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Jesse: The Nebraska Rancher's Son - Part Nine


PJ Franklin

Come on! Jesse and I weren't that old, not at all, but compared to Chase Morgan's seventeen years and relatively immaturity, at least I felt a lot older with him around. It was very confusing those first couple days and weeks trying to treat Chase simply as a ranch and farm hand, an equal to the other hands, when in some ways, I think he just wanted to be a boy for awhile.

Most Nebraska boys of any older age were kind of cautious around strangers, kind of shy and respectful even. Well, it wasn't that Chase was not exactly respectful, but maybe he could have been a little more and his moods were a bit all over the place at times.

"What the hell is going on with him?" Jesse harshly whispered in Alicia's ear out of anyone but me and his hearing about a week after his arrival.

"He's not ever grown up enough Jesse. Don't you see? Allan was no father to him. A boy needs to be a boy before he becomes a man!"

"But he's done things on the streets that no boy or man I know of would possibly do!" Jesse replied. I rolled my eyes so only Alicia could see. Even I knew better than that. Alicia sighed a little,

"Jesse, those things don't mean anything. I mean his emotions and his maturity. It was bound to happen and it's a complement to you boys letting him feel safe. Just treat him like he acts Jesse, you too Randy. You'll know what to do and he'll grow up," and that really did seem to help both of us.

We watched Alicia walk back into the house and just about then Chase came bursting out of the bunkhouse on a dead run towards us, "Save me!" he shouted at us. He was sporting a very mischievous grin and came running around the back of us, one of the hands, Bert Higgins, right on Chase's tail,

"You come back and finish what you started you little cock-tease!" and it was funny, Bert trying to pull up his Wranglers tighter to his waist so he could run faster. Bert stopped when he reached us,

"Sorry Mr. Wolcott, Mr. McKensie, but that little cattle rustler done tempted the devil, now he don't want to finish the job!"

We knew exactly what Bert meant. Chase was free to pursue his sexuality to his heart's content; but that gave him no call to be a flirt and not take some responsibility.

"OK boy, did you promise him something?" Jesse asked Chase with a bit of sternness. Chase blushed a little and got sheepish a lot, "Well, I don't know … "

"He did! Well, I sure thought he did!" Bert interjected with some frustration.

"Did you or didn't you!?" Jesse asked Chase more forcefully. Oh boy, that got me kind of excited. I loved it still when my man got into a righteous and commanding tone of voice.

Chase stuffed his hands into his pockets a moment and I thought he was going to properly confess,

"I thought you said I could do what I like?"

"You can, but you can't go around teasing other guys, that's just plain mean-spirited and I'll whip your can black and blue Chase Morgan if I catch you doing it again, you hear me?!" Jesse threatened, hands on hips.

I just stood there and listened, not much caring what did or didn't happen; all I could hear was Papa's old voice from the past adding to Jesse's distinctive one of the present. It was a beautiful thing to be sure. The question was, how would Chase react; well, according to Alicia, maybe not very well given his relative immaturity.

Chase's face seemed to harden some as he answered Jesse,

"Oh yea? My daddy used to try and do that to me. He caught me once too! He beat up my ass and legs so hard, I even limped for awhile! You like beating boys? Then go ahead I suppose!" and Chase's face turned a bright red!

We all stood there stunned!

"Now that's uncalled for! Damn, and here I thought you were gonna be a decent sort of guy, screw this!" and Bert stomped off back to the bunkhouse.

I recovered before Jesse did and now I didn't care if Chase did have issues, I had issues with him now! I got pissed and I got in his face, nose to nose and even slipped in a finger to point at him,

"Don't you EVER suggest that Jesse, I or anyone else around here treats anyone like that Chase! I outta beat you myself Chase Morgan and I'll sleep like a baby at night after I DO IT!!"

And I was so upset; I was shaking hard and nearly in tears. I felt I had humiliated myself, turned and started for the house.

"Randy?!" Jesse tried to take my arm and I pulled it away from him, "Leave me alone!" I shouted and continued to stride toward the house. Well, Alicia had heard, if not seen, the whole thing and she met me about halfway. I stopped and pursed my lips at her. She smiled, hugged me and quietly said,

"You don't need to walk away honey, you said what needed to be said and in a proper way, just like Papa would have done," and just then Jesse came up from behind and I turned just in time to see a very upset looking Chase Morgan running back to the bunkhouse.

"He's pretty upset, just let him go and cool his heels," Jesse said and then hugged me closely to himself.

"I'm sorry Jesse; he just had no right to say something like that to you!"

"I know, it's OK," Jesse replied, "Come on cowboy, let's saddle up and take a ride."

"But there's work to be done, "I protested weakly.

"Yup, and it's still gonna be there for us when we get back!" and I gave in easily.

* * * * * * * * * *

Jesse and I raced Wild Bill and Thunder side by side in a full gallop for a good mile before we stopped, the warm late morning wind making me feel so good, my mind clearer now and back in tune with myself. I looked around me, nothing but productive Nebraskan land for as far as you could see.

