New Underwear by Hector Himeros


This story contains explicit depiction about man-to-man sex. The plot and the characters are fictive. Any resemblance with real events or living/dead people is purely coincidental! Men in this story don't use condom but the author urges the readers to always use condom during real sex.

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Title : New Underwear
Written by : Hector Himeros
Words : 12,661 words
Scene : M/M/M, interracial, oral, anal, reluctant
Setting : Underwear store
Location : Manila, The Phillipines
Time : Present day
Character #1 : Dex Barker - 30 yo - cut - American Caucasian man - gay - top
Character #2 : Santos Dolendo - 23 yo - uncut - Filipino Asian man - gay - bottom
Character #3 : Rizal Pador - 35 yo - cut - Filipino Asian man - gay - top

Dex Barker loves Asian guys and he has decided to come to Manila to search for some. While browsing the stores, he can't get his eyes off the shirtless men posters in an underwear store. Santos Dolendo, the store keeper, is a young gay man who loves getting fucked by white men. After the shopping mall is closed, both men have sex inside the store. But, during the hot moment, a security officer, named Rizal Pador, came into the store. Apparently, Rizal and Santos are fuck buddies. Seeing how much Dex enjoys fucking Santos, Rizal gets horny and wants to fuck, too. Dex' ass is the only available ass. Although Dex is a top, he can't save his ass from Rizal's raging hard-on.

'I'm in Pinoy heaven. There are many hot looking Filipino men to see. Gosh! I wish I could get my hands on all of them. I'm horny. I love Manila.' Dex Barker could not keep his eyes off several Filipino males as he was walking through a crowded shopping centre in one afternoon. However, the place looked quite seedy because it was meant for middle-class and low-class buyers. Every where he looked, he could only see clothes stores. Apparently, the shopping mall was specialized in clothes selling. Actually, Dex did not need to buy any new clothes, but he enjoyed walking through the crowds only to get a glimpse of several hot Filipino men. Being a Caucasian man, Dex attracted many attention, especially because he was taller than most people there. But Dex enjoyed his temporary popularity, hoping that he could nail a hot Filipino guy to fuck.

Having a handsome face and a sturdy body, Dex was indeed hot. His age was only 30, but he had already got the chance to travel around the world. With the amount of money that he had in the bank, he could go to almost any place on earth. At then, he chose to visit Manila. Having Asian fetish, he thought that Filipino guys were sexy. Coming from America, Dex never had any problem in picking up men there. Gay men always fell for his athletic body and for his big dick. But he was tired of fucking white men. Dex craved for exotic men. And the best way to find them was to come to their home country.

"Oh, excuse me," Dex said when he accidentally bumped into a hot-looking Filipino man. They stood so close that Dex' crotch touched the man's ass. Unfortunately, both of them were wearing thick jeans, thus they could barely feel anything. As the Filipino man turned his head around, Dex prepared a dazzling smile to knock him off. But to Dex' disappointment, that man did not show any respond. He just turned away and acted as if Dex was not around. 'Bummer! He's not gay,' Dex thought, looking very disappointed. 'Finding a gay man in Manila is harder than I initially thought. Well, I have been in this city for nearly a week. All I ask is a hot Filipino man to fuck. Where can I find one?' And suddenly, Dex' eyes caught a store which he liked the most. It was a male underwear store.

Unlike the other stores, that one hardly had any customers. As he stepped in, Dex felt that he could hardly restrain his own lust. Various brands of male underwear were displayed in the racks. Being overwhelmed, Dex' mind immediately became dizzy. Male underwear was indeed one of his sexual fetishes. 'Oh shit! I never thought that I would bump into a store which sells nothing but briefs and boxers. This is like a sex shop to me. Damn! This is hot. I can't control my dick. It hardens inside my underwear,' Dex thought, trying to conceal his growing hard-on. Looking up at the walls, Dex found several large posters of hunky men wearing tight briefs. 'Fuck! I can't stand it. I'm so horny.' A large bulge formed inside his jeans, creating a visible tent.

Suddenly, a young Filipino guy came up to Dex. Apparently, he was the shop keeper. "I'm Santos Dolendo. May I help you?" he asked politely. His English was not exactly fluent, but at least he could deliver his ideas to Dex and Dex understood what he said. Judging from his youthful face, Dex guessed that the Filipino guy must have been in his early 20s. Like most Asian men, Santos had rather dark skin complexion. Yet, unlike most men, he had a more athletic body. His biceps flexed as Santos bent his arms. Wearing only a worn-out thin T-shirt, that Filipino guy could not hide the outline of his body. Even his two light brown nipples could be seen vaguely through the fabric. "We have a large collection of male underwear. There must be something that you want," Santos added, smiling sweetly at Dex.

'Yeah, there's definitely something that I want. Your body,' Dex thought, wishing that he had the bravery to say that. Clearing his throat, Dex said, "Well, let me check your wares first." Pretending to browse the racks, Dex tried to control his erection. But the harder he tried, the harder the erection became. As he walked, he unintentionally displayed his obscene lump. Obviously, there was nothing that Dex could do to cool his erection down. Every where he looked, he could only see shirtless men posing in underwear packs and posters. 'Fuck! I think my cock is gonna explode. It's aching for release. Fuck! I really have to jerk off. This sexual tension drives me crazy,' he thought, looking down at his own crotch. When he turned around, Dex found that the number of shoppers out there had lessened. And some stores had already closed down. "Is it closing time already?" Dex asked Santos.

"Yes, it is. But don't worry. I will wait for you," Santos replied, giving Dex his best smile. 'This white man is so hot. I would love to have him fuck me. I wonder if he's a bading or not,' Santos thought, observing Dex' thoroughly. 'I'd better test him. It should be very easy to know whether he likes men or not.' Calmly, Santos walked around the counter. As he walked, he purposely displayed his ass because most gay men could not reject it. Pretending to tidy up the content of a rack, he sensed that the white man stood behind him. Suddenly, Santos turned his body around to face Dex and he caught Dex staring lustfully at his ass. Dex was surprised and quickly looked away, for he had not sure whether Santos was gay or not. But at least, Santos was assured that his white customer was totally gay. 'He was staring at my ass. I knew it. He's a bading! But it's very hard to seduce a man here. I think I'll have to wait till all stores close.'

'Shit! I'm getting hard. If only I had the chance to hit on him. Who knows he's gay,' Dex thought, secretly stealing a glance at Santos. 'I really like Santos. His face is so exotically handsome, almost like a Malay man. I imagine that his bare body will be as hot as his face.' When Dex was certain that Santos did not look at him, he quickly reached down for his own crotch and gave it a hard squeeze. 'Damn! If I don't release the cum within my balls, I think I'll cream in my jeans.' Walking around the underwear racks, Dex tried to browse for something that he might want to buy. As he was browsing the goods, more stores closed. But since Santos said that he would wait for him, Dex did not think that he should hurry. "Oh!" Dex gasped involuntarily when his engorged dick brushed against the fabric of his briefs. There was hardly any space left inside his tight briefs. Inevitably, precum had started to dampen his underwear, making him feel uncomfortable.

Minutes later, the other stores around that underwear store had closed and there was hardly anyone. A security guard walked by, out of curiosity, to check upon Santos' store. "Is everything ok, Santos?" he asked in Tagalog language. On his uniform was a name tag bearing the name Rizal Pador. Santos gave Rizal a smile to tell him that everything was alright. Seeing the white man, Rizal gave a silent grunted. Without Dex' knowing it, the security officer was checking him form head to toe. "Santos, your customer is quite handsome. I would love to fuck his white ass," Rizal said, still talking in Tagalog. Being a low-paid security guard, Rizal knew little English but he deliberately spoke in Tagalog so that Dex wouldn't have understood his conversation with Santos. "Is he a bading? Look at him. He's too handsome for a man. He dresses well and he smells great, too. I bet that he stops at your store only to check out your sexy posters," Rizal added, reaching down for his own crotch. "So, have you made any move on him, Santos?"

"Not yet," Santos replied in Tagalog. "He is definitely a bading but I don't want to scare him off. I caught him staring at my ass. I'll need a moment alone with him. Please leave us. But you are free to come back when he and I are having sex. I know how much you like fucking a white man's ass, Rizal." Winking at Rizal, Santos gave him a gesture to go away. The security officer did not need to be told twice; he immediately left the store. Turning back to Dex, Santos spoke in English, "So have you found anything that you like? if you haven't, maybe you should try these briefs." Santos grabbed a plastic pack of briefs and tore it open. "Here, try them on. I bet you look great in them." But before Dex could say no, Santos quickly added, "Don't worry. You don't have to buy them. It's promotional stuff," he lied, trying to find a reason to make Dex undress himself.

