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Nic And Alex - Part Three
Nicholas Patrick <>


There are a couple of things that you can only know by doing or having them done to you. The first, and I'm not sure if this phenomenon is exclusive to me or if it is universal, is that in the immediate aftermath of a spanking, whenever you go out in public, you get the overwhelming feeling that everyone is staring at you. Clearly this is not the case, but for some reason I was overly self conscious for the next 2 days about people noticing an alteration in my gait when I walked or a wince on my face when I sat down. And it was 2 days before all marks of Alex's handywork (and for that matter: slippery work and particularly belty work) vanished from my behind. Secondly, if you've never had all the hair removed from your ass, even if you aren't that hairy down there, you don't realize that your butt cheeks will rub together with much greater regularity when devoid of anything to cause a bit of resistance. That is a fancy way of saying my inner cheeks around the crack of my ass were in a state of perpetual rubbing and thereby perpetual sweatiness. Finally, while a shaved ass is certainly a lovely novelty, much prettier than say, a Billy goat, after a very short honeymoon of bare bottomed smoothness, it quickly becomes prickly, and while not really itchy, it feels like you are having dull safety pins jabbed into you whenever you move in the slightest way. All my mundane personal issues were about as interesting as my next 3 days went.

I had reviewed Alex's schedule and discovered that Tuesdays and Thursdays were his busiest, with him starting early in the morning in Media Technology, having a small gap for lunch before rushing off to Health and Fitness and then clocking in at work by 3:30. Despite this, I wasted no time setting up lunch with Alex the very day after our poolside smacking session. I was a little concerned that he wanted to meet in his college cafeteria to discuss some very potentially embarrassing topics right in public but he assured me that it would be fine and I showed up a little after 11:00 just in time to see him walk in.

He nodded casually at me. "Hey, go grab us a table would you?"

I chose a place in the farthest corner, away from where people were congregating and waited there anxiously. Alex found me and came to sit down, looking around to make sure that no one was in earshot before speaking again. "How's the ass?" he asked jovially.

"Bit weird actually, but you don't want to hear about it while you're eating," I said as he shoveled some salad into his mouth and smiled fiendishly. "It's not as bad as the first time except for the one welt."

"Mrph," he grunted swallowing. "Yeah, sorry about that one; came down a bit harder than intended."

"Well it certainly motivated me to meet up with you as soon as possible to avoid another one," I replied honestly. "What exactly do you have in mind for me?"

"Few things actually: habits, I think, are the most important. You seem to have some bad patterns that you've fallen into and all we need to is replace them with good ones and you'll be well on your way to… whatever it is you want." He bit into a tomato as he looked at me quizzically. "But then, we haven't really established what it is you want." Again he paused. "How do you want this to go? I mean, what's the final result you want out of this whole thing?"

I had anticipated the question, but that didn't make answering it any easier. "I just don't want to keep doing what I've been doing." He seemed unsatisfied; either that or he didn't care for the green beans he was now working on. "I don't know Alex… maybe I rushed through school and don't know what I want to do."

He continued eating. "How about this: we work on getting back to a functioning human then you can decide for yourself what the next step is?" I nodded my agreement. "Good then. First thing, you need to be up at a decent hour. I think 7:00 is a reasonable starting point."

"I don't think I've seen seven in the morning in my entire life," I protested. "My parents don't leave the house until 8:00, there's no reason to be up that early Alex."

Alex set his fork down and looked me dead in the face: "You'll get up at 7:00 and if your behavior improves, we can negotiate." There was a finality in the statement that made the argument forming on my lips vanish. "Let me see your phone," he said returning to his softer gentler self. He flipped it open and took a picture of me. "Good…" he said almost under his breath. "To make sure you are up by 7:00, I want you to send me a picture of yourself every morning."

I thought that was a bit excessive, but given Alex's previous response to my dissent, I let it be. "What am I going to do with all this time in the ungodly early morning?"

"Glad you asked," was his cheery reply. "How much to you weigh?"

"Hundred and forty, maybe a little less," I said wondering what this had to do with me being awake so early.

"And you're how tall?"

"Five eleven, but what has that got to do with me getting up so damn early?"

