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Jesse: Nebraska Rancher's Son - Part Three


PJ Franklin

Note to Nifty Readers:  Though this story is in the rural, gay section of the archive, it contains considerable "authoritarian" type of scenes with both punitive and consensual corporal punishment, the hallmark of most all of my writings. If that sort of thing is upsetting to you and not your thing, you may want to pass this story by. Otherwise, enjoy!

Thank god life is not always about drama, cringing, sighing and tears. You got to laugh and have some fun in and out of your work and I was reaching my stride in both ways and so was Jesse and I together. I could now slop pigs and hogs, milk a cow by hand, mow a huge lawn, collect fresh eggs from the laying hens for Matty, help Matty cook (now you're talking favorite things to do), help mend a fence, drive a farm vehicle without killing everyone in sight, ride and take care of an awesome horse and was starting to be able to calf-rope on said horse albeit sans any success in roping the calf.

Trying to rope those moving targets was just plain hard. And it wasn't that Jesse was not a good roping teacher, maybe it was because he was such a good teacher and my brother and lover and best friend that frustration was very easy for me to find. God how I wanted to please him and have him be proud of me and he was so damn patient, but I had a major conflict. You see, Jesse and I liked playing and messing around in certain really rough and sexy ways. But I was after more, I wanted the real thing from Jesse, I guess you could call it the "big brother" thing but that would be a superficial treatment of what I really wanted. Let's be blunt (sorta like Papa Hank), what I really wanted from Jesse was for him to tan my hide for real. I know how that sounds and maybe I was just being stupid, I just wanted him to put me in my place sometimes with a hard no-nonsense ass beating. There, I said it and I'm not taking it back.

I wanted him to lecture me too and tell me why he was tanning my hide but in my effort to find a valid reason, I was getting too good and consistent at doing stuff the right way! Still, I wanted him to pull my jeans and underwear down, put me over his knee and tan my hide good and hard because I had screwed up for real or taken on a poor attitude. I just wanted it from him like that. But how can you want that when you also wanted to perform so perfectly for him that he had no need to do those other things as well! Damn it sounds so cock-eyed, stupid, "bass-ackwards" and confusing. And to make matters worse, he wanted to do it too; give me really hard hidings, but he had to try and play his role honestly and not be a fake, just like me.

"Now don't you go messin' about on purpose Randy Wolcott or I'll … I swear I'll just make you go stand in the corner of the barn for three hours! Alone!!" he would threaten me trying hard like hell to be for me a real leader and teacher and discourage me from having to mess up on purpose so we both could pretend it was real when it wasn't. And then thirty seconds later he would slam his boot into the ground and say , "Fuck it! Damn you Wolcott! I'm supposed to be teachin' and guidin' you and we both know you want me to tan your bare butt hard and I want to do it as bad as you and that's not discipline at all!" and then he would kick the dirt again looking all upset and totally sexy and turn me on just doing that as I tried to hide my sheepish grin.

What a pair we were! Mostly the whole thing just made me love him all the more. So how did we solve the dilemma? Well, it turned out to be easier than you think. We could make love gentle and we could make it real rough, I mean the kind of rough most boys didn't dare want to do, the kind where you just cover up your nuts cause the other guy is gonna use them against you too, now that's rough! Mostly though we agreed that if Jesse got frustrated at me, he had my eternal permission to tan my hide in a seriously hard way until I really felt it if he needed to. You had to understand though that McKensie folk did not easily frustrate or they would all have killed each other decades before, farming and ranching is just one frustration after another. Nonetheless, there were limits and Jesse had them.

Take for instance just like him kicking at the dirt in the calf-roping pen pretty frustrated with me because he knew I had screwed up on purpose. I was a total jerk and I guess I just wanted to provoke him to see what he would do but I chose the wrong place and time. Jesse was trying to teach me how to cast my rope better and I was acting stupid and not a little disrespectful of the serious exercise that it really was. It wasn't that roping could not be joked with or made for a game sometimes, I just got carried away, way too much and I had no call to do that.

Well, Jesse got tired of my stupid little act and jokes and after a couple of warnings, lit into me with real frustration and kicked the dirt and got this look, "OK Wolcott! I've had enough. You're acting like an idiot on purpose, I know you are! And you're doing it because you want a whippin' from me? Fine! I'll give you a whippin'! Making jokes when you're supposed to be learning is serious business! You want a whipping? You think whippings are all fun and games like in our bedroom? You're gonna get one all right, right here and right now!"

Jesse's earned tirade stood me back on my heels. He was royally roasted and I had never seen him like this before. I'd like to say it turned me on, but really it just scared me a little. He was right. I had been a dick and should have backed off my funning before it got to this point. But I was not quite finished, was I, "Here? In the pen?" I shot back with just a little irritation for good measure. "Damn right, now strip off them Wranglers now! Underwear too!" he countered. "No Jesse, please not here!" I protested with a bit of a whiny edge that sent him over his edge more towards the truth of the thing, "What's the matter Randy, are ya going back on your word that I should be in real charge and give you a hard lickin' that really hurts, wherever and whenever you need it the most huh? Does any of this mean anything to you, anyway?!" <Ouch, that hurt>

Jesse stood there angry as a hornet at me, hands on his hips as my face instantly fell realizing I was in close danger of disrespecting not only what Jesse loved only second best to his love for me and his family, calf-roping, but I was disrespecting him and all he had done for me from the first hours of day one in the back of that truck.

This stuff was real and mattered and I supposed I really wasn't all that concerned about stripping down in the outdoors. So what if anyone saw me naked ass getting it from him. So  I quickly took off my Wranglers and underwear and felt like a little boy caught throwing sand in the baby's face in the sand-box. I guess I looked appropriately solemn as his face softened some, "That's better," then he did something unexpected. He grabbed at my calf-rope. Now those calf ropes are rough. They are almost plastic in nature and not very nice on the skin.

He shook it at me, "I outta give you a whippin' with your own rope!" and he grabbed my arm and took me over to the pen fence, "You bend over and grab the second cross-piece and God help you if you move Wolcott!" I did what he asked and oh boy, Jesse just whipped that gathered rope down on my bare behind and it hurt pretty good, but not quite like the strappings and beltings in the barn had, still, it made me yelp, "Ouch!! Jesse!!" and I made sure to hold on tight

"I'll teach you to be a comedian in here!" and he cut me hard five more times with that rough rope and by golly it was starting to really smart, "Ouu! I'm sorry! I really am!" and then he cut me five more times and I started to dance about some and kept a good hold on that fence. "You'll learn good boy that roping is not for play! It's what I love to do!!" and he was still pretty upset.

But Jesse threw the rope down and turned and stood there shaking with his arms folded into himself and wiping his face of tears that were threatening his dignity. I was stunned. My ass burned some but I finally figured it out. I had hurt his feelings! I had taken something precious to him for granted and lightly just as I would have never wanted him to treat something trivial or worthless that I loved, no matter how small. Maybe it wasn't very mature of us to do things like that, but we were still just boys.

Jesse didn't take lightly my love of airplanes on that first day and could have. Jesse didn't make fun of my inability to ride a horse properly at first or when I stumbled and fell all over myself in my new boots. Jesse was a quiet and sincere country boy and here I was being an asshole back to him. Maybe calf-roping seemed trivial to others, but Jesse loved it so much and he desperately wanted me to love and share it with him, that's what hurt him!

Well, my eyes got a bit red and he finally turned and so were his, but thank god his face was still steel. "I apologize Randy, Pa never whipped me when he was really upset or angry and I was really angry with you, I should have never hit you like that."

"That's OK, I deserved it, including your anger Jesse, I had no right, maybe we best just keep on practicing and after, you can really get after me however you think best Jesse, I trust you. I don't hardly deserve you Jesse. But I sure want you to teach me calf-roping properly."

"Shut up Wolcott!! First you go and make me love you, then you do something stupid so I can finally get my ire up at you and give you the whipping you so desperately need and then you go say something like that! Only now I'll have to tan your hide later for saying you don't deserve me, well you do!!"

