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Jesse: The Nebraska Rancher's Son - Part Two


PJ Franklin

Complacency is a ranching boy's worst enemy. Make a sign, color it red and put it around my neck. Nothing is more dangerous on a working ranch and farm than taking things for granted, but I managed to avoid it pretty well for most of the next three days.  I had my act together in fact for 60 hours, 17 minutes and however many seconds whether it was making sure my backside was not exposed to those hateful hogs or especially in the pen, learning riding and roping from Jesse. And why not? I perceived my life was now perfect and complete as far as I was concerned. I thought of my Mom a lot, but not of my home in California. Ordinarily I would be at the beaches this time of year, there were so many good ones down south of my old home. Nope. All I could think of was hogs, pigs, chickens, cows, bulls, horses, corn and whatever else Big Hank and Jessie put me to work at.

Then, at the 60th hour and the 18th minute of my arrival, things were not so perfect. I had taken to Wild Bill and he to me instantly. He was already half trained and I swear he was just showing off to me, his new city-slicker rider, all he could do even without my input. My roping was awful but that was just a matter of practice. When we did riding lessons, Jesse would have Tornado and himself in the pen with me. Talk about feeling on top of the world. If only my old friends in California or my Mom could see me now, sitting proudly atop Wild Bill in my western riding gear, hat and all. Damn it was all so sexy too, Jesse and Tornado and how he filled out his Wrangler's, but me too! I looked fucking awesome and it was all a little distracting.

Complacency. The rule was as simple as it was important. I was not and Jesse was not to allow me on Wild Bill in a pen to come near to the strong steel fence lines. If I did and Wild Bill spooked he could cause me to crush my leg and break it up against the huge heavy metal cross pieces or worse and throw me off Bill and over the fence, also not a good idea. One could not prevent everything in a pen, but following the rules would go a long ways. Well, it finally happened. I let myself get distracted on Bill, watching Jesse on Tornado also in the ring. He was showing off and I was kind of showing off too by being too casual and Bill, well, he took my attitude on, not his fault at all.

Bill had wandered off to the side and I was already close to a railing as it was as I watched Jesse making some really spectacular cuts on Tornado. The next thing I knew, Bill spooked, from what I'll never know. He bucked up real hard and I flew head first and missed splitting my skull wide open on a steel post by just one inch. I ended up jamming my shoulder into it and went over the fence and came a little too close to outright breaking my neck in the fall.

Men flew from every direction including Jesse and Hank. I was stunned to be sure, but not for long. I would have a sore shoulder for a few days, but nothing compared to what I was about to experience and rightfully so. Hank saw to me first and was very gentle and not upset with either of us at that point. Things happened and when they did, you always let the dust settle and then carefully plot what was next. Big Hank allowed Jesse and me to be alone for a few hours after, but I could tell we were in trouble. I just didn't know how much.

"Your Pa is gonna tan our hides isn't he," I finally said to Jesse as we sat together in the relative cool humid air of the tack room away from the sun. My neck and shoulder were OK, just a little achy despite that they might hurt more the next day. "Probably not you Randy," Jessie said pretty calmly. I somehow expected that was true. I knew Hank was very hard on unnecessary riding errors when there was danger about and Jesse had been careless despite my also being responsible. I felt badly. Nothing about what me and Jesse were now playing at during bedtime or horse-playing here and there around the ranch with leather tack or just a slap on the rump could even measure up to what Jesse was facing. "Jesse, I'm sorry, it was half my fault." He shrugged, "Yes it was and you and I are gonna settle that after, don't you forget." Jesse was not angry, but not happy either. It was what it was.

Nonetheless, shortly after, Hank found us, "Get to the barn, both of you," he said tersely. I even thought that maybe I was going to get strapped as well, but when we got inside, Hank said, again tersely, "Jesse, you strip and mount up. Randy, you stand and watch. I am not going to strap you this time son, but you may have wished I did. Next time you'll get your taste all right." But what did he mean by wishing I did?

I watched Jesse strip naked in front of his Pa who now held this huge doubled up wide brown leather strap. It looked mean and not for fun mean. Jesse then lay his naked body over a prickly bale of hay. I winced. That hay stuff could be harsh and now the prickly hard stalks were sticking Jesse's tender front parts all over. I winced. That seemed like an extra punishment to me. But then Hank started. Ten hard unrelenting strokes from a big man's strong shoulder and that was just the beginning.

I thought and knew that Jesse McKensie, my secret lover, was strong and resilient to the various pains of working a ranch, but his Pa's strapping cut through all that. Jesse's one leg would raise, then the other and it made my stomach lurch and I even felt just a bit nauseated. The way Jesse's face would grimace and then let go, grimace and then let go made me feel awful, helpless and accused. Hank was right. I wished it was me or that I was getting it too. This watching the boy you love getting punished like this was not fun, not any of it.

When the first ten were done, Hank paused and let his son's legs come both to the floor. Jesse's face was red, but still hard and tough. I was glad for him. Then Hank started the real punishment, "See that boy over there? Look at him!!" Hank said hard, but not yelling. Jesse looked over at me and I at him, "Do you love that there boy?" Hank asked and for a moment my I almost did throw up. Did Hank know about us? Had he found out? Was part of this punishment revenge for two boys who simply loved each other in a world that didn't like that in Nebraska?

"Yes Pa! I do!" Jesse said with his face starting to crumble. "Good! I thought so boy and that's all well and fine, so look at him hard son!!" Hank said and forced Jesse's eyes back to mine, "How would you feel if that there boy's face lay in a casket in a funeral parlor in Burwell, his sweet eyes closed forever with his Mama there crying her eyes out 'cause you were showing off in the pen and not paying attention to him!" My mouth flew open and Jesse crumbled and started to cry and sob and all the while he was trying to stand up to his Pa's strap.

