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Jesse: Nebraska Rancher's Son - Part Four


PJ Franklin

Note to Nifty Readers:  Though this story is in the rural, gay section of the archive, it contains considerable "authoritarian" type of scenes with both punitive and consensual corporal punishment, the hallmark of most all of my writings. If that sort of thing is upsetting to you and not your thing, you may want to pass this story by. Otherwise, enjoy!

Helping Jesse and Alan to win that "friendly" calf-roping competition in Burwell in front of Papa Hank, Matty and the sisters, not to mention all the other surrounding Burwell adults and kids had done nothing less than raise my spirits and confidence to all time highs, that is until we got home. Talk about expectations. Once a boy sets a new standard of ability for anything "country" in front of the McKensie clan and especially in front of his Cornhusker lover, there's no turning back and you'd better perform at the new standards you have set for yourself or face fast and sure consequences.

Like it or not, now I was officially a Nebraskan Cornhusker boy. No California city-boy anywhere in the Los Angeles basin or especially in my former home town of Pasadena could even sniff at my abilities aboard a horse as far as I was concerned, much less know how to hold a calf-rope correctly, much less throw the damn thing and actually catch one of those critters. I could now and pride swelled in my little chest over it and what's that saying? "Pride cometh before a fall." Well, it sure does and Jesse took full advantage, as well he should.

Everyone was oozing all kinds of comments over me on the ranch and in town. Never mind some folks still were very obviously peeved that Jesse and I now had a reputation as being "some of them kind" courtesy of Tommy King and his friends, but even Tommy knew when he was beat and simply seemed to ignore me and Jesse when were all were in sight of each other around town. Needless to say, Jesse was very proud of me, but also grew tired of his sisters and Mom and even his Pa kind of laying on the congratulations a little too much and for too long, so he did what I would have done, he set me up for a little friendly reminder of whence I had come, boy on boy style.

Suddenly I wanted to spend every free moment in a calf-roping pen either up aboard Wild Bill or on Alan Riley's former champion, Winchester, the fine old roping pony that Alan had so graciously given to me after my victory for our team. Jesse was up on Tornado one afternoon and called me out, "OK Wolcott, best four out of seven rides, the winner gets to do anything he wants to the loser!" Jesse said to me.

Well, I knew now that for me,  calf-roping was mostly mental and I figured he was trying to rattle me and I determined not to let him, forgetting to ask what he had in mind if I lost to him. A good and confident rider does not doubt his own abilities, but I should have known at least to pin him down ahead of time. Anyway, with the help of some amused hired hands, the competition was on. I actually bested Jesse the first calf pairs and that just worked on my mind the wrong way. I sat up on Wild Bill gloating for the next four rides in a row and bang! I lost, pure and simple to the fact of my own still rather intermediate riding and roping abilities compared to Jesse's far more expert abilities.

"Well, well, well Wolcott, I wonder what's gonna happen to you now!?" Jesse grinned. I had this funny feeling in my tummy. I wasn't afraid or anything and it kind of felt humbling, but also exciting. I still hadn't taken Jesse's cherry and this was most certainly not the time. No. I needed to be able to lead from strength and right now, I was on the bottom of things again.

I figured this was going be a pretty standard ass whipping in the barn over a bale of hay or maybe in the bedroom that night, but Jesse had not shown me all the Aces up his sleeves that summer. The next thing I knew I was standing with him alone, just the two of us, me half naked and pushing down my Wranglers and underwear off from my ankles as we stood way in the far back of the McKensie ranch house's grassy and multi-tree backyard under one particular  tree with a peculiar latin name, Carya ovate. I had not one idea yet that a tree, whose fruit now littered the ground with its nuts at my now bare feet, also made limbs that when properly prepared, were called Hickory switches.

"Ten, Wolcott. You're gonna bend yourself over that there old pickle barrel we call the Switchin' Barrel and take ten good cuts and then we'll be even," he announced smugly finishing up preparing what looked to be a really stout good old fashioned switching stick. I had heard of switching and caning and they both seemed fearsome, but since some of our sexual foreplays together turned into painful physical challenges at times including hard hand and belt smackings, I was not against trying out a Hickory switch at his hand. I did, however, reserve some irritation for him having not told me about the possibility this many weeks into our budding relationship.

"And I suppose you've been hoarding this little secret tree from me just so you could do this?" I said trying to sound a little unhappy with him. "This here tree's been sitting here all big and everything for years Wolcott, not my fault you don't wander back here!" he grinned brandishing that switch which in his hand looked mighty painful, but him also mighty sexy holding it. I nodded, "I'll get even with you eventually McKensie, OK, what do you want me to do," I said flatly trying to bluff Jesse but really enjoying his little trick at my expense.

"You bend over that barrel and hike your knees up and ride it like you ride your horse, that way your fanny gets all exposed," he said pointing to it. "Have you been switched before Jesse ?" I asked him as I moved over to the barrel. "Sure have, couple of times, but Pa kind of got away from it. He used to switch the hired hands when they needed punishment, but that was a long time ago."

I approached the barrel and saw the point of it; humiliation in part and by the looks of it, also a really good way to make that switch have its way with you. I even felt my prick start to jump. After all, I was mostly naked and Jesse was not and it was the open air and I liked that a lot. The backyard was huge and nobody could see anything anyway or so I thought. I bent over the barrel top and it was just low enough for a boy of my height to balance myself up off the ground like Jesse said. I have to admit, it made me feel really vulnerable just like when Jesse made me frog-leg on that bale of hay in the barn.

"Oh, this is good, real good … you make my balls boil boy! Look at you!" Jesse said. I had to admit it was lustful feeling to be like this. Anyway, he started in and the whopping sound that the switch cut made on my butt and the sting was like nothing else before! Yeouchhh!! I winced hard and could just feel that welt come up, then he did it again. It felt much worse the second time! I winced harder and then he gave me the third and fourth, "Damn Jesse! That switch is the devil!!" I yelped loudly.

