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Jesse: Nebraska Rancher's Son - Part Seven


PJ Franklin

They tell us that dying is a natural part of living and life. Well, if it is, tell it to somebody else, just not to Jesse or me. For the first two years after Papa Hank and Mama were killed in a car crash around Omaha, Jesse and I would visit their side by side graves at the Burwell Cemetery at least every month or two.

We would bring flowers, visit and talk, catch them up on how things were going at the ranch and recall all the wonderful things of our early years together, especially remembering my very first day in Nebraska when I first set eyes on the man I still so desperately loved, Jesse McKensie, their only son.

Then, over the next year after that, those visits started to lengthen out by quite a bit, that year we were there but once per season, spring, summer, fall and winter. And now, in the present year, well, it was spring and we had not been out to visit since the prior fall. It had been a hard winter, this last one, but the fact was that life did go on and it was time to let go.

Jesse and I were twenty and nineteen when we lost Papa and Mama and now we were twenty-five and twenty-four. A lot happens in five years. Uncle Nathan had to retire after a tractor accident had ruined his spine and was living in Lincoln with his wife's kin.

Uncle Nat's step-son, Clark Wooley, the now ex-professional bull rider, was working part time as well as living in Burwell with his wife of three years, Miriam, and their two year old son Donald or Donny, another on the way as well! Clark had already been spending a lot of extra time out at our place, helping us out in a big way, so we were trying to get Clark and Miriam to just move out to our place and live in the main house, saving them some money.

Speaking of money, it was not at issue for us; Papa and Mama had left boatloads of money for everyone in the family. Jesse and I were going to need more of Clark's help soon anyway and on a more permanent basis as we'd just bought the farm and ranch lands next to us and were expanding operations rather than cutting back, including building a bigger and more modern bunkhouse for the extra hired hands we would need to work the place.

There was also plenty of space in the main house now because Amanda and Alison had both moved out having found husbands and both families had moved to New York State and were doing well and growing up nephews and cousins.

Alicia remained with us, however, claiming that somebody had to stay behind and do the "woman's work." We were not going to complain about that. Alicia was as good a cook as Mama had been and had always been the most like her in so many ways. It was a comfort to Jesse and I that Alicia was so adamant to stay on with us.

So that brings me to Tommy King. I thought Jesse and I were never going to stop crying and grieving over losing Papa and Mama in that week after the tragedy, but it was Tommy who showed us what real heartache was. He and Papa had finally made up over that nasty incident on the sidewalk in Burwell from years before and were the closest of friends for about a year before the tragedy.

When it came time to visit the funeral home and view Papa and Mama laying side by side in their caskets, it was hard enough for Jesse and I to see them like that, but we somehow kept it together in order to help greet the hundreds of folks who passed by inside of that chapel to pay their respects that day.

I thought we were going to make it, that is until Tommy, wife Juliann, and all their kin came streaming in, all ten of them after the main bulk of folks had come and gone. Juliann and her mother-in-law, Emma, Tommy's mother, had gone to the trouble of dressing up my godson, Thomas Randy or T.R. into a little suit of clothes for the funeral and he was only two years old at the time.

When I turned and saw them coming and saw the look of shock and sadness on Tommy's face, tears already streaming down his face, I looked at Jesse. Jesse said as plain as day, "So much for tryin' " and I felt my heart sink. Everyone just stopped. Juliann was holding T.R. and seeing me, rushed up to me and gave me T.R. to hold and then went back and took Tommy's hand and slowly walked up with him to Mama's casket first while everyone just stayed back and watched.

Tommy just stood there a moment, reached out his hand and touched Mama's hand saying something soft and gentle to her. Then he turned and walked to Papa's casket. Juliann had been holding his hand, but he took it from her, walked up to Papa's head and leaned over and kissed Papa's cold forehead, then said something that nobody could hear.

All I could do was helplessly hold T.R. closely to me and start to tear up myself as Tommy took one step back and dropping to his knees, put his hands to his face and started to sob a little, then to cry and then to outright hard wracking sobs. Jesse rushed to his side and kneeling put his arm around Tommy's shoulders.