For the first time in our meeting, he seemed to be searching for words but finally he spoke. "I don't want to hurt your feelings but… Well, you could be in better shape. I was actually surprised how thin you were when I first saw you naked." I blushed when he said that and looked around to make sure no one had overheard him. "It's not like you're in bad shape, it's just that you're not in good shape. I bet that a little exercise will give you the energy you need to get you back on track."

I'll spare you the rest of this conversation but suffice it to say that Alex laid out a very specific set of cardio and callisthenic routines that he wanted me doing daily. He even went so far as to describe what muscle groups I would be improving with each.

"How do you know all this?" I asked thinking that no video nerd should know this much about working out.

"I didn't get in the shape I'm in by not working out. When I first decided to lose weight back in high school, I went to John to see how he kept it up. He helped me a lot, even though I never got into swimming like he did. Even after three years, I have to work very hard to keep my body in good health."

I couldn't help but admire what he was saying but was still loathing the idea of doing all the crap he had listed off for me. Part of me wished his brother John had never helped him get in shape. I also wasn't sure how he planned on making sure I did them every day. It's not like I could do the camera phone thing while working out.

"I'll come over tomorrow morning and show you how to do everything, alright?" he said pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Tomorrow, what time?"

"You said you're parents leave at eight; I'll be there at 8:15. I don't have class until 9:30 so I should be able to walk you through everything."

With that, he was done eating and set off to his health class. I couldn't help but stare as he walked away and I found myself slightly embarrassed when I realized I was ogling him in plain sight.

The next morning my alarm went off at 7:00am and I reached to shut it off, wanting to return to the dream of Alex working out (by working out, I mean violating me sexually). Thankfully, I knew the night before that I would try to snooze it, so I had placed it on the counter of my vanity in my bathroom. Rolling out of bed and switching on the light I saw someone who resembled me in form only it looked like they hadn't slept in weeks. I grabbed my phone and snapped a picture in the mirror, sending it to Alex right away. As I crawled back into bed I got a text message that said: "Don't go back to sleep :)."

With a groan, I drug myself to the shower and had a nice long soak, only interrupted by Dad shouting "Goodbye" through the door. Hearing that, I knew it must be getting close to eight, so I dried off and got dressed. I was never really athletic, so I didn't know what to wear, opting for a tank top and some basketball shorts. The doorbell rang as I was posing in front of my mirror.

Alex was right on time and wasted no time ushering me into the living room. "Top o' the morning to you skinny Irish boy," he said with a laugh, setting down a small CD player. I sighed at his poor attempt at humor and helped him move the furniture out of the middle of the room. "Let's get started." He tapped the CD player and some very bad techno music issued from it and he started stretching. I followed suit and he corrected me when I was too far from what he was doing. Apparently there is a big difference between holding your elbow and holding your shoulder when you're stretching. Anyway, unlike the steamy workout session of my dreams, this was decidedly not fun. Once stretching was over he had me doing push ups, which I did wrong, sit ups, which I didn't come all the way up on, and a variety of other random movements that served only to illustrate how out of shape I was. The only plus side to all this was Alex's correction when I was doing something wrong, he would firmly grasp me and make my body conform to the proper position, something that I especially enjoyed when my butt was too high in the air and he pressed it down. All in all, this routine wasn't overly difficult, just something I was unaccustomed to.

"Good job for your first day, but you definitely need to work on posture. Keep your back straight on those pushups and your knees locked on the toe touches. Other than that, I think you'll be toned up in no time."

"Great." I said without much enthusiasm. Alex was gathering up his stuff to leave and a thought occurred to me. "Alex," I said to his back.

He turned around and looked at me. It's hard to describe the impact that such a simple act can have on you but, whenever he looks at me, I can't help but stare. "What's up?" he responded clearly having noted my staring issue.

"Do you think we could do something, like… when we're not working out or you're not… you know," I said with all the composure of a six year old.

"You mean like hang out? Sure."

Hanging out was not what I had in mind. "Actually, I meant more like… just the two of us."

"Oh," Alex said as his eyes got wider. "You want to do… just the two of us?" It was half a question, half a statement, but it was clear he was completely uncomfortable with the proposition.

"I just don't want to pigeon hole you as my personal trainer or have you think of me just as some nut job you help out and occasionally smack around." He smiled and let out a small laugh. "Maybe we could try a normal relationship to go beside the other stuff." I held my breath hopefully.

