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Jesse: The Nebraska Rancher's Son - Part Seventeen
PJ Franklin <>


Character summary to date:  Jesse McKensie is twenty-five years old, Randy Wolcott, twenty-four. Clark Wooley, Uncle Nathan's stepson, is nearly thirty years old, married to Miriam, their son Donny is two, one more on the way. Tommy King is Jesse's age, so is his wife Juliann. Randy's godson, T.R. (Thomas Randy King II) is seven years old and C.J. (Clarence Jesse King) is two. Chase Morgan is seventeen as is Zane Miller.

Love was in the air, well, that and a whole barrel full of lust. Alisha finally had a beau. Jesse had been trying to get her to date and find a good man to marry for years now. She stuck around I mainly thought because she was Jesse's twin and maybe felt some obligation to take care of the family's men folk after Ma and Pa died. Well, now there was Eric in her life, an old high school flame her same age.

Jesse and I made sure to check him out, but Eric seemed the real deal, a real nice Nebraskan native who just adored Jesse's twin. He was running an insurance agency in Burwell but seemed destined to move up in his company and that probably meant moving on to Omaha or even out of state.

Amanda and Alison were already in New York state with their husbands and families, had been for years now so that if Alisha and Eric got married, well, bye-bye to the last girl folk in the house forever. It would hurt a lot for her to move away from us. I would miss her a lot, but she needed a life of her own and to make a family with somebody and we boys could take care of ourselves by now.

At present, Alisha was in Burwell with Eric for a day or two. Jesse was with Chase in Omaha at the dentist, actually an endodondist. Chase had some tooth problem that the dentist in Burwell could not handle.

Since there was no use all four of us going to Omaha, Jesse took Chase. Why not me? Well, that's where things get complicated and a little uncomfortable. You see, Chase seemed to have a special affinity for Jesse. Zane, well, after that time in the barn hardly a few weeks before when he fucked the living daylights out of me, Zane had been eyeballing me like a hawk looking for another tasty meal.

There just was no explaining the attractions, but it wasn't like all four of us didn't have open eyes over it. Jesse thought it was harmless and funny, so did Chase and Zane, everyone but me it seems. It wasn't like I didn't like being lusted after by a hotter-than-shit seventeen-year-old red-headed stud, I did. It was just the whole monogamy thing and the son thing, both drove me crazy in my head,

"Baby, that train already left the station or maybe you weren't paying attention?" Jesse had teased me over the four-way we had in the barn a few weeks before. "You may as well just get over it honey. It's just sex. He loves you, I love you, Chase loves you, everyone in the whole God damned state of Nebraska, loves you," he ended with a big old smirk.

"Oh shut up, you know what I mean!" I replied testily and I knew that he knew and was just pushing my buttons, the expert that he was at it.

I gulped as the truck with Jesse and Chase started down the long gravel driveway to the state highway and Omaha. I was now totally alone with Zane who was standing right next to me,

"Finally, I get my daddy all to myself," and then he hand grabbed my ass, "all of this for just me."

I shivered as my dick started to harden in my Wranglers, but I courageously slapped his hand away, "You stop that! Get to work or I'll take you to the barn and strop your ass good, hear me?" I said attempting my dad-voice, but even I wasn't convinced.

"Oh yea dad, talk dirty to me. Strop my ass, do anything, just let me at your pretty bottom, oh god your ass drives me insane, dad," and I swear he looked like he wanted to rape me!

I stepped away from him, my heart pounding more blood into my dick. Jesse had called my bottom pretty but not in front of the boys. I was flattered to say the least, but Zane?

"Shoo, go away! Go get your chores done boy!" I tried to be more manly and authoritative.

"I will for now, but you best watch your back dad of mine. My dick needs relief and it needs your hot dad hole."

"Zane!" I shouted, my hardened dick saying otherwise.

He gave me one hell of a wicked grin, turned and trotted off to the barn but not before he smacked his own Wrangler clad butt with a hand, turned his head and winked at me.

I wanted Zane in my ass, yes, but it felt uncomfortable Jesse being away. A four-way is one thing, getting one-on-one with a family member other than Jesse, another. That had never happened. No matter that deep down I really did want to have sex alone with Zane, but I also needed to have Jesse there with us, Chase too to feel good about it.

I took respite in the fact that I only had to endure the morning and afternoon, Jesse and Chase would be back in the evening. Then about eleven o'clock that morning I got a phone call, from Jesse,

"Gonna have to stay the night in Omaha. The specialist got called away, so they can't get to us before morning. Think you boys can rough it without us?" his question rhetorical.

"Jesse, you gotta come home. Zane he … well," but Jesse cut me off, "Randy, stop being a pussy. It's just sex. Zane adores you, I adore you. Let him have his way. Trust me, it'll be alright. Shit, Chase has been all over me all trip long. I want him, by himself and we're going to do it. Give yourself to Zane honey, it's OK."

