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Jesse: Nebraska Rancher's Son - Part Five


PJ Franklin

Anticipating change is almost always worse than the change itself. Uncle Nathan arrived to help Papa Hank run the ranch toting two brightly wrapped packages, one for me and one for Jesse. Inside both were identical expensive button down western wear long sleeve shirts, both a cool dark blue color. They were handsome but not gaudy and really nobody would know but us and him that they were meant to match because Jesse and I matched. Uncle Nathan had honored me without even having met me. Just like with Papa Hank, I now felt I had a real Nebraskan Uncle in Nathan McKensie.

Uncle Nathan hugged me as hard as he did Jesse and kissed us both on our foreheads. There was no lack of paternal love from Uncle Nathan and being a lot younger, he was a lot more fun to be with too. He rode a horse like fury, roped and wrestled with animals with the best of us and knew how to kick back, drink, smoke (which Jesse and I were not old enough yet to do), tell lewd jokes and just be one of the guys.

Most of the hired hands took to him quickly too and that despite that he was a strict disciplinarian and a stickler for safety and common sense. You could do it your way but you better be ready to back yourself up with facts or objective experience. Papa McKensie had given up using straps and such on misbehaved younger hired hands long before I arrived. We had some staying all the time in the small bunkhouse, but Papa had long since lost interest in punishing them when they got out of hand which they did from time to time. Not so with Uncle Nathan around.

In fact we lost three good hands over it. They fucked up and were given a choice of severance pay and exiting the ranch or a sound public strapping, naked, for being a disrespectful wise-ass or cutting corners that Jesse and I could never get away with, but they often did. We and the hands would now all be held equally responsible. Fortunately, there was plenty of good, young and hard working Nebraskan Cornhusker boys that wanted good pay and the McKensie ranch was held in high regard in that manner. Three new hands were hired on, younger than the ones who left, and either Papa's old strap or Nathan's own collection of boy-strapping leathers were now not often silent anymore including for the oldest of the new hands, Caldwell Smith.

Up till now, Jesse and I kept to ourselves in-so-far as the hired hands were concerned. They could do things we could not. They could drink alcohol and smoke or chew tobacco, those were off limits to Jesse and I but how could you be a real cowboy and not smoke or chew? Or at least that was what Jesse thought and I was not far behind. All my old city-slicker ways were quickly fading. I wanted to be like a real cowboy too, you know!

Well, at age 23 or so, Caldwell, Cal for short, had some experience and was not shy about his opinions on ranching matters. He and Uncle Nat clashed, real fast. One afternoon, he got into it with Uncle Nat right in front of Jesse and me in the barn while we were all working away. Uncle Nat won, "Britches down and get yourself over that bale Smith, you're in for a good lickin' boy!"

Jesse and I looked at each other in keen anticipation. Cal seemed a very proud young man and I was betting Smith would either defy Uncle Nat and leave the ranch right on the spot to avoid the humiliating punishment like others had before him, or ask for Jesse and I to leave the barn so we wouldn't see his naked ass get tanned. He did neither. He did glance over at us, but had this little smirk on his face and said, "Yessir,  Mr. McKensie."

I had never seen a mostly grown-up young man strapped of course, and all of the strapping Papa had done of hands in front of Jesse before my time were much younger than Caldwell. Well, Cal stripped himself off bare ass naked. Jesse and I sat next to one another on a hay bale and I looked down at Jesse's groin. He was as hard as I was as Cal manfully lay himself over a hay bale, sticking up his big rump up for Uncle Nat.

The fast rapid cracking sounds of Uncle Nat's strap filled the barn and our ears. I was entranced. Uncle Nat's strap was making wide angry red stripes and Cal kept his butt up real still and took it all. I couldn't have done that, I was impressed, so was Jesse and Uncle Nat tanned his hide real good too. When it was done, Uncle Nat told Cal to stand up and they shook hands and Uncle Nat silently left the barn giving Jesse and me just a nod and Cal started to rub his torched behind.

"I think we better go," Jesse whispered to me. I too kind of thought Cal might want to beat himself off privately after his ordeal. I nodded and we stood and turned to walk out of the barn. "Hey you two, where you going?" Cal asked us then. We turned, and already he was starting to stroke on his dick.

"Thought you might want to be alone" Jesse answered. "Appreciate that, but just as soon have you join me, if you like that is." Jesse looked at me and I nodded, "Let's." So we walked over to Cal who got this small smile on his face, "You two are lovers aren't ya," he asked us. I felt this kind of shock and looked at Jesse. "What's that to you?" Jesse asked Cal a little defensively. I winced a little but understood Jesse's concern and wondered if Cal would feel offended.

