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Jesse: Nebraska Rancher's Son - Part Eight


PJ Franklin

"Chase, honey, this is Mr. Wolcott!" Georgina said with sweet spryness to the nervous looking older teen just after he stepped out of her pick-up truck. He ratcheted his hand out towards me,

"Nice to meet ya Mr. Wolcott," he said quietly, barely making eye contact with me, his handshake with me not very strong at all.

There was no doubting Chase Morgan was a good looking boy and I instantly found my own feelings about meeting the seventeen year old boy face to face, both pretty excited and exceptionally cautious.

The whole thing reminded me of something Pa had said once, that you could tell if a man was either a good fellow or a bad one if he either looked you square in the eye and shook your hand strong or looked away and shook it kind of limp. The trouble was, he never did say which one was which. Pa's humor could sometimes be dry as drought.

"Chase, "I said, nodding then watched Georgina introduce Jesse to Chase as "Mr. McKensie."

My face contorted, it was so damn hard not to outright smirk as I watched Jesse's face screw up a little at her use of "mister" on him as well. In fact I failed. He was about to give me the evil eye when suddenly, Alicia was right there with us and kind of took over, hands firmly on hips.

"Mornin' Georgina! OK, let's have a good look at you Chase Morgan. My, aren't you just a handsome little devil, don't you boys think so?" she said, squarely eyeballing Jesse and me with her usual air of female superiority. Well, talk about chagrin.

"Yea, that's pretty plain," Jesse said for both of us, his eyes rolling back a tad as he thrust both hands a bit too aggressively into his jeans pockets, obviously irritated with his big sister. I kept my big mouth shut.

After that, Jesse and I seemed like we were hiding behind Alicia practically the whole time that the displaced boy was out to visit our spread that day. The new bunkhouse was now all finished and ready to go.  We had three full time hands and three or four part time hands for a ten man bunkhouse, pretty good really. Now, all we had to decide is whether or not we were going to board Chase and take him off Georgina's hands. It was supposed to be Jesse's and mine decision.

But as soon as he got here, Alicia paid no heed to our wishes and was showing him and Georgina around the place and asking him a million questions that we would not have thought of.

"You two are the biggest sissies I ever saw, acting like you did in front of him, like you were afraid of him. What is he supposed to think? You're the bosses of this place, not a pair of … of … weak kneed kids that'll fall for a little manipulator like him! Honest to God, I'm ashamed of both of you!" Alicia huffed as she walked back to the house after Chase and Georgina had left.

It left both of us looking and feeling a bit like scolded teenagers.

Worse, Tommy King and Clark Wooley had been watching the whole thing from a safe distance and were cracking up. They met Chase and seemed to get along just fine. Well, duh! He was no threat to them! They sauntered up to us after Georgina's car left the yard with Chase tucked inside and Alicia was safely indoors,

"What's the matter, you gents afraid of the big bad wolf?" Clark gave us some shit, whether just about Chase or Alicia or maybe both I wasn't sure. Tommy had to add his two cents as well,

"I swear to god, Alicia will put both of you in the dog house if you don't make the right decision."

"And that would be, smart-ass!?" Jesse retorted with a bit of irritation.

"Well, he's plenty strong enough to work and knows his way around plenty. He'd get along with everyone, save you two. I could tell, he wanted to jump both of your bones!" Tommy said and I pursed my lips now,

"Shut up Tommy! You're no help. Can't you see we need honest answers, not a load of bull?"

"It's no bull. Tommy was right. He was eyeballing the both of you like you were prey!" Clark confirmed.

"Great, just great. Anything untoward happens and Alicia would hire you two to whip our butts!" Jesse said feeling like I was, frustrated.

The fact was, no person on earth was more protective of our relationship than big sis Alicia. She had threatened us on several occasions at rodeos and other public places about what she called our "man-watching," afraid we would get ourselves into trouble not so much with strangers, but mostly with each other. Alicia was as good as mama had been, if not better because of her young age. She had daddy's fierceness from when he was young as well. In any case, we were mighty thankful for her in our lives.