"It sure is and those angry looking ass-welts make my prick hard as a rock Randy Wolcott, I've a mind to finish this fast then nail you where you lay!" I knew what that meant and I was by then too far gone in my love of kinky sex with my boyfriend to refuse either of our imaginations, "Sounds good to me! Anyone else ever screw on top of this barrel?" I asked stupidly. "Who the hell would have done that?!" he laughed and then punished my stupidity rather suddenly with three hard cuts, numbers five, six and seven. I yelped hard and loud at those and my knees were getting a little tired, "Damn!! Finish it Jesse! This position is hard on my legs!"

He did, and I about broke my face wincing, they hurt so much! But then I could relax some and saw that switch fly past me to my left and then the sound of clothes coming off. I looked back and Jesse looked positively on fire with lust. I would not have time to rub my throbbing backside but needed none. My dick had understandingly gone limp but not now, it was getting pretty hard again. I let myself slip backwards into a more stable position but kept my thighs spread. Jesse got ready then plunged quickly to his knees and using his hands opened my cheeks wide and I felt his luscious tongue muscle go to work to seduce my butthole into an easier entrance. This was hot, very hot and especially after those old fashioned switching welts started to send hot lustful signals into my nutsack and dick. His fingertips dug into those welts too and made them all the more needful as his tongue bathed my insides. What a combination!

"Oh gee Jesse! Just do it to me boy! Plow me up hard!" I finally said, the whole scene just turned me into his boy-whore once again. He got himself up and did just that. No niceties, just hard boy on boy fucking, plowing and fucking and moaning and grunting and me riding that ol' pickle barrel and Jesse riding me!

The real funny part was that he got so physical with us that we fell sideways off that barrel top and onto the thick matted grassy apron of the Hickory tree and didn't miss one beat. Jesse rode me to the end and filled me up, but then rolled me over and sucked me off too! Wow! My introduction to the Hickory tree and its painful offspring suited me just fine. I had already kind of decided how I wanted to take Jesse's cherry when the time was right, but now was tempted to change my mind. I didn't, but this Hickory thing would have to somehow be a part of it.

* * * * * * * * * *

It wasn't that I was complacent or anything like that, just plain old boyish mischief was all that put me and Jesse under that Hickory tree together hardly a week later. The hogs had been moved over to another pen and I was given the disgusting but necessary task of cleaning out their main pen. It was hard and dirty work, but I didn't mind pitching in. It was my unfortunate lot to be covered in the stuff in just a short while. It was Jesse's unfortunate lot to be walking by that pen, not really noticing I was in there working. So I decided to play a nasty trick, picked up a whole bucket of the nasty mud and hurled it out of the pen at Jesse. It struck him square.

"You son of a bitch!" he yelled and jumped into the pen with me, grinning. There were two buckets in the pen, I already had one so he grabbed the other and we started a mud hurling war between us. Giant buckets full of that slop was flying everywhere and thinking that the pen was out of the way, no one else would get involved. Wrong. Just about that time, Papa Hank came around the corner and just about then both Jesse and I had loaded up new buckets of that disgusting filth and hurled them at each other. Jesse's load partially splattered onto me, but the rest headed out of the pen and drenched his Daddy, full on.  Papa was already very irritated and upset that he needed to go get a medical checkup from his doctor in Burwell. He hated going to the doctor, but Matty made him. Anyway, getting Papa all wet with that disgusting filth was not what one would call "fun" for him.

"Both of you get to the Hickory tree now!" Papa yelled at us. We instantly knew we had fucked up, but the quick decision in favor of Hickory switching two miscreants especially surprised Jesse. "The Hickory? … after all this time?" Papa just glared at Jesse, "Well why not!? You two seemed to have a good enough time under it the other day!" Ooops!

We blushed. Papa Hank had seen Jesse whipping my ass with his switch and who knows how much else. Well, Jesse and I were filthy dirty, but Papa had an uncomfortable solution for that as well. Covered in stinky slop himself, Papa Hank ignored that and followed us to the Hickory tree and dragged out a water hose from the house with him. He made us both strip naked and stand there as he hosed us off with freezing cold water. Now, the water felt good, it was one of those hot and humid days coming on, but then he made us make new switches from the Hickory tree. We had to stand there naked too before him making those awful sticks and knew we had to make them well. So we did. Then Papa proposed to go to work punishing us. He made Jesse go over that barrel first. I stood there naked and watched, entranced. However, Papa Hank only managed one cut of that switch, grabbed his right shoulder with his left hand and yelled, "God-damned bum shoulder!" dropped the switch and walked around in place a bit, rubbing his sore shoulder.

This only served to make Papa feel worse about his trip to see the doctor. Far from being done with us however, it only made Papa use his imagination, "Jesse you stay put! Randy you grab that switch and give that boy a good licking while I watch!" Jesse's eyes got big and so did mine. I picked up that switch daring not to disobey Papa Hank. Jesse looked at me and nodded, "Make them all count partner!" he said gamely.

I knew I was going to have to switch Jesse good and that he would be switching me too, so I thought that I might as well make a good job of it. It took me a few cuts to get going, but soon I was on a tear and switched that boy's hot fanny pretty good. Jesse got to jumping and yelping and after a while and I stopped and looked at Papa. Jesse's behind and thighs were looking pretty red, welted and crisscrossed with hot red switching welts. "Fine! Change places! Jesse you whip on Randy's behind like he just did you!" And we did change places. I went back over that barrel just as before and held on for dear life. I swear Jesse got me twenty good ones before Papa told him to stop, then Papa turned and left us alone walking back to the house muttering to himself about his sore shoulder and that the doctor in Burwell was going to have his way with him. That left Jesse and I standing there under the Hickory rubbing our sore behinds and when you do that for just a short while, your prick is going to get going and ours did. So, we just plunked ourselves down at the back side of that Hickory and had at it rubbing on each other and feeling the heat and prickles on our behind to urge us on.

