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Jesse: Nebraska Rancher's Son - Part Six


PJ Franklin

Author's Note: Some of Randy Wolcott's and Jesse McKensie's first summer moments and times together were idyllic and never to be forgotten, but time does pass. Randy will now be forwarded to a special morning in any teen's life, but also provide us with a little insight into the prior three years.

I awoke the morning of my 18th birthday, a Saturday, my eyes just popped open out of a dead sleep. I'd been waiting for this moment seemingly for years, and here it was. Finally, I was 18 years old and that meant I was an "official" adult and could do a few things in the world that I couldn't before; but somehow, as I lie next to Jesse, him on his back next to me in our bed with his eyes still closed, I really didn't feel any different and wondered that it was such a big deal anymore.

I still couldn't "officially" go in a bar and drink alcohol, neither could Jesse at nineteen years old, but somehow that sort of privilege  still came our way "unofficially" on account of how many friends and confidants we now had around Burwell, one real close friend in particular you would not even believe. I still didn't.

Well, because it was my birthday, we did get to "sleep in" at bit, clear until six A.M. Doesn't seem like much, but it was a big deal to us, we were used to 4 and 4:30 AM rising times most days except Sundays. I sighed. The clock said 5:30 AM, so I just lay there next to Jesse and let my mind recount how I got to that point in my life with Jesse since being fifteen years old. Some things were way different, but others were just the same, like Jesse and I were still together and more in love every single day. Not that we didn't have our spats and tangles here and there over the last three years of living right under each other's noses, but it was good, real good in fact.

"What're you thinking about birthday boy?" Jesse suddenly said, his eyes popping open with a big pre-planned grin. I looked up at him as he propped up his head on his elbow extended hand. Seldom would I ever wake up at any time of the morning and him not already be awake or just after me.

"How serious I was that you didn't make a big deal out of my birthday," I replied in a typical Randy Wolcott understatement whenever something, anything, was about me. His grin softened just a little, "Now what fun would that be?" leaned over and started to grope me under the covers and kissed me on the lips, then backed off with a real suspicious and sneaky look on his face, leaving me with a boner even harder than the one I woke up with.

I gave him the best scowl I could under the circumstances, so it wasn't much, "What have you got up your sneaky sleeve?!" and his grin widened, "Wouldn't you like to know," and then I noticed something peculiar. We both usually slept together nude, no T-shirts, no underwear. I was stark naked still as usual. I was beat from the day's work before and hadn't even noticed Jesse was still wearing his T-shirt and white boxers after we went to bed the night before.

I thought nothing of it, however, until suddenly and out of the blue at that time of the morning no less, stood another boy Jesse's age in our bedroom doorway. I about passed out, "Tommy?!!"

Late September of my very first year in Nebraska, Burwell High School:

"Kick his ass Tommy! Come on! Kick that queer fucker's ass!!" the boy yelled from the circle of both boys and girls that surrounded Tommy King and I out in the parking lot in front of the high school. I had had enough of Tommy King's three long weeks of loudly mumbled "fag," "faggot," or "queer bastard" remarks whenever he was near me and Jesse was not around.

Jesse and I had decided to try to ignore what new peer verbal threats might happen in mine and our first days of high school in Nebraska that fall, but that I also needed to stand up for myself, just as he had to. Saying it turned out to be a lot harder than doing it. Tommy's reputation for having confronted Papa and us in the streets earlier that summer was still fresh in everyone's mind, including mine.

It seemed that no matter how close Jesse and I had become over that first wonderful summer, I was still having bad dreams about Tommy King. Mom had come to visit me hardly a month before and encouraged my decision to stay on with the McKensies and then surprised me with one of her own, to move up to Northern California to be with a man she had met after she and my Dad divorced. She was going to try and have a happy life and wanted one for me too.

All was well until Tommy King and his little band of cowardly bullies decided to target me instead of Jesse for their hateful remarks at school and there was nothing anyone could or would do about it. The adults at the school certainly would not, that is until something actually happened because of it. Well, that something was about to happen. Tommy threatened to kick my ass in the parking lot after school and I was scared shitless, but wasn't going to back down and was pretty sure I was going to die trying to defend my honor against Tommy.

