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Jesse: The Nebraska Rancher's Son - Part Twenty-One
PJ Franklin <>


Character summary to date:  Jesse McKensie-Wolcott is twenty-five years old and Randy McKinsie-Wolcott is twenty-four. Their two adopted sons are now Chase and Zane McKensie-Wolcott, both still seventeen-years-old. Harold Richardson is Randy's step-father married to Randy's mother, Clara.

Early on the morning of our sixth day in Los Angeles, we got a call from Sammy Strong. He and Tad Mercer thought it might be fun for Jesse and I with our boys to spend a day touring some Hollywood movie studios, sound stages and other technical areas of Hollywood movie making that few outsiders get to see. They showed us the awesome sights introducing us to a few of their friends and acquaintances along the way, all of them super friendly.

During our rounds, Sammy and I got to talking. He outright asked me if Jesse and I were intimate together, in essence if we were gay. That word "gay" never seemed of much use to Jesse and I as a word mostly because of where we lived, Nebraska, but it was the truth.

"So, you and Jesse and … um, your boys are intimate together I gather?" which made me a little uncomfortable at first, "We have our fun," I replied with a generality, "What about you?" I asked genuinely interested.

"I get around, have my fun. Sometimes me and Tad get together," he said as I watched Tad with Jesse and boys walking back towards us. I pretty much surmised that Sammy and Tad's fun was the same as Jesse and I, generally speaking that is.

To tell the truth, Jesse and I had not run into another male couple like us, kind of ever. I did not sense that Sammy and Tad were a couple, but they did spend a lot of time together,

"Tad's a good looking guy and so are you," I complimented him, "Why thank you Randy. Say do you think you and Jesse might be interested in checking out some of the night life in West Hollywood with Tad and I? You know, the really gay part of Los Angeles," he said with a slight emphasis on "gay."

In my mind I shamelessly let myself project forward to the possibilities of what might happen if Jesse and I went out with the two handsome Californians. It did make me feel kind of intrigued, "Yea, I think so. I'll talk to Jesse about it," I replied as our little group reformed and moved on.

Sammy and Tad dropped Jesse and me with our boys off back home in the late afternoon. The boys immediately stripped down and put on their Speedos and headed for the pool as Jesse and I huddled indoors watching them and talked about Sammy's offer,

"You know what might happen if we get together with them, don't you?" I asked my sexy, handsome beau, "I reckon I do, yes," he replied hugging me from behind, his arms wrapped about my upper chest, me clinging onto his wrists.

I pushed my ass back into his jeans and wriggled it on him pretty hard, "And?" I asked. I felt his hot breath on my ear, "And if you keep doing that, I'm gonna have to take you in hand, cowboy," one of his hands sliding down to my ass, the other to my bulge in front and both of his fists squeezing down on me pretty hard.

I closed my eyes, moaned and relaxed back into Jesse's body, the happy sounds of our boys splashing in the pool outdoors as I reached back and pulled Jesse tighter into me. I felt Jesse's leather belt buckled above, his bulge below feeling like it was getting a little bigger, "You didn't answer my question," I said a bit breathlessly ending with a little whimpering need in my own voice.

"Don't go sassing me, boy, I'll pull your pants down, upend you over my knee and take my belt to you," his voice with a sultry stern edge. Now there was not a lot of incentive not to sass even thought I didn't even sass in the first place. Didn't matter now, "I'll sass you if I want," I sassed back to him unable to prevent the corners of my mouth from curling up.

The next sound I heard was that belt buckle of his rattling a little and then the distinct sound of leather sliding out of belt loops, and the sound after that of the doubled up leather slapping into his palm in front of me, "Change your mind sassy mouth boy?" he asked.

I could not suppress a giggle, "No sir, I'll sass if I want!" I gave my smirky reply and suddenly I found my right arm twisted to my middle back, his other arm tightly wrapped up around my neck area and pulling us to the near-by couch,

"Sassy mouthed boys need whippin' and spankin'," Jesse's voice low and demanding as he man-handled me to where he wanted and then his hands quickly undid my belt-buckle, unzipped my jeans and pushed them down to my hips exposing my bare ass as he fisted my balls below my raging boner,

"Mine," he said possessively and squeezed them pretty hard, "Yes sir!" I blurted, the sharp ache suddenly forcing a very submissive feeling towards my hot man.