"I'm just kidding you two; lighten up for fuck's sake. But, he was looking at you both, when you weren't hiding that is. I can tell he admires you both, daddy and daddy if you ask me!" and Tommy cracked up again.

"Tommy! Just shut up about it OK? He probably don't admire anything but his own big nuts!" I said, giving Tommy's arm a pretty hard punch for emphasis.

"They weren't that big!" Jesse glared playfully at me and then blushed for what he had just said, glare turning instantly to a sheepish smile. All I could do was shrug, I had been no better.

But how could you expect anything too serious from a bunch of bosom friends, anyway? The four of us had spent long night after long night smoking and drinking beer and playing poker deep into the early morning hours in the bunkhouse, swearing and laughing and telling dirty jokes with them or with whatever older hands were around at the time as well.

Hell, we had a good thing going between us and all the other men, so why spoil it by adding Chase into the mix? Tommy, Clark and the others not only respected us, but let us be ourselves, especially when we got drunk and Jesse and I would call each other names while we played poker: "Come on, draw or something Wolcott, you pussy!" "Stop jacking yourself off numb-nuts and call or something, Jesse, OK? Sometime before next winter please?"

"Seriously, I don't know about this Jesse. It sounded good at first, but after today, I don't know."

"Neither do I partner, so let's sleep on it, OK?"

I nodded. Sleeping on things is one of those country patience things that a lot of city folk don't have sometimes. I had learned it from Pa just as Jesse had and it had always served us both very well, so that's what we did that night, rather, we took it to our bedroom, sleep or no sleep.

Later that night, both men were to be found naked in their bed together, Randy slumped down a bit, laying on his side and head lying against Jesse's chest, both of them propped up at the headboard. Jesse's arms were wrapped around Randy's torso, his hands aimlessly but gently and slowly rubbing bare skin …

"Sure do love you cowboy," I heard Jesse's manly voice, but it sounded distracted, even preoccupied. When I looked up at his eyes, he was staring out at the black night through our bedroom window.

"Remember that time years back when you saw me through that window, tearing down the driveway,  feeling so ashamed of myself. Then I stopped and ran back up here to the bedroom so pa could whip my tail just like yours?"

His face smiled and he looked down at mine, his hand running through my longish hair. I needed a haircut pretty badly, but Alicia had been a bit too busy when I wasn't and vice versa.

"I was never so proud of you, never so glad either. If you hadn't come back, I would have run down from the bedroom, chased you down and run away with you to California too, if that's what it took," Jesse said, his thumb and index finger-tip rubbing my earlobe between.

"I doubt that," I softly blurted, looking out that same window, suddenly feeling the need to wallow a bit in the very discomforting isolated feeling of those moments from years before.

The next thing I knew, I heard a loud slap, followed by a stinging single hand-print on my upper bare butt cheek. I winced a little and looked back up at him. His face had turned from a soft smile to a soft chastising scowl,

"Then don't doubt I'm still not afraid to put you over my knee and spank some sense into it or haul your hot ass out to the barn and string you up!"

Our years together had been wonderfully equal, neither one of us dominating the other, always sharing the load of how two people, especially two men, need to be in order to build a life together. But secretly, deep down, I sometimes still wanted to be that wide-eyed young Californian boy needing to be put in his place by a slightly older, but much wiser Nebraskan boy.

Shamelessly, my dick quickly hardened in response to his threat and I grinned up at him ear to ear as I firmly rubbed over his flaccid penis, my fingertips reaching around to feel his big sack beneath,

"Maybe get Tommy to strap my naked butt in front of you like we did that one time?"

His furrowed brow flattened out and he smiled and sighed, "Yea, maybe."

Frankly, ever since we did that in the barn, our lives seemed to settle down and even flourished. We had never been as affectionate outside of the bedroom, nor as passionate inside, either, thanks to Tommy's helping gesture.