"Come on you queer fucker! I'll give you the first punch, but I doubt a faggot knows how to fight proper!" Tommy taunted me. The problem was, Tommy didn't know how red hot angry I really was inside, so I stomped forward and yelled, "FINE!" reached back and hit him square on the nose!

"OUUUUUU! HE BROKE MY NOSE!!" Tommy collapsed onto his knees, blood gushing. Principal Hatfield was now making his way through the crowd of kids who didn't want him to interfere, "What is going on here? Wolcott?! King?!" and then Jesse turned up right behind him, took one look at me standing, then at the tears and blood running down Tommy's face and grinned, "You kicked his mother-fucking ass Randy! Yeaaa!" and Mr. Hatfield rolled his eyes, "Mr. McKensie! That will quite enough!"

Quite soon after that, I had my underwear and Wrangler jeans around my ankles, me bent over in the Principal's office, holding my ankles, counting out five hard painful paddle swats on my bare rear for having fought with Tommy King on school property after school. Tommy got no punishment, save a very painful broken nose and a trip to the doctor's for his trouble. I was the only one to get a punch in.

Jesse waited outside Mr. Hatfield's office as I got my paddling, put my clothes back on and listened to yet another lecture about how "violence" solves no problems. Why we were fighting in the first place could never really be explained to adults in those days, so I walked out of Hatfield's office holding a disciplinary slip to be sighed and returned by Uncle Nat the next day.

Jesse stood up as I walked out, his face worried, "So, how was it?" and I shrugged, rubbing my sore seat, "It hurt plenty, but I don't care, I kicked his ass!" and Jesse grinned, "Yes you did!!" and came over and kissed me right on the lips just as Mr.Hatfield opened the door to check who else might be waiting for discipline, "Wolcott! McKensie!" and we made out of there fast and went home. When we got there and everyone read the disciplinary slip, Uncle Nat last, he grinned and tore up the slip, "Hatfield, that bastard. You just wait till I lecture him, I'm proud of you Randy," and all my sisters and even Mama cheered! Let's just say that I was the top man that night in bed.

But it wasn't done yet and we all knew it, but especially Clark Wooley. Uncle Nat's and Aunt Betty's step-son was in our lives now, in and out, depending on his rodeo obligations around the PBRA circuit. He was also engaged to be married to a pretty cowgirl named Suzanne and they both had taken a shining to Jesse and me, encouraging Jesse in his calf-roping and for me, Clark turned out to be a great "big brother" kind of guy, talk about me grinning ear to ear for how he treated me like a little prince.

Once Tommy King's nose was feeling a lot better, he was still hopping mad and now rumors were flying around about him not only kicking my ass for embarrassing him in front of the whole school, but maybe killing me too. "This has gone far enough, far damn enough. There's only one way to solve this problem!" Clark confidently informed at supper one night and in front of me. Funny, Uncle Nat didn't stand in Clark's way once he found out what it was, either, but Clark was becoming not only a very successful professional rodeo bull rider, but a responsible family man as well, so was trusted to provide a sensible solution.

Well, with cowboys, "sensible" can kind of take on odd meanings now and again. The next thing I knew the following Friday night, me and Tommy stood side by side in the emptied McKensie ranch hand bunkhouse, glaring at each other at Clark's bidding and had to drink two cans of beer each before we were then locked up together "for the night" with the balance of two six packs of beer, instructed to polish off the rest of the beer and work our differences out. Clark said drunkenness would make us either bond, "cowboy style," or beat the crap out of each other fair and square, cowboy style as well. In any case, respect would be won.

Jesse complained that he wasn't allowed to join us and tried everything in the book but failed. We each then guzzled the hateful tasting stuff and Clark left us, dragging a pouty Jesse with him. The door was closed, locked, and Tommy and I looked at each other. Neither of us had been allowed to ever get drunk on anything, officially that is, and never mind still being angry with each other, all we wanted was to drink beer. So we did and fairly guzzled down two more beers each, still glaring at each other at first, but  then started to belching like crazy and then started to point at each other and giggle and then laugh. That beer went to our heads really fast. We were two green-horn light weights about to get our asses kicked, but kicked together with good old fashioned alcohol.