Luckily, Alex didn't keep me waiting. "Tell you what; you go a week without skipping a workout or missing a wakeup call, and we can do something together." I positively beamed at him. "I have to get to class and you need to do some laps in the pool." I frowned at him as he handed me a list, produced from his bag detailing another hour of exercises.

"Thanks again," I said as he turned to leave, letting himself out the front door.

The prospect of going on a date with Alex motivated me as I dove into the pool. I imagined scenarios of a romantic secluded evening on the town ending in an equally romantic conclusion. After doing the prescribed laps in the pool, I climbed out and went about my day.

The next week was the beginning of a routine that I still pretty much follow today. I would wake up, curse the clock and take a picture of the ragged pale creature in the mirror and send it along to Alex in the hope that we could spend some quality time together. Morning workouts weren't that bad, and I only cheated on a few things. Sandy had an awful habit of hovering over me when I tried to do sit ups and an even worse habit of licking my face during pushups. For his part, Alex checked in with me from time to time, but never initiated anything beyond interest in his little reeducation program.

Finally Thursday arrived and I had gone a whole week sticking to our agreement. Along with my morning picture message, I sent him a text asking if he wanted to meet for lunch. He responded that he couldn't but we could get together tomorrow. I was a little upset, but still excited about Friday night.

When Alex got out of class Friday afternoon, he came straight to my house and walked in without even knocking. I was on the couch watching TV and thought he'd be mad but he just petted my dog and asked: "So what did you want to do?"

"I was thinking maybe we both get naked and reenact last Monday by the poolside," I replied.

"Think again pervert, you said you want a relationship, and those don't start with humping by the pool." He had a point. "Maybe we could do something we both might enjoy."

"You seemed to enjoy —" but Alex cut me off.

"Dinner or a movie?" he said making it clear that those were my only options.

Pressing my luck I got up and walked over to him. "How about both?"

"You're itching for a spanking buddy," he laughed as he pulled me into a head lock. "Okay, but you're paying for dinner, and I'm picking the movie."

I put up only token resistance as I liked him exerting control over me. "Deal. And afterwards we go to your house." In the couple of weeks since I'd reacquainted myself with him, I hadn't been to Alex's house and that sat high on my list of things to do, just below getting a job and getting my life in order.

"If you're good," he said setting me free. "Now go get dressed."

Hurrying to my room, I thought for the first time about what it would be like to be seen out in public with another guy. I was worried how Alex would handle it, but also worried that if people knew about me, it might get around and my friends wouldn't want to know me any more. Shaking this fear off, I pulled on a present I'd gotten for Alex and went back out to meet him.

He liked my choice of shirt. "A/V Club shirt; that's pretty old school," he said tugging at the sleeves. "Little tight on you though."

"It fit fine until someone wanted me to do a bazillion pushups a day." My arms were in a state of perpetual soreness, but they were certainly getting bigger.

"Whatever," he said handing me the newspaper. "There's 300 at 4:45. We can either rush to early dinner or hang out for a while in the theater before it starts." As if he had to ask.

We fooled around in the arcade for a while, looking rather out of place, a 19 and 21 year old in with the little kids, but we had a good time. The movie was pretty awesome and made even better when Alex broke down its awesomeness over dinner. It was interesting that I watched the movie from a historical perspective and he saw it from a film student's. After hearing about how wonderful David Wenham and Gerald Butler were for the hundredth time, we finally finished dinner and he took me to his house.

His house was interesting in that it was the smallest in his neighborhood, smaller than mine too, but it also fit in with the upscale houses on his block (he lived in a much more ritzy area than me). He showed me around and I took note of the little hot tub on the back patio and the garage that didn't house cars but instead had a ping pong and pool table. After seeing all the points of interest, we settled in the living room on the couch. He flipped on the TV and turned to Scrubs. I scooted in next to him and he laughed and put his arm around me. We both chuckled because Turk had ambushed JD and spray painted him to look like an American flag.

"Where are your parents?" I asked as the Janitor slung JD up a flagpole.

"They go out most Friday nights to the country club. Those black-tie parties are alright; I've been to a few but they usually run too late for me," Alex replied.

I looked at his very ornate grandfather clock in the corner; it read 9:23pm. "So you're saying we have the house to ourselves for a while?" I said, not masking in the slightest way what I would rather be doing.

