Noisy Neighbor

By Jag

I used to hate living in a flat, what Americans would call an apartment. No garden, communal stairwell and worse of all, noisy neighbors. All that changed a few weeks ago, although it started by getting a lot worse before it got better.

I came home after work, horny as hell as usual. I couldn't wait to get home to close my curtains, pop the DVD in the machine, whip my trousers off and wank hard to my bondage videos. I'd had a particular testing day, the builders had been in at work, stripped to the waist, glistening with sweat. I was so aware it had been weeks since I'd had a good fucking and my ass was screaming at me for some action. Yes, DVD on, strongest shit I had (an illegal import), both my dildos to suck and fuck myself and a long night of self-sex. But it was never a substitute, I'm submissive and I needed someone else to be submissive to. Ah shite, nothing I could do.

I trudged up the stairs to my flat, mind a million miles away and walked straight into someone coming down.

"Watch it fuck-wit!" he shouted at me while I was still gathering my thoughts.

"S...orry" I whined, and glanced up at the guy. He was fantastic. . . Large, muscular and rough shaven, just my kinda man. He was carrying a cardboard box, I couldn't help admiring his huge biceps and thick fingers.

"Hey. Fag! move!"

I stepped aside, watching him all the way as he passed and entered the flat below me. That flat had been empty for weeks, the old tenant had been evicted - thank goodness. Oh fuck, I thought, so now i had a bully downstairs who I'd already pissed off and was going to be a noisy fucker no doubt. And, worse than that, I'd instantly known this was the kinda of brute I wanted to fuck me hard. So, that was my life ruined even more, I was going to be fantasizing about being raped by a man who was going to make my life a misery.

You can tell I'm a pretty paranoid person - I always assume the worse from one meeting. I find it saves time. And I was right. That night . . .*thump* - *thump* - *thump* of bass all night. I wrapped my pillow round my head but it was no good. I sat up and watched my video all the way through again, but I'd masturbated three times already that evening and I only came another two times before 7am when he finally stopped. He stopped, but I had to go to work. Despite empting my ball the night before, I was hard most of the day, thinking of the noisy neighbour and I acting out the scenes - he would grab me, force me to suck his cock, take my asshole roughy and spray me with his cum.

When I got home that evening, I was just about get my dick out and start pulling myself off again when the noise started up. I could have cried. I was going to go to sleep there and then to catch up but that was out of the question now. Right! I decided, I'd cracked and I was going to complain - how much worse could he make it?!

As I stormed downstairs, I grew hard again. I was absolutely mad at this guy, but I couldn't help thinking about sucking him. Even in my wildest dreams though, I couldn't have predicted what happened when I hammered on his door.

I was just about to knock again when the door swung open. He stood, one hand on the open the door, with the other, he was wanking himself.


I gazed back, open mouthed. He was completely naked, his huge, thick 9" cock in his hand - the end glistening with pre-cum. I almost didn't hear the music coming through the doorway. I couldn't raise my eyes from his manhood.

"What?! I'm busy here, ain't nobody else to fuck, come on!"

I still couldn't talk. I looked up and down, taking in the well muscled body I'd only seen briefly the day before. Strong thighs, six pack and just the right amount of hair on his body. He was a beast.

"For fuck sake man, I haven't had a good fuck in weeks and if you don't tell me what you want right now I'm going drag you in here and rape your sorry ass! Got it!?!"

It was a threat, but by goodness not to me it wasn't! I stared at his cock, hard, long begging to be sucked and I could feel mine straining in my pants. It was about time I got myself together and complained about the noise before this went too far.

Too late.

"You fag!" he shouted "You want me to rape you?"

Before I could respond, he grabbed my collar and yanked me inside the door. He dragged me all his corridor, exactly the same design as my flat. I was still dressed for work, when we reached the bedroom, he pulled my tie over my head and ripped my shirt off, buttons flying everywhere.

"Whore, I'll teach you a lesson"

The music was pounding in my head, so loud, I could barely hear anything.

I was swung round and thrown to the bed. It was covered in sex toys, a large dildo smacked me in the face as I fell, making my nose bleed. My shoes and socks were roughly pulled off and as I tried to get up again a hand smashed my face back down onto the covers. My belt was pulled out, and my pants and underwear removed viciously. I was completely naked now, at his mercy.