* * * * * * * * * *

It turned out that Papa Hank's sore right shoulder was the harbinger of great and significant change in all our lives, but especially for Jesse's and mine. Papa Hank did go to see Dr. Leverton in Burwell and the news was not good. Though Papa had nothing wrong with him mortal, he had enough to make some major changes in the running of the ranch. About two weeks after that switching episode under the Hickory, he called together all of us, Matty and sisters too of course, in the front room of the main ranch house. I could tell this was not good or least felt very uncomfortable. I sat there with Jesse and listened,

"Kids! My old body is giving me fits. This is a big spread. Now I know you older ones, Amanda, Jesse, Alison work hard, real hard. Some day this will all be yours and you can run it as you see fit. But right now I need help. I can't be foreman and businessman at the same time anymore. Doc Leverton has told me to start laying off the hands-on part so I've asked your Uncle Nathan to move in with us for awhile and help me."

Jesse had told me about Uncle Nathan. He was a good fifteen years younger than Papa who was getting on in years and everyone loved him, so I automatically did. But then Papa really laid on a surprise, "Now, you all know who Clark Wooley is?" Jesse's eyes lit up, "Hell yes Papa! … " Jesse said and then winced, " … sorry Mama, but Clark is the top riding bull rider in Professional Rodeo in Texas and Oklahoma both!" Papa nodded, "Of course he is. Well, guess what. He so happens to be Nat's step-son now, Nat married Clark's mama after Walter Wooley, Clark's natural daddy, died of cancer."

"Whoa! That means he's at least an in-law!" Jesse grinned. "That's right Jesse, now Nat tells me that Clark is mostly busy in his Rodeo career but says he'll still be by our ranch from time to time to help out and even train some here at our place." Jesse got all excited now, "Wow! I can't wait!"

"Well, there's more, but mostly it's concerning Randy and Jesse so I'd like all you women folk to run along now. I need me some time with Randy and Jesse alone … " Matty and the girls scattered, but now I felt kind of funny in my tummy. I had a notion that Papa was going to tell us more things were changing. Jesse knew it too. We looked at each other and after Mama and the girls left then Papa continued, " … boys, you may not like it, but right now Doc Leverton in Burwell told me to lay off my shoulder, my right one indefinitely. That means when it comes to strapping or switching a bad boy here or there, I can't do 'er anymore."

Jesse got this strange look on his face, "Then who's gonna do it Papa?" Papa rolled his eyes just a little, "Don't get ahead of me son." Jesse seemed to calm down some, "Sorry Papa." Papa went on, "I already talked to Uncle Nathan and he's raised plenty of boys with the strap and switch and asked him if he'd step in for me." Jesse did not look happy at all, "But Papa! I don't know him that way!" It was unlike Jesse to complain like this and it felt a little unnerving to me.

"Youngin?! I have at least one more good session in my arm if you care to take a trip to the barn or tree with me!" Papa barked back at his son. Jesse started a little pout, "Sorry 'gain." I watched this uncomfortable exchange and tried to mentally encourage Jesse to just shut up!

"Uncle Nathan said that he would do it only after you boys gave him permission. Said he would not do it if you did not." Now that was strange in a way but really nice in another, but it still didn't set well with Jesse. I could not blame Jesse and I don't think Papa did either. Messing around with a boy's personal discipline routine was not child's play, not to Jesse, and I knew Papa took the relationship seriously as well.

Well, two things. Firstly, Jesse had never been disciplined by another man outside of the primary family. Matty had done some when he was younger then that was it, it was him and Papa to the present. I guessed that was why the second thing happened. I guess Jesse just took it wrongly or was worried about Papa's medical problems or not feeling very good or something because then he mumbled in a very disgruntled and whiny tone under his breath (or so he thought), "Don't want no stupid uncle touching my behind."

I heard it, Papa heard it, "Fine Jesse, just go to your room then, right now boy!" Papa said tersely. Jesse looked up and replied just as short-tempered, "I'm sorry, OK!?" Ooops, not OK if you're gonna sound angry saying those words to Papa!

"Go to your room young man!! And while you are at it? Go get your mama's hairbrush, let's see if you remember what a good hard bare bottom brushin' feels like boy!"

Jesse got this "oh no, but now it's too late" look on his face and blushed and could not even look at me as he ran from the room and up the stairs. I felt awful. I felt like an intruder in the McKensie family again and somehow or other blamed myself for all the upset in our lives. It was just a bad habit I think left over from my parent's divorce. I looked down at my feet. Papa saw my worry, "Come here Randy, right over here son," Papa said. I looked up and he was waving me over. I got up and went over and put my hands in my pockets and then Papa patted his big knee and made me sit on his knee. Well I did and it made me feel better and now I looked at him in the eye.

"Jesse is upset 'cause well, he and I … " Papa started and then stopped for a catch in his throat, but I knew what he would have said. "I know Papa, it's hard on you and it's hard on him too. Change is hard," I empathized all too well. "Yes it is but you'll like Uncle Nathan Randy. I told him all about you and he is just as happy and anxious to meet you."

"I do feel a little like Jesse though Papa. You and Jesse are the only ones to ever strap or spank me. It is kinda personal."

"I know it. Tell you what. We'll take Uncle Nathan at his word. You talk to him yourself son, you decide. And if you can't see your way clear to take discipline from Uncle Nathan, then you tell me and we'll do something different, OK?" That made me happy and I leaned over and hugged Papa and he hugged me, "That's good for me Papa, I'm happy with that."

"Good to hear boy. Now that son of mine, that's something different." I stood up and Papa got up shaking his head, "Sometimes the apple never falls far from the tree," he said and then walked right past me. A hairbrush? My god, how embarrassing for Jesse. I waited a little while until I heard our bedroom door open and close and then I quietly went upstairs. I felt guilty doing it, but I had to listen on the other side of the closed door, I just had too even if I got caught. After I sat there a moment it started with Papa's voice and when Jesse finally responded, instead of the confident sixteen year old fearless calf-roping partner of mine, it sounded more like Jesse the ten year old!