I felt a big relief at Jesse's permissions to just enjoy my son on my own,

"Thank you Jesse. I just needed to hear it from you. You boys have a good time," I practically whispered.

"Love you," I said.

"Love you forever cowboy," he said making my eyes water again and then he hung up.

I swallowed and sighed. I decided to not get over invested. Zane would probably do nothing now and that would be OK too or so I tried to convince myself. It was going to be a scorcher that day and humid too so I stripped down to my waist. I was commando in my favorite pair of old Wrangler jeans, a pair of old boots and ratty socks, wearing an old ball-cap backwards.

One of our older tractors was having problems so I set about to try and fix it myself. Jesse was better than me at fixing things, but I was better than I used to be. The damn thing was outdoors and the heat and humidity rose up to a horrid amount around one PM making me sweat like a pig roasting over an open fire. I needed a break and headed for the somewhat cooler and at least shaded confines of the barn and cool water to drink and rinse off a little.

I walked through the door, there stood Zane, bare chested just like me. My eye scanned his chest. His skin was a creamy pale, typical of a red head, but that boy had muscles, big chest and shoulders. I stopped on my way to over to the trough where the water spigot was, my cock shamelessly stirring just a little.

"Jesse and Chase can't get to the dentist till morning. They're staying over, it's just you and me till tomorrow," and started to the trough ignoring my reaction. He followed. I scooped up water to drink.

"I ever tell you about turning tricks in Omaha?" he said behind my back, his voice calm. Now my dick got a little more excited. We knew that Zane had lived on the streets and all, but he had never said anything about sex. Not answering him, I started to drink again

"I let only one or two men dominate me, mostly older guys would pay me to dominate them. Tie them up, whip their asses, put my cock everywhere, butt, mouth. A couple guys wanted me to piss in their butts and mouths. I did it. It got me money."

My heart was pounding, I mean like a freight train running full speed as I listened, "That right?" I said, my voice cracking, my dick hardening faster now. I wiped my face, my body a little cooler now and less thirsty, my mind awash in flames of lust.

"Been watching you dad. Fixing that old thing. Just you and me huh?" he said. I nodded, "Yep," wondering how long it would be before he jumped me. The thing was, what he just told me about turning tricks was driving me totally nuts.

"Tied them up?" I said casually, not quite looking at him.

"Hog-tied them helpless, so I could face fuck 'em, gag 'em with my cock. One guy, he wanted it so bad, he cried. I gave it to him. Most guys cry when I fuck 'em. You didn't," he said.

Zane was leaning up against a horse stall wall, thumbs hooked into his Wrangler pockets, staring at me. I looked down, his cock was large and hard and tenting his tight Wranglers. He saw me look. Mine was hard by now as well and he saw it of course.

"Ever solicit a guy for sex, dad?" he asked, his body language and voice both in cahoots. My knees got weak, real weak. I felt like a slut as I imagined myself handing Zane a wad of greenbacks, paying him for sex on the streets of Omaha.

I thought about going back to the tractor, I really did; but my feet listened to my cock and started to walk towards Zane. His expression did not change, save that his right hand now tapped his crotch lightly as if to say, "come get me."

OK, I was not going to resist any longer and got to within arm's length. I was going to lay a kiss on him, take control, but his left hand came up and grabbed my arm. He spun me around and pinned me to the wall,

"Stay there!" he barked at me. I startled a little at his sudden harsh attitude, I mean his voice boomed just short of angry. The thing was, I liked it, I felt it deep down inside where my dirty thoughts reside.

Where was he going? What was he going to do to me? It wasn't that I didn't now know that I was going to have sex with my son, it was how? Might I have paid Zane money on the streets of Omaha had life's circumstances been just right?

He was back, holding rope, "Hold your hands out," and waited. I could have said "no." I could have grabbed the rope and told him to hold his hands out. The expression on his face was neutral. Who was it going to be, him or me?

Finally, I just put my hands out to him and looked at him as I did it, so handsome, so fucking hot, so irresistible.

He tied my wrists together, then his hands went for my jeans, unzipped them and then shucked them down to my ankles. My hard cock flopped out, it did feel good to release it to the open barn air.

Unexpectedly then, Zane went down on his knees and then down on my cock, all the way to my pubes, the root and without warning, "Zane!" I gasped from the sudden pleasure.

Then as fast as Zane's mouth was sucking me, he wasn't. It was over and his hands were fumbling for my boots and once they were gone, so were my Wranglers. He stood up and back and looked at me, no, leered at me like I was a piece of meat.

God knows I felt like one, naked, him at least with jeans and boots still on. I blushed, I fucking blushed and felt like an addled schoolboy! I looked away from him, embarrassed or what's that other word? Chagrinned. No, not that. That means humiliated. I didn't feel that, not yet anyway.

Then he slowly started to strip himself. Now I did watch, watched him peel down those tight jeans. How could he work in those things? Why didn't they split apart, especially from his round hot ass sticking out in them?