Jesse sat us both down, rather he sat and stood me up between his knees, forcing my boots off my feet before forming a lap that I effortlessly slid across my needy ass pointed up. Jesse's arm wrapped around my waste, his fist controlling the base of my hard cock at the base,

"To answer your question my sassy boy, I'm OK with it if you are," but his answer was quickly drown out as the belt crashed across the center of my ass again and again.

I had not had a good hard ass whipping just like this in a long while comfortably draped across Jesse's knees, his arm holding me tight. The sting hard licks came one after the other, my cock humping his fist, my whimperings getting louder when all of a sudden it stopped and I felt Jesse's hot breath and wet tongue rimming my hole.

"Jesse!" I wailed with need and desire as I felt his tongue sliding into my love tunnel for a long wonderful moment before I felt him sit up. I pointed my ass up higher and now that belt leather came crashing over my ass as well as my upper thighs again and again,

"I'm sorry for sassing!" I wailed and the whipping stopped, "That's more like it, now suck my dick," he said with a hard growl pushing me off of his lap to my knees and between his. I quickly wrangled his rampant hard penis from his jeans and deep throated it, "Oh fuck yes!" Jesse moaned, his hands grabbing my hair and he forcibly started to face fuck me.

All I could do was to hold onto him tight with my hands clutching his hips as he owned my mouth, my whole body, my ass and thighs still throbbing from the belt whipping, "That's my good boy," his voice kind of paternal as I could not prevent drool from the corner of my mouth as he jammed his cock in and out of my mouth.

This all just seemed different than our usual sexual heat. Jesse seemed all wound up, but not angry, just uncharacteristically aggressive. I liked it too and looked up to him pleadingly, "Jesus fuck I want to pound your ass," he said, "Um-huh!" I signaled my need for it.

The next thing I knew Jesse had slipped off of the couch to the floor on his knees and grabbed my hips from behind. He didn't ask, he just pushed me forward and jammed his big hard one up my needy ass and was mounting me from behind, his pelvis crashing into mine, his balls slapping me as he fucked me with loud urgent grunts. I relaxed and enjoyed his cock mastering my hole, his hands slapping my flanks and ass, "Good God, I am going to take you Randy!" he roared and did, his fist forcing cum out of my balls just as his flooded my hole.

I lay panting chest-to-chest with Jesse a few moments later, my head cuddling the crook of his neck, his hand slowly rubbing up and down my back and down to my ravaged ass, "I don't mind saying that you need more spanking and more fucking than I've been giving you lately my sweet man," Jesse said. I smiled, "Sounds good to me," I sighed with pleasure not at all against turning back the clock some.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Are you sure it's OK Jesse?" I asked as Jesse hung up the phone and Chase and Zane whooped, hollered and high-fived by our sides, "Let me handle it baby," Jesse gave me a gentle smile and then looked at our boys with a bit of stern authority, "Settle down you two. Y'all are on short fucking leashes inside that club tonight. You are not to be out of our sights without your daddys' permissions, got it?"

"Yes sir!" our boys replied. I just shrugged. My man was in charge and it make my cock hard listening and watching him, "You too!" he gave me a short glare. I meekly nodded, "Yes sir," I said feeling like it was years ago when Jesse and I first met as teenagers and he certainly was the top dog then.

Sammy Strong had called us later that afternoon. That is to say that he called Jesse. Sammy and Tad invited to pick us up that night in a limo and escort us to Club Universe on Los Angeles' famous Sunset Strip. It was not an official underage club by any means, no adult oriented club in California was.

This was not an official "California" legal situation, however. It was L.A. and at that West Hollywood and controlled by club owners and celebrities in very tight with Sammy and Tad. That is how they got our under-aged boys, Chase and Zane, in on the festivities with Jesse and I, but that was not to be the only surprise.

"Dress light," Sammy advised hinting that we would not be wearing much as the night wore on. Chase and Zane carried on as if they were being transported to Nirvana. I had to admit I felt the same way and Jesse?