I got so dizzy, I fell down and he laughed his ass off at me and then stumbled down and sat right next to me and looked at me, "I'm drunk … and so are you Randy Wolcott." I looked at him, my head spinning, "Fuck you, you stupid fucker," and he blinked and started to laugh, then I started to laugh and we couldn't stop laughing for about five long minutes of gut-aching guffaws at each other, but then both realized we were laughing just as much about ourselves as at the other guy.

We finally stopped laughing and I wanted to feel self-conscious being alone with him, but couldn't and neither could he about me. After a while of babbling about nothing much back and forth to each other, Tommy asked me, "What's it like kissing a boy?" And I giggled through my very drunken stupor, "Pretty good, how about kissing a girl?" and he said, "Not sure, never done it," and was dead serious and that's what turned the tide between us.

I knew how good it felt to kiss the boy I loved and that alcohol kind of encouraged me to feel badly for Tommy for not being able to know what that was like with a girl. He looked sad then. "Well, don't you have a girl you like and want to kiss and marry and stuff?" I asked. He looked at me, "Julieann Young, sweet and pretty Julieann," and then Tommy went into his own drunken cowboy meanderings about the female wonders of Julieann's ass and bosoms and legs and lips and all.

"So you asked her out on a date?" I asked, belching. He belched and giggled, "No, her Pa thinks I'm a crude bastard, won't let her," and I looked at Tommy, "Well, you are!" and then we cracked up laughing all over again. But when it stopped he asked me, "What's it like making love with Jesse?" and that got to me and I went into the wonders of loving Jesse McKensie and Tommy didn't make fun of me or get angry. He said, "Wish I could have a girl to love, like you love him."

I had to ask it, "But I thought you hated me and Jesse?" And he looked at me, looking guilty, "No, not really, not any more. You kicked my ass Randy, broke my nose. Made me think that all that crap I said, well, it's just kind of expected around here. My friends dared me and I took it up, but being here with you like this … well … that was purely wrong of me. I'm sorry Randy," and that really got to me, even in my drunk state. Then I got an idea. Being a homosexual boy in a high school had one benefit. All the girls liked me and Jesse and would talk to me and Jesse about the other boys and that sometimes that would piss off the other boys.

"I'll talk to Julieann and tell her that you're a good guy and she should try and date you!" and he looked at me, "You'd do that after all I done to you and Jesse?" and I didn't have to think, "I just want us all to be friends Tommy, I don't want to fight. Jesse and I can't help who we are and to want each other, no more than you can help to want to have Julieann."

Tommy was sitting apart from me, reached over and got two of the last four cans of beer left, then sidled up close to me and slung an arm around my shoulders, "Come on buddy, let's get shit-faced and be friends." I grinned, "I thought I was already shit-faced. How about we get fucked up drunk" and he laughed, "Fucked up drunk!!" and we did. We polished off all six cans of beer each that night and talked about rodeo stuff and other stuff we would never remember talking about, except about him talking about Julieann and me talking about Jesse.

When my very anxious boyfriend, Cal and Uncle Nat found us two ex-beer guzzling underage teenagers  the next morning, we were passed out on the floor, sitting up against a bunkhouse wall kind of leaning against each other. Hangovers are no fun my friend! But I did talk to Julieann about a week later about Tommy and though it took a bit of doing, she finally did date Tommy, then a year later, they got married and Jesse and I were ushers in their wedding.

Tommy King grinned wide and I suddenly felt surrounded. It didn't take much brains to figure out that Tommy and Jesse had set me up for a little very early morning birthday surprise, but I was not only buck ass naked under the covers, but boned up pretty well by now and nervous as a cornered mouse!

Tommy started to walk towards me and then he and Jesse started to sing the Happy Birthday song. I blushed, "Oh no, no you don't Tommy! Jesse!" and Tommy didn't bat an eyelash. He came right over and sat on my bedside, him all handsome and decked out in a nice western shirt and his tight fitting Wranglers and all (that's right, Jesse and I were still looking but never touching!) and I tried to inch away from Tommy, but just ended up in a very tighter than usual "hug" from Jesse under the covers and that felt much more like captivity than a hug.