Dex quickly accepted those briefs happily. The smell of new fabric hit his nostrils. "Do you have any changing room? Where should I change my clothes? I mean, should I take my clothes off here?" Dex asked, not seeing any room for undressing. 'This is weird. He asked me to try these new briefs. Yet, there's no place to change my clothes.' Being an experienced gay man, Dex knew that Santos was hitting on him. And he certainly did not mind following Santos' plan. "I know that the shopping mall is closed and there's no one here but us. But what if somebody, like the security officer, walks in and finds me naked?" he continued, deliberately cupping his bulging crotch in front of Santos. To Dex' expectation, Santos immediately closed his store by pulling down the metal doors. Surrounded by two metal doors and two brick walls, Dex could do anything that he wanted in private. "That's better," he said, showing a lewd smile. Without any embarrassment, Dex unbuttoned his shirt. Beads of sweat had already dampened the back of his shirt, owing to the temperature. Proudly, he displayed his impeccable bare torso.

'Oh, he's really the sexiest man that I've ever seen,' Santos thought, fixing his eyes on Dex' bulging pecs. 'He must have trained a lot. Ah, I wish I could grab his pecs now. They certainly look very inviting. They must be packed with hard muscles. Even from where I stand, I could see how hard his nipples are.' An erection was growing steadily inside Santos' trousers. Santos' lustful eyes continued to take in the details of Dex' body as Dex shucked off the trousers. 'Oh dear, that man has a big erection. I can see the outline of his cock in his briefs. It's huge. Apparently, he's a very horny man because the front part of his underwear is wet. Yes, he's definitely gay.' Walking over to Dex, Santos finally decided to make his first move. "I see that you may need some help down there," he said, keeping his voice low. Without waiting for Dex' answer, Santos reached down and grabbed Dex' bulge. "You must be very horny. Your dick is hard and dripping."

At that point, Dex needed no more convincing. He was glad to find a hunky gay Filipino guy. "Yes, indeed. I'm very horny. I'm horny for your body," he replied, pulling Santos' body close to his. "Oh yeah, you're a hot Filipino guy. So, do you like American man like me, huh? Are you into being fucked? Do you want to have sex with me?" Feverishly, Dex brought his face to Santos' neck and pressed his lips there. His nose sank in and picked up the faint scent of Santos' cheap cologne. "Do you like it, huh? Do you want me to have sex with you, Santos? I really like sex Filipino guy like you. Oh, you're so damned hot." Dex' strong hands carefully squeezed Santos' body. "Oh, I can feel your muscles underneath your clothes. I like your athletic body. It's so hard to find a young Asian man who cares a lot about his body. And I certainly will enjoy your body to the fullest." While talking, Dex slipped his hands into Santos' T-shirt. "Let me see your torso, Santos. I love man's chest."

Without giving any resistance, Santos lifted up his hands. Easily, his T-shirt slid up to reveal his body. "I like your body, too," Santos responded, letting lust take over his mind. Without any shame, he let Dex observe his bare torso. When Dex brought their bodies together, Santos deliberately brushed his nipples against Dex'. The result was electrifying. "Oh!" Santos gasped, as his sensitive nipples made contact with Dex'. "White men turn me on, more. I'd love to get my ass fucked by your big dick," he added, squeezing Dex' hard-on. His eyes bore deep into Dex', letting him know how much he wanted Dex. "Yeah, if you really want me, why don't you help me take off my trousers?" Leaning over, Santos gave Dex a kiss on the lips. As they were kissing, Santos moved his body seductively. Dex' hands yanked the trousers down, leaving Santos in his tight white briefs. "I'm almost naked now. So, do you like what you see?" he asked, whispering in Dex' ear. To heighten the sensation, he deliberately licked Dex' earlobe.

"Oh yeah, I like it a lot," Dex answered, whispering in a seductive way. Physically, Dex was taller than Santos, thus he had to bend his neck down in order to kiss Santos. Passionately, he sucked Santos' neck and left a reddish mark there. It was a love bite, strong enough to stimulate Santos but weak enough to hurt him. "You look so hot. I can't resist your exotic body," Dex added, wrapping his strong arms around Santos' waist. Being able to touch Santos' bare skin brought a great satisfaction. Moving his hands down, Dex grabbed Santos' bubble ass and gave them a hard squeeze. "Your ass is so full. This is the kind of ass that I like. I can't wait to fuck your sexy tight ass, baby. Oh yeah, you do want to get fucked, right? I can give you that," he commented, slapping the ass buns. "Oh, I know that you can make my cock cum repeatedly. I'm very horny, you know?" Lasciviously, Dex was rubbing his erection against Santos'. "Can you feel how hard my dick is? It can't wait to penetrate your tight Filipino ass."

"Yeah, I can feel it. Oh, you're the hottest white man I've ever seen. You must have fucked a lot of guys, but you haven't fucked my ass yet. You will love it," Dex responded, intentionally making his voice sound sexy. Acting like a slut, Santos turned his body around and deliberately pushed his ass against Dex' raging erection. "I want your hard dick in my ass. I want to be fucked by a hot white man like you. Yeah, my Filipino ass is ready for your white dick." Enticing Dex, Santos continued to push his ass back. Since both of them still wore their briefs, no anal penetration could take place. But they enjoyed the foreplay very much. "Your cock is wet. It dampens the back of my briefs. Oh, wait till your dick enters my ass. You will drip more precum," Santos said, turning back his head. As their lips met, Santos gave Dex a passionate kiss. "What's your name, by the way?" Santos asked, as the kiss broke.

"I'm Dex Barker. You can call me Dex. I'm an American. Anyway, I'm so fucking horny. I want to fuck your ass now," Dex responded, wrapping his arms around Santos' chiseled abdomen. To Dex, it felt nice to touch washboard-like stomach. His hands stayed longer on Santos' stomach, satisfying the desire to rub a muscular stomach. "I like your stomach. What did you do to get it? I'd love to lay my head on your stomach," Dex praised, wanting to feel more. Lustfully, Dex was thrusting his briefs-encased erection forward. His erection rubbed Santos' ass, trying to part the ass cheeks. On the front of his briefs was a wet spot, coming from his leaking manhood. "Oh! Take off your briefs, Santos. And let me push my cock inside you," Dex said, grabbing the waistband of Santos' briefs. With a hard jerk, the briefs dropped to the floor. "Ah, take off my briefs, too, Santos. Yeah, take them off," he encouraged, letting the Filipino guy pulling down his briefs. Dex only needed to wiggle his hips, and then his briefs dropped to the floor. An erect circumcised dick jumped out and slapped Santos' ass. Its tip was coated with a thick layer of precum. "I'm as naked as you are. Oh, I'm so horny for you. I want to fuck you now," Dex said, taking a deep breath. The white man sank his nose in Santos' neck, trying to inhale the manly scent.

Throwing his head back, Santos let Dex sniff his body. "Oh, you're really crazy about Asian guys, huh? I can feel your leaking hard dick press against my ass crack. It's so warm and big," he gasped, running his hands down Dex' thighs. Feeling the muscles underneath Dex' skin turned Santos excited. The Filipino guy loved well-shaped men and had taken a fancy to Dex' body. At that point, Santos' ass cheeks had already been smeared with Dex' precum. "Yeah, I like your body, too, Dex. I'm always interested in manly white men." Intentionally, he rubbed his back against Dex' bulging torso. "Ah! I can feel your hardening nipples. They're rubbing my back up and down, oh! It feels so damn horny!" Santos gasped, his body shuddering with great pleasure. Without being touched, Santos' erect dick swayed about. A pearly drop of precum forced its way out of the piss slit. Because Santos' dick was uncircumcised, the precum was collected by the thick foreskin and pooled on the cock head. "I'm dripping so much precum, Dex. Oh, I'm so horny," the Filipino guy whispered, his voice wavering.

"Turn around. Let me taste your delicious body," Dex gasped, grabbing Santos' waist. With his strong arms, he spun Santos around so that they faced each other. Staring at Santos' handsome face intently, the American man used his brown eyes to tell Santos how much he wanted to fuck his ass. "I like your light brown skin, Santos. It's so beautiful and exotic," Dex commented as he placed a hand on Santos' chest. The callused palm slowly rubbed the pecs, feeling their warmth and hardness. When the palm moved across the nipples, Santos could not help producing a series of surprised gasps. "Oh, you're a nipple man," Dex concluded. "Your nipples are very sensitive, huh? Well, we have another thing in common, I see." Knowing that Santos' nipples were sensitive to the touch, Dex deliberately brushed them again. And immediately, the Filipino guy responded with another gasp. Dex enjoyed seeing how Santos' abdomen contracted as he responded to the stimulation.