"I don't much appreciate being back-talked down there young man! I am going to give you a hiding like you got when you were ten. You know what that means boy! That means a good hard brush paddlin' and then a good spankin' on the bare as well and it'll be with you on your back with your legs back just like back then, now get to it!" "Please Papa no!! Not like that Papa please!!" Jesse begged. Oh my god! My stomach started to churn bad and the worst of it? My dick. It was getting hard and now I had feelings I could not stop no matter how bad I felt for Jesse. Then I heard clothes rustling, "No Daddy! Don't do it Daddy! Please Daddy! Noooo!" Jesse repeated. "Maybe next time you'll keep your tongue and act civil! I talked about these things to Randy and he acted like an adult, not like you!" Oh shit! Why did he have to use me as an example. Then there was this awful pause, "There, now how do you feel Jesse all cinched up like you need a diaper on!"

"Nooo! Noooo! Daddy Nooo! Daddy please!" Jesse pleaded, indeed not sounding very grown up at all! "Move your hands away from your behind boy! Get those hands behind your head!" Papa said getting angrier by the moment. "Please Papa Please Don't!" Jesse pleaded again. Diaper!? Oh Jesus, Papa had poor Jesse on his back with his legs back. Jesse and I had kind of played at that for fun. It was fucking embarrassing but at least it was not for serious like now!

Then the hairbrush paddle swats started, the sickeningly slaps of hard ancient wood to soft young fanny-skin and in the most humiliating position on the most humiliating places for a sixteen year old, hard working ranching boy. This was not macho-strapping time, no, and Jesse wasted no time in crying and sobbing, his emotions were totally busted up. His voice elevated to this higher pitched ten year old version of Jesse's ordinary low slung country twang,

"Ouuu! Ouu! Daddy! Please Daddy! Owwieeee! Daddieee" and then just sobs after that. Papa delivered good hard swats a plenty then paused, "You're too old for that kind of whining boy!" and then another round of torrid brush swats. "Ouuu! Ouu! Daddy! Please Daddy! Owwieeee! Daddieee, Nooooooo!" and the "No's" were in those broken sobbing down-turning tones. Then another pause,

"I have a good mind to make you ask Uncle Nathan for another good brushing and spanking when he gets here, maybe out in the front room where others can see what happens when a grown up teenager like you misbehaves like a ten year old!" and then the torrid awful brush swats in goodly number. "Nooooo Daddiee!" and that was all, Jesse could only bawl full out now. I sat there in the hallway miserable with bittersweet lust and thick layers of guilt for all my dastardly snooping efforts into Jesse's misery. Then there was a longer pause, "Now get yourself up boy, over my knee, you know you got a good old fashioned spankin' comin'" I heard Jesse sob and suck in a huge glob of snot and then he quietly said, "Yesss Papa, I'm so sorry Papa."

"I'm sorry too Jesse. I hated doing this but I cannot countenance you acting like you do when I needed you to be strong for me, do you understand that boy? Do you think I enjoyed having to tell everyone about my broken up body and that I can't take care of my family anymore like I want and how that breaks my heart?? Do you get that boy?! And now my goddamned shoulder is hurtin' and I promised Doc I'd leave her alone!?"

Oh god. I got it and started to tear up some outside the door! That got Jesse going a little again but not for long. Now he finally understood and stopped his bawling and I calmed myself too. I really wanted to be inside that room right then. "I worry over you Papa, I do. It just made me so afraid I guess, I'm so sorry and in front of Randy too. He must think I'm a real loser." And now my ears perked way up. "He does not Jesse and you know that! He loves you!"

"I know he does! I love him too, so much and I worry that Uncle Nathan won't understand about him and me not even to mention Clark!" Jesse had a damn good point and now I got up on my knees and got as close to the door as possible. I could hear Papa exhale, "Well if you'd just given me a chance son, I already took care of that. What did you think I'd not tell Uncle Nathan about you and Randy?!" and then I heard this loud slap of Papa's big hand to Jesse's still bare and sore butt but not a peep from Jesse, "Goodness boy! After all these years? I told Nathan and you know what he said to me?"

I pressed my ear to the door a little too hard, I wanted to hear what Papa had told Uncle Nathan. That old bedroom door was old and didn't latch too tightly anymore and suddenly the door opened quick and fast and I fell into the room!! Imagine my feelings just then as both father and son looked at me like I was an unwanted intruder or that's how it felt to me. Once again youthful self-pity made me want to pack my bags and get on a jet and fly home to California, go to my own room and stay there for the rest of my life. The feeling was awful, like a putrid sticky tar. I did not take my eye off of either of them. Jesse especially look hurt. Papa just looked pissed. I started to back away from them to the door, I did and backed out and heard,

"Get back in here young man right now!!" That was Papa. I panicked and ran, I ran downstairs and out the back door. I kept running down the ranch house's long dirt driveway and didn't stop until I had to from breathlessness, a good two hundred yards away and when I did, I realized I was making a very big mistake.

I stopped. I turned. The further that I had run, the lonelier and more helpless and wrong I felt. After all that the McKensies had done for me, I had turned into a coward? I started to run back to the house faster than I had the other way and with far less breath left. I hit that house running and almost killed a knee on the stairs going up them and nearly tripped into the doorway again and then just stood there in full view of Jesse and Hank panting like Wild Bill after a hard gallop or old Winchester after a good pen work-out.

They had not moved, well to look out the window and see me turning tail the whole time like a fool running down that long driveway. I had forgotten that they could see the entirety of my foolishness from the upstairs of our bedroom window. Jesse at least looked understanding, but still frustrated with me. Papa looked pissed still, maybe a little less.

"Are you through acting like a little baby?" Papa then asked me. I almost wanted to cry but I did not and just sighed. It was the nicest, most caring and loving question I had ever heard addressed to me, ever. I nodded, "Yes sir," I said gamely but with a downturned mouth. "Good, then you can just peel off them trousers boy. If you can't give your boyfriend the decency of some privacy when he needed it the most from you, you can suffer with him. My shoulder ain't that bad yet!"