"What do you think we should do about Chase?" Jesse asked me. I sighed,

"Papa would have tanned our hides had we ever suggested anything like that."

"He's had a rough life, but he had no call for that and knew better. Alicia's right, he's just being a boy and testing us. I think a trip to the barn will do him some good."

I nodded, "Let's not hurry getting back," and Jesse smiled and we turned the horses and headed back to the house at a slow walk and just talked about nothing in particular.

But when we did finally get back, we were in for quite an unsettling surprise. We stabled our horses then went right to the bunkhouse and went inside. Bert Higgins met us at the door.

"Don't take this wrong Mr. McKensie, but Chase, he wants to talk to Mr. Wolcott here alone."

I looked at Jesse, "No way!"

Jesse smiled, "Now don't panic partner. Just see what he has to say. You confronted him, maybe he'll give into you."

Oh Jesus. I had never done anything like this before. I didn't feel like being anyone's confessor, much less for a boy of seventeen. I sighed and watched Bert walk outdoors with Jesse. I closed the bunkhouse door.

I saw Chase lying down on a cot at the far corner and slowly walked up to him. He turned and saw me and sat up at the bedside, he looked awful, much worse than he should have. It was confusing, but I sat down pretty close to him,

"Bert said you wanted to talk to me Chase."

He looked down at his feet for awhile, hands clasped and then looked over at me,

"I ain't ever said I was perfect, way far from it; but I've really screwed up bad this time. I admired you getting in my face Mr. Wolcott, I deserved it … see … I lied. My daddy never touched me. He never beat me. I made it up, 'cause I was angry and … I'm sorry," and his voiced cracked at the end and his chin started to quiver just a little.

I felt a sudden sadness for Chase. He must have had to lie a lot through his young life, just to survive sometimes. I never had to do that.

"Seems to me, a boy does what he has to do to get along. Sometimes it's not the right thing and you gotta face your mistakes. I've done that, run away from my responsibilities and feelings. The main thing Chase, is that you're telling me the truth now, facing up to it, it's all that counts."

He swallowed, "It's not that I don't want Mr. McKensie to know, it's just … well, I watch you men and Mr. McKensie, he's so, well … "

I smiled, "He's like his Pa, strong opinions, makes up his mind fast. I guess I'm not that way so much, but he's easy to talk to Chase. Don't ever feel you can't do that, alone with him too."

"I just felt like I wanted to tell you first Mr. Wolcott, guess I'm a little afraid of him."

I took that as a compliment for myself, "Well, it takes time. You did wrong Chase. You know you have to be punished."

"I know it, but I ain't ever faced anything this bad. Am I going to get a whipping?"

I actually felt a lot of relief for Chase already thinking in the right terms.

"I reckon so Chase, but we'll talk about it with Mr. McKensie. He and I have had to do that a lot more than once when we were younger. You can do it, it'll be hard, but you can do it fine, come on, let's talk to Mr. McKensie," and I stood up and started to walk out of the bunkhouse, Chase close behind.

We got outside and Bert Higgins excused himself and disappeared. Chase then stood very sheepishly in front of Jesse, his hands clasped behind his back, head down for a moment and then he looked up at Jesse,

"I did real wrong Mr. McKensie, I lied about my daddy beating me, he never did that. I'm grievous sorry and know I need to be punished. Mr. Wolcott, well he said I'm probably gonna get a whipping."

"Well, Chase brought it up. I told him he was probably right," I concluded.

"Mr. Wolcott is right, I need a good hard punishment. After all you men have done for me, I can't be let off easy." Chase quickly volunteered.

Jesse smiled, "See, I knew it all along Chase. Ain't nobody needs to tell a good boy like you what he needs. Come on Chase, time to march to the barn and get this done."

Jesse and I walked behind Chase to the barn. I watched his fists clench and relax, I knew that feeling, so did Jesse. We closed the barn door behind us, Jesse went right to the strop, Pa's old leather piece hanging up in its usual place, now kept well oiled and in good shape.

"Randy, you get him ready over a bale like we used to do. You're gonna get twenty hard bare butt licks Chase, ten each from Mr. Wolcott and myself, understand?"

Chase nodded, Yes Sir," and started to look plenty apprehensive. I took him over to a two bale stack, told him to get his boots and Wranglers off, his shorts as well. He winced some when he realized this was going to be a bare butt whipping, but said nothing.

Since I was standing so close to him, I tried my best to look away as Chase was undressing and was partially successful, but at least I wasn't gawking like Jesse seemed to be from further over. I gave Jesse a quick little scowl and he looked away! Was that a guilty or sheepish grin on his face?!

"OK Chase, you'll lay yourself over the edge of that bale-top," I said refocusing and had to admit, Chase was pretty nice to look at, front and back. Chase frowned a bit,

"Can I put some of my clothes on top?" he asked. I didn't blame him, it's what I would have wanted to do too!

"No can do Chase, you have to deal with those prickly tops just like the rest of us have."

He winced and nodded a little as he put himself properly down.

