This is all true, except that I've change the guys' names.

I came out at 23, which seemed a little later than most guys I met. After a couple of years of being out, I hadn't done anything that crazy yet, as I was a little shy and reserved. I loved to top and was quite proud of being a top man. While sucking cock was okay, I still considered it more or less a form of foreplay before I eventually pounded a guy's butt. I honestly had no desire for anything else.

A couple I saw regularly at the gym had always been really friendly, whether I would see while working out or at the bar on Saturday night.

They were both hot, but in different ways. One was tall, handsome, athletically built, and with a slightly cocky air about him, could easily pass for straight. I'll call him Tom. The other was a pretty boy with a face that would stop you in your tracks. Since he looked a lot like Rob Lowe, (back then) I'll call him Rob. He was average height, not real muscular, but incredibly lean,and cut, and had a phenominally perfect tight, round butt.

One afternoon they invited me over to play. I had wanted to try a 3-way, but never found two guys who both turned me on at that point. I already knew that like me, Tom was a total top and that Rob was a total bottom, and they knew I was a top only as well. So I assumed that I would get a chance to top Rob, which I was dying to do !

It started out normally enough. We all stripped and each took turns going down on the other two. I noticed that Tom liked to face fuck pretty aggressively, but I didn't care as long as I got a crack at his boyfriend's crack !

After a few minutes, Tom just got up, went over and sat down in a chair. I'm sure the surprise showed on my face, as he explained " I want to watch you fuck Rob!". That was all the encouragement I needed, and Rob was more than willing as well.

I put him on his back and sucked his cock while I slowly worked a couple of fingers into that incredible butt I had tried so much not to stare at in the gym so often. I tried to not be too aggressive, but I want that guy's butt so bad! From there, I pushed his legs back, slowly started working the head of my cock into his hole and started fucking him. He winced a little when it went in, but I could tell he was in heaven.

When I looked over at Tom, he was stroking his cock and clearly loving what he was seeing. After a while I was really pounding Rob pretty good, which is how I love to fuck. Once I knew Rob was ready for it, I did my favorite trick: Driving my cock all the way in, balls deep, and then pulling it all the way out. Then, for just a second I'd rub the head lightly against the opening of his hole, to sort of tease him for a moment. Then, when I could tell it was driving him almost crazy, I would drive it all the way in again. I'd seen that in a porno, had already learned that a lot of bottoms loved that, and I loved doing it to them!

At this point, Tom not only is into what I'm doing to his boyfriend, he is spewing filthy words of encouragement. This was one more totally hot new experience to a kid like me, and was just turning me on that much more.

Then, almost as if on cue, Rob pushes me back off of him, rolls over on all fours, and starts sucking on Tom who somehow knew to get up and be standing next to the bed right at that moment. Tom begins face fucking Rob. I remember thinking "Wow, these two must have a hell of a connection, the way they know what each other is going to do next!" I go back to pounding Rob, who's mouth filled moans are making me nuts, as he takes both of us in each end.

To my inexperienced surprise, Rob is somehow able to reach back and start playing with my taint while I fuck him. I didn't really care, I was so into his incredibly tight hot ass, and watching him suck his boyfriend's cock. While fucking Rob, I lean over and we take turns sucking on Tom's cock. With a hot hole to pound and a nice cock to suck on, I am in a heaven!

Surprisingly, Rob's hand rubbing my taint is also turning me on. Yet another first on this hot afternoon.

Because Rob is between us, I am not able to stretch far enough to get a lot of Tom's cock in my mouth, though Tom has his hand on the back of my neck and is trying to force me down on it all the way as he says "Come on, take it all." His words are more like an order than a reguest, and its kind of hot hearing the change in his voice. Though I can't do it, its strangely turning me on to have him sort of forcing me down on it. After a few minutes I notice that I am spending a lot more time sucking his cock than Rob is, though I can't get as much of it in, from my position.

Oddly, at this point, Tom seems totally focused on getting all of his cock down my throat. With his hand on the back of my neck, pulling me forward. I am admiring his body and handsome face, and I can tell he is immensely turned on by watching my lips mouth his cock.