"None, only I'd admire to suck you both off, seeing you both seemed interested in my whipping." My eyes got really big. I had sucked off Alan Riley back at the rodeo a while back and really liked it. I expected Jesse to say yes and we'd have a go together with Cal, but Jesse got a look on his face,

"No, that's OK Cal, thanks anyway. Come on Randy, let's go," and Jesse started to walk off. I looked at Cal, then at Jesse and just stood there, a little confused and disappointed. Jesse turned, "I said, come on Randy! Just let it go, OK?" and I finally nodded, shrugged at Cal who seem totally unperturbed and caught up with Jesse.

"What was that all about Jesse? We had some fun with Alan, why not Cal?" and he slowed down walking and then stopped. He looked thoughtful, "Yea, I know and it seemed OK then, but since, I think I changed some. I don't think it's right you and me looking to others to share like that. I guess I'm just old fashioned like Papa and Mama. They don't fool about with others, I don't want us too, either. I love you Randy, I don't want to share you with any other guy."

I had to admit, his reasoning was pure Jesse and I loved him for it. I nodded, "OK Jesse, let's not then." and we went about our business that day and then that evening at bedtime, Jesse took the reins and we had some hot sex together. It was great, I got everything from him that I liked and more. It all seemed good.

* * * * * * * * * *

One evening about a week later, I found myself alone with Cal in the barn, finishing up moving some baled hay around. I was holding my own now in such physical matters and we had stripped off our shirts in the hot humid process. Jesse and Uncle Nat were off with Papa Hank doing something business-wise about the ranch, nothing I would be interested in, that was for sure.

To be honest, being alone with and that close to Cal turned me on hard. I had an agreement with Jesse that we would not be fooling about with other guys, but getting turned on was no sin. I guess at the time, it was  just the thought that Cal really was in charge of me when Jesse or Papa or Uncle Nat weren't around, was playing dirty tricks on my mind and besides that, Cal was a prankster at times and playful as well. I had seen him and some of the younger hands wrestle and play about around or in the bunkhouse where Cal stayed.

We finished up and were sweating like hogs as barn work always did in the summer. I sat right next to him on a bale and could smell Cal's body sweat mixed in with that sweet hay in the humidity. "For a recent city boy Wolcott, you're a good hand at slinging these bales around." I swallowed. His compliment just washed over me as well as anything Jesse had ever said to me.

"Thanks, it's still hard work, not my favorite thing to do," I said, feeling very nervous now, knowing I should just get things finished and get out of there. "Course it is. Work is work and all, so what is your favorite thing to do besides work?" Cal asked.

What an opening! My self-confidence levels had grown by leaps and bounds and others, Jesse included, expected me to be self-responsible at all times. When Jesse was around though, I still just kind of stayed in his shadow. Well, Jesse was not around and Cal had not been shy about asking for that sexy favor from us after his punishment, the one Jesse and I turned down. I don't know, I just did it, I wanted to be my own boy, even in Nebraska and even committed to Jesse as I thought I was. I chose the words and said them,

"Finding time to get down and dirty," I replied and immediately winced at my choice. They just came out of me kind of crude and not very, well, nice I guess. He grinned, "That's asking for trouble Wolcott and I wouldn't want to get you in trouble with Jesse."

I immediately felt like I was not getting credit for being my own boy! And Cal was offering something I had never done on my own outside of my new life with Jesse. "I can handle myself," I said very nervously just to see how it felt. I kind of felt really good.

"Maybe I shouldn't say this, but I think you and Jesse are … well, you're both pretty damn hot little cowboys, that is for sure." And the pressure built from there. I was sitting very close to the taller cowboy and shoved at him a little, "Who you calling little? You don't know how big I am!" trying on the innuendo for size.

"I didn't mean it that way really, " he replied, " I guess I meant you two being younger and all, so don't get yourself all riled up for nothing Randy Wolcott." Great! Now I had embarrassed myself and was getting my ego stomped on. Not a good thing to happen just then. My boyish pride kicked in and tried to recover,

"Why not Caldwell Smith? Huh? What are you gonna do about me getting riled, huh?" and shoved at him again. I was totally turned on by now and my Wranglers were getting pretty obvious. I was not thinking about me and Jesse and faithfulness to just him right then, only me.