"That's right Jesse! You cry now 'cause it's better to cry now 'cause he's safe and alive than feel him dead in your arms!" and then Hank lashed Jesse five times hard, paused and did it again. Jesse's face was a mess of tears, but now he did stand taller and his face steeled and he even looked over at me and I was crying by now too. Hank gave Jesse ten more hard licks and then that was all. Big Hank sighed and walked slowly over to the wall and hung up the strap. I stopped myself immediately from any more tears, but my body ached from the whole ordeal and I had not been touched. I looked at Hank. His shoulders were down and right then I loved him. I didn't hate him and thought I would, but I didn't. I never saw or felt a man care that much. I steeled my chin as he walked past. He stopped and looked at me, "You're no better. You die and hurt my son like that because you were careless? I'll follow you to heaven or hell and strap you there too."

"Yessir Mr. McKensie, yessir," I said nodding and let just a few tears out. I turned my attention back to Jessie and only heard the barn door shut after Big Hank left us. Jesse had finally stopping his crying and then stood up facing away from me. I started to walk over to him and wiped my face. I didn't care what it took or how angry Jesse might be with me. He deserved some kind of attention, I just didn't know what. I saw his ass, it looked like a warzone. I stopped just short of him and to the side. He finally had gotten control, "There, I'm happy, are you?" Jesse said sarcastically. "No! Why would you say that?" I said, not quite understanding his tone.

"No, Randy, I'm serious man. I'm happy. Nothing happened to you serious. Pa was right. He's always right. We fucked up and lived to tell about it. May not happen that way next time," and then he looked around and craned his neck and then gently felt his own behind, "Bet it looks bad, feels bad," he said, "It'll heal and next time it'll be ten times bad." I sighed, "Won't be a next time." He looked at me, "Good, now come here and help me get off. Least I have you here. Usually I'm alone, but now it's no good alone anymore, not with you here Randy."

I stepped up right beside him and his cock was starting to swell. "What do you want me to do?" I asked. He shrugged, "Whatever you want," he said. I had flirted with wanting to give Jesse a blow job at night, but the hard days of work and the harder nights of sleep the last few nights had prevented it. Now was the time, no matter my inexperience. I got on my knees and looked up to him, my intent pretty obvious, "Yea, I'd like that a lot," he smiled and set his hand on my head. So I started to lick and tease and made his dick harder and I licked at his balls too, "Oh yea baby, this is good, keep going!" he said and I did.

I finally worked my way to getting his handsome cockhead in my mouth. He moaned, "Mmmm, yea, you just keep that up and remember as you suck my cock, you're gonna get a good ass beating from me Randy. No more spanking either, not this time. We'll be back in this here barn later and I'm taking my big black belt to your fine hot naked ass and you're getting a good hard country strapping!"

I felt my gut churn with a combination of fear, desire, dread and lust, but mostly the last one because his words made me suck on his dick all the harder. I guess I did a good enough job, because I made him shoot no matter if I was any good at it or not. In any case, he pulled back his huge throbbing dick and held my head steady before he shot all over my face and it all turned me on so much that I creamed my Wrangler's and I was not wearing any underwear and not touching myself either!

I swear to god it was still one of the hardest orgasms I had ever had. I was kneeling at my teen cowboy's and boyfriend's knees and my face was running with his fresh spunk, so I just hugged myself to his groin and rubbed my face all over his pubes from whence his goo had come. He laughed, "You're a piece of work Randy Wolcott," and then he took my chin in his hand and leaned over and kissed my mouth all dirty and wet as it was just once and said , "and I love you so."

*    *    *    *

Thinking about my impending ass strapping from the boy I loved so much was one thing, talking about it with anyone but him, was quite another and I thought not possible. There were a few hours of work left and I was content that Jesse was somewhere else and I was alone in thought. I knew I deserved and I wanted a full on blood-curdling beating from Jesse.

But then another "impossible" thing happened at dinner. I guess at home in California I was not used to the openness of talk of these country folk. Everyone knew of course about my accident in the ring. Amanda, Alicia and Alison were all over me in a show of young female sympathy. So was Matty. It made me feel like a celebrity for a short while, that is until dinnertime. During dinner I did not feel so much like that anymore.

"Jesse took a real hard strapping today, didn't you son." Hank stated as he passed Matty the mashed potatoes. My ears perked up big time. Jesse did not look embarrassed or ashamed. He looked at his sisters with this comfortable quiet expression, "Sure did. Pa gave me a bare butt beating and the tongue lashing of my life and I deserved it."

My stomach lurched. Such table talk and yet the revealing of it opened my eyes. I looked at the girls and their faces were not embarrassed. In fact they looked proud at their brother and at their father too. But I had a role too. What was I supposed to say about my role? Nobody said a thing and nobody looked at me. It was up to me! "Jesse … " and now they all did look at me, " … well he's gonna give me a bare butt strapping in the barn after a while. I deserve it too. I let him down and almost got myself killed. That was wrong."

Now there were all quiet smiles and none of them silly. There was pride in them and now I felt proud too. Jesse looked up at me and nodded, so did Hank. Only Matty gave me a "serves you right" look but that was because she loved me and cared for my safety. I helped clear the table and we all did the dishes, all excepting Big Hank and he retired, as was his privilege, to the front room to read the cattle or crop reports. Jesse and the girls were in good spirits and there was a little good natured horse-play in the kitchen and I even joined in. Nobody was upset and there was no anticipation. It was like this was all a part of ranching life. Even my strapping to come or Jesse's before me was all just part of it, nothing unusual and nothing upsetting.

When the cleaning up was done, Jesse excused himself to the bathroom and I wandered into the front room and looked at the strong man sitting with a glass of Matty's sweet tea on a side table. He motioned to me to come over to him, "You should learn how to read these reports Randy. Jesse thinks he knows more than me about 'em but I know more than him," and he grinned like it was just our secret and just like I was a son. Hank showed me some numbers and how to read some of the complex commodity columns and then Jesse came and stood in the doorway and leaned up against the frame and waited. I looked up and saw him there and looked at Hank, "Guess I need to go Mr. McKensie," and smiled at him grateful for his every attention.

