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Jesse: The Nebraska Rancher's Son - Part Twenty
PJ Franklin <>


Character summary to date:  Jesse McKensie-Wolcott is twenty-five years old and Randy McKinsie-Wolcott is twenty-four. Their two adopted sons are now Chase and Zane McKensie-Wolcott, both still seventeen-years-old. Harold Richardson is Randy’s stepfather married to Randy’s mother, Clara.

We all flew into the Bob Hope airport in Burbank, California airport to spend our second family honeymoon week with my mom, Clara, and step-dad Harold Richardson. For me it was a kind of homecoming and quite emotional. I didn’t realize how much until Harold enveloped me in a big hug at flight arrivals, “Welcome home son,” he said with a big grin also kissing me on the temple.

Up to that point I had considered my home to be in Burwell, Nebraska with Jesse and his family, but Harold, dad that is, was right. Pasadena, California had been my birth home. I had lived there until my high school years before I met Jesse. That was nearly ten years before. Amazing how the years pass by so quickly.

Harold and mom lived in a wealthy subdivision of La Crescenta, California called Whiting Woods just north of the L.A. basin proper and east of the San Fernando Valley. It was all barely six or seven miles from my birth home in Pasadena just to the east and a little south.

“It’s good to be home again dad,” I said, the word “dad” flowing pretty naturally out of my mouth. Harold then hugged Jesse, “You’re my son now too you know, Jesse,” Harold said.

I remembered just then all of the years that it was I who didn’t have a dad to relate too.  Jesse’s family and especially so Pa McKensie took me in as their and his own. Now it was Jesse without a dad and my family’s turn to take Jesse into their lives. Harold and mom would with all their hearts.

“Thanks dad,” Jesse hugged Harold back in a husky kind of sheepish whisper. Harold hugged Zane and Chase as well both of whom had no problem calling mom and Harold, grandma and grandpa.

Harold then drove us from the airport in their huge Chevy Excursion SUV to visit where I was born and lived for the first fifteen years of my life in Pasadena. On the way Jesse, Zane and Chase’s eyes were huge as they took in the expansive rolling hills landscape of southern California called Los Angeles. They marveled at the wide, paved car and truck filled freeways, seemingly end-to-end shopping malls and by the looks of it enough population to fill up three Nebraskas or so it seemed.

“Where’s Hollywood where they make movies?” Zane asked, “They make movies everywhere now stupid,” Chase chided his brother with a little shove as they sat on the last bench in the large vehicle, “You know what I mean,” Zane shoved back. Jesse and I were sitting on the middle bench, mom in front next to dad who was driving.

“I want to go to Disneyland and Magic Mountain,” Zane said next having done a little research on his own about what there was to see and do in Los Angeles, “Those places are for kids,” Chase said I think just to be contrary.

“I’m still a kid, so are you dipshit,” Zane said, “Am not fuck-face,” Chase retorted and the two stepped up their rough housing.

I turned, “Tone it down a little in the car you two, or else,” but with a smile as I squeezed Jesse’s hand on my lap. I thought that Jesse seemed a little pensive having never been exposed to anything remotely as large a place as Los Angeles. It can be really intimidating at first.

“Yea, tone it down or dad will put you over his knee and spank your bare ass,” Chase said to Zane, “and I’ll spank yours!” Zane countered. Suddenly Jesse craned his neck around, “I’ll whip both your butts if you’re not going to obey daddy Randy,” he blurted at them with a pretty stern tone.

“Yes daddy, sorry daddy,” Zane said sheepishly, “Sorry dad,” Chase said as well. I squeezed Jesse’s hand again, “Are you OK?” I whispered to him with a kiss on his cheek, “Yea, it’s all just a lot,” he said quietly. I looked up and saw dad’s eyes in the car’s rear-view mirror. He looked gently concerned.

“I remember coming here a long time ago when I was just a kid,” Jesse said as we held hands in front of my birth home, now owned by strangers. Dad and mom had taken their grandsons on a brief tour of the nearby neighborhood leaving us alone a bit.

“You know, Bob took me aside just before we left Montana today. He’s getting more serious about wanting to unload his place,” Jesse said with a funny far off look in his eye, “You thinking about selling in Nebraska and buying Bob’s?” as I had thought about it as well.

“Maybe time to move on, get out of ranching. Bob also has a small spread near-by that would go with the deal, says he’s thinking about downsizing and moving to Billings across the state to live nearer to family. What do you think about it honey?”

“Don’t matter much to me, as long as we’re together,” I said with a shrug, “I just want you to be happy and feel settled.”

“What about school, college and all? You been talking a lot about that just like the boys,” Jesse asked and I had been. My education had not advanced past high school and I felt that maybe it was time. That Zane and Chase seemed destined for the same was a given. Jesse on the other hand didn’t seem to care much about that kind of educational pursuit.

Suddenly we were both enveloped by our boys’ arms around our necks, dad and mom coming near as well,

“Sure wish I grew up around here, it’s exciting!” Zane said as he hugged me and Chase did on Jesse,

“Grandpa says they have over a hundred colleges and universities in minutes of each other close around here,” Chase said, “sure be fun to go to one of them.”

I turned and hugged Zane, “We’ll just have to make sure that they spank boys who don’t study or spend too much time partying,” I teased and patted his rump,  “That’s your job daddy, your and daddy Jesse’s,” sounding pretty sincere to me, a good feeling to be sure.

We left Pasadena and headed to dad and mom’s home in La Crescenta. When we arrived up on Hillway Drive, we four stood and gawked at dad’s place. It was enormous. We were used to enormous things and spreads in Nebraska, but this was not a ranch. Zane put it best,

“Gee grandpa, you’d think you were some famous movie director. Isn’t this how they live around here?”

Dad and mom’s place was a lot, but not by L.A. standards, not really. It was a two level mansion of some five thousand square foot not counting a huge three-car garage, one of them tall enough to house their gigantic RV.

The outdoor swimming pool in the back was surrounded by pressed redwood stained decking with five large sets of tables with shading umbrellas and a barbecue to entertain lots of guests. To the side was a long wet-bar set-up that made even Jesse stare and gawk and that was just the beginning.

There was a two-bedroom guesthouse in back of the main house where Jesse, me and the boys would stay and have privacy. It even had its own hot tub room complete with lounging furniture and a huge T.V. and stereo set-up. It would be difficult to own and operate such a set-up unless there was a lot of income.