I pulled up my underwear and Wranglers and put myself back together and wiped my nose. I picked up my rope and got as serious as my funny bone would let me, "OK McKensie. I'll never be as good as you, you know that. Calf-roping is for sissies anyway," I said grinning and took off for the fence on the other side of the pen. Jesse started to grin too, "Why you little good for nothing … " And he took off after me. I really did make a gallant and heartfelt effort to try and climb over the pen fence to get away from him, but he caught me from behind and we smacked down into the dirty pen in a big billowy cloud of dust, "Take it back, take it back Wolcott!" and Jesse got right up on me and started to tickle me. I was deadly ticklish and he knew it. I was dead meat for tickling.

"No! I won't, It's for sissies!" and started to laugh hysterically and painfully even. I hated tickling! "Then you should be an expert Wolcott, you're the biggest sissy on this farm!" "OK OK OK you win! I'm the big sissy! You're not! You're a fucking stud!" and in saying that I was half serious and half smiling and grinning. He stopped tickling me and sat up hard on my chest and tummy with his hands on his hips as he loomed over me and I loved every pound of pressure that pushed me down into the pen dirt. "Say it again and mean it!" he smirked back at me.

The problem was, I did think I was a sissy next to Jesse but I didn't care so long as I was Jesse McKensie's sissy. But I finally wiped the smile from my face and looked up at his beautiful scuffed up full head of auburn hair, dirt-stained boyish face and hard McKensie jaw line, "I said, I admire you and look up to you Jesse McKensie. If anyone is a sissy, it's me."

He looked at me a long moment and then leaned down to my face and pointed a finger at me, "You're no sissy Randy, you're the bravest boy in California and Nebraska or the most foolish for coming here when you could have stayed home and lived your whole life without the need for stinky hogs or smelly chickens." And I continued it, "Or kissing hot sexy boys who can give out serious ass whippings when I need them," and he grinned and completed the thing, "or want them?" and I grinned and pulled Jesse down to me along with the dirt and filth that now coated both of our faces and I kissed him deep and long and my dick got real hard and so did his. Jesse's hands were flat in on the dirt and when our kiss ended he looked at me with a loving but serious expression, "You know I'm gonna beat your ass raw later Randy Wolcott both 'cause you need it and 'cause I want too."

"Good, 'cause I need it and want it too, only it makes me afraid that I'll disappoint you." He looked at me with a strong confident stare, "No sir, that's not possible. You just do as you're told and leave the rest to me, OK?" I nodded and felt super secure in his love for me. He helped me up and we started to laugh because we both looked like advertisements for dirty scarecrows but we went back to practicing calf-roping and I never made fun of calf-roping again.

* * * * * * * * * *

We decided to wait till after supper for my punishment session but I could tell Jesse was kind of vexed about the circumstances. Calf-roping was important to him, but was it that important? Had he over-reacted? Well, maybe yes, maybe no. Like me, he was just a boy and boys get all worked up about things that seem like nothing to others. As we sat down for supper I had a long time to do some thinking on my own. Suddenly it all cleared up for me. It was OK to feel sexy about a real hard and serious whipping or spanking from Jesse so long as nobody had any expectations.

The thought of Jesse tanning my bare hide however he wanted wherever he wanted excited me so much, but I wanted him to know I still took it serious no matter what happened after. Well, the McKensie supper table was the answer to that vexation, just like before. Papa Hank started to pass the mashed potatoes after Jesse said grace. In fact in his grace-saying he thanked the "Lord" for me. I was not a religious boy, but that still felt wonderful coming from him. "So Randy, how was your calf-roping today?" Papa Hank asked me just out of normal conversation as he, Matty, the sisters, Jesse and I sat and passed food as usual.

"I did good because Jesse is such a good teacher, but I messed up too." Hank didn't even look at me, busy getting some green beans and passing the dish on. "Oh?" Hank said and all eyes but his were on me. So instead of looking down at my plate I looked at Alicia, Alison, Amanda and Matty and kept looking at them, "Yes, I made fun of calf-roping and hurt Jesse's feelings bad. I didn't mean too I just didn't realize how important things like that are to boys like us. It made him feel badly and angry with me. But he was … " and I focused on Papa, " … that is, he did like you Papa, he told me I needed to be punished for being lazy about an important thing and didn't punish me in anger or because his feelings were hurt, so I'm getting a good bare bottom hiding later after supper and expect I'll be feeling like behaving from now on about my roping."

All the girls smiled and were proud of me and of their only brother. I looked over at Jesse. He looked at me and nodded. There was no need to bring up about him whipping me with that rope of mine. I deserved that, but that was between him and me. "Well, we all make mistakes and need correction Randy. I'm proud you owned up and told us, that's what being a man is all about, you know." I nodded. That was all I needed and wanted to hear from Papa.

After dinner dishes I walked with Jesse out to the barn and we closed the barn door. I looked down and Jesse had his whipping belt on. Looking at Jesse's big beautiful black length of leather around his waist turned me on right then and there. I knew that was not what was supposed to happen but I'd come to accept that it was how I was. Then I looked again and Jesse was terribly turned on too and his boner pushed out his Wranglers something fierce and made me shake a little. Jesse even looked chagrined, almost as if he wasn't going to go through with it now. "Jesse? It's OK isn't it? I mean you're gonna tan my hide and make my boner go away anyway, what's the harm? It's just how we are together."

I just don't want you to think I come out here with the idea of taking advantage of you Randy, nor that your punishment is you know … friv? … fri?" Jesse had difficulty with that word. "Frivolous?" I suggested. "Yea, that's it. Damn, I wish you were gonna stay past summer, you know, for school and all but that's just stupid, you have your own life to live back in California. But I sure could use some help in my school in the fall. I don't do so well there sometimes."

Ah shit, why did that have to come up at a time like this? Jesse and I had no secrets anymore between us but one. And that was it, I knew in my heart now that I was not going back to California unless Jesse went with me and he loved his family and his life to much in Nebraska to do that. I just hadn't told Jesse all that yet and this was not the time. "Well, something will work out Jesse, I know it will but that's not what we're here for is it?"

Jesse looked at me and nodded and I think I impressed him with my focus as if that would help my rear. "Well, that's something to think about, but no it's not," and then Jesse started to take off his belt and I started to undo my Wranglers more determined than ever to act proper and ignore my erection and thoughts of the future. I stripped off completely naked and found my own bale and set it up. I smiled to myself at how much easier it was becoming to haul those heavy and large bales around. I was filling out and was proud of myself. I lay myself over it properly and let those nasty dry grass stocks poke me in my tender privates.

It made them feel all sore and itchy pretty quickly this time. I saw Jesse out of the corner of my eye, that belt all doubled up and I just closed my eyes. There would be no explaining of the rules of conduct, I already knew what was expected of me. Jesse swung that belt hard, as hard as he could from the start. Three cuts later and I was already wishing that I had kept my big mouth shut in the pen and behaved. Jesse was honoring me with a full hard belt strapping as hard as his calf-roping shoulder would let him and that was saying something. My legs were already climbing up the bale and my butt was trying to get away, "You stay still Randy!" he said with a short pause and curt comment and then and he cut me hard again five more times for interrupting him.

It just burned through my butt like a fire brand on a calf and I was about to bleat my voice out just like one too! He cut me again another five and I just couldn't help myself, "I can't Jesse! It hurts too much!! Please, help me!" I said after those fiery five and felt frantic and like trying to stop him or running away. That was not a good feeling at all. I needed this and I wanted this from him, but I just could not take my boyfriend's full upper body power on my still tender city-boy fanny just then. Jesse understood, "OK, it's OK Randy, we'll do it different and I'll hold you down but it's gonna hurt worse!"

"I don't care, I just don't want to feel like I can get away from it!" I responded. He nodded. I had been standing up and leaning over the usual two bales stacked sideways. Jesse gave me the belt and then dragged one bale off and set it away from the others as I stood trembling and watched. "OK, you're gonna lay lengthwise Randy and hook your knees around the sides and open your thighs way up and I'm gonna tan those awful tender places but I'll hold you down for it. You put your hands behind your back."