"Why don't you call me Papa too, just like Jesse does," Hank suddenly said to me out of the blue! I was stunned. I shot a look over to Jesse looking for "permission." I seemed to me that it wasn't Hank's permission to give to me, only Jesse's. Jesse smiled and nodded to me so I leaned over and give Papa McKensie a quick hug, "Thank you Papa," I said and felt my voice waver just a little. He smiled and I walked towards Jesse and heard from behind me, "Give him a few licks for me Jesse, hell, give him a lot for me." I stopped and turned and could not suppress a big smile at the big man. "Go on now," he said almost laughing and waving me out of the room.

Jessie and I walked together out to the barn and my emotions were stirring and swirling. So much had happened, so many self-defining moments in such a short period of time. Jesse was wearing the belt he would use on me. We got inside and I felt solemn and quiet. I looked at him and Jesse just nodded. He knew that I knew what to do. I walked over to the bales that Jesse had stood in front of just a few hours before me. I dropped off my Wranglers, new ones, not the stained ones from before and then took off my shirt. I was soon naked and trembling. I could not even look at Jesse, I didn't think it proper. I just went forward and lay over the bale, my bare butt high for him. The prickly dry yellow hay stalks had their way with me too. I winced, but I let them poke me and make fun of me. I deserved it. I felt Jesse stand by me and out of the corner of my eye saw his big black belt doubled up and ready.

"Crying is OK. Cussing is not. Yell all you want, don't try and get away or avoid any cuts." I nodded, "Yes sir," and was secretly thrilled at how Jesse was taking this very seriously and for all the while sounded like his Pa and I liked that. Jesse did not spare me. He had playfully spanked me in the bedroom, even spanked me hard sometimes, but that was not this. From the first cut, he was serious. But he did not lecture me beforehand. I already had benefit from Papa's lecture when Jesse was strapped. I had been "punished" already by that reality.

Jesse spared the both of us more of that, but let his belt do all the talking and swiftly too. My legs started to lift at the knees and my face was getting pained from wincing. I started to grunt and lost track of the number of cuts right away. Jesse paused just once and then flew at me again, saying nothing. I was to take it and take it like a man, a rancher boy anyway and I tried my best. I ended up hurting so much I started to sob and crawl up onto the bale to try and avoid more pain, desperate for him to stop.

My fingers hurt from digging helplessly on the harsh bale of dry hay and my front side felt hopelessly scratched up. I got lost in my mind and even forgot where I was for a moment. When it finally stopped, all I could do was lay there limp. I could hear Jesse put his belt back into his Wranglers while he let me settle. And I finally did and could finally breathe and he didn't step forward to touch or speak to me until I was ready and stood up on my own.

My ass and thighs were on fire and I was trembling from the coldness of the sweat starting to evaporate off my hot skin. His hand gently came across my shoulders, but I quickly was the first to talk, "Thank you Jesse. You did me good, I'm proud of myself." He smiled, "You should be Randy. I let you have it good 'cause I love you and you can't be allowed to do anything to harm our love."

"No, I can't, thanks," I said and I felt such a relief, such a moment of knowing that I was doing the right thing in the right place with the right people and particularly with the right boy. "Would Papa be proud of me?" I then asked. I thought it was just a rhetorical question but it really was not. I wanted to know from Jesse. "Yes he would, you're just like a McKensie boy and son to him now Randy." I smiled and then felt my torched ass, "Holy shit!" Jesse smiled and then I felt his hand very carefully touching me there as well. "Feels about right to me, looks it too!"

And then the burn and sting turned in to a hard glow and that glow was into my nuts and dick and my dick came right up. Jesse was taller and bigger than me though not by a lot. He stepped in back of me, "You just relax and let me hold you." I did and closed my eyes. Jesse pressed himself into me and I was really impressed that he was not hard. He didn't have an erection and that actually made me feel glad. That made me feel like what I had done was real and meaningful and not frivolous or for fun. His big fist closed around my hardened dick, however, and I leaned my head back and next to his. His fisting of my erection was effective very fast. I came like a rocket and shot all over the hay in front of me and it was the best ever of course.

Then he told me to dress. A pair of denim Wranglers over a strapped ass is not that fun, but then Jesse did something as a little side lesson that increased my butt's discomfort. He walked us over to our horse's stalls and made me saddle up Wild Bill and get up and sit on that hard saddle before he saddled up Tornado. I did not know it but Jesse had this all planned. At first I was a little irritated. I was tired and with his strapping and now mine, my ass and mind were both very sore. I was wincing as Bill shimmied and moved about in place as he always did.

"You just take that expression off your face Wolcott unless you'd like a little more ass beating maybe? You just sit and take your extra punishment and you'll think of it next time you're in that pen, now follow me." That was all I needed to hear, "Yessir" I said and smiled. Jesse did let me ride up some on my feet and ankles as he led me away from the main ranch, him up on Tornado and with saddle bags looking pretty full. I had no idea what we were doing and just kept up with him for quite a while and it was getting dark too. We kept going until we reached a far little water pump on Big Hank's sprawling land,  an oasis next to a pasture after a good fifteen minutes of pretty good riding.

Then we stopped and dismounted our rides. The sky was clear, warm and high. It was getting pretty dark and the moon was about half-full. "What are we doing?" I finally asked and then saw him unpacking sleeping bags and such and smiled. "Overnight under the stars like real cowboys," He said. My heart flew and soared. Maybe I had never thought of something like this, but I should have. We set up a camp with a real camp fire and I felt like I was back into the mid 1850's or whenever it was the first real cowboys inhabited those lands. As the night blackened we sat hip to hip up near the campfire and we talked and talked and talked about everything.