He grabbed my wrists and painfully held them together behind my back. I could feel the soft silk of my own tie going round them and being pulled tight, very tight. I couldn't move my hands at all, they were held firm behind my back.

My hair was pulled back suddenly, and suppressing a yell, I was yanked up from the bed again. He spun me round and forced me to my knees, his giant cock just centimeters from my face.

"O.k. bitch, suck me"

I didn't need telling twice, but he didn't want a willing victim. Still holding my hair, my face was rammed forwards onto him. I opened my mouth and let him press past my lips. It had been a few weeks since I'd last given a blowjob, but it's not a skill you lose, I tried to suck for all I was worth.

I like men to be rough with me, and he was one of the roughest. He was using one hand to force his cock deep into my mouth and throat and the other to slap me from time to time when I wasn't trying hard enough. He had one of the thickest members I'd ever taken and I was straining to fit it in. His pubic hair was thick and long, and my nose and eyes were buried deep into it when he thrust. He was hurting my face pushing so hard, the pain mixed with the pleasure.

The music had stopped, the only sound was my sucking or his cock or hand slapping into my face. I love being able to hear myself suck, the wet, sloppy sound of a good blowjob.

"Had enough, slut? Time for Daddy to rape you properly!?"

It was a totally rhetorical question! My head was pulled back, popping as his dick came out, glistening with my saliva. I stared up at him, I didn't even know his name. What a master. . . I had precious little time to enjoy him before he grasped my neck, dragging me to feet and throwing me face down on the bed, bent over with my legs straight and my ass totally exposed. Holding me down with one hand, he kicked my legs apart, lowering me slightly and opening up my eager hole to him.

I have no problem taking large dildos, but I always lubricate myself first. I've tried 9 inches lubricated once, but it was far too sore and I couldn't continue. He had no such problems. I wished I'd had time to fuck myself before, but my ass hadn't been used since the night before and the muscles were tight again. I tried hard to relax but there was no way I could take him silently. The pain was incredible as he forced his prick past my sphincter. I screamed, it was far more than I'd ever had before.

"Shut it, bitch!"

My face was forced down into the pillow - cutting off my air. I tried desperately to breathe but I couldn't get even a single gasp. The pain in my asshole was getting worse and worse and I wanted to scream even more but I couldn't. I could feel myself starting to black out, I was in real danger off passing out and maybe dying. He was smoothing me, I tried and tried to break free but I couldn't. Black and white checkers where coming across my vision, even with my eyes closed. . .

Suddenly, my head was free. I gasped, breathing for my life.

"Are you going to be quiet now?"

But it was so hard, my inside felt like it was being ripped apart, he was raping my ass so deep and fast. I was getting over the pain now, wave after wave of pleasure with each stroke. This was the hard fucking I so badly needed. But he hadn't finished. He slowed for a second, grabbing my head and pulling it back. Without warning, the dildo I'd fallen on earlier was shoved roughly into my mouth.

"Suck on this, slave" he told me.

It tasted of rubber but had obviously been used recently. He forced it a good four or five inches in, to the back of my tongue. I love having both my holes filled at once, even if he was trying to rape me.

Not long after that, I saw a flash of black pass my eyes, then I felt cold leather on my neck. It had to be my belt. It closed tight around my neck like a collar, my master - because that's what he was - pulling my head back. He started fucking me hard again, pulling me back as he pushed deep.

He was moaning more and more, breathing harder and harder. Come on, fuck me, faster and faster, I wanted him to coat my insides with his hot semen. This was the fucking I'd been missing, the forceful pseudo rape I needed. I was helpless, arms tied up, neck in a collar as he thrust his cock in and out of my stretched asshole. As he got closer and closer to cumming, he fucked me faster and faster, deeper and deeper. We were both sweating, groaning, so hot.

With a single deep push, he came. I felt his seed unleashed deep inside my bowels, coating me. His body slumped on top of me, pressing me further into the bed. I lay there, bounded and gagged, feeling his encompassing weight on top of me, feeling the twitches as he fired the last of his load. That was the sex I had been waiting for . . .

I hope you liked the story, it is an entire fantasy. I'm a submissive male, longing for a good fuck like that one. If you liked my story, please write. I'd really appreciate anyone who wants to tell me how they'd fuck me properly too.