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Nic And Alex - Part Five
Nicholas Patrick <>


I spent the rest of the day wallowing. After doing a makeup workout, I went to cool my buns in the pool. When Alex texted me at 4:00pm, it snapped me out of my haze. It read simply: "I'm picking you up in an hour for dinner at my house."

"What should I wear?" I asked wondering what he had in mind. This morning had left my butt a little trigger shy.

"You're meeting my parents," his next text read. "Try to make an impression." It was ended with a little smiley face.

On the list of things I was expecting from Alex, meeting his parents was somewhere near never going to happen. All at once, I started imagining all the ways they might be awful. Racist, ignorant, homophobic, maybe even Republican. My parents made good money (we had a pool in a good neighborhood) but Alex's house was super posh. I mean they went to the country club every Friday night. Wait, it was Friday. Why was I having dinner with his parents before they went to have dinner at the country club? Not what my nerves needed to be sure.

I put on my best former accountant outfit: khakis, white shirt, tie, jacket and on the chance that Alex would end up stripping me, the whitey tighties underneath. Alex picked me up right on time. He whistled at my getup and told me I looked dapper. "Glad to see you didn't go overboard," he said sarcastically before pausing. "Speaking of going overboard; how's your butt?"

Blushing, I said "Not great, but I'll live." We drove the few miles across town, literally crossing the tracks before we pulled up to his house. "So, why am I having dinner with your parents? I thought they went country clubbing on Friday nights."

"They do," Alex replied. "But we're not having dinner with them." He had that "I'm always one step ahead of you" look on his face. "My brother is driving in from college and meeting them at the club around eight. All three of them will be out until at least midnight."

"And yet I'm here." I was having a hard time following.

"Say Hi to my parents, be charming…" He gave me a smirk. "Just shoot for not making a fool of yourself."

Easy for him to say, he didn't have a sore backside.

"Also, lose the tie and jacket. I told them we were just going to hang out tonight." I could have hit him if I wasn't afraid he'd spank me for it.

"What happened to make an impression?"

He looked sideways at me. "I meant don't be weird." He delivered that line with a smirk that made his sideways face look even cuter than it normally was. It was so hard to be mad at Alex when he was so damn cute.

I took off my jacket and tie before unbuttoning the top of my shirt and following Alex up the path. His house wasn't palatial but it is whatever one step below palatial is. As per my instructions, I tried to be charming and make an impression but I couldn't tell if it took. Alex's mom was this mix of down to Earth and Jane Fonda that seemed to be plucked out of central casting. Her blonde hair was about the only thing she passed on to her son. The rest of his looks came from his dad. That square jaw, the strong frame (that worked for him when he was a chubby sophomore and still now that he was lean and fit), and lastly the charm and confidence.

After chatting with them in the living room for the better part of 30 minutes, they started heading out to the Country Club. They didn't have far to go, since it was a whopping 5 blocks away but they still drove. It was barely six o'clock and we had the house until midnight. I was really hoping to avoid a repeat of this morning.

"So, if I do anything that would warrant a spanking, can I get a deferment until I'm not already beat to hell?" I asked out of self-preservation.

Alex put his hands on my shoulders and looked me straight in the eyes. "I was out of line this morning. I'm sorry I overreacted and I want to make it up to you."

I liked the sound of that. "What did you have in mind?" He put his arm around me and walked me to the closed in back patio and pointed at the whirlpool hot tub.

"I was thinking since your butt was sore, it could use a night off and the rest of you can relax in the warm water." The steam coming off the surface of the bubbling pool made me think it would be a bit warmer than warm, but the idea had a lot of merit.

"If I would have known that, I would have brought a bathing suit," I said not wanting to skinny dip on the off chance his parents or brother got home early.

"Well, that's another way I want to make it up to you." He then took my hand and led me back in the house, up the stairs and to what I assumed was his room. Once inside it was clear that it was not his room. Alex was not on the swim team and the walls of this room were littered with medals, plaques and ribbons (the ribbons were mostly blue and the medals were mostly gold) from various swimming events.

"Why are we in your brother's room?" I asked more than a little paranoid.