He turned his head and sighed. "We have some time alone, yes. But as this is out first "date," it would be unseemly to rush in to anything." His words were light and comical leaving me to assume that he was joking.

"People kiss on their first date don't they Alex." I brought my arm across his body, resting my head on his chest.

"Normally at the end of the date Nic," he said not resisting as I slid completely on top of him. "But I guess you and I aren't exactly normal are we."

I purred flexing my knees on the side of his hips. "Where would you like your kiss then Mister Abnormal?" I asked as I pressed my hands from his shoulders, down his pecs, rippling over his abs and coming to grasp at either side of his belt.

"Mmm —" was all he could get out before I sank my lips onto his. As our tongues began to grapple with one another, his hands began to explore their way up my body finding my face and grasping my neck sensually. He tasted like strawberries and chocolate probably owing to the desert we shared earlier. Just like out last encounter, he kissed in the most erotic and perfect way that both aroused me beyond all belief and left me completely disarmed and subject to that arousal.

I enthusiastically and clumsily picked at his belt buckle before he finally pulled away from our embrace to help. When he had the buckle almost undone he paused, still breathing heavily. "Nic, you don't have to do this."

I responded by grabbing his dick through his pants causing him to gulp. I then pulled his reluctant hand to my own member and let him feel how hard I was. He was trembling as I released his rapidly withdrawing hand. "Your's tells me you want me to; mine tells me I have to. Now, since you didn't tell me where you wanted it, I will be deciding where to kiss you my good sir." Leaning back off him, I slid onto the floor, my knees resting between his spread legs.

Without giving him time to protest, I pulled at the button on his trousers, freeing the zipper at the same time. I lifted his shirt over his head and resumed kissing his luscious lips. Not lingering long on his mouth, I began licking, sucking and biting my way down his neck, giving attention to each of his nipples before continuing on to his navel. He lifted his butt up allowing me to pull his pants and boxers to his ankles in one yank. Alex peered down at me as his cock sprang free and I wetted my lips.

"Never had this on a first date," he gasped. I smiled before returning my attention to his cock. Rather than gulping it down as I had in our last encounter, I ran my tongue up and down both sides breathing in deeply and loving the smell of his manliness. My right hand, or rather the fingers on it, wormed their way underneath his scrotum and started rolling his balls softly and slowly as I soaked the length of his now rock hard shaft.

"I'm not gonna last long," Alex almost shouted when I took his head into my mouth at last. I sucked a few inches into my mouth allowing me to swirl my tongue over and over his head. I quickly learned that this drove Alex crazy because he spasmed each time I did it. Finally I began to go down on him in earnest, relaxing my throat and pressing my face into his lap as far as I could. My gag reflex was still in effect but I was beginning to master it forcing myself not to stop, pushing myself to please Alex. Alex certainly wasn't making it easy for me as he was now bucking his hips and holding my head behind my ears.

My eyes were watering when I was finally able to press my nose into his patch of light pubes. I took my hands off my knees, where they had fallen to support me when he grabbed my hair, and put them over Alex's indicating that he should stop forcing himself into me. He reluctantly stopped allowing me to work myself all the way to the base of his cock, my chin tickled by the hair on his sack. I savored the moment congratulating myself while Alex restlessly ran his hands through my curly hair.

Constricting my throat, I voluntarily gagged myself sending Alex into overdrive. He could no longer restrain himself and pulled my head almost off of his cock before plunging it down again. It took every bit of determination not to lose my dinner on his lap but as tears pooled in my tightly shut eyes, I focused on the primal sounds coming from Alex and took pride in the fact that I was the reason for his pleasure.

"I'm coming," he sighed between breaths and with all the strength I could muster I wrenched myself off of his dick. He looked down at me almost quizzically at this, but I quickly began jerking him off and fondling his balls positioning my face in the line of fire. After only a half dozen strokes, he shot his load missing my mouth and landing on my left cheek. Blinking, I quickly resumed sucking him and was rewarded with his wonderful tasting spunk.