I couldn't hold back any longer either. I rushed over to Juliann, gave her T.R. back and joined Tommy and Jesse in a hug. We didn't say anything; just shed a few more tears together for a few more moments before they finally dried up. We stood up together. Tommy looked at us, looking a little better and softly said, "Hope you don't mind if I come around to visit more often?"

As if Tommy didn't already spend a lot of time bringing his son over, Jesse said, "Hell Tommy, you come over any more often and you'll have to move in!"

"Just make sure and bring my godson with you, that's all," I pitched. He finally smiled and hugged me close, "I figure you're gonna raise him up every bit as much as me or my Dad and family Randy."

* * * * * * * * * *

Well, by now T.R. was a rambunctious seven years old, one wild little cowboy to be sure. Tommy had just driven into the yard with Juliann, T.R. and his little brother, C.J.  T.R. came flying out of the truck, spotted me and flew into my arms on a dead run,

"I wanna ride on Wild Bill or Winny (Winchester) Uncle Randy, Now! Can we?!" he grinned, kissing my temple like he always does.

All I could do was grin, hug him close to myself and kiss his forehead, "How do you ask proper T.R.?"

"Please!!" he squealed and jumped out of my arms about the same time that Jesse walked up holding his godson, two year old C.J., Clarence Jesse or Claire Jesse King, Claire's little arms wrapped around Jesse's neck, Tommy walking beside them.

"Daddy!? Make Uncle Randy take me out to ride, please?!" T.R. persisted.

Jesse and I chuckled, Tommy didn't. He looked at his son with a mild fatherly scowl, hands on his hips, "You behave or Uncle Randy will take your britches down and give you a bare bottom spankin', hear?"

T.R. grabbed his backside with both hands and jumped back about six foot, "Nooo! I don't wanna spankin', I be good! I promise! Please!?"

"Come on T.R., let's take your brother and go saddle up Winny and Thunder," Jesse suggested and T.R. gave a high pitched, "Yeaaaa!" and ran off ahead of Jesse and C.J.

Tommy and I grinned after them for a moment, then Tommy's arm came hard, but playfully around my neck in a tight headlock,

"Hey bro, when are you gonna let me strap your skinny butt again, huh? Get you all hot and bothered to give that man of yours a piece of your hot little ass?!"

I instantly blushed as I squeezed my head free from his grasp,

"How about I whip your ass for a change King! Oh, I forgot, the last time you wanted to get it on with that nice lady of yours, she slapped your face!"

Tommy and Juliann loved each other, at lot, and Tommy had become as good and bosom a friend to Jesse and me as he had been an enemy long ago; but just like most country husbands, he had plenty of ways of pissing off his wife and getting himself cut off from you know what!

"That was not my fault and you know it!" Tommy smirked, trying to defend his manly honor, but Tommy had given into temptation staying out far too late on Saturday night playing poker and drinking beer with Jesse me and half a dozen other friends when he should have been at home pleasing his wife. She took offence.

"Hey, not our fault you'd rather hang around with hot sexy men, than your pretty lady!" I teased back.

Tommy grinned, taking me off guard, then charged me and knocked us both to the ground laughing,

"I'll take you into that barn right now Randy Wolcott and beat your butt raw, right in front of my boys too if you don't keep your trap shut about that!"

"Uncle Randy! Come on! We ready to ride!" T.R. said poking his head around the corner of the stables. Tommy reached out and helped me up to my feet, grinning ear to ear,

"You're lucky this time Wolcott, my kid saved your ass from a good hiding!"

I grinned and playfully stuck my tongue out at him, quickly making my way towards my godson,

"See ya later cowboy!"  I made my way to the stable to mount up on Winchester with T.R., but Tommy's good natured threat would stay in the back of my mind because it had a real history and was a reminder of how much Tommy cared about Jesse and me.

Weeks  earlier …

The fact was that after five years, Jesse and I had our ups and down, just as Tommy did with Juliann. We used to called them our "fuck-you" sessions when one of us would get pissed off at the other for one thing or another and end up saying "fuck you Jesse" and me stomp off or "fuck you Randy" and Jesse would stomp off.