I nodded and winced. This was going to be bad! I lay down and spread myself wide open and Jesse came up, kneeled with one knee at my left hip and secured my wrists with his left hand and arm, pressing down hard. Man he was strong! Then he used his free right leg and hooked my left leg hard towards himself against me trying to close both my thighs up, but he left my right thigh for me to hold out and I knew I had to no matter what. I looked back at him and nodded silently. Then when I saw his strapping arm and shoulder raise the belt up high, I turned my head but did not close my eyes. A real country boy did not close his eyes or wince like a sissy and I really didn't want to be a sissy for Jesse, I wanted to be a full-fledged country boy just like him.

He nodded and his mouth turned down and he let it fly hard and fast. Jesse cut me with hard, sharp cracks starting the inside of my left thigh, all across both fanny cheeks, even right on my butthole on purpose. Those there were a lot lighter but still hurt like hell! Yeouuch!! Then he continued halfway down the inside of my right thigh. I couldn't stand for him to come back to my butthole and screamed just before he got near there again, "No Jesse! Please don't! It hurts too much there!" and I was dead serious and my right thigh closed in as if that was going to help anything but piss him off. He did stop. "Get that thigh back out there Randy or I'll have to smack it hard!"

I winced and hesitated trying to buy time but Jesse reached over and tanned the back of that right thigh hard twice right where it met my right butt cheek, "I said get it out and I meant it!" And I moved it out to my right and squeezed my eyes shut against the tears that were starting to roll. "And keep your god-damned mouth shut! No country boy whines and winces like a baby Randy. You're no god-damned sissy and I won't stand for it! I love you! Or haven't you figured that out yet!? I wasn't kidding back there you know. I no more can stand the thought of you going back to California then I could of … of my Pa dying or you coming to harm. I know you gotta go back, but it's gonna kill me cause I can't leave this place! I love it as much as I love you!!" and now my tears were really rolling, just listening to him.

Jesse was the most passionate human on the planet and all of it was for me and that's why I had tears. He just stood there a moment steeling himself up and calmed down some, "And taking a good hard strapping is part of the way I show my love and don't think you're going to get away with not strapping me just this way when the time comes and then you'll see how it feels to lay the strap on serious-like and hurt inside because of it. Fact is, you done me a big favor. Now I know how Pa feels when he has had to tan my butt though it hurts him, now what's it gonna be? Huh?! You gonna be a California sissy-boy or a Nebraskan Cornhusker-boy!?"

"I'll side with Nebraska," I said huskily and turned my head and dug in my fingertips into the unforgiving  harsh bale. This round was not for Jesse or anybody else, it was for me and my need to be proud of me! Jesse hesitated and then his face did get a little angry, "God-damn you anyway, you looking all sexy and I'm not even supposed to be thinking that way now!" Jesse wiped his nose and then proceeded to tan my thighs, inside and out and my bare butt cheeks and yes, he landed a few really careful, lighter cuts on my poor little butthole.

I was screaming inside hard but my voice stayed silent outside. I let my tears do my screaming for me. Tears were OK in Nebraska for a Cornhusker boy and by golly I wanted to be one so very badly right then. Well, Jesse did his job and made one more full pass on me. By the time he was done, I was pretty much just sobbing uncontrollably and my fingertips were almost bleeding from the useless digging into the unforgiving bale and I was bathed in pure sweat, panting hard and he was too. He just stood there silently and not moving, looking at what he had done to me and how I had reacted.

I thought I had acquitted myself very well but I was not the judge and jury on that one, no. It was silent now in the barn. I could smell the sweet hay and heard some familiar farm noises and a dog barking in the distance and I loved it all, never-minding my throbbing and hurting legs, butt and boy hole. Then I focused on just us, both of us still breathing hard and then he swallowed back some mucous.

I had plenty of that for myself. All I could do was lay my head to the side and wait for Jesse without looking up or back at him yet. I needed first to hear his voice and his judgment of me, "Don't you move, you just stay there and let me admire you …" and Jesse's voice cracked, "… ain't no boy in Nebraska should be prouder than you Randy, 'cause  I sure am," and then I could just hear Jesse's voice waver a tad.

My chin was quivering a little as well, but I had transitioned; I now felt that I no longer belonged to California now, so I stopped any more evidence of blubbering and so did he.  Then I heard this big sigh and he sat down beside me and his hand started to softly rub my back and beaten behind. I just didn't want to move, not at all, only to move my arm to his lap and feel those Wranglers he had on still. "I was just thinking … " I said softly, " … it's gonna be tough telling my Mom that I'm not coming home, but I never thought that I needed to ask Papa and Ma here if it's OK if I stay on past summer, not asking is rude and presumptuous."

Jesse didn't answer right away and I felt his hand tracing down the center of my behind and over my sore hole and even tickling it a little. That felt real good and it made me move my body over towards his and I ran my hand up and down the denim fabric of his Wranglers. "You're right, you need to ask Ma and Pa and then stand back while they praise Jesus for saving a California boy from the devil by inspiring him to stay in Nebraska!" he grinned. We laughed a little too. I understood that the inquiry would just be symbolic. "But you do have a mama back in California," Jesse commented. "I know it, but after awhile, I have a life separate from her too Jesse. Mama will understand."

"Well, I know what I understand right now, " he said. "What's that?" I asked. "I see something I want right off, get up," and he helped me up from the bale. I was sore all over like I had been riding broncos at Rodeo for an hour and stretched a little, but my stretching was interrupted by the sight of my Cornhusker boyfriend peeling off his shirt under which was a glistening sweaty chest full of muscles that I had not really ever looked at like this. He still had on his sexy Wranglers and his torso was framed like some kind of Greek statue. I watched him shake his hair back and some sweat flew off the ends of his hair and onto me, it was an honor to feel the warmth of the droplets and let them linger on me un-wiped.

He picked up his belt and laced it back through his jeans carefully and then put his hands on his hips and looked so damn manly and sexy that way. I didn't move a muscle and waited. I was learning that in Nebraska, you waited for things, not like in California where everyone was in a hurry all the time. It was not like Jesse was posing on purpose either, "What are you lookin' at?" he said just a tad self-consciously. What indeed. I let the image burn into my brain and feeling like I would never ever see him again just this way. "Nothing,'' I said greedily, hoarding his image for myself only.

Then I watched Jesse spread my clothes and his shirt onto the bale top where I had just got my ass whipping and then he said, "Now you get that butt of yours just like it was before," and I saw him starting to rub the fly front to his Wranglers, damn if he wasn't the sexiest thing on Earth in those jeans, god bless the Wrangler company anyway. I went back into position but this time had the wonderful softness of his shirt and mine combined with my Wranglers underneath them. I just lay there with my thighs splayed and felt my dick start to harden against the firm softness beneath it. I knew I was on display now and loved it. I finally loved being looked at by Jesse because I knew his look was not only loving but honest.

"Fuck. Don't take this wrong Wolcott, but lookin' at that whipped ass of yours, your red thighs, just you period. It's the prettiest god-damned thing on earth and that includes the prettiest thing I know of, a foal just comin' out of his mama, all wet and new to the world." I don't know, but being called "pretty" should have been offensive to me, but not when compared to the miracle of birth of a cherished animal, as all the newborn animals were on the McKensie ranch.

But he was right about feeling new to the world. That sure did fit and that I compared to something that Jesse admired, made me blush a little and dig deep down inside of myself and wondered that I was worth all that. It was pretty damn humbling. Wisely, I kept my mouth shut and accepted yet another truth from a boy who did not lie. Then Jesse strode over to me and rubbed his hands together, "Get ready Cornhusker-boy, cause we are gonna shake this fucking barn to pieces, " then the native born Nebraskan Adonis kept on his Wranglers and stepped over me, straddling the bale, his ass to my face.

Then he bent over and the next thing I knew, Heaven. Jesse McKensie started to eat out my butthole from that position with his mouth and reached under me and moved his hands up and down my chest, pinching my nipples just right and then down to my dick and balls and manhandled those suckers in such a way that each time I wanted to fucking explode cum out of my balls.