"Are you smart mouthing me boy? You know I'm in charge when your Uncle Nathan and Pa aren't around," he said with a poking smirk in his voice. I even could sense what he was doing, but just then, I kind of liked it too.

"What if I am, what's it to you, huh?" I said feeling all tingly all over. I had never had this kind of talk before with anyone but Jesse and it was different and I liked it. "I'll take you in hand just like Jesse would. Bet he would put you over his knee and all, him being older than you," and I felt a little offence that everything had to be about Jesse and me and not just me!

I shoved at Cal again, harder. Up till now, he had not returned my physicality, he was no bully, "I guess he would yes, so what. He's not here is he?" I replied to Cal. "Are you daring me Wolcott?"

Hell yes I was! I stood up and went to give him another shove without answering him, but he caught my arms and threw me over his knee and popped me twice with the flat of his big hard hand on the taut backside of my Wranglers. Oh it stung real nice and went right to my dick.

"I didn't hear you Wolcott, what was that?" My erection pressed perfectly into his slender bony thigh and I humped him hard, twice in fact before I answered, "What's the matter Smith, afraid to be the boss when Uncle Nat's or Jesse is not here? Huh? Chicken?"

Whap!! Spank! Two more hard ones landed on my denim covered rear, harder than the first two and then his spanking hand stayed and rubbed and I humped a little more too. "You're just askin' for it, aren't ya Wolcott, well just come out and say it then or I'll dump you off my knee."

I believed him. I had a decision to make. I had the feeling that if I went on with all this, I was gonna end up bent over a bale on my own accord, either getting a good licking, Cal Smith style, and then a good cornholin' or both. At any rate, it was going to be some kind of combination of "can't take it back" activity for which I was gonna have to confess to Jesse later, even if I didn't get caught. Well, at least I thought about the consequences of my actions, even though I knew there was only one way this was probably going to go.

"Might as well us just strip off and do it right Smith, you and me, here in this barn" I said quickly and felt this odd combination of instant guilt and terribly addicting freedom and excitement.

If Jesse got angry with me later, well, I let that thought slip away frighteningly fast. Suddenly Cal pulled me up to standing and he right next to me. We were already in an isolated corner of the barn out of sight of the front of the barn with the light dimming and he started to strip naked. I did too. Talk about two horny male bucks, ready to go at it!

"I figure I ain't supposed to be doing this somehow, so you may as well give me a good whipping if that turns you on to do it," I said next, my heart pounding in my chest. Cal blushed and his dick was big and hard as nails and he took me by my arm real firm, "I wouldn't mind giving your hot little behind a good hiding Wolcott, but that's not all I'm gonna end up doing!"

"I know it, I'm not stupid you know," I said kind of snotty on purpose to egg him on, thoughts of my agreement with Jesse totally gone.

Cal grabbed me and slung me fast, right back over his knee and this time my naked hard erection pressed onto his naked sweaty knee. I just humped it in good a couple times then set my behind up for him, really high. I wanted to feel Cal's hand scorching my naked bottom and see what else he would do after. His hand did, scorched me four hard times that is, each one real strong and put me in my place good! Oh it stung! But then Cal's hands spread my pinkened butt cheeks apart real wide,

"Lord have mercy, what do we have here!" I was ready for that one, "Prime grade A, young butthole, eat your fill Smith, that's what it's there for!"

He did. Cal's big raspy tongue just plunged into my tight hole without hesitation. I don't know how I could tell, but it seemed he had done this before, many times. He just was too good at it. He had me moaning,

"Oh! Oh! Harder, more Cal, let me feel your whiskers," and he did that too. Jesse had a few whiskers that would scratch my butt when he ate me out, but not like Cal. Oh boy! It was almost like I was being spanked by those whiskers as he plunged his tongue in and out of me, his spit starting to drool down my thigh and those whiskers scratching and rubbing over my bare bottom cheeks.

Cal plunged in and out a good ten times then sat up and planted a good hard ten swats of his hand on my bottom. I winced but didn't yelp. Then he went after my hole again, no words, just a lot of action from that cowboy! Maybe I didn't know a lot of things at that moment, but I knew where this was headed, like a freight train with no brakes.

Sure enough and soon enough, I was on all fours on the barn floor with Cal Smith's dick rabbit fucking me from behind with him bent over me. This was not lovemaking like Jesse and I, no. This was hot dirty, barn-sex, nothing more and nothing less and right then, I was hopelessly convinced that there was nothing wrong with it.