Then we got quiet and listened to the crackling flames and watched the dancing fire cast long lively shadows. "I hear tell about cowboys a hundred years ago out here. They loved each other back then you know. Secret, like us. They made love out here too. They didn't brag about it. They just did it because that's a part of who they were." Jesse's words were like poetry to me and I hated poetry. "Is our love secret Jesse?" I said. Even then I worried that his parents knew about us, me and him and how we really weren't just "brothers."

"I don't rightly know. But I do know that my Pa and my Ma would not care. They know about those other cowboys long ago, Randy. Pa told me about 'em a year ago." I looked at Jesse. His face was so handsome and warm looking in the firelight, "Then I want us to make love out here, I'm still a virgin you know," I said to him. He nodded, "Yea, hasn't been time I guess." I looked at the fire, "No, not till now." We sat a while then he stood and took me by my hand and we made up our sleeping bags together, zipped them up together, stripped off naked under the big dark sky and half moon and then because it was warm enough, we just lay on top, naked.

I was on my back, he was on top and we kissed first; long, long kisses, deep draughts of each other under that huge open Nebraskan sky. Gently, he seduced me, but I was ready. Jesse had brought some kind of milking cow udder ointment or grease. He had bragged he had used it many times to jack off and now it would help ease our lovemaking. Eventually he turned me over and moved over me, letting me feel his strong, long sinewy body on top of my legs, ass, back and shoulders. My lover then mounted my strapped bottom. I was pretty well recovered from my strapping, but I gratefully could still feel some of the burn as he worked his big hard dick on just the surface of my tight boyhole. He used some fingers here and there, but when it was time, I knew it would still hurt. He leaned over me ready, "You want me to cover your mouth Randy?"

"No … no Jesse. Let me yell to the planet, let the coyotes hear me too," I said seriously. "You are something, I love you so much," and then I closed my eyes and Jesse surrounded me with his lithe, agile and very strong upper body. He closed his strong hips about me and sheltered me from harm like in a cocoon. He then thrust hard and sure. I did yell, I screamed, but it was primal and hard and felt good nonetheless for allowing nature around me to hear it.

It hurt badly, really. I got dizzy, but just let it be and Jesse waited inside of me patiently until it subsided. But when it did and he started to pump and piston me, we heard coyotes howling in the distance and my lust and love grew, "They heard me Jesse, those coyotes!" I said amazed. "Oh yes they did, oh yes Randy, oh God I want you so much!" he said, his lusts building rapidly now. "Take me Jesse out here, take me like they did a hundred years ago!"  And he did and he filled me up and when he did he yelled loudly and those coyotes heard him and answered him back too.

Then, we slept together under the stars that night in that sleeping bag, our horses tied to a nearby tree and didn't get up early. Papa McKensie had given Jesse permission for us to have a night and morning together alone. When he told me that the next day, I kinda knew then that the old rancher always knew everything about everybody at his place and in his life, and he cared for us that way without having to find the words to say so.

*    *    *    *

The weekend came and that meant Rodeo in Burwell. One year, one month, one week or one day before I ended up in Nebraska I wouldn't have given you twenty-five cents for a rodeo, now it was the most exciting thing around. Some of the hands and of course Jesse all competed. I hooted and hollered for all of them, but especially for my boy. He was great. Burwell is not big but there are a lot of ranchers who participate from miles around and Jesse that year was second only to a boy from the other side of Burwell from us by the name of Alan Riley.

Wow, what a good looking boy he was and constantly surrounded by admiring girls. Alan was 17 which meant that the following year he would have to move up to senior teen rodeo and leave Jesse alone at the top in his age group, but Jesse introduced me to the blonde haired, blue eyed boy anyway. It was hard not to stare, but in those days in Nebraska you didn't stare if you could help it. We all had come down and slept in the McKensie big trailer or the pickup that hauled it around. That was a lot of bodies and Jesse and I simply had to find other ways of messing around with each other at other times. We got a little hand holding in here and there and a kiss here and there off behind the wall of an animal stall or pen. It was fun, anyway. Jesse got second place in calf roping to Alan as usual and that was about it.

It seemed harmless and all and finally into the next week I had seven whole days under my belt. Not a lot of time was a week unless you're fifteen, got a secret love and felt on top of the world and that was me! What a difference a week made. I called Mom and almost cried over the phone telling her. She was so happy for me. Well, the McKensies were known for miles around. Jesse was a popular kid and there were the sisters so there were constant visitors to the ranch, among them Tommy King. Tommy was Alicia's sixteen year old boyfriend, but that was a very non-sexualized relationship according to what I was told by Jesse and I believed him. The trouble was Tommy was not a very accepting boy of anything that much deviated from his and his parent's norm.

I was the unlucky boy who happened into the barn one day that Tommy was visiting, , just as I heard Alicia, "Tommy stop that! I don't do that!" Followed by, "Oh come on baby, can't you give Tommy a little bush? Huh?" And then I heard this slap and then a struggle, "Stop it you're hurting me Tommy!" I was very upset and didn't know what to do, so I thought if I just showed myself this Tommy guy would back off Alicia. I did. Tommy glared at me, stood up and said, "Asshole," as he stomped past me. Alicia looked at me, "Thank you Randy," seemed embarrassed about what had and then gave me a kiss and walked away out of the barn as well, pretty upset.

I told Jesse soon after and he was pissed and told Papa. Alicia was told to stay away from Tommy for awhile. I felt badly for her, Alicia was a very nice and pretty girl, but ranching families tended to guard their girls and I was beginning to feel rather protective of her as well, but Tommy would not be forgetting my interference any time soon.

Well, talk about protective. The week after that crap with Tommy, more shit hit the fan. It was bound to happen really, the honeymoon was over and that sort of thing. Papa McKensie had given me the hogs to work and to Jesse that was all good and fine until the day before Jesse had a bit of an argument with his Papa about the usual hands taking back the disgusting job and giving me something a little cleaner to do. I really didn't mind and all, but it did leave me kind of stinky all day long and it was beginning to really bother Jesse in our bedroom, can't blame him for that. Soap and water could only do so much. Well, Papa disagreed with Jesse and of course Papa won out.