Jesse started to slurp and spit audibly as his tongue started to actually tried fuck itself over my boy gland and almost did!  A finger over that gland is great, but a tongue muscle? Mine could never be that skilled or strong but Jesse had nearly done it and then he came up for air, "God damned fucking son-of-bitch Wolcott! You got me addicted to eating out your damn butthole! " and then he took his arms, wrapped them around my waist and lifted me up and backwards against his Wrangler clad body mostly without effort with me on my tummy still and suspending me partially and helplessly in mid-air, really went at it then!

"Oh god Jesse, don't stop, please don't stop anytime soon" I urged him on. He came up again panting hard, "I hate to tell you this Wolcott, but I have a good mind to get my rope and truss you up later and fuck the living daylights out of you like that, but I can't see myself giving up on this anytime soon!" My ass had calmed down a lot but I wanted him to do anything he wanted and just waited for him to do his pleasure. Instead, there were these hot sexy light slaps given just right over my already seared behind and then his tongue went back inside me, in and out, then he would lightly  spank at my thighs or my butt and then he even landed a few gentle ones on my hole and that about drove me nuts too!

"Jezus Jesse! You're gonna make me spew my stuff and I can't even touch myself!" I said approaching a place I'd never been before for lust and desire. "You keep your hands to yourself Wolcott, your stuff belongs to me now, understand? I'll beat the living daylights out of any boy that so much as touches you and I'll beat your ass for an hour over a bale if you touch yourself or your own stuff! It's mine now, hear?!"

I heard and my eyes widened. Maybe Jesse had finally gone nuts.  Did his lust and desire for my little body go that far? Once again, I kept my trap shut. That boy did not lie, no sir! And his orders were fine by me, "Yes sir!" I barked, "You best believe it!" he barked back and then put his tongue back inside me for another round. Well, nothing lasts forever and he finally put me carefully down and back onto the bale, "You just keep still here!" he commanded with that hot sexy Nebraskan twang in his voice.

I nodded and watched him strip off. There went the Wranglers, oh well! But out came some 150 lbs. of pure naked Nebraskan Cornhusker beef with a hard-on that looked positively devilish! I was lying on my back on the bale and he came over and loomed over me with that erection pointing over my body like a damned rocket-ship or missile. My butthole was twitching, I knew what it wanted and had a funny feeling I would get it more sooner than later.

"OK boy, time for you to go to work some. I don't expect you to last long but just like calf-roping ,it's time for you to start practicing eating butt, cause my hole is gonna demand it from now on. In bed at night, you'll be sleeping with your face buried in my fanny and maybe visa versa. I ain't giving this up for nobody!"

And over he came. The funny part was that he was still wearing his cowboy boots. My eyes got big. Somehow it just fit. I could not believe how sexy it was for him to do that! And I lay back and opened my mouth and Jesse put his butt right in my face! Oh god, how is it that the scent of his whole body was like some kind of secret aphrodisiac in the first place, but the closer his butthole got to my mouth and nose the more I wanted him. It was that odd combination of body musk and boy sweat and I guided him to just where I wanted him.

I started in slow, "Oh yea, that's it Wolcott you fucking stud, shit!" and then I went a little deeper. I knew he wanted to be sucking my dick or something but he couldn't just then because he liked what I was doing so much. Then I moved inside just a little more."Man Wolcott! My god your mouth is making my dick start to leak! Oh you are gonna get the cornholin' of all cornholins' pretty soon now!" and then I came up for air myself.

Good butt-eating was hard work! "God Jesse, I wish had the stamina to do this for an hour on you." Then he raised up some, "No, I ain't gonna tire you out. I've already worn out your butt from that whipping and I won't see your tongue muscle get tired, I respect that thing too much and I need to go easy on it, but that was way too good partner!"

And then I saw something I wanted, Jesse's asscheeks. I just furtively gave him one spank, that was all. "Hey there! That felt kind of hot, but it's not gonna be your turn to do anything like that tonight," he said grinning and looking back at me, "Maybe some other time!" he smiled, but I still gave that beautiful ass two more hard spanks for the road, and he winced a little, "Whoa, tell you what wrangler, I wouldn't mind a good tail tanning from you sometime Randy, you've earning your way there pretty fast lately!" I could live with that expectation quite easily, "So what now cowboy?" I grinned back up at him.

"I think it's time for me to mount up on Tornado and head for that far ropin' pen," he replied. I looked at him, puzzled, "Now? What for? It's dark out. I thought we couldn't be doing that sort of thing at night, much less going to find a calf. You mean practice roping?"

He enjoyed that answer and laughed, "No silly, I'll be mounted up on Tornado and you're gonna be my calf, naked, out in that far pen, us all alone except the moon and stars and I'm gonna rope your ass, bind you up and then fuck your naked fanny from here to Omaha!" I blinked as my blood ran hot through my body just then. I'd wanted to be Jesse's "calf" for awhile now and got up on my elbows, "Well, just don't stand there, let's get going!"

I slipped my shirt and Wranglers back on and Jesse put his Wranglers back on, but stayed shirtless and then we went over to the stable stalls and got Tornado all saddled. I hopped up and rode in front of Jesse and we made our way out to the far pen with Jesse's arm around me, "Hey Randy, you know, maybe we'll make this a kind of regular thing if we like it enough." I thought maybe he was just kidding, but I still grinned ear to ear as Jesse was nuzzling my face with his as we rode through the blackness of the night with only a half-moon in the clear sky.

"Do don't know how many nights I've stayed awake in bed after you're snoring away wondering what it would be like to be one of your calves. We're gonna do this and you're gonna fuck your calf tonight!" and my cock got all freshly boned up just by saying the words! Jesse grinned at me, "I sure do love you Randy from California!" I nuzzled myself closer to him, "And I love you too Jesse, but I'm not gonna be from California much longer."

We made it to the pen and went inside. It was pretty simple. I stripped off naked except my boots. I stood next to Tornado and patted her cheek, "Now you make sure this boy here catches me, OK?" Tornado whinnied as if she knew what he was really doing. I laughed and looked up at my mounted hero, "I'm gonna do my best to avoid you." He nodded, "That's right, the more the better." So I took off running and he let me get to the other side of the pen. My dick was hard and flapping around but that was too bad for me. This was as hot and sexy of a thing as I had ever imagined I could do, being chased by a hot stud cowboy and was going to be roped and screwed up my hole at the end and in the pen dirt to boot. And I used to be so clean? <big, wide grin>

Well, here came Tornado at a trot and Jesse was winding up that rope of his. I took off and started to juke and move. Most real calves run a straight line, more or less, and that's what usual roping is about. Well, I was not gonna make it that easy for Jesse. I moved and shimmied about and he threw his rope three times and missed. I was proud of those misses but getting winded, because I couldn't stop, and finally he got me, the rope landed over my head about chest high and pinned my arms to my sides.

I fell over and into the dust and was immediately covered in it, then wondered how he was gonna fuck my butthole with all this dirt around. I should have known. He was on me in an instant and hobbled me with my knees drawn up and my ass up and ready. He said nothing and his mouth went to work. He spat on my hole again and again and licked off all the dirt and mud, spitting it back where it came from and licked my hole clean in the process with me just lying there enjoying every lick and every moan that came from his throat.

He finally finished and I watched him as he stood and shucked off his Wranglers and out came his hard prick. He rolled me to the side and then cradled me up to himself and nestling his prick right to my bare bottom said, "You sure are one hot little calf Randy! That was fuckin' fun," and then he leaned over me, held me real close to himself and then, WHAM! In he went! I yelped hard, it hurt as it always did, but then he got to fucking me good and then his hand found my dick and he started to jack me off as well. He just pounded away inside of me as we just lay there m in the dirt and dust and finally, we both blew our loads, mine to the pen dirt and his inside of me.

When it was all said and done, he untied me and fell on me and we kissed, just like that, right in the dirt in that calf pen. "So what'd you think?" He grinned at me. I looked up at him and sighed, "Can we do that again tomorrow night?" He rocked back onto his knees and laughed, slapping his thighs with his palms, "I think I've created a monster!"