He was being my man, protective, "I swear to Jesus, if any of you embarrass me tonight I am going to punish the lot of you, beat your asses black and blue!" Jesse huffed, even at me. I had never seen, nor heard Jesse like this and I loved it, loved him.

But even Jesse had to gulp and take a moment to consider how he was control anything of the evening as the long, black and late model looking stretch limo pulled up in front of my dad's home that evening. Out popped Sammy, dressed more like a male hooker than anything else and sweeping his hand towards the open door said,

"Welcome to my world boys," and we entered the limo. Tad was not present, apparently already at wherever we would end up. In his place were two boys, rather, two teenaged looking male hotties sitting side-by-side on the long curved and comfortable bench seat lining the capacious back end of the ridiculously long vehicle.

The compartment pulsed with disco music, the kind that forced itself inside your head and into your crotch. There were small pulsing lights reacting to the music beat. The door closed. I was seated next to Jesse, his arm quickly wrapped across my shoulders.

Chase and Zane sat together next to me and Jesse, Sammy sat next to the two scantily clad boys across from us. By scantily I mean they were wearing slacks and were otherwise bare with smooth, hairless sexy chests.

"This is Randy, Jesse, Chase and Zane … guys this is Jace and Brent, friends of mine come to party with us," Sammy introduced the two boys verbally, but their eyes were already checking us all out,

"Have mercy, them is two hot youngins," Jesse whispered into my ear with his sexy drawl against the din of loud music. Have mercy indeed as the limo them pulled away from the curb.

"Heard you and your boys like a bit of spanking fun," the very blonde Jace said looking directly at Jesse, "Oh, it's more than a bit most times," Chase replied drawing attention to himself, "Yea, a lot more," Zane added.

Sammy winked at me, obviously having leaked a bit of information to the two young men ahead of time, "You two best behave or Jesse, Randy and their boys might put some hot red color on those hot little bottoms of yours!" Sammy teased the pair.

"What's the fun in behaving," the blonde Jace piped up with a smirky grin, "Come on Jace, let's get this party started," and sudden Jace half-stood up in the low ceiling compartment and scooted himself to squeeze in between me and Jesse, Brent doing the exact same between Zane and Chase.

One of Jace's hands each went to my and Jesse's thighs. He squeezed on mine a bit as I looked over at Jesse a bit nervously as we had never done anything quite like this with boys other than ours not to mention the rare setting in the limo,

"Best be careful Jace. Randy there has a hair-trigger sex drive and you're liable to find your naked little backside over his knee getting all nice and toasted and then your mouth full of his cock."

My Jesse's sexy and flattering suggestion made my cock harden and like a magnet, Jace's hand slid to the inside of my thigh and found my bulge. Even over the limo's motion and din of music not to mention a lot of laughter, loudish talking and bustling about from Zane, Chase and Brent all next to me, the sexual heat between just us three built like a gasoline fire.

I would have never had the nerve to do it, but I watched as Jesse boldly ran his hand over Jace's naked chest and flicked at his nipples. Just watching him do that to Jace, made my nipples harden.

I turned my head but briefly as there was sudden quiet next to me. I could only grin for a brief moment observing Chase, Zane and Brent kissing and hands were wandering including now inside of Brent's unzipped trouser front. My attention then was quickly brought back to Jesse and Jace and it made my eyes widen with lust.

Jace and Jesse were kissing. Holy shit that was hot and then I looked down. Jesse's hand had already unzipped Jace's trouser fly and was groping him or was until Jesse's hand was out and grabbing my hand to do it,

"You kiss that hot man, boy," Jesse ordered Jace whose face was blushed a deep red, "Yes sir, Jesse," his voice responded as I squeezed the hardness I found inside of the kid's fly. Jace's eyes were wild as he looked at me.

I cradled the back of his head, "Kiss me boy, kiss me good," I said and then pressed my lips onto his sweet, soft little cushions. His mouth opened wide and I put my tongue inside and his tongue slurped into mine.

I felt Jesse's hand on my shoulder squeezing it hard, "Jesus fuck Randy. I want to watch you tan this young man's bare bottom and then fuck him," he said loudly. Jace broke the kiss, "Hell yes. Please Randy, punish me and then fuck me," and felt Jace's hand clutch onto the front of my shirt.