As it was Harold and mom now owned three very successful fast food franchises called Burger Place as well as three auto parts stores called simply H.R. Auto Parts all scattered north of Los Angeles mostly in the San Fernando Valley. The auto parts business even had its own T.V. commercial advertising spots with its own jingle and all. They had money all right.

Dad and mom also had friends and business associates galore and that night they hosted a number of them at a big poolside barbecue party in honor of Jesse and I and the boys. That was when we met Sammy Strong and Thad Mercer dad’s business associates. Sammy was a minority owner and in charge of managing the burger joints, Thad with the same relationship with dad in the auto parts end of business.

They say that folks in L.A. are beautiful, handsome and more pretentious than folks in San Francisco to the north of California or in New York or Miami on the eastern seaboard. Sammy and Thad both looked like what they call “gym rats” in L.A. with near movie star quality looks, but neither seemed pretentious to me at all as they were very friendly to Jesse, me and our boys.

Jesse and I were used to guy watching at rodeo together, but this felt like another level yet. The men at the party seemed intent on looking at both men and girls and that included lots looking just at Jesse and I. How could I tell? I was doing the same thing back at them, Jesse too who was off on the other side of the pool talking to folk I did not recognize. I particularly noticed that Sammy was checking me out quite a lot and finally he did come over and introduce himself,

“I’m Sammy, welcome to L.A. Randy. You and your partner are pretty good looking guys, your sons as well,” handing me a cold bottle of beer. I took a big refreshing swig of the amber liquid feeling more than just a tad attracted to Sammy and immediately launched into telling him a bit about Jesse and I and how we came to adopt our boys. The conversation seemed to help me from too much distraction.

Sammy nodded, “That must be a stretch for Nebraska. Not here. Anything goes in L.A., believe me I know,” and I asked him what he meant, “Guys with guys, gals with gals or together in any combination with and without children. I worked a little at Paramount studios in the sound department in Burbank. I’ve seen it all at one time or the other.”

Sammy was my age for goodness sake. How had he seen it all already, but I believed him, “If you and your partner and the boys are interested, I’d be glad to show you around the industry a bit,” referring to movies of course, “maybe I could show you and Jesse around some of the night life in West Hollywood as well,” he smiled.

West Hollywood? Even I knew that is where the homosexual guys hung out in Los Angeles. If I had the balls for it, I would have asked him if he liked guys better than gals outright, but I did not, then anyway.

Instead, I told him that I thought that we would be interested in both ideas, “I’ll be in touch,” Sammy said and then went back to milling in the crowd and I quickly caught sight of Jesse talking to dad’s other business associate, Thad Mercer. Jesse was grinning ear-to-ear and they laughed together a couple times. I didn’t have to wonder to know that Jesse might find Thad attractive, I certainly did.

Jesse and Thad finally concluded their conversation, Thad left and I caught Jesse’s eye as he came back over to me, “Well?” I asked the obvious question.

“I just spent quite a time talking to Thad. Do you have the feeling we’re not in Nebraska anymore?” he chuckled and I nodded, “That’s for sure. What did you think of Thad?” and the corner of Jesse’s mouth came up, “I was going to ask you the same of Sammy.”

I told Jesse I thought he was a very sexy guy and Jesse nodded and said the same of Thad. We never did talk to both Sammy and Thad together that night and I promised myself to ask dad about them later.


After the party dispersed near to midnight, Mom and dad went to bed giving us four the run of the pool and everything else back there,  “You can get as loud and frisky as you like back here, nobody will ever hear. See you boys in the morning,” Dad told us.

So here we were, minutes from Hollywood and a hundred other world famous tourist attractions, close to midnight under a clear warm Southern California sky. I felt like I was back home for sure, the energy of my surroundings making me hornier than hell.

“I don’t know about y’all, but I’m going skinny dipping in yonder pool,” and stripping off my clothes did just that, took a short run at the deep end and dove in. Three more splashes came soon after me and we all erupted into a giant water splashing fight in the shallows.

None of us had ever done such a thing all together like this in a swimming pool, whopping and hollering like kids, swimming and chasing each other around in a tight circle for a few minutes,

“Come on boys, Randy, group hug,” Jesse suggested. So we did.

A brief moment later we were so close together that our heads were nearly touching in the middle. I could feel and smell the sweet panting breaths of each of my boys and my beau. It felt so damn good having my own family all around me in California with my handsome sons on either side of me and the love of my life, Jesse, right there nose-to-nose across from me.

I had my arms around Chase’s and Zane’s shoulders on either side and I felt each had a hand on my ass cheeks, Zane’s from my right, Chase’s from my left. They were not just touching, they both were grabbing at my ass and fingertips started to paw at my hole at the same time. It made me close my eyes and I moaned just a little.

I also quickly boned up, “Well what have we here?” Jesse grinned as his fist had found and not only grasped my erection in his fist, but gave it a couple long firm strokes that made me tip my head back and moan more loudly, “Listen to your dad, what are you bad boys doing to him?” his voice grinning.

“Feeling up his hot ass,” Chase smiled wickedly as he grabbed hard at my left cheek, “Fingering his hot hole,” Zane said next and I gasped as he slipped in a fingertip, “Zane!”

“How do you know it’s me daddy, huh?” his voice grinning like Jesse’s, “I can tell,” I said a little breathless and looked at my mischievous son, “What are you thinking boy?” I tried not to smile and be authoritative.

“I’m thinking about doing this!” Zane thankfully ignored my tone and then suddenly he just jammed his wet finger much higher up into my hole, the tip of it finding the edge of my boy gland just right,

“Oh!” I exclaimed feeling a wonderful sexual jolt forcing me to rise up on my tiptoes just a little, “What is it daddy?” sounding so innocent as his naughty fingertip teased the edge of my gland, “When did you learn to do that?” I squeaked helplessly, the feeling amazing!

“A long time ago from your other son,” Zane said his fingertip driving me insane from one side, Jesse from in front as he mercilessly stroked and yanked on my balls and hard cock in total control of them.

“Dad loves to have his ass played with, right dad?” Chase asked me. I automatically nodded and then Chase spanked each cheek, hard, water splashing around in back of me, “and spanked!” they said in unison chuckling at my expense while I felt so weak in the knees and helpless all over.

“Let’s take daddy Randy over to the side, bend him over and have a real close look at his fine bottom cheeks and boy hole,” Jesse said and they all ganged up on me and pulled me to the pool edge, but Jesse did not let go of my tackle.