Now Zane was naked too, stroking his hard cock, looking at it and then looking at me. No words, just actions, fine by me. I did not want to stick my foot in my mouth and ruin the mood.

"On your knees dad," he said, his voice low and gravelly. I got down.

He came up to me, and looked down, "You are so fucking hot, I just want to tear your ass up, ten ways to Sunday, make you feel things, hard things dad," and then he chuckled at his pun because at least one hard thing was just a few inches from my mouth.

I could hear the usual sounds outside the barn, birds chirping mainly, a slight breeze rustling leaves on some of our trees in the yard. We were too far from the highway to hear vehicles rushing to and fro and no train sounds from the tracks far away, they would happen randomly.

I looked at the tip of his dick. I wanted it, my mouth watered. I leaned forward to get it in my mouth, but a hand grabbed my hair from behind, "Not till I say."

I felt deprived and silly, and yes now a little humiliated; but I looked up at him, at his green eyes, the clutch on my hair loosening a little,

"You are so pretty dad, so fucking hot," and then he leaned down and his lips touched mine and my mouth opened.

This time my lunge upwards was met by his invading tongue. We kissed, hard and sloppy for just a moment, before he stood up and the hold on my scalp hardened some,

"Suck me, suck me hard, no fucking around dad. Suck me good or I swear I'll lay the strop hard across your hot ass and enjoy doing it!"

I whimpered. I could not help it, I whimpered as my mouth engulfed what I could of my son's big, hard man meat. I sucked it down, I tried, I did but I gagged and spit it out. His hand was not holding my hair now, but instead was firmly pressing the back of my head into himself,

"That's not it dad, do it right, no gagging. If you gag on me, I am going to punish you," and his voice was not angry, just a little stern. He wanted to strop my ass, I could tell. He wanted me to fail. I wanted me to fail, but do so honestly. It was just a game.

Well, I already knew I was going to fail. I can't not gag, it's impossible. I did it again. I sucked Zane's cock down, I gagged, spit it out and coughed. My jaw hurt a little now, "Again dad, last chance, or I'm gonna roast your rear end."

So I tried again and failed again, gagging, spitting, my face hot from the effort, "Get up," he said and pulled me up by my arm.

I closed my eyes as Zane sidled up to me so that we were touching body to body. I was already sweating, so was he and the heat in the space we stood, seems like we might as well be standing outdoors under the hot mid-day sun.

His hand stroked my cock, gently. His other hand rubbed my ass, grabbed at my flesh, "The thing is dad, your ass makes me want to use it, give it a hard whipping and fuck it," and then a dry finger found my hole and roughly pushed in. I winced, "Zane," I said.

"Yea daddy," he said and then pushed it in full. I rose up on my tip-toes, "Ah!" and his grip on my dick got real firm, "Bend over," he said, his hand on my dick rising up and pushed me over with hard pressure on the back of my neck. I obeyed my son and bent.

"Hm, hm, hm," he said rubbing my ass and then spanked me! Hard, ten times and then quickly two fingers invaded my insides, to the hilt. It burned like a fuck. I yelped and tried to move away from the hurt but he was ready for me, a knee wedging me still.

"Hot, hot dad ass, yea," and then he pounded me with those fingers. It hurt like hell at first, "Zane! Please!" and then the fingers were gone. Worse? I missed them.

He pulled me up to standing, "Come on dad, time for the strop," he said as if it was just normal.

I expected to be trussed up. I was right about being trussed, just not up. Zane arranged a hay bale, put our clothes on top to prevent chafing and making me lay on my back, hog-tied my ankles and then threw that rope up over the ceiling beam. I wondered why Jesse and I had never thought of it.

My feet were pulled up toward the barn ceiling, my ass far up, my manhole nearly pointed directly up at the ceiling and so very vulnerable now. Zane then linked my tied up wrists to my ankles which made me twice as hog-tied. I had to admit, since my dick was as hard as nails, I liked it, God bless me I liked the feeling a whole lot.

Now Zane was brandishing the old razor strop, "Daddy, time for your whipping, now ask me nicely for it," he said.

I swallowed, but did not hesitate. I needed a whipping, "Zane son, please give me a whipping, a hard whipping," I said and then waited. At least I could see my fate in Zane's hand.

The first lick hurt, and then the second and third stung even more. My whole body ached as my ass skin sizzled. Zane ran his hand over my sore ass, I shivered, "Oh yes dad, getting red already," and then he stepped back.

Zane then seared my butt hard five more licks. I yelled just as I would with Jesse and bucked against my restraints to no avail and then two more licks made me scream,

"Ahhhhh! Zane!" I yelled, it was do damn painful.

"I know dad," he said and the next thing I knew he was straddling his asshole over my mouth, his chest facing my red, throbbing splayed ass cheeks.

"Eat me out dad, I'm going to muffle your yells with my hole on your mouth," and he lowered himself.