"Ah!" Santos could not help groaning when Dex touched the nipples again. Every time it happened, Santos felt as if his nipples were electrified. But he liked the sensation and craved for more. "Yeah, keep fingering my nipples, Dex. Oh, make my nipples tingle with pleasure. Yeah, pinch my light brown man tits," he groaned, shuddering. "Yeah, feel my nipples, Dex. Don't they feel good when you touch them with your fingers? Oh!" Bringing his face close to Dex, Santos stuck out his tongue to lick Dex' lips. "Your lips taste delicious. Kiss me, please," he asked, pursing his lips. It did not take long to wait for Dex' response. The American man immediately sealed Santos' lips with his. Both of them were kissing passionately. "This American man really knows how to kiss. He turns me on so much,' Santos thought, his lips pursing to reciprocate the kiss. "Oh!" Santos suddenly moaned when Dex' hand was squeezing his pecs. But, since his lips were pressed against Dex', the groan was somewhat muffled. Soon afterwards, the brown naked body shivered as waves of pleasure coursed down the entire body.

"I want to lick your brown body all over, Santos. You're so sexy. I can't help getting horny for you," Dex groaned when he stepped back. Leaning over, he flicked Santos' shoulder with his tongue. A wet trail was left, glistening on the shoulder. "Your body is very delicious. Oh, I want you so much." In Dex' eyes, the Filipino guy's body looked exotically delectable. In his home country, Dex could only see pale-skinned men. But in Manila, all his eyes could see were light brown-skinned Filipino. Thinking that he was going to shag Santos made Dex almost shoot his cum out instantly. His tongue continued to lap at Santos' light brown skin. Bending his knees a little, Dex brought his tongue down. The flexible tongue headed for Santos' erect nipples. In front of him was a pair of dark brown nipples. Around the quarter-sized aureolae grew several short yet soft nipple hair. The nipple stood at the center on each pec, looking like tiny swollen lump of meat. At close distance, Dex smelled musky manly aroma. Probably it came from Santos' dried sweat. "Your nipples are very sexy. I'd love to lick them," Dex said, before swabbing down the nipples with his tongue.

"Oh, shit! Yes! Ah!" Santos growled, right at the moment when Dex' warm wet tongue pressed one of his nipples. "My nipples are sensitive, fuck! But I like it. Yeah, keep licking my nipple, Dex. Oh, tasty, huh?" Involuntarily, Santos' body shook when the erogenous zone was stimulated by Dex' wet tongue. Letting his head fall back, the Filipino guy grabbed Dex' hair. "Yeah! Do my nipple! Oh!" Ruthlessly, he pulled at the short hair to guide Dex. Without any resistance, Dex let Santos maneuver his head. "Yes! Lick my nipples. Wet them thoroughly. Yeah, come on, lick them. Suck my nipples. You like my pecs, right? Make me horny," Santos gasped, pressing the white man's head against his chest. After one nipple had been thoroughly serviced, the Filipino guy would make Dex lick the other one. "Lick the other nipple, too. Oh yeah, lick it. Play the nipple with your tongue. Ah fuck! Suck it, too. Oh yes!" Another shudder shook Santos' body. "Fuck yeah! Your tongue feels so good to my nipples. Oh!" Santos moaned, forcing Dex to keep licking that nipple.

Hungrily, Dex was savoring the dark brown nipple before him. Meekly, the American white man let Santos manhandle his head. Subserviently, he tried to please Santos by licking those nipples well. 'Oh, his nipples taste great!' Dex said to himself. 'I could taste his dried sweat, as well. It tasted rather salty, but I want more. Ah yeah, I'm licking his nipples. His manly sweat is tasty. Oh, this is heaven.' At that point, Dex' knees started to wobble because they had to sustain Dex' body weight for some time. Wildly, Dexí mouth gaped open and took the pec in. His teeth scraped Santos' torso, but were quite harmless. Pursing his lips, Dex used them to suck Santos' pec. Immediately, groan of pleasure escaped from Santos' quivering mouth. Knowing that he had pushed the right button, Dex continued what he was doing. With the pec trapped inside his mouth, the saliva drenched the chest up. Dex' tongue focused on attacking the nipple by pressing it. The stimulation apparently was too overwhelming. Dex had to secure Santos' body by holding it securely. A wavelet of lust washed down Dex' body as he grabbed Santos' hips.

"Yes! Oh! Ah!" Trapped in Dex' arms, the Filipino guy could only groan helplessly. "Fuck! My nipples! Oh!" Glancing downward, he got a glimpse of his previously licked nipple. The brown nipple was still coated with drool. And its head seemed rather puffy. Helplessly, he saw Dex move his free hand to finger that swollen nipple. "Oh! Fuck! You're rubbing my nipple! Ah! Yes! Ah!" The response was wild because Santos could not stop shuddering. Immediately, the muscles within his body contracted and grew slightly larger. "Ah!" he groaned again, his stomach contracting. The tongue-play was amazing. Santos did not even think that his body would react like that. "Oh yes! Fuck! Keep licking my nipple. Oh! Pinch it! Oh yes! Give it to me," he slurred, shivering in Dex' strong gripping arms. Finally, Dex' tongue left the torso. Gradually, it slid downward, heading for the crotch. "Oh!" Santos gasped when Dex' tongue swept over the area located just above the base of his dick.

Finding a comfortable position, Dex knelt before Santos. In front of him was a throbbing uncircumcised dick. The musky smell hit Dex' nostrils right away. It was quite intoxicating, sending his head reeling. With widened eyes, the horny American man observed the details of Santos' dick. That man-meat was dark brown, pulsating in full erection. Thick foreskin encased the entire length. Even during the erection, the foreskin still managed to conceal the dick head. A pool of precum wetted the dick head, dripping to the floor occasionally. Bringing his nose closer, Dex picked up the faint aroma of precum that emanated from Santos' dick. "This dick looks beautiful. Oh, I want to suck it," Dex gasped, licking his own upper lip. Reaching out, he grabbed the throbbing shaft. After making sure that he had got a firm grip of the foreskin, he pulled it backward. Like water gushing out from a broken dam, Santos' precum immediately flowed down the shaft. Dex' gripping hand was soon smeared with slippery precum. Accompanied by Santos' lewd groan, the foreskin slid down and exposed the dick head to the outer world. "Oh, man! That's the most beautiful dick head I've ever seen," Dex gasped, amazed by what he saw.

"Oh! You're gripping my cock," Santos commented, running his fingers through Dex' damp hair. The other hand was then placed on Dex' broad shoulder. Squeezing it, Santos enjoyed feeling the muscles beneath. "Ah!" Another gasp resounded around the walled store. Santos' eager cock throbbed excitedly in Dex' grip. Warmth radiated from Dex' palm, warming up the dick. "Your hand feels good on my dick, Dex. Stroke my cock. I know you want it. Ah, stroke it for me. Yeah, do it." Expectantly, he watched Dex manipulate the cock with his hand. "Oh! Yes!" Santos groaned as Dex pulled the foreskin forward. Once again, the dick head disappeared from the view. But soon, it re-emerged when Dex pulled the skin down. The glaring dick head pushed out of the confining prepuce. "Oh! You've made me so horny. Ah!" Santos moaned, grabbing Dex' hair. A violent shudder shook Santos when Dex put a finger on the slick dick head. Being uncut, Santos' dick was indeed much more sensitive compared to circumcised dicks. A soft touch on the head would result in overwhelming stimulation. "Oh!" Santos yelped, holding Dex' shoulder for support.

Looking up, Dex could see how handsome Santos was. The view from below was simply amazing. Santos' pecs looked bigger, hanging down from the naked torso. The hardened tip of his nipples seemed to hang down, staring at Dex. For several seconds, Dex was hypnotized by that erotic view. Dex was taken back to the reality when Santos yanked his brown hair. "Oh! I want your dick!" Dex gasped, pushing out his tongue. Without asking for permission, the white man began lapping at the brown cock. No foreskin obstructed his tongue from reaching the slimy knob. With great relish, Dex swept his tongue around the glistening dick head. Each time his tongue licked the dick head, it scooped up some precum. That liquid tasted yummy and Dex liked it very much. Other than cum, precum was the most delicious liquid in the world. Thirstily, Dex scooped up more precum and took it into his mouth. One hand was used to hold the base of the cock, to make sure that the cock stayed erect. As the dick pulsated, it produced another drop of precum.

