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Nic And Alex - Part Two
Nicholas Patrick <>


He looked at me and then to the door and said "Sorry" as he walked away. As he reached for the handle I called behind him "I'm not!"

I stood there for a moment wondering what to do. I reached for my swim trunks but thought better of it, as my ass was still on fire. Wincing as I walked to the kitchen for a towel to wipe my face off, I saw that it was now 10:15. That means that with the chatting and, well… blowing that went on he must have spanked me for at least a solid 30 minutes.

I wandered into the backyard and fell face first into the pool. The cool water felt good on my butt so I swam around for a bit before grabbing a floating raft and crawling onto it belly down. I mulled over what had just happened in my mind. Only one day earlier I had the inclination to try something out and in that time I had searched for, found and acted on that idea. I had received my first spanking and given my first blowjob which led me to the edge of the pool and the sunscreen lotion. Carefully rolling over on the raft I globed an ample portion into my hand and coated my cock in it.

I had not expected to become so aroused by the act of being spanked but as I found out, I didn't have a bit of control over myself. What was shocking was that straight boy, Baptist church going Alex had the same reaction that I did. Further surprising was how fully he stepped into the role I had planned for him after only a few moments protestation and a few more of hesitation. I slid my hand up and down the length of my shaft as I thought of the smell of his manliness. I thought of his gentle rubbing after the spanking was done and the fortunate accident that landed his dick deep into my throat.

As I reached behind me to feel the stripes left from his belt I came hard, thrusting my hips into my hand and then coming to rest, splashing back down onto the raft. I finished off and slid off of the raft into the water and let the current carry my semen off my chest. Floating below the water I began to wonder if that would be the last time I would see Alex. I wondered what he was doing right now. Sitting at home regretting what just happened, running to his church to find absolution, talking to his friends, telling them what a homo I am.

I got out of the pool, dried off, let Sandy out of her pen and went inside to get dressed (choosing light, airy shorts to let my rump air out). This was certainly the most eventful Thursday of my life. I got on my computer and looked at Alex's facebook page. I looked at everything and everything that he had available. Looking at his pictures gave me a kind of slideshow of his weight loss since I had known him in high school. It was amazing how much he had grown in 3 short years. He was about a head taller, his shoulders were broader and his arms were toned but not massive. His once round face was now sharp and defined, but not with harsh lines, instead with a confident strong jaw and those caring green eyes. The sad thing is that even though I had no plans to come out, if I did, a guy like Alex would be just who I was looking for.

When my parents got home from work, Dad took me to get my car. Along the way he kept commenting on how glad he was that I was getting out again. I just kind of nodded and gave non-committal grunts until we got to the bar and I thanked him and followed him home. I got home and continued my compulsive watching of Alex's wall to see if anything new had popped up but there was nothing other than the normal random new friend approvals.

It wasn't until I woke up the next morning that something new caught my eye. As I got out of bed checked my backside in the mirror (the redness was completely gone, only the stripes from the belt remained) I went straight to my desk and logged on. I was shocked to see that Alex's relationship status had changed from "in a relationship" to "single and looking." It hadn't even occurred to me that Alex might tell his girlfriend and I got a pit in my stomach as I wondered if that was the reason for their breakup, if he had told her and she freaked out on him. I had to wait all weekend long to find out.

After my encounter with Alex, I had gone from lying about and being lazy to being a compulsive worrier. I didn't even have his phone number but I managed to finagle it out of a mutual acquaintance on Sunday afternoon while at a brunch with my parents. I don't want to gloss over the fact that I agonized about this all weekend long, even before I had the number. Even after I got a hold of his cell number, I was far too scared to dial it. The farthest I ever got was programming it into my phone. Finally on Monday morning I called him not knowing what I would say.

He answered on the third ring. "Hello."

"Uh, hey… It's Nicholas," I blurted out nervously not knowing if he would yell at me, hang up or do something that fell in between.

There was a brief silence before he spoke: "I was wondering when you would call. Cadence told me she gave you my number." His tone was even, not revealing if he was angry, embarrassed, depressed or whatever.

"I wanted to talk to you about… you know," I said trying not to sound childish.

"I'm at my house right now; I can't talk," he said quickly and I thought with finality until he added "Can I come to your place?"

This time it was me who was silent. "Yeah, sure, please," I stammered thinking this was going much better than I had planned, then wondering if he was coming to kick my ass or something like that.

"I'll be there in 15 minutes," he lowered his voice and said: "try not to be naked when I get there." He then hung up, leaving me blushing, shocked and, yes, aroused.