Jesse and I looked at Papa as if we'd seen or heard a ghost. Of course he knew what he had just said. He had used the word "boyfriend." He loved this sort of thing of course, catching youngsters like us off guard. Once again the wisdom of age overcame the folly of youth. He took his time and then said, "If either of you idiot teenagers would just let me finish anything?! I told Uncle Nathan that you two loved each other like them old cowboys used to a hundred years ago. He chuckled and said, 'Well, that 's good then. This old world needs their love Hank, I'll see to it that they get plenty of privacy and love from me and ol' Clark?' Well, he'll be just fine with it too. He's no prude you know!"

Jesse's face fell and so did mine, that is while I stripped myself down to my required bare buns. I figured a diaper positioned swatting and then a spanking were mine for cheap now and I also figured I deserved it all and was glad that I had come back to get my share. I was loved and accepted into the family and the only doubt about it would exist only in shadowy corners of my mind, but certainly not with Papa or Jesse. I voluntarily headed to a corner on my own and waited nose to the wall without being asked.

My heart was pounding. Papa was going to spank my lover with his bare hand to his already paddled bottom. I knew I would get the same. My dick was beyond decency and hard as a rock. I couldn't help it. There were shuffling sounds and then it started, the sounds of bare hand to bare boy butt, loud fast slaps, too. If Papa's shoulder was bothering him it sure didn't seem to show, no sir! His big and hard hands were like paddles and he could just flick his wrist. However he was doing it, Jesse was howling pretty quickly maybe despite not wanting too, "Oh! Oh! Daddy! Please, that hurts! Daddy!"

Papa Hank must have been resigned to say nothing save when there was a pause as Jesse's hands must have flown back to try and protect his torched backside, "There, now you can't put your hands in the way no more!" and then the spanking started up again and Jesse just bawled and cried. I felt awful. My dick finally caught up to my predicament and went limp as Jesse finished up a very hard spanking indeed. When finally it was done, there was this pause and I heard some whispered words between son and father and then I heard a small kiss. Then Papa Hank said, "Fair is fair. You stand over yonder and watch that there boy get his lickings."

"Yes Papa," Jesse said. Now my chest hurt with dread. This was going to be awful. "Randy, come here son," Papa said. I turned and walked right over and forced myself, with not too much effort, to look brave, ready and contrite. "You know you did wrong didn't you son and I don't mean listening at the door either?" Somehow Papa always knew how to break a boy's heart with the basis for his own wrongdoing or in my case, "crime". "Yes Papa" I said in a harsh whisper trying not to let tears come.

"I know you got scared and you lost faith didn't you?" Papa probed. "Yes Papa," I said and even up looked at his warm and understanding fatherly eyes. "Good. You'll never do that again I know, but now you gotta pay. But when it's done you'll feel better." I nodded, "Yes Papa, I know."

"OK son, lay down. I think you know what you need to do." I did. I sat and glanced at Jesse who looked at me now with a calm and understanding set of warm eyes. He was not smiling, just very solemn. I was not embarrassed though I was scared of the pain to come. I put my hands under my head and helped Papa by putting my bare bottom up high and back. He held me so tight and firm and I closed my eyes.

The first ten swats from that old hard brush were not so bad but that was all the mercy there was. After that, Papa blistered hard. Papa was wise. He had blocked my arms and hands because soon they came flying out from under my head in search of my lit-up bare bottom. All I could do was clutch onto Papa's waist so I did that. The hurt was so bad I dispensed with begging words and just bawled and cried and sobbed. I couldn't stop it, I was helpless and then finally just let it come, swat after stinging blistering swat all over my poor bottom and tender thighs.

When he finally finished my brush paddling, it took me a little while to stop crying and I just turned to the side into Papa's body and he held me tenderly in his arms until I could crawl on my own up to my feet which I finally did. The bad burn had stopped. At least my strapping experiences taught me that it would and it did. I wiped my face and looked at Jesse. His face had not changed, but his cock was hard as nails. He saw me look at it and kind of shrugged. I didn't care. I was glad for him and gave him a little shrug back in empathy.

Papa just waited but I wanted it over with. I saw his lap and lay over it, my beaten behind up high. Papa didn't wait. He spanked me with his big flat palm. He did not go easy, he gave me what he gave Jesse. I cried and bawled again. When it was all over, I got my hug and kiss from papa and he said, "I love you Randy, never forget that son. Now tomorrow, you come find me, we need to have a chat." That worried me a little, "About what Papa?"

"You'll see, don't worry, there's no more trouble, you just need to let me worry over things OK?" I nodded, "Yessir," I said. He nodded and left Jesse and me alone and closed the door. Now I had to face Jesse alone.He came over to me and we sat on the bed where we had both slept together many nights now and had been paddled and spanked together now as well. We sat a little uncomfortably, but we sat. I confessed to him, "I'm sorry Jesse. I lost my courage and ran."

"That's OK. I saw you running down the driveway and you know what?" he asked. "What," I replied, looking right at him. "The further you ran, the more my heart broke for you. But then I saw you stop and turn and I could just hear you making the right choice and I smiled. Then, when you started to run back so hard and fast, I almost laughed I was so happy for you."

"Were you?" I smiled and even started to get a little teary eyed towards the boy I loved more than ever. "I was happy for me too, to have you in my life. Spanking and brushing from Papa hurt real bad, but not having your love would hurt a whole lot more Randy. I'd rather be beaten."

"Me too," I sighed, "But I think I've had enough beating for one night but wouldn't mind other stuff; but what do you think he wants to talk to me tomorrow about?" Jesse grinned, "I don't rightly know, don't matter either. Just let tomorrow be. Come on cowboy, get that hot punished ass of yours up on a pillow, I'm hungry and need a little snack."