Man, did the shower feel good that night or what! We took it together in our upstairs bathroom. I was beat, sore and done in for that day and night for sure, but I didn't want it to end, "You know I'm never leaving you," I said as he turned off the shower water and Jesse handed me a towel. "Good thing. I'd have to calf-rope you and leave you in the bedroom here." I laughed and we headed for our bed. I stood there a moment and he got this grin on his face, "I was not kidding Randy, you get your head down there (pointing to his hot ass), you gotta practice eating my butt out and when you're done, we'll sleep."

I smirked, "You got me working during the day and night now!" so I got my pillow and got very comfortable. Jesse eased his hot clean behind down to my face and snuggled his nice clean hole right at my mouth. Oh his end Jesse just cuddled my backside, kissing it gently. I moaned and went to work and he moaned gently and kissed everything he could on me, both of us somehow ignoring our boners. I guessed I drifted off to sleep and we stayed put. I woke up a few hours later and there I was, my mouth still right near to mouth to Jesse's butthole. I moaned softly in a daze and stuck my tongue in it again. I guessed it woke him up, he moaned with me and said nothing but I felt his hand on my hardened prick.

I pleasured my cowboy again for "practice" and he stroked my ever present hard-on. I kept it up and then he just kept on going and got me off! I creamed his hand, but didn't want him to go without. I moved my head away from his butt hole and got his hard cock-head in my mouth. Then Jesse face-fucked me and came in my mouth. Wow! Then, we both were done in for sure and deep sleep was right behind.

* * * * * * * * * *

Most things are not perfect, but especially not people. I wanted to think of Jesse as perfect in all ways. He was not perfect, but in my eyes, he could do no real wrong to anyone, much less me. Maybe it was kind of like knowing that you're nave and want to be. Anyway, for the next week, whenever we got a clear path to privacy I would unbuckle my lover's Wranglers, get on my knees and turn his hot round Cornhusker ass to my face. I would separate his hard strong butt cheeks with my hands and then get my tongue to work, eating him out. I actually managed to do this two or three times a day for the next couple days, just making sure we were alone somewhere on the ranch.

My reward? I got to be pulled over my lover's knees at bedtime and treated to a good sound spanking before our love-making. Jesse would hold me close and turn my tummy into his some, and would just wail on my bare fanny with his bare hand until I yelped enough, but by then, I was getting good at not yelping. Afterwards? He would eat out my butt and then we fucked; simple as that with him on top. I had no need to do that to Jesse and he seemed content to be my top cowpoke and I was his bottom cowboy.

The following weekend we went to the Burwell, Nebraska Rodeo as usual and lo and behold, perfection found a flaw. Everything seemed normal at first, Jesse was calf-roping against Alan Riley and the stunning seventeen year old blonde haired bombshell was winning the competition, also as usual, but that never seemed to bother Jesse until that Saturday afternoon.

I had wandered off with Papa Hank and a couple of Jesse's sisters for awhile and it felt OK to me to just let Jesse be with others without me. After all, he wanted to hang around guys he had known for years and that I didn't know and didn't feel comfortable being too close to, given what had happened between us and Tommy King that day in town. Still, no problem. We had our small trailer together now that Papa Hank had promised with tons of privacy when we needed it. It was strangely very sound proof and now we could screw or spank our butts off without intrusion inside of it.

It was all good until I decided it was time to find my boy and headed back to where I had last seen him. Sure enough, I heard his voice and it made me warm feeling inside. I heard Alan Riley's voice too and that was Ok, Jesse had already introduced him to me, but then I heard multiple stranger voices as well. I stopped from just around the corner of the voices and just listened and I guess I was just lucky or more like unlucky,

"Hey McKensie, who's that California boy I hear you're hanging out with? Tommy King says he's some faggot and you two are kissing and shit," one of the strangers said to Jesse.

"You believe everything you hear Thompson? You better get your ears cleaned out. I don't hang out with no faggot or if he is, I don't know about it," Jesse replied. My head bobbed up. I knew Jesse was trying to deflect trouble and even if he did say that, that was OK. "Oh yea? King swears he saw you and him kissin' on each other and that he confronted you guys by the Hardware store a while back and Hank McKensie confirmed it."

"No shit? Well it so happens my Daddy is making him go home just because of rumors like this hurting our family, so back the fuck off!" I was instantly stunned and my stomach knotted up badly, worse even when Tommy attacked us in town. I could not believe that I heard Jesse go that far. Was he serious? I couldn't believe he had said it!! I walked out from around the corner a few paces and let Jesse see me, but I didn't let my face fall. I was instantly angry and pissed, but somehow managed to not be a baby about it. He saw me and his face got very white, "Oh shit!! Randy!! No, I didn't mean it!!" Jesse screamed.

I turned and started to walk away and he ran up to me with the other boys following. He tried to get near to me and I pushed him away and started to walk towards our trailer. I needed space and a lot of it. I was pretty sure Jesse was sorry, but I was not in the mood and afraid of doing or saying something to hurt the both of us. "That's the faggot right there McKensie, don't put up with him, kick his faggoty ass!" Thomson yelled at us.

"SHUT UP, ASSHOLE!" Jesse screamed at Thompson and then turning around, clocked the boy right square on the chin with a sucker punch and the boy flew to the ground. Jesses glared at him and I was glad Jesse did it, but I still turned back and started to walk away again faster, it just wasn't good enough for me right then.

"Randy! Stop! Please! I love you!!" he screamed after me and now the other boys started to back off. I admit that I kind of smiled then and had to admire that Jesse was publically stating his love for me and that giving into Thompson and the others had been a cruel mistake. But I still hurt and felt justified and kept walking to the trailer, my back you him.

"You ought not to say those things Jesse!" Alan then had to put in his two cents in apparent defense of Thompson's side and Jesse shoved at Alan hard, "Fuck you Riley! I'm not competing against you tomorrow or ever again! You're just as bad as them and I'm sick and tired of your stuck up ways!"

I felt a even a little better hearing that. Maybe indeed Jesse had enough of taking second place to Alan, hell I did too. I had reached our trailer, so I stopped walking and Jesse caught up to me, breathless. I turned and the expression on his face was a mixture of horror and humility. "Wouldn't blame you if you wanted to punch me," Jesse offered with his face turned down. I hated seeing him that way, but it was my turn to be steel. "Don't want to punch you Jesse but you hurt me by your words to that boy. They sounded sincere, but I know they weren't. Makes a boy kind of upset and confused nonetheless."

"You don't want to go back to California to you?" he said next his voice shaking a little. I shook my head side to side, "No, that's not how real men and cowboys settle things, not in Nebraska. I'm here for good and them other boys and you? You all just better get used to it because I'm not leaving and I'm not backing down!" and I opened our little trailer door and walked in, Jesse behind me. I sat on our bunk and sighed. He sat by right by me shaking some still. He firmed his face, "Papa would be proud of you." I looked at him, not nearly as angry now, but still, not very happy. "Oh yea?" I replied.

"Yea, one day long ago, Mama caught him drunk saying things improper about her sister. Well you don't go badmouthing Mama's kin even if they was in the wrong. She got pissed and yelled at him for one hour straight. He said later he'd rather been bullwhipped. You've kept your calm just like Papa would want you too, no matter if later you beat my ass hard for all this."

I smiled. I loved Matty McKensie for her example and I really did love Jesse so much as well. He made a mistake and hurt me. OK, so I wanted to whip his ass, he was right about that. I should just do it and clear the air and go on. That is what Papa Hank would do. I sighed, "Where's that hard-ass rodeo belt of yours, I figure that thing will make you think twice about not backing down from assholes like that boy or at least just say nothing and leave it."

Jesse stood and smiled, "Now you're talking like a real McKensie boy, Randy. One hard ass-beating belt coming up and I am afraid of that thing too, it's no easy leather." He found it and gave it to me. I pointed to the top of the bed, "Get your naked ass over a pillow Jesse, I'm gonna wear the both of us out and don't expect either of us to want to talk about it or feel like even sleeping together after. I'm still pretty pissed and you best not fight me back even though you can if you don't like it."