The four days since our last encounter were nothing compared to the agony of waiting that last 15 minutes. In hindsight, I really don't know what I was so scared of, but at the time, I was just petrified. When the doorbell rang, I actually sprinted to open it, with Sandy just barely beating me to the door tail wagging all the way. Alex and I looked at each other for a moment as Sandy ran circles around us before I stepped aside and invited him in. I knew it would be awkward, well more awkward, if we talked in the living room, so I took him into the dining room and sat down. He took the seat across from me and looked pleasantly across at me.

"So…" he said. "You wanted to talk."

"Yeah. I just… we left things a little… a lot… Well first, I wanted to thank you. You did me a huge favor when you didn't have to. I appreciate that you were willing to spank me even though you didn't want to." The words just fell out of my mouth as if someone else was saying them. "I also wanted to apologize to you for…" I breathed heavily searching for the words. "For doing what you didn't want to do. I'm sorry, I know you had a girlfriend and I'm sorry if what I did made you two break up. And even though I'm sorry, I want to thank you for being… that was the first time I ever did anything like that." I had put it all out on the table.

"How did you know about Anna and me?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Facebook," I said trying not to let on that I had been borderline cyber stalking him.

"Oh right." He seemed to think for a moment before saying: "Well, to be honest, after what happened here, I left and went to see her. I think you could tell that I had some pent up… lust." I couldn't help but giggle but he only smirked and carried on. "Anyway, I don't know how much you remember about our ride home Wednesday night, but she and I haven't been intimate before and after that thing with you I knew I wanted to be with her even more. I told her that."

I gasped. "You told her what happened?"

"Oh hell no, I haven't told anyone. It's not something I'd like to advertise." He must have seen the dejected look on my face because he said: "Don't get me wrong, it was nice, just not what I expected when you asked me to help you. Anyway, Anna said I was pushing her and trying to move too fast and I called bullshit. We'd been dating for 3 years and she still wasn't putting out. I told her that I had so much to give that I could go somewhere else and she told me that I should because she was done with me. I didn't even have the satisfaction of breaking up with her."

I sighed trying to empathize but I really didn't know what to say. He spared me by speaking first. "I thought a lot about what happened. I want to tell you a couple of things that bothered me. First, you shouldn't thank me so quickly. I tried to act like my Dad did when I was a little kid and talked down to you. I'm sorry for that. I also feel like I took advantage of you —"

"Alex, no you didn't!" But he held up his hand and continued.

"Like I said, all that time with Anna and no release left me wanting some human contact; I just didn't think it would be with a naked guy over my lap." We both laughed. "So, I'm sorry that I got turned on during your spanking and sorry I didn't protest when my crotch landed in you face." This time neither of us laughed.

"You tried to pull me off, I think I would have blown you even with you beating me about the head."

He smiled noncommittally and asked more seriously: "So you're gay?"

I was a little taken aback by that question ass I wasn't expecting it, seeing as I thought I had made it obvious by taking his dick in my mouth, but also because in 21 years of life, no one had ever bothered to ask me. "Yeah, what was your clue?" I responded trying to shift the conversation from my sexuality.

"Well I thought maybe I tripped and when my dick hit you in the head it might have bonked you." His attempt at humor fell flat. "So let me ask you this: was it all an elaborate ploy? Did you tell me that line about needing discipline so you could get me all worked up and blow me? Because if you did, that's fucked up man."

"Alex you know I would never do that. One of the reasons I asked you to be the one to spank me was because you're straight and I didn't want whoever I got to spank me to take advantage of me." He raised an eyebrow. "Which I already told you, you didn't do. I didn't know I'd get so, well horny, from getting a spanking either."

"Well I'm glad you didn't set me up, that would have really pissed me off. But now we come to the real issue: what are we going to do now?"

My eyes widened. In my best expectations for this meeting, I didn't think that he would come to the table negotiating. "What do you mean?"

"Don't be coy Nic; you know exactly what I mean. I don't see you for 3 years, you turn up in a bar and the next day you're sucking me off and begging for a spanking. I mean, where do we go from there?"

When he said "we," I got a little light headed. Not only was he not mad but he seemed receptive to whatever I might want to do. But before it went any further, I had to know something. "Alexander, are you gay?"

He got up from his chair and I thought he might storm out of the house but he walked to the china cabinet and looked in the mirror. "Four days ago I would have said no. Now, I honestly don't know." I could see his reflection looking thoughtfully at himself and knew the inner turmoil he was going through.