That was Jesse-speak for the obvious and who was I to deny him. I lay down with my whipped ass up and thighs widely spread and Jesse slid himself on top of me head to toe and he buried his mouth deeply into my butthole. Oh fuck yes! Jesse would then reach around and clutch onto my balls and erection and that was what I was in the mood for, he was in total control for now. I loved feeling his hard sinewy body pressing me helplessly down into the bed. Once again, the vision of being one of Jesse's helpless roped calves came to mind. I humped up as Jesse's tongue plunged down into me again and again. As always, Jesse got his fill then made me turn over,

"Your turn Cornhusker boy, eat out my punished Cornhusker ass good now!" and then I was again gratefully helpless and had no choice but to open my mouth and feel Jesse's sweet anus come right down and demand my tongue's service and I gave it. Nothing tasted better, nothing turned me on more and made me ready for our usual conclusion as we now called it, "breeding," just like the bulls did to the cows.

Yes, it was him on top again, it was not yet my time, but my time was coming soon. Once again he rode me hard and long, just like we imagined those old cowboys out on the plains might have done a hundred years ago. I remembered our little overnight out on Papa Hank's property that one night and as we came close to mutual orgasms I could just imagine those lonely coyotes howling in the distance once again. I think I even heard one as that special feeling washed over me and I filled up Jesse's hand as he filled me up with his Cornhusker's boy-seed. Sleep was then easy because the farm needed attention as usual for the next working day. It was all just routine now for Jesse and me and I couldn't be happier.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next day I tracked down Papa and we talked like he wanted. "Are you happy here with us McKensies son?" Papa asked. "Yes I am Papa, more happy than I ever could be in California," I replied. "That's what I wanted to talk to you about. Seems like it's pretty sure my boy Jesse has taken a shining to you, Randy. A decision has to be made. I won't have my boy disappointed by you up and leaving him. Life will disappoint us all from time to time without prevention, so I need to know. I need to know if we can plan for you to stay, after the summer and not go back to California. And believe me, I know you have your mama there and all, so it's a hard decision."

I got a lump in my throat. Papa Hank was asking me to stay and love his son. I smiled, "Decision is already made sir. It's my life and my mama knows that. I am staying for sure. I just haven't really sat down and said it so clear, even to Jesse yet." Papa grinned, "I'll leave that to you Randy, but I couldn't be happier. There's gonna be changes. Uncle Nathan is coming, but as far as you and Jesse go. You're both my boys, my sons, and now and that includes you Randy."

To hear this big man say that to me, I had to start to wipe away some tears, I couldn't help it. I hugged Papa, but then I smiled. Now I know what I wanted to do. There was some fence mending that needed attention at one of the far reaches of the ranch. It would take some doing and though it was usually done by the hired hands, I wanted to feel a part of the real running of the ranch as well as do something for Papa Hank, Jesse and me too. "Papa? I need to spend some time with Jesse alone, like we did a while back on the backside of the ranch overnight, is that OK?"

"Well sure it is Randy, you wanna ride on back there on your horses?" he asked. "No sir, not this time. I want to take supplies and do that fence mending, Jesse and me, then we'll have our time together." He smiled, "OK then, I'd really appreciate the work done. You take that old Ford pickup, I'll pack it with mending supplies and you do the rest." I nodded and grinned. I had never felt happier, "Thank you Papa, thank you for everything!"

* * * * * * * * * *

Later, Jesse was really surprised when I told him that we were going do an overnight out of the old Ford pick-up, mending up some fencing, and then I said, "The rest is none of your business till we get there." He grinned. Jesse, like all boys, loved surprises, but I doubted it was really going to be all that much surprise. Still, he tried to peek at some of the tarp covered supplies I had packed. I just slapped his hands away, "Get in the truck McKensie, I'm driving this time." Jesse grinned big, "Now that makes me hard cowboy, you taking control and all. It's about time!"

Even in the Ford it was slow. The gravel road was in bad shape and I felt like a submarine shifting around, avoiding mines, driving to the far reaches of the ranch's fence. But we got there all right. The fence was in horrible shape and we spent the next six some hours fixing the thing back to usefulness. But after that, the rest of the late afternoon and overnight was all ours. We packed up our tools and left over fencing and headed back to the same place that Jesse had first taken my cherry. He recognized the spot too, "Hmmm, this brings back memories. Intending on making a few more Wolcott?" he grinned at me.

"Shut up McKensie, no hints. From now on till tomorrow, I'm the lead roper in this relationship and you'll do as you're told!" He laughed and grinned, "I like this, I like it a lot!" and we got out of the truck. We set up a camp, tent included, but we would sleep outdoors if the summer warmth held. I instructed my lover to cook us up a nice meal. I had brought everything. He was surprised I hadn't forgotten even a salt shaker, but I never told him that Mama Matty had helped me to pack food and cooking supplies and such and he didn't need to know either.  So he went to work and I relaxed, planning my little after meal activity with my cook. It was going to be in two parts, in between which we would just enjoy our freedom and company.

The meal was great, Jesse was really a good cook, having his Mom's talent for it. We cleaned things up a bit and then I was pretty blunt, "So McKensie, you remember that little stunt of you chasing me around the calf-roping pen with a rope?"

He smiled, "Course I do!" I got up and headed for the truck bed saying, "Strip off naked, time for some fun." He laughed and did as he was told. I kept my clothes on for now and turned and just as he stood there naked as a jay bird and grinning back at me, I reached under the tarp and pulled out my calfing rope. His eyes got big, "You got to be kidding!" he smirked back. "Nope, I'm gonna rope you McKensie, just like you roped me, only this time, I'm gonna brand you."

"What? You can't do that!" he said with an even more daring smirk. "Well, not really, but this will do fine," and then I brought out a Hickory switch from under the tarp. He looked at it, then me, "You're the devil!" and then grinned from ear to ear with maybe a hint of worry in it.