My tongue lashed out to taste my son's sweet hole, but then the strop went to work again. I could no longer lick and had to scream, but each of my plaintive cries were stifled by Zane's hole and ass on my face. Oh how the licks hurt, they hurt bad!

Zane stepped back over me and kneeled. One hand gently rubbed my sore ass and stroked my soft cock. The other cradled the back of my head and lifted it. I looked at him limply, not sure what to say. Then he leaned over and kissed me, this time the kiss lasted and lasted. He stroked my cock to full hardness. Oh my but my son was pushing all of my buttons now.

The kiss broke and Zane then went down on me, once again to the root and then slowly up and down my shaft. I moaned like a whore, and loud, so loud that I thought somebody would hear me out on the highway. I could not guarantee that I had ever let myself moan so loud like that in all my years with Jesse.

Zane did not finish me off. He stood and chuckled, "That's my dad, letting the whole place know that he needs a good fucking," and then picked up the strop.

I furrowed my brow. If there's anything worse than a hard barn whipping, it's letting a tenderized ass cool off and then going at it again, "Zane, please," I said meaning please don't.

"Sorry dad, but before I fuck you, I'm gonna make it hurt," and then before I could say anything the strop swooped down with a crack, "Zane!" I screamed.

Again and again he whipped my tender tail, "Zane!" I yelled. He grabbed at one of his dirty, sweaty socks and stuffed it in my mouth.

The strop licked me again twice, I screamed bloody murder into the gag, shaking and now I wasn't crying, but my eyes were so watery, it seemed like it. It hurt so much. I was afraid of more, but then heard the strop hit the floor and the next thing I knew Zane was letting me down from the rafters.

He said nothing, just quickly untied my ankles and then flipped me over to my stomach. I lay limp and glad not to be trussed up, but then Zane was on me from the rear. I knew he was going to mount me, I wanted him to. I heard his breathing, hard and insistent. I felt his cockhead at my backdoor and didn't try to resist. I didn't move a muscle.

When he entered me, he spread my thighs with his legs, lay on top of me, one hand flat to the bale astride my left shoulder and with the other guided his cock into my hole. I relaxed, I wanted this, I wanted my son to fuck me.

Still, it hurt. I winced, "Zane," my voice shook. He stopped and let my butt muscles accommodate and nuzzled me for a kiss. I was grateful and we briefly kissed, "Oh dad, you turn me on so. You're so manly, so tough, I love you so much," he said and then started to pound me.

"Oh yes Zane, oh yes, fucking pound my ass, hard son, hard!" I insisted. Now both of his hands were astride my shoulders and Zane was pounding me furiously hard and all I could do was take it with sharp intakes of breath, insistent whimpers and involuntary yelps of pain and pleasure, my body moving to and fro with his.

"Oh God dad!" he yelled when he shot his load high up into my ass, milking it for all it was worth and then collapsed on top of me. His cock softened and fell out. When it did, he rolled me to my back, my legs dangling down over the side of the bale and he went down on me, sucked me so hard that I screamed when the rapture surged all through me.

Zane climbed up on me, straddled me and would not let me up until he kissed me hard on my mouth. That one lasted awhile and then he climbed off of me and held out his hand. Zane pulled me to my feet and we hugged, gently.

"I never did anything like that with anyone, ever," he said huskily into my ear. I hugged him closer, "then I'm a lucky dad," was all I could say.

"You liked it?" he asked almost worried sounding.

I thought of all of it, how much the strop hurt, how I wanted it to stop hurting, but didn't want it to stop hurting and how hard he pounded my ass. Mostly though I thought of Zane, "I love you son, course I liked it."

"Good, makes me feel good, like I'm worth something," he said and I put him at arm's length and looked at his face. It looked worried. I hugged him again, "Zane honey, you are priceless. You're Jesse and my son," and even though it wasn't really legal yet, "You don't have to do anything to prove that, OK?"

He nodded, "Thank you daddy," quietly.

"Come on," I said and took us to the front of the barn where all of this started. I dunked my head and half my torso in the trough of water. So did Zane and we shook off the extra,

"Ranch work never stops boy," I said, "Let's get back to it," and he nodded and we did. I was going to work hard even though my ass was throbbing and hurting too, my hole as well. I kind of gloried in it actually.

The day droned on. We finished the work and then cleaned up some. I drove us into town and we went to the feed store in Burwell for some things and then I treated Zane to hamburgers and shakes at the diner.

It was about halfway through that meal that I realized out of the blue that Zane and I were having something I thought might never happen. He and I were having a real dad and son outing, just the two of us. The thought startled me at first and it must have showed,

"You OK dad?" Zane asked me across the table. I nodded, "Yea," I sighed enjoying the moment for myself and promising to tell Jesse about it later, but thought he and Chase were likely doing the same thing. That made me smile.