I swear it was not on my mind but Papa happened to be around the Hog pen near me the next morning. For whatever reason, the big Daddy hog was really irritable. I swear I just turned my back a few seconds as I was slopping them and he saw me and charged. When those hogs get going, they can be quick and fast. He nailed my calves and sent me through the bottom rung of the fencing as tight as could be. My legs were right there helpless for him to maul and even kill me. Out of nowhere came Papa with a side arm just for instances like this. He nailed the charging pig with a bullet square in his harmless big back which held him off. Naturally men and Jesse came running. Papa got me out and I was shook up but unhurt but I also knew I broke a rule if just for two seconds.

Jesse was furious not with me so much, but with his father. Papa McKensie was also shook up and was a bit cranky from a little summer cold. He sighed and looked at me, "Randy son? You know the rule about slopping, why did you turn your back to him?" I had no rebuttal, "I know sir, I forgot I guess."

"Dammit Randy, now I'm gonna have to strap you boy!" I expected that and I really didn't mind but Jesse did, "No you're not Pa, I told you yesterday to get him out of there and you got all stubborn." Papa kind of glared back at Jesse, "Jesse, you keep your manners boy, this has nothing to do with you." Jesse then stepped in front of me, "Fine, you strap him, you strap me too, twice as hard!"

Now I felt awful. "Jesse, it's OK really" I said. "No! It's not OK, I'm tired of that damn stink all night long, it's gonna stop now!" Papa just kind of rolled his eyes, "Look son, this is a farm. If there's stink, there's stink and that's all there is to it!" Hank countered. Well, when a McKensie gets a notion or an idea and they like that idea whether it's father or son or daughter, they don't back down so easy even if they are just a kid like Jesse. It was a standoff.

"Fine, I'll take him out of the hogs, but you're getting a strapping Jesse, along with Randy then," Papa said, understandably a little frustrated with his son. "Fine with me Pa," Jesse said tersely. So how did I feel being in the middle of this mess? Not good at all. I tried to calm things, "Jesse, I'll stay with the hogs, we'll deal with it OK?"

"Stay out of this Randy! You're not family and …" Jesse suddenly blurted at me and just as suddenly knew he had said the wrong thing and stopped. Oh boy. That got to me. Whether it should have I didn't know and maybe I was too sensitive. "Oh, OK, fine … I want to go home then, back to California," I blurted back and I started to run back towards the farm house with tears rolling down my cheeks.

Well Matty was there about halfway to the pens having heard all the commotion too and she looked at me and I lost it a little and had to wipe my face as I told her what had been said through the confusion and she got pissed. "You stay right here young man, don't you move." And I watched Matty march right up to her men folk and then witnessed a lecture given by one pissed off country mama to her husband and to her son.

I wished she hadn't just on account of me, but once again, once started, a McKensie usually has their say. I didn't hear what was said exactly, I didn't want to know. All I wanted was peace and I'd take any kind of strapping and slop any hogs with any stink if that's what it took. I didn't want apologies either; I just wanted things to be what they were before I turned my back on the hog. I guess I blamed myself and should not have. Jesse should have kept his mouth shut. It was just a strapping after all, but I also understood he was trying to protect me.

Shortly after the dust settled, we all sat in the living room the four of us for awhile, silently. Matty told Hank her husband and Jesse that they needed to patch things up before they decided what to do with me. From that point of view I was helpless and I didn't want to go back to California, I had said that out of my own frustration. Jesse finally sighed, "I'm sorry Pa, I didn't mean to cross you."

Papa got a look on his face, "Yes you did … " Jesse looked up. Matty was about to say something, but her husband beat her to it, "… you were just trying to protect your brother that's all and you got a little carried away." Jesse looked down and then at me, "Randy, what I said, I didn't mean it. I was upset at Pa."

"I know it … "I said," … it just hurt to hear it because … well, I want to be part of this family so bad …" and my chin started to quiver. "Now Randy, we already cleared that up," Papa then said. Jesse looked at me, "We did and I really was out of line Randy," Jesse looked at me with softer eyes and his chin was a little quivery too. And then I got bold, "And being part of this family is following the rules and I broke a rule Jesse and my Papa, sitting over there has a right to enforce his rules, 'cause he loves me and I like it that way. That old hog was gonna tear me up and he saved me and I owe him my allegiance Jesse!"

Jesse nodded and had to wipe his eyes a little, "I know it, maybe, I just got a little protective and you don't need protecting anymore, after just a couple weeks." I nodded, Jesse had got to the truth of it. "Papa, you do with Randy what you think best, but I feel badly. I was out of line. I don't care if you have to do it separate, but I need a strapping all the same from you too."

Matty stood up, "I'm a going to the kitchen. This is men-folk talk now and as long as all three my men are OK, then I'm OK and can leave." Matty went around and kissed her husband, Jesse and me and left. I never heard anything so good in my life as how she included me as one of her "men-folk."

"Well, just to save time and all Jesse, If I'm gonna strap Randy for breaking a rule, you may as well join him." Jesse nodded, "Yes Papa, I'd like that," and Jesse looked at me and I nodded and smiled. So, us men-folk adjourned to the barn for a little father and "sons" meeting. I felt I was now a part of them and their family no matter how fast it all had come down. Jesse and I stripped off together and bent over the hay bale side by side and Papa got the big strap. I looked at Jesse and started to shake, I was a little afraid. This was going to be my first ever strapping from Big Hank. "You just keep your eyes over to me you hear?" Jesse instructed.