"I sure am, so get running little calf, cause the roper is after you!" I smirked back. "But I'm bare foot! You're not!" he complained. "Too bad!" I yelled and took off after him. Jesse took off away from me. He was pretty fast even barefoot and it took me a good ten times to finally rope him. I suppose he could have avoided me all day and night if he had really wanted,  but even he wanted me to catch up to him. The rope finally looped around his torso, arms inside and I reeled him back to myself with little resistance on his part. He was kind of dusty and looked like a calf in some ways, all beautifully naked and natural.

He said, "Damn, that was fun, more fun than in the pen even, are you gonna brand me now?" he asked puffing for air some. "Sure am, come on," I said and pulled him with me, not removing the rope until we got back to the truck. I grabbed the switch and took it with us to the truck and untied him. His dick was now hard which I was counting on. Mine was too, in my trousers,

"OK boy, hands on the side of the Ford's hood, legs spread." Jesse obeyed me and got ready for a good switching from me. I lined him up and saw his hard dick and got an idea, "You better shoot your wad during this switching or I'm gonna just keep on switching!" His eyes got big, "What if I can't?" and I just kept on it, "You just better find a way McKensie, 'cause I won't stop!" He even scowled briefly at me then said, "Ok if I lean up against the hood some?"

"Be my guest," I said and he did. I started. I had switched Jesse once for punishment at the old Hickory tree over the barrel with Papa in the backyard back at the ranch house. This wasn't punishment or meant to be that. So I teased him with the switch and watched him groan and yelp and hump on that old truck's hood as I flicked the thing nicely on his bare bottom. He had to be careful but it looked hot. My lover was making love to that old truck. I had to laugh and made him dance, flicking that switch firmly, but not hard:  Thwippp! Thwippp! Thwippp! Thwippp!

"Ouch, ouch! That hurts! Damn it's hard to get off on this old truck," he complained. "You better just do it!" I cautioned him and continued my firm switching of his rapidly reddening behind: Thwippp! Thwippp! Thwippp! Thwippp!

"Yeouuch!! Yikes!! This is hard to do!" But I just kept it up: Thwippp! Thwippp! Thwippp! Thwippp!

Well, just like everything else between us, lust and love conquers all and I think that switch finally reached it's hot message to his balls and then he started humping and shooting his wad, "Oh god, look out, I'm gonna breed with this old Ford," and I cracked up and almost fell to the dirt. Jesse's hands were pawing at the hood, "Oh yea baby, come to papa, take it, take it!!" and then he spooged and shot his wad and it dripped down the hood some and I could only laugh my ass off, it was so funny. At the end, he just leaned forward and patted the truck, "Oh yea baby, I love you more than that skanky boy back there, I'll never forsake ya!" and then he cracked up too. I then sauntered up to him, unzipped my trousers and said, "On your knees you automotive pervert and suck my dick off!"

"Right in front of Daisy here?" I laughed, "Daisy? Oh well, don't mind her, she'll just disappoint you anyway, now get to work!"

"Oh all right! Sorry Daisy, he's more my type anyway," Jesse said with a grin.

On his knees, Jesse licked my shaft and balls and his hands pawed at my backside and he engulfed my erection after a few long minutes. One finger in my butthole and he had me yelling at the sky, it felt so good and he ate all of my juices up. That was a lot of fun, but that was just the beginning of the evening.

We had plenty of water, so I hand bathed my lover with a big clean fresh wet rag and got him all clean and we spent a while gathering some fire wood to supplement what I had packed up in the truck. We just sat together, hip to hip for awhile by our campfire, munching on some snacks until the sun dipped down and we kept stoking the fire up. We talked about nothing important really until finally the sky was black and the stars came out. It was time. It was time to discuss the future, him and me. It was also time for me to take my lover's cherry at last. I slipped my hand around his shoulder as we were finishing eating the roasted marshmallows on our sticks, "Talked to Papa about me going back to California," I said just to get his attention.

"What?" he replied with a slight frown and furrowed brow. "I'm just being a shit, I ain't going back Jesse, but the thing was, Papa was worried over it. He didn't want me to leave, he wanted me to stay, because he knows you love me and he wants for you, what you want too."

"Well he's right, I want you, and I want you to stay, I thought we already talked on it."

"Sort of, but not like me and Papa talked. Anyway, when we get back, I want us to call my mama and invite her out here for a little while if she'll come so I can see her. I just know, I don't need to go back there at all, I want to stay here with my new family."

Jesse's arm slipped around my waist, "I guess I was worried a little, but not now and we're gonna go to school together and everything?" he asked. "Yea, well, you're one year ahead of me," I replied. "Doesn't matter, the school is so small, sometimes kids is all mixed up in age in the same classroom and all."

I stood up and held my hands out to the warm fire and him with me, "Yea, doesn't matter," then took him silently just over to the sleeping bags that I had set up by the campfire and started to undress him. He said nothing. He knew what was next and just looked at me like he loved me and that was all that needed to be "said."

I helped him in between the warm downy sleeping bad coverings we would need for just a little while, it was plenty warm out even in the dark evening. Then I stood over him and stripped myself naked. I had him lay on his back naked, both of us pretty boned up by now and then I lay on top of him, body to body, face to face, him on the bottom this time. "I love you Jesse McKensie, I love you so much and I want to make love to you tonight, me in charge."

He pulled my mouth into his and we kissed. I loved kissing him. He was so careful when he kissed me, never rough. He kissed me gently and softly, just as lovers do and not just for sex. Then we parted and he looked at me, "I never thought this could ever happen, me finding a boy to love, not in Nebraska, that was for sure. And I never figured on you Randy Wolcott, from California, a million miles away, imagine that."

"Yea," I said and initiated another kiss and could feel our hard boners crossed and we started to rub on each other some. I had everything I needed to finally make love to my boyfriend under the covers and when the kiss ended I said, "Now turn over on your tummy Jesse."

He did and his hot jutting country Cornhusker buttocks rolled up for my enjoyment. I was already getting hot under the covers and threw them off of us and exposed us both bare naked to the wide open Western skies, the same ones that those old cowboys one-hundred years before us made love under. There would be no other sex, not this time, just me uniting with Jesse to complete our physical relationship.