Everyone thinks two guys living together in an idyllic ranch setting as lovers and partners for life is easy, well it's not. But just like Jesse and I cared a whole lot about Tommy and Juliann getting along, Tommy cared about us.

One day after I had got my shorts in a knot about something Jesse had said or done that I didn't like and I told him off with a curt "fuck you McKensie!" Tommy had been close by and came up to me after I put some distance between me and that "other" stubborn cowboy!

"You fellas ought not to say things like that to each other Randy," Tommy said quietly.

"What do you know about it Tommy!? Maybe YOU should live with him for awhile! See if he doesn't drive you crazy sometimes!" I said with a lot of sincerity and ended up with a big lump in my throat and feeling like a heel, as usual.

Tommy slipped his arm across my shoulders, "I know, he's a handful and so are you … but listen, I can't help notice that you two haven't seemed to be … you know … getting together as often as you used to."

I knew what he meant and I certainly had no idea Tommy was paying any attention to such things between Jesse and I, but it was true. Sex is always the first thing to go when life gets tough and stressful or you just kind of drift apart sometimes in that way.

We still were cuddling in bed and all and kissing and stuff, but as the years had passed, we didn't have sex together nearly as often as in the first couple years of our relationship. I missed it.

"Yea, what of it?" I said a bit defensively, knowing he was right and really missing how it used to be between us.

"Well, you guys used to hang out in the barn with the door closed and go at each other like bulls, even using a strap or something loud, what was that all about huh?"

I blushed. It was true. Jesse and I used to get all hot and bothered after Pa used to tan our hides together for one thing or another and we would get each other off right afterwards or find us a cozy corner alone and passionately make-out, for couple hours sometimes.

We used to spank each other like lovers do in our bed at night too, not hard, just to have fun one controlling the other as foreplay to some really hot boy on boy sex. Sometimes, like Tommy apparently had overhead, we would really do it in the barn, just challenge each other with Pa's old strap and really stoke the fires of each other's behinds and then fuck like crazy animals on top of hay bales.

But all of that had faded out. Maybe Tommy was right. Maybe our passions were not there anymore as they might have been.

"You don't want to know," I replied, feeling embarrassed. Tommy chuckled, "Look, I don't care if you two were throwing pitchforks at each other, if it was helping you to have fun and get all sexy with each other, who cares. I don't. Now what was it that you guys were doing?"

I sighed and gave in, "We were taking turns, whipping each other's naked butts with Pa's old strap. Turned us on if you can believe that. Pretty much made us crazy for sex after though."

"So why don't you guys do that with each other again for fun? Or when things get out of hand the way you used too. Sounds like maybe you miss it."

I did miss it. I missed our old ways and those early days, months and years. I missed Ma, I missed Pa. I guess a lot seemed missing and lost. I realized that what I feared most was that I would lose Jesse in all the noise and commotion of living.

I kicked at the dirt and sighed. Since when had Tommy King become so mature as to be able to confront me about these things? I admired him for it, at least I could admit that much,

"Sounds like you got an idea Tommy. I'm listening," I said sincerely. He grinned like he had just bagged a coyote or something,

"I do. Maybe it won't work, but I'll take that chance. You two mean too much to me and Juliann to let things fall apart. You tell that man of yours for you two to meet me in the barn at nine. I'm gonna send Juliann home in our truck with the kids, so I'll need ride home after, OK?"

I nodded and felt a kind of excitement building. What did Tommy have in mind? One thing was for sure, I would do anything to recapture the passions that had faded between us.

I let some time pass for us to cool down before I approached Jesse,

"We have to do something Jesse. We're fighting more and loving less, you know … less sex and all that, it bothers me."

"Bothers me too," Jesse replied, looking as lost as I felt.

"Tommy notices. He wants to help. Says to meet him in the barn at nine."

"What for?" Jesse asked suspiciously.

"I'm not sure, but I told him what we used to do in the barn. He knows about it."

Jesse looked a bit perturbed, "Oh? What does he think, we're perverts or something?"