"I guess we of all folks should understand how that young boy must feel," I said of Chase Morgan as Jesse's penis started to get pretty much as hard as mine in my fist.

I let go of it, then got up on my knees, and straddled myself over Jesse's hips just in back of his arousal, my mind made up about what I wanted from my lover that evening after we got finished talking about our obvious mutual discomfort about Georgina's needy border.

"Pa would have taken him in without any question, "Jesse replied and then drew my face towards his and into a longish kiss across the gap, our hard dicks thumping up against each other, my lover moaning his approval throughout the kiss.

The kiss broke and I rocked back to my knees and gathered both erections upright into my fist, but did not stimulate them yet, instead shaking my hair bangs out of my eyes,

"No offense meant Jesse, but Tommy and Clark were right. Pa would have had only to deal with just boarding him, not having to also resist his awful good looks," I said, feeling a little guilty of having to inch us back to the realities of the hard choices that needed to be made.

Jesse started to move and stretch his long naked body down from the headboard towards the foot, reading my mind and getting ready. I automatically moved down with him, not letting go of our twinned hard fence-poles.

"Were you as attracted to him as I felt?" Jesse said, stopping his movement. I froze too, Jesse's honest confession making me feel a very awkward ambivalence, my mind testing the competing extreme ideas of cheating on our devoted monogamy as both impossibility as well as a foregone conclusion.

I sighed and nodded and we started to move our bodies into position again, stopping in just the right place,

"I thought we agreed we would never do a three-way ever again after Alan," I said, taking the easy way out, not yet feeling very comfortable about voicing the obvious.

"I'm not talking about that, that's different. I'm talking about cheating behind the other's back with a kid like that who'll be constantly under our noses, " Jesse said, wisely not comfortable assuming anything. I was right. Jesse still was wiser than me, a fact I adored.

I looked down a moment at our throbbing dicks. They even looked like twins now, but I was just so used to them being together like that. I looked back up at him, his one hand and arm under his head, propping it up.

"Maybe we should just say no to all of it," I said, my gut telling me that was the coward's way out, even as I said it.

"Or maybe after I fuck your brains out and we sleep on it, we'll talk to sis about it again in the morning, OK?"

Good, I liked that idea. Talk about foregone conclusions though, I already knew sis would be playing a strong part in all of this. I silently nodded my agreement, then grinned, sat up real tall and turned myself about, my naked ass facing my lover's gaze.

"Holy jack-rabbit-jumping Jesus Wolcott, that ass of yours never ceases to make me want to eat that fucker out! Get it down here now!"

* * * * * * * * * *

It's real hard to think about anything or anyone else when your fella's tongue is first rimming the outside of your butthole like a hungry dog licks an already nearly clean dinner plate placed down on the kitchen floor, then starts to auger out your insides as slick as a brand new steel drill bit, trying to find the other side of a wooden two by four or whatever!

I certainly still was a whore for that sort of thing as witnessed to my moaning like one, unable to do the same for him until he let up. And he finally did. He lay his head back, panting, "Shit. Never can do that long enough," and then I felt two spit-wet fingers start to penetrate my hole. That was the signal to do my own imitation of a cave spelunker.

Jesse moved his hips up, so I wrapped my arms around them, my hands pulling up his butt tightly close towards my clean shaven face cheeks, then pressing my lips right over his tight hole. If I didn't shave my face smooth before we hit the sack and wanted to do this, he would just end up giggling and laughing from my scruff tickling the tender insides of his naked ass crack.

"Ohyeaa baby, treat ol' Jesse to a nice sloppy cleanin' out, " he moaned, then slapped his palm one each side of my upturned butt cheeks, the lusty burn driving me nuts with desire. After that, my drooling tongue muscle just danced and played, plunged and screwed in and out of Jesse's tight ring, all the while he was two-finger-fucking me real slow-like with one hand, jerking and pulling on my dick with the other.