"Oh! Damn! You're such a good licker," Santos groaned, his stomach contracting. The tongue had brought so much pleasure to Santos' dick. "Yeah, you like my salty precum, don't you? Then keep licking it. I still have a lot in my ball sack." The Filipino guy arched his back, pushing his manhood into Dex' slobbering mouth. "I want you to suck my cock, too. Don't tease me like that. I know that you want it. Suck my cock, Dex," Santos whispered, his body writhing. "Oh!" he involuntarily moaned. His body flinched when Dex' tongue touched the underside of his dick. "Yes, you've got it! Lick my cock head! Oh!" Another groan echoed as Dex continued to stimulate the underside with his tongue. "Fuck! I love your tongue! Oh! Yes! Lick my cock! Oh!" The brown dick was throbbing furiously, obviously enjoying each lick. As the reward for Dex' hard work, it oozed out its precious precum abundantly. As soon as the precum flowed out, Santos groaned because Dex had swept his tongue across the sensitive dick head. "Ah! Yes! Oh!"

Dex seemed to enjoy the Filipino dick. Feverishly, his tongue did not want to stop spreading drool all over Santos' dick head. 'Santos' dick tastes great. And, oh, I love his precum. It's damn delicious! Oh yeah, I'm getting so hard,' Dex thought, reaching down to grope his own leaking erection. Dex' dick had indeed grown stiff. As soon as the hand touched it, the hand was coated with gooey liquid that oozed out from his prick. He started to jack off but he could barely grasp his dick for it was too slippery. Forming a tight ring, Dex manipulated his own dick while he was busy with Santos' cock. Looking up, he could see the sexual desperation in Santos' black eyes. Using his free hand, Dex reached up to grab Santos' hanging muscular pecs. And then he finally thought that it was time to suck that delectable manhood. Opening his mouth, Dex slowly brought the throbbing brown dick into his oral orifice. Santos' cock went in. Immediately afterwards, Dex closed his mouth, sealing the dick inside his warm wet mouth.

"Fuck! Yeah, I like it more. Suck my dick, Dex. Show me how good a white man blows an Asian dick. Ah, I'm so horny for you and you've kept me waiting. I don't think I can last long. Ah!" Santos groaned, grabbing a handful of Dex' hair. Accidentally, Dex' head was yanked forward. It must have been painful for some of Dex' hair was pulled out. But, like a real man, Dex only let out a low muffled groan. "Ah! Shit!" Santos groaned, his body shuddering. Apparently, Dex' groan had traveled through Santos' dick and it had stimulated that dick. "Fuck! My dick throbs harder inside your mouth! Fuck yeah!" Since his dick was more sensitive compared to cut dick, the stimulation that it received felt twice stronger. Helplessly, Santos' body shuddered. He could only grab Dex' broad shoulder to support himself. "Oh! It feels so damn good! Ah, yes!" Snotty-like precum oozed out from Santos' prick. His grip on Dex' shoulders grew tighter as Dex' tongue wrapped around the dick.

'Yeah, keep groaning, Santos. I deliberately prolong the foreplay so that you'll get more excited. That way, I can milk your dick faster, and you'll cum like crazy,' Dex said to himself. Having sucked hundreds of dicks in his life, Dex taught himself how to maneuver his tongue to bring more pleasure to the dick that he sucked. Dex' tongue was quite flexible, moving around like tentacle. Applying more pressure, Dex massaged Santos' sensitive dick head. Gingerly, he rubbed the slick mushroom-shaped head. Each stroke that he gave to Santos' man-meat brought Santos a step closer to shattering orgasm. 'Oh yeah, come on. Cum for me. I know you're dying to cum. I want to drink your cock juice before I fuck your ass. Oh, you must have lot of cum inside your big heavy balls,' Dex continued to talk to himself inside his head. "Oh!" he groaned through Santos' dick when he accidentally brushed his own dick head with his blunt nail. Luckily, the thick layer of precum had protected the knob from any accidental scratch. But it did not stop him from stroking his erection. Dex' dick kept pulsating while occasionally producing excessive amount of precum. 'Damn! I'm very horny myself. How I wish there's someone who can suck my dick, too. I'm so fucking horny, ah!'

All of a sudden, both of them were surprised by a loud noise as the metal door slid upward. Someone was lifting it up! A man in security uniform stood at the store entrance with a baton in his hand. Instinctively, Dex pulled Santos' dick out of his mouth because he was very surprised. Trembling, he fell back on his back. Both of his hands were then used to cover his nakedness. But they could barely cover his throbbing leaking dick. The big juicy balls were left unprotected from the stare of that security officer. Dex' handsome white face grew paler instantly. His heart was beating so fast that it felt as if it was about to rip open his ribs. At first, Santos was surprised, too, for he did not know who came barging in. Yet, when he had already seen who that was, he breathed with relief. In fact, that Filipino guy seemed quite pleased to see the security guard.

"Rizal! Shit! You've scared both of us," Santos shouted. "Close the door quickly before others catch us red-handed." Without any shame, he let Rizal see his dripping cock. Turning to Dex, Santos tried to calm him down. "Don't worry. Rizal is my fuck buddy. He likes men, too." Stretching out his hand, he helped Dex get on his feet. "Rizal asked about you, remember? Now, when he's certain that you're gay, too, he wants to have sex with you. I must tell you that Rizal is really talented in pleasing other men." Taking hold of Dex' shoulders, Santos pushed him down and made him assume the kneeling position. "Now, where were we?" he asked, hitting Dex' face with his dripping manhood. Without any difficulty, his dick slid into Dex' mouth again and rested there. "Oh! Yeah, suck my dick again. Come on, you want it, right? Ah!" Glancing at Rizal, he gestured him to join the fun.

"It seems that your white friend likes your dick, Santos," Rizal commented in English. His English was not fluent either, but at least, Dex could still understand it. The 35-year-old security officer then came closer, his eyes showing much lust. The baton that he had been holding was dropped onto the floor. With both of his hands, the strong Filipino man unbuttoned his security uniform. The buttons were undone, one by one. Each time a button was undone, it revealed more of Rizal's dark brown torso. Compared to Santos', Rizal's skin complexion was much darker. It seemed as if he was over-tanned. Rizal's body was also athletic; his muscles were bigger than Santos'. Having a rough-looking face, he looked like a bouncer rather than a security officer. Finally, the shirt dropped to the floor. Seconds later, the sound of a zipper was heard. Rizal's trousers dropped with a soft thud. Not wearing any underwear, Rizal stood naked before them. A circumcised dick was throbbing in front of them. "Oh, it turns me on to see a white man on his knees sucking an Asian dick. Yeah, I'm gonna enjoy your body very much, white man."

"Yeah, Dex is such a good cock sucker, Rizal," Santos announced, his voice wavering. "He sucks very well. And he definitely loves doing that. Oh! Fuck yes! Keep licking that part," Santos groaned, his eyes closing and opening rapidly. Turning to Rizal, he said, "Come here, stand by my side and let Dex suck your cock, too. I know he'll love to try your big dick." With a naughty wink, he motioned for Rizal to come over. "Yeah, you're gonna love Dex' mouth. I bet he'll make you cum in just a few minutes," Santos continued. His light brown body was already covered with beads of sweat. Some sweat droplets rolled down and joined with one another to from larger sweat drops. "Oh! Fuck! Yeah! Suck my cock, Dex. Suck me coz I'm so close to cumming! Ah!" Thrusting his dick in and out of Dex' mouth, he forced Dex to take in the entire length. "Oh, play your tongue over my dick head. Yeah, like that! Oh, shit! Yes! Ah yes!"

Kneeling on the floor, Dex subserviently sucked Santos' dripping cock. Precum flooded his mouth occasionally. Repeatedly, he was teasing Santos' dick with his tongue. Sometimes, he would try to drill the cock slit using the tip of his tongue. Somehow, the tongue managed to widen the slit and coaxed more precum to come out. 'Oh, yeah, give me your precum. I know you're gonna cum for me,' Dex thought, eagerly sucking the juicy cock. Stealing a glance at Rizal, Dex felt that he was going to explode. Rizal was really hot. Reaching out, Dex tried to grab a piece of Rizal's muscle. 'Wow, this security guard has a body to die for. Oh, I wish I could fuck his ass. I really love muscular bottom. They are the best bottoms.' Without getting any resistance from Rizal, Dex grabbed handful of abdominal muscles. But when his fingers touched them, he could not hide his lust. 'Man, he's so sexy. I'm so lucky to come to Manila,' Dex thought, focusing on his suction again.