Jesse looked at me calmly, actually looking pretty relieved, "Don't worry Randy, I won't fight you. The only fighting I'm gonna do is against how bad that belt is gonna hurt me and if it does and I lose my cool and whine like a baby, I deserve it." Jesse wasted no time, stripped completely naked and put himself over the pillow. Now I had to stand there and look at his beautiful body that housed that beautiful boy's mind and soul, his mistake against me fading fast. I had to bite my lower lip. Now I knew what he and Papa Hank had to feel before a serious ass whipping of somebody that you love. There was no joy, no sexiness, only hurt and regret.

I already regretted having to lay one stripe on Jesse's ass but I had to. I loved him to much not to and he knew it. True love hurts bad sometimes and that was the truth of it. Jesse was older and stronger than me but not at that moment. I swung the doubled-up leather and swung hard from the shoulder and did not stop. I beat Jesse, I beat his butt good and his thighs too. I watched him. His face was hard at first then broke down and my heart with it but I had to go on.

Tears of pain rolled from his eyes and his face was screwed up and painful looking. His ass and thighs became a mess of ugly welts from that newish harsh leather belt of his. His legs writhed and lifted and crawled but he did not otherwise move. He looked straight ahead and his breathing was awfully hard at the end and his face a mess of tears and some snot too.

Then at the end, it was me that felt empty and sad and not strong and justified. How did Papa stand it? How did he? Jesse was not my son. I loved him and all, but to beat a boy like that, who was as good a boy as Jesse was to Hank, and feel like this after? How screwed up was that? I threw the belt to the side and sat and manned up and acted like a true friend and lover to my Jesse. I gently put my hand on my lover's back. He just lay and finished his sobbing and then just was limp. I stroked him gently and then his hand came back to my lap and I clasped it and he clung onto me hard. I was glad for that. "Was it enough?" I asked quietly.

He thought a moment, "Yea, it was. You did good Randy. I feel like I've paid a good price and you were strong and I feel ever bit as good as when Papa does it. I was afraid you couldn't do it for me, but I was wrong for the second time today. This one is a good wrong, I'm proud of myself, just like when Papa does it. Funny, I don't feel a need to be proud of you, I think you got that one licked, just like a real family member."

I was glad for his words, "I guess I feel like one now better than before but please Jesse, I don't want to have to hear those words you said to that boy ever again," and that was more of a plea, than a demand of him. "Don't worry, it was not worth it to try and pretend that I don't love you, that was a cruel lie to me, him and you. Never again!" I collapsed down on top of Jesse's naked body. I felt different now, stronger maybe. "What do you feel like doing now?" He asked as he rubbed his sore bottom. I just watched him do it,

"I don't know. I'm all wore out," I said honestly, "What about you?" Jesse thought a bit, "I hate to say this Randy, but now that you've given me your very first serious ass whipping, now you're gonna have to bust my cherry." "What?" I said. I had never thought of Jesse's virginity but it was true. "I can't help it, can I. You've laid down the law to me and it was righteous, real righteous. I want you to fuck me, cornhole me just like I have you," Jesse confessed.

The invitation from Jesse was a wonderful and soothing salve to my ears and it made me remember that night out on Papa Hank's property, out in the middle of nowhere under the Western Nebraska skies on our little campout. I could never forget that and now that I had Jesse's need to do the same for him, I knew what I wanted to do and where, but it wasn't here at the Rodeo in Burwell.

I smiled, "I want to do that more than anything Jesse but not here, no. I want something more for us. Is it OK if we wait till we get home? " Jesse grinned, "What have you got up your sleeve cowboy?" I grinned back, "You're just gonna have to wait and see." He nodded, "Shit, now you got me wanting to get the hell out of here to find out. Well, OK then, so what do we do here now?"

"I want us to just hang around for a few hours with our family, Papa and Mama and our sisters." Jesse smiled, "Listen to you! You said our sisters!" I smiled, "Yea I did, well it's true." He smiled back, "Sure is. Come on cowboy, let's find us our kin!"

So, we got ourselves all dressed up nice and burst out the door and it was dark outside and I felt like a million bucks as we walked to the main trailer to find everyone. "Are you gonna compete against Alan anymore? I asked Jesse. He looked at me, "I told him no, but I'm really not sure now, I was really pissed off at him."

"You should be but I want to you compete Jesse. I don't care if you win or lose to Riley. I love seeing you ride and rope with Tornado, do it for me please?" I asked him even thought I think he most definitely would not have competed any more against Alan if I had said no. He nodded, "It's done cowboy."

Being out with Matty and Hank, Alicia, Amanda and Alison was the best. The seven of us whopped it up together as a family for a couple hours until about midnight. It was so much fun I didn't want to leave them all behind, But I fancied that I had a lover to please now, just like he was my responsibility, imagine that! So, we said our goodnights and headed for our trailer. Though I wasn't going to take my lover's cherry that night, I would sure be up for him and me making love, him on top, if he wanted; but all that was before we saw you know who leaning up against our trailer door, Alan Riley.

Jesse started to talk to him but I put my hand up, "No, let me. What do you want Riley? And don't think I didn't hear what you said to Jesse earlier." Alan got real sheepish and turned to avoid me and tried to look at Jesse. I grabbed Riley by his shirt and pushed him hard up against the trailer side, "No Riley, you deal with me asshole, if you've anything to say to him, you say it to me first!"

I think I really shocked him, shocked me too for that matter; I wasn't sure that I had ever physically handled another boy like that, much less an older boy like Alan. Shows you what righteous anger can make you do. At any rate, it looked like I took Alan quite by surprise and he blanched a little in the face before I let go of him. I guess I was really angry with him for not siding with Jesse. I could see Jesse smiling at me out the corner of his eye, but by then Alan had regained some of his bravado, "Fuck off Wolcott, we don't like your kind from California around here," Alan said kind of snotty-like, but he didn't try to be physical against me.

"Fine, suit yourself but Jesse is gonna ride against you tomorrow just to please me and nobody cares anymore about your tired act Riley, you go fuck yourself while you're at it," I said brusquely in quick reply. Riley looked at me kind of funny, "Well, seems as if you've come into your own Wolcott, maybe I was wrong about you."

That was a little confusing, "What is with you anyway man? What do you fucking want!?" I asked him, a little frustrated with him taking up any more of mine and Jesse's valuable time together. Riley shrugged, " I don't know, I guess maybe I just wanted to tell Jesse I was sorry and that I'm willing to make up."  I nodded, this was going to be good," I'm listening." I said.

"OK, I'm a jerk and an asshole. I said that shit just because, well, maybe I'm jealous and wanted those other shitheads to think I was more than I was." Jesse and I both got looks on our faces. "Jealous?!" and I laughed, "Jesus H. Christ Riley! You've got girls hanging all over you like flies. Shit! Why aren't twenty of them lined up here now huh? Lost your fucking touch?"

I was on a roll and Jesse was enjoying all of it with me. "No, girls only seem easy but what they really want is to nab you and then after they marry you, there's no more sex and then they get fat with babies all the time!" Well that got to Jesse and me and we laughed, but not with Alan, at him. "Good one Riley! But I'm sick and tired of listening to your lame talk. Now, me and Jesse have some time to ourselves before we hit the sack, so if you don't mind stepping aside?"

He did. I opened the door and pointed to it and Jesse walked in looking pretty happy with having just listened to his boyfriend read seventeen-year-old Alan Riley the fucking riot act but I was not quite finished. I went halfway up the steps and looked at him, "And by the way Riley, you know what? I've noticed you've a pretty hot ass, you know that? I wouldn't mind watching Jesse whip your ass good and teach you a lesson and maybe even give you a good hard fuck, yea that would be fun, only you're into girl pussy, so good luck with that shit!" and I had said my fill to Alan Riley, pretty satisfied.

I started up to close the door and he yelled, "Wait!" I stopped and rolled my eyes, "What now Riley!? Can't you see we're busy?!" and I glared hard at him. "I'm sorry, I want to make it up to you guys," he said and Jesse stuck his head around the corner, "You heard him Riley, an ass whippin' at the least, that's what I got!"