They made me bend forward and lay my chest down at the edge of the pool deck. Jesse still was gently tugging on my balls and hard dick with what felt like just one hand and it felt like his other hand along with the boys’ all started to grope, grab, paw and inspect my cheeks and anus, and not gently either.

They spanked too, stinging my cheeks and then it felt like all of them wanted their fingertips inside my hole, stretching my poor anus and making me wince, “Careful back there!” I said as it did hurt a little, but I didn’t want it stop.

“Careful of what baby? Careful to have a good time?” Jesse said, “Huh, uh!” I whimpered shamelessly, getting up as high as I could on my tiptoes even more shamelessly, “Daddy, look at you. You’re just asking for it, aren’t you!” Zane stated rather than asked.

I closed my eyes and gave myself fully into a feeling full of a longing and hard edged sexual desire, but more importantly that I was with my family. I loved them so much just then that I could cry and knew that they each loved me in equal measure. I sighed and nodded, “Guess I am,” I said, my voice sounding soft and submissive.

Suddenly the aggressive pawing and Jesse’s yanking my tackle all softened up to firm caresses and soft affectionate petting. Was the spell broken? I did not move a muscle save to settle down on my feet, my tiptoes tiring.

“I love you baby,” Jesse said laying his head on my back, “I love you daddy,” Zane said next, “Love you so much dad,” Chase said in a loud whisper hands softly rubbing all over me. I wanted to say what was on my heart just then, aloud, but couldn’t. I just did not have the words for what I felt just then.

The next thing I knew, I was staring at Zane’s beautiful face, “Daddy? You OK?” adding concern as his hand rubbed my face softly. I sighed and nodded smiling, my hand running over his slicked back hair, “I sure am.”

“Daddy, I want to put you over my knees and give you a big, hard spanking. Would you like that?” his voice not demanding, just asking. I blinked. My son, my beloved boy amazed me with his self-confidence just then. He knew what I liked and he liked asking me for it without hesitation.

Chase then came close to me on the other side, “I want to spank you too dad,” he said and I turned my head, Chase’s gentle smile and request pleasing my ears just as much.

“He wants it real bad, hard as steel,” Jesse said taking a hold of my cock and balls, his fist’s pulsing pressure testing my hardness and because of my boys’ requests it brought me much closer to the edge. I paused to make sure I had control and then grinned, “Do I have any choice?” I asked hoping that I did not.

Zane was quick to the answer, “No daddy, you don’t. You need a good tanning, doesn’t he Chase?” and then slipped a quick kiss on my lips. I turned my head, “That’s right. Sorry dad, you gotta take a whipping, a hard one,” with a sexy little grin and smiling eyes. I also got a quick kiss from him as his hand also gently caressed my face. My loving boys were so wonderfully hot and so affectionate.

“And anything else that your family decides you need … or you want,” Jesse added and spanked my ass hard, two on each cheek. I winced, but was distracted by other naughty thoughts,

“Yea daddy, what is it that you really want besides spanking? You have to say it out loud,” Zane insisted, but I hesitated.

“Oh, oh. It must be really hot if daddy can’t say it,” Zane said after another longish moment. I grinned, “I can too!” I demanded, “I just don’t want to,” feeling playful.

“Then say it, tell us,” Jesse said and that just made me all the more self-conscious, “No!” I blurted a little petulantly.

“Spank him dad, make him say it,” Chase said. I stuck my ass up on tiptoes again and Jesse “encouraged” me with ten hard spanks, five on each cheek. Oh how I cherished his palm lighting up my fanny. I didn’t even want to say yes after that as my buns tingled with the sting.

“I won’t!” I repeated my hard dick agreeing with me and not them.

Zane backed down into the pool and I guessed it was his hand that spanked me next, another ten hard slaps. It stung like mad, “We can keep this up all night daddy, now say it!” he said as my cheeks quivered with that old familiar combo of pain and pleasure.

I loved the attention, but didn’t want to hold back any longer, so I didn’t,

“Piss on me, all of you! Make me take your piss, in my mouth and up my ass!” I suddenly heard myself blurt, closed my eyes like a bad little boy who is trying to hide from punishment and allowed myself to enjoy the thrill of confession to my family. What would they say? Do?

I had piss on my mind ever since doing it with my boys and Jesse. You cannot explain that sort of thing or sexual feeling. It simply is there. It just turned me on something fierce to think all of them could do that to me at the same time. Then it was silent for like five of the longest seconds of my life as I bit my bottom lip kind of hard.

Then I felt myself pulled up to standing and back into Jesse’s arms from behind, and felt his hard cock press into my ass crack. At least he was still hard. Zane hugged me hard from my right, and Chase from my left. Were they feeling sorry for me? Where they going to tell me that I was inappropriate even though we had all enjoyed piss at one time or another?

“Fuck! Baby, that was just about the hottest thing I’ve every heard you say!” Jesse said, “Damn right. Say it again daddy, please. Tell us all what you want, we all love you and want you to feel hot and sexy,” Zane affirmed.

“And naughty and dirty and needing punishment for wanting piss,” Chase said the real honest to God truth of it with a grin in his voice. And it was all true.

It was like I wanted or needed an excuse to have to be spanked as punishment for daring to want something as taboo as piss from my sons and husband. My stomach was churning, hard, but I finally decided to trust my husband and my sons with a deep sexual taboo and desire,

“I feel guilty over it, a little. I feel like I’m a bad dad and even a bad husband, wanting to get pissed on and spanked by him and my sons at the same time,” my voice feeling small and unsure, my hand reaching back to hug Jesse’s head closer to me, but went on, “Makes me feel like when I was younger and did something wrong and got caught and all,” I said looking at Zane first and then Chase anxious for their reactions.

At first, Zane and Chase looked a little intimidated actually, their expressions just a little surprised perhaps? But maybe it was just me. I was worried until I looked at Zane again and the corner of his mouth came up,

“My daddy is a bad boy. Bad boys are punished in this family,” he said, “Yes spanked and paddled, whipped and hided,” Chase said next and I felt Jesse’s arms tighten around me and he said in a loud whisper in my ear for all to hear, “Then he has to take piss, from all of us and then he sucks all of our dicks and then he gets his hot little ass fucked and pissed in, by everyone,” his voice low, menacing and so very alluring!

“Bend back over honey,” Jesse said next as he pulled away from me. I did, “Everyone, twenty hard spanks each, punish your dad, make it sting,” Jesse ordered. I shivered with delight like a puppy wagging its tail and I almost wagged mine.