But what could I do? Nothing, but enjoy the unexpected company of a man I loved to death and a boy who had not only become a true friend, but a confidant as well. Yes, I knew I was going to get it, probably from both boys just like last year and as usual, my intrinsic embarrassment about being boned up in front of Tommy was the only thing keeping me from full enjoyment. Well, the song ended and Tommy smiled at Jesse, "So what now partner?" and Jesse grins, "Birthday spanking time!"

I just blew my cheeks out and sighed. I was taller, heavier and much stronger now than during last year's embarrassing attack on a boy's ego, but at least we three were alone and not like last year. In any case, I could not physically defend myself against both Tommy and Jesse combined and there was no way they would let me out of it (and not that I wanted out of it, either!).

At my sixteenth birthday party two years earlier, Uncle Nat had my Wrangler covered butt high up over his knee in front of my sisters, other family, Cal and a bunch of other grinning boys and girls, older and younger than me and I got my sixteen whacks, plus one "to grow an inch." I didn't know you could get facial sunburn from embarrassment, but I almost did.

But that did not hold a miserable flickering candle to a year just before now. Public birthday spankings from the adults in my life had ceased forever after I turned sixteen, but tell that to Cal, Jesse, Tommy and a few other older boy guests and friends. First, they got me drunk, that was fine. But that was just a prank to lower my inhibitions. I thought I had skated on the birthday spanking thing, save that Jesse would give me a private bare ass birthday spanking, just like when I was sixteen the year prior. That was fun. Talk about great sex afterwards and he always let me do the same for him on his birthdays.

But on that one occasion, I got sequestered with them all in the bunkhouse, stripped buck ass naked, passed around and birthday spanked on the bare by all present males. Talk about a waste of loss of inhibitions. My poor dick didn't know whether to stand up proud with unintended (or intended) vigor or shrink away in embarrassment from exposure. But it really was all good. Jesse and I got invites to a number of their birthdays as well and got some payback in, here and there.

"OK, " I pouted, "Let's just get this over with," and tried to bluff the boys with the real McCoy. But that was useless, if not unwise. Jesse unleashed a hard spank to my thigh, "Now you stop that Randy or I'll turn you over my knee or over Tommy's knee for real and get your attitude right, hear me?!" and I had to just smile, "I was just joking, OK, I'm all yours!" and got a little sarcastic with it, but that was OK. So Jesse flung off the covers and I was on my tummy, bare butt up, right there with Tommy present. He didn't bat an eyelash about it of course.

"Let's take turns Tommy, I'll spank him one, you the next, nine times each, then we'll split the last one," he grinned. Of course, I had to quip, "How do you split a spank? That sounds stupid!" and got a preemptive hard spank for my effort, "Shut your trap boy, less you want to get doubles!" and so I did and just enjoyed the attention. Only I got more attention than bargained for.

Even I didn't expect that as they started in and just wailed on my ass with their hard hands, Jesse then reached under my hips and grabbed my dick with his fist! "Jesse?! What are you doing?!" I complained and Tommy said, "Just shut up Randy and enjoy it and don't act like a wuss!" and I covered up the sides of my face with my hands cupped like you did when you were like eight years old and needed to hide your embarrassment or shame from an adult. I knew what was going to happen and really wasn't into making funny grunting noises or causing Tommy to have to see or smell anything, but apparently that was no longer my choice.

Jesse knew what he was doing and I guess it was OK with Tommy too, so I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. They spanked me my age plus one and I kind of gently rutted and thrust my hips with each hard stinging birthday spank and Jesse got me off into his hand! They had planned it and it was just a funny prank and not having sex with three guys, that was not the idea at all.

Jesse then covered me up with a small towel he had hidden away under his pillow and I sat up on my somewhat sore can in between Jesse and Tommy. Tommy slid his arm across my shoulders, "Hey partner, Happy Birthday but say, Jesse and me got you a birthday present."

I grinned. What boy at any age doesn't like birthday gifts, "What did you guys get me?!" and they chuckled, "Oh, you'll have to wait for that, till later," which is what I expected. Then Tommy really got not only my attention but Jesse's as well, "And there's something else. You know Julieann is pregnant and all we been talking and if it's a boy, we want to use one of your names for his middle name, we just couldn't decide, so we thought we'd just let you boys decide. Hell, if it was up to me, I'd have twin boys and give middle names of both of you to each boy."