He walked to the chest of drawers and opened the top shelf. "Have a look," he motioned me over. "See if there's one you like." What I saw were at least a dozen pair of speedos in as many colors. I reached in and picked up a lime green and black checkered one and instinctively brought it to my nose and sniffed it.

"Having fun?" Alex quipped snapping me out of my haze and making the shade of the cheeks on my face match the cheeks of my butt. I really liked the idea of wearing one of those swimsuits. My whole life I'd been the skinny, nerdy, not attractive, not sexy guy and something about these tight, tiny spandex briefs made me yearn to put a pair on. That being said, the logical part of my brain was screaming: "DANGER! Not Alex's room! Not Alex's swimsuits! Not a good idea!" I felt the need to voice these concerns.

"Why are we in your brother's room going through his collections of speedos?"

"He doesn't swim any more," he said matter of factly. "He had offers to go to college on a swim scholarship but didn't want to. I figure if these are just going to sit here unused," he held up a solid red pair of alarmingly brief briefs, "We might as well enjoy them and not let them go to waste."

His logic was sound, in the way that all bad ideas sound good as you're having them. I still had my reservations but I also wanted to see Alex in one of those suits. "Ok, but you have to put them back when we're done. I don't want your brother thinking there's a underpants gnome stealing his racing suits."

That made Alex laugh. He tossed the red ones aside and picked up a square legged suit that was hunter green with three white stripes extending down on either side from the hips to the center of the pelvis. "They aren't all racing suits. These are pretty stylish."

"Yeah, they look like an arrow that screams Look at my junk!" I said hoping that was the pair Alex would settle on. He didn't. Instead he laughed again and kept digging.

"See any you like?" Alex asked me as he eyed an orange and black tiger striped jammer style suit.

My eyes instantly went to the simple, solid white speedos in the corner. I reached for them and as I picked them up I felt a little tingly (like the wand chooses the wizard, the speedo chooses the swimmer). As an aside I actually had that thought in that moment. Alex seemed to approve. "Those look like a nylon version of your tighty whities."

"Should we undress in here?" I asked with the lingering fear of getting caught literally with my pants down.

"I don't see why not. John won't be home until late and as long as we clean up when you leave, we'll be fine."

Before I could even start unbuttoning my shirt, his was already off. Seeing the light dusting of hair on his otherwise smooth abs made me stop and stare for a moment. He was so beautiful, handsome, cute, boyish and manly all at the same time. My growing erection poking towards me belt made me stop staring and start stripping. Alex caught me staring and put on a little show, twirling his belt over his head before unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. They fell to the floor to reveal simple navy blue boxer briefs that did nothing to discourage my not full sized boner.

"You going to be able to fit in those little things with that big thing poking out?" he said as my own pants came down to reveal my Hanes briefs with little Nic putting on a little show of his own. I just shrugged and slid my underwear off.

As I turned away from him to reach for my chosen pair of speedos, Alex stopped me with a hand on my shoulder and his breath on my neck. That was almost immediately followed by his full nakedness pressing into me. He was not as aroused as I was but that was changing by the moment. I felt first his chest on my back, then his hands moving to wrap around me and finally his member, half engorged, slid down against my crack. The blood was steadily pumping into it as I then felt the front of his thighs touch the back of mine. It was only then, as his dick started to stand up, encumbered by my butt, that I felt the pain and soreness of this morning's beating come back to me.

"Ahhhhh," I whimpered with an intake of air. He pulled away from my midsection but placed his head on my right shoulder and kissed me on the cheek.

"Did I mention that I'm sorry about this morning?" I could not stay mad at this guy.

When Alex did pull away, I pulled up my white speedo, tucking my member down and to the left, before turning to see which suit Alex hand chosen. I don't know why his brother John had a hot pink speedo, but the absurdity of it on Alex was nothing short of adorable. I whistled at him and he smiled back at me.

"Let's have a look," Alex said motioning me next to him and in front of the full body mirror on the wall (the only wall space not filled up by medals and ribbons).