Sixty spanks seems like a lot and it was from strong grown adult sized men. As my men spanked me, I just pretended I was that bad boy getting my just desserts, the kind that drove my cock wild with desire. My ass already throbbed, “Now finger his boy pussy, one finger each and don’t be gentle,” Jesse hissed.

Oh my God! I stuck up my sore ass high for my men. Three fingers greedily went to work, jamming themselves roughly though just part way into my butt hole. I moaned and groaned as their intrusions burned and scraped a little, me feeling like I not only wanted their rough treatments, but needed it. I moaned loudly.

“Take it dad, bad boy, you need ass fucking,” Chase teased me, “You need piss in your ass daddy,” Zane said. I nodded and moaned all the more.

Jesse’s other hand roughly stroked and yanked on my cock and balls, “Makes me want to eat out his dad pussy, don’t you Chase?” Zane asked, “Sure does!” and that was next, my sons each took some time to sloppily lick and penetrate my anus with their warm wet tongues. I just moaned like a slut, relaxing and believing that I was worthy of their attentions. Jesse took his turn too giving Zane and Chase opportunity to tease me,

“Like that daddy? Like daddy Jesse eating out your boy hole?” Zane asked. I could only nod and whimper, “God, yes,” which caused Zane and Chase to chuckled at me.

“Take your dad to the house, there’s more that needs to be done indoors,” Jesse said after he finished his tongue bath, “but first,” and he stood me up and forced his mouth onto mine.

Jesse and I sloppily sucked face rolling our tongues over each other for a few long moments and then he told me to do the same with Zane’s and Chase’s and we did. Then Jesse swatted me on my rear, “Get to the house bad boy, more punishment for you,” he said with a leering tone.

I didn’t have to ask, they just did it, pulled me over each of their laps in the front room of the guesthouse in traditional spanking position. I was made to suck cock as I was hand spanked, paddled with the hairbrush and given hard stinging belt licks from each of them, my mouth always stuffed with cock.

My ass was a deep crimson and throbbing like hell (my cock too) as I was put on my knees as they stood in a tight semi-circle and I had to yank on two cocks as I sucked on the third. I sucked Jesse, Zane and Chase until my jaws ached,

“Get to the bathroom and lay down in the tub Randy,” Jesse told me next, his voice kind of a playful sternness.

I was shivering with anticipation. I heard them talking after me as I slid into the tub, “on your back!” Jesse yelled after me.

I did and soon looked up as three hot naked men loomed over me in the very small space, three hands stroking their hard dicks. Mine was hard as rocks as I wondered if they were really going to do it.

“OK boys, tell me when you’re ready to piss,” Jesse said. I started to breath harder, my heart beating in a fury, my hand lightly stroking on my cock. I looked up at each of them, their eyes looking elsewhere trying to relax, “I’m ready!” Zane said, “Me too,” Chase after him, “OK boys, cut loose!”

I closed my eyes and opened my mouth wide as three strong hot streams of piss splashed down on me. I already knew to expect the strong odors of urine. They started over my groin and then up to my tummy and then chest. Then slowly, they worked the streams, three of them to my chin and started to splash piss around my mouth.

I let myself cut loose and enjoyed it, turned my mouth and daring myself to drink some, did, just not a lot. I tasted my family’s piss. It was hot and bitter, strong and made me grimace a little, but mostly that I kind of liked doing it.

“Shit I gotta stop, I gotta piss in dad’s ass hole!” Zane blurted, “Turn over now Randy!” Jesse ordered me.

I did not know I could move so fast much less more or less drenched in urine. I flipped up to my knees, urine draining and dripping down to the tub and towards my toes, but my ass up in the air.

From behind, Zane quickly mounted me from behind, “Sorry daddy, but I gotta fuck you and piss!” and the boy just did it. He hugged himself down onto me, and pushed his hard rod right up into my asshole. It burned like a fuck!

I winced, “Zane!” I yelped but he did not stop, “Take it dad, it’s your punishment!” he said and then stopped his brief ass pounding, “I’m giving you piss now daddy!” he said. I felt it, I somehow felt the hot acrid liquid burning inside of me.

Zane pulled out, Chase came right after and added his piss. The liquid ran out of me and down the inside of my thighs after he finished, “Me too baby, keep that hot ass up!” and Jesse penetrated me and cut loose of his piss inside me.

The odor was strong, pungent and oddly erotic to me. I worried it would put off the boys more than Jesse but I guessed we were all used to the strong smells of animal ranching so nobody seemed to mind. I was in such a high state of lust and slutty debauchery by now, I didn’t care. I almost didn’t remember later being helped up, showered and washed down.

From there, my men took me to the bedroom, made me suck all three hard cocks on my knees in front of them as they sucked face. That was super hot! Then I was put on my tummy on the bed, ass high up on a pillow and the three of them took turns pounding my hole, one after the other.

I luxuriated in taking three full loads of cum that night. All I could do was grimace, moan, smile or even laugh or giggle a little and most of all, just enjoy and I did. I mean, what could be better?

Despite that Zane and Chase had their own bedroom, we all four elected to tangle up naked in one bed that night. It was so nice and comfy and sleep came easy to me then.


I don’t remember my dreams very well ever; but when my eyes blinked open much later that early next morning, I was sorry that the one I was having was now ended. I vaguely knew that I was with Jesse and the boys in a room; but where it was I could not tell. Neither could I picture what it was we were doing, only that it was together and it was very sexual. A second later I felt a warm palm rubbing my chest and gently flicking my nipples, another hand other fondling my hard cock and gripping some at my balls.

My senses awoke and then I knew I was in bed only with Jesse, the boys likely retreated to their own bedroom sometime during the night. Speaking of night, it was still dark outside. I moaned as Jesse was spooning me from behind, his hands on my body so gentle and comforting,

“What time is it?” I asked and cuddled myself back into Jesse’s body. It was then I detected his erection humping my backside, “About three,” he answered his hands stopping their stimulation, “Don’t stop,” I smiled in the room’s darkness covering his front hand with mine to encourage him and humped back into his hard dick by clenching my butt cheeks, “Horny much?” I teased.

“Yea,” he said very tentatively, his body language softened as well. For some reason, I felt really aggressive, “Turn over the other way, lover,” I said sensing his submissive mood and boy did he twirl around fast so that now it was me spooning Jesse, my erection squarely nestled between his hunky butt cheeks.