I looked at Jesse, who seemed more shocked than me even. "Well Tommy, you shouldn't do that. I mean, you got lots of male relatives who deserve that honor, not us, not me anyway!" Jesse said and I nodded, "Me either!" and he smiled, "Well, I would expect you boys to say that, Julie too … " and speaking of Julieann King, now she was at the door and the smell of breakfast including hot coffee was instantly in our noses and I scrambled fast back under the covers.

Julieann had come over to the house with her husband at that early morning hour and had been cooking up a storm with Mama and my sisters and now she stood there smiling, gleaming really, and was holding a big tray of flap-jacks with a glob of melting butter running lazily off from up on top, along with bacon, sausage, eggs, orange juice, milk, coffee, biscuits, jam and who knew what else, "Happy Birthday Randy! This here is for you and Jesse to enjoy by yourselves in bed!"

Tommy stood, "I just told 'em about naming the baby and all if it's a boy and they're all against it." Tommy said that on purpose because he knew that Julieann would say, "That's foolish pride! You'll decide eventually or I'll have Tommy put the belt to both of you and I'll watch!" and she meant it too!

I looked at Jesse trying my best to control my emotions, "Guess we'll just have to decide then," and we grinned and he stood and I almost lost my towel standing up and we quickly hugged Tommy, "Thank you Tommy, that means an awful lot after all we've all been through together," I said, but I think Jesse was too moved to say anything more about it and let my speech stand for both of us.

"Well, it's settled then so we'll see. Now you two eat up and come downstairs when you're ready," and Tommy got the tray from Julie and set it on our laps together and we watched them walk out and closed the door. I was smiling by then, but when I turned to look at Jesse, he had a single tear running down his cheek and he looked at me, wiping it quickly away, "What are you looking at!?" and sniffed.

I just looked down at the wonderful breakfast and smiled, outwardly and inwardly and without saying another word, took a sip of O.J. and then coffee (black by now, just like everyone else) and grabbed my fork to go and enjoy a very rare treat of breakfast in bed.

"And what's wrong with feeling a little soft inside when somebody offers to give their kid's middle name after you or your lover?" Jesse said, trying to act all macho. I wasn't smiling anymore, just felt kind of quietly happy, but more important, content. Contentment was not always easy to come by and I enjoyed it when I could, just like then.

"Nothing's wrong with it. I never said that Jesse," and tried to ignore him and didn't look at him, but saw him sip the same liquids in the same order as I did. I'd copied him over the years of course for such small things. Then I glanced over and down at his fork and he snatched it up, "Besides, if it's a boy, gonna give your name to it, not mine. I don't have a chance in the competition," and just like always, Jesse was trying to give me things before my due.

"Ain't  no competition Jesse. Your name deserves on Tommy's kid if it's a boy, 'cause you knew him first ahead of me," I replied. He nudged me kind of strong sideways and just kept on eating and drinking and didn't look at me the whole time, nor I at him as I kept on drinking and eating the delicious meal. "Don't argue with me over it. I'll take you direct to the barn and take Papa's ol' strap after you and don't think I care who watches," Jesse said in one of his famous proud McKensie huffs and it was finished. Don't think I didn't feel like I was the most pampered and cared about boy or man in the entire universe during those moments up there with him alone.

After we finished eating and every crumb and every drop was consumed, I set the tray down and away from the floor and pushed Jesse back onto the bed, lowered his shorts to his knees and didn't say a thing to him. I just went at him with a vengeance with my mouth and made sure he knew how much I appreciated him at that moment, well, as much as a quick blow job could transmit that kind of thing that early in the morning.

* * * * * * * * * *

The day progressed. We had work to do as always, that never stopped no matter birthdays or holidays including Christmas, but eventually there was a modest sized birthday barbecue, just not as many other folks in attendance like other years, other than family and especially Julieann and Tommy King this year. I got a lot of wonderful homemade gifts and things that always made me smile. My Mom had sent me a check of money from her and her new husband of two years, Harold, from California and I felt very content and had forgotten about the gift that Tommy had hinted at hours before.