After he subsided from his orgasm, I swallowed deeply and looked up to see his chest rapidly rising and falling and his head thrown back into the couch. Without warning, the words: "I love the way you taste," sprung from my mouth causing Alex to emerge from his ecstasy and look down at me. As his eyes penetrated into my soul, his right hand slid from my hair, down to my cheek, scooping up his first shot of semen on his index finger and bringing it to my lips. I greedily slurped it off his finger and ran my tongue around it as if it were his now deflating cock.

"You're kinda slutty, you know that Nic?" Alex said withdrawing his wet finger.

"Only for you," I rasped back at him. Wiping my eyes, I helped Alex get his pants back up. I climbed back onto the couch and he pulled me into a strong armed hug. Another episode of Scrubs had just started as I thought of how to spend the rest of our evening. "You know, being slutty doesn't fit into your little "reeducation" thing does it?"

"Technically it's your little reeducation thing, and if I were you I wouldn't make fun of it buddy."

I brought my face right up to his and said: "You wouldn't spank me after that earth shattering blowjob would you?"

He laughed and replied evilly: "Who said it was earth shattering?" I exhaled sharply and pulled away from him beginning to pout but he pulled me back to him. "Hey, I'm joking Nic. You know you were incredible." My momentary poutiness shattered under his immense sweetness.

"I just though maybe… you know, since I hadn't seen you in a while… I want to be with you more and it's like the only time I get to see you is for a spanking, you know."

"Hey, you saw me tonight and didn't get spanked," he said innocently.

"Not yet," I said hinting at what I wanted from him. I hadn't worn something for him only for him not to see it. "The night is still young sir."

"What's this sir business," he laughed at me.

"Well, we agreed I would call you sir before, during and after I got a spanking." He was a quick study and didn't need any more hinting. The arm draped across my shoulder pulled me over his lap in a seamless motion that I probably wouldn't have been able to resist if I wanted to. But as quickly as he had positioned me, he pushed me off of his lap.

Lying confused on the floor, I watched him grab the phone and make a quick call. "Hey Dad. No, I went with Nic to see a movie. Three Hundred, it was good. Yeah. Hey, what time are you and Mom coming home? No, I'm just wondering. Okay, thanks. See you at 11:00 if I'm still up. Love you too." I checked the clock and it read 9:36 which made me smile widely.

"Just what are you smiling about young man?"

"Thinking about an hour and a half of your hands on my ass Sir," I said rising to my feet.

"That long, huh," he laughed as he threw the plush pillows from the couch onto the floor. "Get undressed. I'll be right back, I need to grab something," he said over his shoulder as he headed to the garage. I hurried to oblige, hoping to impress him, kicking off my shoes, ripping my shirt off and shuffling quickly out of my pants. I wasn't as fast as I wanted to be because he got back before I was done.

We both stopped as we caught sight of the other. I was fixated on the red ping pong paddle Alex was twirling in his hand and Alex was amused by the fact that I was wearing the new Hanes briefs I had bought just for him.

"Leave those on," he said in the voice that I both loved and dreaded. I call it his authority voice, one which I don't know if he uses on purpose, but compels me to do whatever he wants.

"Yes Sir," I said as I stepped free of my pants and yanked off my socks.

"I was thinking of why you needed a spanking, but I can see that your untidiness must be the reason," he said indicating the not so neat pile of clothes heaped in front of the TV. He sat in the middle of the couch and motioned me over his lap. I was already squirming from my boner being confined in these unfamiliar underwear and ground it fitfully into his leg. SMACK!

"Hold still boy!" he said grabbing my wrist as he always did and positioning me where he finally wanted me. He leaned over and whispered in my ear: "I think you can keep these until Carla has her baby," while his hand ran over the soft cotton covering my ass. I turned to look at the TV and realized that given the nature of the show, she probably wouldn't give birth until the very end but before I could think further on this, a hard hand landed again on my butt. "Cute by the way," he said pulling the elastic of the waistband and snapping it causing me to jump.

"Thought you'd like it Sir," I said in a self satisfied way. That satisfaction was being replaced by a warmness in the seat of my briefs as Alex began spanking me with a steady rhythm. I quickly gave up the idea of looking at the TV and settled on the cushion of the couch instead. It was weird that Alex was spanking me enthusiastically and occasionally laughing at the show but again, as with most thoughts that occurred to me midspanking, it wasn't nearly as pressing as the stinging sensation in my rear end.