For the first time in my life I looked in the mirror and a hot guy looked back at me (well, technically two hot guys). Of course Alex was gorgeous but the guy standing next to him was pretty well put together as well. I felt a mix of pride for myself and gratitude for Alex helping me get to this point. He turned around and looked over his shoulders and I followed suit.

"Good thing no one but me is seeing you in this," Alex murmured

I could see what he meant. The redness on my butt was visible from the edges of the tight white swimsuit to a good 2 or three inches below.

"Maybe don't spank my thighs so much," I joked.

"But I love watching you squirm," he said as he started to tickle me. I ran out of the room and down the stairs with Alex in hot pursuit. The commotion of running, and not for nothing the distance (did I mention it was a big house?), had the effect of allowing both of our erections to shrink to their normal sizes and be less obscene in our little budgy smugglers.

"Okay, enough! No horseplay in the pool," I said in my best lifeguard voice.

Alex went to turn a nob on the wall and the lights in the hot tub came on and the bubbles became decidedly more bubbly. I eased myself down into the water while Alex just dipped his legs in up to his knees and sat on the edge. The effect was that my eye line was his directly in his crotch line.

"I want to suck your dick," I said and thought at the same time. I literally put my hand over my mouth as I hadn't realized that my brain to mouth filter was off.

For his part, Alex just said: "Okay," and leaned back against the wicker patio furniture with a smile. That was all the encouragement I needed so I glided through the water to settle between his legs, which he spread for me, tightening the pink speedo across his groin. I went to kneel but the bench under the water made my mouth come up even with his nipples, and while I did enjoy them in my mouth, that's not what I was really craving. I ended up having to put my left arm over his right leg to steady me while my right arm was under the water holding me up and my body just floated lengthwise across the hot tub. The cool evening air was an interesting contrast on my butt, which bobbed just above the surface of the water.

When I did finally reach to free Alex's once again hard cock from its pink prison, Alex stopped me by cupping my chin in his hand. I looked up at him to hear him say "Maybe when you're done, I can try doing this to you."

If I wasn't hard before, that pretty much turned me to stone. I buried my face in his crotch, sniffing first, licking second and finally sucking on his head through the material. He moaned and let a hand rest in my hair. When I licked the length of his shaft through the suit, he bucked his hips up slightly and I took that opportunity to slip the front of his suit down below his balls which I promptly attempted to get into my mouth.

"Take your time Nicky," he mewed in a sultry tone. "We've got all night."

On that note I began methodically licking, sucking and caressing his nuts for the next 10 minutes. The effect was just what I intended because when I did finally get his head in my mouth, there was a glob of precum waiting to reward me for my hard work. At some point the bubbles died down, but the light was still on and when I looked up, from Alex's perfectly tight tummy, to his manly chest, to his boyish face, the green light thrown off from below the water made him look like a sexy mermaid, or merman… whatever, he was hot!

I began sucking him in earnest, taking the length of his cock to the entrance of my throat, then pressing it further down until I gagged before pulling back and starting over. Alex was in ecstasy purring, moaning, calling out my name. All that did was encourage me to go deeper.

"What the FUCK!"

The sound had come from behind me. I stopped breathing and pushed away from Alex not remembering that I was floating on the water which caused me to dunk myself. I came up coughing for air and turned around to see a taller, younger, more muscular version of Alex looking down at me. John, it seems, had come home early.

I heard Alex scrambling from behind me and by the time I turned back around he had a towel in one hand attempting to wrap it around himself while his other hand was trying to jam his incredibly aroused penis back into those ridiculous speedos.

"No really: What the fuck?" John said, this time without the exclamation, which somehow made it even more scary.

Alex, still fumbling with his towel, could only manage: "Sorry John, we thought you wouldn't be home until later."

It was weird seeing Alex like this. Ever since I'd come back to town, he was so cool, so confident. This nervous Alex was the kid I remembered from high school. I guess your younger brother catching you getting blown by a dude while wearing his high school swim team speedos has that effect.

Both of John's hands were on his head. He was pacing back and forth. I couldn't tell if he was mad, or just having trouble making sense of what just happened.

"Who are you?" he demanded of me frantically.

"Nicholas Patrick," I said almost like I wasn't just of what my name is.