“What’re your hot thoughts bad boy?” I said to test my theory. He shivered a little with a small sigh as his hands clutched at my hips and pulled me harder into his body, “um … I don’t know,” he said a bit playfully.

That phrase “I don’t know” was Jesse code for “I know exactly what I want you to do to me,” but was feeling a bit coy about it. Jesse was like that, sometimes a little shy about asking for things for himself, always had been and I loved him for it,

“You guys made me tell my naughty thoughts last night, so you have to tell me,” I said with a little verve,

“Don’t want to,” he said, his voice very playful and by now I was guessing that Jesse might be thinking about what we had done the night before with me and before that, to Jesse in back of Bob’s barn in Montana.

“If you don’t, I’ll have to get the brush and paddle your bottom over my knee to a crisp until you do,” I threatened feeling my dick throb harder with need, my hips reflexively humping into the length of his butt crack.

Jesse moaned just then as I had pushed at least one good button, “Come on, tell me” I said and then moved both hands up to his nipples and give each a pretty good pinch. Jesse moaned harder, “Like that?” I said and did it again, this time harder. He whimpered a breathy “yessir.”

Oh wow, Jesse was really into it, so I went after him. I rolled him further to his tummy and this time pinched both nipples very hard, “Randy!” he whimpered loudly tensing up and I quickly moved a hand to his dick. Hell, I could already feel his piss slit leaking pre-cum. I was on the right track.

“OK baby,” I rubbed each nipple soothingly, “Time to confess or … am I going to have to give you a good old-fashioned blister-tanning over my knee,” I re-stated pretty emphatically and then moved my right hand to his butt cheeks and with two dry fingertips roughly pawed at his anus.

Jesse’s voice whimpered and he humped himself back into the fingers, so I jammed them up his butt hole about half way. Jesse’s body tensed, “Randy!” he blurted so I jammed them to the hilt and then dry fucked his hole, in and out a couple of times,

“No!” he said struggling against the pain, “Yes!” I said and roughly double-finger fucked his hole again and again, each penetration forcing a yelping whimper sound.

“Want me to stop?” I said pausing, “No! More please!” his voice plaintive. I smiled, re-discovered his pre-cum slick erection and then dry finger-fucked him rapidly again,

“Ou! It hurts!” he complained but his own hips betrayed him, thrusting back and worth in rhythm with my manual thrusts.

I then noticed my bladder, “I need to pee. Come on, you’re going with me. After I pee, you’re getting a paddling over my knee,” I said and got out of bed. Jesse got up as well, “Give me the brush,” I said noticing it on the bedside table. He handed it to me.

I could not resist, brought Jesse into a firm hug chest-to-chest and then landed a dozen hard brush licks on his bare bottom making Jesse whimper and moan, “Want more?”

“Yes please,” he said quietly, but breathing heavy, “After I pee,” I said and grabbed his hand.

I pulled him out of bed and took him behind me out of the bedroom, brush still in hand, down the hall and into the bathroom right to the toilet, opening the top, “I need to pee so bad,” I said smiling and then decided to go for it,

“Get on your knees, you’re drinking piss,” I ordered him, “No please,” he resisted, “I said,” and then using the hairbrush, paddled his naked rear five times, “Get on your knees boy!”

Jesse’s face grimaced from the sudden pain I put on his rear and then I grabbed a handful of Jesse’s hair, “Get down now mister,” I ordered and noticing his dick still hard as nails and the tip really leaky, I pulled downward and Jesse collapsed to his knees very easily,

“Head in the bowl!” I smirked but did not let go of his hair. Jesse did as he was told,

“Please don’t Randy, please don’t punish me with piss!” he said and then turning his head, Jesse gaped open his mouth and stuck out his tongue like a baby bird waiting for its mom’s meal.

Him saying those words, “Please don’t punish me with piss,” and then positioning his head like he did all turned me on so hard, I wanted to just fuck Jesse right then and there, but I didn’t. Instead I squatted down to the toilet bowl and pointed my piss slit right at the center of Jesse’s protruded tongue,

“Here it comes, punishment for you!” I warned him and then I let go of my urine stream directing some to his tongue and then some into the bowl. Then I stopped to make sure Jesse was still turned on, briefly fisting his pre-cum sloppy erection. He was, big time!

“Take more piss,” I growled at him next and this time directed the stream straight on into his mouth proper and letting go, drenched his gaped mouth with my piss.

Jesse’s face was winced and pinched as the strong tasting and smelling liquid was likely punishing (and stimulating) his senses as intended. His sputtering and spitting the sprayed urine back into the bowl was pretty hot,

“You’re not done yet boy,” I said and then emptied my bladder the rest of the way, messing his face and mouth back and forth, spraying urine as his face was hardly an inch away. Once again, I made sure his dick was still engaged. It was.

“Get up,” I said grabbing a nearby hand towel and patting his face of dripping urine with it and then I pulled him to standing, took him over to the sink and told him to wash his face and rinse out his mouth.

As he did, I closed the toilet bowl and grabbed the hairbrush in my right fist and then sat down on the seat, “Get over my knee Jesse,” I demanded and with a crooked smile he practically launched himself into position as ordered draping himself in the classic punishment position.

When he did, my eyes were greeted with the wonderful sight of two upraised slightly pink very sexy butt cheeks begging to be spanked to a much nicer deep crimson.

I stared a long moment at his tasty looking now exposed butt hole. I licked my lips, “A little for me first,” I said and then went down on him, licking and lapping at his back door,

“Oh yes please Randy, eat me out,” Jesse’s voice warbly with need. I then took my time, fisted his hard semen slicked dick and stroked it as I licked and lapped, poked and prodded at my lover’s sweet hole. I sat up and blew out my cheeks, “Never can get enough,” I said, but wanted to move forward,

“Now the paddling you need,” I said and wrapping my arm tightly around his waist, went to work tanning my man’s bare bottom cheeks.

“Ou! Ou! Randy! It hurts! Shit! Oh Ou!,” he complained as I really went after his hot ass with the brush, but especially at his tender sit spots really giving it to him hard,

“Bad boy! Bad piss boy!” I grinned and playfully chastised Jesse as I now gave the center of his butt a real dose of more hard rapid brush licks to wipe out what little white ass skin remained. I was grinning ear-to-ear as Jesse was kicking some doubtlessly from pain,

“Has to hurt,” I said and then tanned him around his butt hole, “Ouuu! Ranndyy!” he yelped, “Yea, that’s it, a real … good … blister-tanning for you!” and then finished up with a really hard ten licks all over.