I took it as best I could, but after a while, Alex knew he was getting to me as I started to clench my cheeks. He stopped for what I thought was a breather, but instead reached for the ping pong paddle he had left on the arm of the long couch. He rested it on the small of my back, allowing me to feel the cold rubber padding coating it. "This won't tickle," he said before picking it up, resecuring me and bringing it down in a hard swing.

An "Ahhw!" escaped my lips on that first hard strike and I prepared myself for the next. He swung slowly and deliberately in a metronome fashion and, to my great dismay, without any sort of pattern. I like to think that a predictable left/right system would have kept me together better, longer but Alex's random smacking left me guessing, never knowing where the next would fall. It was also a little embarrassing that each time he paddled me I couldn't help but exclaim some unintelligible grunt. This manner of paddling had the effect of forcing my breathing into time with the swats. I would wait for the smack and let out air as it landed and I groaned and took in a gulp while Alex recovered and began his next swing.

As with all spankings, I started to question my sanity in asking for it as the burning in my rear became the focus of my universe. The previous two times, I had held together pretty well before I broke down and started crying but this time, I was not only squirming but shaking all over. When I turned my red face to look at Alex, I was more than a little upset to see that he was more of a passive participant in the proceedings as his eyes were fixed on the TV, which probably accounted for the randomness of his targeting. Turning my head 180 degrees to see if Carla had had the damn baby yet, I involuntarily arced my back, pushing my ass into the oncoming swat by that damn paddle causing me to say: "Owww," in earnest.

When I looked at the TV, Turk's arm was stuck in an ice machine for some reason, prompting me to say: "Surely she's had the fucking baby by now!"

Alex stopped only for a second. Before resuming and saying between spanks: "I guess" SWAT "you need" SWAT "the belt" SWAT "again." Hearing these words effectively broke me. I actually cried out and then just cried. Alex kept up his pace indifferent to my suffering as I was on the verge of not only crying, but absolutely bawling. After only a short time, he stopped suddenly and let me lay there crying. As I subsided into half whimpering, Alex stated in a matter of fact manner: "That last commercial killed you, cost an extra two minutes."

I was in no mood to find this information soothing or humorous so I just lay there waiting for what inevitably was about to happen. Alex gently grasped my shoulder indicating that I should stand up. I did, with some effort, and stood before him with my erection pointing obscenely to the right almost poking out from under the waist band of my new briefs. There was a small wet spot in the corner by my dickhead which Alex had to have seen. "Take them off," he said. I winced as I pulled my whitey tighties down across the curve of my reddened bottom. When I stepped free of them, Alex put out his hand taking them from me. "Now go get your belt."

This was something that I hadn't expected. I had assumed that he was going to use his familiar, albeit painful, but still familiar belt on me. What I hadn't counted on was him using my brown 4-strand braided belt. I hesitated, looking imploringly at Alex through teary eyes. "That's 2 licks; hurry up Nicholas." The use of my given name made it clear to me that he meant business so I scurried over and extracted the belt from my pants. Alex took it and set it next to that accursed paddle.

Alex then did something very weird. He wrapped my discarded underwear loosely around my penis. I moaned, from pleasure for a change. He sat back down and pulled me onto his lap. His hand seemed to sting twice as much as before, and I found myself yearning for the protection the thin cotton had afforded me. After hardly a minute of the resumed spanking, I was whimpering like a little boy. He worked me right to the edge of a good cry before picking up the paddle and very purposefully beating my ass. With the show being over, Alex now very rhythmically and with the pattern that I had yearned for only a few moments ago. It turns out that knowing where the paddle is going to land doesn't make it hurt less. In fact, it hurts all the more, or at least it did for me, given that I was now completely naked and Alex was giving me his full attention.

Despite my best efforts, I again started crying and for the first time kicked my legs. At this Alex responded by saying: "Another one with the belt every time that happens." As if I needed more reason to cry. I couldn't help but try to retreat from the paddle which led me to kind of hump his lap. The cotton of my briefs served to insulate my cock and I could feel myself nearing orgasm. His merciless assault continued right through the 10:00pm bell chime on his grandfather clock. He ceased the paddling and began rubbing my ravaged behind. He did not however allow me to regain any degree of composure before I felt him reach for my belt.

"Please Alex, no more!" I sobbed at him tears running freely down my cheeks.