"Yeah, you like touching my stomach? Knock yourself off," Rizal said, grunting. Standing next to Santos, he let Dex grope his stomach. Although Rizal's body was large-built, it was quite sensitive to the touch. When Dex' hand swept his stomach, the muscles immediately contracted. "Oh! Yeah, touch me. I'm getting horny for you, white man," Rizal groaned, shaking his erection in front of Dex. "This cock is so juicy and it looks big. I'm sure you're gonna love it." Grabbing Dex' groping hand, Rizal forced it to crawl down to his throbbing dick. "Yeah, do you feel it? Do you feel my big throbbing dick, huh? It's big, isn't it? Have you ever seen any Asian dick as big as mine? This Filipino dick is gonna make you feel so damn good," he groaned, hooking Dex' hand to his dick. "Yeah, stroke it. Make me horny. I know you love cock, so don't be shy about it." Turning to Santos who was standing next to him, he wrapped his other hand around Santos' warm sweaty waist. "You look so hot, Santos. I miss your body," he said, snuggling his face into Santos' neck. "Oh man, you smell wonderful. Your manly scent drives me horny. Yeah, kiss me, baby." Although he was talking to Santos, he deliberately used English so that Dex could follow the whole conversation. He knew that Dex would be turned on to hear dirty remarks coming out from his mouth.

"Fuck yeah, I miss you, Rizal," Santos replied, embracing the naked security guard. Without any shame, they both demonstrated how they wanted each other. Their strong hands were squeezing each other's body, feeling the muscles beneath their skin. Leaning forward, he locked Rizal's lips with his. And then both of them were kissing passionately. "Oh, I'm so ready to spurt out my love juice. Yeah, Rizal, kiss me," he gasped. Down below, Dex was still sucking Santos' leaking manhood. "Ah! Fuck!" Santos groaned, his body going through another hard shudder. "Oh, I'm really close, keep sucking my dick, Dex. Come on, make me spill my juicy cum in your mouth. I'm so ready to cum for you. Yeah, oh!" Santos' grip on Rizal's body grew tighter. "Oh! Yes!"

Still sucking eagerly, Dex utilized both his tongue and mouth to bring Santos the best orgasm ever. He knew that he had teased Santos' dick for quite a while. Thus, Dex was sure that Santos would experience a shattering orgasm soon. 'Yeah, cum for me now. I want to drink fresh Filipino cock juice. Oh, I'm so horny for that.' Without being touched, Dex' dick was throbbing eagerly. It kept dripping precum and created a pool of clear liquid on the floor. Moving his eyes to scan Rizal's body, Dex still used his other hand to stroke the hunky security guard's cock. The hard meat was indeed much bigger compared to other Asian dicks. Dex could not even get a full grip around that manhood; the girth was too thick. Dex could not believe that such cock existed. 'Shit! This Filipino security guard has such a big rammer. I wonder how the guys took it up their ass. I don't think I could take it. Rizal's dick is only 5-inch long but it's certainly very thick. Maybe, it's as thick as a beer can. But I love holding his manhood. That dick emanates strong masculine aura and I'm drawn to it. Ah yeah, I can't wait to have sex with these guys,' Dex thought, rolling his eyes back to Santos. 'Yeah, Santos is going to cum. I can feel it. Yeah, cum for me, Santos. Shower my throat with your warm man juice. Give it to me. Oh fuck!'

"Ah! Fuck! I think I'm coming. Oh yes! I'm gonna flood your mouth with my hot Filipino juice, Dex," Santos groaned, his stomach contracting hard. "Oh shit! Take it! Fucking take my loads! Ah!" And before he could have the chance to say more words, orgasm dawned on him and took control over his body. "Yes! Ah! Fuck yeah! Oh!" Bucking in Rizal's strong arms, Santos gave himself up to the shattering orgasm. It was the strongest orgasm that he had ever had and he really enjoyed it. "Shit! Fuck yeah! Milk my cock! Oh! Fucking yes! Oh!" The muscles within his body were flexing, looking as if they were about to rip off his skin. Involuntarily, Santos pushed his dick deeper into Dex' willing mouth. As cum spurted out of the cock slit, the dick head was hitting Dex' glottal stop. Thick creamy cum spewed out and splattered Dex' mouth. Frantically, Dex was trying to gulp down the torrent of cum which invaded his mouth. Repeatedly, Santos' dick kept spurting its thick man cream. Orgasmic howls echoed inside that store, escaping Santos' mouth. But, they were reduced to muffled groans as soon as Santos' mouth was sealed by Rizal's. Rizal had to take a firm hold of Santos' bucking body to keep him safe from the convulsion. "Oh! Ah!" Santos muffled through the kiss as the last drop of cum left his cock. "Yeah, fuck! That was great," he sighed, pulling away from Rizal. Obviously, Santos was exhausted. His athletic torso glistened with beads of sweat. Yet, his softening dick stayed inside Dex' mouth until Dex finally released it.

"You have a great cock. It tasted very good," Dex commented, grinning at Santos. Some cum drops smeared his lips. With his tongue, Dex licked them clean. "Now, it's your turn, Rizal," he said, mouthing Rizal's erect dick. That giant dick slowly slid into Dex' mouth. Rizal's manhood fit Dex' mouth perfectly yet it left no space for Dex' tongue to work. 'Fuck! This cock is too big for my mouth! If I force myself, I will break my jaws!' Sticking out his tongue, Dex managed to caress Rizal's dick head. Upon being touched, the dick immediately throbbed and started to give off its precious precum. Its salty taste turned Dex on but Dex was beyond his capability to suck that jumbo dick. The jaws began to ache, not being able to sustain the thick dick inside Dex' mouth. Disappointedly, Dex chose to pull away. To his surprise, he didn't see any disappointment on Rizal's handsome face. It seemed that the security guard understood perfectly why he had to pull away. "Fuck! Your cock is way too big. I can't get it into my mouth," Dex said, wiping the precum off his lips. Looking at Santos, Dex said to him, "I haven't come, you know. I want to use your ass to dump my loads. Get down on your knees and assume the doggy position. I'm gonna fuck your tight hot Filipino ass." Somehow, it sounded more like an order rather than a request.

Santos responded with a low groan. Without complaining, he assumed the position. His limp dick, covered in cock juice, was hanging about. A drop of milky cock cream was still hanging at the tip of his dick. His athletic pecs looked much bigger as they hung down from the torso. "Yeah, you want my ass? Come and get it," he groaned, challenging Dex to fuck him. "Yeah, my tight ass is itchy for your American white dick. Yeah, shove it in coz I want it in me. Oh, you like tight hot ass, right? I have one. Fuck me now." Tiredness obviously did not stop him from surrendering his ass and coaxed Dex to fuck it. A lascivious grin flitted across his face as he saw Dex approach. "Yeah, that's it, stud. Grab my ass buns. Feel them in your hands. Oh yeah," Santos groaned lustfully. Wiggling his ass, Santos displayed his love hole. As he spread his legs, he managed to part the ass buns in order to expose his ass hole. As a horny bottom, Santos had no shame about his sluttish behavior. All he knew was that the American man wanted his ass and he wanted the American dick.

"Yeah, I like it," Dex murmured, entranced by the obscene view in front of him. "A hot athletic Filipino man like you can make me spurt out my cum in seconds. Yes, that's it, baby. Show me your ass. I have to get a good look before fucking it. Yeah, you want my American cock up your ass, huh?" Walking closer, Dex made no attempt to hide his erect cock. The erect manhood was swaying up and down as its owner walked up to Santos. Immediately, he knelt behind Santos and positioned his dick for the initial penetration. Rather shakily, his hand reached out to touch Santos' smooth bubble ass. "Oh, it feels so good. It's warm and fleshy. You have a very sexy ass," Dex whispered, reaching out the other hand. "Oh, your ass is so smooth. Fuck! I'm so hard for you. I want to insert my dick now." The breathing rhythm coming out from Dex' nostrils was uneven. Most of the time, he had to take deep breaths. Feverishly, the white man ran both his hands up and down Santos' sweaty bare back.