“Oh God, I think I came,” he said as I sat up and Jesse was totally relaxed over my knee. My hand had been on his dick the whole time and yes, it now felt drenched in semen. I chuckled, “You did, good job!” I smiled, “Get up,” and helped my boy to standing.

His hand went to my erection, “Do you want to fuck me?” he asked panting, “Naw, blow job,” I said and Jesse got on his knees, grinning ear-to-ear. Jesse engulfed my cock into his mouth and bare two seconds later a big wonderful orgasm washed over me as Jesse gulped mouthful after mouthful of my jizz.

Afterwards, Jesse got his toothbrush and our toothpaste, gave his mouth a good scrubbing and gargled two doses of mouthwash for good measure, “That was fun!” he grinned, “Satisfied?” I asked and he nodded, “Yes, very. Thank you baby,” and then we passionately kissed for a long moment, “Back to bed,” he said and this time took me by the hand down the hallway and into the bedroom and our bed where he spooned me from behind until I feel asleep easily.


The first of the next few days were spent at the Magic Mountain roller coaster park in Valencia, California near Santa Clarita. The second day we all ventured to the original Disneyland south of us way down in Anaheim. The six of us had the times of our lives as a whole family for the first time ever.

The family vibe with dad and mom had felt so good, but by then end of the second day Harold announced, “Got to get back to my businesses, you boys have a good trip to the beach with mom,” as we planned to drive with her down to Santa Monica and walk around the Pacific Park amusement park at the pier that day.

That trip to the beach with my mom, Jesse and the boys was like a trip back in time. Mom used to take me as a kid to the Santa Monica pier every weekend for weeks without seeming end. Watching Zane and Chase romp around the pier like little kids themselves made me feel so glad, so proud and so very grateful that they were in my life and that my mom was again as well.

That night I caught Jesse talking with dad about the auto parts business. It suddenly struck me that Jesse had always had a knack for fixing broken mechanical things. He could fix anything back at our Nebraska ranch. I even found him and Bob in Montana, repairing an old truck engine that Bob had puzzled over for months. Jesse had it running in a few hours to Bob’s amazement.

“You should go with dad and Thad and have a look at the parts business,” I told Jesse later. He admitted that he wanted to so that is what he and dad did the very next day. Mom was off with her girlfriends leaving me alone with the boys.

“What do you boys want to do today?” I asked as we were lazy bums lounging around the backyard pool, the late morning sky so very clear, blue and the warmth outside invigorating.

“Should go to a Dodger game,” Zane said mentioning the Los Angeles Dodger baseball team as it was by now baseball season in America. Most folks in Nebraska I noticed supported the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team, them or the Chicago Cubs.

“The Dodgers are crap, Cards are better,” Chase said obviously just to be contrary to his brother.

The boys were standing pretty much nose-to-nose on the wet pool deck and very close to me at the time, “Who says? You, the local baseball expert? The Cards are crap too. The Cubs are the best,” Zane retorted, again, obviously just to be argumentative.

“Shut up fuck-face,” Chase replied, half-smiling, half looking for a brotherly fight I thought, “Screw you,” Zane said and pushed at Chase who stepped back a little. Chase pushed Zane back harder still. He had to catch himself from falling or slipping on the deck.

I saw all of this out of the corner of my eye as I was trying to read parts of the massive Los Angeles Times newspaper for the day. It was so large that it seemed that one could fit ten Omaha World-Herald dailies inside of it.

When I finally sensed that the boys’ roughhousing was a bit too much for the slippery poolside, I put the paper down, “Tone it down a little boys,” I said looking at my handsome sons and then refocused on the newspaper and started to read again.

“Yea, stop being a jerk,” Zane said, “No, you stop,” Chase said. I quickly looked up just as Chase pushed Zane the hardest yet, reeling him backwards and he came the closest to falling onto the hard decking.

Zane’s natural physical agility prevented a bad accident, but in my mind I pictured his cracked bleeding skull and an unwanted trip to the local emergency room to treat a head injury. I was pissed and slamming my newspaper down on the deck next to my lounge chair, said,

“What did I just tell you boys?” I asked with my raised stern voice.

Zane’s face immediately blushed, “Sorry daddy,” his face instantly looking remorseful and compliant; but Chase just stared at me, quite defiantly actually.

I wasn’t at all surprised by it. The boys were older teens and young men by now and despite their sometimes still very childish behaviors together, wanted very much to be treated as full-fledged adults. Most of the time the boys both deserved that kind of respect, just not at that particular moment.

Chase just stood there, arms folded and his face looking quite offended by my parental displeasure at him. I expected that I had made him to feel like a misbehaved little boy rather than the adult man that he thought he was even then. The problem was, an adult man would have met my disapproving stare eye-to-eye, not avoiding it as Chase was.

“Chase?” I said in a stern tone effectively demanding his submission to my authority.

“Fucking lame,” he grumbled still avoiding eye contact with me, “Excuse me? What did you just say?” I said and now I stood up from my chair and made sure to move a lot closer to my recalcitrant son feeling my pulse race as my ire was elevating, “Nothing,” he said in a low defiant growl stepping back a little at my advance towards him and still no eye contact.

I did not know what had gotten into Chase. I was willing to compromise on most anything concerning my boys’ behavior, but not when their health could be compromised. Neither was I about to put up with immaturity and outright defiance of my authority no matter Chase’s advanced age.

“Go to the house to cool your jets off son, please,” I said with firmness. He grumbled something unintelligible and looking unhappy, stomped off.

Zane quickly came up to me, “I’m so sorry daddy. I didn’t mean to provoke him. It just happened. I’m half at fault,” he confessed.

I brought him into a hug, “It’s OK baby. I just didn’t want anyone hurt on this hard decking. All I could picture was one or both of you getting a bad knock on the noggin and us having to spoil the day with a medical emergency.”

I watched Zane’s face crumble a little, “Jesus daddy. I never even thought about that,” and he bit his lower lip, “I feel awful for not listening to you right off as I should have.”

My heart soared with pride at my young man just then and my eyes got a little misty as well. I put my arm across his shoulders, “It’s all a part of growing up son. That’s why good boys like you still need a dad until you’re ready to take life on by yourself.”

Zane’s face winced just then. He twirled to face me and then all of a sudden he hugged me tight to himself, “I don’t want to grow up,” his voice trembled, “I want to be your boy, your son forever,” his voice cracking.