"Lookie!" Jesse grinned and we all three looked as Brent was now on his knees, bare butt with his trousers below his knees and his head buried into Zane's exposed crotch sucking cock, Chase's hand spanking Brent as Brent's hand was fisting Chase's cock.

I looked up from that hot scene and Sammy had taken out his cock and was slowly stroking on it. Big tool on that boy. I caught Sammy's eyes and he winked and licked his lips at me. When I turned back, Jesse and Jace were kissing again. So very hot! I leaned over to their ears.

"I think you need spanked over Jesse's knee too Jace. I want to see that and I want to see my man fucking you too," I said and that made both guys smile.

"I think Sammy wants you Randy," Jesse startled me a little. I turned my head just in time as Sammy crouched onto the limo floor and scooted over to us. His hard naked cock was still exposed and got my attention big time.

I didn't know what to do just then, a bit afraid of just going with Sammy. I didn't want Jesse to feel like I was doing anything behind his back. I guess I looked it. Jesse turned my head to look at him, "Don't hold back baby. I'd love to see you and Sammy get it on any which way," and that made me feel so very good.

Sammy smiled and leaned over to my ear, "Hear you like to get spanked and dominated some," Sammy said which sent my blood to instant boiling. I blushed ten shades and nodded. The corner of his mouth curled up, "Get on your knees hot man," he said.

I glanced at Jesse who nodded and smiled at me. I slipped down onto the limo floor and Sammy quickly sat down and pulled me between his knees. He reached down and unbuckled my belt, unzipped the fly and pushed my jeans and shorts down. I looked up. Jace and Jesse grinned down at me a moment and then went back to making out and then I felt two hands pull my head onto Sammy's cock.

I went down on Sammy as his hands explored my ass, cock and balls. One hand squeezed my testicles just right, the other spanked me, just not hard. Spanked and fingered my hole I should say and I also have to say that I was inclined to just go with it and did even as I wondered how long we all had to fool around before the limo reached its destination.

Later, I would find out that Sammy had given the driver instructions to go the long way around to give us all time to fool around and in L.A. the "long way around" is a long fucking way. At the time, however, I had no time to worry over that. I was being made to suck Sammy's cock. He was face fucking me just like Jesse did, making me suck cock to his pubes, in and out.

Sammy would lean over and spanked my ass hard, really hard. It felt so good when he did. It made me wince, but by now I was not the only one on his knees. Jace was next to me and Jesse was face fucking Jace and spanking him as well.

Next to us, Brent was locked into a more conventional three way with Zane and Chase. Lots of sucking, fingering all around and some spanks too, just not as much as me, Jesse and Jace. Sammy paused to let me watch the look of pained pleasure on Jace's face as Jesse was spanking him pretty hard now.

I could easily empathize and nodded, "Hurts!" my eyes told his and he nodded his understanding and agreement, but then suddenly Jesse said, "Switch!" to Sammy and the next we knew, Jesse was spanking me and Sammy was spanking Jace!

"Suck my cock boy," Jesse growled after he was through making my ass even sorer and forced my mouth onto his hard tool. Sammy did the same with Jace and reaching over, I rubbed on Jace's back as he sucked Sammy. Jace's hand come over supportively as well.

What's the saying? All good things must end? Well, sort of. The limo finally stopped and Sammy leaned over, "We're at the club boys. Let's take this happy party inside."

We all made ourselves decent and made our way out into the fading light of the Los Angeles evening on the world famous Sunset strip. Damn but didn't I feel like at least a minor celebrity in front of Club Universe that night.

The limo had parked at a side entrance, but even that door was crowded of men and women dressed for an evening of reveling, dancing, drink and who knows what else. All I knew was that I had never seen the like and knew that neither had Jesse. This was not a rodeo crowd. That was certain.

We were all ushered past a velvet roped-off barricade, past the two burly bouncers and indoors, down a long hallway populated with men and women who just stood about looking suspiciously like they were selling drugs to each other or some such. We ended up in a large room where the music was just as loud as in the main room and less populated,

"You and the boys will be fine here, it's separate and nobody will bother you," Sammy reassured us and then Thad Mercer was right there as well.