"Get up," he said softly. I tried to but simply collapsed back onto him. "Nic, you got one more for not saying sir, another for not following instructions." I bawled like a baby as I crawled off of him to the middle of the room, the briefs falling free onto the floor. He got up and came around behind where I was huddled on all fours. He lifted me under the arms half carrying, half dragging me to a steel framed glass coffee table on the other side of the room. I slumped forward on my knees, my head resting in my hands.

"Stand up." With great effort, I stood shakily. "Grab the metal on the side and don't let go." I looked at Alex only long enough to realize that I didn't want another lash of the belt. When I bent over to clutch the cold metal frame, I saw my red-faced reflection looking back. I sobbed again bracing myself for what I knew was coming. Alex's foot spread my wobbly feet wider apart. His hand hovered over my ass feeling the heat coming off of it. His middle finger snuck its way into my crack causing me to shiver and my cock to twitch. I was close to cumming and Alex knew it. "Don't forget to count."

I thought that the pain from my belt would be worse because of the braiding. I was wrong; it was worse because Alex didn't double it over, but wrapped it around his hand until it was the perfect length. In practice, that meant that the end of the belt ripped deep into the flesh of my ass causing a pain I had never known. That pain drove plunged me back into tears as I called out "One!"

The next lash left a welt on the extreme edge of my right cheek that almost launched me over the table. As my clenched eyes opened, tears fell from my face splashing onto the glass below. "Two," I breathed. Alex repositioned himself, bringing the belt across my butt back handed for strokes 3 and 4. I was a complete and utter mess, dancing from toe to toe and mumbling "Please no more… Please no more," through my tears. Alex came up behind me after the fourth and his fingertips traced the welts that had formed, two on each cheek.

He knelt down behind me and in an act of completely unexpected compassion, kissed all four which caused both pain and pleasure inexpressible. He reached through my legs, arm brushing my sack and rubbed his index finger in my pool of tears on the table. Standing back up he leaned into my ear and whispered: "Good boy," before pressing his damp finger against my anus. I brought my head back and my cheek came to rest on my shoulder before he kissed my neck. All the while he eased his finger inside of me gently but insistently. At some point I stopped crying and started panting. When his second knuckle passed through my virgin hole, I knew I was about to explode. When he wiggled it and found my prostate, I did.

A stream of cum shot from me at such velocity, that I'm a little amazed it didn't shatter the glass it landed on. I felt Alex trying to back away behind me but my spasming rectum had his finger locked inside of me, and his movement only served to further rub against my prostate effectively milking me. In all I must have thrust against the air for a good minute before the last portion of semen dribbled from my cock to the obscenely large pool below. When my breathing returned to something resembling normalcy, Alex withdrew his finger and very unceremoniously, wiped it on my lower back.

"Was it good for you?" he said picking up my belt.

"Yes sir," I said just before the fifth and final blow crumpled me to my knees, my sweaty hands still clutching the steel frame of the table. "Five," I said through gritted teeth. I was hunched over the edge of the table, looking at the mingling of my sperm and tears on the glass.

Alex knelt down next to me tossing aside my belt. "You gonna clean that up?" I made to get up and go to the kitchen for a paper towel but he stopped me. "What? Not gonna lick it up: I thought you said you liked the taste." He was half laughing half asking; clearly he thought the fact that I would willingly lick up cum hilarious.

"I said I like the way you taste. I never liked my own that much… But if it will make you happy…" I bent down and swirled my tongue about the perimeter of the biggest pool before lapping up every splotch like a thirsty dog. My usually pungent semen was all the more salty given the infusion of tears but I bore it hoping to please Alex, who had just given me the most mind blowing orgasm of my life.

"You are something else," he said sincerely as I gulped the last of my spunk down. He moved to kiss me but planted it on my forehead. I enjoyed the moment as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders and I reached for his waist. I thought about how I wanted his to happen again and as often as possible but realized that we had agreed that we would only go out if I was good for a whole week.

"You know Alex; we can't do this until Saturday next week since I got in trouble."

He picked his head up and said directly to me: "Well we'll just have to count this as part of our date, won't we then?"

I smiled wide at him and responded in my most childlike voice: "Yes Sir."

© Copyright Nicholas Patrick June 24, 2015

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