"You fancied Anna, I guess you could be bi," I said trying to help him rationalize.

"I haven't felt this way since middle school gym class. I thought it was a phase; I thought I was through it." The mirror pane reflected the confusion etched on his face. He was trying to come to terms with something but not sure what it was or rather, what he was.

I was starting to feel some of his grief. Losing your identity is not something that feels good. I went to stand beside him. "You don't have to be anything you don't want to be. You don't owe me anything." I paused and cautiously put my hand on his shoulder. "But Alex, I feel like I owe you something. I feel like you have already set me towards something far more important than getting a job. Thursday morning, with your cock in my mouth, for the first time in my life, I felt good to be in my skin. That is the greatest gift you could ever give me."

His hand came up to rest on top of mine and he turned to face me. "So what then? Are we boyfriends now; is that how this works?"

"You got me pal, I already told you, I've done more with you than with anyone else." Our eyes met once more. "I was afraid you'd never want to see me again."

Alex pulled me into a hug. It was decidedly not sexual, more like the kind I would imagine brothers give each other but still very comforting. "I don't know what I want," he whispered into my ear.

I pulled away from him gently and looked up at him. "I don't either, but I know one thing: I want you to keep helping me whatever you decide. You don't have to, but I would really like it if you were still in charge of my discipline."

He pulled away father still breaking our contact completely. "I'm surprised to hear you say that after the way you begged and cried last week." I blushed a deep shade of red but looked at him determined. "So you have no problem with what went down last week?" he asked clearly shocked.

"Well I would have preferred if you hadn't run off in such a hurry or beat me so hard with the belt but then that wasn't up to me," I rattled of in a smart-alecky tone. "And you could have helped me finish off my little problem," I said gesturing to my pants.

He rolled his eyes and sat back down. "Go get a notepad."

"What for?" I asked wondering what he could possibly want to write.

He leaned back in the chair with a broad smile on his face. "Let me get this straight; you just asked me to continue being the guy that spanks you and when I ask you for something, you give me questions?"

He had a point. I turned on the spot and headed into the kitchen pulling the pad by the phone off the wall bringing it to Alex. I sat down wondering what he would write. "If you want me to be in charge of your, I'll call it "reeducation," we need some ground rules," he said commandingly. "I have some things I will need from you and when I've stated those we can discuss them and you can put out your requests for me. That work for you?"

"I guess. What kind of rules have you got in mind?"

We spent the next 20 minutes in what felt like a sexually charged business meeting. He had some simple and some rather odd deal breakers and for my part, I was hard pressed to come up with anything at all. His requests were as follows: I would refer to him as sir if and when I was being, was about to be or had just received a spanking (kinda weird, but not it fit), I would never feel obligated to do anything sexual to him in relation to a spanking, however, I would be naked unless otherwise instructed, I would shave the few hairs on my ass and lower back (which made me laugh but he said had grossed him out), I keep the nature of our relationship a secret and I would let him know when I was ready to end this relationship. His request that my ass be devoid of hair led me to ask that he shave his pubes, to which he said no. We haggled for a while and he came up with a compromise. "Since you're already shaving your ass, you can just do that whole region. If you do that, I'll trim my bush up to meet your standards." We agreed that he would never spank me anywhere that we didn't mutually agree on. I wanted him to have to clear whatever instrument he would use with me and he also said no to that. He reasoned: "If you really want me to be in charge, you can't be telling me what I can and can't spank you with." I did not relent and he finally ended up writing down an exhaustive list that I had to agree with. On that list were the belt, paddle, wooden spoon, switch, cane, slipper and whip. I immediately objected to the belt so we agreed it would only be used if major correction was needed. The idea of being whipped didn't sit well with me either and he told me that if he whipped me, he would not spank me with anything but the whip for the duration of that session. I had never heard of someone being spanked with a slipper and thought it was kind of funny, which Alex in turn thought was funny. My last request was that he not leave after a spanking until I said I was ready for him to leave. He was about to protest this, but thought better of it. With these hammered out, he signed the bottom, handed it over to me and I did the same.

I got up feeling relieved that we had sorted out the question of me getting spanked but a little disappointed that we hadn't had a more frank discussion of just how far Alex was willing to explore his and my sexuality. I didn't have long to dwell on that because Alex told me to go grab a razor, shaving crème, a towel and, to my shock and wonder, a slipper. I started to protest but thought better of it given his last reaction.