I knew when it would be closer to the time to fuck, sometime shortly after he would move three spit-sloppy fingers of his to inside my cattle chute. After that, we would 69 our dicks inside of each other's cock holsters for long while, then it would be time imitate the bull with the cows. We never tired of it. The only difference now from way back when was that we fucked tummy to tummy most times, doggie style being the exception anymore. We loved to kiss and rut as much with our mouths as with our dicks and holes during our love-making.

Tonight was no different and soon my hot cowboy lover, friend and partner was screwing my brains out, his tongue and mine darting and twirling together through the insides of our wide open pressed mouths, his face turned at an angle to mine to make the seal better.

By now, my legs were fully wrapped around his waist, my ankles locked across his back, my hands and wrists locked in back of his neck, his hands gripping down by my ass, moaning sounds coming from my throat, but something more growling from his.

Jesse came up for air, and stopped pounding my ass, just momentarily. He looked down at me, a thick drool of spit connecting the corner of our lips that snapped free as he spoke,

"I don't care who that little shit thinks he is or what he thinks of us, he'll behave and so will we or there will be hell to pay!" and then he really went after my ass, gritting his teeth, like he was making angry or jealous demands, his balls spanking my naked skin.

Suddenly, my mind relaxed and released its worry. I looked up at him, "Fuck me, just drill the living shit out of me McKensie," and I brought his mouth back to mine. We finished him off just like that, us mouth-locked. Then he sucked me off right after, almost like it was just a mundane lesson in animal husbandry from an agricultural textbook, but with a certain kind of raw human passion that I doubted mere animals could ever muster.

* * * * * * * * * *

For some reason, the coffee was extra strong and extra good the next morning. Good thing too, I had not slept that well, even after the mind-blowing butt-fuck I had gotten the night before. Jesse slept sound like a baby, cuddling me or was that clinging me to back into himself all that night, me half awake, half asleep much of the time.

I just did not want to risk anything or anyone to come between us, ever, not on account of any good cause even. I trusted us, I really did, but I wasn't a fool either. Maybe I was just making a mountain out of a mole hill, Chase Morgan was not going to be any problem, but maybe he would be.

In any case, we were up early, coffee cups in hand, me leaning back into Jesse's arms, us standing up against a kitchen counter with Alicia, Miriam and Juliann all present and already starting a long day of canning. Canning was an endless process during growing season. If it wasn't one fruit or vegetable, it was another. I had helped plenty with those production lines in my time.

"Seems to me you fellas don't have it any different than me and Tommy or Clark and Miriam … " Juliann said, " … you stay faithful or you don't. Wouldn't be no different if Tommy and me were to hire on some pretty seventeen year old girl to sit the kids or do something around the house with me gone and Tommy there with her. You just have to act proper like married folk have to or pay the price."

Oh boy. Right off my mind recalled when Tommy had told me about his unfaithfulness to Juliann. To my knowledge, she still did not know and I had never even told Jesse about it.

"Married folk? Hell's bells girl, ain't nobody gonna mistake two guys looking married!" Jesse said kind of off-handedly. That made Alicia to turn and face us from her work, looking pretty serious for so early in the morning,

"Oh no? We've all seen how you two look at each other little brother. Looks a lot like married to me, preacher certified or not. It's the same damn thing, besides, I talked to Georgina last night. She told me that by the time they got back to her place after visiting, that boy was about in tears, worried that he had said something wrong or done something bad yesterday, he wants so badly to come live here."

"Tears? Oh come off it sis. He's seventeen, he's lived on the streets in Omaha for awhile, he was looking at us like he was looking for sex for god's sake. We're just trying to be practical, that's all!" Jesse said with his own seriousness, albeit not quite as edgy as Alicia's.

"Jesse, wake up. Chase Morgan may be seventeen in his years, but that boy's no older than thirteen or fourteen between his ears. He dropped out of school and likes to act like he's twenty-seven. He had no pa to raise him proper, you know that. Allan Morgan is nothing but a drunk. Georgina told me that she's caught him sucking his damn thumb in his bedroom at her place!"