I nodded and then Papa struck Jesse to my left, then me. Oh god, this was gonna be bad. Back and forth Papa cut us both with his big strap. It was hard to look at Jesse. He would wince hard, then I would and then we started to bounce and writhe and grimace and I yelped hard and Papa did not stop. My legs started to crawl up and down and I could hardly sense Jesse for a little while. That strap had me hating that damn hog, though it wasn't his fault, but it also reminded me to obey the rules. I had tears and snot all over the place and couldn't help from yelping.  Jesse did not yelp, but he was older and more experienced. I was still only fifteen and not a veteran ranch boy yet. But I took my licking and when Papa was done he said quietly to us both, "You're both good boys, now take care of each other," and then he left.

I lay panting from the short-lived but very painful ordeal and Jesse's arm draped over me, "How you feel boy?" "My ass hurts." I said flatly and all worn out. He grinned, "Yea, mine too, come on, get up," and Jesse helped me. Actually, it didn't feel so much different than when Jesse strapped me. Then we stood and looked at each other's flamed behinds, "Papa sure knows how to set a boy's ass on fire." Jesse said. I finally grinned as then our dicks started to come alive. "Come on brother, boyfriend, lover, son or whoever else you are, let's get it on," Jesse grinned and he put my hand on his dick and then put his on mine.

We pulled each other off real nice and sprayed the bales of hay in front of us, gathered our clothes and just putting on our jeans walked arm in arm into the house and up to bed. We were tired and no matter any stink, Jesse spooned me closer than ever that night and we slept good to morning.

*    *    *    *

Things seemed to settle down and Papa relieved me of those nasty hogs and then had me learn how to milk the cows by hand, just for the experience of it. They otherwise used mechanical milkers pretty much all the time now. It was still a good job. It was clean and not stinky and those old milking cows were nice, calm and sweet. I was starting to learn how to cast my calving rope now too and took it wherever I went now. Jesse and I would run around the big ranch house yard trying to rope each other and when he caught me, he'd hobble me all up and tickle me unmercifully. I was ticklish all right. I never could get him hobbled when I tried it, but what did I care?

We went to Rodeo in Burwell each of the next couple weeks and Jesse and I were getting bolder and bolder. We wanted to make out and kiss and stuff and it was just too crowded most of the time. On Saturday however we seemed to catch a break and found a quiet little place, an empty bull stall that seemed to be away from everyone and he sat me down in the hay and started to kiss me. We started to feel each other up when who came around the damn corner but Tommy King with some girl in tow, apparently after the same thing as we were for themselves. Tommy and the girl saw what we were doing and we jumped up. I felt horrible instantly.

Kissing another boy and getting caught was not good. The girl gasped and Tommy glared at us, "You're both fucking faggots. I knew it. You just wait McKensie and you too Randy Wolcott," Tommy threatened us. Jesse didn't care about Tommy threatening him but took great exception to his comment to me, "Shut your goddamned mouth King. I'll kick your ass if you say one thing to anyone!"

"Fuck off yourself McKensie!" and Tommy pulled that poor girl with him the other way. We watched them leave the barn and I felt sick to my stomach. Suddenly I hated Rodeo and Tommy's attack was having its way some with Jesse as well. We hardly spoke the rest of the weekend and he did terrible in his competition. When we got home to the ranch it seemed to settle a little and Jesse apologized to me for Tommy and for me having to feel badly, but it didn't really help things all that much.

Something had to give somewhere. Tommy King was likely out and about telling everyone that Jesse and I were dirty faggots and whatever else other kids or adults said about boys like us and I just felt like it would all come back and try to hurt Matty and Hank and that did not sit well with me. Jesse and I even took to sleeping apart in our bedroom and I knew it was eating on him too, but now we weren't talking at all about anything! It was getting pretty bad and I began to think I had a decision to make about staying at the ranch any longer and having to seriously think about returning to my California home and leaving Jesse and that made the sickest to my stomach of all of it.

Well, I guess you have to reach rock bottom before you can climb back to the top of the mountain, but reaching rock bottom can be pretty scary. Near to the next Rodeo weekend, I was thinking about making excuses not to go. Hank piled us all in the truck earlier in the week and we went to Burwell to shop; him, me, Matt, Jesse and Alicia. We got out of the truck and Hank looked strangely or distracted. He looked around himself and said, "Jesse, Randy you stick close to me. Alicia, you stick to your Mama. The wind smells funny."

Now Papa was known to have a very keen sense of bad weather fronts and such approaching. It was a rancher's nose and talent so we thought nothing of it. Maybe the sky was a little strange looking and a storm was approaching. I marveled at the man's native instincts. At any rate Jesse and I did what we were told and Matty and Alicia stuck close too. We shopped in the Hardware store and got what we came for. We all walked out together to the sidewalk in front and stood there a moment. Hank looked over his shoulder. There was nothing. He just shook his head and mumbled, "I could have sworn."

Then all of a sudden "the storm" hit. A pickup truck driven by Tommy King and five other boys pulled up and stopped and they all piled out and followed Tommy. I suddenly got real sick and pale and looked at Jesse who looked the same. Tommy King came up, backed by his buddies, but not too close to Hank and yelled, "Hey Hank! You know that there boy from California is a faggot and he done taught your boy to be a faggot and I caught them kissing on each other at Rodeo in Burwell last weekend Hank!? Your boy is going to hell Hank! What do you think about that Hank huh? Fucking faggot son of yours!"

I almost vomited and I squatted down to my knees light headed. This was more than I could take. Suddenly my vision narrowed down real far and felt I could only just hear things, that was all. But then I looked up and Hank had jerked forward and grabbed Tommy King by his shirt, "Now you listen and you listen good you hateful little son of a bitch!! Those two boys have more love for each other than you'll ever have for anyone including your own mama! I don't care if they was kissing or fucking, you had better just get used to it!! Now you and all your hateful little friends get out of my sight!! You go home and you tell your mamas and your papas that if they want to come out to the McKensie ranch and bring their guns, you just do that! I'll be waiting for the lot of ya and I'll kill my share before they do! Now get!!!"