I emerged with my cache of items, even bringing an electric shaver in the hopes that he would keep good on his promise and trim the pubes that my nose had become acquainted with last week. He smiled at my selection of slipper, which we will get to later. I suggested we go out on the pool deck and he agreed, tricking Sandy into staying in the house as we exited. He pulled two lounge chairs next to each other and told me to strip. I hurriedly chucked my clothes into a pile next to the chair as Alex watched me with some enthusiasm. This must have been the first time in his adult life that he actually took in the beauty of the male form (I'm not saying that I encompass the beauty of the male form, just that he could do worse).

"I had you pegged a briefs man," he said as my burgeoning erection sprung free of my boxers.

"Would you prefer if I was?" I asked devilishly.

He huffed a laugh. "Maybe later… and one more thing. Given that you just went and got an instrument to be spanked with, you can assume that you are about to be spanked."

A little shocked, and a lot harder, I responded: "What for?"

Alex stepped toward me, grabbed a hold of my cock and said right in my face: "You will find out in due course. That is twice you have broken our agreement. I think that qualifies you for some major correction." I was a little shocked at how he had so fully assumed this role. "Don't look so confused, you agreed to call me sir, now come here." He led me to the end of one of the chairs and sat down. The electric razor clicked on and within 30 seconds my entire frontal pubic region was reduced to stubble. Releasing my dick, he turned me around and quickly dispatched the small patch of hair on my lower back and along my crack. He then ordered me to lie down ass up on the chair. I shivered as he unexpectedly splashed water on my ass and it ran down between my legs. Next I heard the shaving crème and felt as he covered my entire ass, even where it was hairless. He made quick work of my backside dragging the razor carefully over my now completely smooth bottom. He spread my legs further and spent a moment looking at my rosebud, or at least that's what I think he was doing. Again I was unprepared as the water cascaded over my somewhat tingly ass. "Other side now boy."

"Yes sir," I joked as I rolled over and he once more grabbed a hold of my boner.

"I hope I don't nick this thing Nic, you'd bleed out in a second," he said as he stretched his other arm into the pool and trickled water onto my groin. He was much more delicate as he shaved my front side. I was a little surprised when he wandered all the way up what was left of my treasure trail and completely shaved my navel. To his credit he did not cut "little Nic" and as he ran his hand over me to ensure that I was smooth all over, I hoped that he would hang around and help finish me off this time.

"Go hop in the pool to get the stray hairs off of you," he said tidying up the mess we'd made. Again I gave a mandatory "yes sir" before jumping in as he lay the back of his chair all the way down so that it was flat. I climbed out of the pool and he tossed me a towel. The morning sun was about an hour off of its high point and for the first time it occurred to me that someone might hear us.

"Sir, if you spank me out here, people might hear me cry."

"Your neighbors are all at work, kids are still in school. We can go inside if you want to but I'm going to count that as another major correction if we do." He had a mischievousness to him that I had not previously recognized but that I made a mental note that I should be wary of.

"Out here's fine," I mumbled, forgetting to say sir, and realizing it a second too late. "I guess I get another one anyway sir," I said knowing he had not failed to notice.

"Good guess, come over here now." I walked over to him and a thought occurred to me.

"Sir, could I go ahead and trim your pubes now please?"

He looked up at me with an annoyed look on his face. "Trying to delay your spanking… Nic that's four stokes with my belt, you want to keep it up?" I started to protest but realized that I might as well take what he was giving for whatever unknown reason he was giving it. I fell easily into place over his lap but my mouth got the better of me again.

"Sir, it's just that I would rather do it now, rather than after when I am shaken up and crying."

I heard him unbuckle his belt and hoped that he wasn't starting me out with it or adding another stroke. Instead he laid the belt to the side, lifted me off of him, stood and spun me swapping places with him so that I was now sitting. He grabbed the trimmer and walked back in front of me. "Well get on with it," he said matter of factly, but still with a twinge of annoyance in his voice. I unbuttoned his jeans and lowered the zipper before sliding them down his thighs. I smiled as his boxers came into view; they were pink with red hearts with white writing in them that said "be mine." He saw my reaction and softened a bit. I was surprised to see that he was not fully erect as I removed his underwear but he quickly sprung to attention the moment I handled him.

"Maybe you should take your shirt off too sir," I said hoping against hope to get him as naked as me. With an increasingly familiar roll of his eyes, he shed his t shirt and handed me the clippers. I only had a moment to soak up the totality of his naked self before he snapped me out of it.

"Any other excuses or do I need to make it six."