"Suck his thumb? That's plain ridiculous!" Jesse shot back and I could feel his entire body sigh.

I had to admit, either Jesse was right and Georgina only thought she saw something like that or Chase Morgan maybe hadn't grown up very much and had some nervous habit left over from his less than pretty childhood. It made me very glad for the time I had with my mother and father back in California, much less for the few precious years with Jesse's folks before they up and died.

"OK, look. It's pretty plain you want Georgina to get that boy out here so you can play nurse-maid … " and about that time, a big old spatula came flying our way.

Jesse and I had to duck. Jesse was playing with fire by provoking his big sister. He liked doing that sometimes. I choose to put a little distance between myself and the fiery McKensie siblings and went over to stand by Miriam.

" … ok, OK!! I meant mother him!" Jesse quickly replied, trying hard not to grin.

"And what's wrong with that? He'll look up to you two like role models if you just give him a chance!" Alicia barked back at Jesse, not giving him one inch back.

"Role models? For what?" Jesse replied. Alicia just scowled at her recalcitrant brother,

"Randy, take him out of this kitchen before I set you to beat his ass to death in that barn."

I grinned at Miriam and she grinned back, "Better do as she says Randy or soon we'll be canning up Jesse's dead body."

I nodded, "Come on partner, we've got work to do," and Jesse kind of followed me out of the kitchen door ducking the whole way, standing up straight after we had departed from his angry sister.

"Role models. I never heard of such a thing," Jesse moped as we walked towards a bunch of chores that needed to be started.

"She's right Jesse," I said, pretty confidently actually.

"Oh, I suppose now you're some expert on … on how to raise up a boy who likes to have sex with other boys?" Jesse replied with not a little sarcasm. I had heard enough, I have my limits.

"Maybe I'm not! But you sure helped me Jesse and you seemed pretty cock sure of it last night! So why not help Chase to learn that it's OK to love AND have sex with another boy, just so long as it isn't us!? Jesus Jesse. I'm beginning to see why Alicia gets so pissed off at you!" I said, hearing my own voice sound pretty aggressive towards him and I started to walk faster and away from him.

Jesse caught up quickly and put his arm around my shoulders, "I was just kidding. Holy cow mister Wolcott, that's the most manly way I think I've ever heard you say something!"

I shrugged his arm off of my shoulders and turned, walking backwards,

"I'll show you manly McKensie and bend your naked butt over a bale of hay in the barn and fuck YOUR brains out for change!" then turned around and kept walking, pretty satisfied with myself.

Jesse caught up again, hands stuffed in his Wrangler pockets, "Promise?" he said with a sheepish grin and took off running, me after him, "Come back here you little shit!" and he quickly stopped, I almost knocked us both over. I swatted his backside, really hard too, "Only if you behave the rest of the day," I said pointing my finger at him. He smiled kind of nicely this time, "OK."

I reached over and pecked his cheek, "All right then," and we went about the day's work, thoughts of our future with Chase Morgan in the back of my mind, but much more about my love of Jesse McKensie in the front of it.

* * * * * * * * * *

Much Later, in the barn after supper, there he was, my man on his knees at my boots, my Wranglers and boxers hiked down to my hips, my hard prick snuggly tucked inside Jesse's mouth. His tongue was doing some neat roping tricks on my cockhead. I had one hand on my hip, the other had grabbed the back of his lush head of hair and I was pulling his mouth on and off my dick as pleased me.

"You've been a bad boy all day long, even after you promised to be good!" I said with a lustful grin down at him, his eyes straining to look up at me as he sucked my cock. It was true. Jesse had been innocently goofing around off and on all day long around me when he was supposed to be working, obviously just trying to provoke me. I knew what he was doing, but I was going to take advantage of all of it.

I pulled his mouth off of my cock and softened my face a little, "And you know what happens when a cowboy misbehaves in this family?"

"Yup!" Jesse said, his fiery eyes staring daringly up at me.