Those boys ran fast and hard and that truck sped off down the street. Jesse came over to me and pulled me to my feet and he had tears running down his face. "Come on, everyone back to the truck, now!" Hank said shaking. Alicia was bawling into Matty's chest and I felt awful, so awful still. It was the quietest and harshest ride in that truck and the longest hour of my life. Nobody said anything and yet I heard what I heard! Papa had defended me and Jesse. But nobody said anything and I sure as hell wasn't going to be the first to open my mouth. Well finally we got home. Alicia ran from the truck to the house crying all over again. Hank and Matty got out and then me and Jesse. Alicia lit up the other girls in the farm house, Amanda and Alison, and they came running out with faces about ready to cut loose as well.

Poor Hank, head down, started for the house and then suddenly Jesse shouted, "Papa!!!???"

Everyone froze. Hank turned and looked at his son who had tears running again. "Well what did you want me to do Jesse!? I seen how you looked at Randy at the airport, I know what you guys do in that bedroom. At least have the decency to clean up your own sexed-up sheets so Mama doesn't have to do it boy! I don't care! You love each other, fine! I love you! I love Randy, I don't care if you love each other, it's OK with me Jesse!"

Jesse ran to his Papa and hugged him and broke down in racking sobs. "Oh come on son, it's not that bad, them boys in town are just fools and idiots."

"But I thought you was going to kick me out! Make me leave the family even!" Jesse blurted out his worst fears and mine too with his. "Oh for God's sake boy, you know me better'n that!"

I was crying full on now and just stood there and looked at them. Hank then looked at me, "Well what are you standing there for Randy? Don't you love my son? Come here boy!" Now it was my turn. I completely broke down just as I reached Hank and Jesse and felt both of them hug me and I them. Pretty soon it was us and Matty and all the girls.

Poor Hank. He just waited for all of us to stop, "Now look, this is all just a lot of wasted tears. You'd think somebody died, but we're all OK, now you girls get! I got talking to do to these boys. You too Matty." Matty hugged me and Jesse which almost started me up again but I didn't. Then Jesse put his arm around me and looked at me with this tender sorrowful face, "I'm sorry I've been so angry this week."

" Me too," I said and then we looked up at Hank wiping our faces like crazy and he put one big hand on each of our shoulders. "Just so you boys know. I'm too old to know anything about how a man loves another man like you boys seem to know how. I had friends in school growin' up. They did the same thing. Those boys in town, they're just ignorant like their papas and mamas, but you need to be careful now especially in Burwell and at Rodeo."

"You think I should stop competin' Papa?" Jesse said and I knew it would break his heart to stop calf-roping, but believed that he would, if Big Hank said to stop. "No son! You and Randy, well, we'll find a way for you to be together safe there, maybe your own trailer."

"Oh Papa!" and Jesse hugged Big Hank again. Hank sighed, "It don't get easier son, just be careful OK? You too Randy. I'm tired and need my bed. You two boys too." Jesse launched himself at me and hugged me so tightly, "I'm so sorry Randy for how I've treated you this week, can you forgive me?"

"Course I do, now stop it Jesse, I can't cry anymore than I have." then suddenly who should rush into our arms but Alicia, "I don't care what anyone thinks! I love you both and I hate Tommy and he's gonna pay!" and Alicia kissed us both and then ran back into the house. "Oh boy, you don't go pissin' off one of my sisters, she's gonna kick Tommy's ass all by herself!" and finally we had something to laugh about.

Jesse and I were too wound up to go right to bed right that moment, so we went to the barn to visit Tornado and Wild Bill. We sat in Bill's stall at his hooves and Tornado sensed our trauma and she put her big head over the stall partition and joined us. I looked up at Bill, "He don't care about us loving each other does he."

"No, he don't and them horses know about love too." I nodded and held Jesse's hand and then kissed his temple softly and he got this funny look on his face, "Remember in the back of the pickup truck coming home from the airport that first day?" I nodded. I still thought about that moment several times a day, every day. "Yea, I'll always remember that. You went to sleep on my shoulder." Jesse then enjoyed a smirky little smile at my expense, "No, I was not asleep Randy."  I looked at him, "What?"

"I pretended to be asleep. I wanted to know how it felt just for a little while to be close to you 'cause I loved you really hard even then and knew you may not ever love me like that," and I nudged him and just enjoyed the moment, "And now I do … I'm not sleepy and I feel bad about this week Jesse. I feel like we … I mean I let those other boys tell us what to do and how to act and let them run my life for a week that I can't get that back."

Jesse nodded, "You know what Wolcott? You're a lot more than you seem sometimes. I did it too and I should have known better. I hate we didn't talk about it and I take my own responsibility. Tell you what; I think we both deserve whippings for it, so we don't forget."

I just let that thought sink in a moment and enjoyed it; right down between my thighs I enjoyed it. Then I looked at Jesse's groin. He was enjoying it too, "You that horny cowboy?" I grinned at him and he got his own grin, "I sure am!! Come on cowboy, I think we better just teach each other a really good lesson, then have some fun and celebrate!

Jesse was as bold as I felt and we ended up in the same area of the barn that was used for strappings. We made sure the barn door was closed, but knew we would never be disturbed or had to worry about the Tommys of the world outside of our safe haven with Papa and Mama Matty.

We didn't fool about either. We stripped off naked, swiping our belts out of our Wranglers first. Jesse's cock was high and hard and so was mine. "You take your whipping first Randy, and then you whip me last and when you do, you beat me hard and let me know that I did wrong by you and should have done better, a lot better." I did not doubt Jesse's fervor and insistence and just nodded. I went over the bale, and felt those harsh prickly bale nubs bite at my erection and naked front side. They poked and stung and I just let it and put up my naked ass high for my boyfriend.

But Jesse was clever and before he tanned my behind, he ran his hand up my butt-crack and fingered my hole. Silly me, it made me hump the bale and that hurt! Those hale bale nubbins, bit into my hard! "Ouch!" I laughed. He laughed too. "Stop it!" I teased, but then he went further and kneeling behind me, started to lick out my butt hole with his strong tongue. Holy cow that was hot! And it forced me to hump more. It was like instant pleasure and instant pain as well! "Oh you are going to get it good now!" Jesse said, standing up and to the side.