Alan looked at me, then Jesse again,  "Your Pa gave you a whippin?" Jesse rolled his eyes, "No stupid, Randy gave me a whipping. That's how we settle things Riley, 'course, you probably don't know nothing about that kind of discipline."

"The hell I don't. I got plenty of whippings growing up, just not lately and never from another boy." Now it was my turn, "Yea, well, since you and Thompson and Tommy King seem just a little too nosy for your own good, we do it for fun too! Turns us on, so put that in your pipe and smoke it Riley, now put up or shut up and get out of here!"

Alan winced at the mention of the "fun" part I mentioned, that was for sure. Boy, it sure felt good to not have to hide stuff from people. I expected him to turn tail, "And if I take a whipping from you boys, that'll make it right?" Jesse looked at me about as surprised as I was, "You do that Riley and you'll be fine with us and I'll stay in the competition and won't bitch when you beat me again this year," Jesse offered and I nodded my agreement.

Alan shrugged, "You may think it's a big deal to me McKensie, it's not. I'm good at it, but I don't go around boasting about it. You're plenty good Jesse, you'll have your day next season and I'll be getting my can handed back to me up in the next division, everyone gets hammered at first there."

I sighed, "Fine Riley, but time's wasting, OK?" Alan looked at me, "Hey Wolcott, you rope?" and now it was my turn for a little humility, I guessed, "Yea, just not very good." And Jesse smiled, "Oh he's not as bad as all that." I looked at Jesse, "Yea right."  Then Alan got this grin, "Hey McKensie, the three boy team roping show-down is tomorrow after finals, why don't we team up and grab Wolcott here for the third?!"

What? My eyes got big as saucers, "No way! No way! Besides Wild Bill is back home," I said confidently and sighed, that was close. "Not so fast Wolcott, I brought ol' Winchester with me, my old buddy. He needs to retire, but he's a good practice horse and a damn good roper." I looked at Jesse worried and to my horror, he grinned, "Yes! Yes! Winchester is perfect for Randy," and he and Alan high-fived.

"Wait! Wait a minute Jesse, you know I'm not ready to do that yet, besides, there's no way we could win with me on your team," I said quite sincerely. Alan patted my shoulder, "It's not about winning Randy, it's about trying your best and having fun." Jesse smiled, "He's right, and I'm not going to give you any choice and you'll have to after I tell Pa, much less the women folk!"

My shoulder slumped, "I'm dead meat. I can't battle all of you guys, OK, I'll do it." Alan laughed, "It's gonna be easier than you think Wolcott. Besides, that ol' horse has a little secret nobody knows, except I told you that one time after I retired him last year, remember Jesse?" Jesse grinned, "Yea, I do!"

"What secret?" I asked as if a horse could have a secret. "You want to tell him or shall I?" Alan grinned at Jesse and Jesse looked at me, "Seems that ol' horse knows when you should toss the rope, his right ear twitches at the right moment." Alan nodded, "He's right about three times in four for years now, so it gives you a good chance of making your throw, as long as you can hop off his back and hog-tie the calf."

I looked at Alan feeling kind of sheepish the way I had treated him, "You sure, I was kind of mean to you Alan, I'm sorry." Alan shook his head, "No Randy, you were right, I was an asshole and you love this here fella and it shows, so let's just be friends, OK?"

I nodded and smiled, "OK, friends." And then he grinned, "Besides, your score is gonna count and if we win? I'll let you whip my bare butt, OK? That outta get you motivated, huh?" I looked at Jesse and he nodded, "I'm a witness and I'll make him do it!"

"You won't have make me. I'm no prude, even if I've never done anything like that before, I'd be worth it, OK?" he nodded to me. I shrugged, "OK, I'll give my best shot," and had to admit, Alan Riley had made a mistake, just like Jesse had, but he really wasn't a bad guy after all.

Alan took his leave from us and I sure did feel a lot better about a lot of things, especially proud of myself for not letting Jesse or Alan get away with any bullshit that night. Jesse and I closed and locked the trailer door against any more intrusions and sat on our bed side by side. "I sure am proud of you tonight. You stood up for yourself, but showed you how much you really love me Randy and I believe you really aren't going back to California," and he slipped his arm around my shoulders. I looked at him, "No, not going back there. I like this life here with you and Papa and our sisters and even guys like Alan. Man, you guys really have me wanting to win that thing with you all tomorrow, but what chance do we really have, really?"

Jesse smirked and the next thing I knew, I was over his knee, my butt up high and his hand gave me four hard spanks over my Wrangler jeans, "Will you stop worrying over winning? It sounds to me like a bad left over California habit!" and I laughed and loved being over my boyfriend's knee, "Maybe so. I sure could get used to this habit … " and that habit got a little more action to it before bed, but not a lot. We stripped off naked after a little more horse-play and then we laid side by side in our bed on our backs and masturbated each other off before I turned my naked back to Jesse's naked front and he spooned me closely, kissing my temple, "Good night Randy, get some sleep, tomorrow is your big day!"

I sighed, "Big day I hope, will Alan really let me whip his naked tail if we win? Seriously?" I asked Jesse. "Alan may be a lot of things and make mistakes like you and me, but he's not like Tommy King and them. Yea, he will." And I closed my eyes and imagined having that blonde hunk of older cowboy over my knee, whipping my belt at his fancy tail. Yea, it would be worth my best shot tomorrow.

* * * * * * * * * *

Well, it became a whole family thing with Papa and Matty and my sisters all in the mix filling the air with encouragement and suggestions as Alan and Jesse were getting me up to speed to be in my first ever calf-roping competition. The nice thing was that Alan did beat Jesse in their official calf-roping age group again, but neither of them seemed to care all that much and that was a good thing. But now the pressure was back on me, well I put pressure on myself. Now I wanted to do good for my family and Alan too even and that just seemed impossibility to do all that well on this, my first ever competition.

Alan had been kind enough to loan me his second horse, Winchester. Winchester was old and mostly retired, but had helped Alan to win about 100 competitions, so that had to mean something. Alan was going to ride his new horse, Fireman. Well, OK then: expert horse, Winchester, inexpert rider, me. But Alan proved to be a great teacher in the short time we had, hell even Jesse learned some stuff. I was so nervous. Papa Hank took me aside towards the beginning of the team-roping competition and simply said, "Randy, don't mind it, just have fun OK? You're a good rider and just let the rope fly and do its thing."

"Thanks Papa" I said and sighed. Well, all the other teams just looked at me and my team and either shook their heads or laughed trying to psyche me out, even I knew that. Sure, Alan was great, so was Jesse, but it took three good rider times to win; so I concentrated, because even I liked winning and wanted to do well for my family.

So, my first two rides out on Winchester were terrible, it's just so hard to be on a new horse that doesn't know you or you it. I kind of think he was a bit confused as well. I didn't recognize any ear twitching those first two times to signal when to throw my rope,  but I did manage at least to rope the two calves and get them both tied up each time even though the times were not good and Alan and Jesse were all smiles and that made me feel good.

The calves were a bit slower and more predictable than the usual competition roping calves, supposedly because this was just "friendly" competition. Well, friendly my ass! You should have heard the cursing and threats between some of the guys. Sounded plenty serious to me! Then, of course, and all due to Jesse and Alan both having great times, we ended up just behind the first place team and I was going to be the last rider for our team. If I did well enough, we could actually win the thing outright. Man, the pressure was on now and I was stressed!

"I can't do this Jesse!" I whispered harshly into his ear, but Alan heard it and took over, "Yes you can! You done good those first two times, now just keep your concentration and look out for Winchester's ear twitch. I think it took him those first two runs just to get used to you. Now's your time buddy! Go for it!" So indeed, this was my chance to show Nebraska that a boy from California could keep up.

I was saddled up and in the shoot, waiting for the release gate to open. The crowd of onlookers was buzzing in the stands as always, but somehow I ignored that and kept my eyes ahead. The calf was let go and I yelled, "Haaa!" to Winchester after the calf was set off and my gate opened. Winchester, he took off after that animal, the best start of my three so far! I had my rope twirling and my eye on the small animal ahead of us. Winchester tracked the calf and then I watched and there it was, Winchester's twitchy right ear telling me, "Throw the damn rope, now!" and I did.