I almost smacked Jesse right then and not in a good way. It was just another sign of how much things had gone downhill between us. I kept my cool, mostly,

"No stupid, Tommy cares. He just wants to help. Let's just go along with it OK?" and immediately regretted saying a wrong word; Jesse didn't like being called "stupid," who would. It was childish, but he let it go and nodded,

"OK, I'll meet you there at nine," and that was that. I sighed. I didn't know what the hell King had in mind, but neither did I care anymore as long as something helped.

The hours passed. Juliann drove her and the kids home and when the hour arrived, Tommy headed out for the barn. By then I was so curious, I met him there before Jesse arrived. Tommy was coy at first and just grinning ear to ear and would say nothing as we walked inside the barn.

He had helped us rig up a new block and tackle rope pulley overhead across a beam to help haul hale bales to the upper levels of the barn's storage areas. He was really handy that way for mechanical stuff. I walked with him and we stood right underneath the rigging, just as Jesse appeared.

"So what's all this about?" Jesse asked, looking skeptical.

Tommy looked at Jesse, "I saw a picture in a dime store novel once a long time ago. I thought it was really weird what I saw, but the more I think about it, the picture reminds me of you two. Jesse, you go out and close the door. I'll call you when we're ready."

"When what is ready?" Jesse asked.

"Just go out and no peeking!" Tommy smiled.

Jesse rolled his eyes, "Fine, whatever," and the left the barn.

I looked anxiously at Tommy, "Whatever this is Tommy, I need it to work, we need it to work."

"It will. I'm surprised you guys have not thought about it," Tommy said and reached for the downside rope end hanging off the overhead pulley.

"Thought  about what?" I asked.

"Now, tell me if I'm wrong, but didn't Jesse kind of take the top-side role early on in your relationship?"

"Yea, but how did you know about that kind of stuff?"

"Oh, Jesse's Pa told me a lot of stuff about you two in that year … well, you know."

I nodded. I could see how much having a year of friendship between he and Pa had meant to Tommy before Pa died.

"Anyway, what I want you to do is strip off naked, "Tommy said partly for the sheer joy of the shock of telling me.

"What?! Come on! Are you serious?" I replied, truly incredulous, but very turned on by Tommy saying it!

"As serious as a bullet hole … just shut up and do as you're told Wolcott!"

I kind of liked Tommy's insistence, shrugged and stripped off, naked as a jay bird and too bad for him if I got hard as nails and did, right in front of him.  He didn't bat an eyelash.

"OK, now you stand under the block overhead, hold your hands and wrists out. Don't be afraid. I'm gonna bind you up and truss up the rope with you standing. It's gonna seem strange, but I have an idea that when Jesse sees this set up, he is gonna want to fuck your brains out, especially after I make him watch me take after you with his Pa's old strap."

I just stood there shocked, turned on and in awe. I held my wrists out like he instructed and said nothing. He slipped the short noose around my wrists, went over and pulled up the rope, my arms going up. It wasn't too tight and had a little slack, but being bound up like that was having its effect on me, that was for sure.

I was so turned on I couldn't believe how Jesse and I had missed out on something so simple, but Tommy was just getting started. Tommy went and got the old un-cared for strap from its usual place and then went to get Jesse. When he walked in and saw my naked ass hanging from the pulley, he rushed over,

"What the hell Tommy!? What are you doing with him?"

"You just shut your trap Jesse, sit down and enjoy the show!" Tommy replied.

"No! I wanna know what you're going to do with that strap first!?" Jesse said with some real passion in his voice, the kind I had not heard from him in months, maybe years.

"Nobody is gonna get hurt, now sit down Jesse and watch!" Tommy insisted.

Jesse looked at me, "You OK? You agreed to this?"

I smiled, "Yea, I did. Lookie here, I'm all turned on, just sit and watch Jesse, please?"

"Yea you are. Damn! OK then!" and he sat down to my side on a bale of hay, his face starting to look interested.

Tommy got to my other side,

"I was telling Randy, I saw this picture in a dime story novel. Some cowboy had trussed up this brown skinned fella in a barn, to whip his ass for something wrong he done. Well, when I thought about you two and what you used to do in here and remembered the block we set up, I put two and two together."