Standing not far from those men, Rizal was stroking his own manhood. From the head of his dick, slimy clear liquid oozed out and lubed up his palm. The constant stroking produced faint noises as that naked security guard tried to milk his own cock. 'Fuck! This American man is very sexy. I like his muscular white body. He's gonna be a great fuck. It's been so long since I fucked a white man. But, damn, he seemed to be a top, too.' Rizal's eyes kept watching every movement that Dex made. When he saw how Dex treated Santos' body, he was certain that Dex was a top. "Yeah, he's a top alright. But I won't let him get away without plunging my cock into his tight ass. I hope his ass is still virgin.' A lewd smile flitted across Rizal's rough-looking face. Imagining the pleasure that he would receive from fucking Dex' ass, Rizal slowly approached Dex. Silently, he knelt behind him and placed a hand on Dex' broad shoulder. Then, with a lustful groan, Rizal leaned forward and embraced Dex' body. It seemed that Dex had not realized that he was about to lose his anal virginity. "Yeah, fuck my buddy," Rizal whispered in Dex' ear. "Fuck his ass. Yeah, doesn't his skin feel so good on your hands? What are you waiting for? Fuck him now. He always wants to get fucked by a white man. Oh yeah, shove your hard dick up Santos' ass." Sensually, Rizal was groping Dex' torso from behind. 'Yeah, this white man has hard chiseled torso, just like the guys whom I often see in gay porno. Ah, I'm gonna enjoy fucking his ass.'

His head reeling, Dex let Rizal touch his nude body all over. At then, Dex' concentration was fixed to Santos. "Oh yeah, I'm gonna fuck your ass, Santos. You want my American dick, right? Then you're gonna have it," he breathed, his chest expanding. "Oh!" Dex yelped when Rizal brushed his sensitive nipple. Immediately, Dex' muscular body flinched owing to the sensation brought by the stimulated nipple. When he turned his head around, he received a sloppy kiss from Rizal. Not rejecting it, Dex gladly opened his mouth and reciprocated that kiss. Meanwhile, Dex used one hand to make sure that his dick stayed hard and was ready for Santos' hot ass. "Oh, you're such a great kisser," Dex said as the kiss broke. Some saliva coated Dex' lips serving as the proof of how intense the kiss was. Dex let Rizal continued the kiss as Rizal's lips crawled down Dex' neck. Looking down, Dex realized that he needed to unleash his loads, or else he might suffer from blue balls. "Fuck! I can't hold it anymore. I have to fuck you now," he moaned, squeezing the head of his dick. A slimy drop of precum oozed out from the piss slit. "Ready or not, here I come," Dex said, holding his shaft and aiming the head at Santos' throbbing man hole.

"Yeah, shove it in. I've been waiting for this glorious moment. Oh!" Santos groaned, preparing himself to accept Dex' throbbing manhood. "Come on. I want it now. Ah!" He, again, deliberately spread his legs apart to display his twitching ass hole. That hole looked tight despite the fact that it had been penetrated by a number of dicks. "My fuck hole is aching for your American dick. Come and fuck me." Santos groaned, wriggling his ass. The temperature in that room was rather high because there was no ventilation. Sweat drops were seen flowing down through the crack of Santos' ass. Glistening with sweat, Santos' manhole twitched. "Fuck my tight Filipino ass hole, just for your hard American dick," Santos said, turning his head around to get a good view of Dex' naked body. "I know you're horny for my ass. So, fuck me now. Don't keep me waiting. I need your cock, now."

"Yeah, I'm gonna fucking fuck your sluttish ass hole," Dex responded, immediately pushing the tip of his dick into the tight ass hole. "Oh fuck!" Dex groaned when his dick head was squeezed by the plump ass cheeks. "Oh! I'm pressing my dick head against your ass hole now. I'm gonna break it open. Yeah, open it up for me, slut. I know that you have been fucked by many guys before. But shit! Your ass still feels like a virgin's," Dex groaned, trying to inch forward. Grunting, he finally managed to align his dick head with Santos' twitching fuck chute. "Yeah, baby. I'm gonna fuck you now. Open up for me." With that, Dex forced his dick to break through Santos' anal defense. "Fuck! Oh! Yeah! Relax your hole for me. I want to go in. Ah!" Steadily, sweat ran down Dex' naked body. The muscles hiding under his skin were contracting as Dex was trying to jam his manhood into Santos' hole. "Oh! Yes! I can feel your hole opens up for me. Oh! Yes! I'm in!" he yelled excitedly as his dick head was suddenly gripped by Santos' ass lips. The penetration went smoothly, aided by Dex' leaking precum. At the same time when the cock plunged in, Santos let out a loud groan of pain which turned Dex hornier. "Yeah, scream as loudly as you want. You're fucked!" Dex groaned, pushing in the rest of the dick. "Oh! Shit! Your fuck canal is tight. Oh! Take my dick! Yeah!" And the groans continued.

"Yeah, fuck his ass," Rizal encouraged, still groping Dex' body. His hands did not want to miss any hard muscles on Dex' body. "I like your nipples, white man. I can't wait to pinch them," Rizal whimpered, restraining himself from drooling. His lips were still on Dex' neck. He liked the faint aroma of the cologne that Dex used. Another whimper escaped from that security guard's mouth as he pressed his own throbbing cock against Dex' ass. "Oh, you look so hot. I'm so horny for you," Rizal moaned, wrapping one arm around Dex' torso. The other hand reached down to find Dex' dick. "Yeah, it's in," Rizal commented when Dex' dick was shoved into Santos' ass. "Fuck his ass now. Come on, rape him. Make him yours. I know that you want to fuck him. Do it," Rizal whispered while rubbing Dex' torso with his arm. "I'm gonna make you so horny. Yeah, do you feel my muscular body on your back, huh? I'm flexing my muscles for you." Sensually, Rizal was rubbing his bulging torso against Dex' sweaty back. "Yeah, come on. Plow that ass. Fuck him. Santos is a slut and he deserves it. Use his body, fuck his ass. Oh yeah! Fuck him!"

Dex needed no encouragement and he quickly claimed his prize. "Yeah, I'm pushing my cock into your ass, Santos. Oh!" he groaned, clutching Santos' hips securely. As he grabbed Santos' body, he squeezed the flesh and noticed the flexing muscles under the skin. Repositioning his hips, Dex tried to maneuver his manhood inside the warm tight fuck hole. The fuck chute was milking Dex' dick head each time it contracted. "Fuck! Milk my cock, baby. Let me know how much you like my dick. Yeah, milk my dick with your ass. Oh! Fuck!" Inside the Filipino ass, Dex' eager cock was sliding in and out. The thick shaft jammed the anal entrance, forcing the asshole to stretch wide. Dex drove his dick as deep as he could until his pubes pressed against Santos' ass. Immediately afterwards, he withdrew his dick and then he pushed it back. The rhythm slowly got faster as he kept plowing the hot ass. "I'm fucking your ass, yes! Groan for me, slut. Let me hear you scream. My big dick is plowing your tight ass. Oh yeah!" Throwing his head back, Dex continued to ravage Santos' ass. Dex' hips moved back and forth as the cock plunged in and out. "Yeah, take my dick. You like it, don't you? Yeah, feel my manliness. Oh!"

"Ah! Yeah! Fuck my ass," Santos groaned, his body rocking back and forth. At times, he winced as Dex delivered each thrust. Despite the painful expression on his face, the Filipino guy obviously enjoyed the anal experience. "Fuck me harder, American man. Shove it in as hard as you can. Ah! Use my body. Fuck me!" he yelled, tightening his ass ring. Yet, by doing so, it only added to his own pain because Dex' dick forced its way through ruthlessly. The entire length of Dex' cock brushed against the fleshy walls of Santos' fuck canal, almost tearing it apart. "Ah! Fuck yeah! Fuck me! Oh, fuck!" Santos yelped feverishly. "Your cock hurts my ass. Oh!" he yelped again. "But I like it. Yeah, fuck my ass. Make me scream. Oh fuck me!" The anal pain indeed served as an aphrodisiac to Santos. Throbbing incessantly, his dick was oozing precum more profusely. "Oh! Hurt my ass! Fuck it hard! Ah yes! More please!" Santos yelped, his legs shuddering. Drops of sweat ran down Santos' naked body as the Filipino guy braced himself for those painful anal thrusts. "Oh! Fuck! Yes! Fuck my ass! Oh!" He could barely see anything because his view was blurred by the excessive sweat drenching his eye lids. "Yeah, fuck my tight Filipino ass. Yeah, that's a hot ass to fuck. Fuck it hard. Oh! Yeah!"