It was about 2 PM now and I was full of barbecue and birthday cake and red fruit punch and all, we all were and Jesse looked at Tommy and nodded, "Come on Randy, let's get to the stables." I just looked at him, "What for?" I asked kind of dumbly. "Just come on!" Tommy grinned and slapped my back and I walked with them and then remembered Tommy's tease earlier. I said nothing and we started to walk into Wild Bill's and Winchester's stall area and I had no idea until I saw it, gleaming on a saddle stand right in the middle between the stalls like a bright and shiny new diamond, a brand new saddle, but just not any saddle.

I knew my riding, working and roping saddles by then and just like anything else, there was ordinary, good, excellent, then after that, legendary brands. I had good and even excellent saddles for most occasions and didn't need a new one, but like anything that you really like, you just have to acquire one after another, just because. I looked at Tommy and Jesse and they were grinning ear to ear. Then Tommy had to go and say, "Jesse and me, we saved up for a year and split the cost, Happy Birthday Randy!"

I had no words, I just flushed and ran up to the saddle and sure enough, there was the stamp. This was a genuine Nebraskan Harpham Brothers saddle, handmade and about as beautiful in its own way as a newborn calf or foal. I knew it had cost the boys close to seven hundred dollars, a small fortune in those days. Twenty years hence, that very same saddle would fetch nearly two thousand dollars at auction, no matter how used it was.

I turned and they walked up. "Well, do ya like it?" Jesse grinned. I just kind of shuffled and leaned over and kissed Jesse on his cheek, "I sure do … I just don't know what to say," and then I did the same to Tommy without thinking, kissed him on his cheek and then backed off, "Sorry Tommy, I just got carried away. It's a Harpham, it's beautiful and it cost a fortune and you guys you ought not … " but I stopped myself and didn't say the rest as I usually would have, and turned and ran my hands over it, "God, I just have to try it out now!"

"Let me partner," Tommy said and nudging me aside, lifted its heavy bulk up and Jesse got Wild Bill untied from this stall and brought him over. Tommy hoisted the saddle up on Wild Bill and we cinched the saddle's new belt around Wild Bill's girth and I got up on it. I sighed. It was like sitting on a cloud, so smooth and perfectly contoured. I almost popped a boner, but the rest of the surprise had not yet been revealed.

Suddenly, there was Jesse's quarter horse, Tornado, all saddled up with bulging saddle bags and not one, but two Winchester Model 9422 - .22 Lever Action Rifles. Then Tommy brought up his quarter horse, Rose, and she was all loaded up including Tommy's 9422, just the same as ours.

I looked at them both and grinned, "Don't tell me, " and  they grinned back and me and Jesse said, "Yup, we're all headed out overnight. Gonna have us some fun shooting up targets and … " then Jesse and Tommy looked both ways and showed me a big new bottle of Old No. 7, Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey and enough rolling tobacco and papers to service three boys for about a day, all of it courtesy and secretly not only from Clark Wooley, but from Uncle Nat as well.

"Let's go!" I shouted and they saddled up and we took off at a gallop. I guess there are times in a guy's life when things are so wrong as to feel as if there is no daylight in sight. But then, there are times when you feel as if you've reached a kind of heaven, a feeling of freedom and delight that nothing on Earth could possibly be responsible for and I had it in Spades. I had my best friend now and my life lover and partner at my sides, us racing our steeds at breakneck speeds and yelling like crazy guys at each other.

We made It out so our special spot and set up our camp at the same place far back on Papa's ranch as Jesse and I had before when we had camped out and consummated our bodies together twice before. We immediately took to that bottle of Jack Daniels, but carefully. Jack's was a pretty strong drink straight out of the bottle and nobody wanted to get sick.

Then Tommy rolled us all smokes and we three were in cowboy heaven for hours. We shot up targets, but kept enough ammunition for protection from wild coyotes. Rumor had it that a rogue pack was loose somewhere in the region, but nobody knew where. At any rate, after so much alcohol, you can't shoot straight if you wanted.