Cal finished himself and me off as well, but as the lustful and wonderful feelings passed, my gut and my heart started to ache and I started to feel bad, real bad. I knew I had done a harmless thing on the surface,  but a bad thing not too much deeper down.

Cal helped me up finally and we looked at each other. He said, "You gonna be OK? I mean, with Jesse and all. Do you want me to say something to him?"

I sighed. I took responsibility, "No Cal, that's my job," and then walked out of the barn, my stomach  hurting, but that was not Cal's fault or doing, was it.

* * * * * * * * * *

Jesse could tell all evening that something had happened with me, but he didn't know what until we went to bed and sat side by side on our bed together. "Randy, what's going on?" he said nervously, his arms around himself like he did when he was afraid to talk about something.

I felt a sick to my stomach but I got it out, "I had sex with Cal in the barn while you were gone, it just happened. I love you more than anything Jesse and I know he had agreed not to, but it happened." I was ready for Jesse to get hopping mad and angry with me. He deserved to. I could feel him tense up, "You mean like … real sex?" he said very carefully. I nodded, "He … he ate me out, then … he … you know… "

There was silence and my chest was hurting really bad. We weren't touching each other and I didn't want to look at him but I finally said, "I'm sorry Jesse. I did wrong, I shouldn't have done it. We agreed."

He stood up, "Oh shut up, of course you should have. I seen how he looks at the both of us. Good for you," and I was shocked! Had he changed his mind about us? But his voice was flat and I was unconvinced he was saying what he really thought. I just looked up at him confused. I loved Jesse McKensie, but he didn't own me. We said we were "boyfriends," but did we really have any idea what that really meant? I had agreed to not have sex with others, but did I really know what that meant? And why wasn't he angry with me? He made the rules, not me and he could be pretty quickly outspoken about anything else, why not this?

"You're angry with me," I finally concluded. He was standing with his back to me and then twirled himself around, "I am not!" he said angrily, "Get in bed, we don't have time for this, gotta get up in the morning!"

Jesse was angry, that was pretty apparent and I glad for him to have it. I got into bed and made room for him. Usually, he would immediately spoon me close, back to chest, kiss me and tell me goodnight. This time, he got in bed and lay on his back, his arms folded to himself. I was facing the wall on my side then turned to face him, "If you want to punish me, it's OK, I'd rather you did Jesse," I said sincerely.

He turned his head and looked at me, "And that would be stupid," and then turned away from me. I sighed and thought a moment before I said, "If it's because you wanted him first, you should go to him anyway Jesse. It's OK with me, it would have happened sooner or later."

"No it would NOT have happened! We agreed Randy!! You chose to break that agreement, so just let it be, OK?! I don't know how I feel right now other than pissed off at you!! Now shut up and go to sleep!" Jesse yelled at me.

I felt pretty chastised and had to let Jesse feel whatever it was that he felt. I felt sorry I did it, but in a way I also didn't feel sorry I did it. It was frustrating not knowing what to do when your body tells you one thing and your mind another. I had no experience for this and neither did Jesse.

Somehow we slept and got up the next morning and everything seemed fine, though we did not talk about the day before. It was fine until mid-day. I was cleaning out Wild Bill's stall and knew Jesse and Cal with Uncle Nat were around somewhere but didn't know exactly until I heard voices, angry ones headed for the barn. I poked my head out and almost got it knocked off by Jesse rushing past me, looking pretty angry. He was followed by Uncle Nat who looked pretty perturbed and further back, Cal, looking kind of shook up. I kind of sensed what was going on.

Cal stopped and looked at me, "Guess you told Jesse what we did yesterday. Guess he took exception with it too. He's kind of upset and got angry with me." My face fell, what a fix I had caused! "Well what's going on then, what did he do?" I asked, sensing the worst.

"Well, Jesse started to jaw at me. Don't blame him. But he wouldn't stop. Kind of wanted to start a fight and Uncle Nat told him to cut it out. They got in an argument and you know who won that."

Oh god!! I felt awful, real bad. Jesse had gone and gotten himself in trouble with Uncle Nat and was likely headed for a strapping in the main part of the barn and it was all my stupid fault!! I took off around the corner and Cal with me. Sure enough, Jesse was throwing clothes off angrily and was totally pissed off, I had never seen Jesse this angry.

It felt like the time he and Papa Hank got into it over the hogs and kind of put me in the middle. I got my feelings hurt then and now it felt similar, only worse. The trouble was, this was not about Jesse and Uncle Nat or Jesse and Cal. It was about Jesse and I and things were gone too far. Uncle Nat watched, hands on hips as his nephew was naked and put himself over the bale, quite defiantly. Uncle Nat sighed, "Forget it nephew, you're in no frame of mind to be punished, we'll take this up later!"