"No thank you sir," I said clicking on the electric razor and turning the guard to high. His light brown bush wasn't overly problematic to me, but it did make my nose itch uncomfortably the one and only time I had taken the length of his dick in my mouth and I wanted nothing to distract me from my ecstasy the next time. He really wasn't all that hairy except for the patch just above his penis which I made a production out of trimming. One I had run over it once, I looked up and asked: "Can I take some more off sir?"

"Just a little shorter," he said, clearly unhappy about the compromise we had reached. I snapped the guard two places lower and trimmed him up nice and neat. When I was done his remaining pubes lay flat against his skin. I ran my hand from his abs, around his cock and balls on down to his thighs eliciting moans of pleasure from him. While he wasn't as smooth as I was, or as smooth as I wanted him for that matter; he was certainly a drop dead gorgeous young man.

"Okay, before you just flat out jerk me off, let's get this show on the road," he said as he sat down and pulled me long ways across his lap. This was an entirely different physical experience than last time. Before, his knees were at rigid right angles, his back was straight up, his form was almost institutional. This time, because the lounge chair was lower to the ground, his legs simply stretched out in front of him, his back was leaning forward with rapt interest and he was clearly enthusiastic about the proceedings. I instinctively put my right arm in the small of my back and I heard him let out a grunt of amusement as he secured it in his hand.

He began the pre-spanking molestation of my buttocks and spoke with a witty, 'I told you so' kind of tone: "Last time, you asked me to spank you for your general lack of discipline; agreed?"

"Yes sir."

"Well it seems that spanking is still owed," the words rolled off his tongue as I realized that he was going to be quite a formidable disciplinarian. "While I certainly frown on over indulging in alcohol, what you described to me last week, over indulging in laziness, is a much worse offense. Likewise, you can expect a harsher treatment."

SLAP! The words had hardly left his mouth before his hand landed. And so he began, tenderizing my rump in quick succession with me trying in vain to be stoic. There was no hesitation in his actions this time. Each smack landed with a deliberate force that made last week's episode seem like only a warm up session. And warm me up he did. He later told me that he thought it was cute how I tried to act strong, even as I moaned like a gagged cow.

After a much longer, what I later came to call preamble spanking, he paused for a brief inspection and rub down. This was made all the more sensual because we were both naked, both aroused and both sweating under the warm spring sun, particularly my ass with my pores wide open from the shaving that had just occurred. He then reached for the slipper I had brought from my room. I had to dig for it because I didn't actually wear slippers around, opting for flip flops, so I brought him a blue, rubber soled slipper I hadn't worn in years. If I had known then what I know now…

It turns out the slipper doesn't hurt as much as his strong hands. What hurt was the rapid succession of blows and the almost complete lack of effort he was putting into delivering them. I learned, as he pelted me with swift bouncing slaps of the shoe, the trick to slippering someone is to let the slipper do the work. All he was doing was rotating his wrist and forearm and was able to deliver three or four swats in the time that it took him to administer a single spank with his hand. Contrast the clarity of what I just told you with its polar opposite, and you will come up with how I felt, or rather how my ass felt.

"Not so funny now," Alex said breathing a little harder as he ratcheted up the speed and arc of his delivery. I was not yet crying but my involuntary physical protestations were in full force. After thrashing my legs about a bit more violently then he would tolerate, he put the slipper aside and tightened his grip on my wrist. He pushed me farther up the chair and I half crawled to assist him. I then felt him adjust underneath me as he brought his right leg over the top of my legs and it came to rest on my thighs. This also had the effect of pressing my balls into his other thigh while forcing my ass to stick up higher; not to mention that his cock was now hard against my side. "Going to try to move again?" he asked wickedly.

"No sir!"

"Liar." He resumed spanking me with his hand, which I found more painful than ever on my now tender butt so it was no wonder that the first tears rolled down my cheek within 2 minutes. Alex seemed pleased, barely pausing to grab the slipper and once again whack away at me. My crying quickly turned to pleading and after a while, incoherent babbling. He was correct in assuming that I would try to move again, but try as I might, he had me pinned right where he wanted me. All I could do was lay there and cry and hope that it would be over before I lost all composure.

After what must have been at least 10 more solid minutes of merciless slippering, he paused for a moment. My breath came in deep gasps, not unlike someone having a panic attack. Tears streamed freely down my cheeks and sweat seeped from every pore in my body. Not only was my ass in great pain, but I began to realize that my entire body had been under assault from the sun. He carefully moved his leg from where it was pinning me and slid it back underneath me again. I was wondering when Alex would start his post spanking massage of my defeated rear end when I heard a familiar and not so pleasant jingling that could only be his brown leather belt.