"Nicholas Patrick." He paused. "Why are you sucking my brother's dick in the hot tub wearing my bathing suit? And why does it looking like your ass has just been spanked?"

You know, those are both logical questions to ask, but for the life of me, the best I could come up with was: "Ummm…"

Alex chimed in in sounding like a mouse. "I'm sorry John, it was all my fault. Don't be mad at Nic."

"Oh I'm not mad at Nic."

That was a relief; he could have crushed me between his pecs and his biceps.

"Nic didn't go into my room, rifle through my drawers and steal my swimsuits. You did that and I'm going to need an answer why Alex. Now."


"I wanted to do something nice for him," Alex sputtered out. "I fucked up this morning and was too hard on him and I was trying to make it up to him tonight." He sounded so genuine, my heart cracked a little.

"So what, are you two dating? Were you planning on telling me you were gay? And by the way, that still doesn't explain why his ass is so red I could see it through the speedo!"

I guess he had been standing there for long enough to take in the whole scene before he yelled out.

"He asked for it," Alex blurted out. "I mean, he asked me to spank him. A couple months ago, in a bar… No, after the bar… the day after…" His voice trailed off. It was like he couldn't find the words.

John just stood there in disbelief. I had to break the tension.

"I did ask Alex to help me. I graduated from college early with a great job but I lost my drive and I asked him to help motivate me. He's a really great guy and this isn't his fault, it's mine."

At the same time Alex said "No it's mine," and John said "No it's his."

"Well we agree on something," John said in a harsh tone. "Can you imagine if Mom had come home and seen this? Or Dad? Or Consuela?"

As an aside, they actually have a cleaning lady and her actual name is Consuela.

"I don't know what to say. I'm sorry John."

The younger brother stopped pacing and stood still, leaving me the monkey in the middle between them. Then he walked to the other end of the patio and sat down.

"I'm not mad that you're gay, if you even are. I'm not mad that you're having sex in the hot tub, even though that's gross and inconsiderate. I'm mad because you violated the privacy of my room without asking and that you stole my property."


John certainly made a point; a point that I feel like I tried to make less than 30 minutes ago. Alex stood dumbfounded and when I looked at him unable to make eye contact with his little brother I saw his eyes water a little.

"Don't you dare cry Alex," John snapped at him. "Nic, please get out of the water. Alex hand him your towel."

I really wasn't in a position to refuse, so I climbed the stairs to get out. When I did the suit clung to me like shrink wrap creating a perfect cast of my now semi erect dick.

"Well at least you were enjoying yourself," John stated noticing my clinginess. I blushed and cringed all at the same time. When Alex handed me the towel and John saw that he was still fully aroused, his comment was less nice. "So you get off on breaking into other people's things, stealing from them, spanking your friends so they will blow you, huh?"

Alex had no words.

"Nic, dry yourself off please." He was being both kind to me, and pushy.

"How many times has Alex spanked you?" he probed.

As I patted myself down, trying to avoid getting fully hard again, I thought for a second. "Like four times, I think."

"Have you ever spanked him?" he probed further.

"Um… no that's not…"

"Sit down in the middle of that bench please," he cut me off. "You can use the towel as a pad if your ass is sore from whatever he did to you this morning."

What happened next should have been awesome, but it was anything but. John told Alex that as punishment for stealing from him, I was going to spank him until he ass was redder than mine. Did I mention that my ass was still blazing red from that morning?

Again, Alex had no words.

"Get over his knee." The instruction wasn't mean, or angry, it was just a statement.

Alex, still unable to look his brother in the eye, instead looked at me and mouthed "I'm sorry."

In the most cliché way possible, John said: "Oh you will be."

Once Alex had draped his body across my lap, John got up and left the patio. I didn't know what to do.

"Oh my God!" I exclaimed in a hushed whisper. "This is not happening. I'm so sorry Alex, I don't want to do this, please don't be mad at me."

Speaking directly to the bench, Alex replied: "This isn't your fault. I'm the one that's should be sorry. I'm sorry I didn't listen to you. I deserve this Nic, so please don't hold back." Before I had a chance to reply, John reemerged holding a 18 inch long paddle with Greek lettering cut out of the center.