"No!" Jesse screamed at Uncle Nat, "You got no right in the first place to be doing this. I knew I didn't want you to come here. I hate you! I hate you!" Jesse screamed at the top of his lungs, grabbed his clothes and ran, buck naked to the main house. I was stunned and wanted to throw up. Uncle Nat saw me and came over,

"Now you don't listen to him Randy. He's angry because he knows he's wrong and won't admit it. Most stubborn boy on the planet, got a temper too. Now you just don't pay him any attention, OK?"

I nodded and all but I didn't feel any better. I was determined, however, not to let the hard emotions make me shrink away from Jesse or his anger as I had once. I had started this, and somehow I was going to finish it out, no matter what. I walked to the house and figured Jesse to be up in his room. I went up there and carefully opened the door. Jesse was on our bed, half clothed, knees to his chest and rocking himself, still looking angry. I expected him to yell at me to leave him alone. I was prepared to do whatever he wanted. I hated the way he looked and obviously felt.

He didn't say anything, so I went in and closed the door and then just sat on the floor by the door and kept quiet. The silence was accomplishing nothing. So I said, "Best if you apologize to Uncle Nat, take your hiding. Then, I'll apologize to you and take a good hiding from you and square this all up."

He looked at me then, "Won't be enough for me. I want to beat the shit out of Cal." And then looked out his bedroom window. "Not his fault Jesse, it's my doing. Maybe, you want to beat the shit out of me."

Jesse glared over at me. Suddenly it was clear, that was the case. He wanted to beat me, hit me, whatever, he was that angry with me for having done what I did. I wasn't sure how that made me feel only that I tried to put myself in his place and maybe I would feel the same way. I crawled over and kneeled right at his feet and put my hands on my knees and looked up at him,

"That's it isn't it. You're so angry with me, you want to beat me to death!" the words just came out like that, pretty hard. It shocked me and stunned him to hear me say it and Jesse's glare immediately turned into this sad frown of realization and two tears started to run down his face. He nodded, "And I hate myself for feeling like that for even one second towards you Randy!!"

All I could do was lay my head in his lap, "I'm sorry Jesse! I'm sorry I did it! I knew it would turn out bad and I still did it, can you forgive me please?" I didn't feel like crying and just wanted to do anything that would make him stop hurting.

Finally, I felt his hand gently rub my head and he sighed, "Ain't nuthin' to forgive. You didn't do anything really wrong Randy, but I thought we had agreed not to have sex with other guys and you hurt my feelings by doing it with Cal, pretty bad. But it happened and I went and fucked up and made a big mess of it too. Come on, get up."

I got up and stood back. Jesse stood and then gave me a big hug and then got himself dressed and I followed him downstairs and we found Uncle Nat. He was in the front room talking to Papa Hank about ranch business. The room went silent when we showed up at the entry-way. Jesse put his hands in his Wrangler pockets in front and looked sheepish, real sheepish,

"Uncle Nat. I'm so sorry, I didn't mean any of the things I said in the barn. I was wrong and I'm ready for my whipping, anytime you say." Uncle Nathan looked at Papa and me, then back at Jesse, "Well, why did you go and want to pick a fight with Cal anyway?"

"Cause, I was angry with Randy, what he done with Cal but I couldn't bring myself to admit it. I didn't want to be angry with Randy so I let it fester and tried to put it on Cal or you." I took hold of Jesse's hand into mine just then. Both Papa and Uncle Nat noticed and gently smiled at us, "You still angry with Randy?"

"No, Uncle Nat, not a bit. What he and Cal done, well, it ain't nothing really. All it did was hurt my pride some cause we agreed on something, but the agreement got busted up and that ain't no call for how I acted."

"So then, what did you learn nephew?"

Jesse looked at me and smiled, "That this here boy don't belong to me to control. He's his own person, his own cowboy. I love him, real hard, but that don't mean I can tell him what to do or how to act and he's not perfect. I'm proud of him, he's growed a whole lot and I want him to stay, with me and all of us, forever. So I have to let him do as he sees fit sometimes."

"What about you Randy?" Uncle Nat asked me. I squeezed Jesse's hand hard, "I learned I shouldn't be agreeing to something that means a lot to both of us or if I do, I need to see it through, or at least talk to him and agree to something different and not do things behind each other's backs."