The campfire was never so big and warm and the grub so good and the company so pure and without a need to feel anything but that you'd finally reached a point of happiness, security and contentment, not only with yourself, but with your fellows, so that life could never be just that good ever again. Only, none of us could realize what was to happen next.

We finally hit the sack, me and Jesse in our own sleeping bag and Tommy in his. We were all buff, that was just natural to all of us on campouts as well as at home, even with Tommy. Well, predictably, Jesse and I got horny for each other, but were not about to do anything with Tommy there. Tommy was not stupid, he got out of his bag after awhile and put on his Wranglers, "Now you two have a good time. I'm taking my rifle and going for a long ride!" and he took off on Rose. I grinned at Jesse, "Now that's a good man there," and he agreed and we watched him disappear over a small hillock.

So, Jesse and I started to go at it, nice and slow too. There was no hurry and we loved kissing, so we did that for awhile, then got to rubbing and petting and fingering this and that and before long, our oral tendencies kicked in and we were all 69'd up on top of the sleeping bag out under the star filled Nebraskan sky, just like before, and pleasing each other just like always. I was in heaven, my mouth and tongue buried up high into Jesse's awesome ass crack and hole and he into mine when suddenly, we heard shots, rifle shots.

Well, two nearly fornicating young horny cowboys shot up to our feet and without saying a word, slipped on our Wranglers without boots, threw up and cinched our saddles onto our horses in about thirty seconds and took off after the direction of the shots. How it was that we both were simultaneously worried that Tommy was in mortal trouble could never be known, only that Jesse and I raced our steeds at dangerous speeds towards our friend and it was a good thing too.

Even in the dim moonlight, as we approached, even I could see that Tommy was fending off a pack of large animals, coyotes, and by the looks of it, that rogue pack had invaded our territory and didn't give a damn what or who it killed. Apparently, Tommy had been thrown off his horse when the animals attacked Rose and Rose had run off. Tommy had his rifle but was about out of ammunition and there was no way in hell that by himself, he was going to be able to nail all six moving targets set on killing him.

I didn't bother to dismount, neither did Jesse and we pulled up our Winchesters and let off about six rounds apiece. That was enough really. We nailed about two of them, Tommy had only managed one, he had been so ambushed and the other three finally took off. I flew down to the ground, so did Jesse and ran up to Tommy who had collapsed to his knees, pale as a ghost and trembling like a small child. He was still frightened to death and that meant potential shock. The weather was good, but we were all half naked and Tommy was in danger of exposure in his emotional condition.

"They almost got me. I almost died before I got to be a daddy!!" and Tommy started to uncontrollably weep and sob and then I started in and so did Jesse. We were all frightened to death realizing how close it all really was and Jesse and I hugged Tommy to us and he to us as well for just a little while. Rose came back when the pack left and was waiting. Silently, we all saddled up and rode back to our camp, every boy deep into his own thoughts and very sober.

Finally, ready to bed down, Jesse and I slipped off our Wranglers as we stood by our sleeping bag. Tommy did the same and we were all naked. Tommy looked at us, his eyes pleading, "I know it ain't right and all, but I can't sleep alone, I just can't. I might as well just admit it. I'm still so afraid." I looked at Jesse and he nodded, "Get over here Tommy, ain't  no shame in it and it is right. You sleep with us, you ain't gonna sleep alone, come on." Without hesitating, Tommy climbed into our bag with us, as naked as we were. Jesse spooned Tommy to himself and Tommy spooned me, holding me gently into his arms and hands, I guessed like he did Julieann, I had no idea.

Did I pop a boner? No, I did not. I was still pretty shook up and just thanked God that Tommy was safe and alive and that those animals had not been able to make Julieann and their future child without a father. Did it feel good to be close to Tommy none the less? Well, sure it did, but I noticed right away, it was not like being spooned by Jesse and that's when it hit me, that this was maybe much more like those old cowboys a hundred years before us, being gentle, kind and loving towards one another.

Maybe they slept naked together and didn't get all aroused, or if they did, so what. Maybe they enjoyed each other's sex for brief moments in a way that signaled friendship and closeness and not at all in the way that Jesse and I felt things. Or maybe they did, who cared. All I knew was that it felt good and I felt good and didn't need to feel horny or worked up about it.