He and Jesse hugged and then Thad hugged me, "Mind if I borrow your beau for a while?" Thad asked me quite politely. I thought about saying no to Thad, but that felt oddly restrictive and instead I nodded, "He's all yours!" I grinned and made eye contact with Jesse and hoped that he understood that I wanted him to have fun with Thad alone without me or thought I did.

Sammy shoved an alcohol laced drinks of something glowing a blue-green color in Jesses and my fists and made sure Zane and Chase had non-alcoholic drinks. We drank a bit and then Sammy took my hand and Jace's out to the dance floor and we all three danced dirty together, Jace sandwiched between us, hips grinding, hard bulges pressed into jutting butt cheeks.

We turned now and again back-to-back or front-to-back, all different ways pressing our bodies together. It got so warm inside that shirts were soon taken off. We three kissed and groped more naked flesh as we danced.

At one point Jace whispered into my ear, "Is it true that you and Jesse are daddies for Zane and Chase?" and I grinned and nodded, "And you guys all have sex together sometimes?" he asked next. When I nodded yes, he grinned,

"Hot! I want a daddy tonight to put me in my place," and I whispered back to him, "I'm gonna give your hot ass a good whipping and a good fucking," and he grinned and shoved his tongue into my grateful mouth as we dirty danced, his back to my front; but I had my eye on Sammy too. I wanted the same thing from him, a good ass tanning and red butt full of hard dick.

It was strange as I watched Jesse and Thad dance and make out with each other. I didn't mind to do stuff with Sammy, but I didn't want Jesse to watch. As I watched Jesse with Thad, it did feel hot watching my husband be with another man. Hot and naughty, actually. A part of that was the setting and it was something that had rarely happened at all.

"Come on," Sammy said to us after bit more dancing. I made sure Zane and Chase were OK and then Jace and I followed Sammy to a small room just down the narrow club corridor and behind a closed door. There was a small bed, table and a chair, a decorative lamp provided sultry lighting. It was obvious what went on in this room.

"Strip of Jace, beg Randy to be punished and used. I'm gonna watch," Sammy instructed Jace. Jace was naked in a flash. He had all the hot attributes of my Zane and Chase, but hardly any of their muscled Nebraska boy physique and if anything that turned me on even more. Despite being from California, by now I was a Nebraska rancher like Jesse and looked it.

I think Jace looked at me like that as I started to undress, he was on his knees before me looking up, "Punish me please, sir! Please!" he begged me. Oh how hard my dick got just then. I bent over picked up my jeans and made a big show of swooping the belt out of the loops and then snapped the doubled surfaces in front of his eyes.

Jace's hands flew to his hot little bubble ass, "Oh shit, please don't punish me mister!" but I could tell his complaint was just a turn on for him. His dick was leaky, he was so needing it. I leaned over, grabbed his arm tightly and led him to the chair, sat and threw him over my front knee, "Hands in back," I said with authority and he obeyed. I secured his wrists with mine and looked down, that is Sammy and I gazed down at the boy's twitchy little boy pucker.

"How 'bout I tan his hide a bit and then you lick it out," I suggested to Sammy. Sammy grinned, Jace moaned at the suggestion.

I didn't land the licks too hard or too often. I made sure they made Jace yelp and grimace, but also made sure to rub and make him look at me with need and then I did it again. I did finish him up with five hard ones that turned his ass beet red with bright welts and then nodded at Sammy who got on his knees and plunged in, tongue-fucking Jace.

Sammy and I took turns tongue fucking Jace and then I spanked Jace with my hand, spanked him hard until I saw that he had reached his limit of pain, I stopped, "Get on the bed, you're gonna get fucked," I said.

"No, wait. First Randy, Jace is going to watch you get a good hard whipping, then you are going to fuck Jace and I am going to fuck you."

Now that was a superior idea and I went with it. It was really hot to have Jace watch me use that chair, bend over the back of it and then Sammy took the belt to my ass. In fact he had Jace not only tongue-fuck me in between flurries of belt licks but Jace also stroked my dick and gave my balls a nice bit of yanking and squeezing.