A sunburn was now the least of my problems. "Please," I sobbed at him. "No more, I can't take it…I've got nothing left…Please Alex!" But my protest only emboldened him.

"That'll be six licks, and we'll keep adding them until you learn to call me sir," his voice had a concerned quality to it that would have been endearing had I not so loathed the prospect of taking another bit of punishment. "Count them out boy." I clenched my teeth and waited for him to start but he waited until I turned to look at him. When I did, it was with the biggest, go to hell, I hate you, I hope you die look I could come up with, made all the more dramatic by my red eyes and drenched face. "You asked for this Nic. You agreed to it. I can leave right now if that's what you want." He motioned like he was going to get up and my bitterness turned into fear causing me to press my full weight into him. "So you're ready to take these 6 like a man now?"

I was so utterly in his control, my only response was: "Yes, sir," amid much sobbing.

He laid the cool leather of the belt across my bottom and I instantly started crying in earnest again. When the first lash fell, dead center across my buns, I yelped and more exhaled under my breath than said "One." Two wasn't much better but by three and four I had taken to kind of chanting the number after it landed, focusing on "three, three, three" and "four, four, four." The slow deep gasps I had experienced were now replaced by sharp quick in takes of air that served only to let me whisper the number of stripes that were now forming on my poor posterior. The fifth lash hit with such force, and in the worst possible location, right where my thighs met my gluteus and the effect was to make me literally scream out in pain. Alex actually released my wrist and pressed against my shoulder with his hand, leaning against me.

"Say it," he whispered almost apologetically.

I could only respond by crying more deeply but after a few moments I bellowed: "Five." I knew for certain that the last lash was the lightest of them all, but that did nothing to lesson that absolute agony I was in. Through clenched teeth, I said with all the force I could muster, drawing myself up onto my elbows: "Six… Sir," and then promptly collapsed back into him bawling.

Unlike last time, he didn't rub my butt; instead he grasped me about the waist and slid out from underneath me so that he was lying next to me. He then wrapped his arms around me and pulled my head into his shoulder and I cried my eyes out. As I slowly began to return to my normal non spanked toddler state, I maneuvered myself against him to get more comfortable, eventually ending up with half of my body draped on top of him. It wasn't until my breathing returned almost to its normal level that Alex spoke.

"Okay there buddy." It wasn't patronizing or arrogant; I knew that he really cared. I propped myself up on my elbows with my hands on my face and looked into his eyes.

"Yes sir," came the words sincerely from my lips as I then moved so that I was now completely on top of him.

"I can see that now," he smiled nodding at our dicks as they pressed against each other between us. I lifted up slightly and slid the tip of my member from his balls, up the underside of his shaft and across the head. Alex closed his eyes and arched his back which had the effect of making me clumsily draw my knees up to where I was now effectively straddling him.

I lowered my face to his and a bead of sweat formed and rolled from my forehead, down my nose and dripped dropped right between his eyes causing him to blink several times and giggle. His smile was so beautiful. As I came nearer to him still I whispered nervously: "Can I kiss you now?"

He swallowed hard, looked right through me and said: "I think I'm ready." A chill ran up my spine as I brought my right hand behind his head and pressed my lips onto his. The clicking sound of pecking was soon replaced with a more primal slurping accompanied by moaning, purring and gasping as my tongue dove into his mouth. In this department, I was clearly the novice as he made evident by his lusty and elegant style. Alex gently bit my lower lip, twisted his tongue in ways I didn't think possible, sucked at it as I explored his mouth, all the while running his hands up and down my side and back. It was all I could do to keep from cumming right then.

Not wanting to end our shared bliss, I broke from the kiss, pulled myself away from him and reached for the bottle of sunscreen on the deck. I globed a heaping helping of the white lubricant into my hand. "Uhh," Alex moaned as I gripped our dicks together and coated them in the smooth substance. He joined in with his own hand and we slid our hands and hips and eventually whole bodies in unison. With his free hand, he grabbed my neck and pulled himself up for a bit more snogging.

He lingered in my mouth for a moment before his mouth moved on to my neck. The way he suckled and nibbled and licked made me feel almost sorry for the dumb broad who had just broken up with him. He lay back down after a few moments of wonderment as we continued to mutually stroke our cocks. We were both wanking each other faster and faster while I sat with my legs spread atop him and he writhed in pleasure below me. This was as good if not better than tasting his perfectly sized dick and it was that thought that sent me over the edge. I came, shooting a huge load almost to his neck. He pumped me until I was done leaving a sticky pool from his neck, down his chest and abs to his cute, almost tiny bellybutton.