The truth was, I nodded off and when I awoke a few hours later under the still black early morning sky, I needed to pee real badly and carefully got up out of the sleeping bag to walk a ways away before I let it loose. Well, Tommy got up after me and came over to me and we both let loose side by side. I said nothing, but I did try to sneak a look at Tommy's awesome older guy's body. I glanced at Tommy's penis too as well as the pale stream of urine and it all kind of turned me on, in my head anyway.

Then Tommy surprised me and swiveling his hips, almost sprayed me with his stream. I giggled, "Stop it, that's disgusting!" and he laughed softly, "I know it. A guy and me did that a long time ago, it was so stupid, but it was kind of fun too." And then we finished. I was about to go back to the sleeping bag when Tommy asked, "Randy, mind if I tell you something you got to keep secret, even from Jesse?"

That took me by surprise, especially that he didn't want Jesse to know, but I nodded, "Well sure Tommy." He nodded and was very solemn as he led us to a nearby tree and sat in the sandy dirt and me next to him. "Just after Julie got pregnant, she got kind of sick and upset and all. Well, the sex with her had been real good up till then and I loved it too much. She cut me off and I got upset and I went and slept with a whore … just one time," and then he just sat there looking into the ground, awfully guilt-ridden on his face.

How could I know what to say? Then he looked up, but not at me yet, "I never told nobody, except now. After what happened earlier, I realized that life can end in a second of time and I didn't want to keep that secret anymore. I had to share it. I hope you don't think I'm a bad person because of it."

"Sometimes, I look at another boy or Jesse does and I know we're both tempted feeling except, it's too dangerous to even think about such things, except that one time with Alan Riley. And that was together and all." Tommy smiled, "Yea, Alan told me about that. It made me so angry with him that he would do that with you guys, but maybe I was just envious, I don't know."

"You're not a bad person because of that Tommy and don't worry. It's not the kind of thing I want to tell Jesse. Maybe that's selfish, but I'd like to think that you and me are special together, different from the three of us or from you and Jesse. Maybe that's wrong of me."

Tommy's arm came across my shoulder, "No, that's not wrong and you're right. You and me are special friends Randy, the kind that only come along once in a lifetime, just like with Julieann and me. She told me once what you said about me. You lied up one side and down the other and she knew it. Only because it was you that said them lies, she chose to believe them and you know what? The lies all turned into the truth. Thank you for that Randy. I could never thank you enough for her," and then Tommy leaned over and kissed my temple, stood up and offered me a hand up to my feet, which I took.

Jesse had stirred and got up and peed by himself then came back to the sleeping bag. I was afraid of something happening, so I made sure that Jesse was in the middle and me spooning him. Frankly, if something were to happen between Jesse and Tommy, I would not have cared or worried a lick. The rare and harsh emotions of that evening could cause about anything to happen to nobody's fault.

My penis did harden into Jesse's butt crack and his hand did carefully reach back and tried to stimulate my penis a bit later. Tommy was asleep and I might have let him, but I gently pulled Jesse's hand off of me. I wanted Tommy's secret to be pure and just for me and not have the memory of what he had told me and what else had happened that evening complicated by the additional and useless memory of Jesse pulling me off.

Even without Tommy knowing about it, it was just how I felt at the time. Jesse must have been half asleep when he tried it, and just kind of nodded off, my penis getting soft very quickly and he never mentioned it later. But I knew, yes, I did.

The next day, we all got up, ate and packed up and rode home. I would remember that night for the rest of my life and counted it as maybe the most pure thing I had ever experienced among other boys besides just Jesse and me. We had come so close to death that night for one of us, then so close physically and emotionally afterwards in safety and that feeling would linger for me in a quiet way that I could cuddle and preserve privately within my own mind from time to time over the years.

Four months later, Thomas Randy King, Jr. was born into this world. I got ganged up on with the name thing, but had no complaints about the final decision. I stood next to Julieann's bed between his proud Dad, Tommy, on one side and my Jesse on the other and held the only few hours old infant in my arms and looked at his handsome eyes. It would be one of the very rare times I would regret that I would never marry a girl and naturally father a son or daughter for myself.

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