"Dad, I been thinking. Chase and I talked a while back about school. Instead of joining another new high school, maybe we should just get our G.E.D.s and then think about college later."

I nodded and looked at my handsome and thoughtful son, "We'll talk about it as a … a family, all of us together," I replied.

He smiled and blushed a little which is a lot for such a fair skinned boy with fiery red hair, "I'd like that dad, thank you. And thank you for today, I never had a day where I got to spend time with a dad, much less you daddy," he said solemnly.

I had to fight back emotion and had it not been so public, I would have leaned over the table and kissed him. I nodded and patted the top of his hand anyway.

Later that night, I was in the kitchen preparing a meal. Zane was right at my side, and I mean right at my hip insisting to help. I liked having him there with me. It was like another dad and son moment like when we were in Burwell together. He was quiet, very quiet and looked thoughtful or pensive.

"You OK?" I asked. He nodded, but he didn't look OK, "Zane?"

His head hung a moment, his lips like they wanted to move to speak but didn't quite, but then he stood up, sighed and chewed his lips,

"Funny thing happened in the barn today with my dad. He let me make love to him in a rough and hard way," then Zane put both hands on the corner of the counter, "I thought I was in control. I wasn't," and he then he looked at me,

"You were in control, of me dad. I just wanted to please you," he said, "And you did," I replied.

"After supper, could we? I just want to be with you, OK?"

I nodded, "Of course Zane," I said but he wasn't saying something, but I just let it go.

We ate supper and he insisted on doing the dishes by himself, so I let him and went upstairs for a few minutes to just straighten up and start some laundry. The next thing I knew, he was at my side helping. I went downstairs after that to the family room, Zane followed.

Jesse and I don't watch a lot of television, mostly the news, especially local weather and agricultural reports, commodity stuff pertaining a few investments we had by now and all, but I settled down in the middle of the couch, Zane right next to me.

We were both in our boxers, all clean from the day's work. The news was boring, that was certain. I was about to get up when Zane moved close to me, hip-to-hip. Our eyes met. Zane tilted his head and then he lay himself across my knees!

Without speaking, he reached down and pulled down his boxers over his awesome bottom cheeks. I gasped and my dick started to harden.

"Would you spank me like a daddy spanks his little boy? Please?" and now I could feel his dick harden on my knee, but it wasn't his dick that caught my attention, it was the need in his voice and the look of it on his face.

I let my hand rest on and grab his near ass cheek. It was muscled and felt hot in my hand, "Of course I will," I said a bit breathless.

I had no idea what he really meant by his request, only that it seemed needful and heartfelt and didn't deserve to be questioned. I raised my hand and started to spank him, hard and fast. I watched him carefully. His hands were flat out forward on the couch, his head to the side, eyes closed. He seemed somewhere, but not with me. He yelped a little, not much, tough kid.

I stopped and rubbed and he humped me. Now he opened his eyes and smiled, "That felt good, real good. Chase tried to do it, didn't work. We just ended up giggling."

"Had enough?" I asked, "No. Now I want you to spank me like you would spank daddy Jesse or he spank you."

I grinned, "That would be upstairs, with our hairbrush and that thing is mean, real mean."

He grinned, "Please?"

I gladly took Zane upstairs to Jesse and my bedroom. I got the brush. I got naked, Zane was already naked, our cocks hard. I took him by the arm to the edge of our bed just like I would Jesse. I flung him over my knee and held down the back of his legs with mine.

"This is going to hurt," I said. I smiled as I watched his hands grab handfuls of the bed top.

I paddled my son, Zane, paddled him hard for a good twenty strokes before I finally made him yell, "Dad!" I stopped and rubbed his beet red bottom, "Not done," I said. "Oh no!" he said and squeezed his eyes shut.

I paddled him again, up and down, side to side and covered every square inch of his hot teen ass with that brush, "Daddy! Please stop, it hurts!" he yelled giving in, his face nearly as red as his ass, his eyes having teared up.

"There, satisfied?" I asked smiling down at him and running my fingers through his red hair.

"Very," he said and looked up at me, "Fuck me?" he asked next, "You didn't even have to ask," I replied.

He grinned and climbed up onto the bed, got a couple pillows and made of his hot red ass, an offering to me. I took it. I took him. First I ate out his hot ass, made him moan and writhe and push back on me wanting my tongue deeper.

Then I fucked and rutted Zane as hard as he had fucked and rutted me in the barn. He took it, he urged me on and told me, "Harder dad, harder!" and I fucked that boy, hard.

I didn't come inside of Zane, I pulled out, turned him over, straddled him and spattered inside his mouth and around it. He grinned and wiping it up with his fingers, licked them clean.

After, I lay down on my back, Zane half on me to the side, his head nuzzled into my shoulder. I chuckled when I thought about how many dads might have their sons doing this with them across the country. Probably just me, but maybe one other and just then the phone rang by the bed.

I put it to my ear, "Hello?"