Then Tommy swung the strap and hit my naked ass. God it hurt! Then he did it again! OUCH!

"I figure, watching me strap your man here, maybe get some of those fires lighted up again, right Jesse?" and then Tommy started lick my ass with that strap again and again, only not very hard. He was just trying to turn Jesse on, me too and it was working.

I made sure I didn't wince too hard and started to moan some, just for effect mostly, but Jesse got into it. He got up and stood right in front of me, "Harder King, whip his hot ass harder!"

My eyes got wide as the next couple cuts were real hard stingers! But I looked down and Jesse's Wrangler's were bulging like they used to! Jesse started to grin, his tongue sticking out the side like when he's really into something,

"You gonna cry?" Jesse taunted me. I grinned, "Cowboys don't cry McKensie! Come on King, whip my ass, like you mean it!" I dared him and meant it.

Tommy did. The next ten cuts about took my breath away, they were so painful, but then he stopped. By then, Jesse had crept much closer to me, just one foot away from me. I could smell Jesse, a scent I was so familiar with, but had neglected to appreciate for a long time. The barn's air was hot and humid and I was naked, sweating as if I was under a hot Nebraskan sun.

We didn't even notice till a little later that Tommy had silently walked over, hung up the strap and just left the barn, closing the door behind him. My ass was throbbing like hell, but I didn't care about that. I cared that Jesse came right up to me and putting his hands each gently on either side of my stretched up torso,

"Right now, all I want to do is make love to you," he whispered in my ear.

Jesse was still fully clothed, then came in closer and our lips touched we kissed, not a hard kiss at first, but enough that made me nuts to want more.

"You gonna let me down?" I asked him.

"No, I like you as you are, you OK?"

"Yea, I am, just promise me Jesse that we'll stop calling each other names. It used to be OK, but I don't like it anymore. Makes me feel like we're coming apart," and the built up emotions of months of worry got to me just then. I couldn't help a couple of tears from falling off my cheeks.

Jesse smiled, then gently licked up each fine dusty trail of each tear from my face, then slid his hands down to my sore ass cheeks and dug his fingertips into the tender flesh, just a little,

"I have to admit. I didn't like it either, but didn't know how to stop. I love you Randy. I love your hot body, especially your hot cowboy ass. I love the way you are with T.R. I love watching you up on Wild Bill, slinging that rope at calves better than me now. I love our life together Randy, I'm sorry things got out of hand,"

Jesse said all that as he slowly slid around my body to my rear, his denim rubbing against my naked skin, his hands sliding up and down from my armpits to my hips and in and out from the center of my chest and then clear down to my hard penis that was throbbing for release.

He pressed his bulge into the center of my ass just as his fist compressed around the base of my dick,  denim chaffing at my sore skin, just a little, just enough that it made me want him, badly,

"Fuck me Jesse, like you used to and just like this," I moaned, his fist in front starting to stroke my hard shaft, then his arms came up and encircled me from behind in a hug,

"I should just let you hang like this for awhile, all helpless like the first day I set eyes on you, coming to Nebraska with all your California ways, thinking you knew better than an ol' country boy like me."

"I never thought any such thing. The moment I saw you at the airport Jesse, I knew I was in over my head, that you held the reins," I quickly replied with the truth, relishing that memory.

"Yea, you were pretty smart about that and about a lot of things. You're my best friend besides my best man and we're gonna turn a new leaf and stop acting like this isn't the most special thing you and I have," and then I heard a zipper and one of his hands left me to hike down his Wranglers and then I felt his naked erection pressing into my ass crack.

"I'll turn a new leaf if you promise to pound my ass hard partner. Show me that hot Nebraskan blood of yours baby!" and that was all he needed.

Years of hard labor ranch and farming work had made me pretty damn strong in my upper body. Being trussed up as I now was caused me no fatigue, in fact, as Jesse's dick started to enter my backdoor, I started to use my arms against the pulley overhead to push back against his insistent entrance.