I well remembered my first time getting a barn whipping. I was scared shitless, not so much about the pain, well yes, and the pain too, but mostly about being able to take it like a man and not doing anything to embarrass myself. I saw that look in Chase's face as he waited.

Jesse came up to his side, "OK Chase, you just stay still, yell all you want, no cursing, understand buddy?"

"Yes sir, Mr. McKensie," he said quietly.

Jesse wound up and swung the strop, the barn air filling up with the very familiar sounds of leather meeting tender skin and a boy's face showing the signs of regret as Chase's was already. Jesse and I still warmed each other's tails some for foreplay during lovemaking sometimes, so watching Chase take his punishment was already starting to have its way with making my Wranglers tighten up.

I just tried to remind myself that Jesse and I were not doing this because we liked doing it to Chase, but because a boy was still trying to learn how to be a man. The problem for me was, I could just as easily picture my naked ass in Chase's place and that really made it harder to resist feeling super horny.

Chase tried to relax, but it was hard to do. Just as soon as the awful sting subsided from the last lick and he could settle his head back down on the bale, the next lick would cause Chase's head to snap back and his feet fly up with a loud groaning grunt.

"Gotta keep your feet down Chase," I solemnly instructed him. He looked at me with a pained expression and I did feel for him.

"This is harder than I thought!" Chase groaned as Jesse finished up giving his ten licks and handed me the strop,

"Ten more from Randy, Chase, you're doing good," Jesse encouraged.

It's one thing to take a licking, another to watch. Giving one is even more different, but as my hand gripped that old strop handle, I suddenly realized that I had never given a whipping to anyone other than Jesse so that my Wranglers suddenly got even a little tighter yet.

I glanced over at the front of Jesse's Wranglers. Apparently he was having the same problem as me! I tried to look empathetically at Chase's already red-striped backside, but to be honest, I really wanted to do this so I wound up and give him my first hard lick.

"Aaaaaa!" he yelped, but he did keep his legs down. I glanced over at Jesse, his fists were clenching and he was chewing his lips a mile a minute. I had a notion what he was feeling and thinking.

Ten more licks to twenty is really a lot for an inexperienced boy like Chase. A few tears were rolling down his face towards the end which made me feel a little guilty for having had some naughty thoughts about him as I did it.

The job finished, I walked over to hang the strop back up, then turned and watched as Jesse had helped Chase up to his feet and his finger-tips were already gingerly feeling his red swollen flesh as I walked over.

Chase turned, "Thank you Mr. Wolcott, Mr. McKensie, I won't be telling fibs anymore, I'm sorry I acted like I did, really sorry. My butt feels like hot coals!"

Jesse nodded, "Well, see to your behavior Chase, now get dressed, get out of here and get back to work on your chores."

"Yes sir!" Chase replied and we watched Chase finish dressing and leave the barn, waddling a bit from his sore rump.

Jesse and I just stood there a moment. The expression on Jesse's face told me all I needed to know and I took off over to the ladder and just about ran up those rungs to the upper hay loft, him right behind me. It was what we used to do to get some privacy now again back in Papa's day, but still did it, just for fun.

It was dang hot up there as Jesse grabbed me from behind, "I'm so horny, I'm gonna fuck your brains out Wolcott!"

Ordinarily I would have let him without hesitation, but I was feeling my oats after that whipping,

"The hell you are McKensie, I'm gonna fuck you!" and slipped out of his grasp. He grabbed me again and we fell together onto the hay strewn flooring.

"You do what I say!" he grinned, his hands trying to get my Wranglers and shorts down to my knees.

"No, you do as you're told!" I grinned back and was doing the same.

We were both successful and now were rolling around half naked, our dicks happily slapping and smacking at each other. He ended up on top of me and suddenly his mouth was on mine. His tongue and mine were quickly at it, having a good time, but I was wise to Jesse's lovemaking tricks by now. He thought I would give in, so I relaxed and we kissed for a bit longer, me moaning with pleasure, real and faked.

"That's better, you're just my little calf after all, "Jesse triumphantly grinned after breaking our kiss.

"Oh yea?!" I grinned back, grabbed Jesse tight, flipped us over and managed to get him turned, his naked backside to my naked front side!

"On no you don't Randy! Don't you …" Jesse yelped but it was too late and his words stopped as I firmly snuggled my hard tool right into his butthole.

"Don't I what?" I smiled and felt him relax under me.

"Don't you stop … fuck me cowboy, you turned me on watching you whip on his hot little ass!"

I started to fuck my man, "His hot little ass huh? I thought you were lusting after him."

"So was you!" he hissed back at me.

"Shut up and take it!" I blurted at him, not about to argue about who was lusting after who and that was the end of talking.

* * * * * * * * * *

Don't worry about Jesse; I made it worth his while. After I screwed his brains out, I helped him to standing and sucked his dick dry of all I could and licked my lips afterwards. We left that barn that afternoon plenty satisfied both with each other and that we had done Chase Morgan some good.

© Copyright PJ Franklin October 22, 2009

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