"It seems you're not the only brother who doesn't share things. I joined a fraternity," John said as he handed me the paddle. "Hazing is against the rules now, so that thing has never actually been used so I think it's fitting that you break it in, don't you brother?"

Alex had no response but to shift in my lap, raising his butt and wrapping his arms around the seat of the backless wooden bench. John knelt down to get right in front of me, just above Alex's tight pink bubblegum colored bubble butt, before saying: "Nic, I'm sorry if this makes you uncomfortable. If you'd like, I can wear his ass out for being a thief and a liar. I just think there is some poetic justice in this so I hope you will give him the spanking he so clearly needs."

It was then that Alex found his words. "He's right Nic; I do need this. I want you to do it. I'm sorry I put us in this position."

John stood up. "I'm going to go unload my laundry. I have no interest in seeing my big brother like this. I'll be back to check on your progress but I don't expect you to be done for a while, ok Nic."

I nodded. As he walked away I set the paddle on the ground. Once I heard the garage door slam, I pressed my hand onto Alex's right ass cheek. It was big enough that my hand only covered about two thirds. While I would have loved to just stay here all night, feeling up his bottom, I knew there was no getting out of this for either of us.

"I'm not going to say anything. I'm just going to do this," was all I could muster before the first blow landed right between his cheeks. My hand began swatting, slowly at first, alternating from one pink globe to another. To his credit, Alex didn't resist at all, he even raised his hips as if attempting to steer into the spank rather than avoid it.

It wasn't until I started to spread my attention to the top of his thighs, to his sit spot, that he started to squirm. This would be the point where he would grab my wrist if he were spanking me, but Alex was made of tougher stuff. He gripped the seat of the bench harder to make sure he didn't reach back to block the blows I was landing on his tender and firm backside. Just as the color on the edges of his speedo was shifting from a shade similar to the pink suit to a darker crimson, John reappeared at the doorway.

"I think you can do the rest on his bare ass."

Without objection or prompting, Alex lifted his midsection to allow me to slip the swim briefs off on him. As I reached to lower them, John stopped me.

"On second thought, since he likes to wear them so much, maybe he should keep them on."

I was confused. So was Alex. He remained hovering over my lap on his knees and elbows. Then John clarified.

"Yank them up his crack. Give him such a tight wedgie that he'll think twice about being a thief next time." When Alex lowered himself back over my knees, I took my left hand and gathered up as much material as I could before slowly pulling the suit up higher and higher until what wasn't crammed between his cheeks was yanked up above his tailbone. "Keep him that way. Looks like you're off to a good start. Don't let up."

When he walked away this time I started to say something but Alex beat me to it. "Just keep going. Don't worry about hurting me, it's supposed to hurt me," and then he pushed his body down the bench forcing the suit even farther into his crack. With the extra leverage I got from holding his speedo, my swings were much harder and had a much more pronounced effect. The once stoic Alex was rapidly regressing into chastised little boy Alex.

The unintended consequence of all of these factors (the harder spanks, my added leverage, Alex's weakening resolve, and the atomic wedgie we were both giving him) was that the front of his suit was pulled down. I could feel between blows the bare flesh of his dick on my leg and while it wasn't hard, it was not flaccid either. In fact, it got less and less flaccid until I felt all six and a half inches alternately humping my thigh or the white spandex of my speedo. Obviously the effect on me was to also become hard and I knew I had to do something.

I stopped spanking long enough to reach underneath him and tuck hid rock hard member between my thighs and clamp them together. Having let go of his pink speedo, I had to re– administer his wedgie and when I did he let out a moan not of pain, but of absolute pleasure. Not knowing what to do about that, I just went back to spanking him, still impaired by my own stiff prick that was jammed into his pelvis while straining inside John's suit.

Having now been on both sides of a spanking, I can say that both can be exhausting. That being said, on that night, Alex certainly came out worse for the wear. He started whimpering about fifteen minutes in but didn't start crying until I stopped spanking him to lean over and pick up the paddle. I knew there was no way John was going to let him off without me using that thing, so I figured the best thing to do was use it hard and fast and get it over with.