I wasn't being fucked by Jesse, I was fucking with him, we were making love in a cool kind of way in that barn. Jesse's fist was wrapped around my hard pole out front, masturbating me as he pounded me good in back. I started to shoot off my load just as he was filling me up with his hot blooded cowboy liquor.

Then he let me down from the rope and we embraced hard and kissed hard, our tongues swirling about inside of each other's mouths.

"Let's get Tommy home, then take this up again after, OK? I want you inside of me before the night is out you handsome man!" Jesse hissed at me.  I grinned and nodded. I could deal with that! I quickly got myself dressed.

We opened the barn door together only to find that Tommy had been trying to listen in. He tumbled back in his tracks, "Well?" he asked anxiously. We grinned together,

"We ain't got time to talk Tommy … " Jesse blurted, "… gotta get you home, so we can come back here and make love again!" and Jesse then gave a war whoop and started to trot to our truck.

Tommy smiled at me, "So it worked huh?"

I nodded, "You bet it did, thank you Tommy, we owe you!" and I embraced Tommy and even pecked his temple before I let go and we trotted to the truck together.

Jesse had jumped into the back of the truck bed however, "Tommy! Drive the truck! Come on Randy, get in the back with me. Remember this?" and I did, oh yes I did! I hopped into the back of the truck, the memory of that first ride back from the airport in Omaha when I first set eyes on Jesse coming to me in vivid detail.

I cuddled up closely to the cowboy next to me as Tommy raced the drive home. The night was calm and the ride back smooth and just quiet enough to talk. I looked up to the dark starry sky, a half-moon coming up over the horizon,

"Do you think there are other guys like us under this sky wishing they had a place to call home together like we have?"

Jesse looked up, "I reckon there are. I know there are, why?" he asked me.

"I don't know, just a feeling," and in a little more time, we got to Tommy's place, dropped him off and then we drove back to the ranch in the cab of the truck, me cuddled up to Jesse as he drove.

"What would happen, Randy, if some younger fella were to walk onto our property and ask about us, if he could stay and work and be around other guys that understand about boys like him?"

I looked at Jesse, "We might take him in to live in the new bunkhouse and show him that the world doesn't have to always be mean to boys or men that like other guys."

Jesse just smiled, "I think that's what Pa and Ma would have said and done," and that's all we talked about that.

We arrived back at the ranch and rushed into the house and upstairs where we'd always been for sleep. We stripped off all our clothes and made more love that night, me on the top-side this time exploring every square inch of Jesse's magnificent body before I turned him onto his back, hiked his feet up around my ears and went at him as he had me, returning to a love and passion that had been missing for months.

Back to the present …

"So what was that all about?" Jesse asked across as we led our horses around the property in a gentle lope, him carefully hugging C.J. to himself, me holding onto T.R. who had Winny's reins.

"Oh, you know Tommy. I think he liked getting after me a little too much in the barn."

Jesse grinned, "Who's to say that I won't ask him to do it again!?"

I just smiled and didn't say anything more about it. If that's what Jesse wanted to happen, I wouldn't mind.

"Come on Uncle Randy, enough of this namby-pamby riding! Can't we go faster?!" T.R. said looking back up at me.

"OK cowboy, give me the reins and sit back into me!"

"Yeaaaa!" T.R shouted. I took the reins, gave Winny a shout and we took off on a dead gallop, T.R.'s face lighting up with glee the faster we went. I swear that boy wore me out. Controlling a horse at full speed is not as easy as you think, but T.R. didn't care. The seven year old loved fast riding.

Later on that day, as Jesse and I were huddled up with Tommy and Clark Wooley on how much more it would take to finish up the new bunkhouse and move the hands we had in the old one over, Alicia came out of the house and called Jesse in to answer a phone call.

He left us and did, then returned about ten minutes later, but by then, Clark and Tommy were off to round up some of the guys to start the finish up  work on the new bunkhouse.

"What was that all about?" I asked Jesse, but more out of habit than real interest. I was slipping on my work gloves and was just waiting for him so we could get to work on the bunkhouse as well.

"You remember that little off hand thing we talked about weeks back about young fellas like us, out there somewhere and needing a place to stay that understood them?"

"Yea I do, why?"