It was always like slow motion. That rope of mine just kind of floated through the air and landed over the calf's neck just like it was supposed to. Winchester pulled up perfectly to stop the calf and I hopped off of him, pulled the calf to his side, looped the rope around three of its legs just like Jesse had taught me. I stood up, almost in a daze and realized the crowd of people, my family with them, all were suddenly yelling like crazy.

I knew I had done pretty well, but then I heard the competition announcer yell from their control booth, "Ladies and gentlemen! We have a very first time winner for his team, Randy Wolcott from the Hank McKensie ranch with his partner, sectional second place finisher Jesse McKensie and sectional champion Alan Riley!!"

All the folks around me exploded in yells and applause and I started to scream and yell and jump up and down.  Alan and Jesse come running like crazy from the pen fence at me, Papa Hank right after them and my three sisters after him out of the stands, all of them screaming my name and the girls crying of course. We'd won, I won!

"Randy you did it! Randy you did it!!" the guys were all over me, all three of us jumping up and down together and there was Papa with this huge grin, "I knew it! I knew it by golly, you did it boy! You really did it!" and by then, Alicia, Amanda and Alison reached me and even Matty was walking towards us all, beaming ear to ear.

We all walked out of the arena, sitting on top of the world. All the other team members were gracious to us and congratulated me but I had my Jesse and Alan Riley to thank, and ol' Winchester too. I walked back to our trailers floating on a cloud between both boys, sisters ahead, Papa Hank and Mama Matty trailing behind. The rodeo was over for that weekend, but I would never, ever forget those moments, the best of my young life, no exceptions, well maybe one, meeting Jesse on that first day was also kind of special and high on the list.

When finally the family left us boys by ourselves around our small trailer, Alan looked at me and smiled, "You sure made my day Randy, getting another win for Winchester and it would seem I owe you something, don't I." Yes, there was that little offering of whipping on Alan's hot older boy's ass if I helped to win. Funny, I didn't feel like I really wanted to do that anymore, but my loins were telling me something else I should try and do instead, so I walked up to Jesse and whispered it in his ear.

Jesse grinned and chuckled, "Well ask him yourself!" I blushed, "No!" but Jesse pushed me towards Alan. I don't know why I was suddenly so shy about it, but it too would be a first. I carefully looked to make sure nobody was around but us three and just asked, "Trade you that whipping for a nice blow job Alan, me to you, to thank you for helping me and for ol' Winchester's help too!"

Jesse roared as Alan stood there and blushed. He too looked around us, then his tongue suddenly hooked around the side of his mouth and he reached for our trailer door, opened it and grinned, "Get your ass inside Wolcott, I do believe I'll take you up on that one!" and we three dashed inside and closed the door. I was instantly hard as a rock and couldn't believe my luck! I was going to suck off the sectional champ and my new hero, well, second place hero next to my best hero, Jesse, of course.

Jesse sat down on our bed and I got on my knees at Alan's feet and looked up at him. He had his hands on his hips, "I never had a BJ from a boy before, so be careful, OK?" Jesse made that OK, "Oh you got no worries about that Alan, Randy is the sectional champ of great blow jobs!" I smiled and reached for the fly and snap on Alan's Wranglers, my hands trembling a bit actually. He let me scoot down his jeans a little and I very carefully pulled out his limp penis. It was beautiful, just like Jesse's was beautiful to me and I was very careful not to touch Alan otherwise, just to steady my hands on his narrow boy hips a bit. I closed my eyes and gently started to suck on his penis head. Well, even if Alan never had a BJ from a boy before and might be nervous, his penis wasn't very nervous about it. It got hard like in two seconds. "Holy mother of … " Alan moaned. I heard Jesse snickering and could see him grinning out of the corner of my eye at me.

I was taking inch after inch of Alan's hot erection into my mouth and like I had grown used to, was swirling my tongue around his luscious penis head, treating it like I treated Jesse's, a tasty popsicle or candy bar. "Oh Jesus Wolcott! Oh my Lord yes, oh yes! Alan said and his hips started to pump his hard dick in and out, face fucking me like Jesse knew to do to me by now.

"Oh yea baby, suck off that hot lookin' boy Randy!"Jesse got into it, then looked up at Alan, "Oh, sorry Alan." Alan's head was back and his eyes were closed, his hands now aggressively holding my head, which was all turning me on something fierce. I was sucking off a straight boy for God's sake, for the first time! "Don't … apologize Jesse, this is … oh my God … wonderfff … " and he never finished the word! Alan's dickhead started to feed me his hot white delicious boy stuff, in a river!

"Ohhhhhhh! Fuuuucccccck!" Alan shouted and I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed like mad, my hands feeling the hard muscle tension that Alan's orgasm was giving him. But, all good things must end and especially blow jobs. I finished with a flourish and sat back, smacking my lips, "Nebraskan grown and bred, nothing better, thank you Jesus!" and Jesse roared, so did Alan, who also put his dick back into his jeans pretty fast, putting his shorts and jeans back up and secured. Then I looked over at my boy. His Wranglers looked ready to pop, "Are you next?" Jesse grinned, "I sure am, and you look pretty primed too, Mr. Calf Roper!" I sighed and nodded, "Thanks to you boys I am!"

Alan sighed, "Well, ain't this a great way to end rodeo. I best be going now, Randy … I do believe you and I could be real good friends now." Jesse smirked, "Now don't you be getting any ideas about this here boy, he's mine!" Alan smiled, "You know what Jesse. If I went that way, you'd be in sour trouble. I'd fight you over him, I would." And now Jesse blushed. I loved it! And I really liked Alan.

I stood up and held out my hand to him to shake, "Thanks for letting me use Winchester, Alan. What a great horse he is." Alan looked at me, "There's no cause to feel like good friends can't hug Randy," and Alan hugged me and he even patted my rump! Then he and Jesse hugged, "Now maybe you wouldn't mind me coming over to your Daddy's ranch once in a while and let him do that again, with your permission of course?"

I was fast to the draw for that one, "Don't need his permission Alan, I can speak for myself now. You're welcome anytime, right Jesse?" Jesse chuckled, "He wins one calf roping contest and listen to him, he's his own man now! Sure it's OK, only I get to watch." I looked at Alan. His eyebrows shot up and down, "It's a deal!"

Jesse and I made sure Alan was gone, then I closed and locked the trailer door and by the time I turned, Jesse was naked, standing up and so was his penis! "Get those clothes off mister, it's time to rock and roll this here trailer!" I said nothing and the next thing I knew, my lover's mouth was kissing mine deeply, his tongue mixing it up with mine, "calf-roping" both my affections and lust once again. His hands pulled my hips into his and our erections were sword fighting down there.

The kiss lasted a long time, then Jesse parted the kiss and looked at me, "You sure are one hot cowboy!" and then we kissed again, this time his hands pawing all over my ass, a finger playing with my hole. I parted the kiss this time, "Let's get to eatin' and then fucking, too bad we can't fuck in the middle of that big arena where we won the contest." Jesse grinned, "Yup, too bad for that!" and Jesse sat down, then lay down on the bed, "Now get that ass on my mouth, now Cornhusker boy!"

We did get that trailer jiggling and bouncing a little up and down, side to side and it was the best ever and afterwards we lay side by side, heads popped up on the pillow, nuzzling and grinning at each other. "So Randy, you happy?" and I smiled and kissed the tip of his nose, "Very happy Jesse, you?" and Jesse got this funny far off look in his eye. "I never figured ever to be as happy as my folks. Never figured a boy like you would or could ever come along. Figured I'd be alone all my life."

"Well how do you know? You're young like me Jesse. Some other cowboy would have found you, just like they found each other in the Old West long ago." He smiled and kissed the tip of my nose and ran his fingers through my hair, "I didn't want anyone else, I just wanted you, from the moment I saw you walk off that jet airplane," and I said nothing and just let the awesome warm feeling linger and last.

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