John had not come back to check on us, which was probably for the best given that both of us were now fully hard, and Alex was inadvertently humping my hips and jamming somehow even more of the speedo up his ass. The first stroke of the paddle that landed was tepid at best but that didn't stop Alex from crying out. I wanted to stop, but he sobbed and told me to finish.

"Puh-leeese," he cried through tears and what I could only assume was snot running from his nose. "Keep going. I deserve this."

I didn't let up after that. The Sigma hole on the paddle was wreaking havoc on his poor bottom, and little white pockets of flesh that looked like blisters would well up between swats then turn red a moment later. Actually, red wasn't really the color. At this point we were passing crimson and heading towards garnet.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity (but was actually 7 minutes), John came back on the patio and asked me to stop.

"I think he's had enough."

I was out of breath myself. It wasn't until I stopped that I realized that my arm was more sore than my ass, which was saying something. Luckily, because of the angle of the bench and where John was standing, he couldn't see Alex's cock between my legs or my cock stabbing Alex in the side.

John walked over to the side of the bench where Alex's sobbing had soaked the wood with tears. He crouched down and whispered to his brother. "How old are you?"

Red eyed, Alex responded: "Nineteen."

"Ok then. Ask your friend Nic to give you 19 paddlings, count them out and apologize after each one, then pull your suit down to your ankles, and go stand in the corner with your hands on you head. Understand?"

"Yes Sir," Alex said. It made my spine tingle. I was supposed to call Alex "Sir," not the other way around. The universe was on its head, and it took 19 swats, 19 "I'm sorrys" and then a solid 5 minutes in the corner to set it back right. Or that's what should have happened.

To say things were going fine wouldn't be accurate, but for lack of a better phrase: things were going fine until the 15th paddling. He had dutifully counted each lick out, apologized and asked for the next. On 15 though, for whatever reason, I lost the tight clamp I had on his dick between my thighs. That caused it to slide down between them as the stroke landed, then brush up between them, and out back onto my lap. Thinking that, he only had 4 strokes left and I should finish, I just kept going.

Until stroke 18. On the 18th stoke, Alex blew his load all over my lap, all over my speedo, and all over the bench. Where 1 through 17 had been "#, I'm sorry Sir, may I have another," when 18 landed, it was "Oh God… 18, 18, 18… ugh… AHHHH… I'm sorry… I'm sorry… Please…. 18… One more… I'm sorry."

You can bet that I gave him the 19th stroke just as firmly as I could. Once I did. I held him and let him cry for a moment. I was torn between being supportive and what would happen if John knew that his brother had orgasmed as a result of being paddled.

"Alex, babe… I need you to get in the hot tub. Your cum is all over me and you… and everything."

He sobbed. "I'm sorry."

I had to lift him off of me, no small task give, that he's almost 3 inches taller than me and made of solid muscle. I helped him to the water, the speedo still crammed up is butt, the front covering only his balls and a string of cum dripping from the head of his dick, and lowered him in. I climbed in myself and washed off quickly before helping him out and walking him to the corner, pulling the suit out of his crack, down to rest at his ankles. I grabbed a towel and dried both of us as best I could before attempting to clean the bench.

"What a mess he made," John said behind me, scaring the shit out of me for the second time tonight.

"Yeah," I replied, hoping he was speaking proverbially not talking about the literal mess of semen I was concealing with the towel.

"When he's calmed down, I'd like it if you two can head up to my room. Is that okay with you?" he said in a voice that could have been Alex's. If there's a gene for genuine, these boys got it.

"Sure… It's just: our clothes are in your room…" I trailed off.

"I know. I was on the swim team since 6th grade. I don't have a problem with what you're wearing, other than that it was taken from me without permission."

"Um… Ok. We'll be up soon."

"Take your time," he called behind him. "Our parents aren't home until midnight."

I looked at the clock. Holy Shit, it was barely even 9 o'clock and I felt like it was 1:00 am.

Once Alex regained some semblance of composure, I told him to pull his trunks up and that we were headed up to see John. He started to get teary eyed again but I hugged him and told him it would be ok.