"Whip my ass hard!" I urged him and then tried to hold on for dear life, uselessly digging my finger-tips into the unforgiving hale bale surface. Then I heard this big swooshing sound and then my ass lit up like a firecracker hit it! Jesse tanned my tail and tanned it good. He had my face in concert with the rest of me, wishing he would stop, and only after about five hard cuts, but he kept on going and that was fine by me. I wanted to be reminded to never, ever, let ignorance come between he and him or question anyone's love for each other on this ranch. I yelped, but never moved an inch and Jesse blistered me from top and thigh before he stopped.

Oh my butt throbbed with burn and sting and just as badly as when Papa strapped me. "Can't say I didn't enjoy that. I did Randy. Your red butt looks a wonderful sight to me now, I admit it. And I want to do it again sometime too, but just right now, I got so much guilt built up on my own side, that I'll just set that thought aside for another time and ask you to get up, so you can teach me my lesson and take that guilt away."

I did get up and looked around, not daring to touch my behind. "Holy cow!" I said and shook my head side to side, "Remind me to never really piss you off." Jesse smiled, "And I expect the same from you too!" and then he lay himself over the bale, it was his turn to take a whipping from me and my turn to tease him, and I did.

I decided to do things a little differently, "Now you just take your medicine, however it's given you, understand?" I said, my voice sounding pretty authoritative and sexy to myself. Jesse visibly shuddered. Apparently he agreed, "Yes sir!" he said and said honestly. I swear I almost felt like shooting a load of boy spunk off, just hearing him say it and I noticed he humped the bale a few times for having said it just like I had and winced for his trouble, just like I had.

Then I sidled up to him, looked down and saw the most beautiful sight in the world, my lover's sexy bare bottom, perched up high and proud, wordlessly begging for me to put down some pain on it. I happened to sniff the barn air just then. It was full of the smell of sweet hay. Could there be anything better? Well, yes. I leaned further over fingering Jesse's butt hole again. He moaned, "I'm gonna lick your fine hole cowboy and then I am going to wear my hand out some on this fine ass of yours before I give you a hard whipping."

"Ohyesssir Randy, you do just all of that," and I looked. His eyes were closed and his hands flat out on the surface of the bale, his face with this small smile, just enjoying the way I was treating him. I smiled too and then kneeled in back of him and smelled him, took a big deep nose full of Jesse and it was sweeter than any hay could ever be.

Then I buried my face, full into Jesse's naked ass. I had done that in our bed together, but never out here in the barn. Once again, I almost lost control of my nuts, doing it. I let my lips kiss his boy hole and let my tongue lick and lap at it. Jesse just stayed still and let these small sounds escape his throat. Oh boy, it was hard to stop, but I did and stood up, "Time to pay up mister," I said and then really treated him. I kind of pulled him up and onto my thigh, like him being over my knee, wrapped my arm securely around his older boy's waist and grabbed his erection and balls, firmly into my fist.

I noticed his eyes popped open. I think I genuinely surprised him, but not as much as when I started a hard fast spanking. My hand would not last long, so I really went to town for as long as it would last, the lustful slaps echoing around the barn.

I looked at Jesse's face as I spanked him now. His eyes were wide open, staring straight again and I could tell he was just taking it all in. His dick stayed hard, but I was forcing it, rubbing on it. Funny, the harder and faster I spanked the higher and more still he kept his bare bottom for it so I laid some sharp slaps at the top of his thighs for good measure. Those finally made his face grimace and he looked at me with an honest pained expression. I was satisfied with my effort and my hand was on fire besides, "Damn that stings!" I said shaking my hand and he kind of grinned, "Not half of how my ass feels Randy! Damn! Remind me not to piss you off either!"

I just smiled and set Jesse's body back down on the bale and took up my belt, "Time to teach you good now!" I announced and snapped that belt of mine after I doubled it up. Jesse said nothing but kept his sore red behind up high. I just looked at it and him a moment, really looking up to him just then, the older boy showing me how to take your medicine proudly. I hoped I could live up to his expectations of me. I was still feeling my bottom throbbing a little as I took aim and took a big swipe at Jesse's spanked ass.

The barn filled with the crack of the leather and his face pinched up in that wincing ouch feeling. I knew I got to him though, he lifted his right knee pretty high for a moment before settling it, so I went after it and gave him five hard cuts all up and down his behind. His legs started to dance and he was groaning pretty well and I decided that ten more of the hardest ones I could muster would be enough. Besides, he was starting to wiggle his butt around and I didn't want to see him lose any of his dignity, I admired his effort too much for that.

"OK, that's all I can do Jesse," I finished. He blew out his cheeks and just lay still, "Wow, I don't feel no more guilt, that's for sure and I'm glad we did this. I was kinda wondering how well you could put me in my place if needed. Now I know," and he just popped himself up to standing. My dick was hard as nails the whole time and seeing mine, his was right up there again in no time after my whipping had settled it pretty soft. "Come on Wolcott, let's just beat each other off, I don't know about you, but I'm tuckered and we still got to get up in the morning to work."

I was all for that and so we did. We gave each other a very nice helping hand and sprayed that hay bale for all we were worth and then walked through the blackness of the night back to the ranch house, inside and directly up to our bedroom. Everyone else had done that earlier. We pulled our clothes off and got into Jesse's bed and he spooned me, leaned over and kissed my cheek, "That was one fine whipping you gave me Randy, I admire it and I admire you for sticking it out with me this week."

I thought a moment and then pushed my naked body back into his, "I had no choice. I love you too much to ever leave, no matter how hard it got and it got pretty hard at times," and then I turned my head and my lips found his and we kissed a moment before I turned back. He wrapped his strong arms around me and that's the last I remember for that night …

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