Finally we ended up on the bed, me plowing Jace from behind and Sammy plowing me from behind in a hot three-way fuck. I reminded myself to remember to do more of that with Jesse and the boys into the future. I shot my load deep into Jace's fine spanked ass and Sammy did the same for me.

* * * * * * * * * *

"So what happened between you too? Did you have fun baby?" Jesse said hugging me from behind in the swimming pool late the next AM. We four had not gotten home until like 5AM.

Zane and Chase were still sacked out of course, but Jesse and I were used to still getting up at a descent hour despite short sleep. We would nap later, but for now we had precious time to ourselves back home at my step-dad's place.

"You mean us three," I replied and winced kind of meaning that I was not sure if it had been as OK for Jesse to have spent the night only with Thad as I wanted it to be,

"Yea we did. It was hot. How was Thad? Did you guys fuck?" trying to sound like it was just sex and nothing more, but I could not help being just a little cautious feeling about it still.

"Yea, Thad fucked me," he said, "Yea, Sammy fucked me and I fucked Jace," I replied. I wasn't sure I liked that Jesse had not fucked Thad, "What's the matter? You don't like that you said it was OK for Thad and I to be together last night," Jesse nailed it as he always did.

I turned in Jesse's arms and hugged him tight. We were naked together in the pool under a late AM high L.A. sky, the pool water sparkly all around us. Our cocks were soft and pressing against each other that way,

"I don't mean to feel jealous or that it's not proper for my husband to do things when I'm not with him. I did say it was OK, but it still … it still makes me feel a bit … put out. I know it's not fair 'cause I said it was OK," is the best I could say it and be honest about my feelings and prepared for a possible argument from him.

He hugged me real tight then, "I like that a lot, you feeling not sure. I don't want my husband ever feeling too comfortable about that. I know you said it was OK, but maybe it wasn't and if it was not and I made you feel badly, then I need to be punished for taking advantage of your giving nature," and then he held me out to arm's length, his eyes soft and even a little red,

"Please Randy, punish me?" he asked and it was not bullshit either, I knew the difference and it made me feel good inside. I reached down and grabbed his balls and gave them what I knew to be a very painful squeeze. I watched and heard his face grimace and hiss,

"You are going to be punished, mister, come on," and then let go of his balls, took his hand and headed out of the pool, "Hot shower together, then you're getting the hairbrush on your freshly softened bottom cheeks right there on the toilet seat," I said announcing one of our very favorite punishment places and scenarios of all time.

"Yes sir, thank you sir," Jesse said softly with uncommon submissive tone, the kind that made my cock hard as nails, his too.

I did not let my man do one thing on his own. I started the shower, I bent him forward as we stood together just before the shower and spanked him hard with my hand, "Bad boys are spanked!" I said, "Yes sir, thank you sir!" Jesse barked even as I made him do a little spank dance.

Then I put him in the hot steamy shower and me after. More spanks, a good painful tug or two on his balls and I even soaped up his butt hole and shoved two fingers up the hilt a few times just to show him who was boss. He yelped. It hurt. I knew, he had done that to me many times under similar circumstances.

Washed up, I pulled him out of the shower and toweled us both dry and then fisted up our hairbrush, "You are getting a good, hard bare hiney tanning mister," grabbed his wrist, sat down on the closed toilet seat and jack-knifed my humble looking handsome hubby forward over my front knee.

Jesse's ass pushed up to tip-toe height knowing it would expose his naughty boy hole and did. He crossed his wrists to his lower back and I secured his wrists and my free leg across the back of his knees.

Then for the next long five minutes I hairbrush paddled my man's upturned cheeks and thighs. I made him yelp, cry out, kick, wiggle, squirm, complain, cry out, and finally give into the major hiding and lay limp over my knee in just the exact way that I knew he needed and wanted from me and that I needed and wanted him to have as well.

I let him sob quietly in my arms after. He felt better and so did I. I took him to our bedroom and screwed the living shit out of him, just pounded and seeded him hard. He liked it pretty much as did I.

Jesse almost shyly asked if I would do it again later that day and I did. He ended up twice pounded and twice seeded inside of barely seven or eight hours. We had not ever done that before so we were not old dogs without new tricks. Hell, I already knew that we would never be without the youthful spunk of our teenage Nebraska years no matter how long we lived.

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