The door was open but I knocked anyway.

"Come in."

We entered to find him sitting at his desk. On the floor next to him were 3 boxes that I tried to look into but couldn't see their contents.

"Well this has been an eventful evening," John said dryly. "Not how I planned to start the weekend, but this is where we are."

I laughed nervously.

"Alex," he addressed his brother. "We're good. You fucked up, you took your punishment. It's over, just like with Dad, Okay?"

Alex nodded still looking at the floor.

John wasn't having that. "Come on big guy, look at me. You need to be able to look at me if you're going to catch me up on all the crazy shit you're doing with Nic here."

This time, it was Alex who laughed nervously.

"Much better. Now boys, I've got somethings for you. As you know, I've quit swimming competitively so I have no need for my old suits. In the first box, you'll find all of the ones from the drawer you ransacked, plus the newer, nicer ones that were in my gym bag. Alex, I think pink might not be your color."

He slid the first box over to me. "In the second box, you'll find my old underwear. It seems that after seven years of wearing constrictive swimsuits, my junk just doesn't want any more tight fitting undies. There are mostly briefs in there, but also some jocks and trunks that I'm going to stereotype you and assume that as gay guys you are into."

Alex perked up. "Why are you being so cool?"

"How do you want me to be? You're my brother and I love you. It looks like you might love this Nic character and he might love you too. So you get my old speedos and my old underwear to perv out in."

He slid the second box to Alex.

"Lastly, I don't know if you guys are fucking, but it looks like if you aren't you're going to be pretty soon. My fraternity just did an awareness drive about safe sex and I happened to walk away with some provisions." He opened the box to reveal about 200 condoms and 2 big bottles of KY. "Do me a favor though, no more sex in the hot tub please."

Alex pushed past me to give his brother a hug. They embraced for a moment before John broke it off.

"You guys looked pretty hot and heavy when I showed up. Why don't you go to your room, like a normal person and do the dirty there, Okay?"

John handed him the box of rubbers and shepherded us down the hall to Alex's room. He followed us inside and pulled a cowboy hat off of the mannequin I assume Alex had left over from a photoshoot or something. On the way out he said, "I'm just going to put this on the door and turn my music up loud enough that I can pretend I don't know what's going on in here."

The second John was gone Alex was on me. He was an amazing kisser, but fuck, how he had energy after everything that had happened that day… We made out for a few minutes standing up before Alex eased up and took me to the mirror. We both lowered our speedos and compared redness.

"Looks like I got you beat," he said.

"More like I beat you," I quipped back at him. "Also, are you a masochist or what? You came all over everything while being spanked. I mean I get hard sometimes when you spank me, but that's only because you're smoking hot. What gives?"

"I didn't cum because you were spanking me," he replied earnestly. "I came because I've never had anything jammed up my ass before." He stopped talking and let me to the bed, pushing me onto my back. "I was surprised to find that I liked it. I liked it a lot." He walked over to box number 3.

"Alex, I'm a virgin," I blurted out.

"Only technically," he responded grabbing lube and a condom. "We've had sex it just hasn't been what I hope we're about to do. If you're ready."

His words hung in the air. "I'm ready if you are," I said with a swell of emotion.

"I know I told you earlier that I might try sucking your dick tonight, but that's going to have to wait. If I got off on just having you touch my hole," he said squeezing lube into his hand and then palming my immeasurable hard dick, "I can't wait to see what this feels like inside me."

He bit off the edge of a condom and rolled it onto my cock. He fisted his own for a moment before reaching behind him. He moaned. "It's so tight. This might take a while."

"I can only hope," was all I could come up with. He mounted me, his cock flopping onto my new found abs.

"You must workout," he said as if reading my mind. I would like to say that I was more active, but in actuality, Alex piloted himself onto me, and me into him.

When my dick did break the seal, slipping inside of him, he tensed and cried out my name.

"Nic!" Then more quietly: "I'm a virgin too." He pressed farther down. "Or at least I was." His ass bottomed out on my pelvis. "Until now."

© Copyright Nicholas Patrick July 2, 2015

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