I had not planned for such a simple thing like horseplay on the decking to turn into a dad-son moment like this, “Zane honey, you always will be my son, Jesse’s too. OK baby?” my voice emotional. I gave Zane a quick harder hug, kissed his temple and then held him at arm’s length so I could enjoy the sight of my beautiful son’s handsome face.

Zane looked at me eye-to-eye, son-to-dad if you will, his eyes a little red. His face suddenly hardened a little, “If I were a dad right now, I’d take my son over my knee and tan his bottom real hard, give him a damn good hard spanking for not obeying his daddy.”

OK, now he really got to me, his clear suggestion of a needed father-son punishment spanking. I tilted my head and felt my groin start to grumble. I looked down at the front of Zane’s Speedo. His penis was already fully erect and now mine was as well.

“I hope someday you are a dad, Zane. You’d be a fine father and yea, maybe you’ll have to give your boy a good spanking once in a while,” I smiled, again, so proud of Zane.

He swallowed thickly, “Daddy, I … that is … damn. I guess to be a good daddy, you have learn how over time. But right now I just want to be a son and I fucked up. Daddy, could you … you know,” he said so wonderfully bashful and that despite his obvious arousal, mine too for that matter.

I could not help but grin ear-to-ear, “You march your behind to your bedroom Zane. You fetch my belt first. You get yourself naked in that room and ready to get a hard blistering, you hear me?”

Zane’s face lit up with a big smile almost like on Christmas day, “Yes daddy! Thank you daddy!” he said and took off towards the bungalow. I followed.

It surprised me how relatively easy it was for me to ignore my own sexual arousal as I walked into the bungalow. The best part, however, and even though it should not have been; was walking right past Chase who was sitting on the couch, knees drawn up. He obviously was having second thoughts about his earlier behavior if the sheepish body language had any truth in it. I barely glanced at him as I sped towards the boys’ bedroom.

The door was wide open. I stood in it and about busted a nut right then and there. There stood Zane practically at ramrod attention next to a chair he had placed in the middle of the room. On the top of the chair was my belt, carefully coiled up on top of a light blue terry cloth towel.

Zane was, of course, naked as the day he was born, the tip of his hardened pole leaking not a little pre-cum already threatening to ooze down to just in back of the head and maybe down to the floor below.  Zane looked at me, eye-to eye, his face soft with compliance; but I also thought heavily tinged with a pride that he had truly earned.

Zane’s eye then focused on my Speedo, “Daddy, best you get naked too,” is all he said, but his expression was incredible with a slightly turned up corner of his mouth. I grinned and then looked down. My Speedo front had a big wet spot on it. I had not moved a muscle and simply dropped off my Speedo to the floor right there in the doorway.

My heart was pounding, my arousal quickly having taken over from my resolve to not make this sexual. How could I punish my son like this? In a way I felt a little guilty for letting things get out of control in that way with Zane. If anyone was sheepish right then, it was me. I walked over, very willing to take a time out and discuss alternatives with Zane.

“It’s OK daddy. It’s how we are in this wonderful family of ours. Painful punishment is not that far removed from the pleasure of it, daddy. I sure would admire to get my ass good and red and then I want to suck my daddy off or him give me one hell of a hard fuck up my punished backside.”

I strode up to Zane’s side and blew out my cheeks so grateful that Zane knew me, rather us, better than I could ever hope for, “Then that is what we’ll do,” I said and let my hand reach his bared bottom and squeezed both cheeks. Zane moaned softly; but just then, you know who was standing in the doorway looking in.

I turned my head. Chase looked if anything remorseful, no more defiance on his face. I looked down a little. He was still wearing his Speedo and like his dad, there was a big wet spot at the tip of the large penile bulge. I busied my hand by letting a finger search for and find Zane’s butt hole. I felt his whole body shiver, but I was still looking at Chase,

“You have something to say boy?” I asked and then felt Zane’s hand on my erection. I gulped, I was so close to shooting off a load prematurely, but decided if that’s what happened, so be it. Thankfully his touch was soft and not insistent.

Now Chase looked at me, eye-to-eye, his more than a little red, “I sure would … I mean, I sure need to be punished dad. I’m so sorry for acting like a brat. I had no cause. You were just trying to make sure nothing bad happened,” his voice fading at the end.

Talk about a huge lump in my throat. Had I maybe been a trifle too harsh on Chase out there? No, I decided quickly, I had not, “You ready to obey me Chase McKensie-Wolcott?” I asked.

Chase’s eyes widened. Jesse and I seldom used the boys’ full names save a few times when they were to understand that they were in the doghouse for real, “Yes father,” Chase said I thought with true and sincere humility. I adored him for that as I know it is not easy for a proud teen to submit to his father.

I looked at Zane, his hand softly running from my lower back and over my naked buttock, more like Jesse would, more like a lover, “What do you think son?” I asked Zane. I watched Zane and Chase lock eyes. Would Chase take exception to this?

“I think my brother …” and then he paused, “I think I love my brother more than anyone other than my dads, but … well, if I were his dad, I’d tan his hide until he was bawling his eyes out.”

I watched fascinated as Chase’s face twitched and then his forehead wrinkled. I saw his fists clench, hard. What would he say back to Zane? And then I saw a huge dollop of pre-cum ooze down from his angry red cock head to the floor. I quickly looked at both boys and their eyes paused to watch it.

Chase’s face winced up again before his fists relaxed,  "I … I love you Zane too and as much as I love my dads and you’re right. I need to be taken to the woodshed. I’m sorry I provoked you into disobeying dad.”

Now maybe all of this drama was overstated given such a seemingly small thing that happened out on the pool deck just a few minutes earlier. Even if that was the case, I did not care if it was. You take things as they happen in life and never question your feelings if they are true and honest. Papa McKensie had taught me at least that, Ma too.

“I’m sorry too brother,” Zane replied and then they both looked at me. I sighed and motioned Chase to us. He rushed over and in an instant had wiggled his way between Zane and I, but just stood there, his hands at his sides without presumption.

I smiled, so full of warmth and tenderness for my boys, at least in my heart and then had an idea, something about having cake and eating it too and wanting to take advantage of the moment to bond my boys, not so much to myself, as to each other.

“I want you boys to apologize formally to each other. Then, you are each going to take the other over his knee and give each other a whipping with the belt while I watch.”