"I just got a call from Georgina Coleman."

"You mean that church lady that takes younger guys into her big boarding house in town when they get displaced and all that?"

"Yea, that's the one. Seems she got herself a stray calf that she's having a lot of trouble over."

"Oh?"  I replied.

"Yup, boy, 17. Caught him sucking another boy's dick, right in her own place too!"

"You are kidding me?" I replied grinning.

"Why would I kid about a thing like that? Georgina is not one to judge, but she wondered if we might be interested in taking him off her hands. His parents kicked him out and he's been picked up for vagrancy a couple times around Omaha before somebody suggested her place to him. The other fella was just taking advantage on account she don't allow girls in her boarding house, but she just as soon not have her boarders turning the place into a whore house, male or female!"

I laughed, "Is that what she said?"

"No, but that's the gist of it, so what do you think?"

I shook my head and quipped, "Do we want to turn the new bunkhouse into a whore house?"

Jesse laughed, "No, and I wouldn't mind if the kid got a little from the other hands, just as long as there's no trouble or drama and he works his ass off for his room and board."

"And if there is trouble?"

"He'll know from the beginning that we'll do what Pa and Uncle Nat used to do to us and the hands, we'll be swinging leather and whipping tail in that barn, including that young buck's. I don't care if he's queer or they're not!" Jesse said with a verve that made him look kind of paternal (meaning sexy).

"OK, I'm with you partner, hell, I'm kind of excited!" I smiled as we walked inside of the new bunkhouse. Clark and Tommy were working hard away with other hands. Tommy looked up, grinning,

"About damn time!"

"Up yours King, besides, we got company coming, one of Georgina's strays that she caught using his cock holster with another boy," Jesse informed.

Clark pitched in, "OH, oh, look out. Wolcott and McKensie are gonna give birth to a bouncing baby cowpoke!" and Tommy cracked up while Jesse and I looked at each other, but we were smiling.

"So what's his name?" Tommy then asked after he stopped laughing.

"Chase Morgan, from around Hastings on the other side of Grand Island," Jesse replied. Tommy stopped smiling,

"Wait a minute, the only Morgan I know around Hastings is that skin flint son-of-a-bitch, Allan Morgan. He cheated my dad out of a couple thousand dollars a couple years ago!"

"Fuck!" Jess said, "You're right! Oh my god, this is his oldest kid! I remember now!"

Clark blew a low whistle, "Oh yea. I hear that man is one mean drunk. No wonder his kid had to go, the Allan Morgan I know wouldn't cotton to any guy who likes to give BJs to his own herd, much less his own kid."

I looked at Jesse, "So? What does all that mean?"

Jesse shrugged, "Nothing I guess. Everyone has to come from somewhere. I suspect the kid is feeling kind of abandoned, his family being so close and all."

"What about his mother?"

"Oh, Allan Morgan has had three wives and now he just lives with some barmaid, or that's what I heard, no telling where his mom has got off to," Clark said.

"Hypocrite," I said and everyone looked at me. Jesse put his arm around my shoulders, "Yup, you are right about that. So, you ready to take him on? I'm not doing this by myself you know."

I winced, "I guess. I kind of want to feel sorry for him, but that usually does no good. I just hope his dad don't start giving us any trouble about it."

"Oh, he can come around all he wants, I'll kick his mother-fucking  ass if he does!" Tommy smirked.

"I'll help!" Clark grinned.

Jesse grinned to me, "We're covered partner. Chase Morgan will have a lot of support to be himself if he'll accept it and a sore can if he wants to screw up, it's that simple!"

I nodded, "OK, so we better get this place going if he's going to have a place to stay!"

And so we all went to work with a lot of energy, but as I did, I felt this kind of change inside of myself. My teen years were long gone and bedsides, working a Nebraska ranch and farm kind of grows a guy up if you give it a chance.

My early years in California were but a dim memory and though those precious early memories of my first years with Jesse and the McKensies were safely tucked away for the duration, it was time to move on. One way to do that is to use what you've learned about yourself and life and pass it along to others. Maybe that's what Chase Morgan needed from us, only time would tell.

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