Having ejaculated took none of my lust for him away and I bent down and started mirroring what he had done to me with his mouth, albeit with less skill. He certainly didn't mind because within seconds he shot, gasping: "Nicholas," as he bit down on my lip and his creamy seed launched from his cock catching me on my abs before dripping down to mingle with my own. His hips bucked, literally lifting me up as he continued to shudder through his orgasm. I drained the rest of his cum from him as his hand fell from his dick.

We were both spent but I had one more task. I bent over again and kissed him deeply before shifting lower and licking our mutual semen from his body. Honestly, I've never cared for the taste of my own spunk, but his was too potent to waste on a Kleenex or a towel. As I swirled my tongue over and around the blotches of our sexual escapade, he looked on with starry eyes. Finally, after I had sucked on his belly button, I looked up at him and he had a massive grin.

"Learned your lesson then, did you?"

"We'll just have to see," I replied coming right down from the sexual high I was on.

He got up off of the chair and scooped me under the arms exhibiting some pretty impressive strength before throwing me into the pool. For future reference, don't let someone throw you backside first into a pool after they have just spanked your ass because it really stings. I couldn't be mad at him as I surfaced with my wincey face in full effect. He realized what had happened and laughed to himself before calling out: "Sorry!"

"Do you have any aloe?" he asked looking around the deck.

"By the back door," I responded. "And let my dog out here, she's probably freaking out."

Sure enough, Sandy came barreling out to the side of the pool and I swam over to let her lick my face. I should mention that I have the only water shy Labrador in the world, which everyone usually finds just hilarious. Alex followed behind her with the aloe in one hand and a diving towel in the other (I bought it in college when one of my friends little brothers invited me to the campus pool. He was a diver and I liked to check him out in his Speedo but he kind of uninvited me when it became apparent that I had no skill on the board at all.)

Alex set down the bottle and towel and jumped in, swimming up beside me and scratching Sandy's ears. "You going to put some of that on my butt?" I asked sheepishly.

"Maybe if you're good and don't slash around too much." I couldn't resist; I pushed off the wall and lay back in the pool, kicking my legs sending surge of water in Alex's direction.

"I guess you didn't learn your lesson," he yelled giving chase, catching me in the deep end and eventually dunking me. We played around like this for a while (usually he got the better of me, but he was careful to avoid my butt) before we both ended up leaning on the steps in the shallow end.

I scooted closer to him, tucking my arm around his lower back and he returned the gesture, resting his bicep on my neck. "Where did you learn to kiss like that?" I had been wondering that ever since I had come out of my spanking induced Alex crazy trance and was curious about his response.

"You think so too?" he replied gravely. "Every girl I have ever gone out with except Anna told me I was a good kisser. Honestly, I have to blame Walt Disney."

I erupted in laughter. "What the hell does that mean? Have you been making out with Minnie Mouse?"

He flexed his arm and pulled me into a half head lock before releasing me and moving his hand down onto my pec. "No smart ass, it was watching all those Disney movies as a kid; I practically studied them." I still didn't follow and my raised eyebrow must have clued him in. "You know, when the Prince kisses Sleeping Beauty, Beauty kisses the Beast, the Prince and Snow White, Arial and the Prince, Cinderella and Prince Charming… I could go on."

I was laughing again. "Fancy yourself a Prince?"

"Yeah, and you're my whipping boy," he said in a mock stern voice as he pulled me in even tighter. "Anyway, to answer your question, that's where I got my mouth skills from." My shoulder was now at his neck and he set his chin softly down onto it. "Where did you learn that little cowgirl move you did back there?"

I turned and our cheeks pressed together as I said: "So you get me all hot and bothered and wonder how I end up on top of you humping your junk?" We both laughed and he placed a sweet and soft kiss on my cheek.

"We'd better dry off," Alex said releasing my from his embrace. I learned quickly that I liked the closeness that he allowed and craved and lamented every time he pushed me away. "Back to the chair for you young man," he joked as if I could take another spanking right now. I emerged and he tossed me the little square of material that made up the diving towel while he used the big beach towel from earlier. After drying off I laid down face first into the lounge chair.