"Randy, babe?" It was Jesse, "Hey cowboy," I said.

"How you guys doing?" He asked.

I knew I was going to tell him everything anyway. I looked at Zane who by now was up on his elbows.

"Well, Zane whipped my ass upside down in the barn, me all tied up like a calf and then he fucked me into tomorrow and just a while ago, I whipped his tail in our bedroom with the brush. He's here now, say hello to your dad," I held the phone to Zane,

"Can I borrow daddy Randy sometimes? He's so fucking hot in bed!"

I laughed, I heard Jesse laughing and then I heard another voice, Chase, "Only if I can borrow daddy Jesse. We did dirty things tonight."

"What dirty things?" both Zane and I shouted at the same time and then everyone laughed.

"I don't know son, should we tell them or wait and show them when we get home," that was Jesse.

"Naw, no use waiting. I pissed on daddy Jesse."

"What?" I said a bit strongly and blushed looking at Zane who didn't seem surprised.

"It's OK. Don't get your shorts in a knot. It was fun. Chase made me lay in the tub here in the room and he pissed all over me but not on my face until I asked him. It felt dirty, real dirty. We jacked each other off. It was so disgusting and so fun," Jesse said.

I looked at Zane and nodded,  "It's OK dad. Chase and I do it sometimes. It's really raunchy, really hot."

"You OK Randy?" Jesse asked concerned. I sighed, "Yea, I guess these boys are teaching us old folk new tricks."

"I love you, you old cowboy. Don't worry. I won't piss on you too much when I get home."

I laughed, "We'll see who pisses on who you dirty old man," but I was grinning and hugging Zane into me, "I gotta go Jesse. Zane needs to be fucked again."

"What, you already fucked him?" he asked.

"Of course, ate his hot ass out too, tasty!"

"Yum, he does have a hot tasty ass, so does daddy Jesse," Chase said. I chuckled, "See you boys tomorrow," and we said our goodnights.

"You gonna fuck me again?" Zane asked.

I looked at him, "Yes, on your tummy boy," I said gruffly, "Yes sir dad!" and he got ready for round two.

I ate his hot ass out again, I fucked him again and emptied my load inside of him this time. I almost took him to the bathroom and pissed on him, but decided to save that one.

Zane slept with me that night in my bed. It felt good to feel so free, open and honest with my men, my boys, my lover and husband Jesse, my sons Chase and Zane, our lovers. Yes, they were lovers too by now.

I felt I had everything I wanted in life, or almost. As I drifted off to sleep though I wanted more. I wanted us to be recognized as a family. Alicia had talked about it, Jesse and I and the boys having a ceremony, a family celebration as she put it. It would be with all four of us. We would dovetail it with Jesse and I legally adopting Chase and Zane.

It was then that I thought about Harold, my mom's husband. I thought what it would feel like if I recognized him as my step-dad, but I would never use the word "step" with it. I never really had that, a dad I could relate to. Yes, there had been Jesse's father, but that was different.

Harold could never be my blood, but by God, he had married my mom and that had to count for something. I wondered what he would think of it. I drifted off to sleep on that thought, on my back, Zane's hand lazily lying across my chest.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was both glad and sorry that Zane had already left my bed when I blinked my eyes open the next morning. It was about 6:30 AM, Zane would usually get up with Chase at 5:30 AM to attend to feeding stock, both large and small. Zane was at the least being a responsible kid.

I doubted I would have been so responsible was I still seventeen and attracted to an older guy like myself. The thought made me smile. I got out of bed, hit the can and then trundled down the stairs and set up to make coffee in the kitchen. After that would be breakfast and I intended to cook for both Zane and me.

Sure enough, about ninety minutes later, he wandered into the kitchen, "Hey dad, I'm starved," and pecked me on the temple. I smiled, "Almost ready," and soon we sat down to eat.

After breakfast, I headed out with Zane to one of our always available projects to keep the ranch running. Quite frankly, at times I was tired of ranch work. I had been sharing it with Jesse and various hands and now the boys for nearly ten years.

Yes, the hard physical work had helped me to build a great body and yes, I was doing it with the most handsome, hot and sexy man in the world, Jesse; but I had other interests and concerns about my own future, especially an education. Was I ever going to go to college? I kind of wanted to.

The morning flew by and then I heard a truck coming down the long gravel driveway. It was Jesse and Chase. Zane heard it too and we waited together and when it arrived, Chase jumped out of the cab and greeted Zane like he was a long, lost buddy. It was fun to watch them.

Jesse ambled over to me. I pretended to be a little standoffish, arms folded in front of me, "So, do I get to call you piss boy now?" I asked trying to sound haughty.

"I love you too," he pecked my on the cheek, his hands in his back pockets maybe a little sheepish.

"Did you like it?" I asked, softening my body language.