"Come here you two!" Uncle Nat then said and we walked forward and got hugs both from Papa and Uncle Nat. Then we stood back and Uncle Nat said, "You boys go get Cal and get to the barn."

Cal was outside smoking a cigarette. When he saw us all coming, he dropped it and stomped it out with the heel of his boot. Jesse went right up to him but not sheepishly, he was bold, "Cal, I want to apologize to you for acting like I did. I don't want no bad feelings between us."

Cal nodded and offered his hand, "There ain't no bad feelings Jesse. No harm was done." They shook hands. I finally could breathe, but wondered like everyone else what was going to happen in the barn. "If you got time, Uncle Nat wants you to meet us in the barn. I suspect I'm getting my butt whipped like I deserve."

"I'll oblige, but I need to know that you two are OK. I can't take responsibility for things Jesse, but that don't mean I don't care about you and Randy, 'cause I do."

"We're just fine Cal. Him and me, well, it's all so new to us, we, I mean I didn't know what to do, how to feel, I'm just learning too." Cal nodded, "That's good then. OK, lead the way."

We all stood nervously in the barn waiting for Uncle Nat. I really didn't want to see Jesse get a strapping, not this particular time anyway. but that was not in my control. Uncle Nat arrived and we all turned and looked at him. He looked at us. I could see Uncle Nat took no pleasure in saying, "OK nephew, let's get this over with, strip off, you're getting a good strapping' boy."

Jesse said nothing, but looked anxious. I was doubly anxious as I watched him. I looked at Cal who looked at me, not happy about it either. Jesse manfully went over to the bale and lay over the edge of it like he was supposed to. Uncle Nat walked slowly to the wall, got his strap and made it ready. I just couldn't help myself,

"Uncle Nathan? I don't feel right about letting Jesse do this alone. I ought to join Jesse, that is if you don't mind whipping on two boys, instead of just one." Jesse looked over at me, about to say something, but then he stopped. He was letting me be my own boy. Uncle Nat looked at me and had the smallest glimmer of a smile. I knew he respected my decision, "Well, all right then, get to it Randy, we ain't got all night."

I couldn't tell whether I was being noble or stupid or maybe just a fool who was in love and didn't want to see his lover suffer alone, maybe all of it. I stripped off and for once wasn't turned on or anything close to it as I usually might. This time  it was just that sense of personal pride that I made my own decision to do what I felt was the right thing for me. I settled in right next to Jesse. He turned his head and smiled and whispered, "I love you Randy Wolcott." I smiled, reached over and squeezed his hand, "I love you too Jesse McKensie."

And that was the last good feelings for a few minutes. Uncle Nathan's strap started to roast our naked hind quarters. It was just like always, hard stinging pain. Jesse's face screwed up in regrets, so did mine. Oh yes, I wished I'd kept my big mouth shut, but I didn't and now I was suffering and there comes a point when it didn't matter that Jesse was sharing it with me, it just plain hurt. But Uncle Nat didn't care to give us both much past twenty licks apiece that night. He stopped finally, but not before I had to sniff back some tears and snot, Jesse too.

"OK, let that be a lesson, for the both of you," and that was it. Uncle Nathan walked to the wall and set the strap back up. I pushed myself up, my behind throbbing like crazy. So did Jesse. I looked back at his bottom and he looked at mine, "Ain't much difference, Uncle Nat knows how to tan a boy's behind pretty good." I nodded and gently rubbed my aching rear.

Cal had been sitting on a bale and watching the whole time. I turned and saw him look at us kind of funny, tipped his hat at us and nodded, stood and walked out of the barn. Jesse looked at me and I at him. Before now, we might have asked Cal to stay and enjoy a little after-glow, but not now, not ever again as far as I was concerned.

Well, now that Cal was gone and we were alone, nature took its course. We hugged each other closely and kissed a long kiss, "I won't ever do that again Jesse, I promise. It wasn't worth any of it, just for sex. I love you more than my own life," and then I hugged him closely to myself, naturally feeling my cock start to harden. For once, Jesse didn't feel obligated to respond.

I could see him grin however and then he dropped to his knees and started to suck my cock, using his hands to gently rub my sore throbbing bottom. We didn't do anything much more than that for each other in the barn that night and back up in our bedroom at bedtime, Jesse spooned me so closely into himself that I thought he was going to just gobble me up. Just before sleep took over, he said, "I love you so much Randy. You're my lover and my best friend forever and well, we'll be just fine."

More to come …

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