time I could feel Chase's hot breath near my butt hole, Zane's hands gently cradled the sides of my face, "Suck my young cock dad, suck it good, enjoy it," Zane encouraged me.

Chase's tongue rimmed me, licked me. I moaned and Zane lifted up his cock and put it at my lips. I greedily sucked it into my mouth aiming to rub his red-haired bush all over my face if need be.

Chase's face pressed into my ass and his tongue thrust hard in and out of my hole as Zane gently face fucked my mouth. All I could do, all I wanted to do was enjoy it. I moaned loudly.

"OK boys, time to switch that hot ass," Jesse said. Chase got up and moved around towards my head. Zane pulled out of my mouth, but as Chase joined him, Chase took out his erection and started to play with himself.

I felt Jesse tap the switch on my ass. I closed my eyes, "This bad ass hot daddy needs a good switching!" he said and then started to give me cuts, one after the other.

The pain was fierce with the first five. He paused and I could breath and let the sting go to my balls and cock. Jesse came up and rubbed on the welts, "Yea, nice and red, Chase, come back over here and lick this hole some more, suck Zane's cock Randy," he directed me.

A tongue was quickly into my hole and a dick into my mouth. This time I had less time to enjoy them before Jesse told them to back off. They did and I waited. Jesse then give me ten hard licks with the switch. It felt like I was being punished, the sting was so hard and then it flowed into my pelvis like before.

This time the boy's changed places, Zane licked at my hole, Chase had his dick in my mouth. Didn't matter to me. I had two teenaged boys, my sons pleasuring me; my lover, best friend and "husband" tanning my needy hide.

This time Jesse really went after it and me. He tanned my butt twenty awful strokes making me howl. I wondered what Zane and Chase would think as I had no choice in it. The grouping left me breathless, my ass on fire and tears came to my eyes it was so fierce,

"Holy cow you're turning me on baby!" Jesse said from the side.

"Me too!" Zane said and suddenly his face was in mine, "Kiss me dad," he said with low growl. I could not stop him and didn't want to. I opened my lips and Zane dived into my mouth.

"Yea, kiss him Zane, kiss dad, oh shit!" Chase said.

Then I could feel Jesse's bulge rubbing up against my ass, right over my ass crack and swollen sore welted rump, "I so want to fuck this hot ass!" Jesse said.

"Me too! Please dad, I want to pleasure you so much with my dick!" It was Chase.

Zane parted his kiss from me just then and then Jesse leaned over the horse, "You want your son to fuck your ass Randy? It's up to you partner, only I get you first."

My mind, my dick and everything else inside of me was bombarded with hot, nasty  and lustful thoughts, "Yes, please … fuck me, Jesse … then you boys if you want," I just said it.

"Oh yea!" Zane said and then leaned back over and we kissed and as we did, I could hear Jesse shoving down his jeans and then I felt his hard dick at my backdoor.

Chase and Zane kept my mouth busy as Jesse pushed in. I winced hard just once as he started to pound me from behind, me still trussed up but soon I had a teen dick in my mouth, Chases, "Suck me good dad, suck me off," Chases voice insisted.

"Suck him baby, I'm gonna shoot my load in you!" Jesse's voiced raised. I sucked and was being fucked and a few moments later, my ass was getting a load from my man and my mouth a load from my boy.

I swallowed it all down and needed more, "Zane, fuck me, get back there boy and pleasure your dad!"

"Yes sir dad!" Zane said and quickly took position. Zane carefully pushed himself in and the I heard kissing from behind me. I smiled. I knew Jesse and Zane were kissing, "Now you do as your told and give your dad a good time," Jesse told Zane, "Yes sir!" Zane replied.

I felt Zane's cock press into me. I was ready for it, "Fuck me hard boy, don't you disappoint me or I'll whip your ass!" I threatened playfully.

"Yes sir!" Zane snapped back and then moved in. Zane fucked me all right, like a wild animal. He slapped his body into mine pushing me hard up against the horse. It was about as hot a thing as I'd ever done with anyone.

It took Zane no time at all to grunt and growl his load into me. I was twice fucked now, my mouth once. I was the only one with full balls now.

"Get him up boys," Jesse told our sons. The boys helped me to standing. Jesse went right to his knees saving my sperm for himself. I stood, my two sons' faces right in mine. We kissed, the three of us back and forth as Jesse sucked me off, the orgasm had me nearly blacking out, it was so hard and so good.

* * * * * * * * * *

Jesse and I cuddled in bed together a short time later, "Did you like what we did tonight?" Jesse asked from behind me.

"Sure did, did you?"

"Yea," he said a little tentatively.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"The boys," he said, "Yea, me too, come on," I said.

I would not sleep a wink unless I knew Zane and Chase were OK. We got out of bed and quietly padded out of the bedroom door and down the hallway towards the stairs, stopped and gently knocked on the boys' bedroom door.

When nobody answered, Jesse slowly opened the door and we both peeked inside. What I saw made me smile ear-to-ear. The boys were naked on top of the bed covers fast asleep. Chase was on his back, Zane half on, half off Chase's upper body, their legs intertwined below.

We closed the door and returned to our room. Nothing more needed to be said. We got in bed, cuddled up like before, Jesse behind me, "Nite, babe," he said,"Nite, Jesse."

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