I so enjoyed watching their eyes widen into surprise and stepped back a little. Chase spoke first, “Never thought I would say this to you Zane, but I admire you a lot. I love you, but I also respect you and … and I’m truly sorry for being a shit out there and I think I would enjoy you punishing me, hard as you can.”

I winced a little. Giving Zane that kind of latitude for a saucy, smart-ass comeback was like dangling fresh red meat in front of a lion’s hungry mouth. I watched Zane chew his lips and boy were the wheels turning inside that boy’s mind or what?

Finally, Zane reached out, his hand firmly on Chase’s shoulder, “I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but here goes. I know we’re the same age, but I’ve always felt … um … that you were more like a big brother to me, Chase. Some days I hate your guts. Others, I just want to hug you and tell you how much I love you, like now,” Zane’s voice cracking a little.

Zane glanced at me, his eyes a little red and then he looked at Chase again, “I’m sorry I almost helped us into a dangerous situation. Wouldn’t mind if my brother beat my ass hard too. Would feel good actually.”

Zane had not removed his hand from Chase’s shoulder, and now Chase put his hand up to Zane’s shoulder. He gently smiled, “Don’t know if I can now,” he said. Zane smiled, “Bullshit,” and then they both smiled at each other and at me, “Yea, pretty much busted on that one,” Chase chuckled.

Was the spell of needed punishment now broken? Not if I could help it,

“OK boys, Zane, I want you to put your brother over your knee and give him twenty hard licks. Then you boys will change places and keep on changing places until I say to stop. When I put up my hand, you stop your whipping so that dad can have his way with eating out boy ass,” I said because well, I had to power to do so. The boys grinned their pleasure in what I had asked and went to work.

Oh the wonderful sight of one son’s upturned, even eager bare ass up high over the other’s knee, the doubled up belt leather crashing down to sizzle the needy ass meat below. The one’s greedy grin of satisfaction combined with the other’s hard grunts, groans and yes, moans of pleasure as searing pain quickly turned into lustful sexual demand for the receiver.

About every ten belt licks, I would hold up my hand and the spanker would stop. I would plunge in with my tongue and fairly tongue-rape the twitchy tight hole between heat radiating butt cheeks as I also reached under the spanker’s knees to grasp the punished boy’s rampant cock and stroke it using the ever present ooze of jizz from a gaping piss slit.

“Oh daddy! You are so beautiful,” Zane petted my head as I greedily ate out Chase’s hole with my mouth, Chase moaning like a happy little boy slut, “God damn dad, I love watching you eat out Zane’s hot ass,” when he was on top.

“Lay licks over your brother’s hole with that belt,” I told Zane on the third round. By now, both boys’ asses were beet red with welts and there had been some lusty cries for mercy, but we were far from finished.

Both boys yelled loudly with the pain of having that hard and barely supple leather lash directly onto their tender holes. Too bad and once again neither boy really complained, but I did notice that by now when I tongued out their boy holes that their sphincters were looser and received my oral attentions with a kind of anxious acceptance. I had them finish the fourth round, forty licks in all for each son a number of the final round of licks making their boy holes very sore.

“All right, stop, get up the both of you,” I said and standing, wiped my own spit from around my mouth, my tongue actually a little fatigued. I stood there on my own, the boys together. I looked at then and they at me.

The mood seemed suddenly different now. What it was or why, I didn’t know. Zane put his arm very casually up on Chase’s shoulder and with an evil grin said loudly to Chase as he looked at me,

“Hey brother of mine, what do you think? Cause I think my daddy would enjoy a sound whipping with this belt. And then I think he would enjoy having to take both our hard cocks up his hot daddy ass.”

I almost shot my load right then and there as I felt my face blush. I almost started to protest if for no other reason than I thought I should when Chase answered, “Zane, I think you’re right. Sorry dad, but your sons are going to have to have their way with you now,” and just like that, they lurched forward, each grabbed one arm and pulled me to the bedside and upended me face down on the bed, my ass high up across their overlapping knees.

I could have said no. I could put a stop to it with just two or three firm words, but the fact was, they were right. I really did want to get a whipping from my loving sons. They had already proved their humble apologies for their misbehaviors and had done what I had told them. They were sitting on very sore and red bottoms and I was well satisfied with that. In fact, I felt honored to join them.

“Spread your knees dad, push your dick back and close your thighs. We’re gonna have to whip your sweet tail until you shoot your load,” was Chase’s order. I was all for that, so I did it.

My whipping commenced and like I had done, the boys took turns eating out my ass and as one did, the other bent over and offered to suck face with me and did. Now I was the one doing the grunting, groaning and leaking out loud moans of pleasure between the harsh painful belt licks. They even treated my hole with hot painful belt licks and then soothed my painful hole with their soft, warm and wet tongues.

“OK daddy, hard licks until you come!” Zane announced and then started in. Oh how the licks hurt. Oh how my dick wanted to cum but was not having a quick time of it,

“Come on dad, I want to see you come. If you come, Zane and I will put you on your tummy and gang rape your hot red ass. Now I know you want that! Come on dad!” Chase encouraged me.

I know it’s not right to think of rape as anything good and it certainly is not, but I knew what Chase meant and so I let the words sink in. I wanted to be raped by my boys and raped hard, “Tan my hide Zane!” I yelled and pushed my sore ass up high.

“That’s it dad, get your beautiful hot dad ass really high for your whipping!” Chase encouraged and combined with my love for what they were doing for me, I shot my load. I was dizzy with it, it was so hard and so long and limp right after, the boys quickly shoved me lengthwise and face down onto the top of their bed and they went after me.

Chase pounded his erection up my ass hard, fast and painfully shooting his load inside of me less than a minute later with a screeching yell of pleasure. He pulled out and I was still writhing in an impossible to distinguish combination of anguish and heavenly pleasure as Zane did his thing next. With a hard, insistent rapid butt fucking that if anything hurt a lot just his bony pelvis crashing into mine from behind as if the idea was to pulverize both of our skeletons together, Zane shot his load into me next.

At the end of it, we three were a mess of sweat, semen and my face was now hurting from grinning, hugging and kissing my boys in celebration of the special moment together. Later on that night, in bed, Jesse told me about his day with dad and Thad at the auto parts store and then I told him what I had done with our sons.

Funny thing. Auto parts are not really all that sexually arousing. By the time I got to the part of the story when the boys turned the tables on me, Jesse had shot his load up onto his chest as he lay besides me enjoying my not at all embellished version of my day. After all, wasn’t it just another ordinary day in the paradise called sunny southern California?

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