The boys were laughing and looking over at us, "Yea, I did," he said even more sheepishly, even blushed a tad. It took a lot for Jesse to blush, "Don't worry. I won't bother you for it," oh yea, I got him now. His head was down, feet shuffling.

I moved around and hugged him close from behind. I whispered in his ear, "Gotcha hot man. I want to try it with you. Sounds dirty, nasty and hot," and kissed his neck.

"It is, I love you Randy," he said solemnly. I twirled him around and laid my lips on his and we kissed.

Chase and Zane were now approaching. Chase came at me and hugged me, "You can blame me for corrupting your husband," and I hugged him back, "I'd give you a whipping, but you'd enjoy it too much so I'll settle to take over corrupting my husband now, but thanks for getting him started," and kissed Chase's forehead.

We were all now in a big family hug, the kind we seldom did if we had at all. My heart started to pound, but something seemed different, I didn't know what.

"I think. I think we need to talk about the future. Chase and I talked a lot on the drive home. There's lots to consider. Things are changing, slow but sure,"  Jesse said.

"You mean the spread?" I asked. I had heard what was starting to happen to mid-western ranches the size of Jesse and mine.

"Yea. Can't stay here forever. Land is worth too much. I don't know. Maybe time to try something different. Boys here want to go to college. I think they should," Jesse said but looked unconvinced.

I sighed, "Yea, they should do it when they're young."

"What, you're eighty?" Jesse said to me with a little attitude.

"Well, what if I want a college education? I'm not too old," also with some attitude. The boys just stood and watched, but looked uncomfortable.

"Then get one," he said, his tone a bit annoyed. I could tell neither of us was feeling all that great about needing to change things.

"What about you? What do you want?" I asked Jesse without attitude and getting a little worried.

"Hell if I know. I always thought I'd be on this land till I die. I don't know so much now," head down, his boot toe tracing dirt.

"Come to college with us dad!" Zane said to me. I sighed, "I don't know about that. They got correspondence. Hell, I don't know either," and Jesse looked sad now which made me feel sad too.

"I ain't going anywhere or doing anything without you, you got that?" I said a bit authoritative to my precious man.

He looked sheepish again and didn't answer. This was not like Jesse, not at all and I hated it, "I asked you a question. You gonna make me take you into the house, spank you and then piss all over your spanked ass?"

That broke the tension. The boys jumped back and chortled, pointing at Jesse. Jesse blushed so hard I thought he might pass out. His hands stayed in the back of his jeans too as he looked at me kind of helplessly.

"Boys, get in the house please," I said not taking my eyes off of Jesse, who looked downcast.

"But we want to hear," Chase started, but I cut him off, "I said, get the good god damn in the house Chase, Zane, now!" I shouted and glared at them.

"Ok dad," Zane said and the boys hurriedly obeyed.

I took Jesse by the hand, headed for the barn. I was getting emotional now and didn't care much for the mood in the air. I took us inside, all the way to the bales and sat him down and then sat beside him, my arm tightly around his shoulder,

"Talk to me Jesse. I'm your best friend, just talk," I said plaintively, "What's wrong?"

Jesse put his hand to his face and started to sob. He broke down, his head lunging for my chest. I held him, "Jesse! You're scaring me! What's going on?" I started to shake.

He sat up, "I don't know. I had a good time with Chase," he sobbed, "But on the way back, I realized. I've lost my dad, my mom. My sis is going to go away soon, I know it. You talking about college. Me, I feel lost. I don't know if I even want to keep the ranch and then what?" and then he broke down a little again. I let him.

I wiped my face, "I told you. I'm not doing anything without you at my side. I'm not going to some fool college unless you went with me. If we sell this place, we'll go together. Jesus Jesse, come on, you're not lost."

He wiped his face and sighed, "That fool kid made me feel like I was, his age again, like we used to be, remember?"

I nodded, "Zane did the same for me. It was fun, but it's not ten years ago Jesse. Now is now. We're both still young, very young. We have everything in front of us, but maybe it would be good to get out, see what else is out there. There's a whole world, but I ain't doing any of it without you, do you get that?" I said with zeal. He smiled a little,

"Yea, I do. I remember a boy from California. Came to Nebraska, all green, couldn't ride a horse to save his life. He worked and worked and grew up into a Nebraskan rancher that I'm so proud to be with."

And then two heads appeared around the corner of a wall. I was all ready to scowl at them, but their eyes looked a little red. I wiped mine and stood, Jesse next to me.

"What's wrong? What did we do wrong?" Chase blurted, his voice breaking up some. I sighed and looked at Jesse who did as well, "Come here the both of you, how long you been standing there?!" Jesse said to them.

Our boys collapsed into us, faces downcast some. I sighed, so did Jesse, "You did nothing wrong. Randy and I were just talking."

"But you looked upset. Can't stand to see our dads upset," Zane sniffed, Chase nodded. I had no idea our boys could be so sensitive to our emotions. I should have known better.