"We've been out here a while; you're ass isn't the only thing that's red," he declared while squirting a line of the green aloe vera down my spine. I shivered as it was quite cold compared to the weather on this picturesque spring day. He made identical lines on the back of my legs and made a circle on my shoulders.

"Making some modern art?" I quipped hoping he would get on with the rub down as I was already feeling the effects of the sun.

"Just admiring my work," he answered, finally sitting down next to me. He started rubbing the lotion in and I instantly began to feel it work. My whole body tingled by the time he was done with my back and legs.

"Not getting my butt?" I asked hopefully.

"I think I'll let you suffer a while for making fun of my Disney fetish; now roll over." I cackled inwardly as I flipped my naked body over. I was sticking to the plastic wherever he had rubbed aloe and my rear end did not like having pressure on it. Nonetheless he pleasantly began coating my arms, chest, thighs and feet with his little patterns. He dabbed a bit onto his thumb and wiped it down the length of my nose and under my eyes. I closed them as he brought his open palm down from my forehead to under my chin. Grasping both of my wrists in his hands he worked his way up and down to shoulders several times producing once again that tingling feeling.

"So, we need to talk about a plan," he said as his fingers roamed over the skin of my pecs and down my abs.

For some reason I thought he was referring to my slowly but surely hardening penis. "Oh that thing; you can just play it by ear," I said smiling.

"I didn't mean that, I mean getting you all fixed up and back on with your life. Maybe out of Mom and Dad's house at some point." I was noticeably let down both by him passing over my dick and his suggestion of something work related.

"You know, we already did the one contract today, and I'm pretty worn out…" I certainly did not want to talk life plans while we were both naked giving each other rub downs.

"We'll we've got to do it sometime; I can't just go on spanking you forever," he said making the prospect sound much more appealing than it should have. He finished with the aloe and laid down in the chair right next to mine. "My turn," he said lying on his back.

Rather than mimicking his crop circle in lotion method, I just squeezed an ample portion into my hand and rubbed it into his skin. I lifted each of his legs, rubbing all the way around them and admiring the light dusting of blonde hairs that sparkled golden in the sun light. When I got to his cock, which was in a state not unlike my own, I did take it in my slick hands and start to work on it.

"I'm not sunburned down there, thank you."

My face turned into a pouty frown as I moved on, up to his chiseled six-pack abs. "Just trying to help," I said, not having to fake my disappointment. Finishing off his arms and face, he flipped over without being asked. I continued moisturizing his skin, and unlike him I didn't neglect his ass, running my palms casually from his lower back right onto his cheeks. When he didn't stop me, I became bolder and slid a finger down his crack and he went rigid.

"Don't do that," he shot with a force that conveyed it was an order not a request.

"Sorry, I just thought —"

"I'm out on a limb here Nic," he cut me off standing up and reaching for his valentines boxers. "Don't push too hard or we both just might fall off." Those words hit me harder than any spanking could have. "I'll send you a copy of my work and class schedule and we can figure out how to get you back in line." He didn't sound angry but clearly he had not liked even being touched in his crack.

Taking his queue, I stared getting dressed and we were soon standing at the front door. "Look, I'm sorry I yelled at you; just take it easy," he admonished. "I'm not mad; don't look so sad Nicholas, I'm not going to run off." I went to kiss him and was glad when he returned, making me wonder if it was Prince Charming who had learned from Alex.

"I'll call you," I breathed as he eased away.

"You do that, and sooner than later; the dog is sweet, but you can't play with her all day every day," and right on queue, Sandy cut in between us.

I watched him through the window as he left, admiring his confident stride and the way his jeans framed his ass so perfectly, the same ass that had abruptly ended our encounter. I went into the kitchen and fixed lunch reflecting on how radically different this morning was from what I feared it would be. Alex's reaction to me nearing his ass shocked me a bit, given that I'd grabbed his ass while blowing him and he had certainly grazed my hole a few times. I decided that I would just focus on the positive aspects of our now in-writing relationship, namely the fact that it was a relationship, although lacking a label.

My inbox had a copy of his class schedule and I was unsurprised to see mostly visual media courses. His work times were rather random coming at odd times some days and huge blocks on others. It was funny that he was doing more with himself in either of these adventures than I was with all my time. I started thinking about what he was going to have me do. Would he be mad when he saw that my resume was already done and waiting to be sent out? Would he make me rush into something, or let me savor the transition under his watchful eyes and guiding hands? These things I pondered until my parents got home and we went to eat at the steak house; the one with hard wooden seats. Alex certainly knew how to leave his mark, I thought as I struggled not to let on about the pain in my pants.

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