'Fuck! This slut really knows how to get me horny. It's been long since I have an exciting fuck like this. He doesn't even care if my rough thrusts hurt his ass hole,' Dex thought, his eyes staring lustfully at Santos' drenched back. 'Yeah, I love fucking this slut. I'm gonna hurt his ass with my dick. He will beg for more.' Realizing how much Santos loved rough sex, Dex poked his fuck chute harder. "Yeah, feel the rage of my cock. You ask for it, you get it. Ah yes! Fuck you! Oh, I'm gonna pry open your ass and make it gape open. Fuck yeah!" Relentlessly, Dex was fucking Santos' ass without mercy. All he cared about was his own sexual pleasure. The big American dick was moving in and out, forcing the ass hole to stretch wider. "Yeah, I'm fucking a tight hole. I love your ass," Dex groaned, leaning over to squeeze Santos' muscles. Sweat had drenched Dex' body thoroughly, too. As he shoved his rod forward, droplets of sweat splattered onto the floor. "You want me to hurt your ass with my dick? I'm gonna hurt it so well that you won't be able to walk for a week. I'm gonna fuck your ass till it gapes open. Yeah, feel my dick inside you." Roughly, Dex dug his blunt nails into the flesh and left reddish marks on Santos' back.

From behind, Rizal continued to hug Dex' body. With his strong arms, he made sure that Dex could go no where. Lustfully, the naked security guard was rubbing his erection up and down against Dex' ass crack. Yet, Dex failed to realize Rizal's intention. Dex' body rocked back and forth as he drilled Santos' ass. Rizal took a moment to observe the rhythm of Dex' rocking body. When he spotted the perfect opportunity, he would slip his dick into Dex' ass. "Fuck his ass, Dex. Show him what it's like to get fuck by a real American man. Yeah, use his ass. Fuck him hard," Rizal encouraged, wrapping one hand around Dex' sweaty abdomen. "Hmmm... Nice muscular stomach," Rizal murmured, feeling the contraction of Dex' abdominal muscles. Throbbing eagerly, Rizal's dick could no longer restrain its desire to plug Dex' hole. 'I have to fuck this American man now. I can't hold it anymore.' After assuring himself that he had got a good grip on Dex' body, Rizal positioned his erect cock to get a good aim at Dex' thrusting ass. Whimpering, he aligned his cock head with Dex' ass hole. Waiting for the right time to deliver a hard penetration, his slimy dick head was ready. "Yeah, fuck my buddy. Give him your cock. Oh," Rizal gasped, trying not to reveal his true intention. 'This American man doesn't know that he is about to get fucked. I won't let him go. Luckily, my body is bigger than his. That way, I can subdue him easily and made him surrender his ass to me.'

Minutes passed and Dex was still pushing his dick in and out of Santos' fuck hole. Beads of sweat rolled down his face, soaking his hair. As the fucking continued, he was oblivious to the fact that Rizal's oozing dick had already pressed against his asshole. "Oh, fuck you!" Dex groaned, slipping both of his hands under Santos' perspiring stomach. Bringing his body close to Santos', Dex leaned over to get a better grip around Santos' torso. Laying his heaving chest on Santos' back, Dex embraced the Filipino guy. "Yeah, I own your body now. And I'm gonna use your ass to satisfy my own lust. You love my big American cock, huh? Have some more," Dex grunted. And afterwards, he delivered an even harder thrust. "Fuck you! Feel the power of my cock. Yeah, I'm fucking a hot Filipino's ass. Yeah, baby!" Dex hollered.

Knowing that an opportunity to fuck Dex' ass had come, Rizal immediately shoved his dick into the American man's ass. A loud yelp of pain came from Dex' mouth. "Gotcha!" Rizal yelled, his voice echoing through the room. "I'm gonna fuck your American ass. I've always loved muscular white man, like you," Rizal breathed, blowing a hot warm breath against Dex' nape. "I'm a top and I need to release my loads, too. Since you're fucking Santos, the only ass left is yours." Aimlessly, Rizal's dick head poked Dex' fuck canal, trying to gain a deeper access. Its slimy precum smeared the ass crack, lubricating the way. "I'm gonna fuck your ass whether you like it or not. But I do prefer you don't, coz I enjoy raping the unwilling men," Rizal snarled, hoping that he had planted some fear in Dex' mind. "You have no where to go. I'm gonna fucking rape your white ass. My Filipino dick is very large and it will tear your ass apart."

"Get off me!" Dex yelled. For a moment, the fucking stopped. Again, Dex yelled, "I'm strictly top. I don't want to get fucked. Get off me now!" Obviously, he was infuriated by Rizal's act. Cold sweat flowed down his head as he realized that he could not escape Rizal's dick. 'Fuck! I'm pinned between two naked body. I can't pull out because that damned security guard had pinned my body down. I can't slip away either coz my dick was impaled deep inside Santos' ass. Fuck! This is a really fucked up situation!' Dex grew worried as he had seen the size of Rizal's erect cock. He had never seen a dick as big as Rizal's, not even when he was in America. Actually, Rizal's dick was not long. Yet, it was as thick as a soda can. Imagining that fat manhood piercing his ass frightened Dex. "No, don't fuck me with that monstrous dick. It can't go in!" Dex quickly added, hoping he would bring some sense into Rizal's horny mind. But whatever he said, he failed to change Rizal's mind. "Stop! Please," Dex began to whimper out of fright. "Don't do this to me. You're gonna tear my ass. Please, no." Indeed, Dex was a strict top. As a fanatic top, he deemed that being fucked by another man was degrading.

"Shut up, you white man. I'm horny and I need to release my loads. The more you fight, the hornier I become. So, if I were you, I would stay quiet," Rizal grunted, trying to jam his dick in. Fortunately, the girth of the dick head was smaller compared to the girth of the shaft. Thus, Rizal managed to slip his dick head into Dex' ass crack. "Yeah, I love tight white ass. I'm gonna fuck it well. Yeah!" The slimy knob tried to find its way in through Dex' clenched ass hole. No matter how hard Dex tried to tighten his ass ring, Rizal's slick dick head managed to push through. "Fuck yeah, baby! Your ass slowly opens up for me. You know that you can't resist me. I'm gonna fuck you and dump my loads inside you. You're mine and I'm gonna breed you," Rizal announced. With great strength, he pinned Dex' body down using his body weight. "Don't resist me. I have pried your ass open. All I need is to push the whole length in. And then, you're fucked."

"Ah! It hurts!" Dex groaned. But he was powerless to stop the advancing cock. The pain was so overwhelming, unlike any pain that he had experienced. "Oh! Shit! Stop it! I can't take you cock. I'm still a virgin! Please, no!" Dex yelped, almost crying. But his confession about his anal virginity only excited Rizal. "Oh! Fuck!" Dex groaned as a sharp pain pierced through his anal opening. "Stop! No! Please, don't fuck me! Ah!" Both of his legs were shuddering almost uncontrollably. Dex kept his body steady by laying his torso on Santos' back. Another painful groan broke out from Dex' lips as he felt the pain. "Ah! You're killing me! Oh!" Contracting hard, Dex' muscles bulged and made him look slightly bigger. Instinctively, Dex flinched, trying to escape from the ruthless cock. "Oh! It hurts! No more please! Oh!"

"Yeah!" Santos groaned, too, for his ass was violated by Dex' cock. "Fuck that white ass, Rizal. Fuck him hard. Yeah!" It was not surprising that Santos was on Rizal's side. After all, they were friends and fuck partners. "Yeah, fuck his ass. Make him scream. Oh!" Excitement shone on Santos' face as he imagined the anal pain that overwhelmed Dex. Turning his head around, he gasped, "Take that cock like a man. You'll love Rizal's cock. He's a great fucker." Having two bodies on top of him, Santos began to have breathing problem. "Oh!" he groaned. Not being able to sustain the weight, his arms and knees gave up. Santos fell flat onto the wet floor, his chest being pressed hard against the cold floor tiles. His sensitive erect nipples tingled and sent pleasurable signals to his nerves. "Ah!" Santos gasped, his body jerking.

The painful ordeal continued as Dex almost passed out from the pain. Actually, it could have been less painful if he could only relax his mind and ass. "Oh! I'm telling you, your cock won't fit inside my ass. Stop!" he still protested. Tears were welling up his eyes, blurring his view. As the pain grew worse, his ass hole was stretched wide. Rizal's slick cock head advanced in. Dex' ass lips were pushed inwards, giving way for that thick dick. "Oh! You're hurting me! Ah, I think my ass is bleeding! Oh! Shit!" Unknown to Dex, his ass was indeed in excruciating pain but it did not bleed at all. The liquid that he felt was the precum coming from Rizal's cock slit. Lying still, the American man dared not move as Rizal kept pushing in his manhood. Clenching his teeth, Dex thought that his ass was about to get ripped off. Tears streamed down his face for he could barely bear the pain. 'No! That bastard is no going to fuck my ass. I have to buck my body as hard as I can. I'm sure I can throw him off,' he thought, fabricating a rescue plan for himself. Then, without thinking, Dex exerted all his might to buck Rizal off. Yet, it was a fatal mistake for him! He forgot that Rizal's dick was plugging his ass. Immediately, Dex screamed as loudly as he could when he accidentally forced Rizal's dick to pop into his ass. "Oh!" The pain was beyond words. "No!" he yelled out as he realized what he had just done.