"I think your dads were feeling just a little older, not wanting our little paradise here to change, but it has to and us with it. But just like I told him, I'm telling you boys, you are always going to be in our family. You can go away to college for a spell, you can make your own family, you're just never leaving ours," my speech done.

Jesse looked at me fiercely just then, "Daddy Randy has it right, but what were you boys doing sneaking around spying on us when he told you to stay put in the house?" now looking sternly at our boys.

Talk about sheepish, "Well, you didn't exactly say how long," Chase replied red faced.

"You think he meant for you to decide when it was long enough?" Jesse challenged Chase, Zane wide-eyed.

"No sir," Chase replied, both boys appropriately cowed.

Jesse looked over at me, "That man deserves to be obeyed, to the letter of the law on matters large and small, no cheating! You boys think you disobeyed your dad or not?" Jesse looked back and forth at them.

"Yes sir, I disobeyed my dad," Chase said facing me, rather head down, glancing up now and again.

"I disobeyed my dad too. Never mind that we care about how our dads feel and stuff," Zane said just a tad defiant.

Jesse took offence, grabbed Zane's shirt and shook him a little, "You think we don't love that you care about us? That you care about our feelings? We know you do. God damn it Zane, this is not about that and you know it!"

Zane's chin started to quiver, "It's not like we've had any dad for that long in our lives, much less two to care about. Don't want to lose any of it. Scares me to death!" Zane's face turning from defiant to maybe just that little boy that I had caught a glimpse of the prior night.

Jesse hugged Zane closely, "Don't want you to be scared. I'm sorry if we scared you. I think I know how you feel, how both of you feel," and Jesse hugged into Zane, pulling me and Chase with him.

Everyone got a kiss and we stayed in the tight circle, "This is how I want it to be, forever!" Zane sniffed, my big rugged redheaded beauty, so sweet and innocent-like.

"Me too!" Chase's voice warbled. I kissed each of my men on the cheek, "You guys are my family, forever, that never changes, OK?"

The tight circle separated a little, "I loved my day with you dad," Zane said to me, "I loved what we did too," Chase smiled at Jesse.

"We should do more of that, just one-on-one sometimes," I said and got no arguments, but a suggestion from Chase, "I wouldn't mine spending time with all of us, later, after chores are done," and again, no arguments from anyone.

* * * * * * * * * *

Hours later, after the supper dishes, we all went upstairs, to Jesse and my bedroom. There was no hesitations or embarrassments, only the joy of four men, two of who happened to be our future adopted sons. Chase and Zane undressed as Jesse and I did the same. We all needed a shower. Zane and Jesse stepped into ours,

"Don't use up all the hot water," I called into them.

"Never mind them dad," Chase said, rushed me and propelled us onto the bed top, him on top of me, his mouth sealed onto mine, his hands pinning mine above my head. What was this, my other son trying to dominate me? If he was, I was all for it.

"Dad, your hot ass makes me want to fuck it. Can I fuck your hot man butt, please?" he asked after breaking the kiss, "Permission granted Chase," I said and he immediately crawled up further onto my chest, straddling me and shoved his dick into my mouth, "Suck me dad, make me hard and then I'll fuck you," he said energetically.

As I sucked my son's cock, holding onto his slender waist, I heard Zane and Jesse pile out of the shower. There was soft laughing, it felt good to hear, but meanwhile I was sucking cock. The next thing I knew, Jesse was on his back next to me, Zane's cock in his mouth. He looked towards me and seemed to mouth, "Your turn in the shower," and pointed to towards the shower stall. I understood.

"You're gonna get a good hard fucking, dad," Zane said to Jesse. I gave my husband a thumb's up.

Zane popped his hard penis out of my mouth, "Shower?" I asked him, "After, turn over dad, time to get fucked," Chase said. I turned over and heard the same next to me, "Turn over dad, time for a good hard ass fucking," Zane said to Jesse. How had the boys taken over so easily? I wondered, but they had.

Chase entered me, it wasn't too discomforting and felt really good soon enough. Jesse grabbed my hand as Zane entered him. Chase and Zane kissed as they loomed over our bodies and then started to plow us, side-by-side. I looked at Jesse's eyes. He was entranced, so was I, now in sync with each of Chase's hard thrusts.

The boys fucked their dads, Jesse and I. They pulled out at the same time and sprayed us with their combined spunks. They licked all of it up into their mouths, flipped us over and went down on us side by side. We emptied our loads into their mouths in due time and then, we all got up on our knees and snowballed, exchanged Jesse and my semen in kissing, one after the other, boy to man to boy to man.

We showered, Chase and I together. I hugged him, kissed my son and he, I in the shower. Zane and Jesse did the same. The evening had been kinky, slutty, and entirely hot. It was wild sex, and not just four guys together, it was family.

We slept together, the four of us that night. Morning and our unwritten futures would come soon enough, but for now I could sleep, happy, sated and content.

© Copyright PJ Franklin June 29, 2014

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