I had but one thing in mind and was to do it slow, easy and with as much care for my Cornhusker lover as I could. So I just used some lube and carefully coated his pink tight rosebud and my hard cock, then I slowly just moved on top of him, sliding my dick into his wonderfully deep ass crack. I nestled it between his cheeks and then let my body rest fully on top of his with my head sliding in beside his. I reached out and we kissed again and I heard him moan through his mouth, felt the vibrations of it and felt his thighs part some to more fully envelop the length of my hard shaft between his strong butt cheeks. He shuddered and I could feel his ass muscles pulling on my dick from the sides, moving up and down a little, but more in parallel with our bodies, rubbing on it. We parted the kiss.

"Oh good lord, I had no idea how good it feels to have a boy's hard-on between my butt muscles like that, oh that feels good," and Jesse moaned. I smiled, "Yea, it does feel good doesn't it," and then started to rub my erection back and forth a little, with my cock-head not rubbing on his anus, teasing it, starting to ask for entrance. Jesse's head fell to the sleeping bag and mine came up and I arched my back, concentrating more on my dick's actions now.

"Oh Randy! I can feel your cock wanting inside. My hole is so tight, but I want it inside of me!" and his pelvis was now actually searching my cock out for his butthole and started to poke back. My body was now rising and falling with the length of his undulating long legs and torso. His eyes were closed and he was starting to breathe very hard and insistently. I began to think that I wouldn't even be the one to make his butthole take my cock inside. "Jesse, you're so good to me, I just want to make you feel as good as you make me."

"I know!" he said but his voice had gone a good half-octave higher than usual and it was like he made up his mind that he wanted me to take him and take him much harder than I had planned. Suddenly, just by the way his strong pelvis lined up his butthole with my cockhead and shaft, we made contact, hole to head and I felt him pressing back onto me. He turned his head and in a harsh whisper, eyes closed asked, "Take me cowboy, hard, now!"

I didn't cover his mouth, just like he had not covered mine that first time. I didn't look at him. I let my gaze wander up into the star filled Nebraskan sky and then in a sudden rush and all at once, I wrapped my legs around him and my arms tightly and pushed inside of him very hard indeed.

Jesse screamed. He screamed hard because it hurt. I knew that hurt very well. He screamed and bucked and I held onto him as his voice accelerated, "Ohh God!! Oh!! Fuck!!" and he panted and panted and then after a few more moments, the shock and bad spasms started to pass and he started to relax and we both were drenched in a sudden involuntary sweat and I relaxed and so did he. I was finally inside of Jesse McKensie for the first time.

"So," he panted, "That's what it's like. It's kind of like a birth I guess. Mama said it hurt like hell to birth me and my sisters but it was always worth it. Now I understand that, it is worth it, I can feel you Randy, all inside me, and it feels perfect and natural and now we'll never be apart from each other … listen!"

I did. Coyotes were returning our sounds back to us, howling from some nearby hills. I smiled. So did Jesse. His eloquence touched me in a way I had never felt before then. My eyes watered a little and I felt a responsibility come over my mind. I was in love. I was in deep everlasting love with Jesse. His mentioning birth was something that had never occurred to me. He was so poetic and natural about it too. It struck me that living on a farm had produced in Jesse, a natural reverence for basic life and how important it was that we never forget where we come from. I started to move inside of him now,

"No, never apart, ever," I said and he started to move with me. We started to make love, me inside of him with long, slow strokes, "Ohhhh, so good and I've missed out up till now, I had no idea it could feel this good, having you in me. How does it feel when I'm in you?" he said as we began to step up the pace. "Like I never want you out of me, no matter how painful it is to get you in."

"Yea! I get that now! I get it real good. Now fuck me Randy Wolcott you hot mutherfuckin' cowboy, FUCK ME! TAKE ME HARD, HARDDDDDD!" he almost yelled. And that was the end of anything resembling softness. We were after all boys and cowboys and we did things rough and now that future commitment and philosophy was in place, it was indeed time to fuck. I not only stepped up the pace, but I pounded him hard, fairly smashing our skinny boy pelvic bones together so much it hurt. Too bad, loves hurts and I was not going to stop.

"Yea, yea, yea, yea, that's it, FUCK MEEEEE!" He screamed at me loudly as if angry, but I knew he was just learning how good it is when you really want the other boy to take you seriously. I turned us to the side and rammed him harder than ever and pushed us off onto the dirt even like we were animals.

"Yea, that's it Wolcott!! Fucking BREED ME!!!" he screamed and suddenly he was up on his knees and I was in back of him without parting and I was screwing him like a bitch and was breeding him. I slapped at his ass hard, spanking him hard,

"Yes!!!! That's it, beat my ass hard Wolcott, show me who's boss tonight!" I did, I slapped him hard with my hand. My balls were slapping on his thigh and I was pounding my pud inside of him until at last, I exploded. When I did, I screamed, "Arrrrgggggg!"

* * * * * * * * * *

We just lay together on our sides, naked and caked in a sweat moistened muddy layer of dust each. It was like we were satiated prairie animals after nature's calling had passed. I felt strange. I had just filled up a boy's butthole with my semen in the middle of a real American wilderness near to midnight under Nebraskan stars. It seemed impossible to have happened, but it did. Jesse was right, it felt like birth, a new beginning for me. But all it was, was sex, wasn't it? No, it was not sex this time, not really. It was proof to me of how much I loved this boy and he loved me.

I drew myself out of Jesse and stood and helped him up. Somehow or another, he had actually ejaculated sometime in our lovemaking and didn't know it. We smiled and we hugged our dirty bodies together and kissed hard on our lips. I took his hand and we went over to the truck and we used a lot of water and wash rags and gave each other a rudimentary bath without soap. We returned to the sleeping bags and lay down together for sleep. This time, I spooned Jesse to myself. We weren't entirely clean like in a shower at home, but now it didn't seem to matter; some things and times transcend full comfort. Some things and times are more important to experience as is. This had been or would be one of those times.

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