We just happened to be standing right close to underneath the block and tackle rope pulley. I had not even thought about it, but the rope's noose end caught the corner of my eye. I dared myself and took two steps towards it and grabbed the noose end. Jesse was still on his knees watching me. I didn't say anything, wondering if he was game for it.

He looked at it, then at me, than at the noose again, then stood up and stripped off all of his clothing right on the spot, his dick totally hard. He came over to me and put his hands out, wrists crossed, didn't say a thing. I noosed him up and then went over to the wall and pulled the rope up, stretching his arms and shoulders up just right.

Then I slowly walked all around him, admiring his densely sculpted and layered upper back and shoulder muscles as they curved upwards towards the barn rafters, the slender inward tapering curves of his torso and tummy as well. Then I focused on the lush fullness of his bare ass cheeks as they tapered down to his longish muscled thighs and calves and on down to his bare feet, flat to the floor.

I was just itching to fuck that hot ass of his, but also wanted to put some color into it first as well. But there was something missing now. Jesse's strong body, his presence, just didn't really look vulnerable to me. It was more like he was posing and had offered himself to me, rather than me really demanding anything from him, something we really hadn't played at all that much, not in this way.

I tucked my prick back into my shorts and pulled up my Wranglers, but did not snap them shut and hugged him from behind, turning my head to his ear and pushing my bulge into the center of his ass. I whispered,

"You know, I ought to go over and get pa's old strap and give you a good hard licking," and at the same time, I started to slowly pinch his nipples, both of them, between my index fingers and my thumbs.

"Then why don't you if you want to so much," he responded. I looked down. His dick was getting leaky at the tip.

"Oh, I think you want it just as much, if your dick has any say," I replied, calling his bluff and letting go of his nipples after making him wince with one harder pinch apiece.

"Just do it," he said, but I was smarter than that. I backed away.

"Beg me for it," I said.

"Fuck you," Jesse's mouth said from the other side.

I walked backwards some more, "No, fuck you, beg me for it. Beg for a good hard ass whipping."

"No, " he said.

I knew this could go on and on. Jesse was a proud boy. Tell him that he was wrong, I mean seriously wrong and he'd take his punishment every time, but we both knew he had not done anything wrong that day, save a spat with his sister, one that really was quite meaningless to us as a couple.

Jesse had not been punished for real for years, me either for that matter. All of this was just foreplay, but I wanted to see if he really wanted a whipping or not. I reversed course and tactics. I walked over to the rope on the wall and put my hands up to it while looking at him,

"I'll just let you down now," and touched the rope.

"NO!! Don't!"

"Well?" I asked.

I could see his mouth twitching and his face thinking.

"OK, you can whip me now, I'm ready."

"No, that's not begging, that's demanding," I said and put my fingers on the rope again.

"NO!! … OK! … Please, give me a whipping with pa's strap, I want it!"

I smiled, that was better. I went over and got the strap from its hook and brought it over and hugged him from behind again and whispered in his ear,

"I just wanted to hear you say that, just once," and gently kissed his ear.

"Actually, I always wanted to try this, just like you did with Tommy, just to see what it's like, just like this. You gonna fuck me afterwards, keep me roped up?"

"Is that what you want?" I asked.

"Yea, go for it cowboy, brand my ass with that thing, then screw me, hard."

I stepped back. I was satisfied. I had no need to dominate Jesse during sex-play, not really. But this was different. I swung the strap, cracking his hot ass really hard. He winced and his body swayed forward just a little. I struck again, three more times actually, layering each wide welt over the others before it, that was four.

I walked around to his front; his cock was as hard as before. He looked at me, not smiling, just looking and waiting. I walked back around to the side and cracked that thing again, five times, hard. I maybe got just a light yip from his mouth, but his chest was breathing hard.

Wow, what a man. I wanted to stop right then and get to fucking. To tell the truth, our places could have be reversed and I would have taken a lot more from him than what I wanted to give him, it was just how I was. I walked up behind him, my hand smoothing over his hot cheeks,

"Had enough?" I asked quietly.