"You've done it, slut. My dick is in! And now I'm gonna fuck your ass. I know that you want it. I'm fucking you now," Rizal breathed, applying more pressure onto Dex' helpless body. Despite Dex' struggle, that security guard managed to subdue him. "Yeah, fight me. You are not helping yourself. Your ass is fucking itself. Oh!" Groaning, Rizal shoved the rest of his cock, all the way in. "Ah yeah! Fuck! I always love tight virgin ass. Yeah, baby, you're mine now. And I'm gonna fuck you." Without caring for Dex' feeling, the strong man started to plow Dex' white ass. At first, it was rather hard to pull back and to push in a fat dick through a narrow fuck hole. Every movement that Rizal made created an excruciating pain for Dex. Dex' body was rocked backward as the fat dick pulled back, its length being gripped tightly by Dex' ass lips. And, as the dick sank in, it sent hard thrust that pushed Dex' body forward. Before long, a steady fucking rhythm was established. "Fuck! I'm fucking a tight American ass. Oh, I'm very horny for white men. Fuck you! Come on, scream for me. Let me hear your pain. Yes, I want to hear you cry. Ah yeah!"

"Fuck!!" Dex yelped. He was genuinely in pain, his entire body shuddering with unspeakable pain. It felt as if a soda can was being pushed inside his ass. Rocking back and forth, he accidentally resumed fucking Santos. Instantly, pleasure ran through his hard dick. "Fuck! Yeah! Oh!" At that point, Dex knew that he would not be able to escape from the rape. Thus, he forced himself to go with it. Focusing his mind on fucking Santos, he slowly distracted himself from the anal pain. Strangely, the burning pain on his ass gradually faded away, replaced by sexual ecstasy. "Yes! Fuck! Oh!" Precum started to wet Dex' dick, lubing up Santos' fuck chute. "Ah!" A loud groan was produced when Dex felt orgasmic-like wave wash over his body. It happened right after Rizal's dick head accidentally hit something inside Dex' ass. "Fuck! You just touched my prostate! Oh! I never knew it would feel so good like this. Ah!"

"Yeah! I know you're gonna love my big dick. No one ever complains," Rizal commented, grunting. "Fuck! Your ass is too tight. My cock is twitching. Oh! I donít want to cum!" Obviously, Dex' tight warm ass was too hot for him. "Fuck! Your ass is milking my dick and it forces me to cum. I sill want to fuck your white ass. Ah!" Grabbing Dex' sweaty body, Rizal delivered powerful thrusts. His thick cock was violating Dex' tender asshole, ripping it apart. The constant friction with the fat cock had made the asshole grew puffy. "Oh! Shit! Your ass is sucking my cock head. Fuck! You're a natural bottom." Leaning forward, he embraced Dex' body as their bodies rocked back and forth. Again, Rizal moaned as he nearly dumped his loads prematurely. "Your ass is so hot that I almost cum. Fuck yeah! But I still want to fuck you more. Ah! I won't cum yet!"

Pinned onto the cold floor, Santos could barely move his body. Occasionally leaking some precum, his erect dick was pressed against the floor. The precum pooled up around the dick head, before spreading across the floor tile. As his body kept rocking, the friction caused by the constant penetration stimulated Santos' dick. "Fuck! Fuck my ass, Dex! Give me your American dick. Plow my ass well. Oh! I'm so horny. I want to cum! Ah! Yes, keep fucking me! Oh!" Frantically, Santos tried to rub his dick against the floor. Santos knew that he would not be able to hold on for long. "Yeah, screw me! Fuck me! Oh! I love big dick up my ass! Ah fuck!" All of a sudden, the muscles in his body grew taut. It was a tell-tale sign of an orgasm. "Oh! I can feel it. I'm cumming! Yeah, I'm gonna shoot out my sperm. Ah!" At the same time, Santos' body was convulsing. "Oh!" he yelled. And then, his dick started to shoot out its loads violently. "Oh! Shit! Yeah! I'm cumming!" Thick gooey juice was sprayed out. The ejaculation looked as if it had been painful as Santos' face winced. But in the reality, Santos was having an unspeakable orgasmic ecstasy. Loud groans resounded through the room as the temperature rose. With a long sigh, Santos finally stopped cumming. "Oh! Fuck! That was great," he whimpered. But Dex still had not shown any sign that he was going to stop fucking Santos.

"Yeah, nice cum shots, Santos" he said as he maintained his fucking rhythm. "Oh!" Dex groaned when the same orgasmic-like wave coursed down his body for the umpteenth time. "Fuck my ass. Oh! It feels good. Ah!" Without realizing it, Dex oozed out more precum. Santos' rectum was practically covered in slime. "Fuck! Oh!" The American man groaned as he continued to ravage Santos' fuck chute. 'Shit! This is hot! I'm getting fucked and I begin to like it! Oh! I won't be able to delay my ejaculation if Rizal keeps fucking me like that. Oh!' Flinching, Dex groaned again as Rizal's hands slipped into the narrow space between Dex' torso and Santos' back. The hand headed for Dex' pecs! "Oh! Not the chest. My nipples are very sensitive. Oh! Don't touch my nipples. You can make me cum. Oh!" But Rizal intentionally fingered each nipple and caused Dex' body to shudder. "Oh! Fuck! You've done it! Oh! I think I'm gonna cum! Fuck!" Dex groaned, giving in to the impending orgasm. "Yes! It's coming! Oh! I'm cumming now!" Then a big shot of gooey white cum jetted out of his throbbing cock head. Immediately, that cum load landed deep inside Santos' deflowered ass. More shots followed as Dex groaned more loudly. "Oh! I'm creaming your Asian ass! Yes! Oh fuck! Ah!" Pinned between two naked bodies, Dex released his cum. His cum flooded Santos' fuck canal, drenching it. A small amount of cum found an escape from Santos' cock-filled hole. "Ah! Shit! Do you feel my cum rush in your ass, Santos? Oh!" Dex' body stiffened as the last drop of cum left his aching dick. With a sigh of relief, Dex ended his ejaculation. His head was somewhat dizzy from the shattering orgasm. Hugging Santos from behind, Dex tried to steady his rocking body. "Come on, big guy. Cum in my ass. Let it go. Let your dick flood my ass. Yeah, come on, I want you to cum inside my ass."

"Shit!" That was Rizal's response before he finally joined the orgasmic explosion. "Ah!" Roughly, the naked security officer shoved his fat dick as hard as he could into Dex' abused anal cavity. Still holding onto Dex' body, he unleashed a torrent of hot cock juice. "Fuck! I'm cumming! Take my cream! Take it all! Oh yes!" he moaned, shuddering uncontrollably. Instead of slowing down, his fuck rhythm grew faster and harder, banging Dex' ass. "Take that! I'm placing my seeds in you. Yes! You have my cum inside you. Fuck! I'm cumming!" Orgasmic howls filled the room as he continued to enjoy his ejaculation. Loud slapping noises were heard as Rizal's body was banging Dex'. But to his disappointment, the orgasm only lasted for a few seconds. "Oh," he sighed, wincing. Then, he laid his body lazily on top of Dex'. His heavy body weight pressed down, pinning both Dex and Santos. "Great fuck, American man," Rizal whimpered as his dick grew limp.

Being too tired to move, Dex could only whimper out his agreement. All he wanted was a good rest after the exciting yet tiring sex. Dex barely realized when his body was being moved. As he opened his eyelids, he found himself lying on top of Rizal's muscular body. The security officer's hard muscles felt so good to the touch. When their eyes met, Dex looked into Rizal's eyes. And he could only see lust in them. "Oh no, don't tell me that you want another fuck," he sighed, wincing painfully. Still gaping open, Dex' ass hole was badly bruised. Yet, remembering the pleasure of getting fucked, Dex could not resist when Rizal possessively grabbed Dex' ass buns. "Fuck my ass as much as you want. I'm yours," Dex whimpered. Behind him, Santos was licking Dex' sweaty back. It seemed that another hot fuck session was about to happen. "Ah!" Dex groaned as Rizal's big dick slid into his ass, again.


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