Without taking his eyes off me, he says, "Rob, slide out of the way..."

Without hesitatation, rob pulls away from me, his tight hole making almost a "pop" as my cockhead gets pulled out, and he slides to the side, while Tom's strong hand pulls me all the way down, burying my nose in his pubes. And I suddenly realized that Rob has no moved on to actually playing with my butthole.

With more cock than I've ever taken that deep in my throat before, I'm incredibly turned on, but I'm also a little scared. I feel myself start to gag and instinctively start to pull off. But Tom's has sensed it too. His other hand is already on the back of my head, keeping my mouth right where it is. No getting away.

"Just relax and do what you were born to do...." Tom said.

I thought " Okay, THAT was definitely an order! " His words were strong enough to briefly take my mind off of his rock hard cock now buried deeper in my throat than one had ever been before. No one had ever talked to me like that before, and it was hot ! We stayed like that for what seemed like a minute or two. I made no effort to pull free, I was so turned on that this hot guy wanted my body this much !

"Okay, You did great!" he said. "You almost took it all. "

"Almost ?" I thought.

As I looked up at his hot body, I realized Rob was now standing right next to him. Here I am on alll fours ( a position I would never be caught in) at the edge of the bed, with two dripping cocks right in my face. Rob was so turned on at seeing me this way, that his cock was oozing pre-cum as well. But so was I. I was still rock hard, though I wasn't touching my cock at all.

Tom said, " Okay, I'm gonna slowly pullout. I want you to close your eyes but keep your mouth open and ready for a cock to slide back in again. Don't close your mouth!" .

He slowly pulled out, and I did as I was told. As he pulled back, I felt Rob eagerly push his cock into my waiting mouth, face fucking me slower and more gentle than Tom had.

After a moment, Rob began to withdraw, and I heard Tom say "Keep that mouth open!". Rob's cockhead was still on my lips as Tom's cock pushed past it and into my throat. As Tom pumped my faced lustfully, I almost gagged again. Rob rubbed his cock against my face. I was still rock hard and dripping pe-cum.

Then they traded places again. This time I heard Tom walk off as Rob pumped my throat with his cock. Tom came back and I heard an odd noise.

This will help you relax" Tom said, shoving something under my nose. "Breath deep" he said. I realized he had stuck a popper bottle under my nose. Though I had seen people at the clubs do them, I had never tried them. Another first. I breathed deep.

As soon as the bottle was removed, Tom's saliva slicked cock plugged my now willing mouth.

Oh my god! My head began to spin as the poppers took effect adding to the dizzying effect of Tom's increasingly aggressive face fucking. Rob had the popper bottle and before they traded again, Rob gave me another hit.

I never realized how much I like sucking cock. I began to really want them to fuck my face like I had fucked Rob's cute little butthole earlier, so many hot buttholes.

I was really wanting it now, and they knew it too from my moaning, both of them with their hands on the back of my head, using me and me loving them doing it. More poppers and more cock pounding my face. I was delirious.

Tom would take his turn by power pistoning my face hard. I was now deep throating him with out even flinching.

More poppers and the room continued to spin. I remember Rob making a point to fuck my mouth exactly as I had fucked his butt earlier: Driving his cock all the way in, then pulling it out, teasing my lips with the head, and then driving it all the way back. a little payback, except that I was loving it.

Realizing they had my mouth loosened up now, they pulled me off the bed, and leaned me back against it, with my head cocked back, pinned against the bed. No escape. They pushed my head back and mounted my mouth, pummelling it without mercy. They talked to each other like I wasn't even there. "Oh yeah, go deeper, he can take it! All the way in, and all the way out!"

I put up no resistance, my mouth just wanting their cocks.

Sometimes, they worked both their cocks in my mouth at once, with my jaw stretched wider than it had ever been. I loved every jaw stretching inch of it.

As my mind whirled, I wondered how my first 3-way happened to turn out this way. I had planned on sucking just enough dick to get ahold of Rob's hot ass. I realized that this was what they'd really planned to do all along, and I was letting them do it and loving it.

A LOT more happened, but I have to get going, and will have to finish this later. I will try to finish ASAP.

Thanks for reading .