"No, again, ten times, hard as you can, lay into me," he said with a funny look on his face, one that I paid no heed. I just nodded, "OK."

I stepped back, happy to oblige. I cracked that strap hard, ten times, pretty rapidly too so that it would build up. It did. At the end, Jesse's face was in pain, he was grimacing pretty hard, his eyes squeezed shut at the end. His dick was softening as well. I set the strap aside, I wasn't going to go any further with it.

I came up behind him again and gently hugged him to myself, but did press my rough denim into his whipped tail, just to tease him for good measure.

"You OK?" I asked, knowing full well that I hadn't even begun to really affect him all that much.

Suddenly, I saw a tear starting to fall down from his right eye and he was staring into space. I slid around to his front, cradling his face gently in my hands,

"Jesse? Honey?" and even turned to go to the wall to let his arms down.

"No don't!" He said and I turned back. He sniffed back some wet stuff, "I miss my pa!" and that was all he said and sobbed, his face downturned.

I rushed back to him and gently hugged him front to front, kissing his face and rubbing up and down his sweaty back.

"I'm OK, it's just … I don't know," he said and sighed, "Thank you Randy. Before you came, Pa used to be pretty strict with me, punish me when I needed it, with that strap. Afterwards, he would always leave me alone to myself for a few hours. Then he would find me and ask me if I was OK. I always wondered why he did that. I always thought it was because maybe he felt guilty about whipping me, but that wasn't it. I just figured it out. He had to whip me, that was his way, but he loved me too, a lot, just like you love me. When you asked me if I was OK, it just all flooded back to me."

I smiled and leaned back, wiping his face with my fingers, "Sorry if I made you feel bad."

"No, I just miss him sometimes, I'm sorry if I took the wind out of our sails."

"No way!" I grinned and got on my knees and started to suck his dick hard again, wrapping my fingers around to his sore ass and digging them in just a little, but mostly rubbing and soothing his marked up cheeks.

"Ohhh, damn!" he said as I brought him right to the edge of the tease, then stopped.

I stood up and stripped naked, right in front of him, my dick hard as nails. Then I walked around to in back and teased his butthole with my fingers,

"I'm gonna fuck you McKensie, fuck you hard," and then got on my knees in back of him, separated his butt cheeks with my hands and started a tongue bath of his back door.

"OH shit. You keep that up as long as you like!" and I did it for as long as I wanted, then stood up and shoved two fingers up into his chute, pretty hard too. He winced a little,

"Fuck me Wolcott, drive that horny thing of yours right up there, please!!" he almost screamed, he felt so passionately over it right then. I didn't wait. I pushed his body forward some, used my knee to push out his right thigh and cheek out, then set my cockhead right square onto his butthole. I pushed my cockhead up his chute, hard!

"OH FUCK!!!" he yelled, but I plowed myself inside a short ways before stopping. Jesse struggled with the ropes just little and I let him, not moving. I knew how those first few inches of cock up your ass felt. But then he relaxed, "Oh yea, that's it you hot cowboy, now fuck me and fill me the fuck up!!" he said with lust, sweat practically pouring off his body and onto the dusty barn floor, off mine too.

I had all the advantage now and used it. I was pounding his butt, using simple gravity to let it come back into me, using one hand to steady him from swaying, the other to pump on his erection to keep him rock hard.

We were grunting and rutting in that barn, the block and tackle jiggling and clanking above us. When I finally shot my load, I sounded like some kind of wild growling monster to myself, but I didn't waste any time. I went right around, got on my knees in front of him and sucked his juices right out of Jesse's dick and into my mouth, forcing him to yell pretty loudly for how fiercely I had provoked his orgasm.

* * * * * * * * * *

Two days later, Georgina's truck drove off of our spread leaving a cloud of dust as well as a seventeen year old boy standing there, one suitcase on either side of him, Jesse and I standing on either side of the suitcases, waving good-bye to Georgina. Chase Morgan had arrived. Life was going to change once again.

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